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Murali Krishna Raavi

Email: Mobile: +91 9553533139

OBJECTIVE To provide Effective and Efficieint solution to the logistic client network b appl ing !nventor Management and "tock #ontrol Methods with strong base of leadership e$perience and %cademic &ackground



Tesco Express - London - UK


Maintains merchandise presentation b stocking and rotating merchandise b removing damaged and out of date goods' "etting up( cleaning and organi)ing product displa s( singing and pricing merchandise appropriatel and securing fragile and high shrink merchandise' Maintains inventor accurac b binning and picking merchandise b utili)ing the inventor management s stem' #ompleting bin audits( working inventor e$ceptions and correcting shelve capacities' %ssist customers with an in*uiries and re*uest' +esponsible for unloading freight from trucks and loading it on to store e*uipment "tock the floor to proper inventor levels' Maintain inventor in backroom to ensure store shrinkage is below compan goals' ,erform c cle counts and audits' %ssist customers to make sure the are 1--. satisfied with customer service. VAISHNAVI HEAVY CARRIERS HYDERABAD

2004- 2009


/ood e$perience into "ales planning and 0egotiation with customers 1 %dding new direct customers 1 new corporate #ustomers +esponsible for bringing sales for all client products such as warehousing( 2ocal 3istribution( "ea 4reight and +oad Transportation business' +esponding to incoming *ueries and ensures the efficient and effective resolution of service ,reparing business plan and formulate sales strategies to achieve sales results and develop new business opportunities desired attributes #reative and proactive approach towards challenges %bilit to influence and build relationships at all levels especiall with e$ternal customers
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e$perienced in 4reight 4orwarding5"hipping sales with proven track records 6 ,ossess e$perience in chartering operations and management with good knowledge in shipping documents and custom procedures 3evelop new client for import5e$port "hipment 4ollow6up e$isting client to continue health and strong business relationship


7orked in operations with the team of five members to ensure the goods are delivered in time to the destination Maintaining the accountaibilit of truck maintenance and ensure the trucks in good conditions and keeping track of the goods until the transit reaches the final destination %nal )e data and provide standard reports showing trends( ke reference points including market research ,itching about the compan 8s products to the clients and communicating new developments to prospective clients &een maintaining the #ash#redits( &alance "heets and 9eeping the &anking records up to date ,roficient in M"6:ffice tools


OPERATIONS ASSISTANT (LO ISTICS) SRS !"#$%& L'($)*$+) ,-* L*./ H0.&#"1"./ I%.$"

Instrumental in ensuring all consignments were transported safely and correctly to the shipyard, liaising extensively with colleagues in the !" and #anada $orking closely with logistical staff and clients to ensure payments were made and that documentation was in order

Educa'ion and (uali)ica'ions

M*!+ *Sc+ Masters in %usiness "dministration &'(11) niversity of !underland & .*) Mathematics, Physics + Instrumentation &'((') Pragati Maha ,idyalaya #ollege,, India

,ersonal pro)ile
/anguages *nown 3ate of %irth Marital !tatus "ddress 0 0 0 0 -indi, 1nglish + 2elugu 4th, 1969 !ingle -ouse 7o0 891948:'6, 7ear -uda #omplex, ,anasthalipuram, 9 ;(((6(, "ndhra Pradesh

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