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Problem Faced by Pakistan English Teachers

SUBMITTED BY: Saeed Ahmed SUBMISSION DATE: 2nd October, 2013 SUBMITTED TO: Sir Faisal Dada (Head of the Department of English)


All praise for Almighty Allah, the most Benevolent and the most merciful who cherisher and sustain of the universal and make me strong to complete my thesis. This is extremely difficult task for me and it could not possible without my parents and my elder brother and even more my friends and my sister Saima Roohi who precious prayers always guide me every step of my research.

And I am very gratefully thankful to all my teachers of English Department (literature and linguistic program NUML) who always welcome me in my research work.

A research work was quite new experience me and I was very exciting about my research. This was very challenging and for me it was kind of learning. My teachers help me a lot and make it much easier.

I must say here that without my research supervisor it was very difficult task for me. He always assists me and always welcomes me every kind of concern.

And finally I must say who help me in my research. I am thankful to head masters; teachers who give me help and support their cooperation and my research task achievable and comprehensive.



It was challenging task for me and do such a research work but I am extremely thankful to my teachers, my colleagues especiallymy friens and my sister Saima Roohi who always support and guided me in all aspects. My special thanks to my every loving teachers Sir

Faisal Dada

I am also thanks to Sir Hussain Ahmed, head master in my village interior Sindh. And Sir Qadir Bux Memon and Sir Abdul Hameed Dahar also support me and they cooperated me and give me positive response in my research.

I select my thesis topic of problem faced by Pakistan English teachers at government school level. I really want to find problems which teachers face in every day of teaching. These ideas give me my friend and say that will give you good result. This is very vast topic and my research over it. This research provides a view over the problems faced Pakistani English teachers. I realized while starting research. It was a good topic and much learning base topic. I learn a lot through my research.

Qualitative method was used for data collection like Questionnaires and interviews. Visiting different schools and meet with teachers. I am sure that I will give clear picture the quality of education. I believe that this paper will also help teachers, student and foreign learners as well.


This wo0rk is sdedicated to my parents and my teachers and all my well wishers.

Chapter One

Education is like a mother who shows you right path of life. Only the education gives you vision, insight and true understanding of life. If you do not seek it, you must stay away from right path of life. It is key to success one's personality. We must devote in precious time in education.

Education is based on two major languages, i.e. Urdu and English. There are two categories of Pakistan in school like Government schools and Private schools as well. The government schools are in Urdu medium and the private schools are in English medium. The standard of private schools is very high level education. The rich people's children get education in good school and poor people`s get education lower categories schools as well.

Getting education and giving education is the foremost and necessary task of a human being. It teaches us way of living and choosing the right path and determining others to do virtuous deeds. Education is not a simple word but a big part of humanity and a practiced task for peace. As most people know in our country Pakistan literacy rate is not high its because of political stress and illiterates cultural villages system. They make the school as a stay for guests and a meeting area, its because the people and powerful villagers do it because they do not know the preciousness and value of education. Basically education is our binary and basic need to make our way of living better and in this way we can develop our country and can be renowned in this modern world. Education is a basic part and an ultimate practice that every human being should taste modern education. Without education a people is just like can animal, he is considered to be mental and blind. Today English language has spoken around the world. Most spoken language Chanies and then English language. Chanies wants to speak English. Now the world is global village and people communicate easily. Worlds economy reaches a high level because of the English language. Every corner of the world English language are spoken and understanding.


The background of my research topic is very vast. English has a very important place in society and because of its international value. The nation of Pakistan is only about six decades old but human history in the area reaches back tens of thousands of years. In the teaching English in Pakistan faces various hurdles like: pronunciation, lesson plan, grammar grip, relation how with students and audience. The termed English as a window to the world give Emphasis on learning the language for career growth.


Staying awake and interested in class can be difficult. But what's even more difficult is being responsible for keeping students awake and interested. This is the job of an ESL teacher first and foremost. In order to be a great ESL teacher, one must not only teach, but inspire and empower. The goal is to excite the students about learning, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending English. Keep the advice in this article as a tool to be used often, and you will be one step closer to that goal.

Statement of Research and Purpose

In this paper, the reasearcher describes the English teacher in Pakistani context. The aim of this paper is to describe new things or new ideas about teaching English in Pakistan. And basic purpose of my research is to bring new ideas in teaching as the teachers use Sindhi or Urdu dictionary and try to find out the correct pronunciation so it is wrong and others include in my thesis.

Research questions

What are the difficulties which teacher of English encounter in the Pakistani context?

0bjectives of the studies

The primary objective of this study is to highlight the problems faced by Pakistani English teachers. And state clearly how they overcome their problems. The main thing is that I point out real problems.

Need Of the study

It is a extremely important topic and teachers are not focusing spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary and so on. They think that are doing good job but actually not. NO one have time to decide to highlight these issues. Mostly teachers are not interested in teaching training programmed or workshop. In the interior of Sindh people easily get training programmed degree B.ED, M.Ed and other.but a god teacher for teaching English requires a good specialization in the field of language teaching.

Chapter two Literature Review

Having consulted considerably a large number of books as well articles relate to Research topic that is: Problem faced by Pakistani English teachers. Most of the students accomplish the schooling in the mother tongue. Moreover, the teachers who teach face difficulty. To makes matters worse, the English teachers make errors in pronunciation and vocabulary, lack of training programmed. I saw in interior teacher correct their pronunciation from Sindhi, Urdu dictionary. Teachers get professional degrees like B.ED, M.ED and others but they are not proficient enough to cope with the situation. Then teachers have no experience how to overcome their mistakes they have committed by mistake. Mostly teachers use class work and homework and they do not use other technique. It implies that the English teachers should make the students able to use different communication skills effectively, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing and interacting. Therefore, when we adopted this approach for teaching English, it was assumed that the teachers should mainly concentrate on teaching English as a language of communication and not as a language of literature.

Teaching is admirable and respected professional every where. In Pakistan they get very small salary and could not survive as other people get together each other. Our teachers teach in private sector and government sector them both in difficulties. Government does not support them and they face appointment, corruption, faced accommodation and transportation problem. They higher teacher are on sources on political affiliation rather than merit. And private sectors do not give very small salary and owner of schools do not respect them on proper way. They higher teacher inexperience and they feel difficulty in ideas how to convert into ideas. They get seven subjects in once a day and over crowed classes. And in village side teachers have pronunciation problem and audience problem. They face more problems like relationship with students, lesson plan and grammar and they do not have grip or command must have ones teacher. Government

must take step measure for improvement of education. The only education change our society and research prove that teachers the key to success of any education system and in our society need more and more work on education.

Chapter Three Methodology

My topic question is what the difficulties which a teacher of English encounters are in the Pakistani context.
This paper aims what problem English teacher face in Pakistan. No doubt about that research is challenging task and reserchers analyse data what happen and how solve the problem. researcher finds the problems like teaching method, pronunciation, vocabulary; ideas how convert into English language and roll of the management and one of the most important influences of mother tongue. researcher gets information and valuable material from various sources such as newspaper, article, journal, websites, and different magazines and also visit different libraries. researcher gets good information according his topic of thesis. And researcher gets information through questionnaires and interviews. researcher gets the applicable information by interviews and questionnaires. researcher visited different schools and took interviews and really wants to find difficulties which face teachers. Researcher is living in village area teachers face many problems and one the pronunciation because mother tongue likes Sindih and Punjabish. Researcher observes lot of thing in interior Sindh. He knows what is going on there. He uses qualitative method is used for data collection and data of information.

Questionnaires Surveys

Population and Sampling

Researcher Collected data 8th 9th and 10th class teachers. There are twenty teachers include and different cities. And try to find result which difficulty face teachers. I take interview from different schools include interior Sindh and small towns of Pakistan.

I complete my research because of instruments which I use internet and different books which I use for completion of thesis. It is key to collect my data. The questionnaires and interviews are most important to collect my data. And know the views of people through interviews and questionnaires.


I obtain the relevant data from questionnaire and interviews are planned for the teachers. There are twenty objective type (yes /no) questions. I get interviews from different schools. These are my plan and try to find my result of thesis.

Therefore, I select interviews and questionnaire and meet well known teachers who masters in their field. I meet with them and try to know their opinion how inexperience teachers find out their problems.


I will observe the teachers of the 8th, 9th and 10th class while using of English teachers in daily base teaching. In this way, I will collect teachers' data. I will collect my data through questionnaire and try give experts and skillful teachers in different schools.

Research approach

Qualitative Method

Chapter Four Analysis of Data

Rural and Urban areas Rural area

There are countless problem who faces teachers backword areas. No proper building , no furniture available no electricity is there and one of the important problem is no available water and washroom. Teachers and students face problem a lot and they teach student under the tree so we are living in twenty first century. How can they improve their basic skills of teaching. If the basic things are not available so it is difficult task for teachers and how can teach students. After that teachers feel relax and they do not have load of school work like; homework and classroom acitivity.I can say that teachers of rural areas have lighter workload and they spend their time workless. And rural areas adminstrative also corrupt and working under politcal influence. There people get easily job in teaching rather rather than merit. And progress of teachers are not good. They feel problem in pronunciation, vocabulary, ideas how to convert into English language because of influnce of mother tongue. And there teachers use old method and student could not get good progress. In the village are very vast ground and government should get strong step and build good building and open schools with private school and get good revenue. And education in Pakistan will be better and there starting training programe, workshop and convernce. Then teachers can improve and solve their mistakes which they attempt in their in teaching every day of life. The workshop must on lesson planning, pronunciation, vocabulary and reading . These things are most important and teachers must focus on these things.

Urban area

There are not much problem for teachers in urban areas and teachers teach in good manners. There teachers are trained and well planned and organised. And teachers teach there while continue their studying. In the cities and small town are instituation are run and people have resource. Uraban communities to manage everything . There are lot of facilties for there teachers like good building, furniture available in every class, washroom and electricity. And these things are keep healthy and make them carefree. And teacher are urban areas earn more than village teachers. Teaching is noble profession and admirabl in our society. Teachers face problem in the classroom and in the classroom student make the noise atmosphere. In the city mostly problem of conduct or attitudes. In the city private sector are very active and every second street are seen new schools everywhere. In small town people make business in this profession. The government take action against them. Nobody permission to open school and follow rules and regulation. And without teachers school place, classroom and books and furniture are useless. In the city teachers are trained and well planned and they they have good experience. In the private school elite classes familes are afford their fees and elite classes education system in Pakistan get quickly success nowadays.


Teachers face many problems in English subject. One of the major problems over crowed students in classroom, influence of mother tongue and lake of resources. These are major issue in teaching in Pakistan. Another thing

teachers do not try make lesson plan in every day. And if they use get good result. Government and private schoo

show poor result still and do not try use modern things in schools. In the government side situation are still worst

English is the official language of Pakistan since independence. Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, gave

importance to English in the first educational conference, although he declared Urdu as the national language but never ignored the importance of English language.

Teaching of English

In Pakistan teachers use old ways and method and they do not teach basic things unfortunately our teachers do no participate workshops and others programmes associate with teaching. According to Shahid (2009, P.210),

listening is a process which involves perceiving that there is a systematic message, in a continuous stream of sou this form before. And he wants to say that listening skill is most important and sound system. In the classroom make the practice of reading, writing, speaking and listening as well. In our country, government is not sincere

and then apprehending and identifying within this stream bounded elements the listener has never heard in exactl

education sector. If we see the western world they achieve their goal. Here as English subject, teachers do not tea as compulsory subject.

Financial Problems

The most important factor lake of resources of our country and government as well. The salary of teachers are so good and they do not lead good life. In the government teachers and the private teachers both of are not

decent salary. But teachers invest their energies in doing justice to their profession. The government and priv sector do justice with them and give good salary and live good life with their family. One of the biggest problems in our country, if teachers appointment and they give them salary after one year.

Q1: Is casual speech important for a student?

Percent Valid Yes No Total 30.0 70.0 100.0

The above results show and reveal that in Pakistan English is only used for academic purpose. Language itself not used for the purpose of communication. The written correspondence is made through written English but as far as spoken communication is concerned, we see the teachers attitudes who do not look interested in teaching their learners the spoken or verbal English. And the data collected fro government schools teachers reveals the fact that only 30% teachers favors to teach casual speech to produce natural language by the learners, whereas, 70% of teachers are not in favor to teach casual speech.

Q2: Is English Pronunciation important?

Percent Valid Yes No Total 40.0 60.0 100.0

When teachers were asked how important is the role of English pronunciation is in teaching of English language , most of the teachers came up with the very little respect to pronunciation and believing in neutral pronunciation without any specialized attention and with full of indigenization. On the other hand at government school level only 40% of teachers think that English pronunciation is an important are of language and without specialization in pronunciation no English teacher could BE considered as a good English language teacher.

Q3: Do you have the formal education in the any English discipline?
Percent Valid Yes No Total 30.0 70.0 100.0

The data revels the fact that at government school level majority of the English teachers do not have their formal education in English discipline. Only 30% of teachers were noticed with formal education in English discipline ,whereas, there were 70% people who were founding teaching English subject without education other than the English discipline.

Q4: Do you give special attention to speaking and listening skill while teaching to your students?
Frequency Valid Yes No Total 31 19 50 Percent 38.0 62.0 100.0

Since our education system at government school level does not require to teach listening and speaking skills of English language. Therefore the data shows the figure that only 38% of teachers favored to teach listening and speaking skills whereas, the majority of teachers with 62% do not think necessary to teach listening and speaking skills of English language at school level.

Q5: Is the grammar translation approach and memorization are the best approach to teach English language?

Percent Valid Yes No Total 70.0 30.0 100.0

In response to a question about grammar translation method approach, the researcher collected the data that says only 30% teachers do not believe in grammar translation approach and memorization. on the other hand 70% of teachers declared the grammar translation and memorization as the best approach ton teach English language. best

Q6: Do you think communication approach and critical thinking is the best approach to teach English language?
Percent Valid Yes No Total 40.0 60.0 100.0

The communicative approach does not seem o approached but the government school teachers. The data comes up with distinguishing figures that only 40% of teachers favor the communicative approach and critical thinking for language teaching purpose.Whereas, 60% of teachers went against both the approaches.

Q7: Do you think English teachers in Pakistan; focus form of language?

Frequency Valid Yes No Total 31 19 50

Percent 60.0 40.0 100.0

our examination system requires a lot of memorization. Therefore, teachers were found to favor to teach form of the language rather than meaning of the language.60% teachers believe in teaching of form of the language because it fits the need of students when they appear in their examination ,whereas, only 40% of teachers believe in teaching of meaning of the language rather than its form.

Q8: Do you think English teachers in Pakistan; focus on meaning of language?

Percent Valid Yes No Total 38.0 62.0 100.0

The data collected from the government school English teachers revels that majority of the teachers, with 60% of them declares that English teachers in Pakistan do not focus on meaning of the language. Whereas, 38% of teachers declare that English teachers in Pakistan at government school level focus on meaning of the language.

Q9: Is teaching of English in Pakistan carried out under aristocratic environment in the classroom?


Yes No Total

62.0 38.0 100.0

When teachers were asked about the classroom environment where teachers teach English a language. Majority of teachers with 62% of teachers declare the environment in the classroom is very aristocratic. Teachers sound like a dictator who passes the instruction and students have no autonomy but to follow what the dictator says. Whereas, only 38% of teachers declare that the classroom environment is not aristocratic.

Q10: Do the teachers (English) in Pakistan follow the whole person approach while teaching to students in the classroom?
Percent Valid Yes No Total 35.0 65.0 100.0

The data shows that only 35% of teachers declare that government school English teachers follow the whole person approach in their teaching .whereas, a large number of teachers with the 65% of teachers declare that no English teacher at government school level follow the whole person approach.

OVER ALL ANALYSIS The whole date can be analyzed that says that teachers are untrained at government school level .no matter they have their professional certification, but there is a huge gape between their certification and their practice level. The major issue analyzed is their poor practice .therefore in every question the

majority look to follow a traditional rule rather than focusing the specialized attitude and specialized practices.

Chapter Five

Findings and Recommendation


The problems of teachers Sindh and Pakistan can be solve. Education plays vital role in our society and plays very important in development of individual. It is only thing empower you and make you strong enough. The government should increase facilities for teachers and make the schools free from corruption and politics. And the government ensures that never ever interferes school matters. Another problems ministers and officers are higher new teachers on the source rather than merit. In this field need of qualified people and take strong steps when start new appointment. The government of Pakistan should start teaching training program and it will bring good result for future. This programs starts in talka wise as teachers reach easily and ones a week two classes are must in the week. Government should take great step enrolment is must there. And ones a week submit assignment, quiz, presentation and activities in the classroom. It should be training both government and private sectors and training base on gender wise. It should be grade schools and colleges. And must be computer lab, playground, library, painting and hall where student can do different activities. These are the basic facilities for any schools or colleges. If any one miss from above I mention so it will difficult for good process of any form. We should completely finish political affiliation. There kind of things will damage infrastructures of school. In the school principal or headmaster face many problems like shortage of staff and resources. There are also shortage of white board, benches, chairs, washroom and others as well. And one of the most important things provides green grass, flowers and keeps trees around the wall. It keeps fresh the students and healthy as well. The government, civil society and private sector make promise and eradicate all the evils like; political interference illegal appointments do not give leave teachers more than one day and never support society. If teacher do not come school and must inform talka officer as well. One thing is more important finish parties and supports each other and help in illegally matters. Todays world is full with new development and with new changes. Nowadays we are living in global village. Every thing is changed because o education. In the society teachers is biggest personality and admire and respect everywhere. Teacher should be fully abreast wit new knowledge and research. Teachers build the nation. In the Pakistan, school are closed teachers are getting salaries. In senate 2008 brought report seven thousand and five hundred (7500) are closed school in just Sindh. If the government is not focus on the education how people can survive so education is most important for all men and women. The government must have priority education than our education will be better and give good result otherwise impossible to get good result. The government should work with private sector and start new schools and colleges as well. And changes into text books and use course book related to base on exercise and activities. Teachers should focus on reading and writing. As Charles Lamb says reading is ready man and writing is a exact man. And Abraham Lincoln also mentions skill with their friends. Our teachers pay attention on these kinds of skill and students get more and more in their future.


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Seven Problems of Teaching English as a Second Language

Education in Pakistan: The Key Issues, Problems and The New Challenges Ghulam Rasool Memon
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