Character Analysis Short Essay

We all make judgments about people. We see classmates in the hall and comment on their clothes, behavior, or something they may have done. Often we come to a conclusion about what kind of person we think that they are, or reason why they do certain things. In doing so, we are characterizing them. We use the same tools authors use to create realistic characters in a literary text. As readers, our job is to identify those reasons why a character may believe or act a certain way in a literary text. This assignment will demonstrate your ability to identify and analyze a character’s reasons for actions or beliefs.

Here’s the assignment: 1. Read Assigned Short Story. 2. Identify examples of characterization for two main characters. 3. Choose one of the main characters from the short story assigned in class. 4. Identify an abstract noun that best describes the character you chose. This noun must be based on your reading and reflection of the Characterization in the story. 5. Follow the organizational form on the PLAN SHEET for writing your analysis 6. Identify at least three examples / quotes that support your topic sentence. 7. Write an outline on the practice sheet. Then write a draft on a separate piece of paper. Edit. 8. Rewrite a final copy on a separate sheet of paper double-spaced. Write your name in the top left. Followed by my name, the date, and class period. Grading: Your final product will be evaluated on the following state standard: •
LI.07 Identify and analyze unstated reasons for actions or beliefs based on explicitly stated information.

5,6 = Exceeds Expectations Essay is at least one page in length. Essay includes four or more effective examples / quotes to support the topic sentence. Essay includes effective analysis for each example. Smooth transitions make

4 = Meets Expectations Essay is one page in length. Essay includes at least three supporting examples / quotes. Essay includes analysis for each example. Transitions make the essay easy to follow/understand .

3 = Nearly Meets Expectations Essay is one approximately one page in length. Essay includes three or fewer examples; some examples may not support topic. Some sentences include analysis; some of the essay includes

2 = Does Not Meet Expectations Essay may be shorter than one page in length. Essay may include fewer than three examples / quotes; essay includes few specific details or analysis; essay may be difficult to

1 = No Evidence

No Evidence

the essay easy to read and understand.

transitions and is easy to follow/understand .

follow/understand .

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