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Highland Trojan Spread Offensive Philosophy

Two Goals of the Spread Offense Win Score The Offensive Philosophy 1. We will use the pass to set up the run 2. We will be a highly explosive offense by forcing the defense into a 1 on 1 situation. . We will attac! the defense both hori"ontally and vertically. #. We will throw high percentage passes. $. We will confuse the defense by for%ation and %otions. &. We will force the defense to cover the whole field and run to the football. '. We will have an explosive and exciting running attac!. (. We will win the fourth )uarter. The *ighland Offense will be based on+ The use of %ultiple spread for%ations to force the defense to spread the field+ therefore li%iting the nu%ber of defenders that are in the box. ,se of base- si%ple pass protection so that the line%en beco%e very good at it. ,se of a few base plays- particularly pass plays- that can be run fro% a variety of for%ations Ta!ing what the defense gives you. Throws that our )uarterbac! can %a!e. The use of screens- draws- and )uic! passing ga%e and hot routes to stop people fro% blit"ing. Stretching defenses hori"ontally and vertically to open up the short passing ga%e and the run ga%e.

The No Huddle
Of course we could huddle if we choose to do so. The following will illustrate the advantages of using the no using the .o *uddle. .o *uddle /%phasis 1. 0onditioning 2. 1iscipline . 0onfusing the defense #. Setting the offensive te%po $. 2llows the offensive staff to loo! at the defense before we call the play Te%pos 1. 3ast 4.2S0256 2. .or%al 47ndy6 . Slow 1own 4*ighway6 #. Script 48uster6 Snap 0ount 9Set: pause to scan the defense and release any %otion 9Go: We will have a 93ree"e: call. When we call 93ree"e: we will not snap the ball. 2ny play that begins with the nu%ber ' will also be a 93ree"e: play. .2S025 Pac!age 1. This will be used as the fast %ode and the 2 %inute offense. 2. When .2S025 is call fro% the sideline- everyone will !now that the offense is in fast %ode. . The goal is to %a!e first downs or score by using our conditioning and confusing the defense. 8uster Pac!age 1. This is a series of plays that are practice during the wee!. They will be in a specific order and always run in that order during that particular ga%e. 2. There will be to & plays in this series. . The plays will change fro% wee! to wee!. #. We %ust practice these plays so we do not have to call the% during the ga%e.

The Play Package

*ole .u%bering

# $


1/ 0

6 %

1; Series+ The 1; Series is the <uarterbac! 5uns 11=12 <uarterbac! Snea! 11=12 7so 1 =1# 0ounter 1 =1# Power 2; Series+ The 2; Series is the * 8ac! 5uns 21=22 *=7so 2 =2# *=Trap 2 =2# *=0ounter 2 =2# *=Power 2$=2& *=Speed 2'=2( *=Sweep 2'=2( *=>et ; Series+ The ; Series is the 3 8ac! 5uns 1= 2 3=7so = # 3=Trap = # 3=0ounter = # 3=Power $= & 3=Speed '= ( 3=Sweep

#; Series+ 2re the Screens to the 5ight #1 Screen to the 3irst 5eceiver fro% Sideline on the 5ight #2 Screen to the Second 5eceiver fro% Sideline on the 5ight # Screen to the Third 5eceiver fro% the Sideline on the 5ight ## Screen to the 3ourth 5eceiver fro% the Sideline on the 5ight $; Series+ 2re the Screens to the ?eft $1 Screen to the 3irst 5eceiver fro% Sideline on the ?eft $2 Screen to the Second 5eceiver fro% Sideline on the ?eft $ Screen to the Third 5eceiver fro% the Sideline on the ?eft $# Screen to the 3ourth 5eceiver fro% the Sideline on the ?eft &; Series+ This is our <uic! Passing Series &; Speed Outs & 5ight or ?eft & Scissors && *itch && *itch and Go &' Slant &' Slant and Go &( Stic! &@ 3lat @; Series+ This is our 3ive Step Ga%e @; Shallows @1 S%ash @2 Aesh @ 5ightB?eft @# C=Sail @$ C=0ross @& 0url @' Dertical

&ords Tha' Speak To ( ?ate+ Aoves E inside of C 3lip+ Aoves E to left side and inside of F 3lop+ Aoves E to left side and outside of F 5ip+ Aoves y off of ?OS and E on ?OS ?eft+ C %oves to the left side and E %oves onto the ?OS

&ords Tha' Speak To ) C is always on the right side and inside unless the word left is used Co+ Places C in a T/ position on the right side 5ip+ C is off ?OS and E is on ?OS ?ate+ C and E swap positions- C stays on the ?OS but %oves outside of E ?eft+ C lines up on the ?eft side off the ball and is =# yards outside of the tac!le

&ords Tha' Speak To H 2ce+ 2 x 2 set- with x on the ?OS outside and * off the ?OS inside to the left 1art+ 2 x 2 set- %oves * outside of F on the left /arly+ Trips right- %oves * to the right side and between E and C /%pty+ 2lign sa%e as 2ce 8o+ Aoves * outside of F on the left &ords Tha' Speak To * /%pty+ Aeans leave bac!field /%pty 3ran!+ 2lign between C and E on right /%pty 3ill+ 2lign between * and F on the left Other align%ent tips+ if trips- align away fro% trips in the bac!field unless play call !eeps you on that side &ords Tha' Speak To + F is always on the left and always on the ?OS unless 1euce or %oved off by other receivers re)uest 1art+ Aoves F inside of * 8o+ Aoves x inside of * 1euce+ Aoves F off ball 3lop+ Aoves F inside of E

,O-O.S 2ll colors are two bac! for%ations 8lueBGreen G Shotgun 2 bac! Orange G 5egular 7 for%ation 8lac!B8rown G Offset 7