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DESC R IPT IO N MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is a two-component pr oduct. Component A is a liquid b as ed on s pec ial s ynthe tic resins . Com ponen t B, supplied in powder form, as a mortar based mixture of cements, additives and special aggregates . W hen both components are m ixed, an elastom eric product with high bond strength is achieved, suitable for sealing joints and cracks in concrete, pre-cast elem ents , mortars , brick s o r o t he r p o ro u s s u r f ac es . APPLICATION FIELDS

ADVANTAGES Excellent adhesion on damp surfaces. Will bond totally to green/wet concrete No bonding agent needed .

Allows m ovem ent c apability of joint up to 15%. Very high weather res istant and durabilit y. No
maintenance required .

Non-s lum p on vertic al joints . Suitable for joints in permanent contact with water.
Positive and negative

Sealing expansion joints with an in- s ervic e

join t movem ent up to 15% .

Eas y to appl y and f inis h. Joints in permanent immersion in pipelines,

water res er voirs, water treatment plants , etc .

Non-toxic, non-flamm able, environm entall y


J oints of conc rete pref abric ated el em ents

and ceram ic in f a ades and building c ons truction .

Can be painted once cured with the desired colour.

Or coated over using Maxseal Flex

Sealing of active cracks in concrete and masonry. Pointing mortar on all porous substrates subject to

APPLIC AT ION IN ST R UCTION S Joint siz e Joint m ust not be wide r than 30 mm . Sealing depth s hould be at leas t half of joint width. Use polyeth ylene f oam joint back ing rod or MAXCEL wit h a d iam eter 2 5% greater than the joint width, in order to avoid stress of the bottom of MAXJOlNT ELASTlC. Substrate preparatio n The s urf ace to be s ealed mus t be s olid and clean, free of all traces of paint, efflorescence, loose particles, grease, form-stripping oils, dust, gypsum plaster, etc. Before applying MAXJOlNT ELASTlC , dampen joint edge rem oving f ree-s tanding wat e r. Mix p rep aratio n MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is supplied as two pre-weighed c om pon ents . Pour the res in, component A, into a clean c ontainer and add t he powder graduall y, Component B, while m ixing with a lo w spe ed m ixing drill (400 - 600 rpm), until a hom ogeneous m ixture free of lum ps is achieved . Avoid exc es sive m ixin g time and do not m odif y the proporti ons supplied bet wee n bot h com ponents . Lea ve th e m ix to r es t 2 m i nutes . Depend ing on relat ive hum idit y and temperature, pot life can vary between 30 - 60 minutes appr o x i m at el y. Af ter this time, remix to k eep its workabilit y but do not ad d water. Applicat io n To impr ove the surf ace adhesion , a prim er of Component A- applied by brus h to the joint edge is rec om m ended . While the prim er c oat is still wet to touch, apply MAXJOlNT ELASTlC into the joint b y trowel , c aulking gun or putt y k nif e. Apply against the bottom edge of joint in order to avoid any rem aining internal air bubble. For smoothing the surface, s oaped water can be used im mediatel y af ter applic ation . App licat ion C ondition s Do not appl y MAXJOlNT ELASTlC below 5 C or if lower temperatures are forec ast within 24 hours after application. Do not apply onto frozen or frosted surfaces. Prevent f ast drying during the f irs t hours of curing . Protect against strong wind or direct sunlight at high

temperatures. Do not apply if rain is expected within 6-8 hours af ter applic ation. Curing Curing time varies depending on tem perature and relative hum idit y, as wel l on the joint size. At 20 C and 50 % R . H., a 10 mm width applicatio n of MAXJOlNT ELASTlC can be coated by MAXSEAL FLEX (Technical Bulletin n29) af ter a curing tim e of 7 da ys . When subject to water immersion, allow a curing time for 3 weeks, in such weather conditions. If application is done belo w 10 C, high relative hum idit y or unventilated areas, longer c uring tim e is required . Cleaning . Tools m ust be cleaned with water im m edia tel y af te r application. Onc e the m aterial hardens , it c an onl y be rem oved b y m ec hanical m ethods . PACKAGING MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is supplied in 10kg pre-weighed s e ts ( 5 k g li qu i d c o m p o n e n t A an d 5 k g p o w de r co mp on e nt B ). It is available in standard gre y c olou r. Other colours are available on request.

Preparation and cleaning of joint

Placement of MAXCEL or backing rod

ST O R AG E Twelve months in its original unopened sets, in a dry covered plac e, protected from fros t, above 5 C. CO N SUM PT IO N MAXJOlNT ELASTlC fills approximately 0,790 litres with 1 kg product. The following data is an approximate guideline depending on the joint s ize:

Com ponent B: as all c ement bas ed pr oduct, is an abrasive and protec ti ve r ubber gl oves and s af et y goggles must be used when preparing the mix and during application. If an y of the c omponents or m ixture gets in contac t with e yes or skin, rinse with clean water, but do not rub. If irritation continues , c ons ult a d octor. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available for MAXJOlNT ELASTlC o n req ues t o r i s d o w n loadable from website. Dis pos al of the product and its empty c ontainers mus t be acc ording to off icial regulations . T he proper dispos al of the product is the responsibilit y of the us e r.

GUARANTEE The inf orm ation contained in this leaf let is bas ed on our experienc e and t ec hnical k nowledge obtained through laboratory tes ting and f rom bibliographic material. DRlZORO reserves the right to introduce c hanges without prior a d v i c e . Any use of this data beyond the purposes expressly specified in the leaflet will not be the C om pan ys respons ibilit y unles s authorized b y us . IMPORTANT WARNINGS D o n o t a d d c em e n t , wa t e r o r a g g r e g a t e s t o MAXJOlNT ELASTlC to achieve higher coverage. Do not apply MAXJOlNT ELASTlC below 5 C or if lowe r temperatures are f orecast within 24 hours af ter applic ation . Do not appl y onto frozen and f rosted surf aces . Fo r f ur t her inf o rm a ti on , pl e as e c o ns ult our Technical D epartm ent . S AF ET Y AN D H E ALT H Com p onent A: NON toxic , N O N flammable. It is not class if ied as dangerous material f or trans por tation . The data shown on consumptions, measurement and yields are for guidance only and based on our experience. These data are subject to variation due to the specific atmospheric and jobsite conditions so reasonable variations from the data may be experienced. In order to know the real data, a test on the jobsite must be done, and will be the clients responsibilit y. W e shall not accept responsibilit y exceeding the value of the purchased produc t For any other issues, c o nsult our Technical Dep ar tment .

Application of MAXJOlNT ELASTlC

View of the finished joint. It can be painted with the desired colour

TECHNICAL DATA External appearance component A External appearance component B Density component A Density component B Maximum aggregate size component B Mixture proportion A + B Density fresh mixture A + B Density cured mixture A + B Pot life A + B Optimum application temperature Joint unhitching In-service joint movement Shore A Hardeness ISO 868 Elastic modulus 60% EN 28339 Tensile strength EN 28339 Elongation at break EN 28339 Elastic recovery EN 27-389 Milky white liquid Grey powder 1,0 g/cm 0,05 0,9 g/cm 0,05 0,2 mm 1:1 by weight 1,26 g/cm 0,05 1,14 g/cm 0,05 30-60 min 5 - 30 C None 15 % 37 0,38 MPA 0,38 MPA 60 % 78 %
3 3 3 3

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