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The Adjective ( Adjectivul) Degrees of comparison ( Gradele de comparatie)

1. Short adjectives adjectives that have 1-2 syllables ( Adjective scurte adjective formate din 12 silabe) Tall (inalt) Small (mic) Young (tanar) ld (in varsta) !a""y(fericit) #at (gras) $ig (mare) %&am"les Tom is tall' (Tom este inalt) Tom is taller THA (ary' (Tom este mai inalt ca (ary) Tom is the tallest boy in our classroom' (Tom este cel mai inalt baiat din clasa) Taller (mai inalt) Smaller (mai mic) younger (mai tanar) lder (mai in varsta) !a""ier (mai fericit) #atter (mai gras) $igger (mai mare) Tallest (cel mai inalt) Smallest (cel mai mic) Youngest (cel mai tanar) ldest (cel mai in varsta) !a""iest (cel mai fericit) #attest (cel mai gras) $iggest (cel mai mare)

!. "ong adjectives adjectives that have 2-) or more syllables (Adjective lungi formate din 2-) sau mai multe silabe) $eautiful (frumos) *ntelligent (inteligent) +angerous ("ericulos) %&citing (ca"tivant, emotionant) *nteresting ( interesant) %&am"les She is intelligent' (%a este inteligenta) She is more intelligent THA other children' (%a este mai inteligenta decat alti co"ii) She is the most intelligent girl in our classroom' (%a este cea mai inteligenta fata din clasa) more beautiful (mai frumos) more intelligent (mai inteligent) more dangerous (mai "ericulos) more e&citing (mai ca"tivant) more interesting (mai interesant) the most beautiful (cel mai frumos) the most intelligent (cel mai inteligent) the most dangerous (cel mai "ericulos) the most e&citing (cel mai ca"tivant) the most interesting (cel mai interesant)

#. $rregular adjectives have a fi&ed formed, must be learned by heart' ( Adjectivele neregulate au o forma fi&a, trebuie invatate "e de rost)

good (-ell) bad little much, many

better -orse less more

best -orst least most

%&am"les You are %etter at THA your sister' (%sti mai bun la gatit decat sora ta) /ohn is the &orst coo. ever' (/ohn este cel mai "rost bucatar)

%&ercises0 1rite the com"arative0 a. old'older (e&am"le) f' good b' strong c' ha""y d' modern e' im"ortant g' large h' serious i' "retty j' bad

2om"lete the sentences -ith a su"erlative0 %&am"le0 a. This %uilding is ver( old. $t)s the oldest %uilding in the to&n. b' *t -as a very ha""y day' *t -as333333333333333333333333333333 of my life' c' *t4s a very good film' *t4s33333333333333333333333333333 *4ve seen' d' *t -as a very bad mista.e' *t -as333333333333333333333333 in my life' e' *t -as a very cold day' *t -as33333333333333333333333333 of the year' f' She4s a "o"ular singer' She4s33333333333333333333333333 in the country'

g' !e4s a very boring "erson' !e4s333333333333333333333333 * .no-' h' This house is very big' *t is33333333333333333333333333 *4ve lived in'

*ust+ have to
Are used to e&"ress obligation'

* must do the home-or.' You must do the home-or.' !e5she must do the home-or.'

1e must do the home-or.' You must do the home-or.' They must do the home-or.'

* have to be 6uiet during classes' You have to be 6uiet during classes' !e5She5it has to be 6uiet during classes'

1e have to be 6uiet during classes' You have to be 6uiet during classes' They have to be 6uiet during classes'