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.. how beautiful their hair is....... Many families exhibit dignity and self worth...... Fluids....... It's hard to come by naturally when your mother or father doesn't have it.. ..... how nice their legs are.... 63 Meat Alternatives................ 65 73 75 78 DEDICATION This book is for all women and men who have had challenges with weight and/or poor eating habits but especially for women of color who weren't loved enough........................ encouraged enough...... In other words they had to generate their own self esteem................ told how pretty they were...... how smart they were............Soups....... 64 Acceptable Food List…………………………… Vitamins List……………………………………… Mineral List ………………………………………................................................... LOVE YOURSELF AND FEED YOURSELF CLEAN FOOD........ stroked enough.... but is the individual’s need for self image and self esteem that brings them to light....


auto immune dysfunction. In other words we help you recover from cancer. surgery and pain relief. #3. diabetes. Our philosophy and operating principle is as simple as 1. digestive disorders. 2. recovery from injuries. " . Restore the function and energetic quality of the body with A. Breathing & Meditation Exercises C.Introduction to Original Medicine Organization The Original Medicine organization congratulates you on your decision to become part of our health education and wellness empowerment team. We hope you enjoy this process and want you to feel free to express yourself at any turn on your journey to wellness. or A B C #1. Clean Foods and Proper Herbs B. and heart disease. Supersaturate the blood stream with high quality nutrients. mind/body stress. 3. Exercise & Meridian Therapy To these goals we refer you to the menu at the back of this book. Detoxify the body of all unnecessary and toxic waste #2. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative disease.

Immediately after birth our first instinct is to suckle. Since puberty all we have ever thought about was sex (hair. In your fifties you avoid parties altogether unless you are single. Children always had value in the pre-modern times. In the sixties the birth control pill was the most significant financial and social development in the twentieth century. style. What is wrong with humans? When did sex lose its importance? Men are hardwired by the creator to plant seeds in as many fields as possible. Women are hardwired to hold onto that seed planter as long as possible to raise the seedling to puberty. In the seventies. the free love era created more sexually transmitted diseases than we needed. Around eleven or twelve we start watching slightly older teenagers and how they act around the opposite sex. shoes. parties etc). Third it created a sexual revolution where women could become the pursuer instead of the pursued. it allowed women to compete with men the market place. dancing. Only in the last seventyfive years have children been considered a financial burden. As we get older. Those of us who aren’t. Around four years old our ideas and feelings about sex start to form. The eighties became the age of greed and # . sex as a priority loses its importance and we shift our attention to food. Girls are more likely to ask questions and have conversations with each other about sex. it allowed women financial freedom from marriage. Somewhere in our twenties some of us get serious about jobs and working. In college years we party ‘til the sun came up. In your forties you will find yourself at parties only eating and thinking about what time you have to get up. cars. Those of us with lesser social skills put more energy into our work than into relationships. Second. sublimate our sex drive into work or creativity or sports. First. When you get in your sixties all you will think about is food. In our thirties we go to parties and drink. Human beings other than chimpanzees are the only primates who have sex for fun. Relationships require a lot of work according to those who are successful in them.What’s your Operating System FOOD or SEX? The two biggest drives in human beings are food and sex. clothes.

The average couple makes loves twice a week. they will stay in a bad relationship. not obese. In Europe or Asia when I ask that question no one is willing to go without sex. she would still consider herself normal weight. For the record. And so many people turn to food. Sex shifted from a spiritual union between two linked souls seeking spiritual elevation to personal gratification. but the food can’t love you back. It became two people masturbating with each other instead of connecting to each other. American men claim to make love more frequently than other countries. Seventy percent of Americans are overweight. This is according to a Playboy magazine survey of 5000 young men in ten countries. if asked. “ If you have to choose between not eating for 30 days or not having sex for 30 days which one would you choose?” Invariable I get the answer that they have already given up sex for more than 30 days. Women tell me all the time that if the sex is good. Fifty percent are considered clinically obese and thirty percent are considered morbidly obese.materialism. Somehow I cannot believe these claims when I see all the divorces. Excess weight leading to obesity became a national epidemic. So what is the truth? Are American men lying to themselves about their sexual prowess? After forty years of research the answer is still the same. one of the questions I always ask is. What about singles? Are they getting less or more than couples? My survey says way less. When I teach Juice feasting classes to break food addiction. If she gains 22 pounds and weighs 133 pounds on the scale she is clinically obese. In the rest of the world it is only 15%.S. For example a 5’2” female should normally weight 110lb. Why do women mostly and some men turn to food rather than sex? Are they looking for love in the refrigerator? You can’t find a meaningful relationship in the refrigerator! You can Love the Food. even Italians and Russians. However. in the U. anything over 20% of normal is considered obese. If you suspect you are attached to food then you need to cultivate new friendships centered around $ .

%0 . And if you are already a sex addict then you need to find new love in the refrigerator.something other than food.

she took care of all her grandchildren while their parents worked. The result is excess fat when and where we don't want it. And the emotion creates the thought. He was slim and trim and spent a lot of time at the store. We constantly vacillate between fear and anger. That is how our parents first demonstrated their love." is what I remember her saying. Don't cry. but do you really feel better? What you really perceive is. How can we love someone we fear? Impossible. Pies. you'll feel better!" What a strange thing.You Won't Find Love in the Refrigerator You won't find love in the REFRIGERATOR no matter how hard you look. And stuff them with food. Fear rules families. And we blame the food instead of the emotion that puts the food in the mouth. She would go to the store and find him flirting with the cashier girls or vice versa. Millie was 30 years old and about 30 pounds overweight. Don't feel. Obviously this created jealousy so she would either pick a fight with him or the %% . Don't be afraid. Chips or fried sandwiches for anger. Cakes. I know that Food is love. Because what you are learning to do is stuff your feelings. We can be angry at someone we love. I believe Jewish and Italian grandmothers say the same thing. don't worry. Don't be sad. You are told as a child. If I ever fell or got into a fight. Fear and Love cannot exist in the same space and time. Don't be angry. ice cream or anything that makes me feel better at this moment. Her husband was a supermarket manager. "Eat. Fear rules women. So you eat. Fear rules America. My grandmother took care of me while my parents worked. And we can love someone we're angry at. Sweets for disappointment. People have the greatest rationale for their food choices. you'll feel better”. preparation of food. Don't grieve. The thought always goes before the action. Don't be! So you learn to stuff your feelings with food. “Don't feel that way. you'll feel better. Eat. In fact. "Eat. she would always take me into the kitchen and feed me. Cookies.

Finally she gained one hundred pounds and realized that her morbid obesity was not healthy. I helped her lose one hundred pounds in just over one year. Within three months she gained it all back because the flood of attention was more than she could handle. She finally gained more than one hundred pounds. Once she lost fifty pounds with periodic juice feasting she was finally able to confront the husband and get rid of the girlfriend. So I will stuff myself with food in order to feel loved. A nursing student who did not accept her own beauty gained thirty pounds in order to remove attention to her figure. Was she stuffing her feelings? Sally’s husband owned a hardware store in the neighborhood but they lived on the top (fifth) floor of a building with a broken elevator. Maybe this %2 . I made her walk up and down the stairs three times a day.cashier girl. Finally her husband forbid her to come to the store. After graduation she was placed in an inner city hospital where thirty extra pounds is normal. He never wanted to move out and he always brought his wife a bag of doughnuts every night. She continued to attract men so she gained even more weight to discourage them. Why did she stuff her feelings instead of coming to terms with her self-esteem? Why do car accidents lead to weight gain? Why does tragedy lead to weight gain? Why do you quit smoking and then gain weight? Why does having children mean you gain weight? Why do men and women with poor self esteem or poor self-image always gain weight? The answer is as you might suspect is lack of love and self love in particular. Her intuition screamed at her but she stuffed her feelings. He would always bring food home that she liked. Her niece investigated and found his girlfriend working at the store. Every advice I gave her she had an excuse why she could not do it. If no one loves us then maybe we are not worthy of love. She didn't want him to lose his job but every time she saw blond hair in the ashtray in the car she would gain five pounds. She inhaled it and then complained about the weight. She made her aunt walk down the five flights of stairs to come to my office.

I lost forty-two pounds in four months on a raw food diet. So between age thirty and fifty you will have gained forty pounds. dairy etc. If. kidney. Everyone knows the air is polluted not only from cars and fluorocarbons but also because the ozone layer is shrinking.. give up meat. That means in ten years you will have gained twenty pounds. You can easily lose two pounds a week or eight pounds a month. Everyone knows that the water is contaminated because of industrial run off from artificial fertilizer and pesticides. And of course the soil is polluted from the acid rain. I designed the juice feasting program because no one wants to be deprived. your metabolism slows down.scenario is not you but it fits enough people so that minor variations will all apply. i. Learn to love yourself and feed yourself good food so that you will not gain weight as you get older. radioactive fallout from %3 . then regular fasting will go a long way to offset negative effects. coffee. lungs. LOSING WEIGHT IS EASY You can easily eat a pound of steak but not a pound of spinach because of the fiber. Juice fasting 3 days every month will help detoxify poisons from liver. A quart of water weighs two pounds.e. So as you get older practice eating less at each meal or skip dinner a couple of nights a week. Therefore a gallon of water weight eight pounds. I have helped over five thousand people lose weight in a healthy way. Not a good look for you or your health because that extra weight affects your heart. If you drink a gallon of water each day you will weigh that much more on the scale but you will urinate it out with the toxins. as you get older. you will gain 2 pounds a year. No calories in water means that your stomach is filled up with no calorie weight gain. sugar. JUICE FEASTING AS A WAY OF LIFE BECAUSE EVERYBODY CHEATS If you are not willing to change your diet. If you only eat one extra bite at each meal you will gain one or two pounds a year. spleen and liver and makes them work harder shortening your life span.

Eat 2-3 pieces/day Group V . Eliminate Group Vl & Vll -Meat & Dairy %4 . Just like you change the filter when you change your oil you must detoxify your body to prepare it for the healthy food you are now going to switch to after reading this book. Whole Grains 5. Eat 2 servings/day Group I-6 oz. Break your fast properly according to instructions for 3 Day or 7 Day Fasting Kit 3. or 1500 calories (active) per day 4. Decide on 900 calories (sedentary). Weight Loss Guide 1. The recommended schedule located in your owners’ manual says every thirty days you need to juice feast for three days. Soup 8.8 oz. Eat 1 servings/day Group II . Which means that our food is polluted and toxic. When the seasons change you need to juice feast seven days.Fruit 9. 1200 calories (moderate). We are poisoning ourselves or allowing the food producers to poison us. 2. Eat 2 serving/day from Group IV . What you eat on the fourth of July is not the same food you eat at Thanksgiving. We call this detoxification. Juicing with organic vegetables that are locally grown or home grown is the only way to protect your self from autointoxication.nuclear power plants drifting from Asia and lack of mineral nutrients.4 oz. Beans or Peas 6. What you eat for Easter Sunday is not what you eat on New Years day. Eat 4 serving/day from Group III. Vegetables 7. Your food changes according the season so you must clean out your digestive system to prepare it for the new food.8 oz. Initially do 3 Day or 7 Day Fasting Program.

for a hot beverage.m. listen to radio. Exercise Minimum three hours per week @ 1 hour 3x/week. watch TV. Every day take a 30-45 minute Break between 12-3 p. or 30 minutes 6x/week 12. % .10. of body weight. Do cleansing Fast every 30 days until you reach your desired weight. or talk on the phone 13. of water for every 25 lb. Do not read. or 45 minutes 4x/week.m. Drink 8 oz. and 5-7 p. 11.

Well. Read this list several times. You feel that as long as you're not sick or in pain you can get away with eating whatever! That is WRONG thinking. Chocolate. white breads. This is the starting point for changing your diet. I can eat anything.Milk. 3. Bad eating habits will turn off your internal alarm. their internal alarm system is off. You will get sick. NO DAIRY PRODUCTS (Milk Fat) AVOID . Cookies. NO SALT %! . Jam. Cheese.(Wheat or Corn) AVOID -Cakes. but you allow yourself to continue your bad habits anyway. they couldn't eat everything or anything. It just takes years and years. You've been sick a long time. etc. If it was on. Pies. Jelly. Gum 4. Candy. donuts. you just didn't know it. Sour cream. Yogurt. Butter. nothing bothers my stomach". Cottage Cheese. 1. Honey. You've heard people say. sometimes 30 years or more of bad eating habits before you "get sick". NO REFINED FLOURS. Most of these you are already aware of.Ten Commandments for Healthy Living Below is a list of NO-No’s. Cream Cheese. NO SUGAR AVOID . Croissants. 2. Ice cream. etc.Sugar.

FATTY MEATS -Hot dogs. COKE. Avocado. Spareribs. Beef. shortening AVOID PLANT FATS -Peanuts. etc. lunchmeats. NO CAFFEINE AVOID . kidney. Pork. hamburgers. Pistachio and other nuts 6. lamb LIMIT-Your animal products intake to 1/4 lb. sausage. NO ALCOHOL OR TOBACCO AVOID -Wine. Shrimp. CRACK. etc. NO DRUGS AVOID RECREATIONAL DRUGS . fried fish. AVOID PRESCRIPTION DRUGS -Antibiotics. pretzels. Cigars 9. HASH.Cigarettes.). fried fish.Fried foods.Salty products-chips. bacon. Beer. NO HYDROGENATED FATS OR OILS AVOID .All Soda including sugar free (phosphoric acid). lamb. Animal Skin.AVOID . Olives. Coffee and tea except herbal teas 8. Do not add Salt to your plate or cooking pot. etc. pipes. 5. AVOID HEATED OILS . Birth %" . NO CHOLESTEROL AVOID. and mixed drinks LIMIT -One ounce of straight hard liquor permissible per day AVOID .Animal Organs (brains. crackers. liver./day If your job does not require physical exertion 7.GRASS.

Anti-Inflammatory. Is Snot Natural? Excessive intake of Dairy products creates mucus. etc. Eye drops. Nose drops. Sedatives. We accumulate too much milk fat in our bronchioles leading to overproduction of mucus which collects in our lungs. and clogs nasal passages and throat. Steroids. Diuretics LIMIT. It can also cause sinus problems and asthma. eating dairy would not be a problem. 100% of the calories comes from the 8% fat. If we lived at high altitude and walked everywhere. etc. PMS. 99% fat free milk is still 12. WHAT’S WRONG WITH DAIRY? Milk makes mucus. Exercise is one way of getting rid of the mucus. NO EATING OUT IN RESTAURANTS For at least 90 days until you get control of your eating habits 1.5% fat by calories. Fasting is another way. yeast infections. Milk is 92% water and 8 % fat. 10. Cellulite and odorous discharges are a result of too much dairy.Cold tablets. Dairy products cause menstrual problems like endometriosis. painful menses. Candida albicans. When milk is pasteurized at 170 degrees it kills all the good bacteria and enzymes along %# . Laxatives. But in this culture we walk from the house to the car and the car to the house. Aspirin.Control Pills.

These bright Frenchmen tried to sell milk to Parisians. It reduces the food value to its caloric content. He invented the process named after him. Proteins are predigested by fungus (mold) or bacteria. When milk is homogenized it prevents fats from separating from the water. If you think nothing is wrong with cow's milk then why don't you drink other domesticated mammal's milk like goat's milk. That is the way nature intended it to work. per day. These residues create mucus. Yogurt should be limited to 4 oz. They called on Louis Pasteur to find a way to save the milk. per day. It changes the shape of the fat molecule so that it is hard for the body to metabolize it. Butter is essentially a dead food. Pasteurized milk unwittingly paved the way for a lot of illness in the U. Yogurt and cheese are living foods. per day. Hard cheese should be limited to 2 oz. %$ . Butter is 100% fat from homogenized pasteurized milk. Before Louis Pasteur the only people who drank milk were dairy farmers. Mother’s milk is for baby humans and cows milk is for baby cows. It has no nutrients. Kefir is cultured (spoiled) milk with fruit sugar added. Limit on kefir is 8 oz. bison milk or camel's milk. but it would spoil in less than a day. After the age of three there is no need for milk in our diet. Limit on butter is one pat per day (90 calories).with the bad. Milk fat cells coat the lining of intestines and don't always get eliminated.S.

15% of the population is lactose intolerant. BALANCE BY • Substitute Soy milk. • Add Rosemary.Dairy allergies account for 30% of all food allergies in the U. It will create Excess cold and damp. cheese. One third of them are African-Americans.S. butter or rice milk. MILK IS NOT GOOD FOOD. Thyme and Ginger to foods to eliminate craving for dairy products. • Substitute Yogurt as a Condiment Only. There will be No difference in mucus production.BE ON A HEALTH KICK. KICK THE DAIRY HABIT. Dairy excess is warm and damp. 20 .

preventing them from being eliminated.S. In kindergarten we made glue from bleached wheat flour and water to paste our pictures on the wall. cakes. Scary isn't it. Avoid it. WHAT’S WRONG WITH FLOUR? CREATES GLUE IN THE INTESTINES Excessive intake of refined flours can cause constipation. It is used for crackers. snack foods. Imagine that glue in your intestines. It is high in starch and low in protein.2. It's cheap and effective. Wheatberries have a protein/starch structure called gluten that both elastic and resistant. The 2% . holding fats and toxins you've accumulated hostage. It is marked "unbleached flour". The identification of yeast is the catalyst that connects these two events. Water and flour make a very good glue. Do you crave white flour products and bread? Cravings indicate a wheat allergy. The wheat that is grown for commercial bakery products is called White wheat. Flyer distributors paste their signs on poles with wheat paste. The ancient Africans in Egypt developed stone mills for grinding wheat berries to make bread shortly after they discovered the process for making beer. Soft winter red wheat is the most common wheat grown in the Eastern U. Bread results when gluten is attacked by yeast cells and the carbon dioxide bubbles that are given off stretch and swell the wheat's starch core into large upstanding loaves. You can develop an allergy to any food from over consumption. Very little food value to begin with. and piecrusts. It is low in protein and low in gluten.

Grains are easily stored but flour spoils. carrots. Then when the Sugar. Fruits are high in fiber. and string beans are high in fiber. Grains and beans are high in fiber. HIGH FIBER FOODS Adding fiber to your diet can be very easy if you wheat to use is called Hard Red Spring Wheat. So they took out the endosperm along with the bran. Leafy greens like collards. Cruciferous vegetables like celery. cauliflower. packaged flour would spoil because the Germ (endosperm) had oil in it. Rum. 22 . Unfortunately modern Graham Crackers bear no resemblance to its original concept. which would turn rancid after approximately three weeks. broccoli. It is high in protein and is the best flour for bread. Fresh or dried coconut is high in fiber. Sylvester Graham (of Graham Crackers fame) was the leader of the protest against bleached white flour. Some of the early abolitionists created a storm of protest and public meetings against the concept of White representing purity. These abolitionists founded the Natural Food Movements. He was the father of the Natural foods movement in this country. mustard. spinach. kale. like they bleached the sugar. Grains found in Egyptian tombs 5000 old have been sprouted. With the advent of the Industrial revolution. Slave trade triangle was at its height. and chard are high in fiber. One would be wise to purchase an electric grain mill and grind one's own flour as needed. they decided to bleach the flour.

Order German bread. Reduce Risk of Food Allergies: • 100% Flourless Bread • Sprouted Wheatberry Bread • Manna Bread • Gluten & Gluten Free 23 . whole grain. Millet. sprouted. flourless.Bread/Flour substitute. Spelt.

blue green algae. • Sugar. Too much salt can weaken your joints. which required low cost workers (slaves). It can also weaken the kidney and cause the tissue to hold water (edema). It can make you very tense and short-tempered.3. daily. The slave trade in Africa was fueled by Rum sales in Europe from sugar cane farming. i. or Rice Syrup. Substitute honey for table sugar • Honey. low back. WHAT’S WRONG WITH SUGAR? Creates phlegm in the body Sugar has a long and destructive history.Limit 3 tsp. 24 .Limit 3 tbs. Salt is a drug. 4. knees. Substitute Stevia for Honey.e.leafy greens./day. • Order Stevia. ankles. There was an empire in India that discovered the commerce of sugar and within four generations had destroyed itself through poor health and greed from over farming. • Cook with Barley Malt. WHAT’S WRONG WITH SALT? Hardens Lungs Too much salt can aggravate but not cause high blood pressure. • Substitute Chlorophyll to reduce sugar cravings . a stimulant. Spirulina.

Salt Substitutes • Shoyu. Tamari (wheat free) • Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s • VegeSal/Spike • Garlic/Cayenne • Kelp. Lemon 2 .

& Hormones Excessive intake of animal products causes circulation problems. That is excessive. Americans ate meat only once or twice a week. Prostaglandins create quality hormones. Water boils at 212°. His job is to hit them on the head so hard they fall to their knees and 2! . When oil is heated to boiling for Fried foods it changes the molecular structure of the oil and prevents the production of prostaglandins. Cows are then slaughtered by first putting them in a chute where a worker stands over them with a sledgehammer. One hundred years ago. Purchase in Dark bottles . These potentially dangerous substances are not eliminated from the animal before it is eaten and we build up immunity to the antibiotics before we have to take them to save our own life. Sesame oil has a better flavor for stir-frying. WHAT’S WRONG WITH MEAT? Antibiotics.5. In this culture we raise animals improperly by giving them antibiotics and hormones. • Mix Oil with water 50-50. animal products are not essential and cause blockages in the digestive tract. There is nothing essentially wrong with eating meat in the wintertime when we don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. especially heart disease. But in the summer and spring. WHAT’S WRONG WITH HEATED OILS & Fried foods? Weakens the Immune system Oil boils at 473° degrees Fahrenheit. Now we eat it three time a day.keep refrigerated. Pesticides. 6.

and Kombu are just some of the delicious sea vegetables that are grown here off the coasts of North America. Sometimes the worker with the sledgehammer misses the blow and the chain saw worker has to cut the cow’s head off without its being stunned. All beef eating Americans absorb the adrenaline that saturates cow flesh. If you eat 7x/week. Sea vegetables are also helpful in removing toxic substances from the body. cut to 3x/week. cut to 2x/month. If you eat fish. cut to once. at lunch makes one sleepy. • Limit to 1/4 lb. If you eat 3x/day. cut to fish only. If you eat 1x/week. Hijiki. Mushrooms and onions and garlic are extremely helpful in eliminating residue of animal products from the body. cut to deep sea only. (Shiitake) and Ganoderma. These adrenal hormones create a heightened degree of stress in the endocrine system. at the time of slaughter. If you eat pork and beef. Arame. BALANCE BY • Cut consumption intake in half./day. The screams are horrible. If you eat poultry and seafood. a word to the wise is sufficient. No wonder we are a nation ruled by fear.another worker with a chain saw cuts off their head. The cow directly behind the one being killed can see what is in store for herself and screams in terror. Eating 2" . This fear is communicated to the herd waiting to be slaughtered. Wakame. • Better at breakfast. (Ling Chi) mushrooms are quite expensive but they are the best. Chickens are just as poorly raised as beef so unless you raise your own chicken. • Cut type of meat. Black mushrooms. cut to deep chicken and fish.

MEAT PROTECTION: To reduce harmful effects. 2# . • Drink Green Tea after each meal.meat at dinner creates stagnation. lowers cholesterol. cook meat with mushroom and garlic. The Fat will congeals on top. Boil your beef or pork first and watch harmful impurities come to surface. Cook with rice and vegetables. Place pot in refrigerator and let chill. • Cook with onions and mushrooms and garlic. Remove fat and shred meat.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH CHICKEN? You've already eliminated red meat from your diet, and chicken and poultry is next. Although chicken is sweet tasting, versatile and inexpensive it is also potentially hazardous to your health. Salmonella food poisoning commonly comes from the bacteria in uncooked chicken spreading from the cutting board to other foods being prepared. Salmonella is now a health crisis. There have been numerous television stories about it. It is now being found in eggs as well as the chickens. Bacteria grow rapidly in meat packing plants where the chickens are not cleaned properly. After the chickens have been electrocuted and scaled to remove the feathers they are placed on a hooked conveyor belt. The guts are ripped out by machine. Oftentimes the guts explode before the are completely removed. The residue from the exploded guts is supposed to be rinsed out by a special bath. However the bath water is only changed once a day. So all the chickens in the second half of the days are picking up bacteria instead of it being rinsed off. The average chicken lives 30-60 days before its killed. Egg layers live to the ripe old age of 2 years before they are sacrificed. The average life span of domesticated chickens is 15-20 years. Chickens are fed hormones, erythromycin, sulfa drugs, nitrofurans, and arsenic compounds. This is probably what causes 90% of all chickens to have cancer. Why do you think chicken nuggets became so popular? The FDA approved the

use of chickens with cancer if that cancerous part was removed. Chickens have their beaks cut off and have to wear red contact lenses so they cannot see or kill the five other chickens in their birth to death cage 16" x 18". They have their toes cut off so they won't scratch. They rub against the wire cages until their feathers fall out and get skin ulcers. It is common to see eye damage, blindness, bone and muscle deformity, brain damage, paralysis, deformed beaks and joints, slipped tendons, twisted legs and swollen joints all from Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in a poor diet and overcrowded conditions. These are not isolated cases. 90% of the industry have chicken factories not chicken farms. Mr. Frank Perdue says his chickens live in a house that's chicken heaven. What he meant to say is they live in chicken hell. WHAT’S WRONG WITH FISH? Deep Sea, cold water fish are usually recommended. However, how many barrels of oil have been spilled in the oceans in the last five years? How many whales and dolphins have committed suicide by beaching themselves? If you've been substituting fish for the other animal products you usually eat, then it is time to cut down on your fish consumption. Limit your fish intake to twice a week. You're getting plenty of protein in vegetables, and when properly prepared are quite chewy and delicious. If you must eat fish try to eat deep, sea fish like flounder, tuna, salmon, cod, and haddock. They are less likely to be polluted. Fresh

water fish are often contaminated from toxic pollution run off into the water table. Unless you know the area quite well it is better to safe than sorry. Sometimes fish farms provide unpolluted water for their produce. But unless you've been there to see it first hand, don't take anyone's word. You can tell fresh fish by looking at the eye. It will stay clear and bright for two days. Then it will turn cloudy. Especially if it is frozen and then thawed. Press the eye to see if it bounces back. If you push it and it stays in, don't buy the fish.

Sixteen different poisons
If Coffee Growers were to apply to the FDA for approval in 1995 they would be denied. Coffee has over 16 different poisonous compounds in it. Caffeine is only one. If you drank 72 ounces of coffee at one time you would die. Chocolate, Cocoa, and most sodas have large amounts of caffeine. Pepsi and Coke have more than most. Of course there is Mountain Dew and Surge. Pound for pound, tea has more caffeine than coffee but it takes five times more coffee to make a cup. Guarana root tablets were big in health food stores for energy until they discovered it had caffeine. The FDA took it off the market. The Indians of South America used coffee beans to poison their arrows. The Indians of North America used coffee and Chocolate to stay up all night during drum ceremonies to prepare for war. Are you prepared to go to war every day? To replace your coffee try roasted barley tea. The smell and flavor are close enough to coffee to remind you of Jamaican Blue Mountain the most expensive coffee there is. I'm sure you've heard of cereal grain coffee, chicory,

it works! BALANCE BY 1. You can clean the ring in your bathtub with Coke.Roasted Barley Tea. Kukicha Tea. Drink Tea . Try it. You can dissolve a tooth in a cup of Pepsi. All carbonated beverages have phosphoric acid (read the label). Coke will even clean the battery in your car with a little baking soda. HERB BEVERAGES . Switch to fruit juice and water 32 . You already know that caffeine is not good for your system.Morning Thunder Drink Roasted Barley Tea Drink Almond Tea Try Coffee Substitute Tea Try Chicory Tea 1 cup to special mornings WHAT’S WRONG WITH SODAS? Phosphoric Acid eats stomach lining Sodas have caffeine. Pepsi and Coke both have 8 spoons of sugar in a 12-oz. can or bottle. Mandarin orange Tea.and Roast-a-Roma brand coffee substitutes. Sugar is hard on arteries and phosphoric acid eats your stomach lining. sugar and phosphoric acid. • • • • • • • • • BALANCE BY Cut to 2 cups/Am Cut to 1 cup/PM Switch to Water Decaffeinated. but you don't know that phosphoric acid makes your kidneys work harder and ultimately weakens them. Sleepy time Tea. Switch to fruit juice and seltzer 2. Carbonation is hard on the kidneys. Chamomile tea. Ginseng Tea. It will make you think twice before drinking. Emperors Choice.

3. Switch to fruit and water 4. Order fruit syrups

Empty calories causes malnutrition
Alcohol or spirits were originally medicine. Medicinal liquors or cordials were used as heart or liver tonics. The Benedictine monks now famous for Benedictine gave the recipe to Katherine the Great of Russia after being coerced. Within two generations the crowned heads of Europe were alcoholics and then it filtered down to the general populace. Each liqueur comes from a specific plant. Juniper berries create Gin, which is extremely hard on liver. Other clear liquors are better for you: Vodka, White Rum and Tequila, one ounce a day is not harmful but can be beneficial in thinning the blood. Beer can be food. Empty calories. Stouts, Ales, Dark Beer are better for you. Micro- brews are better than advertised brands. WINE: Mixers, Wine Coolers, specialty drinks are all NO-NOs. Red Wine is better for you than white wine. One glass with dinner is OK. Of course organic wine does not have sulfites or pesticide residues. The antioxidants in grape skin, which gives it the red color. White wine has the skins removed.

9. WHAT’S WRONG WITH SMOKING? Robs your body of oxygen & prevents self repair
Suppresses appetite and kills taste buds. Disturbs digestion by swallowing smoke. Tobacco alone is not deadly. Following are risk factors: • High fat diet increases cancer risk. • Reduces appetite - create nutritional insufficiencies • Reduces oxygen in blood -impaired wound healing. • Increase poisons and toxins in blood increase risk for 33

lowered immune function Reduces Risks: • Beta Carotene • B-Vitamin Complex • 2 Salads per day • 10 oz. serving or more of greens and yellow vegetables.

The Africans used tobacco for magic, meditation, medicine, and money. African tobacco is mildly narcotic and will induce trance and visions. At the time of European invasion, smoking tobacco in decoratively carved pipes was common in Africa. Africans introduced the art of smoking to the Moors of North Africa as an innovative tranquilizing and meditative pleasure. The gluey viscous substance oozing from the tobacco leaf was used by the Moors as a dressing for fractures, poison antidote, remedy for mange or scabies, fevers of long duration, colic, jaundice, and obstruction of the liver. The Africans chewed tobacco to keep them calm during drought or famine. In America the natives did not develop the art and science of smoking. According to Leo Wiener it is evident that the act of smoking and the use of pipes by Native Americans came from Africa. In fact their word for smoking and the African word are identical but the native word for tobacco is completely different. Only the Chiefs and wealthy Native Americans smoked regularly. The common people smoked only on special ceremonial occasions. Among Canadian Indians the word Tabagie means ceremony. Tobacco was used medicinally in the form of powders, juices, leaf poultices, and chewing balls. They used it in direct application for war wounds, poison arrows and scorpion stings. They smoked it for toothaches, chest pain congested by phlegm, and shortness of breath. 34

What make tobacco harmful? The additives and flavoring agents that the manufacturers use to make you a continual smoker. Regular tobacco will not burn out by itself. Extending agents are used to make the cigarette burn. Nicotine is addictive but when offered real cigarettes made in Turkey most American smokers will only smoke about ten cigarettes a day, where the same heavy smoker will consume two or three packs of an American brand. The paper that is used is also a carcinogen. An effective filter decreases the taste so they continue to make filters that aren't effective in removing tar or nicotine. As advertisers, they continually lie, even when caught. They will pay the fine and lie again. Toxins store themselves in fat. A high fat diet in conjunction with cigarette smoking is a walking time bomb. The reason some smokers get lung cancer and others don't is their high fat diet. Cut down on your fats and oils. Eliminate butter, cheese, and ice cream. Avoid fried foods and salad dressings. If you must smoke, you must take extra vitamins like B complex and antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E.

Breathing exercises and meditation will tune your consciousness to break bad habits. BALANCE BY • Vitamin A & C 3000 mg 3x/day • Eat 2 oranges daily • Only smoke half a cigarette • Only smoke outdoors • Only smoke at work • Limit yourself to 1 pack if smoke more • Limit yourself to 1/2 pack if smoke less • Document the time and circumstance of each cigarette • Drink glass of water before and after each smoke • Switch to low tar brand 3

Bean Dishes .NO dairy. WHAT’S WRONG WITH EATING OUT IN RESTAURANTS? Spoiled food and toxic residues Ask! Ask! Ask! If you don't ask. Pasta Primavera OK and Portobello Mushrooms Bread . Vegetable Sushi • Thai .Dark and Whole Grain only • Middle East . flour.Goat Cheese OK. eggs or fish.Ask for Soup .NO Sugar or MSG. Beginner’s Dietary Change – Cutting down red meat. Miso soup. Vegetables with Rice. NO Cooking Oil POCKET GUIDE TO EATING OUT: • Italian .Ask for Romaine and Shredded Carrots Vegetarian Level #2 – No dairy. Vegetable with 3! . Pesco-Vegetarian – only fish with vegetable and grains Salads .No Oil or Dairy.NO fried.• Repeat same process • Order quit smoke tea and Aromatherapy 10.NO Cheese. fried . you can't get! Check Appetizer List. Soup No Chicken Stock Vegan -Purest Vegetarian Level #3 . sugar.NO Meat • Japanese . dairy. Chicken Stock OK.NO Sugar.

limit to 1/4 lb/day. at lunch makes you sleepy and at Dinner eating meat creates stagnation.NO MSG.5 lb.75 l. 12x/day Tea 9-12 oz. Better at breakfast.5 Lbs/Day or . EAT ALL YOU WANT AND LOSE WEIGHT! Grains 1 Lbs/Day or . Excessive use of tofu creates 3" . NO Cornstarch. Dairy excess – creates damp and internal heat . No difference in mucus but creates internal cold and damp. Sea Food and Sprouts OK • Chinese with Rice . 2-3 x/day Fruit 2 Lbs/Day or 1 lb. 2x/day Water 8 oz. Cook with onions and mushrooms and garlic to detoxify. Best to boil for ten minutes to release impurities and fat and then refrigerate for ten minutes to congeal the fat.Substitute soy milk-cheese-margarine.5 lb. and dinner like a Pauper.Rice. Vegetables Some Gourmet Restaurants are OK. Avoid Meat & Dairy especially chicken because various bacteria in chicken causes cancer. 2-3 x/day Beans 1/2 Lb /Day or . Subway and other chain restaurants have Grain Burgers and many other choices. lunch like a Prince. Remove fat then shred the meat and mix with vegetables. w/ each meal Total 5 Lbs/Day Eat Breakfast like a King. Meat . daily Greens 1. Ask for Grain Burger and Sweet Potato Fries.

INSTANT RESULTS WITH NO EFFORT A Vegetarian Lifestyle is not for everyone. Order a case of rice milk. coffee. flourless. sprouted. spelt. Drink Green Tea after each meal. but if you are at risk according to our risk factors. whole grain. liver. millet. Barley Malt. it is easier to make all the changes at once. Substitute Stevia.3 tbsp/day. i.Limit 3 tsp daily For sugar addiction use chlorophyll and green powders daily. dairy etc. stroke. blood sugar. AIDS. sugar. Honey . digestion or kidney problems you need to follow our program.e. Lowers cholesterol.. then periodic fasting on a regular basis will go a long way to offset negative effects. or if you have cancer. But for some. Cook with sorghum. give up meat. Juice feasting three days every month will help detoxify poisons from liver. If you are not willing to change your diet. 3# . BREAD Flour . Rice syrup. ELIMINATION DIET Over 3 weeks I will eliminate the following from my diet in this order .Substitute. hypertension.excess cold & damp For Dairy addiction cook with rosemary and thyme with each meal. asthma. Order Stevia. Follow the Seven Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle on the following pages and maybe you will see an instant result with little effort. Gradual changes are better than cold turkey. Lifting weights and exercising will also help detoxify the liver. prevents cancer Sugar .

________________________date_____ 13. ________________________date_____ 4. ________________________date_____ 12. ________________________date_____ Be sure to come back to this page and cross off each one as you are successful and the date. AND GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG! 3$ . ________________________date_____ 14. ________________________date_____ 16. ______________________date____ 3. ________________________date_____ 18. ________________________date_____ 10. ________________________date_____ 6. ________________________date_____ 5. ________________________date_____ 8. ________________________date_____ 9. ________________________date_____ 17. ________________________date_____ 11. ________________________date_____ 7.2. ________________________date_____ 15.

in opposite time i.e. IDEAL . but once a week will prevent disease.5 am. Minimum 3 hours/week Maximum 18 hours/week IDEAL .GOOD NUTRITION IS MORE THAN FOOD. SEVEN STEPS TO CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE The most important thing you can do to change CONSCIOUSLY CHANGE YOUR THINKING & ATTITUDES Planning your lifestyle is the first step FASTING is the second most important thing you can do to change your lifestyle IDEAL . If you work 9 am -5 pm you should sleep 9 pm. Minimum 20 minutes/day Maximum 2 hours/ day IDEAL 30 MINUTES/ TWICE A DAY CHANGE OF REST TIMES & REGULATION OF SLEEPING HABITS is the SIXTH step. You need to Sleep same hours that you work . 40 .ONCE A WEEK EXERCISE is the FOURTH STEP.90 MINUTES SIX DAYS/WEEK MEDITATION is the FIFTH most important thing you can do.1 Day/Week & 3 Days/Month MASSAGE is the THIRD most important thing you need done Twice a week when you are ill.

If massage is unaffordable or inconvenient then a hot tub or sauna and steam is advisable. Some people have convinced themselves that if they don't eat for three days. There are spiritual benefits as well as physical benefits from fasting. You can go 7 days without water and 30 days without food with no serious damage to the body. You can fast three days and receive emanations from heaven while reducing the negative pull from earthly vibrations. There are many types of body work that come under the heading of masso-therapy. Tuina is Chinese medical massage. A 3 Day Detox is easy once you've determined to make the change in your life and you believe that you will derive some benefit from it. Mohammed. Rolfing is deep tissue massage. Jesus.DIETARY CHANGE & REGULATION OF EATING TIMES is the SEVENTH most important thing you can do. and Buddha all fasted 40 days for spiritual enlightenment.MID MORNING AND LATE AFTERNOON MEAL FASTING Fasting is the key to changing your downward spiral. MASSAGE A series of massages will go a long way in relieving some of the surface stress. It is difficult to make a lifestyle change if you are under heavy stress. Hellerwork is deep tissue also but with a little lighter pressure. Every healing system that I've studied recommends fasting. skip Dinner 3 nights/week IDEAL . 4% . Trager is connective tissue massage. they will die. Moses. Prepare Breakfast and Lunch the night before Maximum 5 small meals/day. Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure.

and Qi weights. 2. yoga. A few classes in fundamentals though. Similarly. running won't exercise abdominals and biking won't exercise hamstrings. The all-around best exercise is dancing. it is time. if your job is digging ditches or chopping wood. Some sports only exercise one or two major muscle groups. You need to commit yourself to a minimum of 3 hours per week of exercise. For example. and archery. you need small amounts of fun exercise like roller skating. So one must have variety in sports as well as food. Flexibility . running.skating. That is a start. free form. Or you may go hiking or biking for 3 hours on a weekend. calisthenics. trampoline and jump rope. Tai Chi. not distance. swimming. Some people prefer daily amounts like a 30 minute run/6 days per week. 42 . or have a lot of mental activity. biking.EXERCISE Everyone knows that we need exercise. or 1/2 hour/6 days a week. Please remember that in running. tennis. bowling. 45 minutes/4 times a week. such as golf. You want to go dancing or skating 3 hours on Saturday night in a smoke free environment. There are three types of exercise: 1. nautilus and climbing. skiing. 3. you need to balance with strenuous exercise.stretching. dancing. have a sedentary job. Only you can decide what is best of you. There are many sports that are combinations of the above. that is important. Strength Training . would be very beneficial. Balance is the key. If you are a sedentary person. 1 hour/3 times a week. Aerobics . but no one knows how much.

In the beginning this requires concentration. improves circulation and digestion. as well as to prioritize our intentions. but if you practice everyday it will get easier 43 . Repeat motion. We need to cultivate this habit more. crowded buses and subways.Stand balanced as your arms extend upwards to the right. breathing as your arm goes up. ungrateful bosses and co-workers. Meditation in our culture is particularly useful for calming the noise pollution. Many of us meditate without even realizing that we are meditating when we stare out of a window or into space. Any project or commitment should be meditated on daily. MEDITATION AND PRAYER Everyone knows that meditation is useful. releases emotional stress. and out as arms go down. but not everyone knows how to use it. rude and ungracious persons. step out with left foot. step out with your right foot. We don't believe in strenuous activity unless you have at least 3 months steady build up of stamina. walking in a circular pattern for five minutes.Exercise reduces body fat. 1. firms muscles. and increase alertness and energy. As you bring your arms down. QI GONG Walking Meditation . air pollution. family invasion of privacy. We need to meditate for clarity of thought and purpose. unpaid bills and like. shift all your weight to the right leg. Moderate exercise over the years is more beneficial than spurts of strenuous activity. As you extend your arms upward to the left.

QI GONG Standing Meditation . However. Chanting Meditation . or on a cushion so that knees are on floor. don't worry about it. hand relaxed. Feet shoulder width wide apart. Lying Meditation . Arms held loosely in front of you like holding a barrel. Sitting Meditation . until you get in a space where you are not your body. HERU MAAT HERU Which mantra is for you? 3. Fold hands in lap so that thumbs almost touch. AMEN-RA SUTEN NTR. only tension in the body is in the front of thigh and back of calf. Unfocused eyes.30 minutes. Al-lah-Hu.e. They are usually 3 or 4 measures. breath slowly and deeply. What are we chanting? You must have a mantra. Depending on your religious upbringing there may already be a mantra for you.Can be done in sitting position. HERU PU MAAT KHERU.30 minutes. ATON RA NEBEN ANKH.and easier. Keep spine straight. Je-sus-Christ. Namyo-Ho-ren-Geikyo. If you investigate you will find there are many hundreds of mantras. i.30 minutes . Elevate head so that eyes are looking 30º above horizon. 4.5 minutes. and your sound must emanate from there. Sit on the edge of a chair with knees below hips. If you are familiar with horse stance in martial arts this is not a strict version but should be close to it. Om-Mani-Padme-Hum. Ha-re-Krish-na. 5. while exhaling only. Back and spine must be fully erect. knees bent like sitting down. Breath from diaphragm. These are all mantras. 2. there are many that are longer.. Lie flat on floor. counting to 7. spread 44 . If you can't cross your legs yoga style.

Think about those who work 7 4 . Night work throws the body out of balance. close your eyes and hold your hands so that the fingertips touch and your thumbs are directly over your heart. Send out rays of light to the Creator and focus on what you are praying for. Breath in one count of five heartbeats. Rising time is 1-2 hours after sunrise. While you are praying.eagle. If you shower or bathe before bed you will sleep better. because on your days off. After 6 months the brain begins to malfunction.. have the intention of receiving what you ask for. you revert back to normal schedule. Breath our on count of 10 heartbeats. Use a shower massager if possible. When praying. REST AND SLEEPING PATTERNS Ideally. Additional rest outside of sleeping is needed for people who have hard physical work. What does this mean for those of us who work 9-5 and have part-time jobs and extra curricular activities? What about those of us who have families? "I can't go to bed at 9 p. Explain to the Creator why you need what your are asking for. I have too many things to do".m. Best time for exercise is after meditation. Be very clear about it. One should see the sun rise and set every day. Scrubbing your self very hard stimulates acupuncture meridians. bedtime is 1-3 hours after sunset. Then visualize yourself receiving it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness means that water washes away negative vibrations. Best time for meditation is at those times.

Ideally. and you'll be much better off. or eat a fruit or small salad. .m.m. so can you. to 3 p.m.m. If they can do it. eat two snacks.m. .5 p.m.8 p.m. Lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper”. They have to get up before 5 a. late and skip dinner. and be in bed no later than 9:30 p.7 p.m. “Eat breakfast like a King.m. If you work midnight to 8 a.m. Protein should be eaten at the first meal for the same reason. CHANGE OF EATING PATTERNS Breakfast is the most important meal because it fuels your brain. . Leftover rice & beans with stir fry veggies are delicious. you should sleep 11 p. Prepare breakfast and lunch the night before. . Don’t eat after 6 pm.m. like soup in a cup or raw veggies or seeds and nuts. Toasted 7 Grain bread with almond or cashew butter and dried fruit jam.a. If you work 11 a. you should sleep 9 p.7 a. Eat a larger lunch.m. Take lunch with you. cooked or dried cereal with rice or almond milk.m. you would sleep noon .m. If you don’t have time for lunch. Fruit salad.5 a. if you work 9 a. 4! .

Communicate with family and friends. Make tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast and prepare for bed. 2. without a towel in a comfortable posture. As you lie down for sleep start your deep breathing exercise. allowing the water to hit your neck and spine. PREPARE TO GREET THE SUN 2. Hot Bath or shower. Immediately remove clothing and shower. 6. PREPARE FOR BEDTIME 1. 3. Program your mind for the next day with pleasant thoughts and accomplishments.DAILY ROUTINE Starts when the sun goes down UPON RETURNING HOME FROM DAYS WORK 1. 3. After sun down walk at least 30 minutes. Meditate to soft music. Review the events of your day. Air dry. 4. 4" . 6. 5. 3. allowing the water to hit your neck and spine. Prepare clothes and necessary items for the coming day. 2. 5. Get up 2 hours before leaving for work and drink half glass of warm lemon water to prepare digestive tract for food. 4. Perform yoga exercise "The Lock" stretch the digestive tract. Eat before sundown. Meditate flat on floor with no music or diversion.

Start any exercise that you are currently doing. You should fast on the day of the week that you were born. all berries year round. lima. etc. sprinkle sunflower or pumpkin seeds in your greens or grains. burdock. 5. 2) Steamed vegetables during midday. 6. cooked cashews or almonds. A 3 Day Detox on the new or full moon is ideal. running.THE PREPARATION For a Pre or Post Detox try this Cleansing Diet. and parsnips. beets. daikon. 4) If you feel the need for additional protein try: tofu or tempeh. weight lifting. baked yams. black. 5) Follow the 10 Commandments of Healthy Eating 4# . Perform yoga exercise "the Sun Greeting" or any breathing and stretching exercise that is comfortable. i. three days per months and seven days when the seasons change. kidney. Love's Guide For 3 DAY DETOX PROGRAM It is ideal to fast one day per week. Dr.4. Perform morning ablutions.e. Choose Organic apples and pears in the fall and winter and Organic cherries and papaya in spring and summer. The best fruits are melons. Some people prefer Mondays or Fridays however as they are starting or ending points. power walking. jogging. One part beans to three parts rice is the best combination. collard greens. When the seasons change you should do a 7 day Fast the week before to clean out your system to prepare it for the new food and new energy of the season. PRE-DETOX . 1) Fruits in the morning. and aduki are recommended. Find out what works best for you and then stick to it. Most recommended are asparagus. 3) A mixture of brown rice and beans for the evening meal. Limit one citrus per day.

Half gal. One Tablespoon Agar Powder (Intestinal cleanser) 5. (64 oz) distilled water 3. Others who are not sure of themselves need more preparation. Remember. you are still eating. Mix one bag of Green Clean with 8 oz distilled water 2. If you've never fasted before. You may drink any herb tea or water desired Be Diligent and Vigilant.6) Consume Herb Teas. Before Bedtime take 3-5 Stool Softeners 6. NO SOLID FOOD ! 4$ . 3 DAY GREEN CLEAN MATERIALS NEEDED EACH DAY 1. Preferably Kukicha tea or Green tea 7) Cook with Garlic and Cayenne daily. If you normally eat more than 40% of your diet as meat. Take 2 tabs Cayenne/garlic during the day with water 5. (See Instructions) 7. 8) Drink Aloe Vera with pineapple or papaya as both cleanser and digestive enzymes 9) Consume blue green algae like spirulina for extra nutrition. With first glass of Green Clean mix in Agar powder 3. Drink Green Clean one glass every two hours 4. then you should have two COLONICS or enemas during this preparation period. Just fruits and water (no juice) will prepare you physiologically and mentally for the reduced intake of the Detox. including chicken and fish. Persons with fast metabolisms and quick minds can start right away. 4 Tablespoons Green Clean (essential nutrients) 2. 3-5 Stool Softeners Natural Herb Formula FIRST DAY 1. The preparation period could be as long as five days or as short as one day. your PRE-DETOX should be at least one or two days. just restricting the amount. Two Capsules cayenne/Garlic powder (Mucus cleanser) 4. but it all depends on your metabolism and your intention. You will eat fruits in season only. Take Enema following morning.

hook thru hanger onto doorknob 3. Fill with two quarts warm water 105º-112º (212º is boiling) 2. Ask someone to help. As you push OUT slide tip IN one inch 6. Allow water to enter. Lay on LEFT side. then crimp hose with attachment 4. 0 .SECOND & THIRD DAY Same as above . Make sure water is coming thru. When water is all in. NOT A FLEET ENEMA ! 1. Pull up right knee 5. If not. 7. lubricate tip with oil. Evacuate Bowels. 8.Don't forget Enema each morning INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENEMA Hot Water Bottle with Enema Hose. Turn on BACK pull knees to chest and press abdomen in a CIRCULAR motion 10-20 times.

Later in the day you may have some Miso vegetable soup. FIFTH DAY Today you can start eating regular food. Chew your food carefully 50 times.BREAKING THE FAST (First day) It is very important to break the fast properly. Midday you may have some more fruit. celery. Around lunch time a salad without lettuce or tomato (preferably cabbage. carrots. red & green pepper).Celery-Beet is recommended. DON'T BLOW IT BY EATING UNCONSCIOUSLY ! FOURTH DAY Vegetable juice in the morning and at midmorning a small citrus juice. If you do it incorrectly your stomach will swell and you may harm yourself. You can continue with fruits and soups. cauliflower. Dinner will be Vegetable Miso soup. Large breakfast. Eat no more than one half pound of fresh fruit in season. broccoli. DO NOT OVEREAT ! THIRD DAY If you are a heavy flesh eater then you need to start with raw vegetables like kale and other greens like dandelion and spinach. Later in the day some small fruits. You may have periods where you feel % . Larger portions can be eaten than yesterday. We suggest that your last two days on the Detox be on your days off. Carrot. Observe portion control. If not. WHAT REACTIONS MAY I EXPERIENCE DURING THE GREEN CLEAN? You may feel irritable. then Stick to the same type of food. Larger portions can be eaten than yesterday. SECOND DAY AFTER FAST Today Vegetable juices should be introduced. medium lunch and small dinner before 7 PM.

However if this is not what you normally do. You will also feel the release of emotional and mental stress.weak followed by a burst of energy. 2 . Any discomfort you may feel is due to the release of toxins in your blood stream. If you exercise regularlysuch as jogging weight lifting or dancing class. wait until after your cleansing to start.then it is okay to continue.

Closer to 50% if job is standing. and Seeds Closer to 20% if work in cold weather Closer to 20% if you don't have full hour for lunch Closer to 20% if work with children Closer to 20% if work is talking or communicating Closer to 20% if after work or school activities Closer to 20% if outdoor job FRUITS should be 10-20% of CALORIC INTAKE Closer to 20% in Spring and Summer Closer to 20% if live or work in warm climate Closer to 10% in Fall or Winter 3 . Sedentary is defined as a sit down or desk job or exercise less than twice a week. lifting Closer to 50% if exercise three or more times/week Closer to 50% if you are vegetarian VEGETABLES should be 30-40% of CALORIC INTAKE Closer to 30% if work or live in cold weather Closer to 30% if active lifestyle Closer to 30% if outdoor job. Closer to 40% if new Vegetarian Closer to 40% if work or live in hot or warm weather Closer to 40% if sedentary lifestyle Closer to 40% if Cerebral type person Closer to 40% if job requires much thought LEGUMES should be 10-20% of CALORIC INTAKE Legumes are defined as Beans. Peas.Weekly Intake Of Nutriment WHOLE GRAINS should be 35-50% of CALORIC INTAKE Closer to 35% if you smoke or ex smoker Closer to 35% if flesh eater or ex flesh eater Closer to 35% if sedentary life style Flesh is defined as meat of any animal including poultry or fish. bending. walking.

limit to Fish Closer to 10% if live or work in cold weather Closer to 10% if work out of doors or very active lifestyle In winter 2-3 times per week. 4 .FLESH FOODS should be 5-10 % of CALORIES.

Love’s Guide to Weekly Intake of Nutriment "E#$% S!RIN& Collards 'ustard (ale Spinac Rabe C ard &RO)ND $#"" S*uas !u+pkin Cabbage Cauli. R-e. PEAS. Oats.10% Brown Rice. Corn. W eat.Dr. Buckw eat WHOLE GRAINS . & SEEDS10% FISH OR POULTRY 10% FRUITS . Barle'illet.40% RAW & COOKED VEGETABLES .30 % Raw Salad Sea Vegetable soup DINNER OR LUNCH .lower CelerBrocolli ROOTS WINTER Burdock Carrots Daikon Red radis !arsnip Turnip Rutabaga BEANS.

*resh in seaso n only. b8c65he a t. whole grain bread with Jam (recipe).. ((((((() /O 01 <OO>1D =1G1/A0L1.. and coo6ed bean s and :eas &<' ((((( ) O* +O. spinach with gomasio. QUICK AND EASY VEGETARIAN LUNCHES: Raw Vegetables with broiled fish Alternate with .M1. 6a7 8 t .J.. 7illet. ! . 98inoa. onions and red cabbage.*resh. Moisten with fresh O. 4oodles.Personalized DIET: &A' ((((((((((() O* +O. /o: 5ith soy 7il6. /O 01 23OL1 G-AI4.*OOD.cooked night before Whole Grain Loaf: warm bread in oven with Soy Parmesan drizzled with garlic oil Sliced Grilled Zuchini lenghwise with bell peppers.I/. a::le A8ice or rice 7il6 &A7asa 6e' Or. /O 01 -A2 =1G1/A0L1.Soup with cooked vegetables and grains Baked Yams and steamed Collard greens Pita Pocket stuffed with veggies topped with tahini sauce Brown Rice & Veggies with oat tahini gravy Rice and beans and greens . . 4o citr8s &1' (((((() /O 01 *I. 7ore ra5 in s:ring @ s 8 7 7 e r &D' (((((() O* +O. slice into quarters. 7ore coo6ed ?all @5inte r. 0ro5n -ice.3 .*OOD /O 01 *-.. or Hot cereal (NOT INSTANT)with cooked dried fruit. nut butter (recipe) or Soy Cheese with fresh juice and HERBAL Tea. s:ro8te d seeds.*OOD. s:elt &0' (((((() O* +O.*OOD. Make giant sub on whole grain bread with shredded romaine and sliced plum tomatoes. barley. Dee: sea i? :ossible and 8ncont a 7i n a t e d BREAKFAST SUGGESTION: Mostly fruit salad with barely enough grain cereal to cover. /O 01 L1G. Cold Cereal with fruit and soy milk or rice milk. a7ar a n t h . oats.

tofu or tempeh. olive tapenade. Suggestions: Leeks.No Iceberg lettuce or tomatoes Steamed Greens with onions. Serve with Soba Noodles. wakame or dulse " . onions. carrots. Brussels sprouts. Brown rice or other grains. garlic.Rolled and Sliced: field greens salad with pesto. Add cut up veggies Stir 'til liquid evaporates. mushrooms STIR FRY VEGGIES 1 Tblspn Sesame Oil. high heat. 4 tblspn water. Sunflower Sprouts and cherry tomato DINNER: What Grains and Beans to Eat Soup and Salad (recipes) Home Made Recipe Black Beans & Yellow Rice Black Eyed Peas & Dirty Rice Red Beans & White Rice Lentils & Basmati Rice w/ onions and wolfberries or currants Soy Beans & Rice w/almonds and raisins Gunga Peas & Rice w/ coconut Mung Beans & Rice w/turmeric Rice and Gravy (Tahini Oat recipe) One Pot Cooking Stir Fried Greens EACH NIGHT Reheat Brown Rice & Beans from previous day Homemade Soup & Salad . Splash with tamari and stir 'til all liquid evaporates. Veggie Elbows.Thin Bread Lavosh .

This same process can be used for legumes. or from the south of North America. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. Rinse well and TOAST the GRAIN lightly in a dry heavy pan over medium/low heat and stir it until all the water from washing has evaporated and the GRAIN begins # . Drain off the water the following morning and rinse. approximately 3 days. Zinc. Grains and beans are high in protein and carbohydrates and low in fat. Vitamin E. cover with water overnight. Rinse sprouts twice a day until they are ready to eat. If you buy them from a store with open containers there is probably a 99% chance that insect eggs are in the container. There is no accident between the culinary partnership of grains and beans. Iron. SPROUTING Grains can be sprouted by measuring 2 tablespoons of grain into a quart size jar. Lay jar on its side at a slight tilt to allow any liquid to drain out. Every indigenous population is a grain based culture that combines legumes and grain for nutritional fortitude. Grains are also a good source of B vitamins. PRE COOKING Store your grains in a jar with a tight fitting lid to keep out bugs.WHOLE GRAIN RECIPES Rice and beans are soul food whether you are from the West Indies or South America. Cover with cheese cloth or special lid for sprouting. Magnesium and fiber.

A good rice pot is fairly heavy with a tight lid . $ . I use a cast iron fry pan for this. Now transfer the GRAIN to your rice pot .to smell toasty.

turn heat low (use a flame tamer if your burner doesn't go low enough) and cook for 1 hour. Carbon is good for you. You may want to use a double boiler since the grain will cook more slowly and evenly and never scorch.Brown Rice is a centering and nourishing staple food in many parts of the world. as commercial rice is one of the most highly sprayed crops in this country. BROWN RICE . and the final texture will be uniformly smooth.Add 4 cups boiling water . Then turn heat up for a few seconds. First . wait until the approximate time. Then let sit 5-10 minutes before serving. sunflower seeds. Then put fresh water on to boil. Don't worry about burning the bottom of the rice or other grain.Do not stir! Bring back to gentle boil for 2 minutes. Short grain rice is fine all year round. (For Electric burner start on High then turn down to 3). then work your way through the others.Wash 2 1/2 cups rice in a colander or strainer under cold running water to remove any surface starch and dust.TOAST RICE AS ABOVE Now . Bring water to a boil and pour in grain. Bring to a second boil. but only buy organically grown brown rice. They are simple to prepare and delicious and satisfying to eat. pumpkin !0 . and allow to sit with the lid ajar for at least 15 minutes before serving. Choose Short Grain. stir once and lower heat to the lowest setting and cover. Corning ware. MEDIUM GRAIN OR LONG GRAIN 19. though I prefer to cook my rice in ceramic pots from Chinatown. then uncover and stir to see if bottom is done.COOKING Then cook with twice as much water as you have grain for 30-45 minutes or according to directions. Then . cover. Once you have become confident in making rice. Medium Grain or Long Grain. or any heavy non-aluminum pan will do. ADD a handful of sesame seeds. but some prefer long grain in the warmer months.I use spring water and a teaspoon of salt. After you have rinsed and toasted your grain. Don't fiddle with the pot. turn off. the other grains are a snap So start with this recipe for "Perfect Brown Rice". BROWN RICE VARIATIONS: WITH SHORT GRAIN. enamel over cast iron.

They are ground into fine. vitamin rich husk has been taken off. barley. Cook 1 cup of grain to 2 cups of water for 1 1/2-2 hours. as a dish by itself is quite good. Pignoli nuts. Start cooking wheat berries for 1 hour then add brown rice. Basmati.seeds. I like to mix 1/2 cup of wheat berries to 1 cup of brown rice. or almonds 20. ADD a handful of washed and soaked Hijiki or Arame 23.Called pearled barley because the indigestible.Very chewy.Buckwheat groats are actually a fruit. or Roasted Rice WHEAT BERRIES . It is light and !% . BUCKWHEAT . or in a blend of Wild Rice. I like them as buckwheat pancakes. Kasha can be made as a hot breakfast cereal or sautéed with onions and mushrooms and mixed with vegetables.Main staple of China until they learned the art of cultivating rice. MILLET . RYE BERRIES . add 1 cup brown rice cup 30-40 minutes more. cook 1 cup for 1-2 hours in 2 cups water. pine nuts. Soak overnight. Sweet Rice. BARLEY . cashews. Cook with 1/3 cup Wheat berries or Rye berries or 1/2 Cup Barley YOU CAN USE DIFFERENT KINDS OF BROWN RICESeparately. ADD 4-6 Umeboshi Plums 21. Wehani. In China it is milled into flour and made into noodles called Soba. For Delicious rice dish cook 1/2 cup rye berries for 1 hour. Make soups and casseroles. Cook with 2 or 3 strips of dried Kombu or Wakame 22. Usually used in soups. Millet is the main grain of West Africa because it can grow on poorly fertilized and watered soil . After toasting cook 1 cup in 2 1/2 cups water for 30-40 minutes.Very chewy. Look for a hull-less barley in Chinatown. medium and coarse cut grain called Kasha.

Made into flour for baking cookies etc. iron and phosphorus. It is higher in B complex than other grains and loaded with Lecithin. For breakfast cereal or dinner. sprinkled in soups.Grain of the Aztecs. The name means so small you could lose it. Use like Amaranth. macaroni.tasty.Ethiopian grain staple. vegetable !2 . The unique color and taste is great for people who normally have corn allergies. muffins etc. Toasting your oats always improves the flavor.Made from durum wheat. AMARANTH . Try the flour for making pancakes. PASTA . Try for breakfast cereal or dinner grain. Cook 1 cup of grain in 3 cups water for 25 minutes. Similar to millet. TEFF . Cook one cup of millet in 2 cups water for 25-30 minutes.Oat groats are hulled and then rolled flat and cut or vice versa depending on the manufacturer in order to shorten the cooking time.Super Grain of the Incas. stirfried with vegetables. OATS . Great in winter time casseroles with red lentils. Similar to Teff. Cook 1 cup of grain in 3 cups water for 25 minutes. Worshipped by Pueblo Native Americans of New Mexico and Arizona for centuries. They are steamed before cutting. QUINOA . bowel problems and heart disease. Cook 1 cup of grain in 2 cups of water for 10-15 minutes. Don't buy Instant Oats. which ruins the flavor. High is calcium. BLUE CORN . Oats can be made into more dishes than you would ever imagine.Strain of wild corn now being cultivated regularly. Complete vegetable protein. they are great for digestion. Mixed with other grains. Unusually complete vegetable protein.

basil. Algeria. and sizes. mushrooms in sesame oil seasoned with a little soy sauce. thyme. Jerusalem artichoke flour. and saffron and mixed with vegetables. BULGAR WHEAT – The Grain staple of Middle East and Eastern Europe. !3 . Mugwort flour. Add raisins and pine nuts for a traditional Nu-Afrakan treat. Coarsely ground semolina wheat sautéed with onions. etc. They are Pre-cooked wheat berries that are broken into smaller pieces.elbows. Morocco. and Tunisia. and spaghetti can be mixed with spinach flour. colors. for a variety of shapes. CousCous – The traditional dish of North Africa. tomato flour.

To make your beans easier to digest. If there is not time for this you can do a "quick soak" with all but chick peas and soy beans .Always pick through your dry beans for stones and bits of dirt.. Turn the heat off. Rosemary. Dill. Thyme. Parsley AFTER COOKING. Use 2-4 pieces of Bay Leaf. split peas and red lentils will need soaking overnight. remove from the stove and allow to sit for 1 hour. Kombu. ADD: Garlic. beans are a warming part of our meals. Then pour off the soaking water. SOAKING . Or Tamari. Or Nori (Flakes Or Strips) !4 . BEAN SEASONINGS: WHILE COOKING. vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms. follow these suggestions: CLEANING . Cumin. Just bring the cleaned beans to a boil in water to cover them by 3 inches. For some they also provide gas. Use To Taste. Miso.. Wakame. Onions. then wash them very well in a strainer under running water. and proceed to cook the beans in fresh water.Soak 24 hours. but they should be eaten year round as they provide protein. By soaking you release the gas from the outer layer of the bean.BEAN RECIPES In the fall. cover. as the weather cools. All beans except lentils.

longer for soup. Save any liquid that remains for soup stock and storing or heating left over beans. Cook with wakame for 1-1 1/2 hours. four to one for a juicier dish. cover the pot. or enjoy plain! Cook with chunks of winter squash or Shiitake mushrooms or mix with sautéed onions and ginger when cooked. RED LENTILS . If you want thicker beans. great cooked with onions and summer squash. Then. Then skim off any foam. Bring the beans to a boil and add a few inches of Kombu or wakame seaweed to the pot to increase digestibility and add flavor. turn the flame down so they simmer for 10 minutes uncovered This will allow some gases to escape. Best eaten with wakame.Great for your kidneys. Never add sea salt or tamari 'til the beans are finished or it will toughen them. Good with scallions and white Miso or a splash of tamari. and simmer until the beans are tender.You don't have to soak. ADUKI . Check them from time to time to see if they need more water but don't stir them. and 5 parts (or more) to one for bean soup.BASIC BEAN COOKING A general guide is three parts water to one part beans for thick beans. Season with tamari.They cook in 10 minutes. ! . easily digested.No soaking! Instant beans -. mash some and add then back to the pot to act as gravy. For approximate cooking time and tasty tips see below: GREEN LENTILS . cook with onions and mushrooms.

Recook them by removing half and blenderizing with sautéed onions garlic. drizzled with white Miso. NAVY & BLACK EYED PEAS . then uncover for a crusty top. !! .best as soup cooked for 2 hours with wakame. Pour over Blue corn tortillas CHICK PEAS . carrot. onion. Start them off with a lid. and thyme added to the pot. comido (cumin seed).Soak and cook with wakame for 1 . Caraway or sesame seeds can be added to the pot for a new twist.There are yellow and green split peas. Cook them as for black beans or aduki. Taste great with a sprinkle of tamari or recooked with sautéed onions and cumin seeds. Bake at 300° for 1-3 hours.Must be soaked overnight and cooked with Kombu for about 2 hours.Soak and simmer with Kombu and Shiitake mushrooms for about 90 minutes or until tender. with Kombu for at least 2 hours (longer if for soup). herbs and bean liquid.Soak. celery root and dill -.1 1/2 hours -Great plain. Also good to recook by mixing with onions. it is quite delicious! KIDNEY or PINTO BEANS .SPLIT PEAS . or as soup with lots of chopped fresh dill – or Bake as above BLACK BEANS . No soaking -. Cook them with lots of garlic for great soup seasoned with white Miso.season with tamari or Miso. with a dash of sea salt or tamari. When they're done.Soak and cook with your choice of seaweed for about 1 1/2 hours. LIMA & GREAT NORTHERN . Seasoned with Miso.

soybeans are made into tofu. tahini and Miso diluted with bean liquid.Good also as humus -.Just blend with garlic.soak and cook with Kombu and plenty of water for about 3 hours or more. Black Soy beans are balancing to the sexual organs -. Add Miso and chopped SCALLIONS for a healing soup. soy milk or tamari. !" . liquid and cooked onions -.Delectable over veggies! SOYBEANS . Tasty as a sauce just blended with Miso.Hard to digest on their own. tempeh.

Second lightest in flavor.ARAME ADUKI Soak overnight 1/2 cup Dried Aduki 1/2 cup soaked Arame (15 min. Use Arame in salads or cook in soup or with vegetables. then soak in water to cover for 10-15 minutes. Rinse until the water runs clear. fresh dill or parsley 1 big organic carrot sliced 1 tsp.) Rinse Well Cook in 3 cups distilled water with Aduki 60 minutes Mix with other ingredients and cook 10 minutes more. vitamins A. Listed below are my favorites. tofu.SEA VEGETABLE RECIPES The various seaweeds are quite delicious when properly prepared. iron. 1 medium onion 1/2 Tblspn. HIJIKI . Very high in calcium (1 portion supplies 14 x's the amount of calcium in 8 oz. milk) along with phosphorus.looks like fine black hair.Lightest flavor. iodine. Called the hair of Neptune's daughter. Most of them grow right off the coast of New England and California. protein !# . FOR A SIDE DISH TRY MY RECIPE. easy to chew and digest . B-1. tempeh. potassium. calcium. VegeSal tamari to taste after cooking Garnish: Sesame seeds and chopped scallions. High in protein. B-2.Looks similar to Arame but thicker. Drain and rinse Arame 3 times more. (it will double in size). ARAME . iron.

tofu.and vitamins A. The best brand of Dulse is from Maine Coast sea vegetables. cold pressed Olive oil or sesame oil. If untoasted (dark brown) hold over gas flame 1 minute until it turns green. Soak 5 minutes in water to cover. It lowers cholesterol and aids digestion. Use to cover brown rice balls or make Nori rolls. then cover with fresh water. of sesame oil with spinach. (This way any grit. magnesium. Rinse Hijiki extra well. drain. C. add to salads.My favorite. burdock root. B-1. B-6. sand or stones will be discarded). Cut or tear into strips for use as a sprinkle over vegetables. calcium. NORI . and iodine. Very high in vitamins A. Cook the same as Arame. phosphorus. Only toast one side. salad or soup. B2. iron. Drain. tempeh. B12. looks like green paper. phosphorus. and E. 1/2 cup minced onions and garlic.Dull red color. or try it this way: Stir Fry in 1 Tblsp. and lift Hijiki up out of water with your hands and place into another bowl. soups. potassium. soak 20 minutes. wrap carrot sticks. potassium magnesium. Highest concentration of iron in any food source with protein. one shot of rice wine (Sake). calcium. the juice of one squeezed lemon and 1 T of organic honey. Very high in protein. Rinse well.add tamari and cayenne to taste. and vitamins A. kale or other veggies. B1. celery sticks. Add 1 Tblsp. D U L S E . C. My Nori roll recipe 2 cups cooked brown rice. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then spoon over a sheet of Nori. and B-2. cucumber sticks. third lightest in flavor. If toasted (bright green) use as is. radish sprouts. and niacin. iodine. soak again for 1 minute. avocado or use your !$ . D.

"0 . Garnish with pickled ginger. Wrap tightly like a big cigar. Let sit five minutes rinse your sharpest knife and cut into slices.imagination. wasabi (horseradish) and tamari.

AGAR-AGAR . Milder and easier to digest than Kombu. I like it unseasoned. B-1. Great for soups and bean dishes. much more gentle than bran. Use 1 dry 6"-8" stick in cooking any beans. phosphorus.WAKAME -A little heavier in flavor than the other three. as well as A. magnesium. D. C. The following is my favorite recipe. High in protein. large amount of vitamin C and B-12. and C. High in protein. 1 bar Agar-agar. Soak 20 minutes (or more). B-2. Agar-agar flakes or powder can be used to make jello. iron. but you should experiment. B-2. calcium. aids kidneys and for anemia. weight control.100 per cent fiber! Vitamins A. calcium. Agar-agar is used to make aspics (vegetable jell) or gels (fruited jello). B-1. 3-4 cups Apple Juice (Cranberry 1 cup "% . Thin dried strips. cleanses colon.Heaviest flavor. and niacin. Aids intestinal action. Agar-agar may also be sprinkled by the teaspoon into hot soups or teas for an instant fiber boost. B12. B-6. but there will probably be a recipe on the package also. and put a 3" piece in the bottom of rice pot before adding rice for a tasty change. bonds with radioactive and toxic waste to carry them out of the body. vitamins A. Looks like dried broadleaf kelp. and silicon. K. or add unsoaked to cook in soup for wonderful rich stock. Has medium green color. Soak for one hour (or more) chop and add to salad or cooked with vegetables. iron. but I prefer bars. KOMBU . Kombu is good for high blood pressure. Biotin.

"2 .strawberries or bananas. 1/2 Cup mixed dried fruit (prunes. Blend. bring to a boil for three minutes. apricots) Soak Agar-agar Agar-agar and dried fruit for 1/2 hour in juice. Pour in a deep dish and refrigerate 4 hours or freeze 45 minutes. peaches.

BREAKFAST SPECIALS HOT CEREALS. corn grits. cut up apple and pears. Oatios. brown rice cream. Slice Peaches and cherries. Grapenuts. salt and sugar. quinoa. just to name a few. There are only three you can get from your supermarket. and Kellogg's' Nutri-Grain. Strawberries and blueberries sprinkle w/Grapenuts and "3 . and the like.Can be prepared the night before if you are too rushed to fix breakfast in the morning. sprinkle w/unsweetened granola or uncooked oatmeal and orange juice. Shredded wheat. amaranth. dairy. After you've given up meat. everything will taste so much better.There are many hot cereals in the health food store for example. Blue corn flakes. cream of rye. Strawberries and bananas cut up sprinkle w/ granola 3. Cook your hot cereal with dried fruit. 1. Stick to the Health food store brands. Season with fresh fruit and serve with apple juice or Soymilk or Amasake. Experiment with new taste buds. 2. blue corn. Of course you've got to quit smoking and drinking as well. Believe me. mix w/ Familia and apple juice 4. COLD CEREAL . Mash a banana. season with soy milk or Amasake (rice milk).The same applies to cold cereals. If you read the label on all the new cereals that the Manufacturers are putting out you will see salt and sugar still on the label disguised as high fructose corn syrup. FRUIT SALADS . white flour. brush your tongue every day and new taste buds will grow. Kashi.

sprouts. Broccoli spears. tofu. Miso soup w/ scallions. carrots. topped w/tahini sauce 3. shredded red cabbage. Leftover rice and beans w/ sprouts. Sliced baked red potatoes sprinkled w/ Parmesan 5. mushrooms. sliced daikon(Chinese radish). Tofu or tempeh marinated in soy sauce and stir fried with Shiitake mushrooms (no oil) loaded w/ sprouts and shredded carrots topped w/ tahini sauce 2. Baked yams and steamed collard greens sprinkled w/ Gomasio 4. steamed split lengthwise COOKING CONCEPTS Become a gourmet vegetarian in 15 minutes "4 . 3. Mulberries and blackberries over shredded wheat and grape juice LUNCH RECIPES PITA POCKET SANDWICHES- juice 5. celery and carrot sticks. Wakame or cut up veggies. Baked Parsnips and small zucchini squash. topped w/ tahini sauce TAKE TO WORK SPECIALS 1. w/a tahini dip. cherry tomatoes. Blueberries and raspberries sprinkle w/Blue corn flakes and apple juice 6. Romaine lettuce. 2.

OR . Tahini sauce. Season and serve Fresh veggies in season .1 lb. Sliced yellow and green squash w/ onions. Cook brown rice 45 minutes and beans 1 1/2 hours according to recipes. Cover and let sit 5 minutes. ONE POT DINNERS IN 15 MINUTES RAMEN NOODLES -Boil 5 minutes then turn off heat. Shiitake Mushrooms .1 lb. Dulse stir fried w/ red onion 2 teaspoons of sesame oil. Kale and 2 oz. Swiss Chard. Monday and Tuesday evening prepare fresh salad. Thyme. of mushrooms stir" . and cover with 1/4 inch of distilled water on low flame. OR . OR . Add Cut up veggies and tofu or marinated tempeh and cook 10 more minutes. Asparagus. 1/2 lb.You only have to cook twice a week. Tofu. Season and Serve with love. OR . seasoned w/ Teriyaki sauce.1/2 lb. Repeat this process on Wednesday for Thursday and Friday.1/2 lb. 1/4 lb. season w/ Rosemary. and steamed greens in 15 minutes or less. Saturday night talk your friend into taking you out to the best Vegetarian restaurant. String beans and 1/2 lb. cayenne. mushrooms. For example. Sample dinner is Brown Rice or other grain cooked for 30 minutes. These can be reheated the next two nights or taken for lunch. Add cut veggies and tofu or marinated tempeh. Sunday evening you can spend two hours in the kitchen preparing not only for Sunday dinner but Monday and Tuesday as well. Brussels Sprouts cut in half and steamed 3 minutes in 1/4 inch distilled water.Cut up 1/2 lb. Add tofu or marinated tempeh. 1/2 lb. soup. Add 1 tablespoon sesame oil Add onions and Tofu and stirfry 3 minutes.

Flounder. Add cut up veggies and cover 5 more minutes. Pan cook Fish w/ onions and mushrooms. After 7 minutes turn fish over.Rinse well w/water then wash w/lemon. Remove seeds but leave lemon juice.fried in sesame oil and soy sauce with garlic and onions. Broccoli flowers cut and 1 medium red pepper cut in strips stirfried with black mushrooms and garlic in sesame oil and diluted soy sauce. Season and serve. FISH OPTIONAL -Salmon Steaks Cod. For a treat add papaya or mango cut lengthwise with skin on. "! . Kingfish. Swordfish.. OR . Haddock.1 lb.

Rice or Plum wine and Mirin. TOFU is also fermented soy beans and made similarly except it is mashed and strained before fermenting. I like to marinate my tempeh before I cook it. You can make your own with honey. and Miso Marinade by Premier Japan. baked.There are two commercial marinades that I am aware of.TOFU & TEMPEH (soy products meat substitute) TEMPEH is fermented Soy Beans. BASIC RECIPE .Cube and marinate tempeh in soy sauce or other marinade for 20 minutes. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or other garnish. It is "" . soy sauce. broiled. Any shells that float to the top are skimmed off and them beans are placed in a pan and "started" with a mold that has been passed down for centuries (Tempeh is a mold like cheese). Mix in rice dish or add string beans (or other cut up veggies) and mushrooms to tempeh while stir frying. You can purchase it prepackaged or you can make your own. Tofu Sauce by Westbrae. Tempeh is made by cracking dried soy beans and then cooking like regular beans. Stir fry in one tablespoon sesame oil and 4 tablespoons water. Ume vinegar. Tempeh can be stir fried. TEMPEH MARINADE . Experiment with different strengths and flavors until you find the right combination that tastes best to you. After 48 -72 hours the tempeh is ready and is then refrigerated. or steamed just like any meat.

Cover with Tahini sauce and Shoyu. Use firm style for cooking w/ veggies and stir frying . If you buy it open in a tub of water then it will keep approximately one week but you must change the water every day. You can buy tofu in any Korean grocery or health food store and even some enlightened upscale grocery chains carry it. Love's Favorite Meals. If you buy it sealed then it will keep until the expiration date on the package but once you open it you must change the water every day. TEMPEH SHIITAKE SPROUT POCKET SANDWICH "# . BBRC . Tofu comes in three styles.also used as a meat substitute. (Guaranteed to please) 1. 2. Cubed and deep fried in sesame oil was an early addiction of mine. It is milder. Brown Rice and carrots w/ tahini sauce Cook brown rice for 30 minutes on low flame in covered pot. has a very light flavor and will easily adapt to any dish you cook it in (except beans or meats).Broccoli. then add cut up broccoli and carrots for last 10 minutes. MOST POPULAR RECIPES Miso soup with scallions and tofu Deep fried tofu Stir fried tofu with veggies Spaghetti with tofu and tomato sauce DELICIOUS RECIPES Dr.soft. Use soft style for soups and scrambled tofu. medium and firm.

"$ . Season with Tahini sauce. Stir fry soaked or fresh Shiitake mushrooms in water with tempeh add no oil.Marinate Tempeh in tofu sauce for 20 minutes. Pout into Whole Wheat Pita Pocket over Romaine Lettuce and lentil sprouts.

SERVE with Aunt Millie's Meatless or Ronzoni Light and Natural. Serve with SOBA Noodles. bay leaf. Add 1 lb. Stir 'til liquid evaporates. Rinse well and leave in cold water 15-20 minutes. 4 Tblspn water High Heat. Cook long grain brown rice. Veggie Elbows. 5. cumin and l/2 lb. STIR FRY VEGGIES 1 Tblspn Sesame Oil. Slightly damp with rice vinegar or rice wine. 6. Place avocado. SOBA. Aduki beans with minced ginger. Then stir-fry in hot sesame oil with freshly washed Kale and minced garlic. Slice after cooking. RED. Brown rice or other grains. Season with Tahini Sauce Suggestions : #0 . Tofu sauce or create your own. Wash and steam Collards. cut up veggies. RAMEN. BLACK & GREEN NORI ROLLS Cook Basmati or other long grain rice. garlic. You'll love it Southern homestyle. Serve over brown rice. Kale and Barbecue Tempeh w/ garlic & cayenne Marinate Tempeh in Barbecue sauce.3. Dip in hot water. Shiitake mushrooms. 4. Spoon onto sheet of toasted Nori. red or yellow bell pepper strips and/or cucumber strips in center and roll like cigar. Then serve beans over rice with greens on the side. Cook 7-10 minutes. or Tahini Sauce 7. Rice and beans with Shiitake and Collards Cook 1 lb. OR OTHER NOODLES Boil 2 cups water with 1 teaspoon sea salt Add 1/2 of package to boiling water. Splash with tamari and stir 'til all liquid evaporates.

or tempeh.Wakame or Dulse #% . Leafy greens & carrots. shallots -tofu.Leeks. onions.. garlic.

garlic powder. Nutritional yeast. To 4 parts tahini add/Blenderize any one of the following: 1. Parsley & Dill TAHINI SAUCE Good for bread spread. Yogurt cream with molasses over fruit salad. and noodle gravy. veggie dip. Gomasio is 6 parts toasted sesame seeds to 1 part sea salt. soy margarine and cayenne pepper over pop corn or steamed cruciferous vegetables.SEASONING TIPS: 1. It is approximately 17% salt so use moderately or dilute with water. Rosemary & Thyme 2. Mixed Tahini sauce will keep 7-14 days refrigerated and tightly covered. Miso paste use as a seasoning. Soy Parmesan and arrowroot powder with tamari 8. Use as condiment 4. #2 . 7. Four parts water and two parts of Miso. Umeboshi Paste is pickled plums. Nori Flakes & Sesame seeds 4. Yogurt and honey over tart fruit 6. salad dressing. spirulina. 2. sauce. Garlic & Cayenne 3. Honey. Tamari Soy Sauce can be used as a salt substitute. 3. or dip. soy sauce. and rice or plum wine. soup. SEASONING TEAM MATES 1. 5. rice vinegar 9. VegeSal. Onions & Mushrooms 5.

Equal amounts water & tamari with fresh parsley and dill 4. Mirin. each of Umeboshi paste and Miso to 4 parts water 6. Half cake of soft tofu and 1/4 lb. 1 Tbs. cooked spinach . honey. Yogurt to any of the above for creamy dressing SEASONINGS SALTY FLAVORS Sea Salt Umeboshi ( Pickled plum) Gomasio Tamari Kelp Shoyu Spike VegeSal SPICY FLAVORS Cayenne Garlic Cumin Scallions Onion Leeks Shallots Sesame Oil Hot Curry SWEETENERS For Cooking Rice Syrup Barley Malt Molasses for Teas & Prepared Dishes Maple Syrup Certified Raw Honey Stevia #3 MILD FLAVOR Rosemary Bayleaf Thyme Dill Tahini Cilantro Parsley Tarragon Basil . oatmeal to 4 parts water for gravy 8. with garlic powder and cayenne 3. and apple cider vinegar to taste 7.2.1/2 lemon 5. Miso and 2 oz. 1 Tbs. Two parts soy sauce. soy sauce. 2 Tablespoon Honey to 4 parts water for sweet dressing 9.

#4 .

cashew butter or macadamia nut butter. bee pollen. apple juice. 1 tbsp. 1 tsp. carob powder 3.12 oz. ginseng. 1 tsp. 1 Tbsp. 3 tbsp. or powdered Vitamin C. 1 tsp. Spirulina.8 oz. Spirulina. 6 ice cubes(optional) 2. bee pollen. strain.1/2 pint black raspberries. Orange blossom honey. CRANBERRY SMOOTHY . nut butter. Increasing the bananas from 1-3 for thickness. 1 tbsp. bee pollen.BLENDER RECIPES by Dr. 1 tsp. 1 tbsp. 1 tsp. Nut butter. 1 tbsp. 1. 2 banana. 1 tsp. powdered Vit C. apple juice.. 1/2 pint raspberries. apple juice 1 large or 2 small bananas. 8 oz. APPLE SMOOTHY . bee pollen. cranberry juice. 1 Tbsp. 3 long Fresh pineapple sections. carob powder. bee pollen. BANANA SURPRISE -16 oz.. 8 oz apple juice. Spirulina. 1 tsp. AMBROSIA . RASPBERRY SURPRISE . 10 ice cubes (Optional) 5. Spirulina. bee pollen. bee pollen. 3 medium bananas. 6 ice cubes (Optional) 4. bee pollen. 1 banana. 6 ice cubes(optional) 6. 12 oz. Adding Nut butters for protein or to increase calories like almond butter. Love These are my favorite recipes and there are endless variations. 1 Tbsp. Blueberry honey. Exotic flower or flavored honeys or carob powder for flavor or adding ice cubes for coolness. 2 tbsp. 1 tsp. 6 ice cubes 7.16 oz. wheat germ. bee pollen. nut butter. fresh squeezed Orange Juice. 1 Tbsp. MANGO SURPRISE . orange juice. liquid iron. GRAPE SMOOTHY . Of course Chinese herbal extracts weight loss or protein powders can be added for energy and stamina.1 pt fresh strawberries. nut butter. 9 ice cubes(Optional) 8. STRAWBERRY COOLER . 9 ice cubes # . 1 tbsp. or adding the various nutrients like lecithin. 1 medium banana. grape juice. Spirulina. 1 tbsp. 1 tsp.12 oz. Wildflower honey.3 mangos. 1 tsp. royal jelly.

1 oz. take out half of the beans and blenderize.16 oz. 6 ice cubes (optional) 10. bee pollen. bee pollen.Red and Green Lentils are the easiest to make. BLUEBERRY HEAVEN . Pour beans back into pot and add 1/2 cup of water or 8 oz. MISO SOUP . Make fresh soup daily by adding different veggies.Use paste. protein powder. Remember that Miso is alive and if you boil #! . Save them in a big plastic bag till the end of the week. Blueberry Honey SOUPS Prepare soup stock from vegetable leavings. 2 pineapple sections. fresh squeezed Orange Juice. save the parts that you would normally cut off and throw away. 1 Tbsp. 1 large banana. Saved liquid is your soup stock. 1 tsp. Bean Soup can be reheated for up to 3 days. ORANGE SURPRISE -12 oz. I recommend this until you get used to it.of soup stock. You can also use leftover beans. 1 tsp.9. Next mash and strain liquid. Cranberry Blueberry juice. but all Beans can be made into soup. White or blond is lightest flavor. After cooking beans with five cups of water instead of three. IDEAS FOR FLAVORFUL SOUP STOCK LEEK LEAVES CELERY BOTTOMS AND TOPS CARROT TOPS BEET TOPS BEAN SOUP . Season w/ Garlic salt. 1 small banana. When making salad or cut up veggies. there are eight different kinds. 3 pears. then wash them and cook in big pot with one gallon of water over low flame and cover for 3 hours.

and Dissolve Miso to pot. Watercress. Add Tofu. Stir and Serve! IDEAS FOR FLAVORFUL SOUPS YUCCA TURNIP GREENS MUSHROOMS ONIONS GARLIC PARSNIPS BURDOCK ROOTS MUSTARD GREENS #" . Boil two cups water and remove from heat. you'll kill it. Dissolve 1 heaping tablespoon Miso in separate container.

5 oz.5 oz. steak 2. grains. steak 5 7/8 oz. steak +1 2/3 oz steak 41/8 oz. steak 9. steak 3. steak 5 7/8 oz. However. steak 1 1/4 oz.0 oz. steak 4 1/8 oz. steak +2. steak 2 5/8 oz. steak 4 2/3 oz.5 oz. steak 7. versatile and easy to prepare. and seeds with each other or with milk and/or dairy products. steak +3/4 oz. steak 1 3/4 oz.5 oz. good quality protein can be obtained by combining legumes. steak + 4. steak +3.5 oz. Combine them in the following ways: Protein Equivalent Rice & Legumes 3/4 cup beans 2 cups rice Total Barley & Milk 3/4 cup barley 1 cup non-fat milk Total Wheat & Beans 1/4 Cup beans 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour Total Cornmeal & Beans 1/4 cup beans 1 cup cornmeal Total Rice & Soy 1/4 cup soybeans 21/2 cup rice Total Rice & Wheat & Soy 1/2 cup rice 1/2 cup wheat 1/2 cup soy Total Eaten separately 3 oz.5 oz.MEAT ALTERNATIVES Many people believe that meat. steak 1 1/3 oz. steak 1 oz. steak +3 1/4 oz. fish. steak 6. steak Eaten together 9.5 oz. steak 5/8 oz. steak 1 oz. steak ## . chicken are the only good sources of protein. These foods are inexpensive.25 oz.

#$ .

Oats. Millet.In FOODS prepared as: HOT CEREALS: FROM THE SUPERMARKET Wheatena Oatmeal Cream of Rye From the Health Food Store: (There are over a dozen) Corn grits Amaranth Soy Grits Kashi Brown Rice Cream COLD CEREALS From the SUPERMARKET Nutri-Grain Kellogs) Shredded Wheat Post Grapenuts From the Health Food Store (There are over two dozen) Crispy Brown Rice (Erewhon) Puffed Wheat (Generic) Wheat Nuts Bran.) Brown Rice. Bran Flakes BREADS (Check your Health Food Store) 100% Flourless Bread Whole Wheat Bread Branola (Arnold's) $0 . Corn. Ryeberries . Buckwheat. Wheatberries. Barley. G ROUP 1: W H O L E GRAIN 40% of Diet (3 servings/day @ 8 oz.List of ACCEPTABLE FOODS Check off all foods you like so that you can add these to your shopping list.

Pita Bread Whole Wheat Sprouted Wheatberry Bread Sourdough 7 Grains Bread $% .

Kidney Beans (Red & Pink) 12. Black Eyed (Cow Peas) 7. Pinto (Calico) 13. Chick Peas (Garbanzos) Prepared in dishes as: Tofu. Great Northern 11. Sunflower (Sunnies) $2 . Lentils 4. Bean Patties. Pigeon Peas 6. Seeds 1. Tempeh. Bean Balls. Soy Beans 15. Cranberry Beans 14. Lima 3. Bean Pate.10% of Diet (4 servings/week @8 oz. etc.) Beans & Peas 1. Bean Casseroles. Yellow and Green Peas 2. Mung Beans 8. Black (Turtle) 9. Navy Beans (White) 10. Aduki Beans S.SNACKS: From the Health Food Store Mochi Rice Cakes Cracked Wheat (Bulgar) Whole Grain Crackers Matzoh Bread Whole Wheat COOKED GRAINS: Whole Wheat Spaghetti Whole Wheat Lasagne Whole Wheat Macaroni Ramen (Noodles) Brown Rice Barley Millet Couscous Buckwheat (Kasha) Soba Noodles G R 0 U P 2: L E G U M E S . Humus.

Cashews $3 . Almonds 5. Sesame 4. Pumpkin (Punks) 3.2.





$# .

8 DIFFERENT KINDS 5% of Diet (1 serving/day @ 8 oz.10 % of Diet Spring and Summer Citrus Grapefruit Tangerines Lemons Limes Pineapple Orange Berries Mulberries Strawberries Blackberries Blueberries Raspberries Loganberries Melons (3 -5 pieces /day) $$ .SEA VEGETABLES & SOUPS Sea Vegetables 5% of Diet 1 serving/day @ 1 oz.) Barley Blond Red Brown Black Homemade from soup stock (SEE Recipes) GROUP 5: FRUIT . AGAR-AGAR (Kanten .seaweed gelatin) ARAME NORI HIJIKI KELP KOMBU WAKAME DULSE MISO SOUPS .GROUP 4.

no fat) %00 . Poultry (no skin.) Boil all Animal Flesh then refrigerate and remove congealed fat before cooking. seasoning. and serving with vegetables.Muskmelons Watermelon Cantaloupe Honey Dew Melon Crenshaw Sweet Apricots Nectarines Peaches Plums Cherries Grapes Tropical Banana Guava Mango Papaya Persimmons Kiwi Fall And Winter Apples Pears Cranberries DRIED FRUITS ( Should always be soaked) Raisins Prunes Black Mission Figs Apricot Nectarines Currants Dates Peaches GROUP 6: FLESH FOODS (ANIMAL PRODUCTS) 5% of Diet (2 Servings/week @ 4 oz.

Very lean meat Fish (no skin) Some Shell fish .Scallops. soft shell crab Cod Halibut Salmon Trout (Farm bred) Whitefish (Farm bred) Swordfish Kingfish %0% .

GROUP 7: DAIRY PRODUCTS .(32 oz. day) Spring Water Soy Milk Kukicha Tea (Roasted Twig) Peppermint Tea Cereal Coffee (Barley) Fruit Juice mixed with Sparkling Water Amasake (Rice Milk) Mu Tea #9 Roasted Barley Tea Flavored Soy Milk SEASONINGS SALTY FLAVORS Sea Salt Umeboshi ( Pickled plum) Gomasio Tamari Kelp Shoyu Spike VegeSal SPICY FLVORS Cayenne Garlic Cumin Scallions Onion Leeks Shallots Seseame Oil Hot Curry MILD FLAVOR Rosemary Bayleaf Thyme Dill Tahini Cilantro Parsley Tarragon Basil SWEETENERS For Cooking Rice Syrup for Teas & Prepared Dishes Maple Syrup %02 .As Condiments Only Non fat Dry Milk Skimmed Milk 100% UNCREAMED Cottage Cheese Buttermilk 1 % Fat by weight Eggs (whites only) No substitutes Kefir (Soured milk Yogurt with Acidophilus GROUP 8: BEVERAGES .

Barley Malt Succanat Molasses Certified Raw Honey Succanat Stevia %03 .

Wheat germ %04 . bones. psychosis. Aids the body in combating the effects of environmental pollution. Cantaloupe. Asparagus.Depression. Deficiency Effects. irritability. hallucinations. sound sensitivity B12 Depression. Buckwheat flour. Lentils. Brown rice. irritability B3 Dermatitis. Oats. Watermelon. teeth and gum problems.VITAMINS & MICRONUTRIENT LIST VITAMIN A Promotes growth and vitality. hair. Lima beans. depression. Brewer’s yeast. Endive. frequent infections Food Sources Of Vitamin A Sweet Potatoes. Kale. Important for health of the eyes. and skin tissue. fatigue. a substance which is necessary for proper night vision. nervousness B5 .Abdominal Pain. Kidney beans. psychosis B2 . Essential in the formation of visual purple. hair loss. Yellow Corn. Fresh peas. delusions. paranoia. Egg yolk. confusion Best Food Source Soy products. Nuts. Whole grains. String Beans. Winter Squash. lowered blood pressure B6 . Mustard Greens. Promotes healing of broken bones and damaged skin or tissue. irritability.Eye inflammation. skin disease. respiratory problems. apathy.Depression. Brussels sprouts. Leaf Lettuce. burning feet. Asparagus. Carrots. Peas. Essential for pregnancy and lactation. Seeds. Alfalfa. Dried Parsley. Broccoli. Fresh Apricots. memory reduction. Maintains healthy functioning of the liver and reproductive organs. poor sense of taste or smell. anxiety. Helps the body fight infection and bacteria. Spinach. Shortens the duration of illnesses. depression. Swiss Chard B Vitamins Deficiency EffectsB1 – Irritability. teeth.

Tomato Juice. Deficiency Effects. Tomatoes. hair loss Best Food Source Halibut Liver Oil. Mackerel. Promotes healing of wounds and burns. hemmorhages. Strawberries. Salmon (Pacific). Pecans. Sardines. Lobster. varicose veins Best Food Source Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. calcium malabsorption. Oatmeal. Vegetable oils and SUNSHINE. and bacterial toxins. Blueberries. Brussels Sprouts. Helps the body in stressful situations. Safflower Oil. Cod Liver Oil. Alfalfa. Margarine. Sunflower Seed Oil Almonds.d-alpha tocopherol Best Food Source 200 . bones. Papaya. Green leafy vegetables.VITAMIN C Helps preserve and mend connective tissues.900 mcg Deficiency effects Hemorrhoids. Sunflower Seeds. Brown rice. Halibut. Mungbean Sprouts. Shark Liver Oil. colitis. Essential in formation of adrenalin. cardiac/circulatory problems Wheat Germ Oil. Grapefruit. viruses. A natural laxative. anemia. Used in formation of red blood cells. Lowers incidence of blood clots in veins. Spinach. Cherries.Rickets. Vitamin K . Watermelon Vitamin D 100 . Cod liver oil. Corn Oil. Sweet potatoes.400 IU Deficiency effects . Soybean Oil. Salmon Steak. Vitamin E . Cabbage. muscles and blood vessels. Dry beans. Potatoes. Oranges. Tuna. Blackberries. Protects the body against infection.Hot flashes. Helps in decreasing blood cholesterol. Guava.400 IU Deficiency effects . skin problems. cataracts. Liver disorders.Slow wounds Healing. Cantaloupes. impotency. Extends cell life and protects brain and spinal chord from aging.phytonadione Best Food Source 60 . Salmon. Maintains solid bones and teeth. Cauliflower. Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice. Turnip Greens. Herring. diverticulitis %0 . bruising. Wheat Germ. Green Peppers. gum disease.

Oatmeal. Kelp. Safflower. Soybeans. Kale. Cabbage. Egg yolks.Root vegetables. Wheat. %0! . Liver. Blackstrap molasses. Rye. Alfalfa. Green leafy vegetables. Peas. Cauliflower. Corn.

Table salt. Seafood.400 mcg Deficiency effects . Brewer’s yeast. Collards. Best Food Source Kelp. Copper 1 . Yogurt. Tomatoes. fatigue. aneurysms. Almonds. Kale. Avocados. spasms. insomnia. Iodine 50 . reduced whit blood cell count . Garlic. Green leafy vegetables. Brewer’s yeast. Oats. colitis. Broccoli. dry skin and hair. Legumes. Asparagus. Tofu. Carrots.Headaches. Meats. Spinach.30 mg Deficiency effects .Food sources of Nutritive Minerals Calcium 250 . Almonds.750 mg Deficiency effects . Corn oil.150 mcg Deficiency effects . arthritis. Raisins. weight fluxuations. Whole grains. Nuts. Onions. heart disorders Best Food Source Brown rice.Heart disorders. %0" anemia.Obesity. muscle. Pineapple. Cheese. hypoglycemia.Atherosclerosis. ulcers Best Food Source Pecans. Carob. goiter. Dried beans. Iron 15 . heart palpitations.Hypertension. Egg yolk. Goats milk. irritability Best Food Source Cod liver oil. anemia. Soybeans. Kidney. rheumatism Chromium 200 . irritability. rickets. Potatoes. Sea foods and vegetable. Brazil Nuts. hypothyroidism. loss of hair.2 mg Deficiency effects . constipation. Whole grain cereals. Clams. Oats.

Leafy vegetables. Eggs. Milk. Poultry. Meat. Asparagus. %0# .Best Food Source Soy beans. Blackstrap molasses. Beets. Potatoes. Breads and cereals. Raisins. Fruit. Fish. Figs.

inner-ear problems. Brewer’s yeast. infertility. Egg yolks. Molybdenum 10 . Apples. Seafood. Blueberries. Turkey.15 mg Deficiency effects . Peanuts. Kidney. Meats. Fish. Nuts. Legumes. Legumes. Brown rice. Kelp. Raisins. vegetables. delirium.Heart disorders.Dry skin. edema. constipation. Oatmeal.Magnesium 250 . Figs. Wholes grains. Chicken. Soybeans. rapid pulse. Poultry. Green vegetables. headaches. Whole grains.500 mg Deficiency effects . Onions. diarrhea. Seeds. allergies. hyperactivity Best Food Source Brewer’s yeast. Wheat germ. Selenium 100 . Avocados. Bran and germ cereals.Anemia. Wheatgrass. Apricots. hypertension.750 mg Deficiency effects . Whole grain cereals. Sea vegetables. cornmeal. %0$ . Blackstrap molasses. Garlic. insomnia Best Food Source Yogurt. Dairy products. Nuts and seeds. Avocados. Potatoes. Tomatoes. Bananas. Dairy products. Fish. Garlic. Rice. Tuna.Tremors. water retention. Fresh green vegetables Manganese 10 . ringing in ears Best Food Source Spinach. Potassium 200 . Mild. Seaweed. Sunflower seeds. hypotension. nervousness. Nuts.200 mcg Deficiency effects . decreased ability to metabolize carbohydrates and fats Best Food Source Leafy greens. Brewer’s yeast. memory loss.Epilepsy. immune deficiency Best Food Source Fish. Tofu.25 mcg Deficiency effects . Broccoli. irritability. Spirulina. Brazil nuts. Oranges. dizziness.

Pumpkin seeds. Tomatoes. Spinach.000 mcg Deficiency effects . Cabbage.30 mg Deficiency effects . Meat. impaired night vision Best Food Source Soybeans.Boils. impotence. hair loss. Asparagus. Figs. Legumes. infertility. parched lips. Fish and Sea foods. Strawberries. Mushrooms. Barley. Liver. acne. Peanuts. %%0 . osteoporosis Best Food Source Horsetail herb.Silicon 200 . Zinc 15 . Eggs. Wheat germs. skin lesions. Oats.Impaired night vision. cracked nails. Brewer’s yeast. Poultry (dark meat). Whole grains. soft bones and teeth. hair loss.1.


BASICS SHOPPING LIST SEASONINGS ________Blond Miso ________Maple Syrup ________Rice Syrup ________Barley Malt ________Shiitake Mushrooms ________Fresh Ginger ________Daikon ________Sesame Oil ________Spike ________VegeSal ________Tahini ________Gomasio ________Tamari (Shoyu) GREENS ________Bok Choy ________Broccoli ________Spinach ________Kale ________Mustard Greens ________Collards ________ Swiss Chard ________Other BEANS ________Black Eyed Peas ________Aduki ________Lentils ________Black Beans ________Tofu ________Tempeh ________Other UTENSILS ________Vegetable Steamer SEA VEGETABLES ________Nori ________Arame ________Hiziki ________Agar-agar ________Wakame ________Kombu ________Dulse ________Other BEVERAGES ________Spring or Distilled Water ________Amasake ________Roasted Barley Tea ________Kukicha Tea ________Flavored Soy Milk ________Rice Milk ________Almond Milk ________Green Tea WHOLE GRAINS ________Barley ________Brown Rice ________Millet ________Oatmeal ________Amaranth ________Quinoa ________Other SNACKS ________Rice Cakes ______ Dried Fruits and Seeds ________Mochi ________Other ________Other ________Other %%2 .

________Vegetable Scrub Brush ________Cutting Board ________Vegetable Knife ________Tea Strainer ________Other %%3 .

goats milk. 3. Cleansing cocktail: juice celery. then do a balanced daily eating regimen. fruit. soaked nuts in 5 oz. Initially. custard. cooked vegetables. pumpkin seeds) overnight in apple or pineapple juice. pure water for 2 1/2 minutes. cottage cheese or goat %%4 . nut butters or meal parsley and carrot juice. do the 3 Day or 7 day Detox Program. apple juice. 7. flaxseed tea. sunflower seeds. Get enough sleep (9 p. apple. legumes. dried fruit . nuts. dates. Helpful foods for indigestion. carob flour. bananas. Blend 3 oz. parsley. Deep breathing exercises. cherry concentrate. Cashews. spinach. Nut Butter drink: soak nuts (Almonds. apricot. Cut down mental activity. 11 p. 5. before meal 2. 6. Flavor with barley malt. fresh juices with 1 tlbsp nut butters. Use yogurt cream on fruit Between meals: celery.m.m. soups. 20 min. nervousness. carrot. avocados. Get exercise out of doors and lots of sunshine 4. greens. absolute latest). prunes. to bed. Baked potatoes with soybean margarine. baked carrots. bananas. root vegetables. soy milk.Weight Gain & Maintenance Guide 1. eyestrain. spinach. Play each day. salads. seeds. Rest during the day. underweight: coconut milk.

Korea. Original Medicine is Ethnomedicine Modern Oriental Medicine is Ethnomedicine from China. Tibet and Japan. Heat (Moxibustion). all without needles and just as effective. Whole grain sandwich with stuffed celery stick. All Therapies based on Meridian Therapy can be used for Arthritis and pain control among others.stimulation of musculo-skeletal points • Electric Stimulation of musculo-skeletal points for Chronic Pain • MOXA Heat Therapy for Chronic Weakness and arthritis %% . Qi is translated as vital breath. The Chinese call it Jing-luo translated as Meridian therapy. Acupuncture or Meridian therapy is based on the circulation of electro-magnetic energy called Qi (chi) through pathways called Meridians. seed drink. The concept of breath circulating through meridians was little understood until Thomas Wing (inventor of the beeper) developed a machine that could measure the flows of Qi through each meridian. Meridian Therapy is Non-Invasive Acupuncture but Painless and Effective Meridian Therapy is No Needle Acupuncture • Magnets taped on acu-points to facilitate and speed healing • Sound Wave stimulation of acu-points for sensitive people • Laser Therapy . Acupuncture is really misnamed. Vegetable juice with egg yolk. nut milk. Humans are superconductors of this electro-magnetic energy like sound waves. These modalities based on waveforms are included in acupuncture. Pressure (Tuina) and suction (cupping).cheese. Yogurt or Kefir with fruit.

and spirituality. Original Man could not divorce health from spirit.Breathing & Meditation Exercises that stimulate the acupuncture meridians. toxins from chest. build Immunity. joints • QI (Chi) GONG (Kung) . lower stress and blood pressure • TUINA . Fasting & Detoxification.• CUPPING (suction) to remove excess fluid. %%! . back. phlegm.Chinese Medical Massage Original Medicine includes Food Therapy. Herbal Nutrition.

eating meat will only clog your brain and make you less efficient. We may give you lists of foods to avoid and to include on a weekly basis. if you are sitting at a desk 7 hours a day.Food Therapy CHINESE DIETETICS WE are vegetarians. Culinary spices all have medicinal properties and you will learn how to use them. There are certain foods that have an affinity for each of your major organs or have a detrimental effect. which you will receive at the time of your Detox program. Chinese Dietetics is based upon the same diagnosis as herbal medicine. You will learn about these foods as well. There are some physically demanding jobs that one might need to eat meat such as working outdoors or in a refrigerated space. We have a general set of guidelines. WE strongly recommend you take the class "Almost Vegetarian" offered on Wednesday evenings. Telling you what to eat is not the same as showing you how to prepare and season it. It will be tailor made for your lifestyle and working habits. however we don't require our patients to become vegetarians. Very often you desire the foods that are undermining your health. We realize that it is much easier to take pills 3x/day than to change your diet. We can work with you and your family in explaining the process of toxicity from familiar. If you have a chronic imbalance or degenerative disease we will gradually ask you to change your diet. You will follow these recommendations for 90 days. %%" . convenience foods. However.

Meridian Therapy & Herbal Medicine Acupuncture is based on the circulation of electromagnetic energy that circulates throughout the body in carefully defined pathways called meridians. If there is no change the treatment plan is altered. Chinese medical massage is a way of moving Qi & blood through stagnant areas of the body caused by stress. Some conditions must be treated through the four seasons to insure that it will not return. Acupuncture works likes a dimmer switch. Qi Gong Longevity Exercises cultivate you Qy by activating the fourteen acupuncture meridians the same way we use Tuina or acupuncture. lack of exercise and excessive behaviors. the nutrition recommendations contained in this book are sufficient to get you started until we have had time to look at your Nutrition and Lifestyle history in detail. Depending on the diagnosis. It is usually vigorous and stimulating. which will be explained in detail. By the sixth session the patient should know whether the treatment is working. Chinese dietetics uses food in a supporting role that builds and transforms blood and tissue. In a chronic situation it might take two or three courses of treatment (30-40 sessions) to completely eradicate the imbalance. we will recommend a Detox on the first or second treatment. If the doctor is confident during the first session that he can help and the patient is not responding we have found that the patient has unknowingly left out some piece of information that would change the course of treatment. A course of Acupuncture treatment is typically 10-12 sessions. Herbal medicine is much more complicated than acupuncture. The electromagnetic energy called Qi (chee) can either be excess or deficient. Breathing exercises are also a way of tonifying Qi & blood. In acute situations it could be 4-6 treatments. Tuina. On the second visit we will concentrate either on herbal medicine or nutrition counseling. It is based %%# . Generally speaking. It can be performed seated. standing or prone. to either increase or decrease the flow of energy throughout the meridians. Not all patients respond the same way.

which can be used to describe the physical and emotional system of the human body. Yin or Yang determines the body type and the type of disease. There are a number of formulas that will tonify the spleen. There are several Chinese Medical theories. They can't work if %%$ . For example. bacterial. which can be modified by addition or subtraction to make a more specific formula for a particular person. However please use common sense. You may end up taking a particular formula for 3-6 months. The treatment principle is to tonify the Spleen. Hot or Cold refers to the symptoms. tongue and pulse diagnosis. We recommend granules (San) made into a tea or encapsulated. The diagnosis is the treatment. The art and skill of the practitioner will make the determination of which grouping of symptoms are in what priority. If you have just eaten a meal and will be traveling for several hours take your herbs right away. Herbs should be taken three times per day. This is very time consuming and not convenient for most Americans. Excess or Deficient refers how the patient is relating to the disharmony. Determining which formula to use is not an easy choice. Traditionally formulas are made of dried herbs and decocted into a soup (Tang) in a ceramic pot and then mashed and strained. Deficient Spleen Yang means the digestive fire of the Spleen is not working up to par. or even multiple formulas. fungal or parasitic. Tablets are convenient to carry. There are 272 commonly used formulas. The preference of the patient and the recommendation of the practitioner determines what form of the herbs are best. and questioning. Ziploc pouches are provided with gram spoons if you have access to hot water in the middle of the day. They can be pressed into tablets (Wan) or extracted in a tincture. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon a differential diagnosis call the eight parameters. Depending on the face. Once we determine the energetic imbalance we can define our treatment principle.on a diagnosis of the internal conditions of the body. the doctor can determine which theory applies. The initial formula is taken for two or three weeks and adjusted accordingly. Internal or External determines whether the illness is self-created or an infection that is viral. health history. In between meals means 30 minutes before or one hour after meals with hot water or tea. The doctor then decides which formula most closely matches the other signs and symptoms.

He apprenticed to Chinese. Shiatsu. What is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine? A doctor of Oriental Medicine does not diagnose or treat any western named disease or condition. Romanian and Vietnamese Acupuncture instructors at the International Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. after an Honorable Discharge. He evaluates the circulation of Qi through the 14 meridians and teaches one how to live by balancing one's daily activities with one's energy. A chance meeting with the Dalai Lama in 1978 led him to lead a life of service and training in Tibetan Medicine. Later he received his training in Canada from Russian. In chronic cases if you don't see results in 7 days then increase the dosage. Korean and Japanese Acupuncturists before establishing his own practice. each session we will add a little more information at your own pace. George Xavier Love Jr. It might even be helpful to bring a tape recorder. when he became a lifetime student of Ancient Egyptian Mind science. The training for a Doctor of Oriental Medicine includes two years of Acupuncture training with an additional year of herbal nutrition plus Taji-Qigong exercise and various massage techniques with joint manipulation (Tuina). as a teacher to integrate the various aspects of one's lifestyle with health and happiness. Healing through touch while serving in the Navy during the Viet Nam conflict led him to massage school. He knows breath control and meditates before and after each healing. became aware of his Spiritual healing powers at the age of 19. In acute conditions take twice the recommended dosage for 3 don't take them. He interned in the Drug Detox Clinic at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. So that you will absorb more. There is a lot of information to process and we can only cover so much ground in one session. and eventually to Acupuncture school. He is a true physician in the historical sense of the word. Continuing his studies into Chinese Herbs he obtained his Doctorate of Oriental Medicine from the Peking Longevity & %20 .

Rejuvenation Institute under the tutelage of Prof. Li Bing Yuan former head of the Beijing Acupuncture College. He is a Primary Care provider in the state of Florida as a licensed Acupuncture Physician since 1986. Dr. Love is the former Dean of Acupuncture at Barna College of Health Science and professor at Community School of Traditional Chinese Health Care. His chosen role is to teach the teachers and heal the healers. In the West there is an emphasis on matching the appropriate drug or herbal medicine to alleviate the reported symptoms. Medicine is impersonalized, as physicians rarely produce the medicines they prescribe. Science relies on the purity or potency of pharmaceutical constituents, not on the content of the physician’s spiritual purity. “The superior physician teaches his patients how to prevent disease. The inferior physician treats his patients after they get sick”. Ancient Chinese Proverb


Love Heals
Love is patient, Love is Kind. Love does not envy, Love is not proud. Love is not rude. Love is not self-seeking, it does not boast Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, Love always trusts, Love always hopes, Love always perseveres. Love never fails. If I speak with the voice of clarity and authority but have not love, I am only a song on the radio that is soon forgotten. If I have the gift of knowledge and can solve all mysteries but have not love, I have no longevity. And if I have a faith that can move mountains but have not love, I have no strength. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to medicine, but have not love, I gain nothing. On the Spiritual Path these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is Love.

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Ac8:8nct8re /8i;4a Massage Meridian Bigong <ranial .acral /hera:y 1ar -e?leCology

*ood /hera:y F 3erbal 48trition


*ood and seC are the t5o biggest drives that are hard5ired into yo8r brain.8:s and 7aintenance. Ho& do you e#aluate my . herbs and 7eridian thera:y as tools in his 7edicine bag. /hese are the ?o8r doors. +o8 can be ta8ght to 7eas8re the ?lo5 o? electro7agnetic energy called Bi &chee' by observing yo8r ?ace. *irst 5e ?ast. yo8r body is a vehicle ?or yo8r s:irit and also needs reg8lar 7aintenance. b8t yo8 78st r8n the raceI (hat do you heal' I s:ecialiJe in chronic and degenerative disease. Dost8re and :hysical sha:e deter7ine the a7o8nt o? energy yo8 7aintain. %24 . /hird 5e change ?alse ideas.healing thro8gh 7y co7:rehensive health literacy :rogra7 called 4 Doors to Dao H the 5ay o? healthy ha::iness. tong8e. eCercise. (hat is that e)actly' A doctor o? Oriental Medicine 8ses breathing. Meridians carry electro7agnetic energy. 7assage. $et’s start &ith the . I heal :eo:le by identi?ying 5hat syste7 or syste7s are not ?lo5ing and then A87:start yo8r battery to balance or nor7aliJe yo8r ?lo5.heal.ody' As I said be?ore. . 7editation.econd 5e eval8ate the body.:irit.s:irit8al. I a7 yo8r coach and cheerleader. ?ood.econd ste: is restoring energy his :ro:er ?oods and herbs based on a /<M diagnosis. D8lses are rhyth7ical beats that tell 8s the stress and strain o? organs and syste7s. . IG7 a doctor o? Oriental Medicine. (hat is the easiest &ay to heal' /here are three ste:s that 5or6 ?or everybody. /hird ste: is sel?. IG7 a healer ?irst as a Bi Gong Master. 2e have a tendency to overeat or donGt eat eno8gh o? the :ro:er ?oods. :ost8re and :8lses. M8ch the sa7e 5ay yo8r car needs reg8lar t8ne. 7ental o8tloo6 and eating and slee:ing ti7es. +o8r activities aro8nd ?ood and hor7ones 5ill deter7ine the 7aAor i7balances. . /hen 5e go to 5or6 on n8trition and everything else ?alls into :lace. A healer is res:onsible ?or creating the environ7ent or circ87stances by 5hich or thro8gh 5hich :eo:le sel?. (hat is the process o* healing' 48trition is the ?o8ndation ?or the :hysical. e7otions and 5ill@s:irit. Dri7arily IG7 an ed8cator teaching sel?.ody *irst-. /his gives insight to the :artic8lar sit8ation or circ87stances that created the illness or i7balance. . 5hich is eC:ressed tho8gh the e7otional.7assage and healing eCercises called Dao +in Bi Gong.Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s !eorge "a#ier $o#e% &hat are you% an acupuncturist' 4o IG7 7ore than that. A8ice ?east or detoCi?y ?or 3. digestive disorders and :ain both :hysical and :sycho.econdly. 5hich carries the . e7otional stress.2% days de:ending on the severity o? the illness. +o8 can observe yo8r ?ace and tong8e on a daily basis to deter7ine yo8r internal conditions.ic6ness is really stagnation o? blood and ly7:h. +kay so ho& do you do that' 48trition is the ?o8ndation ?or the :hysical. 5hich leads to organ 7al?8nction. *asting and being still 5ith breathing eCercises and 7editation is the ?irst ste:.

2hich one 5o8ld yo8 rather doK (hat is spiritual anatomy' <hinese Daoist Masters identi?ied a :ath. 1 pray in church on Sunday% &hy do 1 need a spiritual tune2up' Deo:le 5ho :ray o?ten do not 7editate. cholesterol and blood :ress8re. 4 ?r8its F vegetables each day e98als t5o :o8nds o? *r8it.out the Ear Acupressure 0e*le)ology' I call 1A-ology the treat7ent o? the ear 5ith 7agnets. 2e 8se 9i gong eCercises called 0lac6 Dragon 0reathera:y to 7aster yo8r energy. I 5o8ld have to eC:lain ho5 ani7als are raised and 5hy 7eat is har7?8l.o I 5o8ld say I a7 :ro ?r8its and vegetables not anti. (hat’s &rong &ith that' It 5o8ld ta6e abo8t an ho8r to eC:lain ho5 the :oisons in the air.:irit8al anato7y is learning the corres:ondence bet5een the endocrine glands. /ell me more a. 5ater and soil a??ect ?ood./ell me more a. and i778ne syste7.cos7ic orbit. bones. carrots or yello5 vegetable %2 . 2e have a 5ay o? diagnosing the ear thro8gh vis8aliJation ins:ection and :al:ation 5ith a :robe.7agnetic energy that ?lo5s thro8gh the body. . *8rther I 5o8ld have to say that the . Bi is the electro.5ay o? energy thro8gh the body called the /aiAi Dole. 1 eat the Standard American Diet (SAD 3acon and eggs *or . /hese are ?o8rteen eCercises that activate the ?o8rteen ac8:8nct8re 7eridians. /he Dsal7s in the 0ible 5ritten by David 5ere a??ir7ations. :l8s t5o eight o8nce salads . /here are corres:ondences 5ith <ha6ras and the /aiAi Dole. /he conscio8s intention o? circ8lating breath thro8gh the /aiAi Dole is called the 7icro.AD does not incl8de eno8gh ?r8its and vegetables. 2e also 8se ac8:ress8re eCercises that sti78late the eyes and ears. Gong 7eans 7astery o?.reak*ast% ham and cheese *or lunch and steak *or dinner. Ay8rvedic Medicine identi?ies 5heels o? light called <ha6ras thro8gh 5hich h87an conscio8sness ?lo5s.out Qi !ong.7eat. no iceberg or to7ato hal? :o8nd o? s5eet :otatoes.les program' 2e reco77end 4 ?r8its and vegetables a day to :revent cancer. In the last ?i?ty years as 5estern 7edicine beco7es 7ore 6no5ledgeable the endocrine glands have no5 beco7es connected 5ith the <ha6ras and the /aiAi Dole. so8nd 5aves. /hey also lo5er blood s8gar. Drayer is tal6ing to God and 7editation is listening to God. s98ash. the /aiAi Dole and the <ha6ras. 2e also have a 5ay to 7assage the ear to treat co77on :roble7s li6e :ain. ac8:ress8re. (hat is the 4 Fruits 5 6 7egeta. . Deo:le 5ho 7editate do not o?ten :ray. Another 5ord ?or :rayer is a??ir7ation. /hey strengthen the Aoints. /here is certain s:irit8al signi?icance ?or these connections. diabetes and heart disease. electrical sti78lation and direct a::lication o? aro7athera:y oils.

*r8its ?or brea6?ast. It is based 8:on a 7iCt8re o? Ay8rvedic 7edicine and /raditional <hinese 7edicine. A?ter yo8r 7onthly ?ast is the ideal ti7e to change yo8r diet. Dance &17otional -elease'.adness and loneliness inA8re the heart. Ho& can 1 treat my emotions' Once yo8r e7otions are st8c6 they 78st be released. More than a year is :athological &creates organ 7al?8nction'.-. +o8 5ill never have ti7e to :8t o8t the garbage.o three days is the starting :oint.7otion' is a sel? :rotective 7echanis7. Grie? and sense o? loss 5ea6en the l8ngs.8rgeon General and . so8: and salad ?or dinner and eating s7all ?re98ent 7eals based 8:on *ood /hera:y. ?r8stration and resent7ent inA8re the liver. /he easiest 5ay is the 1. *asting allo5 yo8r body ti7e to :8t o8t the garbage. Anger. One day a 5ee6 5ill :revent yo8 ?ro7 getting into tro8ble or gaining a lot o? 5eight. Ho& can 1 e#aluate my emotions' 1nergy in Motion &1. /his is ho5 stress 6ills.atcher. . +o8 only have so 78ch energy each day.hal? :o8nd stea7ed lea?y greens. 2orrying 5ea6ens the s:leen. t8rni:. 78stard. (hy *ast &hen the season changes' 2e do not eat <hrist7as dinner on the ?o8rth o? E8ly and 5e do not eat /han6sgiving dinner at 1aster ti7e. (hy do you ha#e to change my mental outlook' /he de?inition o? 7ental illness according to David . M. 3o5ever. It is based 8:on sha7anic 9igong and s:eci?ic A?rican %2! . I? yo8 8se it all to 7etaboliJe yo8r constant inta6e o? ?ood then yo8 have nothing le?t to :rocess o8t the 5aste. +o8 can eval8ate yo8r stagnant e7otions by ho5 long yo8 re7e7ber staying in it. /he :8r:ose o? ?asting is to clean o8t the syste7 to :re:are ?or the ne5 ?ood. +o8 need a g8ide or a coach. *ear and anCiety inA8re the 6idneys. . As the seasons change o8r diets change. /he 7ind that 7ade yo8 sic6 is not the 7ind that can 7a6e yo8 5ell. *ood /hera:y is a diagnosis and treat7ent :rinci:le ?or all :eo:le. Anything longer than 24 ho8rs is too long. I7agine so7eone delivering groceries to yo8r door every ho8r.even days 5hen the seasonsG change is very a::ro:riate s:irit8ally. ?or7er . 5hen yo8 stay in a state o? anger or grie? &or any o? the seven deadly e7otions' ?or 7ore than thirty days. It is yo8r 7ind that 7ade yo8 sic6 beca8se o? the choices in ?ood and activity. 2e do this once a 7onth.collards. Ho& long do 1 ha#e to *ast' It ta6es a::roCi7ately 3 days ?or yo8r sto7ach to shrin6 bac6 to nor7al.its' <hanging eating ti7es and a7o8nts &:ortion control' is the best 5ay to start. . they beco7e states o? stagnation and are eCtre7ely har7?8l. 0y the ti7e yo8 ?inish :8tting the7 a5ay there is another delivery.D. 6ale eight o8nces o? rice and beans or :eas Ho& do 1 &ork on changing my eating ha. (hy do 1 ha#e to *ast' E#eryone else tells me not to do it.ecretary o? 3ealth and 387an services is the inability to care ?or onesel?. 2hen yo8 change the oil in yo8r car do yo8 leave the dirty ?ilterK As the energy o? the season changes yo8r 7ental o8tloo6 o?ten changes as 5ell.

Ho& can 1 learn to diagnose mysel*' /here is the sel?. nerves and ?lesh ?lo5s thro8gh the body in care?8lly de?ined :ath5ays called 7eridians. Ly7:hatic ?l8id ?lo5s thro8gh the ly7:h syste7 as :art o? the i778ne syste7. +o8 5ill reverse the aging :rocess and reg8late yo8r slee:@5a6e cycles. /he other is *ood thera:y 5hich is based 8:on a sel?.diagnosis 5ill allo5 yo8 to deter7ine 5hich ?oods and herbs 5ill balance yo8r condition.ease is 5hen any o? these go o8t o? balance.diagnose and sel? treat. dr8gs and seC ?or e7otional stress. <erebros:inal ?l8id that l8bricates the brain ?lo5s thro8gh the d8ral t8be that encases the s:ine.e concerned a. /his 5ee6end 5or6sho: 5ill teach yo8 ho5 to sel?. /ho8ghts and ?eelings ?lo5 thro8gh the body in hor7ones r8n by the endocrine syste7. . Ho& did 1 get so sick in the *irst place' /here are only ?o8r 5ays yo8 can get sic6 *irst. 0lood ?lo5s thro8gh o8t the body in arteries. ecstatic dance has been 8sed by h8ndreds o? c8lt8res aro8nd the 5orld ?ro7 ancient to 7odern ti7es to heal the s:irit. accidents and inA8ries.intoCication' thro8gh air. 78scles. 2hat 5e sho8ld be doing is dancing ?or 7ental. /his is a lot o* in*ormation. cigarettes ?or 7ental ?atig8e. . *o8rth. cardiovasc8lar syste7 and the ly7:h. /here are t5o other 5ays yo8 can 7a6e yo8r o5n 7edicine. alcohol. not eno8gh 5ater 5hich 7a6es stic6y blood and :oor circ8lation :roble7s.:oisoning &a8to.2%Daysto2ellness. not eno8gh eCercise or not eno8gh rest 5hich leads to the last . l8ngs and digestive organs.econd.alance to cause degenerati#e disease' 1lectro7agnetic energy that enervates the organs. 2hen yo8 hear the 78sic yo8 have to 7ove.out most' More :eo:le die o? heart disease than the neCt three degenerative diseases co7bined. 5ater. +o8r brain 7a6es che7icals 5hile doing Bi Gong.diagnosis@sel? treat7ent 5ee6end as :art o? the seasonal co8rse 2% Days to 2ellness &555. +o8 %2" . not eating eno8gh n8trients ?ro7 ?ollo5ing a daily regi7en o? ?o8r ?r8its and ?ive vegetables. soil or ?ood &creating toCins F in?ections' and electro7agnetic radiation. :oor :ost8re. It balances the brain 5ave :atterns and relaCes the nervo8s syste7. It has an o:tional 3. 5hich relieves :hysical. One is Meridian Bi Gong. (hat should 1 .rhyth7s. e7otional and 7ental stress 5hile strengthening the Aoints. 2e have a tendency to sel? 7edicate 5ith co??ee ?or 7ental and :hysical ?atig8e. =ario8s religio8s gro8:s 8se dance to eC:ress their connection to God as 5ell as Dagans. veins and ca:illaries. 6idneys. /hey 78st all be o8t o? balance ?or yo8 to have heart disease. /he co8rse is also o??ered as a ?o8r night se7inar d8ring the 5ee6. Dis. :hysical and e7otional stress. 89 Days to (ellness (eekend 0etreat &ill sho& you ho& to re#erse your co2created dis2ease. (hat systems go out o* .co7'. /he heart is :rotected by yo8r liver.el?.2% day ?ast along 5ith the in?or7ation. /hird. 3istorically.

:irit8al Door is Moving Meditation 5ith A??ir7ations. +0 you can #isit our &e. cholesterol and blood s8gar 5hile strengthening Aoints.el? 3ealing longevity eCercise that lo5ers blood :ress8re. H 40 7in8tes daily Dao +in eCercise • 89 Days to (ellness :uice Feast one day ?r8it A8ice each 5ee6 three days green clean each 7onth seven day A8ice ?east 5hen seasons change 2% Days A8ice ?east once a year Ho& can 1 treat mysel*' /hat is the :8r:ose o? /eaching 4 Doors to Dao H the 5ay o? healthy 3a::iness. so8nd healing and 7any 7ethods o? sti78lating the ac8:8nct8re 7eridians.92<=424.$o#e. Meridian 9i gong. internal organs and b8ilding the i778ne syste7. ac8:ress8re. herbal n8trition. sel?. tong8e.2?@99.ecome part o* the program o* Sel* Healing Education call 6. ?ood thera:y. 6idneys.. • Dhysical Door. (hat else &ill 1 learn taking the 89 Days to (ellness ProgramK *irst there is an o:tional 3L" day E8ice *east to DetoCi?y liver. Also certi?ication co8rse 5ith anato7y and :hysiology o? the ear to identi?y and sel? treat :ain and other co77on health co7:laints. Food Therapy and Her al !utrition" /o . Dao Yin exercises. +o8 5ill eC:erience e7otional release Daoist Dance. b8t tangible res8lts are discernible in as little as three days. • 48trition Door incl8des 3erbal 48trition and *ood /hera:y.7assage. • 17otional Door is Dsycho.7agnetic radiation :oisoning and shi?t negative &&&.> or ???2@. Meridian Qigong.:8nct8re and Daoist Dance.. • 3lack Dragon 3reatherapy &4eidan Bigong' H . Acupressure. :ost8re and e7otions. +o8 5ill also detoCi?y electro. +o8 5ill learn sel? diagnosis o? ?ace. and ac8:ress8re. Meridian thera:y incl8des %2# .5ill restore yo8r seC drive and energy levels. • EA0ology &1ar Ac8:ress8re -e?leCology' sel?. /his is not a 98ic6 ?iC.7assage yo8r ears to health and Ac8.AhineseBedicine. Ho& do 1 sign up *or these courses' Ear Reflexology. • . ear re?leCology.7agnet thera:y. s:leen and strengthen l8ngs.

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