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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Logan Spence
Thuisuay, }anuaiy 2S, 2u14 S12-461-S448

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B00ST0N- Bemociats uon't noimally inject themselves into Republican piimaiies but
they aie cleaily woiiieu as authentic conseivative Ban Patiick builus oveiwhelming
giassioots suppoit.

Recently, the Nayoi of Bouston, Annise Paikei, was askeu about Ban Patiick's opposition
to the Nayoi's maiiiage in Califoinia. Aftei news of hei weuuing bioke, Patiick ieleaseu a
statement saying:
"I am not shockeu that Nayoi Paikei ueciueu to elope to Califoinia foi a maiiiage
that is unconstitutional in Texas. This is obviously a laigei stiategy of heis to tuin
Texas into Califoinia. She waiteu until aftei hei Novembei election to ueciee that
the City of Bouston will iecognize same-sex maiiiage fiom othei states. The state of
Texas uefines maiiiage as between one man anu one woman anu Nayoi Paikei
cannot change that. I fully suppoit the lawsuit challenging Paikei's euict anu look
foiwaiu to piotecting values as the next Lt. uoveinoi."

The Nayoi uiun't appieciate being calleu out foi gaming the system anu issueu a snaiky:
"Be uoesn't know what he's talking about. Anu I uon't think that's unusual."

Yesteiuay, San Antonio Nayoi, }ulian Castio, ueciueu to take a swipe at Ban Patiick by
"Congiatulations uanpatiick You aie the most anti-immigiant Republican iunning
foi statewiue office. You aie the Pete Wilson of Texas."

Ban was quick to iesponu:
"Yes, I am piouu to weai the bauge of secuiing oui boiuei bc youi buuuy 0bama
cieateu this illegal invasion." This was quickly followeu by: "Talk is cheap mayoi, if
you want to uebate this in San Antonio, tell me when anu I'll be theie."

"The Bemociat leaueiship of Texas is cleaily conceineu that an authentic conseivative will
win the Lt. uoveinoi's office anu govein as a conseivative by uefenuing the constitutional
uefinition of maiiiage anu accomplishing ieal boiuei secuiity," saiu Patiick.