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Fetus Measurement Growth Calculators

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Fetal Measurement Growth Charts

BPD - OFD - HC | Femur and Humerus F! H!" | #$dominal Circum%erence #C" Fetal Weight Percentile Charts | Fetal Growth Percentile Charts Measurement &tandards | 'ltrasound Measurement Chart | Crown-(um) !ength After the first trimester of pregnancy a multiparameter assessment of gestational age is advocated. This should include at least two fetal measurements (usually biparietal diameter (BPD) and femur length (F )) plus a consideration of additional parameters such as head circumference (!")# occipitofrontal diameter ($FD)# abdominal circumference (A") and humerus length (! ). %easurements in the beam a&is are more accurate than those made across the a&is. Despite this# some measurements (e.g. "rown'(ump ength ("( ) and femur length) should be measured across the a&is. The earliest measurement of gestational age ta)en in pregnancy should usually be accepted as the definitive assessment# subse*uent e&aminations reflecting only fetal growth in the intervening period. +f measurements ta)en after the first trimester are within one wee) of the gestational assessment ta)en from menstrual dating then the ultrasound assessment of gestational age confirms the menstrual dates. +f the ultrasound measurements are in agreement and differ from menstrual dates by more than one wee) prior to ,- wee)s a new estimated due date should be calculated and recorded. The reduced accuracy of prediction of gestational age after ,- wee)s must be appreciated. At any gestation# if the ultrasound fetal measurements of each parameter are not in agreement# the reason for this difference should be evaluated. This is preferable to .ust averaging all values to arrive at an estimated gestational age. The wide normal range of BPD in late pregnancy must be appreciated. +t is not e&pected that BPD be used to assess gestation late in pregnancy. The values from // wee)s are intended to predict the growth in fetal head si0e from a )nown gestation.

1 *o) 1

Fetal Measurements + Weeks Calculator

+t is common to ma)e at least , and often 2 or 3 measurements to estimate gestational age. +n most cases# BPD 4Biparietal diameter5# HC 4!ead circumference5# #C 4Abdominal

circumference5 and F! 4Femur length5 are used. 6ince all of these measurements are strongly related to gestational age# it is not usually important how they are combined. ,ormal -.- de/iations are shown in $rackets" in the chart $elow0 BPD in mm1 HC in mm 1 #C in mm 1 Gestational #ge + Gestational #ge + Gestational #ge + weeks weeks weeks

F! in mm 1 Gestational #ge + weeks 2 *he in%ormation )ro/ided here cannot su$stitute the ad/ice o% a medical )ro%essional 3

Fetal Weight
7o formula for estimating the %etal 4$irth weight4 has achieved an accuracy which enables us to recommend its use. +t should be noted that errors of about 8-9 are reported and that even at this level of accuracy it is disappointing. +t is suggested that there may be an improvement in accuracy of about 39 in using three rather than two parameters.

Estimated %etal weight calculator

This calculator uses the most common ultrasound formula: proposed by 6hephard et al. ;stimated fetal weight (eF< in =g# BPD and A" in mm)> og8-(eF<)? '8.@2A,B(-.-8CCDBPD)B(-.--2CDA")',.C2CD(BPDDA")E8--Enter a BPD and #C Measurement in mm1 BPD in mm + grams OR #C in mm + ounces OR )ounds

Doing an ultrasound to estimate fetal weight near term is a very common practice# one still employed by many $Bs# especially with large mothers. !owever# research clearly shows that this is a very *uestionable practice. The accuracy rate is very low# many women are pressured into interventions that do more harm than good# and even the mere P(;D+"T+$7 of macrosomia (large baby) alters the way physicians perceive and treat labor. A number of studies have *uestioned the use of ultrasound for estimated fetal birth weight. Fiven its inaccuracy and resulting interventions# this does 7$T seem to be a .ustifiable use of the technology unless co'e&isting conditions li)e diabetes are present (even then# some

research *uestions its use). !owever# it does remain common despite the research against it. 1 *o) 1

Fetal Growth Percentile Calculator1

Percentile E5am)le1 $ut of 8-- babies# a reading of forty percent (this is the percentile value) indicates that the baby is smaller than si&ty other babies and larger than forty other babies. The mean or average is fifty percent. A value that reads below 3-9 indicates that the measurement is lower than the average. Thus# a value that is above 3-9 indicates that the measurement is above average. # %etus is considered normal i% the6 are $etween 78th and 98th )ercentile0 Enter Gestational #ge Enter Measurement weeks" mm or grams %or Estimated Fetal Weight "

)ercentile 2 *he in%ormation )ro/ided here cannot su$stitute the ad/ice o% a medical )ro%essional 3 Weight con/erter 1 :m)erial and Metric Con/ert 1 Pounds l$" and Ounces o;" << Grams g"
0 0 0

Pounds (lb)

$unces (o0)

Grams g"

Con/ert 1 Grams g" << Pounds l$" and Ounces o;"


Frams (g)

Pounds l$"

Ounces o;"

8 pound 4lb5 ? 8C o0 ? 232 grams 4g5 G 8--- g ? 8 =ilo 4)g5

Estimated Fetal Weight Percentile Chart

Festational <ee)s ? ;stimated Fetal <eight Percentile "hart BE' 8.,H 6tandard Deviation 4 # %etus is considered normal i% the6 are $etween 78th and 98th )ercentile 5 #/g Gestational Weeks 7@ 7A 7> 79 =8 EFW 82Cg (3o0) 8H8g (Co0) ,,/g (@o0) ,@/g (Ao0) //8g (88o0) Estimated Fetal Weight BE' &D 70=> 78th? 8,8 838H3 ,,@ ,@3 98th? 8@8 ,8, ,C8 /8A /H@

=7 == =B =C =D =@ =A => =9 B8 B7 B= BB BC BD B@ BA B> B9 C8

/AAg (82o0) 2@Hg (8lb) 3CHg (8lb 3o0) C@-g (8lb @o0) @H3g (8lb 88o0) A8/g (,lb) 8-33g (,lb 3o0) 8,8-g (,lb 8-o0) 8/@Ag (/lb) 833Ag (/lb @o0) 8@38g (/lb 8/o0) 8A3/g (2lb 2o0) ,8C,g (2lb 8,o0) ,/@@g (3lb /o0) ,3A3g (3lb 88o0) ,H8/g (Clb /o0) /-,Hg (Clb 8-o0) /,/Cg (@lb ,o0) /2/3g (@lb Ao0) /C8Ag (@lb 83o0)

//8 /AH 2@8 33C C3, @3H H@C 8--2 8823 8,A2 823/ 8C,8 8@A2 8A@/ ,832 ,//3 ,38/ ,CHC ,H38 /--2

2C@ 33A CC3 @H2 A8H 8-CH 8,/2 828C 8C8/ 8H,2 ,-2A ,,H3 ,3/,@H8 /-/C /,A8 /32/ /@HC 2-8A 2,/2

Fetal Growth Percentile Charts1

Measurement Charts1 BPD ' $FD ' !" I Femur and !umerus (F ! ) I Abdominal "ircumference (A") B:P#(:E*#! D:#ME*E( #,D HE#D C:(C'MFE(E,CE The BPD and $FD are measured on a transverse a&ial section of the fetal head which includes the fal& cerebri anteriorly and posteriorly# the cavum septum pellucidum anteriorly in the midline and the thalami. The BPD is measured from the outer edge of the nearer parietal bone to the inner edge of the more distant parietal bone. The $FD is measured perpendicular to the BPD.

FEM'( #,D H'ME('& !E,G*H The long bones are measured with the bone across the beam a&is. The strong acoustic shadow behind the femoral or humeral shaft and the visualisation of both cartilaginous ends indicates that the image plane is on the longest a&is and is the optimal measurement plane. The calipers are placed along the diaphyseal shaft e&cluding the epiphysis.

#BDOM:,#! C:(C'MFE(E,CE These measurements are more appropriately used in the assessment of fetal growth# particularly in the second half of the pregnancy# than in the assessment of gestational age. +t is# however# an appropriate measurement in the second trimester to demonstrate normal fetal proportions. The abdominal circumference is measured at the level of the liver and stomach# including the left portal vein at the umbilical region.

1 *o) 1

'ltrasonic Fetal Measurement &tandards

+f we assume a fetus is growing normally# biometric measurements are determined by gestational age# and we can estimate the gestational age and thus the due date. <hen the date of the last menses preceding conception is )nown# it is usually a more accurate estimate (BE' 3 days) of ;D" <hen using ultrasound to estimate gestational age# remember that we are assuming the fetus is growing normally. "onditions which alter fetal growth will ma)e the estimates less reliable. Although many embryonic and fetal structures can be measured# only a few measurements are easy and repeatable enough for widespread use. *he most common are1 Gestational &ac1 The first element to be measurable is the gestation sac of the early pregnancy. The gestational sac is measured in three dimensions# and the average# the %ean 6ac Diameter (%6D) used for estimating gestational age. +t is useful between 3 and H menstrual wee)s with accuracy of BE' / days . As a rough rule of thumb# the %6D B /- ? %enstrual Age in days. Em$r6onic Crown-(um) !ength1 The length of the embryo on the longest a&is (e&cluding the yol) sac) constitutes the crown'rump length. This is among the best documented parameters to date the embryo# with accuracy of BE' /'3 days. As a rough rule of thumb# the "( B C.3 ? %enstrual Age

in <ee)s. Bi)arietal diameter BPD"1 The transverse width of the head at itJs widest. <e measure from the the leading edge to leading edge of the bones# because this leading interface is most distinct. 6ince the head is oval# the error induced by small errors in positioning is small# ma)ing for a repeatable# robust measure. !ead si0e is determined largely by brain growth which is relatively independent of nutritional (maternalEplacental insufficiency) growth retarding processes# and head growth is often relatively KsparedK in such growth retardation. *he BPD $est used a%ter 7= weeks0 Accuracy is BE' 8.8 wee) 82 ' ,- wee)s# BE' 8.C wee)s ,- ' ,C wee)s# BE' ,.2 wee) ,C ' /- wee)s# and BE' / ' 2 wee)s after /- wee)s. Femur !ength1 The femur length is a repeatable measurement with accuracy similar to the BPD. +t is effected by s)eletal dysplasias# but since these are rare# it is a reliable measurement which confirms measurements of the head. +t is best measured after 82 wee)s. +t is common to ma)e at least , and often 2'3 measurements to estimate gestational age. +n most cases# BPD# !ead "ircumference# Femur length# and Abdominal circumference are used. 6ince all of these measurements are strongly related to gestational age# it is not usually important how they are combined. %ost modern ultrasound machines include computeri0ed biometric analysis programs used to easily calculate your ;stimated Due Date or ;DD or ;D". 1 *o) 1

'ltrasound Fetal Measurement &tandards Chart ,O*E1 BE' 6tandard deviations shown in (brac)ets).
Gestation weeks" BPD mm" OFD mm" Head circum%erence mm"

%easurements are for completed wee)s.

Femur mm" Humerus mm" Gestation weeks"

'ltrasonic Fetal Measurement &tandards Chart

#$dominal circum%erence mm"

-.- &tandard de/iations shown in $rackets"0 Measurements are %or com)leted weeks0

77 7= 7B 7C

7@ =8 =C =>

=08" C08" C08" C08"

=7 =C =9 BC

=08" =08" B08" B08"

D9 A8 >C 9@

7D" 7D" 7D" 7D"

D= @B AC >C

78" 78" 78" 78"

> 78 77 7D

=08" > B08" =0D" 9 =08" =0D" 77 B08" B08" 7C C08"

77 7= 7B 7C

7D 7@ 7A 7> 79 =8 =7 == =B =C =D
Gestation weeks"

B7 B@ B9 C= CD CA C9 D= DA @8 @C

C08" D08" D08" C08" D08" C08" C08" D08" D08" @08" @08"

B> C@ D8 DC DA @7 @B @> A@ A9 >=

B08" B08" B08" B0D" B0D" B0D" C08" B0D" C08" C08" C0D"

78> 7=> 7C7 7D7 7@8 7A8 7A@ 7>> =78 ==8 =B7

7D" 7D" 7D" =8" =8" =8" =8" =8" =8" =8" =8"

9@ 78@ 7=8 7B7 7C8 7D7 7@C 7A@ 7>@ =87 =7=

78" 78" 7D" 7D" 7D" 7D" =8" =8" =8" =8" =8"

7A == =D => B8 B= BC BA CB CD C>

B0D" C08" C08" D08" D08" @08" @08" D08" D08" C08" D08"

7A =7 =D =A =9 B7 B= BD B> C8 CB

D0D" C08" D08" D0D" D08" D08" @08" @08" C08" @08" D08"

7D 7@ 7A 7> 79 =8 =7 == =B =C =D
Gestation weeks"

BPD mm"

OFD mm"

Head circum%erence mm"

#$dominal circum%erence mm"

Femur mm"

Humerus mm"

=@ =A => =9 B8 B7 B= BB BC BD B@ BA B> B9 C8 C7
Gestation weeks"

@A @> A= AD A@ >8 >7 >C >@ >> 98 9= 9B 9D 9@ 9>

C08" D08" C08" C08" C08" @08" C08" @08" @08" @0D" @08" @0D" @08" >08" >08" >08"

>C >@ 9D 9A 9> 787 78= 78A 78> 789 77= 77B 77@ 779 7=8 7==

C0D" C0D" D08" D0D" D0D" D08" D08" D0D" D0D" D0D" D0D" @08" D0D" @08" @08" @08"

=B> =D8 =@B =@9 =AC =>C =>> B88 B8D B78 B7A B=7 B=> BB@ BC8 BCC

=8" =8" =8" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D" =D"

==B =B8 =C= =D9 =@= =A= =>B =9C B8D B7D B=D BBB BC= BD@ B@= B@A

=D" =D" =D" =D" =D" B8" B8" B8" B8" B8" BD" BD" BD" BD" BD" BD"

C9 D8 DC DD D> D9 @= @D @@ @A @9 A= AB AD A@ AA

D08" D08" C08" D0D" @08" D0D" @08" C08" C08" @08" @08" D08" D0D" @08" C08" D08"

CC CA D8 D7 D= DC D@ DA D9 @8 @= @B @C @D @@ @>

C08" C08" D08" D08" D08" D08" D08" @08" D0D" @08" D08" @08" @08" D0D" @08" @08"

=@ =A => =9 B8 B7 B= BB BC BD B@ BA B> B9 C8 C7
Gestation weeks"

BPD mm"

OFD mm"

Head circum%erence mm"

#$dominal circum%erence mm"

Femur mm"

Humerus mm"

1 *o) 1

Crown-(um) !ength Measurements

Crown-(um) !ength Measurements

Gestation weeks.da6s" C(! mm" Gestation weeks.da6s" C(! mm" Gestation weeks.da6s" C(! mm"

D0= D0B D0C D0D D0@ @08 @07 @0= @0B @0C @0D @0@ A08 A07 A0= A0B A0C A0D A0@ >08 >07 >0=

7 = B B C C D @ A > 9 78 77 77 7= 7= 7B 7C 7D 7A 7> 79

>0B >0C >0D >0@ 908 907 90= 90B 90C 90D 90@ 7808 7807 780= 780B 780C 780D 780@ 7708 7707 770= 770B 1 *o) 1

=8 =7 == == =B =C =@ =A => =9 B7 BC B@ BA B> B9 B9 C8 CC CD CA C>

770C 770D 770@ 7=08 7=07 7=0= 7=0B 7=0C 7=0D 7=0@ 7B08 7B07 7B0= 7B0B 7B0C 7B0D 7B0@ 7C08 7C07 7C0= 7C0B 7C0C

D= DD D@ DA D> @8 @7 @B @C @D @> A8 A= AC A@ AA >8 >7 >C >D >@ >A

How man6 scans should : ha/eE As a practical matter# ultrasound scanning has proven to be so popular with patients and also their obstetricians# that almost everyone receiving regular prenatal care ends up with at least one scan anyway. The total number of scans will vary depending on whether a previous scan has detected certain abnormalities that re*uire follow'up assessment. *here is no hard and %ast rule %or the num$er o% scans 6ou should ha/e during )regnanc60 +n some countries# sonograms are performed .ust twice during pregnancy. $nce at 8C ' 8H wee)s to assess fetal abnormalities# and again at /, ' /2 wee)s to assess age and well' being. +t is now recommended that all pregnant women have a dating scan in the first trimester ' ideally at 8- to 8/ wee)s of pregnancy ' to confirm your dates. This is especially important if you are going to have any screening tests for DownJs syndrome# as )nowing the e&act dates ma)es sure your result is accurate. %ost hospitals offer a scan in the second trimester at about ,- wee)s (the anomaly scan) to chec) that your baby is developing normally.