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I am a law student currently studying in my 2nd year of LL.B (hons) at the London College of Legal Studies. I had wanted to use my vacation meaningfully and so decided to try and gain some corporate work e perience through an internship in a high profile organisation. Brac Bank gave me that opportunity and I worked at the prestigious institution from !"th #uly $%& to "!st 'ugust $%&. (y Supervisor was (r. (untassir.

In my si weeks of internship in the )uman *esources +epartment, I had the opportunity to interface with *ecruitment, 'dministration and the Learning and -rgani.ational development (training) teams. In my first week of internship I was given the task of helping another fellow colleague to organi.e and file letters and other important paperwork, which is a part of administration. /hile working with administration I came across a software called vista )* (anager which I learnt to use for the processing of L0' forms. /orking for the administration made me a more responsi1le person since I was dealing with a very sensitive matter of filing important papers in the Bank$s employees$ personal files as well as dealing with L0' forms. 'longside administration, throughout my internship I assisted the recruitment team 1y updating and entering data into their system. 0or the recruitment wing I also assisted the team prepare for interviews, during the interviews and advising calling candidates for suita1le positions. 2he data entry improved my (icrosoft e cel skills and I learnt to use a lot of other applications which I was not familiar with. I developed my people skills through my interaction with calling candidates and processing their C3s, which can help me in the future while dealing with people from my line of work and others who I will come across. /ith the training team I worked on a pro4ect where I had to update their 56learing we1site which 1asically had information a1out all departments of Brac Bank and also (C7s which every employee had to answer. 2he purpose of this e ercise was to assess how much they knew a1out their Bank.

Impact on me
-verall during my si weeks I have grown to 1e more matured as a person, and have learnt to 1e more or methodical, organised and responsi1le. I am much more sensitive to needs of others and I am a much 1etter time manager. I have already applied a lot of what I have learnt at Brac Bank to 8uite a few situations I have come across while continuing my studies, which in turn helped my college as well.

+oing the internship at Brac Bank was a very worthwhile way of spending my vacation. It has given me an early e perience of the corporate environment in which I may opt to work after my graduation. /hile I am learning to discipline my mind and thinking at school I have learnt to some e tent to discipline myself as a human resource through the internship. I have e perienced pressures and aspects of human 1ehavior different from that at school. 5veryone at the )* department was very welcoming, warm and helpful towards me. 2hey made my time at Brac Bank 1oth pleasant and productive for which I am ever so grateful to them.