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BANK OF INDIA HAZARIBAGH ZONE Vidya Niwas,Julu Park Hazaribag-825301 Telephone No.06546-272482,FaxNo.06546-222900 Email-.

in Notice inviting tender for electric audit of branches.

Bank of India, Hazaribag Zone invites sealed tenders for electric audit of branches and offices located in the 04 districts in the state of Jharkhand from the authorized electric consultant/electrical firm/electric engineers empanelled in Bank of India who full fill the following requirements1) Must have an established office at any one of the following placesa) Hazaribag b) Ranchi c) Bokaro e) Jamshedpur f) Dhanbad 2) The firm must have at least 05(five) years experiences in the same field. 3) The minimum educational qualification of an electric auditor/consultant should be a diploma holder in electrical engineering (DEE) Or retired electrical engineer from Govt., sector or PSU sector or private organization. Bachelor degree of electrical engineering and higher qualification will be an added advantage. 4) Must have valid sales Tax number 5) PF registration (If applicable) 6) ESI registration (If applicable) 7) Must have filed income tax return of last 03(three) years 8) The firm must have a minimum turnover of Rs 05 lacs per year for last three (03) years. 9) The consultant/firm should be certified with license from appropriate authorities like state electric board. 10) The firm must be having at least two (02) running contract with a PSU/any other organization in electrical installation/electric audit or similar electric work done preferably in the Banks branches in the state of Bihar.

N.B. a) The relative documentary proof in respect of above conditions/ requirements should be enclosed with tender without which the tender will be summarily rejected. The Vendors fulfilling the above conditions may apply in TWO BID SYSTEM i.e. Technical Bid and Financial Bid. The cover containing technical details should be marked Envelope No.1 and superscribed with ""TECHNICAL BID" and the cover containing financial details should be marked Envelope No.2 and superscribed with rd FINANCIAL BID". Both these covers duly sealed should be put in a 3 Envelope superscribed with, Tender for Electrical Audit of Branches of Bank of India, Hazaribag Zone and it should also bear the name and address / phone no. of the rd offeror. The 3 Envelope duly sealed should be addressed to The Zonal Manager, Bank of India, Hazaribag Zone at the above mentioned address and submitted as detailed hereunder. The offer as above should be submitted in Banks prescribed format given below or it may be obtained from Bank of India, Hazaribag Zone,Corporate Services Department, Vidya Niwas,Julu Park Hazaribag PIN-825301 between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (on working days) and between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (on Saturday) from 12.06.2012 to 26.06.2012 on payment of non-refundable, amount of Rs.100/in the form of DD/Pay-Order favouring Bank of India drawn on Hazaribag. If the downloaded application is used, DD/payorder of Rs.100/- must be enclosed with the duly filled applications. The sealed offers will be accepted/received at above mentioned address between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.(on working days) and between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (on Saturday) up to 26.06.2012 (last date). The tenders will be opened on 30.06.2012 at 2.00 p.m. at Hazaribagh Zonal Office. The Bank reserves the right to accept /reject any / all offers without assigning any reason whatsoever. No Brokerage will be paid by the Bank.


Annexure I
Form A TECHINICAL BID FOR ELECTRIC AUDIT OF BRANCHES AND OFFICES 1. Name of Firm 2. Address 3. Established Since 4. Name of Proprietor/Partners 5. Whether firms are registered in State Electricity board or other related department. (Give name of board/dept. with address) 6. Registration no./ License No. with date 7. Name of electric engineer/auditor/inspector 8. Qualification of electric engineer/auditor /inspector (Qualification at least diploma holder in electric engineering or retired electrical engineer from govt., PSU or private organization) 9. Details of running contacts with other Organizations with amount of work order 10. Details of two (02) work order of similar work, preferably with PSU/ Banks 11.Details of staffs who provide the service with contact no. (Attach separate list of staffs with qualification) Place: Date: : : : : : :

: : : :

: Signature/Seal

Note: Please submit relevant photocopies of Registration/license/experience /work order or other relevant document for above said declaration.

Annexure II
1.1 General informationSr. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Details Remarks Name of branch with full address and zone Type of branch (Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban/Rural) Name of power supply company/department Name of electric auditor/inspector/ Date of visit of auditor Sanctioned load for branch/offices by the state electricity board Average load consumption by the branch(From last six months) Is there any irregular breakdown/ power tripping ( frequent/occasional/very rarely) Is there any penaltypay by branch/office in last six month( Yes/No) (if Yes then give details)

1.2 Mandatory checklist of electric equipmentSr. 01 Details Remarks Conditions of cabling carried out in the premises (Good/medium/Poor)( if poor give suggestion) Whether appropriate rating of cables have been used in the premises for installed electric equipment (Including false ceiling) (Yes/No)(If No give suggestion) Any clubbing of installations in one point. (yes/No) (If yes give location and suggestion) MCB/Master switch is installed in prominent place and is in working condition( Yes/No)(If





06 07




No then give suggestion) Installed MCB/Master switch are in proper rating (Yes/No) (If No then give suggestion for proper rating MCB/Master switch) Any ELCB are installed in branches (Yes/No) (If No then give suggestion) Electric Load (KWs) a) Phase-I b) Phase-II c) Phase III ( If any overload found in phase/consumed load is more than capacity than give full details with corrective suggestion) Voltage (In Volts) a) R- phase (R-N) b) Y-phase (Y-N) c) B-phase (B-N) (If existing voltage is high or low as per requirement then give full details with suggestion) Whether any generator is kept inside the bank premises. (Yes/No) (If yes then give full details- make, capacity, date of manufacturingetc.) Whether condition of batteries, coolant and rpm of generator are in proper condition? (Yes/No) (If No then then give suggestion) Whether the connection between main power supply to Generator is appropriately connected. (Yes/No) (If No then give suggestion) Nos. of electric equipmenta) Tube light b) Fan c) Electric pod for computer d) Printers e) Passbook printers f) ACs(Split unit/window unit) g) Water Cooler h) Any other equipment (If require, then may submit a separate sheet)




Are there separate earthing connection for raw current, UPS and generators and Status of earthings are in good condition /adequate rating.(Yes/No) (If No then give suggestion) Total no. of UPS in the branch with capacity



16 17

Whether appropriate UPS capacity/load for branch/offices premises(Yes/No) (If NO give suggestion) Status of UPS panel wiring.( Good/medium/poor) Any major fault found in service report of UPS and battery in last six month (Yes/No)(If Yes then give full details with suggestion) Is the UPS room kept clean & stationery/furniture etc not stored inside? (Yes/No) (If No give suggestion) Whether appropriate and proper ventilation/exhaust options available at the place where the batteries are stacked(Yes/No)(If No then give suggestion) Whether UPS and ACs are in under AMC (Yes/No) (If No then give suggestion) Any major faults found in AMC service report of UPS and ACs(last six months) (Yes/No) (If Yes give full details with observations) Total no. of ACs with capacity Whether power supply for each AC unit is appropriate and proper connection with main power source.(Yes/No) (If no then give suggestion) Any other fire risk through electric in the premises(Yes/No) (If yes then give details) Overall fire risk rating through electrical wiring, switches, MCB etc. (High/Medium/Low)(Risk rating format attach in para 1.3) Any other Remarks regarding electric audit of the branch/Office ( may include addition sheet if require)



20 21

22 23

24 25


1.3 Risk Rating format of Branch/office on basis of electricityS Any penalty paid Any overload in Inadequate Any fire risk Poor wiring in r. by branch in last branch/office(Yes rating of inUPS and branch(Yes/No) six month(Yes/No) /No) MCB/Master battery switch(Yes/No) room(Yes/No)

Low RiskMedium RiskHigh Risk-

Less than two (02) (In Yes) Between two (02) to four (04)(In Yes) More than four (04) (In Yes)

Note:- 1.Electrical auditor/inspector may submit additional sheet on his/her observations. 2. Electrical auditor/inspector may submit the technical details/specifications for proper wiring, Switches, MCB or other details for the branch/office on his observations or audit report.


FINANCIAL BID FOR ELECTRIC AUDIT Sr. Branch located (Within 50 Km Branch Located (between Branch located ( more from the zonal office, 50 km to 200 km from than 200 km from the Hazaribagh) (Unit rate) zonal office, Hazaribagh) zonal office, Hazaribag) (Unit rate)

Signature (Seal)

Note :- 1. The rates for electric audit should be inclusive travelling charges and other
expenses. The bank will not pay any additional amount excluding service tax to the aforesaid job.