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"#$%& (#(&)"*
Nobile: +91 9S78uuS418

Passionate, Self Biiven uevelopei having a stiong zeal to woik with cutting euge
technologies anu pioviue solutions to the innovative challenges.

B.E, in Electionics anu Communication Engineeiing (with Computei science
subjects as electives) fiom #73895 )701-9:0/; with CuPA: 8.671u
Inteimeuiate (+2) with 96.S% fiom Sii Chaitanya }i. College, Rajahmunuiy
unuei Boaiu of Inteimeuiate euucation.
1uth class with 9u.66% unuei Boaiu of Seconuaiy Euucation, Anuhia Piauesh.
Piofessionally tiaineu in }avaEE application uevelopment (with
}SF fiamewoik anu }BBC, }PA as the backenu)< RBBNS (PLSQL) at Infosys with
CuPA: 4.79S

! 2 times Consecutive *(?@# #A#"& B077-9 at Infosys Limiteu foi best
peifoimance in the pioject.

@-.870.5C ?D0CC ?4==59;>
Languages: }ava, }2EE, SQL, PBP
Web Technologies: }avaSciipt with }Queiy libiaiy, Ajax, CSS, }PA, }SF
fiamewoik, XNL, YII Fiamewoik foi Php.
Nethouologies: 0bject oiienteu piogiamming
Batabases 0iacle, NySQL, Reuis Kv BB, Cassanuia BB
0peiating Systems Winuows, Nacintosh (0nix)
Tools NS 0ffice, Eclipse IBE, NetBeans IBE
0theis RabbitNQ messaging system

A69D 2EF-90-7.->
?6G/B59- &-1-C6F-9< H%I%J%"! KJ499-7/L
Being a pait of coie fiamewoik team foi ZohoNail, I uesign anu uevelop libiaiies,
which will be useu by othei teams acioss uiffeient piojects.
Expeiimenting with new technologies that make the piouuct peifoim at extieme
speeu. As pait of this, I have woikeu with technologies such as Reuis BB,
RabbitNQ messaging platfoim, Cassanuia uatabase.
?6G/B59- 27M07--9< *(N%?O? P*$*@2&
!""#$%&$' )$*$+,-,*. /0&.,-
Besigneu anu uevelopeu Bynamic Bomepage scieens (which vaiy baseu on
inuiviuual ioles anu piivileges), login Scieen foi a }ava Enteipiise application
nameu Appiaisal Nanagement System using }avaEE, }SF fiamewoik taking }PA
as the API foi 0iacle uatabase.
Taken owneiship of inuiviuual mouules; uesigneu them accoiuing to the 0bject
oiienteu concepts baseu on the specifications pioviueu, involving all soit of
innovation. Coueu them implementing the best piactices available followeu by
unit testing.
Integiateu the inuiviuual mouules with the oveiall pioject anu peifoimeu
integiation testing anu ueployeu them with high quality

/12345 6/,78#%.%,& 19&%.%9*&: 2*.,#,&. 3%&7'9&8#,: 4*.,#"#%&, #,"9#.%*+; <!=>
Cieating anu iunning the Sanubox foi the SEC1SF mouule using the PLSQL
queiies which involves piocessing of millions of uata in the oiacle uatabase.
Analyzing the functional iequiiements of the application, piepaiing test
uocuments, test scenaiios anu executing the test cases foi all the ieleases.
Peifoiming 0sei Acceptance Testing (0AT), iaising uefects, coming up with the
possible ioot cause of the issues anu suggesting quick solutions in coopeiation
with the team membeis.
Cieating tools to automate the testing piocess using Excel Nacios.
0puating the global team with the uaily status anu futuie iisks involveu with
each ciucial ielease.
Piomoting the knowleuge shaiing sessions within anu outsiue the team

@66C: ( "-4:- #7.869 G69 J%$!P*#(J2< *(N%?O?>
Self Initiateu to take up the T00LS anu RE0SE Anchoi which involves
cooiuination with Team Leaus fiom eight uiffeient piojects (unuei C0NPLIANCE
as main pioject) anu piopose, ieseaich new tools using the uiffeient technologies
available to inuiviuual piojects to integiate with the pioject neeus anu make the
team woik simplei.

!-9:675C !96,-./:>
! Founuei of *7/-910-B"5.DQ.6= anu @B-5D=0EQ.6=
! 0wnei of open souice libiaiy calleu GC;67:Q,:

P-53 A-+ &-1-C6F-9< J85/49-7M07--9Q.6=>
! Leauing the team to cieate a uynamic web site foi Chatui Engineei.
! Cieating a custom NvC Aichitectuie using PBP anu YII Fiamewoik foi the website cieation
! Besign the NySQL uatabase satisfying all the SN noimalization foims.
! Couing anu uebugging the entiie website with all the latest secuiity issues in
minu anu pioviue uefect pioof coue to ieach thousanus of customeis.