MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL
This TL-D lamp has a protective coating that keeps glass and lamp components together in the event of accidental breakage. The lamp is easily identifiable by blue rings at one end. Application areas are all places where glass shatters can disturb operations and can have an impact on product and people safety, e.g. the food and beverage industry. The lamp has a Surlyn coating which blocks UV light. It is compliant with HACCP regulations.

Product data
• General Characteristics Cap-Base Bulb Life to 10% failures EM Life to 10% fail Preheat EL,3h Life to 10% fail Nonpreh EL,3h Life to 50% failures EM Life to 50% fail Preheat EL,3h Life to 50% fail Nonpreh EL,3h LSF EM 2000h Rated, 3h cycle LSF EM 4000h Rated, 3h cycle LSF EM 6000h Rated, 3h cycle LSF EM 8000h Rated, 3h cycle LSF EM 12000h Rated,3h cycle LSF EM 16000h Rated,3h cycle LSF EM 20000h Rated,3h cycle G13 [Medium Bi-Pin Fluorescent] T8 [26 mm] 12000 hr 17000 hr 10000 hr 15000 hr 20000 hr 12000 hr 99 % 99 % 99 % 99 % 89 % 33 % 2% Color Temperature Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Rated Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Nominal Lum Efficacy Rated EM 25°C Luminance Average EM LLMF EM 2000h Rated LLMF EM 4000h Rated LLMF EM 6000h Rated LLMF EM 8000h Rated LLMF EM 12000h Rated LLMF EM 16000h Rated LLMF EM 20000h Rated Design Temperature Chromaticity Coordinate X Chromaticity Coordinate Y • Electrical Characteristics 840 [CCT of 4000K] 85 Ra8 Cool White Lamp Wattage Lamp Wattage EM 25°C, Nominal Lamp Wattage EM 25°C, Rated 36 W 36 W 36.0 W 4000 K 3200 Lm 3200 Lm 89 Lm/W 1.1 cd/cm2 96 % 95 % 94 % 93 % 92 % 91 % 90 % 25 C 383 386 -

• Light Technical Characteristics Color Code Color Rendering Index Color Designation (text)

6 (max) mm 28 (max) mm • Environmental Characteristics Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) Mercury (Hg) Content Energy consumption kWh/1000h A 2.6 28 TL-D 36W/840 Secura 1199.4 A B C 13 G13 D 2014.440 A Yes Insertion Length B Overall Length C Diameter D • Product Data Order code Full product code Full product name Order product name Pieces per pack Packing configuration Packs per outerbox Bar code on pack EAN1 Bar code on outerbox .13 - Warnings and Safety • Not suitable for closed luminaires (as indicated by two blue rings) • Recommended use in combination with self-stopping lamp control system Dimensional drawing MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL Product A (Max) B (Min) B (Max) C (Max) D (Max) 1204. 1206.4 (max) mm 0.1 (min).5 1213.1 1206.500 gr 1204.0 mg 42 kWh • UV-related Characteristics Erythemal Radiation <=320nm Erythemal Radiation >320nm Damage Factor D/fc • Product Dimensions Base Face to Base Face A 1199.MASTER TL-D Secura Lamp Voltage EM 25°C Lamp Current EM 25°C Dimmable 103 V 0.EAN3 Logistic code(s) 12NC ILCOS code Net weight per piece 927921484076 927921484076 MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL/25 1 25 25 8711500640147 8711500640154 927921484076 FD-36/40/1B-E-G13 195.2 mW 10 mW 0.5 (max) mm 1213. January 11 data subject to change .

Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. Specifications are subject to change without notice.V. (Royal Philips) All rights reserved. January 11 data subject to change .MASTER TL-D Secura Photometric data µW per 5 nm per lm µ W per 5 nm per lm 400 500 600 700 l nm 500 400 300 200 100 500 400 300 200 100 300 300 400 500 600 700 λ nm Lightcolor Secura /840 Lightcolor Secura /840 © 2014 Koninklijke Philips 2014. (Royal Philips) or their respective owners. www.

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