First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009

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about today’s service and
how to get the most out of
your visit with us.
Volume 11 Number 16
Peace, Love and Pancakes
A New Ministry at Lincoln High School
°¡ !.'+:' '.'+||. ·.|' '+|.
Matthew 4:4 says that “Man does not live on bread alone, but
on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.” Begin-
ning Tuesday, Sept. 29, we are starting a ministry at Lincoln
High School in hopes of feeding the students’ bodies and their
souls with pancakes and the Word of God.
I am teaming up with youth pastors from Willowcreek Baptist
Church and Grace Church to work together with a core group of
Christian students at Lincoln High School to create a Tuesday
morning ministry that will be an effective outreach to students at
the Lincoln High School campus. The response has already been
amazing. The choir director has—on faith—loaned the students
his room to serve the pancakes and the principal is on board to
let this ministry take off and get rolling.
My prayer is that we might be able to start a similar ministry
next year at Roosevelt High School—the high school closest
to our church. As I learn the ropes at Lincoln High, I hope to
develop the tools and know-how necessary to create a similar
ministry in our own backyard.
Similar ministries have already started at East High (with the
help of students from Grandview Park Baptist), Southeast Polk
and North Polk High Schools. This ministry will be a great tool
to train students in leadership. They will develop their own abil-
ity to share their testimonies, present Bible-based devotionals and
invite their friends to encounter Christ.
We ask you to begin praying for all of our high schools and
that God would continue to raise up students excited to take a
stand for Christ. Please pray specifically for our “Peace, Love
and Pancakes” ministry at Lincoln High. And begin praying
with me for wisdom on how to develop a similar ministry at
Roosevelt? Students from Grace Church raised $230 from their
own pockets in one night to provide the pancake batter, and that
is just a taste of how excited the students are about developing a
ministry that would reach their peers with the gospel!
Got Friends?
Looking for a way to share your faith? Why
not give Alpha a try, beginning on Monday,
October 5. The evening begins with a wonderful
dinner (free to your guest) at 6:00PM in Fel-
lowship Hall, followed by a video presentation
in the Backdoor by Nicky Gumbel who uses a
lot of humor in his talks. Then you break into
small groups where everyone is encouraged (but not required)
to ask questions, share thoughts and get to know each other.
The evening is over at 8:30PM. Childcare is provided. Look for a
green Alpha brochure in the display racks throughout the church
or sign up today at the table in the foyer/hall.
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
South Entrance
SW Entrance
South Parking Lot
North Parking Lot
W Women Restroom
Men Restroom
Have Questions?
If you have any questions, simply ask someone wearing a
name tag with “Here to Help” on it or visit the Welcome Center
in the foyer.
Guest Reception
If you are visiting with us for the first time or have just
recently started attending First Federated Church, we cordially
invite you to a reception immediately following the service (see
map for locations). We would love to have the opportunity to
meet you, get to know you better, and answer any questions you
may have.
Fill Out the Care & Communication Card
If you have never completed a Care and Communication Card,
please take a moment to do so. This allows us, as a church family,
to better know your needs and how we can serve you. The Care
and Communication Card is located inside this newspaper. Just fill
out the card completely and leave at the end of your pew, give to an
usher, or hand it in at the Guest Reception.
Thank you for taking the time to visit First Federated Church.
If you are not presently a member of a Bible teaching church, we
invite you to join our church family.
If You Have Children, Visit the Children’s
Ministry Registration Station
Trust your children to the care of our dedicated, loving
Children’s Ministry staff. Our children’s programs provide qual-
ity care and learning for kids of all ages.
If your child has not already been enrolled in our Children’s
Ministry, a quick visit to the Children’s Ministry Registration
Station will provide you with temporary security tags and give us
the information we need to effectively minister to your child.
Infants & Preschool Children
´'.'|+.: +|| |:+'.|| +.: +.+.'+'': |...|| |': °`| +|| `|+' '.. .| |': '..:.¡
+|| '.:'' ':.+.|m:||
Kindergarten–4th Grade
'...|| |': °`| '... K–4th graders |+|':. .| |': |¡m +|| |':| | | |.+|:|
'+.m |... |. °.'': ':+.|.|| +|| |.|
K–4th graders +||:|| |':.. .| +|:-+......+|: '.'|.:|’ '..'. +'':| '/
´'..'. .| .m `'. +| `|+'
Xtreme AM (5th & 6th Grade)
.. ..:|::| m::| .| |':.. .| /|.:m: .|. 'm .|'. +| °`| |. + |.m: | /|.:m:
':+.|.||. /|.:m: ..+¡:. +|| /|.:m: .:'+|.|'..-'..'|.||
Youth (Grade 7–12) & Adults
Groups for ADULTS ':|.| +| °`|AM +|| `|+'AM '|. '¡ |': ':'m:
´:||:. .. :: .|.|: ||+¡’ |:..+.:.: | ||| .| +'.| :+' | |': |... +||
'. | |:| |':.:
Our YOUTH (Grade 7–12) m::| +| °`|AM .| |': °+'|. .`+°:
Thank you for choosing to worship with us this morning!
KZ Church
The River
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
Sunday, September 27, 2009 | 9:10AM Celebration | 10:45AM The River
Pastor Mike Rose
Series: The Jesus Our Culture Doesn’t Know
8 Misconceptions about Jesus
Jesus: Genie in a Bottle?
Start at the beginning, please!
°¡ !.': ':. ':|.. '+|.
Today we conclude our focus on the 8
Misconceptions Our Culture Has About Jesus.
If you missed any of the messages in this series,
you can access them by going to our website: There you can down-
load the messages to your computer or sit and
listen to them.
On Sundays, October 11 and 18 (October 4
we have a guest speaker, missionary David Pierce) we will begin
our panoramic view of Jesus, Starting at the Beginning. Through
God’s inspired revelation, the Bible, we can literally go back
before time. There we will discover that Jesus had His sight on
us and the plan for redemption was in play. Also, we will take a
look at Jesus and His work in Creation. Finishing out the month
of October and entering November, we will spend two weeks
Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.
I encourage you to be present for each of these opportunities
to grow in our knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Why not
invite a friend to come as well? I am excited to explore the person
and work of Jesus with you. God bless.
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
The contents of this page have been removed to protect the
privacy of those in our congregation.
Printed copies of this page can be obtained at the church.
Items found on this page include:
Pray for Those Who Grieve
Happy Birthday!
(Birthdays are listed for Federated members & missionaries)
Pray for those with Physical Needs
(In the Hospital, Upcoming Surgery/Procedures, Partial List of the Ongoing Needs of Our Members &
Regular Attenders)
Pray for Those Who Serve our Church
Our Encouragement
“For to me, to live is
Christ, and to die is gain.”
Philippians 1:21
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
MISSION ONE Reaching others for Jesus Christ
Je & Carolyn Anderson
Location: Santander, Spain
Mission Board:
New Life
What do they do? Jeff
and Carolyn are
co-directors of La
Industria, a 9-month
discipleship program
offered to Spanish
youth on the northern coast of Spain to strengthen and de-
velop leadership. In Contra Corriente the goal is to motivate
through events that challenge young people to fully abandon
their lives to God. Carolyn went on many FFC mission trips
as a teen. She is the daughter of Mike and Jan McCourt.
Prayer Requests
• For more office space both for La Industria and Contra
• For more practice rooms and classrooms for La Industria’s 9
month program.
• Areas for outreach efforts in their community (youth club,
art workshops, café house, concerts, etc.)
• More music and audio-visual equipment for both ministries.
• Greatest current need is a building with more appropriate
space for offices, classrooms, practice rooms and outreach
• For a warehouse to accommodate the ministries’ particular
David & Vreni
Location: Closed Country
What does he do? David is International Research and Strategy
Associate for their mission board. His duties involve a
combination of travel, study, writing and correspondence
from home and on-the-field teaching, research, discussion
and counsel. He is responsible for missiological research,
strategic planning, teaching and missiological reflection and
writing. Vreni, a homemaker, also serves among immigrants
and refugees as well as with David in their local church.
• The gathering of immigrants has gotten off to a good re-start.
Prayer Requests
• For the enablement of Vreni and others involved to bring
some hope into lives of immigrants and refugees.
• For David’s ability to finish reports on their missions’ work
with teenagers.
• For funds to enable some key Africans and Asians to take
part in a consultation on Muslims early in 2010.
• For David to catch up on his preparation for a course on
conversion to be taught in Europe in January.
Pat Amsden
Mission Board: Camp Appanoose
Location: Plano, Iowa
What does he do? Pat serves as
Executive Director of Camp
Appanoose, overseeing and
planning camp programs with
the goal of introducing young people to Jesus Christ and
challenging them for productive service. Located near Lake
Rathbun in rural Plano, the camp is both seasonal and year-
around. The summer of ’07 was the first year for campers to
enjoy the spacious facilities of an indoor gym/play area, new
kitchen and cafeteria, restroom and shower facilities
• The chapel completion project has been chosen to com-
memorate Roger Maurer and his service for the Lord at
Camp Appanoose. (Roger and his wife Donna served for
many years at the camp, both in aviation and in other areas.)
Prayer Requests:
• For their Fall Fundraising Banquet on Nov. 7.
• For an additional $5,000 per month for operating expenses;
$14–15,000 to complete the chapel and 2 auxiliary rooms.
• For volunteers, an enclosed utility trailer, funds for paintball
activities, for 30 stackable chairs, for floor hockey equipment.
• A facilitator for Aviation Camp next year, a storage building,
carpet and floor coverings.
Dave & Pam
Location: Closed Country
What does he do? Dave is the country director for an area of
the world where the Gospel is not welcome. He seeks to
coordinate, train, partner and support the ministry overseas,
as well as provide leadership for their growing team. They
travel to participate in ministry projects, visit the team and
church leaders. Christians there face intense intimidation
and threats of death.
• Daughter Rachel and her husband Joshua; both received
scholarships for their ongoing studies at Trinity.
Prayer Requests:
• For meetings with team members, friends, local leaders
and government officials; for wisdom, protection and His
• For breakthroughs and open doors as they apply for visas;
for new workers to join them.
• For maintaining balance in their lives.
• For visas to be approved to their former area of ministry.
• For son Justin as he serves on the OM Ship Logos Hope for
another year.
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
Sunday Mornings Adult Bible Fellowship (ABFs)
Once you’ve joined us in worship, our Adult Bible Fellowships are
a great next step to connect with others and grow in your faith. We
have a variety of opportunities available that include:
Sundays l 8:00–9:00AM
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Men (all ages) | Room 210
Sundays | 9:10–10:25AM
The HUB (ages 18-26) | Room 244
The Channel/Connections (ages 25–35) | Room 215
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Women (all ages) | Room 208
Sundays | 10:45AM–Noon
Cornerstone (born in the 1950s) | Room 1240–1241
Galilean (born in the 1930s) | Room 1244–1247
Immanuel (born in the 1930s) | Room 1105
Friendly Fellowship (born in the 1920s) | Room 120
Koinonia (all ages) | Room 1252–1253
Ezra (all ages) | Room 1118
Homebuilders (all ages) | Room 1250–1251
Prayer (all ages) | Room 100
Ecclesiastes (all ages) | Room 1238–1239
Worship | Room 1116
Women (all ages) | Room 208
20-Somethings Women’s Bible Study | 6:30PM | HUB Room (244)
Are you looking for something more in your relationships?
Come join us as we read “Lady in Waiting” by Jackie Kendall.
Join us for a sweet treat and fellowship!
Ladies: Women in the Word | Started Tuesday, Sept. 15
9:00–11:00AM | Rooms 100 and 131 (Library)
For All—Prayer Community
||.|| | .`|–°||PM | 'm `.++–+. | ¯+.'.|+|. '+|. !.': ':
Card Ministry | 1:00–4:00PM | Room 139
Ladies: Beth Moore | Started Thursday, Sept. 10 | Childcare provided
Morning class | 9:10 to 11:10AM | Room 108
Evening class | 6:30 to 8:00PM | Room 108
Men’s Prayer Meeting | Friday Mornings | 6:45–7:30AM | Room 100
Women’s Association Board Meeting
October 1 | 9:00AM
The Women’s Association Board will meet Thursday, October
1st at the home of Harriet Ruis, 10320 Clark St., Clive, 223.9871.
Ladies: New Missions Circle
Have you ever wanted to know more about our missionaries?
Have you ever wanted to be involved with missions on a smaller
scale? Have you been without child care which prevented your
involvement? Are you between the ages of 16 and 96? Then we
have the answer for you!! A new missions circle will hold their
very first monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 14. We are
so excited to offer this opportunity to all our women! If you have
questions or would like more information, please contact Linda
Hotchkiss at 264.9963 or
We were LOVING OUT LOUD last Saturday
at the Beaverdale Parade!
We handed out approximately 3000 freezer pops (the kids loved
them!) and 3000 flyers promoting our Fall Fun Night and regular
THANKS SO MUCH to these groups that had a part in making
that day a success: Women’s Association – yummy treats for the
floats/parade entries setting up in our parking lot, the Bucket Drum-
line for some great music, those that walked...errr....RAN... alongside
the float, those that were inside our building helping to direct people
and answer questions, and to the team that created and assembled
the float! GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
Fall Fun Night Needs You!
Our annual Fall Fun Night is just
a little more than 3 weeks away.
We are looking forward to hosting
hundreds of children and their
families, many of whom will be new
to Federated. While October 23 will
be a ton of fun, it will also be a ton
of work! Want to share the fun and
lighten the work? Here are some of
the ways you can be involved:
• Donate individually wrapped candy or snack items--Goldfish,
animal crackers, fruit snacks, raisins, etc. (You’ll find contain-
ers throughout the building each week for your donations.)
• Donate prizes for drawings.
• Volunteer to help with decorating, set up and/or clean up.
• Volunteer to supervise a game, serve as a host/greeter, help
in the refreshment area.
• Invite your friends and neighbors to attend. Flyers are avail-
able at the Welcome Center or in the Franklin Hall foyer.
Contact the Children’s Ministries office at 255.2122 to volun-
teer or for more information.
Serve River Coee
Looking for a place to help? Consider joining the River coffee
team. Serve once or twice a month. Interested? Mark the Care
& Communication Card or contact Tammy Claiborne, 669.3269,
FFC Wind and String Ensemble
The FFC Wind and String Ensemble is looking for additional
people to join our group. We have been practicing and playing
now for about 2 years and are about to head into our very busy
Christmas music season. We play at many different venues
throughout the city of Des Moines and the surrounding areas as
well as here at First Federated. We play a wide variety of classi-
cal music, christian music and Christmas music that you will find
challenging, fulfilling and a lot of fun. This is a great ministry to
the community and the FFC congregation, as well as some great
fellowship time with other members of FFC. We currently prac-
tice once a week at First Federated on Thursday evenings but can
change this somewhat to accommodate other schedules. If you, or
someone you know, would like to join or find out more about our
group, you can contact Dave Blake at 270.9722. We would like to
meet you and show you samples of the music we play.
The instruments we are in most need of are strings….espe-
cially violin and viola. We could also use another flute, cello and
maybe a string bass and would be able to use an oboe or recorder
Thanks for your interest. Don’t be shy, give me a call.
Dave Blake, 270.9722.
School Supply Clearances
Remember to pick up those school supply
bargains now for Operation Christmas Child shoe
boxes. Markers, crayons, pencils and sharpeners,
pens, pencil boxes, and notebooks are all welcome
additions to a gift box for a needy child.
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
Today—WT Training
Oct. 4—SMT Meeting
Oct. 11—JH/SH Bonfires
Oct. 18—NONE
Oct. 25—Paintball
Worship Team Training TODAY | 12-5PM
12-5pm All SMT worship team members to attend this are
required to attend this FREE training time led by Howie and
Matt Sorensen. It will be a great time of learning about leading
worship and team building. Bring a sack lunch.
Dodge Ball Mondays | 6:30-8:00PM
Wednesday Nights Wednesdays | 6:30–8:00PM | Backdoor
Sunday Mornings Sundays | 9:10–10:25AM | Backdoor
Men’s Retreat October 2–4
The teen guys can join the men of FFC for the annual Men’s
retreat, Oct. 2–4. The Man Code. Reduced cost: $40!
Urban Plunge October 16–18
Cost: $75—First 25 applicants. This will be a weekend long
retreat serving in the Des Moines area. We will be ministering
to the homeless, to children and so much more. A great missions
experience that will change your life. Plus, worship in an urban
church within our community on Sunday morning! We are hoping
to continue this effort each year! Be the first to experience it.
Bonre October 11 | 6–8PM
Join us for a really fun night of s’mores, hotdogs, worship under
the stars…all that goes with a bonfire! Join us at the Balmers’ for
the Junior High and the Stufflebeems’ for the Senior High.
Family Fun Night October 23 | 6:00PM
Big chance to serve! We need teens to help with all of the
booths and events—plus, we are turning the Backdoor back into
an arcade and we’ll need help setting up and running each activ-
ity. This is a great outreach event for children and their families.
Those of you who served at M-Fuge in a children’s ministry
capacity will love this event!
Paintball October 25 | 2–5PM
What you’ve been waiting for; the official Heirborn paintball
outing! Meet us at Action Jack’s (Colfax, IA-I-80 Exit 155). Cost:
$35—includes rental, air, and 500 paintballs. Extra ammo—
$20…for diehards! And please don’t hurt Howie too badly!
7th–12th Grades
Potential Teaching Need
If you are interested in teaching a potential 2nd hour Sunday
School offering, see Howie.
Cookies for a Cause
Love to bake? We need anyone interested to help bake cook-
ies, brownies, rice krispie treats etc. for Monday night dodgeball
prospects and Wednesday night youth group. As you fill their
tummies, we’ll feed them spiritually! This is an ongoing ministry
need throughout the school year.
Regular Submission Deadline: ¯.:|+¡ '¡ ||
We prefer that items be submitted electronically!
¯-!+.' '¯'''|'¯'·¯..|¯:|:.+|:|.|
|'' .'m.||:| .|:m +.: .'|:| | .'m..| |..|:'.|: +|| :|.|..+' .:..:. '¡
|': '..' |+| ¯¯´ .::..: |': ..|'| | :|.| .'m..| |. ':|||'
¯..| ¯:|:.+|:| ´'..' |: || '+.m | .| +|¡ .¡..|'| .....':|: | .|:m
...||:| .| |'. |:..+.:.. .|': |':...: |+|:| |'' .|:m ..''.':| +.:
|.|:| .| || |+.|' +|| ':'.:.:| | ': |.:: |. ...'+|.| . ..''. |m+.|
Deacon of the Month
Larry Dunlap, 255.2122 ext 139
.. ':+| |+|| .:+|¡ | ':'. ..|' |': .'¡.+' |::| | |':
m:m':. +|| +||:||:. | |'. |:''.'.. ''.'| ¡. '+.: +
'.|-|:.m. :m:.|:|¡ |::|. | || ':.|+|: | +'' |': '..'
| : +|| ':+.: + m:+|: |. |': “':+| | |': !||'” ¯'.
m.|.|.¡ . m+|: ..'': '¡ ¡.. |.|| | |': ':+|’ ¯.||
Deaconess of the Month
Pat Harker | 262.3396
.. ':+|:: +.: +.+.'+'': | |': .m:| | |': '..' .|
+.:+ | :|..+|:m:|| +|| ....|.+' ....| '| ¡. |::| +
'.|:|.|| :+. +|| m:|: | ..+¡ ..|' ¡.. .':+: +'' '+|
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
Revolutionary Parenting
Facilitated by Je and Julie Holt and
Steve and Kris Moser
9:10–10:25AM | 8 Sundays beginning TODAY
Room 108 | Workbook $10
Parenting is serious business…and it’s a
business that requires a plan. Do you have a
plan for your family that includes vision, goals
and a strategy for reaching them? In this class,
based upon the research of the Barna Group, you’ll have the
opportunity to create a parenting plan that makes sense for your
family. You’ll spend time learning more about your children,
reflecting on your life priorities, and creating steps to help you
raise children who are spiritual champions. Whether you’re the
parents of toddlers or teens, this class is for you.
Parent/Child Dedication
and Pre-Dedication Class
Registration Deadline - October 5
Parents desiring to have their
baby dedicated to the Lord will be
given this opportunity on Sunday,
October 18. A pre-dedication class
for parents will be held on Sunday,
October 11. This class will explain
the significance of dedicating your
child to the Lord, provide practical
parenting helps, and offer you an op-
portunity to get acquainted with our
Children’s Ministry. If this will be the first child you are dedicating
here at Federated, the class is a prerequisite to dedication. If you
have dedicated other children at Federated, you are encouraged to
attend. We believe you’ll benefit from the information and enjoy
the class, too. First Federated does not baptize infants. We believe
that baptism is a step of obedience made by a person who has
put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. Baptism is an
outward expression of what has already occurred in the life of a
believer. In Parent/Child Dedication, parents make a public com-
mitment to “train up a child in the way he should go,” as God in-
structs in Proverbs 22:6. We give thanks for the gift of life and ask
God’s blessing upon parents and children in the hope that someday
each child will trust Jesus as Savior and Lord. Please contact Mary
in the Children’s Ministry office at 255.2122 by Monday, October 5
to be included in the class and dedication or for more information.
KZ Church
Welcome to Big City Studio,
kids! We know you’re gonna love
our new set and our new series of
lessons from Genesis. This week we
learned that God didn’t just create
the world and leave it in its original
state. He spent time making it
beautiful and perfect for us.
God can do the same thing for us
after we accept Jesus. He helps us to
grow more and more like Him. So,
moms and dads, boys and girls, re-
member He’s not finished with us yet!
We don’t want a single
person to miss out on AWANA
this year! Invite a friend or
neighbor to come this week for
another Buddy Night. Clubs start promptly at 6:30PM.
Puggles—age 2 by 9-15-09
Cubbies—preschoolers ages 3 & 4 by 9-15-09
Sparks—K-2nd Grade
T & T—3rd & 4th Grade
It’s Time for Team Time!
Yes, it’s time to get the whole
Children’s Ministry team together
for training, encouragement and
some fun stuff, too! Whether you
serve in the nursery/preschool
department, K-4, AWANA, Xtreme,
KZ Church, or the Registration
Station, you’re part of the team, so plan to attend. Wannabes are
welcome, too!
Financial Report
Attendance 9/20/09
°`|AM ´:':'.+|.| +'°
`|+'AM '..:. ..'
¯+.'¡ ´'.'|'| '.
´'.'|.:|’ ´'..' '+
Budgeted Missions
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| `..`..
|:..|| `..`.`
''.|+|: .`:
General Fund Oering
'+| '::'
'::''¡ '::| ``.°`.
|:..|| ...°''
''.|+|: . +.°..:
·:+. | '+|: °/`/|°–..::||
'::| °'..°.
|:..|| °...'°
''.|+|: .`.'`.:
First Federated Church Sunday, September 27, 2009
A big THANK YOU to all
who helped make the drawstring
bag project a success. To all
the cutters, pressers, stitchers and
stringers, without you we would never
have reached our goal of over 600 bags.
Thank you, everyone. These bags will be
included in Operation Christmas Child
shoe boxes that will be collected in No-
vember. Just imagine all the ways a child
could find to use his or her own colorful
fabric bag! By the way, the sewing group
meets the first and third Thursday morn-
ing of each month in the sewing room.
We have lots of ongoing projects. Come
and join us. No experience required. For
more information, contact Lois Grove at
254.1141 or Joanne Zunkel at 270.2521.
Lois Grove
Heading South for the Winter?
If you’re planning on being out of the area for an extended
period of time, the church office would greatly appreciate being
notified of your anticipated departure and return dates. If you’d
like to receive regular church mailings in your absence, make
sure to provide us with your alternative address and we’ll do
our best to keep you up to date. And don’t forget to check the
church’s website ( on a regular basis for
news and pictures.
Flu Shots
Flu shots will be available at Parish Nurse Office:
Sunday, October 11 | 12:00–2:00PM
Tuesday, October 20 | 1–3PM (after 60+)
$22.50 (Medicare no cost. application papers will be available)
H1 N1 is not in flu shot yet. Additional information regarding
advisable age, etc. from CDC will be available at Parish Nurse
Office, Room 1117. You may leave your reservation with Colleen
at church office 255-2122. – Marabel Kersey, Parish Nurse
Nurses’ Seminar
October 10 | 8:30-4:00PM | Room 108 (0.7 C.E.U.’s for $5)
Focus: Nurses serving with Congregational Care Ministry
Non nurses welcome, too. Registration and additional infor-
mation contact Marabel Kersey at 255.2122 or 834.2001.
Wednesday Night Meal
Fellowship Hall | 5-6:15PM
Children (age 2-12) $2 | Adults $3 | Family $10
Make reservations on the Care & Communication Card or call the
church o ce before noon on Mondays.
Sept 30: grilled porkloin on bun, macaroni salad, chips, apple pie
Missions Luncheon
TODAY! September 27 | 12–2:00PM | Fellowship Hall
Come hear from Vaughn and Jennifer, our missionaries who
serve in South Asia. They are involved with reconstruction and
community development, sharing Christ’s love in a practical way.
Men’s Retreat | The Man Code
October 2–4 | Twin Lakes Christian Camp
Come learn the code for men featuring speakers Mike Rose,
Steve Baker, Terry Stark, Glen Biermann, and Scott Larsen. $40
covers two nights and meals. Sign up today in the foyer of the
Celebration and River services.
Disability Resource Conference
Saturday, October 3 | 9AM–2:30PM | Valley Church
Hosted by The Special Needs Ministry Network of Des Moines
Federated is one of 5 churches that make up this ministry network.
Stop by the Children’s office to pick up a brochure and get
Ladies Christmas Tea | Spirit of Christmas
Tuesday, December 8 | 6:30–8:30PM | Fellowship Hall
Men’s Retreat “The Man Code” ........................................................................2–4
Disability Resource Conference .°AM–.`|PM | '+'':¡ ´'..': ..................................3
Special Guest: David Pierce ....................................................................................4
Alpha Begins ..||PM | ¯:''.'.. '+'': ............................................................................5
Fall Fun Night ............................................................................................................ 23
Ladies Retreat “Loving Well” .........................................................................13–14
Thank You
Thank you for all your prayers, calls, cards and concern you
showed during my recent knee surgery. Your prayers carried me
through and now I am well on my way to recovery. Praise and
Thanks be to God.
Lois Dixon
American Family Friend-
ship Program
Thanks to Dan and Amy
Stout for matching up families
with international students from
Drake, and for organizing the
fall event at Saylorville Lake. Thanks also to Pat Anderson, Jim
Dusenbery, Bob Marean and Carol Ginder for helping to prepare
the main course for the day. What a blessing to see how God
brings everything together.
John Porter

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