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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences - descriptions, preferences, personal potential, related tasks and test

Intelligence Type Intelligence Description Typical roles, Preferences, Potential Professions Related Tasks, Activities or tests


lawyer legal assistant comedian editor historian interpreter journalist lawyer librarian-manager novelist words and language, written and spoken; retention, orator philosopher playwright poet politician proof reader interpretation and explanation of ideas and psychotherapist public speaker public relations person information via language, understands relationship reporter sales people secretary social scientist story teller between communication and meaning supervisor talk show host teacher technical writer translator writer commentator-civil servant

write a set of instructions; speak on a subject; edit a written piece or work; write a speech; commentate on an event; apply positive or negative 'spin' to a story

Logical Mathematical

accountant - bookkeeper - analyst banker investment broker logical thinking, detecting patterns, scientific lawyer legal consultants logician biologist - chemist reasoning and deduction; analyse problems, perform microbiologist - pharmacist physician chess player - computer programmer economist - city planner engineer - financial mathematical calculations, understands relationship service - inventor mathematician - mechanic/mechanical between cause and effect towards a tangible engineer - technologist programmer - records clerks outcome or result researcher scientist - statistician - tax accountant homemaker

perform a mental arithmetic calculation; create a process to measure something difficult; analyse how a machine works; create a process; devise a strategy to achieve an aim; assess the value of a business or a proposition

Musical M i l

musical ability, awareness, appreciation and use of tonal sound; d recognition iti of ft l and d rhythmic h th i patterns, tt understands relationship between sound and feeling

musicians, singers, composers, DJ's, music producers, piano tuners, acoustic entertainers, party-planners, t ti engineers, i t t i t l environment and noise advisors, voice trainers/coaches

perform a musical piece; sing a song; review a ; coach someone to play p y a musical musical work; instrument; specify mood music for telephone systems and receptions

Bodily - Kinesthetic

body movement control, manual dexterity, physical agility and balance; eye and body coordination

acrobat - dancer - aerobic teacher - coach - physical education teacher - athlete - ballet dancer - actor - actress - drama coach jockey equestrian(A horseback rider) - assembler - building juggle; demonstrate a sports technique; create a trade person - carpenter - choreographer - clown - massage mime to explain something; toss a pancake; fly a therapist gymnast - pianist - commercial artist - construction kite; coach workplace posture, assess workworker - craftsperson - inventor - juggler - magician - manual station ergonomics labourer - mechanic - mime - physical therapist - sculptor - stunt people - surgeon - trainer - architect


self-awareness, personal cognizance, personal objectivity, the capability to understand oneself, one's relationship to others and the world, and one's own need for, and reaction to change

entrepreneur - consultant - counselor - creative writer guru leadership trainer - philosopher - psychiatrist psychologist psychotherapist - researcher - sage self employed people spiritual counselor - therapist writer.

consider and decide one's own aims and personal changes required to achieve them (not necessarily reveal this to others); and decide options for development for oneself and stick to them.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences - descriptions, preferences, personal potential, related tasks and test
Intelligence Type Intelligence Description Typical roles, Preferences, Potential Professions Related Tasks, Activities or tests

perception of other people's feelings; ability to


relate to others; interpretation of behaviour and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people

teacher - therapist - travel agent/ counselor business person chess player child care worker - clergyman - coach community organizer - consumer service advocate counselor interpret moods from facial expressions; homemaker - manager - mediator - nurse politician - probation demonstrate feelings through body language; officer - psychologist psychotherapist - public relation promoter - affect the feelings of others in a planned way; receptionist recreation assistant - religious leader - salesperson coach or counsel another person waiter/waitress secretary - social leader - social director - social worker counselor sociologist consultants diplomats.

Spatial - Visual

and creation of visual images; pictorial imagination and expression; understands relationship between images and meanings, and between space and effect

visual and spatial perception; interpretation

photographer - graphic designer advertiser - architect - artist builder - carpenter cartographer - chess player - coach commercial artist computer specialist - craftsperson - decorator dentist draftsperson/drafting engineer - engineer fashion designer - film editor/director furniture restorer - geographer - design a costume; interpret a painting; create a geometrician industrial design - interior designer interior room layout; create a corporate logo; design a decorator - inventor landscape architect/designer - makeup building; artist mechanic - navigator - outdoors guide - painter pilot sailor - sculptor - seamstress set designer - sign painter surgeon - surveyor tailor - urban planner illustrator clothing designer art critic.


Has to do with nature, nurturing and relating information to one's natural surroundings. Greater sensitivity to nature and their place within it, the ability to nurture and grow things, and greater ease in caring for, taming and interacting with animals. Ability to discern changes in weather or similar fluctuations in their natural surroundings. Good at recognizing and classifying different species

Environmentalist, Farmer, Botanist, scientists, naturalists, conservationists and gardeners, Forest Rangers.

Understanding nature, making distinctions, identifying flora and fauna.


Exhibit the proclivity to pose (and ponder) questions about life, death, and ultimate realities. Concerned with "ultimate" issues of life and to engage in transcendental concerns. Capacity to locate oneself with respect to the furthest reaches of the cosmos--the infinite no less than the Theologian Rabbi/Priest Philosopher Poet Counselor infinitesimal--and the related capacity to locate Artist Teacher Clergy Nun Theoretical Scientist Writer. oneself with respect to the most existential features of the human condition--the significance of life, the meaning of death, the ultimate fate of the physical and the psychological worlds, such profound experiences as love of another human being or total immersion in a work of art.

Understand lifes mission, grasp the importance of what they see/learn, understanding the theory and philosophy behind it.

Preferred Learning Style

words and language

numbers and logic

music, i sounds, d rhythm h th

Physical experience and movement, touch and feel

self-reflection, selfdiscovery

Preferred Learning Style

human contact, communications, cooperation, teamwork

pictures, shapes, images, 3D space

Work with nature, explore things, learn about plants and natural events. Learn best when the subject involves collecting and analyzing, or is closely related to something prominent in nature.

prayer, meditation or contemplation. Study best when they fully understand how new information / skills are related to the ultimate purpose.