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Meetings are held every-other week

in Randall Library Auditorium Room

2047 at our AEW 1IME of 7 PM.
Jan 15
- First Meeting oI the Semester
- Final GA Aquarium $120 due
- Scavenger Hunt Sign-Ups
Jan 29th
- Divers Alert Network Speaker
- Spring Break Sign Ups
- Club Photo Night
Feb 12th
- Cabin Fever Party - $3 tickets
- Bring A Friend Night
- Sharknado Movie
- GA Aquarium Follow Up
Feb 26th
- Pool Party Night Rec Center
- Lib Ship Clean-Up Dive Sign Up
Mar 12th
- ScientiIic Diving Speaker
- Charter Sign Ups
Mar 26th
- PADI Go Pro Night
- The 'Dive Games
- Beach Clean Up Sign Up
April 9th
- NOAA LionIish Speaker
- Stow It- Don`t Throw It Sign Up
- Can Food Drive
April 23rd
- Club Pot-Luck / Dinner
- Member Picture Share
May 7th
- Summer Diving Trip Sign Ups
- End oI Year Club Ceremony
Feb 1st - Scavenger Hunt 1:a - 3p
Team challenges and events located on Campus, with Prizes & Surprises
Feb 5th - CA Aquarium Meeting - 7p Randall Library Auditorium.
Feb 9th - UACW SCUBA Club Fundraiser
Feb 15th - Fort Fish Aquarium 1rip - 1a with Lunch to Follow.
Feb 2th - FL Spring Break 1rip Meeting - 9p, After Club Meeting
Apr 5 - Beach Clean Up - 3p with Dinner to Follow
1BA - Lib Ship Clean Up Dive
1BA - Stow-It, Don't 1hrow It Event
What better way to get rid oI Cabin Fever than with a
PARTY! We are cranking up the heat AND the Iun.
Mark your calendars Ior Feb 12 and partake in the best
event oI the winter. Mingle with Iriends, talk about
diving, and meet new dive buddies. We will supply the
Iood and entertainment. Our Ieatured movie will be the
Iavorite 'Sharknado . Make sure to Bring a Friend!
Tickets are $3 ( just to make sure we have enough Iood to go around).
Don`t Iorget your Flip-Flops and Hawaiian or Caribbean beach wear.
Want to dive more but don`t have a buddy? No Problem. We are
putting together our Iun dive weekends Ior the 2014 dive season.
We will have a group oI club members doing some training dives, and
invite you to come hang out and dive with us, and other guests. We
will oIIer you an excuse to go diving, as iI you needed one... We will
be supplying the Saturday BBQ. There is NO cost to join our Iun dive
groups except Ior quarry entry Iees. Camping overnight is available
Fun Dive Dates: March 15, 22, 29
April 12, 19, 26
May 10, 17
Meetings, Courses & Events
Spring 14
Includes: All gear you need Ior the class.
1an 18 1an 25th Feb 8th
Try on SCUBA equipment and see how easy
it is to maneuver in it underwater.
Find out what it`s like to breathe
underwater and iI your comIortable with it.
Learn basic skills and saIety rules that will
carry over to your Iull SCUBA certiIication
Includes: PADI Open Water Diver Manual, RDP, Log Book, Lectures, Pools..
Must attend an Orientation on 1an 16 6 - 8p or 1an 17 5 - 7p
Tues, 1an 21, 28, Feb 4 Lecture 6 - 10p
Thurs, 1an 23, 30, Feb 6 Pool 6 - 10p
Mon, 1an 27, Feb 3, 10 Lecture 6:30-10p
Fri, 1an 31, Feb 7, 14 Pool 5 - 9p
Tues, Feb 11, 18, 25 Lecture 6 - 10p
Thurs, Feb 13, 20, 27 Pool 6 - 10p
Thurs, Mar 13, 27 Lecture 6 - 10p
Thurs Apr 17 Lect 1 - 5p
Thurs, Mar 20, Apr 10, 17 Pool 6 - 10p
Please Inquire about Online Learning if your schedule prohibits attending courses.
Has it been a while since you`ve been
diving? Brush up on your knowledge &
diving skills and have the conIidence to
get out there and do some diving.
Includes: PADI Tune-Up Workbook,
Lecture, Pool, Equipment, ReIresher
Sticker and Log Book page.
Fri, 1an 24 Lecture 5 - 9p
Sat, 1an 25 Pool 3 - 5p
Become a better diver, learn new skills, gain
conIidence, save someone`s liIe, meet new dive
buddies, expect the unexpected. This package
will take you Irom being an entry level beginner
to a well trained conIident diver. Classes must be
completed during 2014 Ior package pricing.
Complete Package OALY $49.
Includes: PADI Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Responder,
Emergency Oxygen Provider, and Rescue Diver Courses, all Manuals,
Materials, Lectures, Pool Sessions, & 4 CertiIications.
Includes: PADI Adventures in Diving Manual, Lecture,
5 dives, and CertiIication Card.
Wed, Feb 12 Orientation 8 - 10p
Mon, Feb 24 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
Mar 29 & 30 Dives
Fri, Mar 21 Orientation 5 - 7p
Fri, Apr 11 Lecture 5 - 9p
Apr 12 & 13 Dives
Wed, Apr 9 Orientation 8 - 10p
Fri, Apr 25 Lecture 5 - 9p
May 10 & 11 Dives
Includes: Rescue Diver Manual, Lectures, Pool, Scenario
Dives,, and CertiIication Card.
Mon, Mar 10 Orientation 6:30 - 10p
Mar 31, Apr 2 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
Apr 1 Pool 6 - 10p
Sat, Apr 5 Scenario Dives
Register by: Mar 21
Thurs, Apr 3 Lecture 6 - 10p
SCUBA Training Courses
Includes: PADI Digital Underwater Photo
Manual, Lecture, and Pool Session
Feb 5 Registration & Deposit due
Feb 21 Lecture 5 - 9p
Feb 28 Pool 6 - 8p
PADI Specialty Courses
Jan 22 & 25 Lecture 6 - 9p Pool 12-3p
Explore the diving you enjoy most, or try a new adventure. The PADI Specialty Diver Courses give you the
opportunity to Iocus on and develop speciIic diving skills. By choosing your personal combination oI training, you
will be on your way to earning PADI`s Highest recreational diver rating, Master Scuba Diver.
Includes: Materials, Lecture, Pool,
Workshop, & Certification Card
Feb 5 Registration & Deposit due
Feb 17 & 19 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
April 9 Registration & Deposit due
Apr 29 & 30 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
Includes: Lecture, Books,
Dive Tables & Certification Card
Includes: Manual, Lecture, 2 Hyde wreck dives,
& CertiIication Card
Feb 26 Registration & Deposit due
Mar 11 Lecture 6 - 10p
Apr 27 Dives
Includes: Lecture, Manual, & CertiIication Card
Mar 12 Registration & Deposit due
Mar 24 Lecture 6 - 10p
Mar 30 Dives
Includes: PADI Night Diver Manual, Lecture,
Charter Dives to Hyde, and certiIication Card.
Apr 16 Registration & Deposit due 8pm
Apr 28 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
May2 Dives
$149 + 2 charters
Includes: Lecture, Training, Manuals,
4 Charter Dives & CertiIication Card
Apr 16 Registration & Deposit due
May 1 Lecture & Training 6 - 10p
May 3 & 4 Dives (Lib Ship & Hyde)
Includes: Lecture, Hands-On Workshop,
& CertiIication Card
Mar 12 Registration & Fees due
Mar 14 Lecture & Training 5 - 9p
Includes: Lecture, Manuals,
4 Dives & CertiIication Card
Apr 2 Registration & Deposit due
Apr 16 Lecture & Training 6:30 - 10p
Apr 19 & 20 Dives * (available to reschedule)
$159 + Charter
Includes: Lecture, Manuals, Pool,
Charter, & CertiIication Card.
Includes: Lecture, Training, 3 Dives
& CertiIication Card.
Mar 19 Registration & Deposit due
Apr 4 Lecture & Training 5 - 9p
Apr 6 Dives
Includes: Lecture, Manual, & 2 year CertiIication
Feb 26 Registration & Deposit due
Mar 18 & 19 Training 630 - 10p
Mar 12 Registration & Deposit due
Mar 25 Lecture 6 - 10p
Mar 28 Pool 6 - 9p
Apr 6 Dives
Dive the Ceorgia Aquarium 1rip February 8, 214
We`ve had so much Iun and great diving, we are doing it again. Enjoy this adventure that puts you within
reach oI the worlds largest Iish, the Whale Shark. This dive provides you up-close and personal experiences
with the 4 whale sharks making their home in the Voyager Exhibit tank at the Georgia Aquarium. You will also
encounter Manta Rays that are in no way, shy. This experience will provide diving you will never Iorget.
Space is limited, contact one oI our oIIicers to sign up today.
Florida Spring Break 1rip March 1 - 9, 214
Be ready to have some Iun on our annual Florida spring break diving vacation.
Our trip consists oI 3 days, 2 nights at the Famous Ginnie Springs, 2 days oI diving in West Palm Beach,
and 3 days oI diving in one oI the world`s most renown reeI systems in beautiIul Key Largo. This trip has
some oI the best dive destinations all packed into one. II this trip sounds like it is Ior you, sign up soon.
Weekend Dive 1rips March - May, 214
Want to take a break and leave it all behind? These weekend trips are Iun and aIIordable. Our destinations are
always negotiable, but range Irom the Outter Banks, to Charlotte, to Charleston, SC. We will head out Ior a
weekend oI camping, diving, and relaxation. Have any suggestions oI destinations, let us know!
We hope you can join us.
$119 + Charter
Apr 9 Registration & Deposit due
Apr 24 Lecture 6 - 9p
May 3 Dives
PADI Specialties cont`d
Mar 26 Registration & Deposit due
Apr 7 Lecture 6:30 - 10p
Apr 12 Dives
Includes: Materials, Lecture,
Dives, & Certification Card
Includes: Lecture, Materials, Dives,
Fish ID Slates, & Certification Card
Includes: Manual, Lecture, Drysuit Rental,
Pool, Dives & CertiIication Card
Feb 5 Registration & Deposit due
Feb 22 Lecture & Pool
Feb 23 Dives
Includes: Lecture, Hands-On Workshop,
& CertiIication Card
Mar 26 Registration & Fees due
Apr 14 & 15 Lecture & Training 6 - 10p
Reasons why you should travel with UNCW SCUBA Club
Experience: All oI our trips are escorted by a ProIessional Instructor that is experienced in
group travel. They are always on hand to help you enjoy every aspect oI your dive vacation.
Cost: Our pricing is always based on group rates set up Ior dive proIessionals. You get more
Ior your money than when you travel alone.
Special 1reatment: Not only does your trip leader look out Ior your interests, but the operators want to please
our group because they want our repeat business.
More Fun: Simple, a large group that shares adventures creates memories and Iriendships to last a liIetime.
Join us Ior your next adventure.
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