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Recent Awards
Ambassador Book Award
Old War by Alan Shapiro

Locus Award
Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

American Horticultural Society Book Award
A Natural History of North American Trees
by Donald Culross Peattie

Los Angeles Times Book Prize
Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction
Finding Nouf by Zoë Ferraris

American Library Association
Best Books for Young Adults
Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin

Man Booker International Prize: Long-listed
Kieron Smith, Boy by James Kelman

Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
Chesley Award for Interior Illustration: Finalist
Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien,
illustrated by Alan Lee

California Book Award: Silver Medal
Mustang by Deanne Stillman

Gourmand World Cookbook Award
Jacques Pépin More Fast Food My Way
by Jacques Pépin

Living Now Book Award
Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of Eastern North America
by Bill Thompson III

New England Independent Booksellers
Association President’s Award
Lifetime Achievement in Arts and Letters
Ward Just

Oregon Book Award: Finalist
The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss

Outdoor Writers Association of America
Excellence in Craft Award
Falcon Fever by Tim Gallagher

Wisconsin Libraries Association
Outstanding Achievement Recognition
Lady of the Snakes by Rachel Pastan



Recent Highlights
When the Game Was Ours
by Larry Bird and Earvin “Magic” Johnson
with Jackie MacMullan
“Finally—a book that tells the story of Magic and Larry from
their vantage point. When the Game Was Ours took me inside
their fascinating rivalry with new insights and revealing
details about two men who evolved from bitter competitors
into lifelong friends.”—Denzel Washington
978-0-547-22547-0 • $26.00 • NOVEMBER

Gourmet Today
edited by Ruth Reichl
The present chapter in the American food revolution, with
more than 1,000 all-new recipes for the contemporary
978-0-618-61018-1 • $40.00 • SEPTEMBER

How to Be a Movie Star
Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood
by William J. Mann
“William Mann deftly describes how, with great selfassurance, Taylor shrewdly and methodically orchestrated
that reaction on a global scale. This is a smart book about a
surprisingly savvy superstar. It’s one of the best Hollywood
biographies I’ve ever read.”—Ed Sikov
978-0-547-13464-2 • $28.00 • OCTOBER

The Big Burn
Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America
by Timothy Egan
A dramatic account of the worst wildfire in American history
—and how it saved our forests—by the National Book
Award–winning author of The Worst Hard Time.
978-0-618-96841-1 • $27.00 • OCTOBER



Recent Highlights
A Memoir
by Jeffrey Koterba
“Jeffrey Koterba’s voice is distinctive, poignant, genuine,
innocent and absolutely captivating. This is the opposite of a
sentimental survivor memoir. Koterba pays tribute to the raw
materials of his childhood with an unerring eye and shows us
how to make art, not in spite of adversity, but because of it.”
—Richard Dooling
978-0-15-101492-7 • $25.00 • NOVEMBER

A Life of Louis Armstrong
by Terry Teachout
“The book we have been waiting for: essential reading for
anyone curious about music, American culture, and one
man’s ability to inspire the world.”—Michael Cogswell
978-0-15-101089-9 • $30.00 • DECEMBER

The Power of Half
One Family’s Decision to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back
by Kevin Salwen and Hannah Salwen
“Mixing humor, inspiration and self-reflection, The Power
of Half will give you a whole new perspective on your life.
You can’t help but recommit to the values you want to share
with your children. And you’ll be reminded that your kids
have much to teach you, too.”—Jeffrey Zaslow, coauthor of
The Last Lecture
978-0-547-24806-6 • $24.00 • FEBRUARY

Savage Lands
A Novel
by Clare Clark
By the author of The Great Stink, a gripping story of love
and betrayal from the novelist whose “rich Dickensian detail”
(Washington Post) and compelling characters have made her
beloved by readers and critics alike.
978-0-15-101473-6 • $25.00 • FEBRUARY



“Heartwarming, heartachingly poignant . . .
Susannah Charleson

Scent of the Missing
Love and Partnership with a
Search and Rescue Dog
“In this celebration of the human-animal bond, a
fascinating woman has written eloquently about
her fascinating colleague, Puzzle. I LOVED this book.”
—Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Hidden
Life of Dogs

ISBN 978-0-547-15244-8 • $26.00
Scent of the Missing
APRIL • Pets/Memoir • 304 pages • 6 x 9
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O
B/T/P/M: Hornfischer Literary Management

• National author tour including New York,
Washington, D.C., Birmingham, Dallas, Houston,
Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Seattle
• National advertising
• Online promotion and marketing collateral,
including widget with excerpt and e-cards
• Promotions and partnerships with dog, rescue,
and Golden Retriever groups

© KRT/Dallas Morning News/Louis DeLuca


n the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Susannah
Charleson clipped the powerful news photo of an
exhausted handler and his search-and-rescue dog. A doglover and pilot with search experience herself, Charleson
was so impressed by the extraordinarily
important work these dogs did that she
decided to volunteer.
Once Susannah qualified to train a
dog of her own, she got Puzzle, a strong,
bright Golden Retriever. From the start
Puzzle exhibited a unique aptitude for
search-and-rescue work, but the puppy’s willfulness
challenged even Susannah, who had raised dogs for years.
Scent of the Missing is the story of Susannah and Puzzle’s
adventures and the complex relationship they forge as they
help in the pursuit and recovery of people who have fallen
prey to crime, misadventure, or catastrophe—a teen gone
missing, an Alzheimer’s patient wandering in the cold,
the debris of the space shuttle Columbia disaster. From
the earliest air-scent lessons to her final mastery of wholebody dialog, Puzzle emerges as a fully collaborative partner.
Along the way Susannah and Puzzle learn to read the clues
in the field, and in each other, to accomplish together the
critical work neither could do alone.

• Advance reading copies

*Hallie Ephron, author of Never Tell a Lie



Puzzle had me from her first joyous wroo !” *



UR CARS ARE LOADED for the long
drive home, and the dogs are having a last romp
in a small park along a stream. Two of the local volunteers on today’s search stand with us beneath the
shade of a pecan tree. One asks what we think the
dogs know about this search. Do they feel what we
feel? Does the search continue to trouble them, as we humans are troubled?
Fleta shakes her head, pointing out that from the dogs’ perspective, this search
was successful. They were asked to do a job—find the missing girl or indicate definitively that she’s not here—and they did it. Apart from three vagrants in a tent city, no
one living or dead was there to be found. And after the day’s sectors were done, the
volunteers hid so the dogs could find them, a quick and upbeat conclusion to a hard
workday, a game that fools no one but keeps motivation high. These dogs are all
praise-hounds. They played along, finding and grinning and capering.
No, Fleta suggests. There are exceptions, but usually the dogs let go of a day’s
search more easily than we do. We trust them to do their jobs, and they trust us to
tell them they have done it well. And when we tell them, they believe us.
As we head out, I wonder what my own dog will bring to the work, to the team,
and to me. I like the thought of a long drive home with a Golden snoring belly-up in
the back of the car: a good dog who has worked well. A partner. A friend. After a
search like this one, that companionship must take away a little of the ache. ■



“Riveting . . .
All dog lovers
should read
this book.”
author of
Animals Make
Us Human

Retriever named Puzzle, for the Metro Area Rescue K9 Unit in Dallas, Texas,
an elite volunteer canine search-and-rescue team responding to local,
state, and national search and recovery cases. She also serves as the team’s
public information officer and gives lectures across the country about SAR.
A flight instructor who previously flew disaster searches, Susannah is also
an experienced television and radio broadcaster. She and Puzzle share their
home with six other dogs, four cats, and a fish named Sound Bite.



SUSANNAH CHARLESON works as a handler with her partner, a Golden



Philip Schultz

The God of Loneliness
Selected and New Poems

From the winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for poetry,
a major collection of selected and new poems


978-0-547-24965-0 • $25.00
The God of Loneliness
APRIL • Poetry • 196 pages • 6 1⁄4 x 8 1⁄2
CTN 24 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Georges Borchardt, Inc.

978-0-15-603128-8 • $13.95
Living in the Past
978-0-15-100872-8 • $23.00

hilip Schultz has been celebrated for his singular vision
of the American immigrant experience and Jewish identity, his alternately sharp and tender portrayal of family life,
and his rich and riotous evocation of city streets. His poems
have found enthusiastic audiences among readers of Garrison
Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac, Slate, The New Yorker, and other
publications. His willingness to face down the demons of failure and loss make him a poet for our times, a poet who can
write “If I have to believe in something / I believe in despair.”
Yet he remains undaunted: “sometimes, late at night / we, my
happiness and I, reminisce / lifelong antagonists / enjoying
each other’s company.”
The God of Loneliness includes poems from his five
books (Like Wings, Deep Within the Ravine, The Holy Worm
of Praise, Living in the Past, Failure) and fourteen new poems.
It is a volume to cherish from “one of the least affected of
American poets, and one of the fiercest” (Tony Hoagland),
and it will be an essential addition to the story of American

• National poetry promotion

PHILIP SCHULTZ won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for his most

East Hampton, New York




recent book of poems, Failure. His poetry and fiction have
appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, the Nation,
the New Republic, and the Paris Review, among
other magazines. In addition, he is the founder
and director of the Writers Studio in New York.

Neil Hayes and Brian Murphy

The Last Putt
Two Teams, One Dream, and a
Freshman Named Tiger
“A tense and moving account of a dramatic, little-known
golf rivalry and one of the last moments of Tiger Woods’s
amateur career.”—David Feherty, CBS golf analyst


ollege golf is the breeding ground for the PGA, and the
sport’s overlooked chapter. And in 1995 college golf saw
its ultimate showdown. At the NCAA championship, a freshman who would become the sport’s biggest icon stood on the
green in a sudden-death playoff that would settle the score in
a tense and heated rivalry. Would Tiger Woods sink the putt?
Based on exhaustive reporting and interviews, The Last
Putt tells the story of an epic rivalry that encapsulated the
changing face of the game. On one side was Oklahoma State,
a true golfing dynasty featuring the young bloods of a privileged golf family and a coach whose winning record and reputation for toughness made him a mythical figure. On the other
side was Stanford, born of the creative recruiting of an unforgettable group of players: Notah Begay (golf ’s first prominent
Native American), Casey Martin (who broke down barriers
by playing with a severe disability), and Tiger Woods.
A stirring ensemble tale of young men carving out their
futures on and off the course, The Last Putt makes for compelling, stroke-for-stroke reading down to the last putt.

978-0-618-84004-5 • $26.00
The Last Putt
APRIL • Sports • 320 pages • 6 x 9
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/P/M: Venture
Literary • A/S: HMH

• National drive-time and sports radio tour
• National advertising in sports media
• Radio promotions, including ESPN Radio

BRIAN MURPHY is a golf columnist for Yahoo!
Sports and the host of the popular Murph and
Mac morning radio show in San Francisco. From
2001 to 2004 he was the national golf writer at
the San Francisco Chronicle.
Hayes: Naperville, Illinois
Murphy: Oakland, California


for the Chicago Sun-Times and the author of
the acclaimed When the Game Stands Tall.

• Outreach to golf coaches (D1-D3),
e-mail blast with excerpt
• Online promotion, including Google
AdWords, banner ads, giveaways
• Outreach to Tiger followers on Facebook
fan pages and blogs


NEIL HAYES is an award-winning columnist



“O’Farrell’s novels are haunting and elegant,
Maggie O’Farrell

The Hand That
First Held Mine
A Novel
A spellbinding novel of two women—a writer
and a painter—who are connected across fifty
years by art, love, secrets, and motherhood


978-0-547-33079-2 • $25.00
The Hand That First Held Mine
APRIL • Fiction • 400 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Fletcher & Co.
The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox
978-0-15-603367-1 • $14.00 PA
• Select prepublication appearances
• Author tour including New York,
Washington, D.C., Boston
• ABA Winter Institute promotion
• Midwinter ALA promotion
• Reading group promotion, including online
reader’s guide

exie Sinclair cannot stay. Enclosed within her parents’
genteel country lawn, she yearns for more. She makes
her way to the city, and meets a magazine editor, Innes, a
man unlike any she has ever imagined. He introduces her
to the thrilling world of bohemian postwar London, and
she learns to be a reporter, to know art and artists, to live
her life fully and with a deep love at the center of it. She
creates many lives—all of them unconventional. And when
she finds herself pregnant by a man wholly unsuitable for
marriage or fatherhood, she doesn’t hesitate for a minute
to have the baby on her own.
Later, in present-day London, a young painter named
Elina dizzily navigates the first weeks of motherhood. Her
boyfriend, Ted, traumatized by nearly losing her in labor,
begins to recover lost memories. He cannot place them.
But as they become more disconcerting and return more
frequently, we discover that something connects these two
stories—these two women—something that becomes all
the more heartbreaking and beautiful as they all hurtle
toward its revelation.
A stunning portrait of motherhood and the artist’s
life in all their terror and glory, Maggie O’Farrell’s newest
novel is a gorgeous inquiry into the ways we make and
unmake our lives, who we know ourselves to be, and
how even our most accidental legacies connect us.

• Online promotion, including widget with
excerpt and e-cards
• Enhanced advance reading copies
*Eve Magazine



staying with you for months afterwards.” *


She is sure of this. And then he is getting back into the car and a

moment later he disappears around the bend. . . .
Alexandra, it reads in rather uneven black letters, Here is my card. Look

Excer pt

me up when you come to London. I’ll take you out for that
lunch. Yours, Innes Kent

And there is a curious post-script: I share your dislike of the shortening of
names but I must say that I’m not sure ‘Alexandra’ is entirely suitable for you.
It seems to me that you require a name with rather more brio. I see you more
as a ‘Lexie’. What do you think?
She reads the note twice and the post-script three times. She folds it and
puts it into the pocket of her blue dress. She sits down on the tree stump in
the dark. She is Lexie. She is going to London. She will have lunches with
men in duck-egg ties.

Praise for The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox:
A Wall Street Journal bestseller • One of the Washington Post Book World’s Best Books of 2007
One of the Kansas City Star’s 100 Noteworthy Books of 2007

“A breathtaking, heartbreaking creation.”—Washington Post Book World
“Strange, sad, and a marvelously well-written novel.”—AUDREY NIFFENEGGER, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife
“Haunting and extraordinarily engrossing . . . reminded me why I love reading in the first place.”
—CAROLYN PARKHURST, author of The Dogs of Babel

the acclaimed The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox (a Barnes & Noble
Recommends Pick) and After You’d Gone. Born in Northern Ireland in
1972, Maggie grew up in Wales and Scotland. She has two children.



MAGGIE O’FARRELL is the author of four previous novels, including



From the creators of the phenomenal
Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

What’s New, Cupcake?
Ingeniously Simple Designs for
Every Occasion

Those crazy cupcakers are at it again! A brand-new
collection of quirky and stunning cupcake projects
for every occasion


978-0-547-24181-4 • $16.95
What’s New, Cupcake?
APRIL • Cooking • 240 pages • 9 x 10
100 4-color photographs • CTN 18 • Terr: World
Rights: P/M/S: Martha Kaplan Agency • B/T/A:
HMH • 8-copy counter display ISBN 978-0-54738571-6 • $135.60

Hello, Cupcake!
$15.95 PA

• National author tour, including New York,
Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, St. Louis,
San Francisco
• Kits to help retailers celebrate
What’s New, Cupcake? Day, April 3, 2010
• Teaser e-cards

he endlessly imaginative duo who turned cupcaking
into a national pastime is back, with new, eye-popping creations anyone can make. Create a racecar cupcake, a robot cupcake, or ravishing jewelry cupcakes for
a birthday party. Surprise the family with Chinese takeout
cupcakes on April Fool’s, or serve up a goofy chocolate
moose. Captivate mom with a bouquet of long-stemmedrose cupcakes and build sand castle cupcakes with the
kids. All you need are candies from the corner store and
cake mix and canned frosting.
What is new, Cupcake?

Dozens of “EZ” projects that use just a few
ingredients—perfect for kids and parties

More pictures, brighter colors, bolder designs

More faux-food creations—so real you won’t
believe they’re cupcakes!

More comical critters and the cutest pets ever!

More irresistible party centerpieces to celebrate
hobbies, from golf to knitting

More spectacular holiday cupcakes: Valentine’s
Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

You’ll end up with cupcakes so striking that you won’t
want to eat them—but so delicious you’ll have no choice!

• Promotion to online cooking and
cupcaking blogs


APRIL • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com • paperback 7

bestseller HELLO, CUPCAKE!



Called “the cake whisperer” by Gourmet, KAREN TACK is a cooking teacher and food
stylist. Her work can be seen on the covers of Gourmet, Bon Appétit, Good Housekeeping,
Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Martha Stewart Living, Parents, Real Simple, Nick Jr., and
many others.
Fellow creator ALAN RICHARDSON has photographed dozens
of best-selling cookbooks, and his work appears in many leading
food and women’s magazines. He is the coauthor of The Breath
of a Wok, which won two coveted awards from the International
Association of Culinary Professionals.

Tack: Greenwich, Connecticut / Richardson: Irvington, New York
paperback • www.hmhbooks.com • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • APRIL


Maurice Manning

The Common Man

An evocative elegy to the landscape of his childhood
from one of America’s most important young poets


978-0-547-24961-2 • $22.00
The Common Man
APRIL • Poetry • 80 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 24 • Terr: World • Rights: S: Author
via HMH • B/T/A/P/M: HMH

he Common Man, Maurice Manning’s fourth collection,
is a series of ballad-like narratives, set down in loose,
unrhymed iambic tetrameter, that honors the strange beauty
of the Kentucky mountain country he knew as a child, as well
as the idiosyncratic adventures and personalities of the oldtimers who were his neighbors, friends, and family. Playing
off the book’s title, Manning demonstrates that no one is
common or simple. Instead, he creates a detailed, complex,
and poignant portrait—by turns serious and hilarious,
philosophical and speculative, but ultimately tragic—of a
fast-disappearing aspect of American culture. The Common
Man’s accessibility and its enthusiastic and sincere charms
make it the perfect antidote to the glib ironies that characterize much contemporary American verse. It will also help to
strengthen Manning’s reputation as one of his generation’s
most important and original voices.

978-0-15-603475-3 • $14.00 PA
A Companion for Owls
978-0-15-101049-3 • $22.00 CL

MAURICE MANNING, the author of four collections of
poetry, was awarded the 2009 Hanes Poetry Award from the
Fellowship of Southern Writers. His first book, Lawrence
Booth’s Book of Visions, was selected by W. S.
Merwin for the Yale Series of Younger Poets.
Manning, a former writing fellow at the Fine
Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, teaches at the University of Indiana and
Warren Wilson College.

Danville, Kentucky



• National poetry promotion

Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins

The Big Bang
The Lost Mike Hammer Sixties Novel
An Otto Penzler Book
The toughest private eye in fiction takes on the
Swinging Sixties


n midtown Manhattan, Mike Hammer, recovering from
a near-fatal mix-up with the Mob, runs into drug dealers
assaulting a young hospital messenger. He saves the kid, but
the muggers are not so lucky. Hammer considers the rescue
a one-off, but someone has different ideas, as indicated by a
street-corner knife attack. With himself for a client, Hammer
—and his beautiful, deadly partner Velda—take on the narcotics racket in New York just as the streets have dried up
and rumors run rampant of a massive heroin shipment due
any day. In a New York of flashy discotheques, swanky bachelor pads, and the occasional dark alley, Hammer deals with
doctors and drug addicts, hippie chicks and hit men, meeting
changing times with his timeless brand of violent vengeance.
Originally begun and outlined by Spillane in the mid-sixties,
and expertly completed by his longtime collaborator Max
Allan Collins, The Big Bang is vintage Mike Hammer on
acid . . . literally.

978-0-15-101448-4 • $25.00
The Big Bang
MAY • Mystery • 256 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B:
Quercus • A: Blackstone Audio • P/M:
Dominic Abel Literary Agency • T/S: HMH

The Goliath Bone
978-0-15-603578-1 • $13.95 PA

• Author appearances

hundreds of millions of books. He introduced
iconic detective Mike Hammer to readers in
1947 with I, the Jury and was named a Mystery
Writers of America Grand Master in 1995.


MICKEY SPILLANE (1918—2006) sold

• National print advertising in the Strand
• Mystery e-newsletter

best-selling graphic novel Road to Perdition.
His other works include Saving Private Ryan
and the Shamus-winning Nathan Heller novels.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Muscatine, Iowa


MAX ALLAN COLLINS is the author of the



A provocative, promising new
Paul Davies

The Eerie Silence
Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence

On the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of SETI
(the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence),
one of its leaders explains why our current efforts
have stalled—and shows how we can succeed


978-0-547-13324-9 • $27.00
The Eerie Silence
APRIL • Science • 288 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M:
Brockman, Inc. • S: HMH

The Goldilocks Enigma
978-0-547-05358-5 • $15.95 PA

• National author tour, including New York,
Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Seattle
• National advertising, including the
New York Review of Books
• Online promotions, including free
preview at scribd.com


ifty years ago, a young astronomer named Frank Drake
pointed a radio telescope at nearby stars in the hope
of picking up a signal from an alien civilization. Thus began
one of the boldest scientific projects in history, the Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). But after a half century
of scanning the skies, astronomers have little to report but
an eerie silence—eerie because many scientists are convinced
that the universe is teeming with life. The problem, argues
the leading physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies, is that
we’ve been looking in the wrong place, at the wrong time,
and in the wrong way. Davies should know. For more than
three decades, he has been closely involved with SETI and
now chairs the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup, charged
with deciding what to do if we’re confronted with evidence
of alien intelligence. In this extraordinary book, he shows
how SETI has lost its edge and offers a new and exciting
road map for the future.
Davies believes our search so far has been overly
anthropocentric: we tend to assume an alien species will
look, think, and behave like us. He argues that we need to
be far more expansive in our efforts, and in this book he
completely redefines the search, challenging existing ideas
of what form an alien intelligence might take, how it might
try to communicate with us, and how we should respond
if it does. A provocative and mind-expanding journey,
The Eerie Silence will thrill fans of science and science
fiction alike.


approach for making contact


on Earth is a bizarre fluke or the expected outcome in a universe with deeply biofriendly laws.
If SETI succeeds, it would be the greatest discovery in history and transform the destiny of mankind.

Aliens under our noses?
Did life on Earth start more than once? Scientists are searching for the living descendants of a
second genesis —a form of life, but not as we know it. If “alien” organisms are discovered, it would
prove that life arises readily and is therefore likely to be widespread in the universe.

Footprints of alien technology
Finding a radio message from ET remains a needle-in-a-haystack search, but we might garner
evidence of alien technology in many subtle and indirect ways. Alien technology may have left traces
in the properties of stars and planets, even celestial bodies in our solar system. If an alien migration
wave passed through our region of the galaxy long, long ago, we may find hidden evidence in our
cosmic backyard.

Religion challenged
The existence of advanced alien beings threatens most of the world’s established religions.
Christianity is especially vulnerable, given that it is based on the uniqueness of the incarnation of
Christ and the special status of humans in the story of salvation. Contact with godlike alien entities
would undercut traditional religious doctrine. ■

PAUL DAVIES is an internationally acclaimed physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist
at Arizona State University, where he runs the pioneering Beyond Center for Fundamental
Concepts in Science. He also chairs SETI’s Post-Detection Taskgroup, so if scientists succeed in finding intelligent life, he will be among the first to know. In addition to his many
scientific awards, the Guardian newspaper recently named Davies one of the “masters of
the universe,” along with Richard Dawkins and Michael Frayn. He is the author of more
than twenty books, including the bestseller The Mind of God, About Time, How to Build a
Time Machine, and The Goldilocks Enigma. The asteroid 1992OG was officially renamed
Pauldavies in his honor.



Beyond the pack-rat, a riveting look at the
Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee

Compulsive Hoarding and
the Meaning of Things
Two acclaimed psychologists take us inside the
fascinating and secretive lives of compulsive hoarders.


978-0-15-101423-1 • $27.00
APRIL • Psychology • 304 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/P/M:
Sandra Dijkstra Literary • A/S: HMH

• National media from New York and Boston
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hat possesses someone to save every scrap of paper
that’s ever come into his home? What compulsions
drive a woman like Irene, whose hoarding cost her her
marriage? Or Ralph, whose imagined uses for castoff items
like leaky old buckets almost lost him his house? Or Jerry
and Alvin, wealthy twin bachelors who filled up matching
luxury apartments with countless pieces of fine art, not even
leaving themselves room to sleep?
Randy Frost and Gail Steketee were the first to study
hoarding when they began their work a decade ago; they
expected to find a few sufferers but ended up treating
hundreds of patients and fielding thousands of calls from
the families of others. Now they explore the compulsion
through a series of compelling case studies in the vein of
Oliver Sacks. With vivid portraits that show us the traits by
which you can identify a hoarder—piles on sofas and beds
that make the furniture useless, houses that can be navigated
only by following small paths called goat trails, vast piles of
paper that the hoarders “churn” but never discard, even collections of animals and garbage—Frost and Steketee explain
the causes and outline the often ineffective treatments for the
disorder. They also illuminate the pull that possessions exert
on all of us. Whether we’re savers, collectors, or compulsive
cleaners, none of us is free of the impulses that drive hoarders
to the extremes in which they live.
For the six million sufferers, their relatives and friends,
and all the rest of us with complicated relationships to our
things, Stuff answers the question of what happens when
our stuff starts to own us.


hoarding disorder that afflicts six million
“Reading Stuff was an utterly fascinating experience. Like those classics of
psychological study, A. R. Luria’s The Mind of a Mnemonist and Oliver Sacks’s
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Stuff is authoritative, haunting and mysterious.
It is also intensely, not to say compulsively, readable.”



off the dining room. One chair was completely clear; no other sitting space was
apparent. Hundreds of videotapes were scattered about. Most of them were
recordings of TV specials, but none
were labeled. On one side of the
room was what appeared to be a
couch, completely engulfed in a
pile of papers four feet high, extending about
five feet out from the wall. A coffee table was
also submerged somewhere beneath the pile.
One small corner of the couch, about six
inches wide, was clear. This was Irene’s sorting spot. She reported that she sat there for
at least three hours every day trying to sort
through her papers, but the pile was growing
steadily despite her labors. We asked her if

she would show us how she worked.
Irene began by picking out a newspaper
clipping from the pile. It concerned drug use
among teenagers and was several months old.
She said she intended to give it to her
daughter to initiate a conversation
about drugs. However, since her daughter was away at school, she would have
to wait until she got home. She said
she would put it “here, on top of the pile so I
can see it and remember where it is.” She then
picked up a mailing from the telephone company offering a deal on long distance service.
She said she needed to read it to tell whether
she could get a better price. Again, she put it
on top of the pile. This process continued with
a dozen more objects. The clipping about drug
abuse was soon buried. ■


Frost: Northampton, Massachusetts
Steketee: Boston


ally known expert on obsessive-compulsive disorder, compulsive hoarding, and the
pathology of perfectionism. DR. GAIL STEKETEE is a professor and dean at the Boston
University School of Social Work. Together they have studied hoarding for more than a
decade and published a clinical treatment manual and a selfhelp handbook on hoarding. They have appeared on numerous
television and radio shows and given hundreds of lectures on
the subject nationally and internationally.


DR. RANDY O. FROST is a professor of psychology at Smith College and an internation-



Andrew Hudgins

American Rendering
New and Selected Poems

A retrospective of the work of one of America’s
most highly regarded poets


Babylon in a Jar
978-0-618-12697-2 • $13.00 PA
After the Lost War
978-0-395-45713-9 • $13.95 PA
The Glass Hammer
978-0-395-70010-5 • $9.95 PA
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ANDREW HUDGINS is the author of seven books of poems,
including Saints and Strangers, The Glass Hammer, and most
recently Ecstatic in the Poison. A finalist for the
National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize,
he is a recipient of Guggenheim and National
Endowment for the Arts fellowships as well as
the Harper Lee Award. He currently teaches
in the Department of English at Ohio State




978-0-547-24962-9 • $25.00
American Rendering
APRIL • Poetry • 240 • 6 x 9 • CTN 24
Terr: World English • Rights: T/A/P/M/S:
Brandt & Hochman Literary • B: HMH

merican Rendering showcases twenty-four new poems
as well as a generous selection from Andrew Hudgins’s
six previous volumes, spanning a distinguished career of
more than twenty-five years.
Hudgins, who was born in Texas and spent most of
his childhood in the South, is a lively and prolific poet who
draws on his vivid Southern and, more specifically, Southern
Baptist, childhood. Influenced by writers such as John
Crowe Ransom, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, and
James Dickey, Hudgins has developed a distinctively descriptive form of the Southern Gothic imagination. His poems are
rich with religious allusions, irreverent humor, and at times
are inflected with a dark and violent eroticism. Of Hudgins’s
most recent collection, Ecstatic in the Poison, Mark Strand
wrote: “[It] is full of intelligence, vitality, and grace. And
there is a beautiful oddness about it. Dark moments seem
charged with an eerie luminosity and the most humdrum
events assume a startling lyric intensity. A deep resonant
humor is everywhere, and everywhere amazing.”

Mark Pendergrast

Inside the Outbreaks
The Elite Medical Detectives of the
Epidemic Intelligence Service
From smallpox to smoking, obesity to anthrax,
a history of the elite medical corps that battles
the world’s worst epidemics


ince its founding in 1951, the Epidemic Intelligence
Service has waged war on every imaginable ailment.
When an epidemic hits, the EIS will be there to crack the
case, however mysterious or deadly, saving countless lives
in the process. Over the years they have successfully battled
polio, cholera, and smallpox, to name a few, and in recent
years have turned to the epidemics killing us now—smoking,
obesity, and gun violence among them.
The successful EIS model has spread internationally:
former EIS officers on the staff of the Centers for Disease
Control have helped to establish nearly thirty similar programs
around the world. EIS veterans have gone on to become
leaders in the world of public health in organizations such
as the World Health Organization.
Inside the Outbreaks takes readers on a riveting journey
through the history of this remarkable organization, following
Epidemic Intelligence Service officers on their globetrotting
quest to eliminate the most lethal and widespread threats to
the world’s health.

978-0-15-101120-9 • $28.00
Inside the Outbreaks
APRIL • Science/Medicine • 432 pages
6 x 9 • One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 24
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S: ICM

• Mailing to EIS alumni
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four nonfiction books, including Uncommon
Grounds: A History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World and Mirror, Mirror: A History
of the Human Love Affair with Reflection.

Burlington, Vermont


MARK PENDERGRAST is the author of



“Sharratt brings a haunting,
Mary Sharratt

Daughters of the
Witching Hill
A Novel

A powerful fictionalized account of a family
caught in the Pendle witch-hunt of 1612


978-0-547-06967-8 • $24.00
Daughters of the Witching Hill
APRIL • Fiction • 352 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/P/M/S: Wendy Sherman Associates

• Author appearances
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aughters of the Witching Hill brings history to life
in a vivid and wrenching account of a family sustained
by love as they try to survive the hysteria of a witch-hunt.
Bess Southerns, an impoverished widow living in
Pendle Forest, is haunted by visions and gains a reputation
as a cunning woman. Drawing on the Catholic folk magic of
her youth, Bess heals the sick and foretells the future. As she
ages, she instructs her granddaughter, Alizon, in her craft, as
well as her best friend, who ultimately turns to dark magic.
When a peddler suffers a stroke after exchanging harsh
words with Alizon, a local magistrate, eager to make his name
as a witch finder, plays neighbors and family members against
one another until suspicion and paranoia reach frenzied
Sharratt interweaves well-researched historical details
of the 1612 Pendle witch-hunt with a beautifully imagined
story of strong women, family, and betrayal. Daughters of the
Witching Hill is a powerful novel of intrigue and revelation.

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ancient story into life.” —KARLEEN KOEN


When I touched her, she twitched and swayed.
from a day’s wandering to a dark and empty
Something I’d not seen before shone in her eyes.
house. Hearth fire had gone out. Even the ashes were
My girl looked moonstruck, planetstruck, boggartcold. The worst fears chased through my
ridden. Looked like she’d been caught up
head as I knelt there, working by moonlight,
Excer pt in a fairy ring and made to dance till she
right frantic, rubbing flint against kindling.
was spent. Her face blazed with wonder,
Seemed to take an age to spark flame. By the time the
brimmed with shock and bliss.
peat had caught, my eyes were burning, my hands raw.
“This night I’ve met him, Mam.” Her words
Where was my daughter, out so late? Had she
tumbled out in a hoarse croak. “Met him in the
twisted her foot and fallen into a ditch? Had a mad
moonlight up Stang Top Moor.” She fell against
dog crossed her path, or a pack of lads up to mischief ?
me, clutching me for comfort. “His name is Ball.”
When the moon had climbed so high as to shine
So there we were, two women living in a tower,
down the smoky chimney, the door opened, its hinges
without father, husband, brother, or son to rein us in.
squeaking loud enough to set me gasping. In stepped
Turned to magic, we did. Consorted with imps and
a wild creature, her skirt smeared with clay and black
spirits. We came into our powers, and they grew and
earth. Her loose, flying hair was full of twigs, dead
grew till folk could not ignore the glimmer in Liza’s
leaves, and spidersilk. Full atremble, my Liza was,
wayward eyes, the fire that burned inside us both.
stood before the fire, her eyes wandering like mad.
The magic that ran in our blood. ■

“I sped through the pages, utterly transfixed. Readers are hereby warned
of their own potential enchantment by this bewitching tale.”
—KATHARINE WEBER, author of True Confections

Lancashire, England, for the past seven years. Her inspiration for Daughters of the
Witching Hill arose directly from the wild, brooding landscape: the true story of the
Pendle witches unfolded almost literally in her backyard. All the major characters
and events portrayed in the novel are drawn from court clerk Thomas Potts’s
account of the 1612 Lancashire witch trials, in which seven women and two men
from Pendle Forest were hanged as witches. The author of the critically acclaimed
novels Summit Avenue, The Real Minerva, and The Vanishing Point, Sharratt is also
the coeditor of the subversive fiction anthology Bitch Lit, a celebration of female
antiheroes, strong women who break all the rules.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Lancashire, England


MARY SHARRATT is an American writer who has lived in the Pendle region of



From the editors of Condé Nast’s


Pilar Guzmán, Jenny Rosenstrach,
and Alanna Stang, editors of
Cookie magazine

978-0-547-31898-1 • $24.95
The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook
MAY • 272 pages • 7 1⁄2 x 9 • 200 4-color
photographs • CTN 12 • Terr: World English
Rights: T/A/P/M/S: Condé Nast • B: HMH

The Cookie Family
Dinner Cookbook
Recipes, Strategies, and Inspiration
for Any Night of the Week
Exciting family meals that take kids, schedules,
and real life into account


hat’s for dinner?” As any mom or dad knows,
the age-old question gets a lot more complicated
when kids are involved.
In this stylish, brilliantly simple cookbook with bold
full-color photos on every page, Pilar Guzmán and her
fellow working-mom editors of Cookie magazine provide
hundreds of innovative dinner solutions that are easy on
you (no long ingredient lists or exacting measures) and
irresistible to the kids. The Cookie rescue plans for the
dinner hour include:
• Climb out of the dinner rut: delicious

new standards to fall back on
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during 2009 and 2010

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The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook is for every
parent interested in eating well and staying sane.

• Online advertising
• Includes a free one-year subscription to Cookie


MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com • flexi


hit parenting magazine,


Tofu Rigatoni Casserole

Corn and
Shrimp Salad



Sloppy Joes

PILAR GUZMÁN, the founding editor, JENNY ROSENSTRACH, the food
and features editor, and ALANNA STANG, the executive editor,
are the creative forces behind Cookie. They are all moms.




Chicken Soup with Stars and Meatballs


AUTHORS’ RESIDENCES - Guzmán: Brooklyn, New York; Rosenstrach: Dobbs Ferry,
New York; Stang: Brooklyn, New York


flexi • www.hmhbooks.com • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • MAY


Steve N. G. Howell

Peterson Reference
Guide to Molt in
North American Birds

For the first time ever, a comprehensive and accessible
guide to molt, a fundamental yet often overlooked aspect
of bird identification


978-0-547-15235-6 • $35.00
Peterson Reference Guide® to Molt
in North American Birds
MAY • Nature • 192 pages • 7 x 10
270 color photos • CTN 12 • Terr: World
Rights: B/T/A/P/S: HMH • M: Author via HMH

Peterson Reference Guide®
to Gulls of the Americas
978-0-618-72641-7 • $35.00 CL

o most observers, molt seems an overwhelming subject.
But birders use many aspects of molt more than they
realize—to distinguish juvenile birds from adults, to pick
out an individual hummingbird from among dozens visiting
a feeder, and much more.
And for those whose interest goes beyond simply identifying birds, questions such as What triggers molt to start?
How fast do feathers grow? and How long do they last? offer
a fascinating window into the lives of birds. Put plainly, molt
relates in some way to everything a bird does, including
where it lives, what it eats, and how far it migrates.
Here, for the first time, molt is presented for the nonscientist. Molt is very orderly and built on only four underlying
strategies: simple basic, complex basic, simple alternate, and
complex alternate. This book clearly lays out these strategies,
relates them to aspects of life history, such as habitat and
migration, and makes this important subject accessible.

• Promotions at birding and nature shows
across the country
• E-mail blast to nature lovers and birders

STEVE N. G. HOWELL has written many books and papers on

Bolinas, California




birds, including Hummingbirds of North America and A Guide to
the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America.
He has been affiliated with the Point Reyes Bird
Observatory for twenty years and is currently a
senior birding tour leader for WINGS, Inc.

Frederick Turner

The Go-Between
A Novel of the Kennedy Years

A novel of love and death and memory, drawn from the
fictional diaries of Judith Campbell Exner, lover to JFK,
Sinatra, and Sam Giancana


faded newspaperman downs a double Maker’s Mark and
contemplates life as a “ham-and-egger,” a hack. Then
one day he finds the scoop of a lifetime in a Chicago basement: diaries belonging to the infamous Judith Campbell
Exner. Right, that Judy, the game girl who waltzed into the
midst of America’s most powerful politicians, entertainers,
and criminals as they conspired to rule America.
When Frank Sinatra flew Judy to Hawaii for a weekend
of partying, she could hardly have imagined where it would
lead her: straight to the White House and the waiting arms
of Jack Kennedy. And then came the day that JFK and his
brother Bobby asked her to carry a black bag to Chicago,
where she was to hand it off to the boss of bosses, Sam Giancana. As our Narrator pieces the notebooks into a coherent
story, he finds mob connections, rigged primaries, assassination plots, and trysts—and begins to see beyond the tabloid
fare to a real woman, adrift and defenseless in a dangerous
world where the fates of nations are at stake. As one by one
the men Judy loved betrayed her and disappeared, and as
the FBI pursued her into a living hell, her diary entries disintegrate along with the beautiful, tough, sweet woman the
Narrator has come to know. Who was Exner, after all? Just a
gangster’s moll? Or a bighearted woman who believed the
sky-high promises of the New Frontier—and paid the price?

978-0-15-101509-2 • $25.00
The Go-Between
MAY • Fiction • 336 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, C, O (-EU) • Rights: B/T/A/P/M/S:
Robin Straus Agency

• National advertising, including
The New Yorker
• National drive-time radio tour

novels 1929 and Redemption, and many works
of nonfiction, and is the recipient of awards
from the National Endowment for the Arts
and the Guggenheim Foundation.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


FREDERICK TURNER is the author of the



SPIELBERG, GEFFEN, and KATZENBERG star in Hollywood’s
Nicole LaPorte

The Men Who Would
Be King
An Almost Epic Tale of Moguls, Movies,
and a Company Called DreamWorks

The cinematic saga of DreamWorks, where three
Hollywood legends—friends and rivals, brilliant and
savage—created a studio that should have been stellar

978-0-547-13470-3 • $28.00
The Men Who Would Be King
MAY • Business/Film • 448 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: P/M: Kuhn
Projects • B/T/A/S: HMH

• National media from New York and Los Angeles
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New York Times and Entertainment Weekly
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gossip blogs, including Perezhilton, Socialitelife,
Popbytes, and Egotastic!, and top literary sites
like Bookslut, Galleycat, and Bookdwarf.

or sixty years, since the birth of United Artists, the studio
landscape was unchanged. Then came Hollywood’s
Circus Maximus—created by director Steven Spielberg,
billionaire David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who gave
the world The Lion King—an entertainment empire called
DreamWorks. Now Nicole LaPorte, who covered the company for Variety, goes behind the hype to reveal for the first
time the delicious truth of what happened.
Readers will feel they are part of the creative calamities
of moviemaking as LaPorte’s fly-on-the-wall detail shows
us Hollywood’s bizarre rules of business. We see the clashes
between the often otherworldly Spielberg’s troops and
Katzenberg’s warriors, the debacles and disasters, but also
the Oscar-winning triumphs, including Saving Private
Ryan. We watch as the studio burns through billions, its
rich owners get richer, and everybody else suffers. We
see Geffen seducing investors like Microsoft’s Paul Allen,
showing his steel against CAA’s Michael Ovitz, and staging
fireworks during negotiations with Paramount and Disney.
Here is Hollywood, up close, glamorous, and gritty.

• Online marketing, including widget with excerpt
and author interview


MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com 7

most top-secret story, told here for the first time
Nicole LaPorte on




Spielberg’s world can feel a
little like a fortress. As his editor
views footage, a black cloth is
draped over the projection booth
window to hide the screen. In
Spielberg’s office, hanging above
his desk, a Plexiglas half-moon
keeps sound from reverberating,
so that his phone conversations
remain ultra-confidential. When
an assistant once asked what the
funny thing over Spielberg’s desk
was, a security guard referred to
it as a “dome of silence.” And
when Spielberg isn’t at Amblin,
live-cam images are streamed to
his home. ■

Geffen took billionaire Paul
Allen, the company’s biggest
investor, under his wing, fluffing
him up with tips like, “Lose the
beard” and “Trade in the glasses
for a cooler pair.” Geffen also
introduced his prize catch around
Hollywood. Soon, Allen was
friends with Carrie Fisher, Mick
Jagger, and Jerry Hall. “David
Geffen,” said one source, “has an
uncanny ability to ingratiate himself with people who have a
tremendous opportunity to help
him. He does it in such a way that
people feel like he’s doing them
a favor.” ■

Complaints about Katzenberg’s
control-freakish ways had been
brought to his attention once
at a company retreat, where one
of the group activities was to—
anonymously—write down a list
of Katzenberg’s pros and cons.
Employees eagerly filled a whiteboard with a long list of their frustrations. When Katzenberg read
them, he didn’t get angry or
defend himself. “That’s the
truth!” he said. “That’s me!” ■

movie industry for several years. She also wrote the “Rules of Hollywood” column for the
Los Angeles Times Magazine and has written for The New Yorker, the New York Times, the
Los Angeles Times, the New York Observer, the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, and W magazine.
For The Men Who Would Be King she did more than 200 interviews with subjects at every
level of the entertainment business.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Venice, California


NICOLE LAPORTE is a former film reporter for Variety, where she covered the Hollywood



“A chilling piece of history” * and its ongoing
Ian Johnson

A Mosque in Munich
Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the
Muslim Brotherhood in the West

The little-known story of how the CIA and an
ex-Nazi intelligence agent gave radical Islam
its foothold in the West


978-0-15-101418-7 • $27.00
A Mosque in Munich
MAY • History/Current Affairs • 320 pages
6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: A/P/M/S:
Sterling Lord Literistic • B/T: HMH

• National media from New York and
Washington, D.C.
• National advertising, including the New York
Times and the New York Review of Books
• Academic promotion


n the wake of the news that the 9/11 hijackers had lived in
Europe, journalist Ian Johnson wondered how such a radical group could sink roots into Western soil. Most accounts
reached back twenty years, to U.S. support of Islamist fighters
in Afghanistan. But Johnson dug deeper, to the start of the
Cold War, uncovering the untold story of a group of ex-Soviet
Muslims who had defected to Germany during World War II.
There, they had been fashioned into a well-oiled anti-Soviet
propaganda machine. As that war ended and the Cold War
began, West German and U.S. intelligence agents vied for
control of this influential group. At the center of the covert
tug of war was a quiet mosque in Munich—radical Islam’s
first beachhead in the West.
Culled from an array of sources, including newly declassified documents, A Mosque in Munich interweaves the stories
of several key players: a Nazi scholar turned postwar spymaster; key Muslim leaders across the globe, including
members of the Muslim Brotherhood; and naïve CIA men
eager to fight communism with a new weapon, Islam. A
rare ground-level look at Cold War spying and a revelatory
account of the West’s first, disastrous encounter with radical
Islam, A Mosque in Munich is as captivating as it is crucial to
our understanding the mistakes we are still making in our
relationship with Islamists today.

MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com 7

consequences from a Pulitzer Prize winner
Praise for


“I thought I knew something about blowback. But Ian Johnson
has unearthed an extraordinary episode of disastrous American
judgment that begins well over half a century ago, whose full
consequences we’ve not yet seen. It’s a chilling piece of history
few people know, and he tells the story with a novelist’s skill.”

HOCHSCHILD,* author of King Leopold’s Ghost

“Ian Johnson is more than a brilliant journalist and
tireless researcher; he is a writer of the first rank. His story
of an extraordinary Muslim community in Germany is
instructive, enlightening, and beautifully done.”
—IAN BURUMA, author of Murder in Amsterdam:
The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance

“Johnson’s literary sensibility gives life to this amazing period,
with a cast of characters ranging from exiled Uzbeks to suave
CIA agents with a taste for nudist camps. Along the way, he shows
how the battle against communism unwittingly contributed to
the development of today’s terrorist organizations.”
—PETER HESSLER, author of Oracle Bones

Pulitzer Prize–winning Wall Street Journal reporter IAN JOHNSON spent five years
researching and writing this book, interviewing survivors, scouring archives, and pressuring governments to release sensitive intelligence documents. He is also the author
of Wild Grass: Three Portraits of Change in Modern China.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCES - Berlin and Beijing




A new perspective on
Jack Rakove

A New History of the Invention of America

A Pulitzer Prize–winning historian tells the story
of how a group of provincial lawyers, planters, land
speculators, and merchants became American


978-0-618-26746-0 • $30.00
MAY • History • 448 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Inkwell
Management • S: HMH

• Author tour, including New York, Boston,
Washington, D.C., San Francisco
• National advertising, including the
New York Review of Books
• Academic promotion


n this remarkable book, the historian Jack Rakove offers a
new and revealing perspective on the men who invented
America. Much has been written about the military struggle
that led to independence, but Rakove is far more concerned
with the intellectual one: the competing views of politics,
war, diplomacy, and society that shaped the very idea of an
American nation. Spanning the most crucial decades of the
country’s birth, from 1772 to 1792, Revolutionaries uses the
stories of famous (and not so famous) men to capture—in a
way no single biography ever could—the intensely creative
period of the Republic’s founding.
Each of his portraits brims with fascinating and fresh
insights: Washington as a flawed tactician but expert manager, Jack Laurens as a slave trader’s son who developed a
plan to recruit black soldiers, Jefferson as a powerful critic
of Europe’s social order but a voracious consumer of its
culture. Rakove shakes off accepted notions of these men
as godlike visionaries. We see Madison, Hamilton, Adams,
and others before they were fully formed leaders, before the
Republic was effectively functioning. We catch them in the
act of thinking—about when and how to break with Britain,
how to wage a war that often seemed impossible to win,
what exactly the Constitution should say—and in doing so
we begin to understand, perhaps for the first time, how the
country came to be and why the idea of America endures.

MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com 7

America’s original heroes





to its authority persuaded colonists everywhere

ing roles in the American Revolution were

that it really was bent on abridging their basic

as unlikely a group of revolutionaries as one can

rights and liberties. Until then, the men who

imagine. Indeed, to call them revolutionaries at

soon occupied critical positions in the struggle

all is almost ironic. With the possible exception

for independence were preoccupied with their

of Samuel Adams, none of those who took lead-

private affairs and hopeful that the troubles that

ing roles in the struggle actively set out to foment

had roiled the empire in the 1760s would soon

rebellion or found a republic. They became

be forgotten. To catch them (as we repeatedly

revolutionaries despite themselves. Or rather

shall) at those moments when they individually

they became revolutionaries because a crisis in a

realized that would not be the case is to under-

single colony spiraled out of control in 1773–74,

stand that the Revolution made them as much

and the empire’s harsh response to the challenge

as they made the Revolution.

and a professor of political science at Stanford University, is one the most distinguished
historians of the early American republic. He is the author of, among other books, Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution, which won the Pulitzer
Prize in 1997. He frequently writes op-ed articles for the New York Times, the Washington
Post, and other major newspapers. He has been an expert witness in Indian land claims
litigation and has testified in Congress on impeachment.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Stanford, California


JACK RAKOVE, the William Robertson Coe Professor of History and American Studies



Strip is a pulse-pounding, rambunctious thriller
Thomas Perry

A Novel
An Otto Penzler Book
From the best-selling author of Runner comes
a fast-paced romp pitting a gangster against a
tough-as-nails stranger in the gritty streets and
opulent hills of Los Angeles

978-0-15-101522-1 • $26.00
MAY • Mystery • 352 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B: Quercus • A/P/M/S:
Lescher & Lescher • T: HMH

978-0-547-24792-2 • $14.95 PA
978-0-15-603386-2 • $14.95 PA
978-0-15-603330-5 • $14.00 PA
• National print advertising in the New York Times
and the Strand

n aging but formidable strip club owner, Claudiu
“Manco” Kapak, has been robbed by a masked gunman
as he placed his cash receipts in a bank’s night-deposit box.
Enraged, he sends his half-dozen security men out to find
a suspect who is spending lots of cash and is new enough
to Los Angeles not to know he was robbing a gangster.
Their search leads them to Joe Carver, an innocent
but hardly defenseless newcomer who evades capture and
sets out to make Kapak wish he’d chosen someone else.
Meanwhile, the real culprit, Jefferson Davis Falkins, and
his new girlfriend Carrie seem to believe they’ve found a
whole new profession: robbing Manco Kapak.
Lieutenant Nick Slosser, the police detective in charge
of the puzzling and increasingly violent case, has his own
troubles, including worries about how he’s going to afford
to send the oldest child of each of his two bigamous marriages to college without making their mothers suspicious.
As this odd series of difficulties explodes into a triple
killing, Carver finds himself in the middle of a brewing
gang war over Kapak’s little empire, while Falkins and
Carrie journey into territory more strange and violent
than either had imagined.

• Southern California mystery tour
• Mystery e-newsletter
• Author website: www.thomasperryauthor.com
*Washington Post


MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com 7

from an Edgar-winning “master of suspense.”*
“Thomas Perry is, quite simply, brilliant.
And as each book comes out he becomes more so.”—ROBERT B. PARKER




around their wrists to bind their hands behind them, then taped their
ankles together, then ran tape around and around them to keep them on the
seats. Jeff and Carrie went outside, locked the steel door behind them, and
stopped to look at each other for a moment. “What do you think?”
“I’m glad they don’t let strip clubs operate near residential
neighborhoods. If they did, you couldn’t feel good about
firing a gun. But here you could set off bombs.” She smiled up
at him. “Can I shoot them?”
“What? Why?”
“Because I never have, and this is such a great opportunity. I really, really
want to.”
“Get your car. I’ll follow you home.”
“How about just one, then?”
“We’ve got to go. The police come by these places regularly, just to check
the doors.”
He followed her back onto the freeway, onto the exit ramp at Vineland
and up the hill to her house. She was beaming. “You know, tonight was even
better than last night. Robbing a strip club. Holding hostages. Grand Theft
Auto. And tomorrow, safe cracking. I think I’m falling in love.” ■

novels Nightlife, Death Benefits, and Pursuit, the first recipient of the Gumshoe Award
for best novel. He won the Edgar Award for The Butcher’s Boy, and Metzger’s Dog was a
New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Studio City, California


THOMAS PERRY is the author of the Jane Whitefield series as well as the best-selling



“Saddle up and enjoy the ride with
Susan Richards

How a Spirited Horse Reined Me In
and Set Me Free

From the author of the New York Times bestseller
Chosen by a Horse comes a memoir about the
life-giving power of caring for an animal.


978-0-547-24172-2 • $24.00
MAY • Pets/Memoir • 224 pages • 5 x 8
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Helen Zimmermann Literary
Chosen Forever
978-0-15-603302-2 • $13.95 PA
Chosen by a Horse
978-0-15-603117-2 • $13.95 PA
• Author appearances
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• Online promotion, including author interviews,
e-cards, and widgets to top pet and horse
rescue/rehabilitation sites

ne day, at the age of thirty-one, Susan Richards realized
that she was an alcoholic. She wrote it down in her
journal, struck by the fact that it had taken nine years of waking up hung-over to name her illness. What had changed?
Susan had a new horse, a spirited Morgan named Georgia, and, as she says: “It had something to do with Georgia.
It had something to do with making a commitment as enormous as caring for a horse that might live as my companion
for the next forty years. It had something to do with love.”
Every day begins with a morning ride. Every day Susan
lives a little more and thinks about her mistakes a little less.
Every day she learns a little more from Georgia, the kind of
horse who doesn’t go in for indecision, who doesn’t apologize for her opinions, and who isn’t afraid to be herself. In
Georgia, Susan finds something to draw her back to herself,
but also something to keep her steady and focused, to teach
her about stepping carefully in unknown territory, to help
her learn again about balance.
This is a memoir about the power of animals to carry
us through the toughest times of our lives—about the importance of constancy, the beauty of quiet, steadfast love, the
way loving a good (and sometimes bad!) animal can keep
you going. It’s a wonderful story for Susan’s (and Georgia’s)
fans, and for anyone who has ever loved an animal enough
to keep on living.

• Advertising
• Advance reading copies
• Author website: www.susan-richards.com

MAY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com 7

Susan Richards. You’ll love it.”—RITA MAE BROWN




neous outpouring of love, I knew I had been

and a growing sense of shame about my drink-

altered irrevocably. It’s impossible to open your

ing, I was in need of another lifeline. And in all the

heart that wide and not be changed in the process.

ways I might have searched for help, it seems to me

I wanted to protect that love and I couldn’t do it

now that turning toward horses had been instinctive.

by lying to myself, not about drinking or anything

I wasn’t just looking for any love, I was looking for

else. I’d had her less than a week but already she

that love, that first involuntary spasm that jolted my

was working her magic. I was no longer just a

five-year-old heart back to life at the sight of a Shet-

woman in a bad marriage who drank too much.

land pony named Bunty. As soon as I found Georgia,

I was the woman who loved horses. I was the

as soon as I saw her and experienced that sponta-

woman who loved Georgia.

Praise for the books of SUSAN RICHARDS
“Reading Richards’s prose makes you feel like you’re listening to a good friend tell
you her story, if only that friend would tell you their deepest fears and triumphs.
Her descriptions of her pets will make any animal lover smile.”
—Curled Up with a Good Book

“An incredibly moving story, beautifully written and insightful. Anyone can enjoy
this wonderful book. Horse lovers, however, will savor Susan’s clever descriptions
of the interactions, looks and personalities of her four horses.”
—Roanoke Times

in social work from Adelphi University. She lives with her husband, Dennis Stock, and
their beloved gang of four dogs and one Siamese cat. She is the author of the best-selling
memoir Chosen by a Horse, a Barnes & Noble Discover and a Book Sense pick.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Bearsville, New York


SUSAN RICHARDS has a BA in English from the University of Colorado and a master’s



Bonnie Blodgett

Remembering Smell
A Memoir of Losing—and Discovering
—the Primal Sense

A gardener’s sudden loss of smell—from her single
use of an over-the-counter nasal spray—leads to
a life-altering understanding of the impact of smell
on our ability to think, speak, and love


978-0-618-86188-0 • $24.00
Remembering Smell
JUNE • Memoir • 256 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/P/M: Fletcher & Associates • A/S: HMH

• National drive-time and public radio tour
• Advance reading copies
• Author website gardenletter.com

n November 2005, Bonnie Blodgett was whacked with a
nasty cold. After a quick shot of Zicam nasal spray up each
nostril, the back of her nose was on fire. With that, Blodgett—
a professional garden writer devoted to the sensual pleasures
of garden and kitchen—was launched on a journey through
the senses, the psyche, and the sciences. Her olfactory nerve
was destroyed, perhaps forever. She had lost her sense of smell.
Phantosmia—a constant stench of “every disgusting
thing you can think of tossed into a blender and pureed”—
is the first disorienting stage. It’s the brain’s attempt, as Blodgett vividly conveys, to compensate for loss by conjuring up
a tortured facsimile. As the hallucinations fade and anosmia
(no smell at all) moves in to take their place, Blodgett is beset
by questions: Why are smell and mood hand-in-hand? How
are smell disorders linked to other diseases? What is taste
without flavor? Blodgett’s provocative conversations with
renowned geneticists, smell dysfunction experts, neurobiologists, chefs, and others ultimately lead to a life-altering understanding of smell, and to the most transformative lesson of all:
the olfactory nerve, in ways unlike any other in the human
body has the extraordinary power to heal.

Green Thoughts for the Northern Gardener, won
the Garden Writers Association’s top award
in its first year. She has written for a number
of national publications, including Parenting,
Health, Glamour, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Minneapolis, Minnesota



BONNIE BLODGETT’s The Garden Letter:

David V. Herlihy

The Lost Cyclist
The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer
and His Mysterious Disappearance
An acclaimed cycling historian takes readers on an
unforgettable ride through exotic lands and cultures,
replete with triumphs, tragedies, and intrigue. A mustread for fans of The Lost City of Z and The Devil in the
White City


n the late 1880s, Frank Lenz of Pittsburgh, a renowned
high-wheel racer and long-distance tourist, dreamed of
cycling around the world. He finally got his chance by recasting himself as a champion of the downsized “safety-bicycle”
with inflatable tires, the forerunner of the modern road bike
that was about to become wildly popular. In the spring of
1892 he quit his accounting job and gamely set out west
to cover twenty thousand miles over three continents as a
correspondent for Outing magazine. Two years later, after
having survived countless near disasters and unimaginable
hardships, he approached Europe for the final leg.
He never made it. His mysterious disappearance in eastern Turkey sparked an international outcry and compelled
Outing to send William Sachtleben, another larger-than-life
cyclist, on Lenz’s trail. Bringing to light a wealth of information, Herlihy’s gripping narrative captures the soaring joys
and constant dangers accompanying the bicycle adventurer
in the days before paved roads and automobiles. This untold
story culminates with Sachtleben’s heroic effort to bring
Lenz’s accused murderers to justice, even as troubled Turkey
teetered on the edge of collapse.

978-0-547-19557-5 • $26.00
The Lost Cyclist
JUNE • Sports/History • 320 pages • 6 x 9
Two 16-page inserts • CTN 12 • Terr:
US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Waxman
Agency • S: HMH

• Author appearances in New York
and Boston
• National advertising
• Mystery promotion, including mystery
sampler and e-newsletter
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interviews, e-cards, and widgets to
top American history and cycling sites

his work has been featured on National Public
Radio and Voice of America and in the New York
Times, the Boston Globe, Boston, and Historic
Preservation. In 1999 Herlihy received the
McNair History Award from the Wheelmen,
the preeminent American association of
antique bicycle collectors.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Hull, Massachusetts


DAVID V. HERLIHY is the author of Bicycle: The History and



The ultimate insider’s account of
Sarah Ellison

War at the
Wall Street Journal
Inside the Struggle to Control
an American Business Empire

Set in the highest echelon of the media, this saga
of an American institution under siege is a bonfire
of barbarians and boldface names

978-0-547-15243-1 • $27.00
War at the Wall Street Journal
JUNE • 288 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12 • Terr:
US, C, O • Rights:B/T/A/P/M: The Robbins Office

• National media from New York
• Author tour, including New York, Boston,
Washington, D.C.
• National print and online advertising,
including the New York Times, the Huffington
Post, wsj.com, Boston.com
• Father’s Day promotion


his is a tale about big business, an imploding dynasty, a
mogul at war, and a deal that sums up an era of change.
The main character, rocked by feuding factions and those
who would remake it, is the Wall Street Journal, which
affects the thoughts, votes, and stocks of two million readers
daily. Sarah Ellison, while at the Journal, won praise for
covering the $5 billion acquisition that transformed the
pride of Dow Jones and the estimable but eccentric Bancroft
family into the jewel of Rupert Murdoch’s kingdom. Here
she expands her work, using her knowledge of the paper
and its people to go deep inside the landmark transaction,
as no outsider has or can, and also far beyond it, into the
rocky transition when Murdoch’s crew tussled with old
Journal hands and geared up for battle with the New York
Times. With access to all the players, Ellison moves from
newsrooms (where editors duel) to estates (where the
Bancrofts go at it like the Ewings). She shows Murdoch,
finally, for who he is—maneuvering, firing, undoing all that
the Bancrofts had protected.
Here is a superlative account of a deal with reverberations beyond the news, told with the storytelling savvy that
transforms big stories into timeless chronicles of American
life and power.


the deal that sums up an era


War at the Wall Street Journal
finger, James thought of this feckless group.

Hill felt an obligation to grill Murdoch

He quickly jumped in, speaking in his

and, typically, broached the topic directly.

staccato tone. “Look, we were the only broad-

“How do you deal with coverage of China

caster in China to broadcast September

given your substantial business
interests there?” she asked the
mogul, who had referred to the
Dalai Lama as “a very political

Eleventh live,” he said. “We

“If it doesn’t
make money,

old monk shuffling around in
Gucci shoes.” She spoke glow-

we don’t

ingly of the Journal’s coverage of

do it.”

China. Murdoch gave a rambling

were the only one to cover the
Taiwanese election,” he added.
“We did it carefully, but we did
it.” News Corp. had journalists
risking their lives all over the
world, he thought. He felt that
American journalism smacked

response and pointed out that the Times of

of self-importance. Leslie, he thought, suf-

London had done several stories critical of

fered from the same delusions. He didn’t

the Chinese government. His son, James,

share the thought out loud. Instead, he went

looked at his father and grew defensive of the

on to outline News Corp.’s business strategy

old man. The Bancrofts were acting like an

and his personal view about opportunities

august group on the other side of the table.

in China. “If it doesn’t make money, we don’t

I have more work experience in my pinky

do it,” he said.

Jones. Her stories about the media business have been recognized by the Newswomen’s
Club of New York and the New York Press Club. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband
and daughter. This is her first book.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Brooklyn, New York


SARAH ELLISON led the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Rupert Murdoch’s bid for Dow



William Marvel

The Great Task Remaining
The Third Year of Lincoln’s War

William Marvel, the “Civil War’s master historical
detective” (Stephen Sears), continues his groundbreaking
series and offers a nuanced narrative of the third year
of conflict

978-0-618-99064-1 • $35.00
The Great Task Remaining
JUNE • History • 480 pages • 6 x 9
32 halftones and 6 maps • CTN 12
Terr: World • Rights: P/M: Author via HMH

Lincoln’s Darkest Year
978-0-618-85869-9 • $30.00 CL
Mr. Lincoln Goes to War
978-0-618-87241-1 • $15.95 PA

he Great Task Remaining is a striking, often poignant
portrait of people balancing their own values—rather
than ours—to determine whether the horrors attending
Mr. Lincoln’s war were worth bearing in order to achieve
his ultimate goals.
As 1863 unfolds, we see the useless bloodbath at
Fredericksburg, the disaster at Chancellorsville, the battle
of Gettysburg, and the end of the siege of Vicksburg. Then,
astonishingly, the Confederacy springs vigorously back to life
after the Union triumphs of the summer, setting the stage for
Lincoln’s now famous speech on the Pennsylvania battlefield.
Without abandoning the underlying sympathy for Lincoln,
Marvel makes a convincing argument for the Gettysburg
Address as being less of a paean to liberty than an appeal
to stay the course in the face of rampant antiwar sentiment.
The Great Task Remaining offers a provocative history
of a dramatic year—a year that saw victory and defeat, doubt
and riot—as well as a compelling story of a people who clung
to the promise of a much-longed-for end.

• Academic promotion

WILLIAM MARVEL is the author of Lincoln’s
Darkest Year, Mr. Lincoln Goes to War, Lee’s
Last Retreat, Andersonville, and several other
acclaimed books on the Civil War. He has won
a Lincoln Prize, the Douglas Southall Freeman
Award, and the Bell Award.

Center Conway, New Hampshire



• Online promotion to history and Civil War
interest sites

Martha McPhee

Dear Money
A Novel
“A skilled, always gripping satire of our foolish age.”
—Joseph O’Neill, author of Netherland


n this Pygmalion tale of a novelist turned bond trader,
Martha McPhee brings to life the greed and riotous wealth
of New York during the heady days of the second gilded age.
India Palmer, living the cash-strapped existence of the writer,
is visiting wealthy friends in Maine when a yellow biplane
swoops down from the clear blue sky to bring a stranger into
her life, one who will change everything. The stranger is Win
Johns, a swaggering and intellectually bored trader of mortgage-backed securities. Charmed by India’s intelligence,
humor, and inquisitive nature—and aware of her near-desperate financial situation—Win poses a proposition: “Give me
eighteen months and I’ll make you a world-class bond
trader.” Shedding her artist’s life with surprising ease, India
embarks on a raucous ride to the top of the income chain,
leveraging herself with crumbling real estate, never once
looking back . . . Or does she?
With a light-handed irony that is by turns as measured
as Claire Messud’s and as biting as Tom Wolfe’s, Martha
McPhee tells the classic American story of people reinventing
themselves, unaware of the price they must pay for their

978-0-15-101165-0 • $25.00
Dear Money
JUNE • Fiction • 304 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O (-EU) • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: The Wylie Agency • S: HMH

978-0-15-603236-0 • $14.00 PA

“Martha McPhee is a wickedly good social observer, a writer
of beautiful, lyrical prose, and a consummate storyteller.
This is a very smart novel that unpacks small surprises
and pleasures on every single page.”—Dani Shapiro

• National media from New York
• Author appearances
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• Advance reading copies
The author of four previous novels and a finalist for the
National Book Award, MARTHA MCPHEE
lives in New York City with her children and
husband, the poet and writer Mark Svenvold.
A few years ago, when a legendary bond trader
claimed he could transform her into a booming Wall Street success, she toyed with the
notion—but wrote Dear Money instead.



The dangerous idea that just might have to
Jeff Goodell

How to Cool the Planet
Geoengineering and the Audacious
Quest to Fix Earth’s Climate

The heroic—some would say crazy—effort to adjust
Earth’s thermostat and save us all from global warming


978-0-618-99061-0 • $26.00
How to Cool the Planet
JUNE • Science • 288 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: World • Rights: P/M/S: ICM

Big Coal
978-0-618-87224-4 • $14.95 PA

• National author tour, including New York,
Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Seattle
• National advertising, including the
New York Times
• Online promotion, including Google, AdWords,
scribd.com preview, and outreach to
environmental sites


ight now, a group of scientists is working on ways to
minimize the catastrophic impact of global warming.
But they’re not designing hybrids or fuel cells or wind
turbines. They’re trying to lower the temperature of the
entire planet. And they’re doing it with huge contraptions
that suck CO2 from the air, machines that brighten clouds
and deflect sunlight away from the earth, even artificial
volcanoes that spray heat-reflecting particles into the
This is the radical and controversial world of geoengineering, which only five years ago was considered to
be “fringe.” But as journalist Jeff Goodell points out, the
economic crisis, combined with global political realities,
is making these ideas look sane, even inspired.
Goodell himself started out as a skeptic, concerned
about tinkering with the planet’s thermostat. We can’t even
predict next week’s weather, so how are we going to change
the temperature of whole regions? What if a wealthy entrepreneur shoots particles into the stratosphere on his own?
Who gets blamed if something goes terribly wrong? And
perhaps most disturbing, what about wars waged with
climate control as the primary weapon? There are certainly
risks, but Goodell believes the alternatives could be worse.
In the end, he persuades us that geoengineering may just
be our last best hope—a Plan B for the environment. His
compelling tale of scientific hubris and technical daring is
sure to jump-start the next big debate about the future of
life on earth.


work and the daring scientists behind it


welcome to come and see it if you want.”
As a child of Silicon Valley, I’ve always had
geoengineering—taking a few years to
a soft spot for big dreamers building far-out
write a book about it—did not really occur to
hardware. And certainly if you drew up a short
me until, by chance, I called David Keith at
list of inventions that could change the world, a
the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
machine that removes CO2 would
Keith, I knew, was a highly
be high on the list. It does not
respected scientist studying
Was it another
take much imagination to see how
how to store CO2 from coal-fired
step toward the
such a machine could someday
power plants underground.
cliff of extinction
function as part of a climate control
What I didn’t know was that
system. How warm would you like
he had also been thinking about
your planet, sir? Just set the thergeoengineering for more than
for the human
mostat at the CO2 level you like,
a decade. A quick telephone
fine-tune the sunlight with some
conversation convinced me that
dust in the stratosphere or some man-made
Keith knew as much about the complexities
clouds, and there’s your Goldilocks climate—
of this idea as anyone I had encountered.
not too hot, not too cold, just right. Of course,
More important, he was, at that very moment,
it was not quite that simple. But that was the
building a machine to scrub CO2 out of the
promise. Was it another step toward the cliff of
atmosphere. “In fact, the machine will be up
extinction—or a parachute for the human race? ■
and running in a few days,” he said. “You’re

the New York Times Magazine. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Our Story:
77 Hours That Tested Our Friendship and Our Faith. Goodell’s memoir, Sunnyvale: The Rise
and Fall of a Silicon Valley Family, was a New York Times Notable Book. His most recent
book, Big Coal is the basis of an upcoming feature documentary, Dirty Business.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Saratoga Springs, New York


JEFF GOODELL is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone and a frequent contributor to



Joseph Epstein

The Love Song of
A. Jerome Minkoff
And Other Stories
“It’s a joy to read Epstein on virtually any subject upon
which he decides to write.”—Chicago Tribune
“Joseph Epstein is perhaps the smartest American
alive who also writes well. That he has done so quietly,
with impeccable modesty, is a mark of what might be
called wisdom.”—Forward

978-0-618-72195-5 • $24.00
The Love Song of A. Jerome Minkoff
JUNE • Fiction • 256 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: The Georges Borchardt Agency

Fabulous Small Jews
978-0-618-44658-2 • $13.95 PA
978-0-618-34073-6 • $14.00 PA

n his first collection of stories since Fabulous Small Jews,
Joseph Epstein delivers all the pleasures his readers have
come to expect: stories of ordinary men confronting the
moments that define a life, told with the bittersweet humor
and loving irony encompassed in the title of the book. These
fourteen tales map a very particular world—Jews whose lives
are anchored in Chicago—in rich, revealing detail even as
they brim with universal longings: complex love affairs and
unspoken rivalries, family triumphs and private disappointments. Epstein, who “happens to possess a standup comic’s
gift for punch lines” (New York Times Book Review), brings
his emphatically grown-up characters to witty, rueful, and
charming life. The Love Song of A. Jerome Minkoff is a marvelous collection from a master of the short form and one
of the most distinctive writers working in America today.

• Author appearances
• National advertising

JOSEPH EPSTEIN is the author of the best-selling Snobbery
and Friendship, as well as the short story collections The Goldin Boys and Fabulous Small
Jews, among other books, and was formerly
editor of the American Scholar. His work has
appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine,
the Atlantic Monthly, and other magazines.

Evanston, Illinois



• Advance reading copies

Ann Vanderhoof

The Spice Necklace
My Adventures in Caribbean Cooking,
Eating, and Island Life
A memoir that follows the seasoning-by-seasoning
adventures of a foodie afloat in the Caribbean, where
spices and herbs are the heart and soul of every dish


hile sailing around the Caribbean, Ann Vanderhoof
and her husband, Steve, track oregano-eating wild
goats in the cactus-covered hills of the Dominican Republic,
gather nutmegs on an old estate in Grenada, make searinghot pepper sauce in a Trinidadian kitchen, and sip moonshine straight out of hidden back-country stills.
Along the way, they befriend a collection of unforgettable
island characters: Dwight, a skin-diving fisherman who
always brings them something from his catch; Greta, who
harvests seamoss and turns it into potent island Viagra; and
Sweet-Hand Pat, who dispenses impromptu dance lessons
along with cooking tips in her Port of Spain kitchen.
Back in her galley, Ann practices making curry like a
Trini, dog sauce like a Martiniquais, and coo-coo like a Carriacouan. And for those who want to take these adventures into
their own kitchens, she pulls seventy-one delicious recipes
from the stories she tells, which she places at the end of the
relevant chapters.
The Spice Necklace is a wonderful escape into a life filled
with sunshine (and hurricanes), delicious food, irreplaceable
company, and island traditions.

978-0-618-68537-0 • $25.00
The Spice Necklace
JUNE • Food/Travel • 448 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Westwood Creative Artists

• National media from New York
• Advance access
• Promotion on food and travel blogs

zine and book editor whose work has appeared in such publications as Gourmet, Islands, Sail, Outside,
More, Explore, and the Globe and Mail. She is
an avid cook, traveler, sailor, hiker, kayaker,
and scuba diver. Her first book, An Embarrassment of Mangoes, introduced readers to her
life aboard the sailboat Receta.

Toronto and the Caribbean


ANN VANDERHOOF is an award-winning writer and a maga-



Blast the boredom
Cat Cora
with Ann Krueger Spivack

Cat Cora’s Classics
with a Twist
Fresh Takes on Favorite Dishes

The star of the Food Network’s Iron Chef America
shares the trusted favorites that she makes for her
own family.

978-0-547-12603-6 • $30.00
Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist
JUNE • Cooking • 256 pages • 7 1⁄4 x 9
60 4-color photographs • CTN 12 • Terr: World
Rights: A/P/M: William Morris Endeavor
Cooking from the Hip
978-0-618-72990-6 • $30.00 CL

• National author tour, including
New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix,
St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles

n the wildly popular show Iron Chef America,
Cat Cora uses her instincts to transform random
ingredients into exciting creations on a moment’s notice.
In this book, she turns her eye to some of our most popular dishes to make them faster, fresher, and lighter. These
are the swift meals that Cat relies on when she comes
home from work to cook for her own family: Greek-Style
Nachos, Grilled Chili-Lime Flank Steak Soft Tacos,
Crispy Baked Fish Stix with Mustard Dipping Sauce,
Quick Chicken Curry with Peas, and Sour-Cherry-Filled
Chocolate Cupcakes.
In dishes like Baked “Fried” Calamari with Marinara
Dipping Sauce and Tex-Mex Tuna Casserole, Cat puts
a new spin on old favorites. She updates others, tossing
chipotle-spiced croutons into a Caesar salad, or replacing
the usual beef in stroganoff with chicken and adding
fresh tarragon. Each recipe illustrates Cat’s motto:
just because a dish is a classic doesn’t mean it can’t
be improved upon.

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Entertainment Weekly
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communities such as bakespace.com
and iVillage
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out of your kitchen!
faster . . .


lighter . . .

Salmon &
Wasabi Tea


Borscht with
Feta Cream

CAT CORA made television history when she became the first female Iron Chef
on the Food Network in 2005. In 2006 she received the Teacher of the Year Award
from Bon Appétit and was named executive chef of the magazine. She is the
president and founder of Chefs for Humanity, which raises funds for emergencyand hunger-related causes. The mother of four boys, she is the author of Cooking
from the Hip, and she recently launched the restaurants CCQ at Macy’s in Costa
Mesa, California, and Kouzzina at Walt Disney World.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Santa Barbara, California



fresher . . .

Flank Steak
Tacos with



John Harvey

Far Cry
A Novel
An Otto Penzler Book
Inspectors Will Grayson and Helen Walker unearth old
secrets and new dangers while tracking a missing girl


Gone to Ground
978-0-15-603337-4 • $15.00 PA
Ash & Bone
978-0-15-603284-1 • $14.00 PA
Darkness & Light
978-0-15-603141-7 • $14.00 PA
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JOHN HARVEY is the author of eleven Charlie
Resnick novels and the Frank Elder series,
and is a recipient of the Silver Dagger Award,
the Barry Award, and the Cartier Diamond
Dagger Award for lifetime achievement,
among other honors.




978-0-547-31594-2 • $26.00
Far Cry
JUNE • Mystery • 512 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, O (-EU) • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Inkwell Management

uth and Simon reluctantly agree to let their young
teenage daughter, Heather, go camping in Cornwall
with her best friend, Kelly, and her family. While on a vacation of their own, Ruth and Simon get the news that both
girls are missing. Kelly is found alive, but after several days
of searching, Heather’s body is discovered inside some old
mine works. Although the police detective leading the investigation harbors suspicions of foul play, the verdict is that the
death was accidental.
The emotional strain of Heather’s death ruins Ruth and
Simon’s marriage. After the divorce, Ruth moves from London
to Cambridgeshire, where she remarries and has another child
—a daughter, Beatrice. But when Beatrice is close to the age
Heather was when she died, she too mysteriously disappears.
Helen Walker (of Harvey’s 2008 novel, Gone to Ground),
one of the officers involved in the investigation, travels to
Cornwall to seek connections between Beatrice’s disappearance and Heather’s death. Will Grayson (also of Gone to
Ground), the officer leading the inquiry, is torn between his
fears that a recently paroled child abuser might be responsible
and his growing suspicion that someone closer to home
might have taken Beatrice. With the stakes impossibly high
and time running out, Helen and Will draw closer to their
quarry while the truth seems to slip farther into the distance.

Jane Brox

The Evolution of Artificial Light

From an award-winning author, a sweeping history
of our transformative relationship to light


rilliant—reminiscent of Mark Kurlansky’s Salt in its
illuminating reach—offers a new view of a surprisingly
revealing aspect of human history, from the stone lamps of
the Pleistocene to the LEDs embedded in fabrics of the
Brox plumbs the class implications of light—who had it,
who didn’t—through the many centuries when crude lamps
and tallow candles constricted waking hours. She convincingly portrays the hell-bent pursuit of whale oil as the first
time the human desire for light thrust us toward an environmental tipping point. Only decades later, gas streetlights
opened up the evening hours to leisure, which changed the
ways we live and sleep and the world’s ecosystems.
Edison’s “tiny strip of paper that a breath would blow
away” produced a light that seemed to its users all but
divorced from human effort or cost. And yet, as Brox’s
informative and hair-raising portrait of our current grid
system shows, the cost is ever with us.
Brilliant is infused with human voices, startling insights,
and—only a few years before it becomes illegal to sell most
incandescent light bulbs in the United States—timely questions about how our future lives will be shaped by light.

978-0-547-05527-5 • $25.00
JULY • History • 320 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/P/M/S: Cynthia Cannell Literary

• National review coverage
• Online promotion, including author
interviews and podcasts, e-cards, and
widgets to science and history websites
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Five Thousand Days Like This One, a finalist
for the National Book Critics Circle Award,
and Here and Nowhere Else, which received
the L. L. Winship/PEN New England Award.
She lives in Maine.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Brunswick, Maine


JANE BROX is the author of Clearing Land,



Pete Dunne

Bayshore Summer
Finding Eden in a Most Unlikely Place

An exploration of the season of abundance in one
of North America’s richest and most overlooked
wild places, New Jersey’s Bayshore


978-0-547-19563-6 • $24.00
Bayshore Summer
JULY • Nature • 288 pages • 5 x 7
16-page insert with 25 color photos
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary

Prairie Spring
978-0-618-82220-1 • $24.00 CL
Pete Dunne’s Essential
Field Guide Companion
978-0-618-23648-0 • $29.95 CL
Pete Dunne on Bird Watching
978-0-395-90686-6 • $12.00 PA

ypassed by time and “Joisey” Shore–bound vacationers, the marshes and forests of the Bayshore constitute
one of North America’s last great undiscovered wild places.
Sixty million people live within a tank of gas of this environmentally rich and diverse place, yet most miss out on the
region’s amazing spectacles.
Bayshore Summer is a bridge that links the rest of the
world to this timeless land. Pete Dunne acts as ambassador
and tour guide, following Bayshore residents as they haul
crab traps, bale salt hay, stake out deer poachers, and pick
tomatoes. He examines and appreciates this fertile land,
how we live off it and how all of us connect with it. From
the shorebirds that converge by the thousands to gorge
themselves on crab eggs to the delicious fresh produce that
earned the Garden State its nickname, from the line-dropping
expectancy of party boat fishing to the waterman who lives on
a first-name basis with the birds around his boat, Bayshore
Summer is at once an expansive and intimate portrait of a
special place, a secret Eden, and a glimpse into a world as
rich as summer and enduring as a whispered promise.

• Author appearances and promotion at
major birding festivals around the country,
including Cape May, New Jersey
• Sample chapter e-blast

Dunne’s Essential Field Guide Companion, Pete
Dunne on Bird Watching, and most recently
Prairie Spring, the first in a four-book series
on the seasons. He is the vice president of the
New Jersey Audubon Society and director of
its Cape May Bird Observatory.

Mauricetown, New Jersey



PETE DUNNE is the author of many books, including Pete

Julia Whitty

Deep Blue Home
An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean
From our most gifted writer on the underwater world,
a new view—gorgeously lyrical and steeped in vital
science—of the world’s oceans


t the center of Deep Blue Home—a penetrating exploration of the ocean as single vast current and of the
creatures dependent on it—is Whitty’s description of the
three-dimensional ocean river, far more powerful than the
Nile or the Amazon, encircling the globe. It’s a watery force
connected to the earth’s climate control and so to the eventual fate of the human race.
Whitty’s thirty-year career as a documentary filmmaker
and diver has given her sustained access to the scientists
dedicated to the study of an astonishing range of ocean life,
from the physiology of “extremophile” life forms to the
strategies of nesting seabirds to the ecology of “whale falls”
(what happens upon the death of a behemoth).
No stranger to extreme adventure, Whitty travels the
oceanside and underwater world from the Sea of Cortez to
Newfoundland to Antarctica. In the Galapagos, in one of the
book’s most haunting encounters, she realizes: “I am about
to learn the answer to my long-standing question about what
would happen to a person in the water if a whale sounded
directly alongside—would she, like a person afloat beside a
sinking ship, be dragged under too?”
This book provides extraordinary armchair entree to
gripping adventure, cutting-edge science, and an intimate
understanding of our deep blue home.

978-0-618-11981-3 • $24.00
Deep Blue Home
JULY • Nature • 256 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/P/M/S: Melanie Jackson Agency

The Fragile Edge
978-0-547-05372-1 • $14.95 PA

• Author tour, including San Francisco,
Portland, Seattle
• Academic and online marketing

JULIA WHITTY’s first book on oceans, The Fragile Edge, was

Sebastopol, California

• Promotional author video


awarded the John Burroughs Medal Award,
the PEN USA Award, and the Kiriyama Prize.
Her cover articles have appeared in Harper’s
Magazine and Mother Jones, where she is an
environmental correspondent and blogger at
Blue Marble.



“Any novel by Howard Norman
Howard Norman

What Is Left the Daughter
A Novel
A two-time National Book Award finalist delivers
a stirring tale of the passions—tender, obsessive,
even murderous—that are unleashed by a wartime
love triangle


978-0-618-73543-3 • $25.00
What Is Left the Daughter
JULY • Fiction • 256 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: US, O (-EU) • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Melanie Jackson Agency

978-0-618-91974-1 • $13.95 PA
• National author tour, including
Washington, D.C., Boston, Vermont,
Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles
• National advertising, including the
New York Times
• ABA Winter Institute promotion
• Online promotion, including widget with
book excerpt and e-cards
• Enhanced advance reading copies


oward Norman, widely regarded as one of this
country’s finest novelists, returns to the mesmerizing
fictional terrain of his major books—The Bird Artist, The
Museum Guard, and The Haunting of L—in this erotically
charged and morally complex story.
Seventeen-year-old Wyatt Hillyer is suddenly orphaned
when his parents, within hours of each other, jump off two
different bridges—the result of their separate involvements
with the same compelling neighbor, a Halifax switchboard
operator and aspiring actress. The suicides cause Wyatt to
move to small-town Middle Economy to live with his uncle,
aunt, and ravishing cousin Tilda.
Setting in motion the novel’s chain of life-altering
passions and the wartime perfidy at its core is the arrival of
the German student Hans Mohring, carrying only a satchel.
Actual historical incidents—including a German U-boat’s
sinking of the Nova Scotia–Newfoundland ferry Caribou,
on which Aunt Constance Hillyer might or might not
be traveling—lend intense narrative power to Norman’s
uncannily layered story.
Wyatt’s account of the astonishing—not least to him—
events leading up to his fathering of a beloved daughter spills
out twenty-one years later. It’s a confession that speaks profoundly of the mysteries of human character in wartime and
is directed, with both despair and hope, to an audience of one.
An utterly stirring novel. This is Howard Norman at his
celebrated best.


is cause for celebration.”—LORRIE MOORE



when my uncle stopped listening to
Beethoven. For Aunt Constance, the absence
of gramophone music made her feel bereft.
“You are allowing into our house
the wrong Germans out of history,
Donald! You’re letting the wrong
ones into our house!”
“What are you trying to say?”
my uncle replied.
“Donald, those war broadcasts are all
murder, aren’t they? All Hitler and death and
ships lost at sea. I’m saying Beethoven’s not
those things.”
But my uncle made up his mind differently, and one cold, windy, rainy morning

in early October, all of his gramophone
records were nowhere to be seen. After that,
it was exclusively radio programs that kept
me awake until I couldn’t keep my eyes
open anymore. Bulletins, updates,
casualty tolls, even stories of individual Canadian soldiers. Static,
static, static. My uncle puttering
around in the kitchen. My aunt
would call him to bed, often with
reproach, and he’d respond, “Not yet,
there’s some news coming in from France,”
or something along those lines. I’d hear
the tea kettle whistling or the coffeepot
percolating, the thud of a whiskey bottle
set down too hard on the table. ■

ships and a winner of the Lannan Award for fiction. His 1987 novel, The Northern Lights,
was nominated for a National Book Award, as was his 1994 novel The Bird Artist. He is also
the author of the novels The Museum Guard, The Haunting of L, and Devotion. His books
have been translated into twelve languages. Norman teaches in the MFA program at the
University of Maryland. He lives in Washington, D.C., and Vermont with his wife and

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCES - Washington, D.C., and Vermont


HOWARD NORMAN is a three-time winner of National Endowment for the Arts fellow-



Samrat Upadhyay

Buddha’s Orphans
A Novel

From the acclaimed author of Arresting God in
Kathmandu and The Guru of Love comes a masterly
novel—an exploration of family that transports us
across generations, to a turbulent Nepal, and into
a beautiful love story


978-0-618-51750-3 • $26.00
Buddha’s Orphans
JULY • Fiction • 448 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Janklow & Nesbit Associates

The Royal Ghosts
978-0-618-51749-7 • $12.00 PA
Arresting God in Kathmandu
978-0-618-04371-2 • $12.00 PA

alled “a Buddhist Chekhov” by the San Francisco
Chronicle, Samrat Upadhyay’s writing has been praised
by Amitav Ghosh and Suketu Mehta, and compared with the
work of Akhil Sharma and Jhumpa Lahiri.
Upadhyay’s new novel, Buddha’s Orphans, uses Nepal’s
political upheavals of the past century as a backdrop to the
story of an orphan boy, Raja, and the girl he is fated to love,
Nilu, a daughter of privilege. Their love story scandalizes
both families and takes readers through time and across
the globe, through the loss of and search for children, and
through several generations , hinting that perhaps old bends
can, in fact, be righted in future branches of a family tree.
Buddha’s Orphans is a novel permeated with the sense
of how we are irreparably connected to the mothers who
birthed us and of the way events of the past, even those we
are ignorant of, inevitably haunt the present. But most of all
it is an engrossing, unconventional love story and a seductive
and transporting read.

• Advance reading copies
• Online promotion to Nepal sites
and literary blogs

SAMRAT UPADHYAY is the author of Arresting God in
Kathmandu, a Whiting Award winner, The Royal Ghosts,
and The Guru of Love, a New York Times Notable
Book and a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book
of the Year. He has written for the New York
Times and has appeared on BBC Radio and
National Public Radio. Upadhyay directs the
creative writing program at Indiana University.
Bloomington, Indiana




• Author appearances

David Howard

Lost Rights
The Misadventures of a Stolen
American Relic

“ Lost Rights has it all—a historic heist, hidden treasure,
deception, skullduggery, lawyers, guns, money, cheap
picture frames, and one very valuable piece of parchment.
David Howard’s true-life tale reads like a thriller set
backstage at Antiques Roadshow.”—Bruce Barcott,
author of The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw


ear the close of the Civil War, as General Sherman
blazed his path to the sea, an unknown infantryman
rifled through the North Carolina statehouse. The soldier
was hunting for simple Confederate mementos—maps, flags,
official correspondence—but he wound up discovering
something far more valuable. He headed home to Ohio with
one of the touchstones of our republic: one of the fourteen
original copies of the Bill of Rights.
Lost Rights follows that document’s singular passage
over the course of 138 years, beginning with the Indiana
businessman who purchased the looted parchment for five
dollars, then wending its way through the exclusive and shadowy world of high-end antiquities—a world populated by
obsessive archivists, oddball collectors, forgers, and thieves—
and ending dramatically with the FBI sting that brought the
parchment back into the hands of the government.
For fans of The Billionaire’s Vinegar and The Lost Painting, Lost Rights is “a tour de force of antiquarian sleuthing”
(Hampton Sides).

978-0-618-82607-0 • $26.00
Lost Rights
JULY • History • 368 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/P/M:
Sanford Greenburger • A/S: HMH

• Author appearances
• National drive-time radio tour
• Online promotion and advertising,
including history sites

writer whose work has appeared in the New
York Times, Outside, Men’s Journal, Backpacker,
Travel + Leisure, National Geographic Adventure,
Business 2.0, and other publications. He is the
executive editor of Bicycling magazine.

Orefield, Pennsylvania


DAVID HOWARD is a freelance journalist and



Editors of the American
Heritage® Dictionaries

100 Words Every Middle
Schooler Should Know
Middle schoolers will make the grade with these
100 useful words from their favorite authors.


978-0-547-33322-9 • $5.95
Paperback Original
100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know
JULY • Language • 128 pages • 4 1⁄2 x 8
CTN 50 • Terr: World • Rights:

100 Words to Make
You Sound Smart
978-0-618-71488-9 • $5.95 PA
100 Words Every High School
Freshman Should Know
978-0-618-44379-6 • $5.95 PA
100 Words Every High School
Graduate Should Know
978-0-618-37412-0 • $5.95 PA
• National drive-time radio tour
• Free poster of the 100 words

ore is expected of middle schoolers than ever—
more reading, more writing, more independent
learning. Achieving success in this more challenging world
requires knowing many more words. 100 Words Every
Middle Schooler Should Know helps students in grades 6 to 8
(ages 11 to 14) to express themselves with distinction and
get the most out of school.
The 100 words are varied and interesting, ranging from
verbs like muster and replenish to nouns like havoc and restitution to adjectives like apprehensive and imperious. Knowing these words enables students to express themselves with
greater clarity and subtlety. Each word has a definition and
a pronunciation and appears with at least one quotation—
a moving or dramatic passage—taken from a book that many
middle schoolers are assigned in the classroom or enjoy
reading on their own.
Both classic and contemporary works of fiction and
nonfiction are represented. Among the authors are youngadult favorites and award winners such as Kate DiCamillo,
Russell Freedman, Neil Gaiman, E. L. Konigsburg, Lois
Lowry, Walter Dean Myers, Katherine Paterson, J. K. Rowling, and Gary Soto. Readers can see for themselves that
the words are used by the best writers in the best books.
Students will see them again and again in higher grades
and throughout their lives.
100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know helps
students to gain useful knowledge and prepares them to
step into a broader world.

• Promotion at education shows,
including NCTE and IRA


JULY • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com • paperback

Thomas H. Cook

The Last Talk
with Lola Faye
A Novel
An Otto Penzler Book
Lucas Page has always known whom to blame for his
father’s murder decades ago. But Lola Faye Gilroy has
a different story to tell . . .


iddling historian Lucas Page visits St. Louis to give a
sparsely attended reading—nothing out of the ordinary.
Except among the yawning attendees is someone he did not
expect: Lola Faye Gilroy, the “other woman” he has long
blamed for his father’s murder decades earlier.
Reluctantly, Luke joins Lola Faye for a drink. As one
drink turns into several, these two battered souls relive, from
their different perspectives, the most searing experience of
their lives. Slowly but surely, the hotel bar dissolves around
them and they are transported back to the tiny southern town
where this defining moment—a violent crime of passion—is
turned in the light once more to reveal flaws in the old answers.
As it turns out, there is much Luke doesn’t know. And what
he doesn’t know can hurt him. Trapped in an increasingly
intense emotional exchange, and with no place to go save
back into his own dark past, Luke struggles to gain control
of an ever more threatening conversation, to discover why
Lola Faye has come and what she is after—before it is too late.
A taut literary thriller in the gothic tradition of Master
of the Delta.

978-0-15-101407-1 • $25.00
The Last Talk with Lola Faye
AUGUST • Mystery • 288 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 12 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B: Quercus
P/A: Author via HMH • T/M/S: HMH

The Fate of Katherine Carr
978-0-547-26334-2 • $13.95 PA
Master of the Delta
978-0-15-603320-6 • $13.95 PA

• Author appearances in New York
and Boston

THOMAS H. COOK was born in Fort Payne, Alabama, in 1947.

New York and Cape Cod

• Advance reading copies
• National advertising in mystery magazines
• Online promotion, including mystery


He has been nominated for the Edgar Award seven times in
five different categories. He received the best
novel Edgar for The Chatham School Affair, the
Martin Beck Award, the Herodotus Prize for
best historical short story, and the Barry for
best novel for Red Leaves, and has been nominated for numerous other awards.



Inger Ash Wolfe

The Taken
A Hazel Micallef Mystery

Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef, “a perfectly
original charmer” (Gillian Flynn), returns to
untangle a mysterious drowning


978-0-15-101353-1 • $25.00
The Taken
JULY • Mystery • 272 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 24 • Terr: US, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M/S: Trident Media Group

The Calling
978-0-15-603398-5 • $13.95 PA

• Mystery promotion, including mystery
sampler and e-newsletter
• Online promotion, including widgets
to mystery sites and blogs

etective Inspector Hazel Micallef is having a bad year.
After major back surgery, she has no real option but to
move into her ex-husband’s basement and suffer the humiliation of his new wife bringing her meals down on a tray. As if
that weren’t enough, Hazel’s octogenarian mother secretly
flushes Hazel’s stash of painkillers down the toilet.
It’s almost a relief when Hazel gets a call about a body
fished up by tourists in one of the lakes near Port Dundas.
But what raises the hair on the back of Micallef ’s neck is that
the local paper has just published the first installment of a
serialized story featuring such a scenario. Even before they
head out to the lake with divers to recover the body, she
and DC James Wingate, leading the police detachment in
Micallef ’s absence, know they are being played. But it’s not
clear who is pulling their strings and why, nor is what they
find at the lake at all what they expected. It’s Micallef herself
who is snared, caught up in a cryptic game devised by someone who knows how to taunt her into opening a cold case,
someone who knows that nothing will stop her investigation.
The second novel featuring Hazel Micallef, “a compelling, unlikely hero” (Entertainment Weekly), is a stunning
and suspenseful exploration of the obsessive far reaches of
love, confirming Inger Ash Wolfe as one of the best mystery
writers today.

• Advance reading copies

INGER ASH WOLFE is the author of The Calling.


Melanie Rehak

Eating for Beginners
An Education in the Pleasures of Food from
Chefs, Farmers, and One Picky Kid
With grace, humor, and irresistible recipes, the author
of Girl Sleuth takes us on her journey as an amateur
chef, amateur farmer, and amateur parent


elanie Rehak always loved cooking, eating, and sharing
food. But reading conflicting reports on food scares,
food mills, and organic versus local—along with the books by
Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Wendell Berry, and others—
left her feeling confused and guilty about her choices, particularly after the birth of her son. Was a satisfying but still
realistic approach to food possible? Who were these local
farmers? And why wouldn’t Jules eat anything, organic or not?
Eating for Beginners details the year she spent discovering
what it means to be an eater and a parent in today’s increasingly
complicated world. As her son somehow grew despite eating
only yogurt and olives, she joined the kitchen staff at Applewood, a small restaurant owned by a young couple committed
to using almost exclusively locally grown food, and worked
on some of the farms that supplied the restaurant. Harvesting
potatoes, milking goats, and sorting beans, Rehak gained her
own understanding of what to eat and why. (It didn’t hurt
that, along the way, even the most dedicated organic farmers
admitted that their children sometimes ate McDonald’s.) In
her illuminating chronicle of the choices and compromises
that farmers, chefs, and parents make every day, Rehak shows
us how to make our peace with food.

978-0-15-101437-8 • $25.00
Eating for Beginners
AUGUST • Food • 288 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 12 • Terr: World English • Rights:
T/P/M/S: Fletcher & Co. • B/A: HMH

Girl Sleuth
978-0-15-603056-4 • $14.00 PA

• National media from New York
• National drive-time radio tour
• Promotional author video
• Advance reading copies

MELANIE REHAK is the author of Girl Sleuth:

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Brooklyn, New York


Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her,
which won an Edgar Award and an Agatha
Award. Rehak has written for the New York
Times Magazine, The New Yorker, The Nation,
and other periodicals. Her column on food
books, “Paper Palate,” appears in Bookforum.

• Author website:



Bi Feiyu
Translated by Howard Goldblatt
and Sylvia Li-chun Lin

Three Sisters
A Novel
From the author of Moon Opera comes a sweeping,
ambitious novel of women in China and the ways they
support and betray each other in order to survive


978-0-15-101364-7 • $24.00
Three Sisters
AUGUST • Fiction • 320 pages • 6 x 9
CTN 24 • Terr: US, C, O (-EU) • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: The Susijn Agency • S: HMH

The Moon Opera
978-0-15-101294-7 • $18.00 CL

• Advertising
• Advance reading copies

n a small village in China, the Wang family has produced
seven sisters in its quest to have a boy; three of the sisters
emerge as the lead characters in this remarkable novel. From
the small-town treachery of the village to the slogans of the
Cultural Revolution to the harried pace of 1980s Beijing,
Bi Feiyu follows the women as they strive to change the
course of their destinies and battle against an “infinite ocean
of people” in a China that does not truly belong to them.
Yumi will use her dignity, Yuxiu her powers of seduction,
and Yuyang her ambition—all in an effort to take control
of their world, their bodies, and their lives.
Like Dai Sijie’s Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress,
Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha, and J. G. Ballard’s
Empire of the Sun, Three Sisters transports us to and
immerses us in a culture we think we know but will understand much more fully by the time we reach the end. Bi’s
Moon Opera was praised by the Los Angeles Times, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and other publications. In one review
Lisa See said: “I hope this is the first of many of Bi’s works to
come to us.” Three Sisters fulfills that wish, with its irreplaceable portrait of contemporary Chinese life and indelible story
of three tragic and sometimes triumphant heroines.

and screenwriters in China today. He was born
in 1964 in Xinghua, in the province of Jiangsu.
A journalist and poet as well as a novelist, he
has been awarded a number of literary prizes,
including the Xu Lun Prize for 1995–96. He
cowrote the film Shanghai Triad, which was
directed by the acclaimed Zhang Yimou.




BI FEIYU is one of the most respected authors

Karin Fossum
Translated from Norwegian by Charlotte Barslund

A genre-bending thriller about destiny
and good intentions


woman wakes up in the middle of the night. A strange
man is in her bedroom. She lies there in silence, paralyzed with fear. The woman is an author and the man one of
her characters, one in a long line that waits in her driveway
for the time when she’ll tell their stories. He is so desperate
that he has resorted to breaking into her house and demanding that she begin. He, the author decides, is named Alvar
Eide, forty-two years old, single, works in a gallery. He lives
a quiet, orderly life and likes it that way—no demands, no
unpleasantness. Until one icy winter day when a young drug
addict, skinny and fragile, walks into the gallery. Alvar gives
her a cup of coffee to warm her up. And then one day she
appears on his doorstep. Broken is an unconventional,
subtle, and disturbing mystery from a master of the form.

978-0-15-101366-1 • $25.00
AUGUST • 272 pages • 6 x 9 • CTN 12
Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Harvill
Secker • S: HMH

U.K. praise for Broken:
“Ambitious, tricksy . . . creepy Highsmithian atmospherics.”
—The Guardian

Black Seconds
978-0-15-603404-3 • $13.95
The Indian Bride
978-0-15-603336-7 • $14.00
Don’t Look Back
978-0-15-603136-3 • $14.00

“Fascinating and brilliant.”—The Literary Review
“An original exploration of the multiplicity of roles that
not only characters but also writers can play.”
—The Independent

• Advance access

tionally successful Inspector Konrad Sejer
crime series. Her recent honors include a
Gumshoe Award and the Los Angeles Times
Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller. She lives
in a small town in southeastern Norway.



KARIN FOSSUM is the author of the interna-



S PRIN G 2 0 10

“Reads like a
Neal Bascomb

Hunting Eichmann
How a Band of Survivors and a Young Spy
Agency Chased Down the World’s Most
Notorious Nazi

May 11, 2010, marks the fiftieth anniversary of
Eichmann’s capture
“Chilling, authoritative and timely . . . An exhaustive,
well-researched volume that supersedes prior
accounts.”—Washington Times

978-0-547-24802-8 • $15.95
Hunting Eichmann
APRIL • History • 416 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 24 • HMH hardcover
2009 • Previous ISBN 978-0-618-85867-5
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: The Waxman
The Perfect Mile
978-0-618-56209-1 • $14.95
Red Mutiny
978-0-547-05352-3 • $15.95
• Author tour
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hen the Allies stormed Berlin in 1945, Adolf Eich
mann, the operational manager of the Final Solution,
shed his SS uniform and vanished. Bringing him to justice
would require a harrowing fifteen-year chase stretching from
war-ravaged Europe to the shores of Argentina. Hunting
Eichmann follows the Nazi as he escapes two American POW
camps, hides out in the mountains, slips out of Europe on
the ratlines, and builds an anonymous life in Buenos Aires.
Meanwhile, concentration camp survivor Simon
Wiesenthal’s persistent search for the monster gradually
evolves into an international manhunt that involves the
Mossad, whose operatives have their own scores to settle.
Presented in a pulse-pounding, hour-by-hour account, the
capture of Eichmann and efforts by Israeli agents to smuggle
him out of Argentina to stand trial bring the narrative to a
stunning conclusion. Based on groundbreaking new information and interviews, recently declassified documents, and
meticulous research, Hunting Eichmann is an authoritative,
finely nuanced history that offers the intrigue of a detective
story and the thrill of great spy fiction.

• Online promotion, including Jewish and
World War II sites
• Summer reading promotion
• Author website: www.nealbascomb.com

APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

“I was left hollow after reading, day after day, the twisted memoirs by
Eichmann that I found. It was only the certainty of purpose and bravery revealed
by the many heroes I interviewed who were involved in the secret operation—
the Mossad agents and El Al crew—that gave me a measure of relief.”


Praise for


“Bascomb tells the story of Adolf Eichmann’s capture with great verve and
a novelist’s eye for suspense.”

—ADAM HOCHSCHILD, author of Bury the Chains
“A deeply researched book . . . Bascomb blends his material into a narrative that sounds
like a Jason Bourne movie, as operatives track, find, and then capture their man.”
—Philadelphia Inquirer

“Bascomb uses anecdotes and you-are-there details to create scenes of occasional
humor, suspense and horror . . . One finishes reading Hunting Eichmann with a sense
that justice was served and that the good guys won.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Groundbreaking . . . Hunting Eichmann provides an expansive view into the
personalities of the hunted and hunters.”—Jerusalem Post

bestseller, Higher: A Historic Race to the Sky and the Making of a City, and Red Mutiny:
Eleven Fateful Days on the Battleship Potemkin, which won the U.S. Maritime Literature
Award in 2007. A former editor and journalist, he has appeared in documentaries on A&E
and the History Channel.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Brooklyn, New York


NEAL BASCOMB is the critically acclaimed author of The Perfect Mile, a New York Times

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Two modern classics
Günter Grass
The new translation by Breon Mitchell

The Tin Drum
A Novel
A new translation of the classic novel, on the
fiftieth anniversary of its original publication


Peeling the Onion
978-0-15-603534-7 • $15.00
978-0-15-602970-4 • $13.00
Too Far Afield
978-0-15-601416-8 • $17.00

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and blogs
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discussion guide

GÜNTER GRASS was born in Danzig, Germany,
in 1927, and is the widely acclaimed author of
numerous novels, plays, poems, and essays.
He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature
in 1999.

BREON MITCHELL is a professor of Germanic
studies and comparative literature and the
director of the Lilly Library at Indiana University.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Lübeck, Germany

APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


978-0-547-33910-8 • $15.95
The Tin Drum
APRIL • Fiction • 592 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101416-3 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B: Harvill Secker • T/P/M: Steidl
Verlag • A: Blackstone Audio

he Tin Drum, one of the great novels of the twentieth
century, was published in Ralph Manheim’s outstanding
translation in 1959. It became a runaway bestseller and catapulted its young author to the forefront of world literature.
This fiftieth anniversary edition, translated by Breon
Mitchell, is more faithful to Grass’s style and rhythm, restores
omissions, and reflects more fully the complexity of the original work.
After fifty years, The Tin Drum has, if anything, gained
in power and relevance. All of Grass’s amazing evocations
are still there, and still amazing: Oskar Matzerath, the
indomitable drummer; his grandmother, Anna Koljaiczek;
his mother, Agnes; Alfred Matzerath and Jan Bronski, his
presumptive fathers. And Oskar’s midget friends—Bebra,
the great circus master, and Roswitha Raguna, the famous
somnambulist; Sister Scholastika and Sister Agneta, the Right
Reverend Father Wiehnke, the Greffs, the Schefflers, Herr
Fajngold, all Kashubians, Poles, Germans, and Jews—waiting
to be discovered and rediscovered.

now available from Mariner
Tim O’Brien

The Things They Carried
A New York Times Book of the Century
Pulitzer Prize Finalist
“A book so searing and immediate you can almost
hear the choppers in the background . . . This is prose
headed for the nerve center of what was Vietnam.”
—Boston Globe


n the twentieth anniversary of its publication, The
Things They Carried returns to Houghton Mifflin
Harcourt in paperback, with over two million copies in print.
A classic work of American literature that has not stopped
changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene,
The Things They Carried is a ground-breaking meditation
on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power
of storytelling.
The Things They Carried depicts the men of Alpha
Company: Jimmy Cross, Henry Dobbins, Rat Kiley, Mitchell
Sanders, Norman Bowker, Kiowa, and the character Tim
O’Brien, who has survived his tour in Vietnam to become a
father and writer at the age of forty-three.
Taught everywhere—from high school classrooms to
graduate seminars in creative writing—it has become required
reading for any American and continues to challenge readers
in their perceptions of fact and fiction, war and peace,
courage and fear and longing.

ISBN 978-0-618-70641-9 • $14.95
The Things They Carried
AVAILABLE • Fiction • 256 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • Terr: US, C, O • B: HarperCollins UK
A/P/M: Janklow & Nesbit T: HMH
ISBN 978-0-547-39117-5 • $24.00 CL
The Things They Carried
MARCH • 256 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4

• National media from New York on
20th anniversary, March 22, 2010
• National tour, including New York,
Washington, D.C., Philadelphia,
Boston, Chicago
• National drive-time radio tour

TIM O’BRIEN received the 1979 National


• Academic and reading group promotion

Book Award for Going After Cacciato. Among
his other books are In the Lake of the Woods,
Tomcat in Love, If I Die in a Combat Zone, and
July, July.

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • AVAILABLE


Amos Oz
Translated from Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange

Rhyming Life and Death
A Novel

“Beguiling.”—Financial Times
“Hilarious and profound, Oz’s tale of a mischievous
taleteller ponders the eroticism of stories and the
mysterious ways language and literature bridge the
divide between inner and outer worlds.”—Booklist
“This new work is only the latest reason that Amos Oz
stands in the front rank of the writers of the world.”
—Jewish Book World

978-0-547-33624-4 • $13.95
Rhyming Life and Death
APRIL • Fiction • 128 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101367-8 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Deborah Owen Limited

A Tale of Love and Darkness
978-0-15-603252-0 • $16.00
The Amos Oz Reader
978-0-15-603566-8 • $15.95
My Michael
978-0-15-603160-8 • $13.00


n this deft, masterly book, Amos Oz turns his attention
away from his family—the subject of the internationally
acclaimed A Tale of Love and Darkness—and toward his
profession, writing. The plot: eight hours in the life of an
author. The setting: Tel Aviv, a stifling, hot night. A literary
celebrity is giving a reading from his new book. And as his
attention wanders, he begins to invent lives for the strangers
he sees around him: here, a self-styled cultural guru, Yakir
Bar-Orian Zhitomirski; there, a love-starved professional
reader, Rochele Reznik; to say nothing of Ricky the waitress,
the real object of his desire. One life story builds on another,
and the author finds himself unexpectedly involved with
his creations . . .

• Advertising, including MLA program
essayist whose books include My Michael,
To Know a Woman, Don’t Call It Night, and
The Same Sea. Most recently, his memoir,
A Tale of Love and Darkness, received the
Koret Jewish Book Award.


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


AMOS OZ is a world-renowned novelist and

Sean Carroll

Remarkable Creatures
Epic Adventures in the Search for the
Origins of Species

“One would be hard-pressed to find a more accessible
or timely celebration of the spirit of epic scientific
adventure than Carroll’s charming and enlightening
book.”—San Francisco Chronicle
“As fast-paced as a detective story, [Remarkable
Creatures] is a primer on the joy of being an
evolutionary biologist, written by one of our best
modern practitioners.”—Nature


ne hundred fifty years ago, most of the world was an
unexplored wilderness. Our sense of its age and origins
was vastly off the mark, and our own species’ history was a set
of myths and fairy tales. How did we learn so much so fast?
In the tradition of The Microbe Hunters and Gods,
Graves, and Scholars, Sean Carroll’s Remarkable Creatures
celebrates the pioneers who replaced our fanciful notions
with the amazing true story of how our world evolved. Carroll
recounts the most important discoveries in two centuries
of natural history—from Darwin’s trip around the world to
Charles Walcott’s discovery of Precambrian life in the Grand
Canyon; from Louis and Mary Leakey’s investigations of
humanity’s deepest past in East Africa to the trailblazers in
modern laboratories who have located a time clock in our
DNA. Join Carroll in a rousing voyage of discovery, from
the journeys of pioneering naturalists to the breakthroughs
making headlines today.

978-0-547-24778-6 • $14.95
Remarkable Creatures
APRIL • Science/History • 352 pages
5 5⁄16 x 8 • 74 halftones • CTN 24
HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-15-101485-9 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: Scovil Chichak Galen
Literary • A: Brilliance Audio

• Tie-in with author’s lectures
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genetics and an investigator with the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute at the University of
Wisconsin and is a member of the National
Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of
The Making of the Fittest and Endless Forms
Most Beautiful: The New Science of Evo Devo.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Madison, Wisconsin


SEAN CARROLL is a professor of molecular biology and

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


A survival story “as fierce as it is tender,
Peter Rock

My Abandonment
A Novel

“Poignant . . . My Abandonment lingers in the mind,
leaving you as haunted as its mesmerizing characters.”
—New York Post
“Riveting . . . An immediate story in all ways . . .
impossible to stop reading.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer

978-0-15-603552-1 • $13.95
My Abandonment
APRIL • Fiction • 240 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-15-101414-9 • Terr: World • Rights:
A: Blackstone Audio • P/M: Sterling Lord
Literistic B/T: HMH

thirteen-year-old girl and her father live in Forest Park,
an enormous nature preserve in Portland, Oregon.
They inhabit an elaborate cave shelter, wash in a nearby
creek, store perishables at the water’s edge, use a makeshift
septic system, tend a garden, even keep a library of sorts.
Once a week they go to the city to buy groceries and otherwise merge with the civilized world. But one small mistake
allows a backcountry jogger to discover them, which derails
their entire existence, ultimately provoking a deeper flight.
Inspired by a true story and told through the startlingly
sincere voice of its young narrator, Caroline, My Abandonment is a riveting journey into life at the margins and a
mesmerizing tale of survival and hope.

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APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

as tender as it is real.”—JUNOT DÍAZ


My Abandonment:
“My Abandonment is purely
dazzling, alive in every word and
scene, so deep and strange in its
rendering of this one young
woman’s life that I could hardly
raise my eyes from the page.”




other like they’re not really fighting but playing

like they’re friends. Squirrels’ memories are much
shorter than ours even if their lives are much shorter
too so maybe they remember more carefully and that’s

what sets them twitching and jerking around. In alone
time I like to follow but it’s not always easy to follow a

“An electrically charged, bonedeep and tender tale of loss and
partial redemption. Surreal,
haunting, elegiac.”


“Fascinating and moving, it
tells with great tenderness how
human love goes wrong.”


squirrel. It depends what it’s up to or where it wants
to go and when two are chasing each other that makes
it trickier so I just keep walking.
To follow a bird is impossible. I can follow a
banana slug or some ants for hours and that whole
time my thoughts slip away and I have to keep bringing
myself back to remind me what the insects are doing.
People are easy to follow, and it’s amazing the
things they do when they think no one can see them.
I follow joggers or even Richard or men I don’t know
from the men’s camp and no one ever knows I’m

PETER ROCK is the author of four previous novels, most recently The Bewildered, and
a collection of stories, The Unsettling. He teaches writing at Reed College.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Portland, Oregon


paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Lynn Freed

The Servants’ Quarters
A Novel

“The broadest echoes of this wonderfully engaging novel
come from Jane Austen and George Eliot. Brava, brava!”
—Alan Cheuse, NPR
“Blends Dickensian musings on class with a Brontë-like
love story, set against the backdrop of South Africa
after the Holocaust . . . A love story for outsiders.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

978-0-547-33603-9 • $13.95
The Servants’ Quarters
APRIL • Fiction • 224 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101288-6 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: William Morris Endeavor

• Advertising, including AWP

aunted by phantoms of World War II and the Holocaust,
young Cressida lives in terror of George Harding, who,
severely disfigured, has returned from the front to recover
on his family’s African estate. When Harding plucks young
Cressida’s beautiful mother and family from financial ruin,
establishing them in the old servants’ quarters, Cressida is
swept into a life inexorably bound to his.
In her new setting, she is conscripted to enliven Harding’s
nephew, the hopelessly timid Edgar, to make him “wild and
daring.” She takes on this task with resentful fury, leading
the boy astray and, in the process, learning to manipulate
the disparities of power, class, and ambition. All the while,
Harding himself is watching her. And waiting.
The Servants’ Quarters, a complex and sophisticated love
story, evokes a vanishing world of privilege with a Pygmalion
twist. It is, as Amy Tan said, “Freed’s best novel yet.”

Katherine Anne Porter Award for fiction by
the American Academy of Arts and Letters.
She is the author of six novels, a short story
collection, and a collection of essays.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Sonoma, California

APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


LYNN FREED was awarded the inaugural

Jane Alison

The Sisters Antipodes
A Memoir

“Affecting and profound . . . With remarkable grace
and insight, [Alison] examines early upheavals and
unfortunate tensions in her most unusual upbringing.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
“Astonishing . . . Told with exceptional poise.”—Vogue
“A wrenching, luminous memoir.”—People


hen Jane Alison was a child, her family met another
that seemed like its mirror: a father in the Foreign
Service, a beautiful mother, and two little girls. The youngest
girls from each family—one of them Jane—even shared a
With so much in common, the two families became
almost instantly inseparable. Within months, affairs had
ignited between the adults, and before long the pairs had
exchanged partners—divorced, remarried, and moved on.
As if in a cataclysm of nature, two families were ripped asunder, and two new ones were formed. Two pairs of girls were
left in shock, a “silent, numb shock, like a crack inside stone,
not enough to split it but inside, quietly fissuring.” And Jane
and her stepsister were thrown into a state of wordless combat for the love of their fathers—a contest that, for one of
them at least, would prove tragic.
Readers drawn to The Glass Castle will be moved by
Alison’s stunning emotional insight as she recounts the
intimate devastations of family betrayal.

978-0-547-24773-1 • $14.95
The Sisters Antipodes
APRIL • Memoir • 288 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101280-0 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Elaine Markson Literary

Natives and Exotics
978-0-15-603247-6 • $13.00
• Online reader’s guide

The Love-Artist, The Marriage of the Sea, and
Natives and Exotics. She teaches in the MFA
programs at the University of Miami and
Queens University in Charlotte.



JANE ALISON is the author of three novels:

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Susan Sellers

Vanessa and Virginia
A Novel
“A magical tribute to a writer’s life.”—Seattle Times
“Sellers’s impressionistic prose evokes the near-magical
artistic world . . . A thorough portrait of the complicated
dance of sisters.”—More magazine, “Instant Classic”
An Indie Next Pick

978-0-547-26338-0 • $13.95
Vanessa and Virginia
APRIL • Fiction • 224 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101474-3 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: Jenny Brown Associates

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Reading Group Choices, and online at

ou see, even after all these years, I wonder if you really
loved me. Vanessa and Virginia are sisters, best friends,
bitter rivals, and artistic collaborators. As children, they fight
for the attention of their overextended mother, their brilliant
but difficult father, and their adored brother, Thoby. As
young women, they support each other through a series of
devastating deaths, then emerge in bohemian Bloomsbury,
bent on creating new lives and groundbreaking works of art.
Through everything—marriage, lovers, loss, madness, children, success and failure—the sisters remain the closest of
coconspirators. But they also betray each other.
In this lyrical, impressionistic account, written as a love
letter and an elegy from Vanessa to Virginia, Sellers imagines
her way into the heart of the lifelong relationship between
the writer Virginia Woolf and the painter Vanessa Bell. With
sensitivity and fidelity to what is known of both lives, Sellers
has created a powerful portrait of sibling rivalry.

• Academic promotion

St. Andrews University in Scotland and coeditor of the Cambridge University Press edition
of Virginia Woolf’s works. She is a past recipient of the Cannongate Prize for new writing
and is the author of many short stories and
nonfiction books. This is her first novel.


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


SUSAN SELLERS is a professor of English at

Stacey D’Erasmo

The Sky Below
A Novel
A New York Times Editors’ Choice
“Irresistible . . . Brilliant.”—New York Times Book Review
“Rich in detail, with expertly spun sentences, this is a
novel for connoisseurs of words.”—Elle
“D’Erasmo’s darkly scintillating new novel . . . made me
want to start over as soon as I reached the last page.”
—Bloomberg News


’Erasmo moves to the top of her craft with The Sky
Below,” said Town and Country, and many others have
joined the chorus of critical acclaim for her newest novel, in
which she reaches back to Ovid for inspiration of how the
mythic animates our everyday lives.
At thirty-seven, Gabriel Collins works halfheartedly as
an obituary writer at a fading newspaper in lower Manhattan,
which, since 9/11, feels like a city of the dead. This once
dreamy and appealing boy has turned from a rebellious adolescent to an adult who trades in petty crimes. His wealthy,
older boyfriend is indulgent of him—to a point. But after a
brush with his own mortality, Gabriel must flee to Mexico
in order to put himself back together. By the novel’s end,
we know all of Gabriel’s ratty little secrets, but by dint of
D’Erasmo’s spectacular writing, we exult in the story of an
imperfect man who—tested by a world that is often too much
for him—rises to meet the challenge.

978-0-547-33627-5 • $14.95
The Sky Below
APRIL • Fiction • 288 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-618-43925-6 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Dunow & Carlson

A Seahorse Year
978-0-618-61887-3 • $13.00 PA

• Online reader’s guide

York Times Notable Book, and A Seahorse Year,
a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the
Year and a Lambda Literary Award winner. Her
writing has appeared in the New York Times
Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, and
Ploughshares. She is currently an assistant
professor of writing at Columbia University.



STACEY D’ERASMO is the author of the novels Tea, a New

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


New editions of the best-selling classics
Jane Goodall
With a new preface by the author
Foreword by primatologist Richard Wrangham

In the Shadow of Man
“One of natural history’s most impressive field
studies . . . An instant animal classic.”—Time


978-0-547-33416-5 • $15.95
In the Shadow of Man
APRIL • Animal Science • 416 pages
5 5⁄16 x 8 • 80 b/w photographs • CTN 24
Previous ISBN 978-0-618-05676-7 • Terr: US, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: HarperCollins U.K.

Africa in My Blood: An Autobiography
in Letters—The Early Years
978-0-618-12735-1 • $15.00 PA
Beyond Innocence: An Autobiography
in Letters—The Later Years
978-0-618-25734-8 • $15.95 PA

orld-renowned primatologist, conservationist, and
humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall’s account of her life
among the wild chimpanzees of Gombe is one of the most
enthralling stories of animal behavior ever written. Her
adventure began when the famous anthropologist Dr. Louis
Leakey suggested that a long-term study of chimpanzees in
the wild might shed light on the behavior of our closest living
relatives. Accompanied by only her mother and her African
assistants, she set up camp in the remote Gombe Stream
Chimpanzee Reserve in Tanzania. For months the project
seemed hopeless; out in the forest from dawn until dark, she
had but fleeting glimpses of frightened animals. But gradually
she won their trust and was able to record previously
unknown behavior, such as the use—and even the making—
of tools, until then believed to be an exclusive skill of man.
As she came to know the chimps as individuals, she began to
understand their complicated social hierarchy and observed
many extraordinary behaviors, which have forever changed
our understanding of the profound connection between
humans and chimpanzees.
In the Shadow of Man is “one of the Western world’s
great scientific achievements” (Stephen Jay Gould) and a
vivid, essential journey of discovery for each new generation
of readers.

• World-wide speaking tour by Jane Goodall


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Gombe
Jane Goodall
With a new preface by the author

Through a Window
My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees
of Gombe
“Both a humbling and an exalting book . . . that ranks
with the great scientific achievements of the twentieth
century.”—Washington Post


hrough a Window is the dramatic saga of thirty years
in the life of an intimately intertwined community—
one that reads like a novel, but is one of the most important
scientific works ever published. The community is Gombe,
on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where the principal
residents are chimpanzees and one extraordinary woman
who is their student, protector, and historian.
In her classic In the Shadow of Man, Jane Goodall wrote
of her first ten years at Gombe. In Through a Window she
brings the story up to the present, painting a more complete
and vivid portrait of our closest relatives. We watch young
Figan’s relentless rise to power and old Mike’s crushing defeat.
We learn how one mother rears her children to succeed and
another dooms hers to failure. We witness horrifying murders,
touching moments of affection, joyous births, and wrenching
deaths. In short, we see every emotion known to humans
stripped to its essence. In the mirror of chimpanzee life,
we see ourselves reflected.

978-0-547-33695-4 • $15.95
Through a Window
APRIL • Animal Science • 416 pages
5 5⁄16 x 8 • 87 b/w photographs • CTN 24
Previous ISBN 978-0-618-05677-4
Terr: US, C, O • Rights: B/T/P: Weidenfeld
& Nicolson • A/M: HMH

the Gombe Stream Research Center in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, and the Jane
Goodall Institute for Wild Life Research, Education, and Conservation to provide ongoing support for field research on wild chimpanzees. She is the author of many books,
including two autobiographies in letters, Africa in My Blood and Beyond Innocence. Today
Dr. Goodall spends much of her time lecturing, sharing her message of hope for the
future, and encouraging young people to make a difference in their world.,

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Bournemouth, England


JANE GOODALL continues to study and write about primate behavior. She founded

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


James Carroll

Practicing Catholic
“A smart introduction to recent Catholic history . . .
Thought-provoking.”—San Francisco Chronicle
“Brilliantly written, passionate, and vivid.”—Hans Küng
“[Carroll’s] story will resonate with every American
Catholic who loves the faith but has too often anguished
over the actions of the hierarchy.”—Kerry Kennedy


978-0-547-33626-8 • $16.95
Practicing Catholic
APRIL • Religion • 400 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-618-67018-5 • Terr: World
Rights: A: Brilliance Audio • M: Bookmark:
The Literary Agency • B/T/P: HMH

Constantine’s Sword
978-0-618-21908-7 • $17.00 PA
An American Requiem
978-0-395-85993-3 • $15.00 PA
House of War
978-0-618-87201-5 • $15.95 PA

t a time when millions of Catholics are questioning the
deepest aspects of their faith, James Carroll delivers
a tour de force, a searching book about what it means to be
a Catholic today. Brilliantly wresting meaning from the historical, social, and religious strands of his personal story,
Carroll delivers a loving critique of the Church and offers
an incisive vision for renewal.
He vividly brings to life the people and events that have
shaped American Catholicism—from JFK and Cardinal
Richard Cushing to the Second Vatican Council and the
ascendancy of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy.
Catholics and lapsed Catholics alike will recognize their
own stories in Carroll’s reflections on his religious upbringing and his journey to discover a new Catholic identity.
Practicing Catholic creates space for the millions of
practicing, questioning, or doubting Catholics who are looking for a way to reconcile the acts of Church leaders with the
faith and the Church they still want to claim as their own.

• National author tour
• Tie-in with college lectures
• National advertising, including the
National Catholic Reporter
• Academic promotion

D.C., and ordained to the Catholic priesthood
in 1969. He served as a chaplain at Boston
University from 1969 to 1974, then left the
priesthood to become a writer. A distinguishedscholar-in-residence at Suffolk University,
he is a columnist for the Boston Globe and a
regular contributor to the Daily Beast.


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


JAMES CARROLL was raised in Washington,

Thomas H. Cook

The Fate of
Katherine Carr
A Novel
An Otto Penzler Book
“Every Thomas H. Cook novel is a subtle mind game,
but The Fate of Katherine Carr is positively
haunting.”—New York Times Book Review
“Don’t miss a story that breaks the mold. Grade: A.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer


eorge Gates used to be a travel writer who specialized
in places where people disappeared—Judge Crater,
the Lost Colony. Then his eight-year-old son was murdered,
the killer never found, and Gates gave up disappearance.
Now he writes for the town paper, stories of redemptive triviality about flower festivals and local celebrities, and spends
his evenings haunted by the image of his son’s last day.
Enter Arlo McBride, a retired missing-persons detective
still obsessed with the unsolved case of Katherine Carr.
When he gives Gates the story she left behind—about a man
stalking a woman named Katherine Carr—Gates too is drawn
inexorably into a search for the missing author’s brief life and
uncertain fate. And as he goes deeper, he begins to suspect
that her tale holds the key not only to her fate, but to his own.

978-0-547-26334-2 • $13.95
The Fate of Katherine Carr
APRIL • Mystery • 288 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101401-9 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B: Quercus • A/P: Author via HMH

Master of the Delta
978-0-15-603320-6 • $13.95
The Cloud of Unknowing
978-0-15-603280-3 • $14.00

THOMAS H. COOK was born in Fort Payne, Alabama, in

New York City and Cape Cod

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1947. He has been nominated for the Edgar seven times in
five different categories. He has received the
Best Novel Edgar (for The Chatham School
Affair), the Martin Beck Award, the Herodotus
Prize for Best Historical Short Story, and the
Barry for Best Novel (Red Leaves), and has
been nominated for numerous other awards.

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Matthew Amster-Burton

Hungry Monkey
A Food-Loving Father’s Quest to Raise
an Adventurous Eater
“An antidote to the ubiquitous advice that bland
cuisine is best for little ones.”—Associated Press
“Any parent will find some usefully novel approaches
here to patient cultivation of adventuresome palates.”
An Indie Next Pick


• Author appearances
• Online reader’s guide
• Author website:
• Author blog: www.rootsandgrubs.com

MATTHEW AMSTER-BURTON is a restaurant critic, food
writer, and former rock journalist with credits
in The Best Food Writing, the Seattle Times,
Gourmet, Seattle, the San Francisco Chronicle,
Parent Map, culinate.com, and egullet.com—
as well as a food blog, Roots and Grubs. He
lives in Seattle with his wife, Laurie, a school
librarian, and his daughter, Iris.

APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


978-0-547-33689-3 • $14.95
Hungry Monkey
APRIL • Food/Parenting • 272 pages
5 5⁄16 x 8 • CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009
Previous ISBN 978-0-15-101324-1 • Terr:
World • Rights: P/M: Dystel & Goderich
Literary • B/T/A: HMH

ungry Monkey is the story of one parent realizing
that kids don’t need puree in a jar or special menus
at restaurants and that raising an adventurous eater is about
exposure, invention, and patience. A restaurant critic and
food writer, Amster-Burton writes of the highs and lows of
teaching your child about food—the high of rediscovering
how something tastes for the first time through a child’s
unedited reaction, the low of thinking you have a precocious
vegetable fiend on your hands only to discover that a child’s
preferences change from day to day. Sharing in his culinary
capers is little Iris, a budding gourmand and a zippy critic
herself, who makes hug sandwiches, gobbles up hot chilis,
and even helps around the kitchen sometimes.
Hungry Monkey takes food enthusiasts on a new adventure in eating, with dozens of delicious recipes and notes on
which can accommodate help from “little fingers.” In the end,
our guide reminds us: “Food is fun, and you get to enjoy it
three times a day, plus snacks!”

Patrick deWitt

Notes for a Novel
“Ablutions has achieved something remarkable.”
—New York Times Book Review
“Viciously hilarious . . . An experimental novel that’s
also a page-turner.”—Time Out New York
“Sharp and bitter and funny.”—Los Angeles Times


n its way to becoming a cult classic, Ablutions is
the much-acclaimed debut of a literary star in the
In a famous but declining Hollywood bar, there works a
barman. Morbidly amused by the decadent decay of his surroundings, he establishes tentative friendships with variously
pathological regulars, all the while making notes for his novel.
But as his tenure at the bar continues, he begins to serve
himself more often than his customers. His damaged life
begins to unravel completely. He loses his wife, his way,
himself. Trapped by his habits and his loneliness, he hatches
a terrible plan of escape, his only chance for redemption.
Patrick deWitt’s stunning debut novel has been compared to the work of Charles Bukowski, Denis Johnson, and
Hunter S. Thompson. It is funny and horrifying and beautiful and honest. It is a “marvel” (L.A. Weekly), the kind of
book whose “dirty realism” makes Gary Shteyngart “want
to roll in the mud with” the author. Ablutions is destined to
be a backlist favorite for many years.

978-0-547-33571-1 • $13.95
APRIL • Fiction • 176 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101498-9 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Foundry Literary

• National advertising, including the Believer
and the New York Times
• Author website: www.patrickdewitt.net

Vancouver Island in British Columbia. He has
also lived in California, Washington, and Oregon,
where he currently resides with his wife and
son. He has worked as a laborer, a clerk, a
dishwasher, and a bartender. Ablutions is his
first novel.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Portland, Oregon


PATRICK DEWITT was born in 1975 on

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Tasha Blaine

Just Like Family
Inside the Lives of Nannies, the Parents
They Work for, and the Children They Love

“A must-read for anyone who ever was a nanny, and for
anyone who ever employed one.”—Ayelet Waldman,
author of Bad Mother
“A thought-provoking, intimate, and well-reported series
of character portraits far deeper than many books about
the childcare relationship.”—New York Magazine


978-0-547-33583-4 • $14.95
Just Like Family
APRIL • Social Science • 336 pages
5 5⁄16 x 8 • CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009
Previous ISBN 978-0-15-101051-6 • Terr:
US, C, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M: WoffordGirand Literary Agency

• National drive-time radio tour
• Online reader’s guide

n her early thirties, Tasha Blaine briefly became a nanny.
She expected an easy, nine-to-five stint, but instead she
discovered the vast, varied, and fascinating world of career
nannies. Often overlooked and invisible, these women have
a tremendous impact on the families that hire them.
To tell the true story of this largely unknown world,
Blaine immersed herself in the lives of three women. We meet
Claudia, who left the Caribbean to become a nanny in New
York and struggles to support her daughter and the son she
left behind. We get to know Vivian, a young, college-educated
woman from Boston, who wins a Nanny of the Year award
even as she absorbs the painful truth that her role in the
family is shrinking as her charges grow up. And we witness
the struggles of Kim, a Texas nanny who dreams of having
her own family as she moves in with a couple expecting their
first baby. Just Like Family exposes the fears and fantasies
we have about nannies and takes us deep inside the real
world of women whose job it is to care for someone else’s
children as their own.
After working briefly as a nanny herself, she
spent more than five years researching and
interviewing nannies at their workplaces and
in their homes. Blaine was born and raised in
New York City and now lives in California with
her husband and two children.

Sacramento, California

APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


TASHA BLAINE completed her MFA at New York University.

Nicole Lea Helget

The Turtle Catcher
A Novel
“Stunning . . . The Turtle Catcher is a novel of style,
depth, and clarity from the most promising Minnesota
writer in a generation.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Historical fiction with a slight touch of magical
realism, The Turtle Catcher is a moving portrait
of difficult times and vividly realized characters.”
A Midwest Connections Pick


n the tumultuous days after World War I, Herman Richter
returns from the front to find his only sister, Liesel, allied
with Lester Sutter, the “slow” son of a rival clan who spends
his days expertly trapping lake turtles. Liesel has sought
Lester’s friendship in the wake of her parents’ deaths and
in the shadow of her own dark secret. But what begins as
yearning for a human touch quickly unwinds into a shocking,
suspenseful tragedy that haunts the rural town of New
Germany, Minnesota, for generations.
Woven into this remarkable story are the intense, illuminating experiences of German immigrants in America during
the war and the terrible choices they were forced to make in
service of their new country or in honor of the old. The Turtle
Catcher is a haunting love story and a lyrical, vibrant, beautifully wrought look at a fascinating piece of American history
—and the echoing dangers of family secrets.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Mankato, Minnesota

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Born in 1976, NICOLE LEA HELGET grew up on a farm in
southern Minnesota, a childhood and place she drew on in the
writing of her memoir, The Summer of Ordinary
Ways. She received her BA and an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University,
Mankato. Based on the novel’s first chapter,
NPR’s Scott Simon awarded The Turtle Catcher
the Tamarack Prize from Minnesota Monthly.

978-0-547-24800-4 • $13.95
The Turtle Catcher
APRIL • Fiction • 304 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-618-75312-3 • Terr: World
Rights: A/P/M: Faye Bender Literary

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


“Murphy has mastered Flann O’Brien’s supernatural whimsy,
Peter Murphy

John the Revelator
A Novel

“A jaw-dropping debut . . . A terrific, disquieting
addition to the long tradition of Irish storytelling.”
—Kirkus Reviews, starred review
An Indie Next Notable


978-0-547-33690-9 • $14.95
John the Revelator
APRIL • Fiction • 272 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101402-6 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: Marianne Gunn O’Connor
Literary • A: Blackstone Audio

• National paperback promotion, including audio
presentation giveaway and online collateral
• National advertising, including the Irish Echo
and the Irish Emigrant

lready fast becoming a classic among coming-of-age
tales, John the Revelator has garnered praise from
Nick Laird, Colm Tóibín, Roddy Doyle, and John Boyne,
and is a critical success in the U.K.
This is the story of John Devine—stuck in a small town
in the otherworldly landscape of southeastern Ireland, worried over by his single, chain-smoking, Bible-quoting mother,
Lily, and spied on by the “neighborly” Mrs. Nagle. When
Jamey Corboy, a self-styled Rimbaudian boy wonder, arrives
in town, John’s life suddenly seems full of possibility. His
loneliness dissipates. He is taken up by mischief and discovery, hiding in the world beyond as Lily’s mysterious illness
worsens. But Jamey and John’s nose for trouble may be their
undoing, and soon John will be faced with a terrible moral
Joining the ranks of the great novels of friendship and
betrayal—A Separate Peace, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha—John the Revelator grapples with
the pull of the world and the hold of those we love.

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networking sites
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*Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

Beckett’s grim irony, and McCabe’s unsparing brutality.” *

Praise for

“In the hallowed pantheon
of Irish coming-of-age novels,
Murphy’s strongly written
debut splits the difference
between the sensitivity
of Portrait of an Artist
and the freakishness
of Butcher Boy.”
—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

“John the Revelator
has everything
you could possibly
want in a novel:
mystery, love, fear,
friendship, grief.”

“One of the best Irish
debut novels in years.”




I heard the voice before I caught sight of
the face, whirled in a 180-degree pan trying to
pinpoint the source. He was parked like a big
barnacle at the base of the Father Carney monument. There was a book balanced on his lap,
and an unlit fag jutted from his mouth.
‘You with the head,’ he said, placing his
book on the ledge. ‘Got a light?’
I wasn’t in the habit of buying cigarettes,
not yet, but I carried matches for chewing on,
or skewering woodlice. He detached himself
from Father Carney’s shadow and stood to
take them from me. His shape’s molecules, his
very stuff, seemed to shift and recombine in
the sunlight.
‘I’m Jamey Corboy,’ he said. ■

—The Gloss

and others. He has written liner notes for albums and anthologies, including for the
remastered edition of the Anthology of American Folk Music, which features the Blind
Willie Johnson recording of the song “John the Revelator.”

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - County Wexford, Ireland


PETER MURPHY, a writer and journalist, has written for Rolling Stone, the Irish Times,

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


Ginnah Howard

Night Navigation
A Novel
“A major accomplishment . . . Ginnah Howard is a
writer to watch.”—Washington Times
“The strength of this story pulls Howard’s readers
along, unable to turn away from a fierce mother and
son who are determined to negotiate the future.”
—New York Times Book Review

978-0-547-33597-1 • $13.95
Night Navigation
APRIL • Fiction • 304 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101432-3 • Terr: World
English • Rights: T/A/P/M: Jean Naggar
Literary • B: HMH

• Reading group promotion, including
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Reading Group Choices, and online at

ight Navigation opens on a night of freezing rain in
upstate New York—the kindling gone, the fire in the
woodstove out. Del’s thirty-seven-year-old manic-depressive
son, Mark, needs a ride, but she is afraid to make the long
drive north to the only detox that has a bed.
Through the four seasons, Night Navigation takes us
into the deranged, darkly humorous world of the addict—
from break-your-arm dealers to boot-camp rehabs to Rumiquoting NA sponsors. Al-Anon tells Del to “let go”; NAMI
tells her to “hang on.” Mark cannot find a way to live in this
world. Del cannot stop trying to rescue him. And yet, during
this long year’s night, through relapse and despair, they see
flares of hope as Mark and Del fitfully, painfully try to steer
toward the light.
Told in the alternating voices of an addict and his mother,
this riveting novel adds new depth to our understanding and
our literature of parents and their troubled children.

• Copromotion with Partnership for a
Drug Free America

GINNAH HOWARD taught high school English for twentyseven years and began writing when she was
in her mid-forties. Her work has appeared in
Water-Stone Review, Permafrost, and A Room
of One’s Own, and has twice been nominated
for a Pushcart Prize. For more information,
visit www.ginnahhoward.com.

Gilbertsville, New York

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• Outreach to National Alliance on
Mental Illness

Thomas Levenson

Newton and the
The Unknown Detective Career of the
World’s Greatest Scientist
“Swift, agile treatment of a little-known but highly
entertaining episode in a legendary life.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Levenson’s account of this world of criminality,
collusion and denunciation is meticulously researched
and highly readable . . . The tale of Newton the
economist is one worth telling.”—New Scientist


n 1695, Isaac Newton—already renowned as the greatest
mind of his age—made a surprising career change. He left
quiet Cambridge, where he had lived for thirty years and
made his earth-shattering discoveries, and moved to London
to take up the post of Warden of His Majesty’s Mint.
Newton was preceded to the city by a genius of another
kind, the budding criminal William Chaloner. Thanks to his
preternatural skills as a counterfeiter, Chaloner was rapidly
rising in London’s cut-throat underworld, at a time when
organized law enforcement was all but unknown and money
in the modern sense was just coming into being. Then he
crossed paths with the formidable new warden. In the courts
and streets of London—and amid the tremors of a world
being transformed by the ideas Newton himself had set
in motion—the chase was on. This revelatory tale of Isaac
Newton’s journey through London’s underworld will appeal
to fans of The Professor and the Madman.

978-0-547-33604-6 • $14.95
Newton and the Counterfeiter
APRIL • Biography • 336 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101270-7 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Park Literary Group

• Author appearances
• Online outreach, including
“Tour of London” video
• Discussion guide
• Author website:

science writing at MIT and the author of three
previous books: Einstein in Berlin, Measure for
Measure, and Ice Time. He is also the producer
of ten documentaries for which he has won
numerous awards.

Watertown, Massachusetts


THOMAS LEVENSON is a professor of

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • APRIL


“Lipman’s patented blend of wit, whimsy, and love
Elinor Lipman

The Family Man
A Novel

“A sparkling, sprightly comedy . . . As always, the
pleasure of a Lipman book is not so much the wispy
plot but the original, funny, achingly human characters.
Grade: A.”—Entertainment Weekly
“Lipman mesmerized me. She hypnotized me. I admit
it freely: I fell victim to the Elinor Lipman Effect.”
—Carolyn See, Washington Post
An Indie Next Notable


978-0-547-33608-4 • $14.95
The Family Man
MAY • Fiction • 320 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-618-64466-7 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: William Morris Endeavor
My Latest Grievance
978-0-618-87235-0 • $13.95
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New York, Boston, Seattle,
San Francisco
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Entertainment Weekly
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• Author website: www.elinorlipman.com

hysterical phone call from Henry Archer’s ex-wife and
a familiar face in a photograph upend his well-ordered
life and bring him back into contact with the child he adored,
a short-term stepdaughter from a misbegotten marriage long
ago. Henry is a lawyer, an old-fashioned man, gay, successful, lonely. Thalia is now twenty-nine, an actress-hopeful,
estranged from her newly widowed eccentric mother—
Denise, Henry’s ex. Hoping it will lead to better things
for her career, Thalia agrees to pose as the girlfriend of a
horror-movie luminary who is down on his romantic luck.
When Thalia and her complicated social life move into the
basement of Henry’s Upper West Side townhouse, she finds
a champion in her long-lost father, and he finds new life—
and maybe even new love—in the commotion.

MAY • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

*Stephen McCauley

for her characters makes every sentence shine.” *
Praise for The

Family Man:

“An absolutely perfect summer read . . . Hilarious, literate and
unnervingly accurate in its observations of the quirks of human
nature, The Family Man proclaims that whatever bizarre sort
of family you have, you’re better off with it than without.”
—Miami Herald

“Lipman’s characters are keenly observant. What they observe
is a harmony that feels almost subversive, that things not only
can turn out well but probably will, that life can—at least at
certain moments—indeed feel charmed. Her world view?
Her enthusiasm, her effortless wit? Just a few of the reasons
we love Elinor Lipman.”
—Boston Globe

“[Lipman’s] urbane comedies of manners are unfailingly witty
and insightful . . . Lipman has created engaging characters
and, at a time when the country is debating same-sex marriage,
gives us in Henry a gay father so loving, nurturing and kind
that any child would be fortunate to have him.”
—Hartford Courant

ELINOR LIPMAN is the author of eight previous novels, including The Inn at Lake Devine
and My Latest Grievance, winner of the Paterson Fiction Prize. In 2001 she won the New
England Book Award for fiction. The film Then She Found Me, directed by and starring
Helen Hunt, is based on her first novel.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCES - Northampton, Massachusetts, and New York City


paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • MAY


Mary Beth Keane

The Walking People
A Novel
“Thoughtful and appealing . . . a solid, intelligent
piece of work.”—The Washington Post
“A compelling drama of transatlantic Irish life, told
with a truthfulness that is felt not only in the sweep
and charm of the story but in its very sentences.”
—Billy Collins
An Indie Next Pick


978-0-547-33612-1 • $14.95
The Walking People
MAY • Fiction • 416 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-547-12652-4 • Terr: US, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: Sterling Lord Literistic
A: Audible

• Reading group promotion, including
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with Reading Group Choices, and online
at www.readinggroupchoices.com

reta Cahill never believed she would leave her village
in the west of Ireland until she found herself on a ship
bound for New York, along with her sister Johanna and a
boy named Michael Ward. Greta discovers that in America
she can fall in love, raise her own family, and earn a living.
Though she longs to return and show her family what
she has made of herself, her decision to spare her children
knowledge of a secret in her past forces her to keep her life
in New York separate from the life she once loved, tearing her
from the people she holds closest. Even fifty years later, when
the Ireland of her memory bears little resemblance to that
of the present day, she fears that it is still possible to lose all
when she discovers that her children—with the best of intentions—have conspired to unite the worlds she’s so carefully
kept separate for decades.
A beautifully old-fashioned novel, The Walking People
is a debut of remarkable range and power.

College and earned an MFA from the University
of Virginia, where she was a Henry Hoyns
fellow. She was a winner of the Chicago
Tribune‘s Nelson Algren Prize in 2004 and
was a 2005 Pushcart Prize nominee. The
Walking People is her first novel.


MAY • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


MARY BETH KEANE attended Barnard

Thomas Childers

Soldier from the
War Returning
The Greatest Generation’s Troubled
Homecoming from World War II
“Childers’s heartbreaking book makes palpable the human
cost of a conflict too often sanitized as ‘the good war.’”
—Chicago Tribune
“Required reading for everyone in Washington who
has the authority to send other people into war.”
—Washington Times


ne of our most enduring national myths surrounds the
men and women who fought in the so-called good war.
The Greatest Generation, we’re told by Tom Brokaw and
others, fought heroically, then returned to America happy,
healthy, and well adjusted. In Soldier from the War Returning, historian Thomas Childers shatters that myth. Interweaving the intimate stories of three families—including
his own—he reveals the true cost of the war. Alcoholism,
homelessness, and unemployment were rampant, leading to
domestic violence and a skyrocketing divorce rate. Hundreds
of thousands of soldiers were diagnosed with psychoneurotic
disorders (now known as PTSD). Though many veterans
bounced back, others were haunted for decades afterward;
some never fully recovered.
Novelistic in its telling and impeccably researched,
Childers’s book is a stark reminder that the price of war is
unimaginably high, and the toll can stretch across generations.

978-0-547-33692-3 • $14.95
Soldier from the War Returning
MAY • History • 368 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 24
HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-618-77368-8 • Terr: World English
Rights: T/A/P/M: Janklow & Nesbit

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Hackney Professor of History at the University
of Pennsylvania. He is the author of five previous books on the Third Reich and World War II,
most recently, Wings of Morning and In the
Shadows of War.

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Media, Pennsylvania


THOMAS CHILDERS is the Sheldon and Lucy

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • MAY


what does it mean
Bernard Beckett

A Novel

“Highly original, sinewy and cerebral, this remarkable
thriller fuses intricate ideas with real emotion and
suspense.”—Jonathan Stroud, author of the
Bartimaeus Trilogy
“A philosophical inquiry of sorts into a favorite and
time-tested conundrum. Can a machine achieve
consciousness, and if so, what should its relationship
with its creators be?”—Wall Street Journal
An Indie Next Notable


978-0-547-33592-6 • $10.95
MAY • Science Fiction • 160 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-547-22549-4 • Terr: US • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: Quercus

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hat does it mean to be human?” The answer lies
within the mystery of Genesis. Set in a postapocalyptic future, the novel takes the form of an examination undergone by young Anaximander as she prepares to enter an
enigmatic institution known simply as The Academy. For
her subject she has chosen the life of the philosopher-soldier
Adam Forde, her long-dead hero. It is through Anax’s presentation and her answers to persistent questioning by her
examiners that we learn the history of her island Republic,
along with the rules and beliefs of their society. At the completion of the examination, when everything has been laid
bare, Anax must confront the Republic’s last great secret,
her own surprising link to Adam Forde, and the horrifying
truth about her world.
Like the great writers Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick,
Bernard Beckett explores the relationship between humans
and technology in a brilliantly rendered novel that will keep
readers guessing until the final page.

MAY • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

to be human?







“Pleased to meet you. Soc.”
“What’s your specialist topic?”
“Do you think we should be discussing this?”
“Would they have put us in the same room, if they didn’t want us to?”
“Perhaps they’re watching,” Soc suggested.
Anax liked him. She was good on first impressions. His manner was
gentle. He was kind, she felt sure of it. “Have your questions been difficult?”
Anax asked.
“Most have been okay,” he replied. “I was thrown by a question on ethics.
It’s not my specialty. Perhaps that’s saying too much.”
“I had the same thing,” she told him.
This news seemed to come as some relief to him. Soc looked at Anax
as if trying to read her. He leaned forward quickly and Anax, in her surprise,
pulled away. He lowered his voice so that it was little more than a hum.
“Be careful,” he murmured. “They know more than you think.”
He pulled back and looked at her, but she did not answer. He was a
stranger to her. Who did he think he was, taking a risk like that? At just
that moment, as if to underline the danger, her door slid open. ■

BERNARD BECKETT is one of New Zealand’s most outstanding writers and has won
many awards in the course of his career. Genesis was written while he was on a Royal
Society genetics research fellowship investigating DNA mutations.






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Brigid Pasulka

A Long, Long Time Ago
and Essentially True
A Novel
“Pasulka’s engaging debut . . . does a marvelous job of
capturing her ancestral homeland’s culture, including
its supple, evocative language . . . [A] sweet, generous
novel.”—Chicago Tribune
“With a passion for Poland that suffuses each page,
A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True rings
hauntingly, enchantingly, real.”—National Geographic


978-0-547-33628-2 • $13.95
A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True
MAY • Fiction • 368 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-547-05507-7 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: Wendy Sherman Associates

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n the eve of World War II, in a place called Half-Village,
a young man nicknamed the Pigeon falls in love with a
girl fabled for her angelic looks. To court Anielica Hetman´ska
he offers up his “golden hands” and transforms her family’s
modest hut into a beautiful home, thereby building his way
into her heart. War arrives to cut short their courtship, delay
their marriage, and send the young lovers far from home, to
the promise of a new life in Krakow.
Nearly fifty years later, their granddaughter, Beata, repeats
their postwar journey, seeking a new life in her grandmother’s
fairy-tale city. But instead of the whispered prosperity of the
New Poland, she discovers a Krakow caught between its
future and its past.
Whimsical, wise, beautiful, magical, and at times heartbreaking, A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True
weaves together two remarkable stories, reimagining half
a century of Polish history through the legacy of one unforgettable love affair.

arrived in Kraków in the early nineties, with no
contacts, no knowledge of the language, and
only a vague idea of Polish culture. She quickly
fell in love with the place, learned Polish, and
decided to live there for one year. She now
teaches English at a Chicago high school.


MAY • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


BRIGID PASULKA, the descendant of Polish immigrants, first

Stuart N. Clarke, editor

The Essays of Virginia
Woolf, Volume 5,


panning the years in which Virginia Woolf penned
her classic novel The Waves and worked on Flush, the
nonfiction pieces in this fifth volume provide further insight
into Woolf ’s creative genius and showcase her supreme
stylistic capability. The far-ranging essays and criticism
collected here include ruminations on the romantic and
literary lives of William Cowper and Christina Rossetti and
an introduction to memoirs by the Women’s Cooperative
Guild that reveals Woolf ’s feminism. This collection also
includes in its entirety The Common Reader: Second Series,
the sequel to The Common Reader.
978-0-547-38534-1 • $30.00
The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 5, 1929–1932
MAY • Essays • 688 pages • 6 x 9
CTN • Terr: US, O • Rights: B/T/A/P/M:
Random House UK • S: HMH

STUART N. CLARKE, series editor, has transcribed and
edited Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: The Original Holograph Draft,
was cocompiler with B. J. Kirkpatrick of the fourth edition
of A Bibliography of Virginia Woolf, and edited Translations
from the Russian by Virginia Woolf and S. S. Koteliansky.
He is a founding member of the Virginia Woolf Society of
Great Britain and has edited its journal, the Virginia Woolf
Bulletin, since its inception.

The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 4, 1925–1928
978-0-15-603522-4 • $30.00
The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 3, 1919–1924
978-0-15-629056-2 • $28.00
The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 2, 1912–1918
978-0-15-629055-5 • $22.00
The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 1, 1904-1912
978-0-15-629054-8 • $23.00

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Fast-paced, sweeping, and nuanced, The German Woman
Paul Griner

The German Woman
A Novel

“Griner’s masterpiece . . . [He is] a novelist who can take
you absolutely anywhere, never wastes a sentence, and,
most impressive of all, understands the beating heart
of a woman.”—Louisville Courier-Journal
“A gritty, unsentimental story of love and loyalty
played out across Europe during the two world wars.”
—Publishers Weekly

978-0-547-33606-0 • $13.95
The German Woman
JUNE • Fiction • 320 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-547-05522-0 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: Aragi, Inc.

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his riveting war story introduces us to the beautiful
Kate Zweig, the English widow of a German surgeon,
and Claus Murphy, an exiled American with German roots—
two lovers with complicated loyalties.
In 1918, Kate and her husband, Horst, are taken for
spies by Russian soldiers and forced to flee their field hospital on the eastern front, barely escaping with their lives. Years
later, in London during the Nazis’ V-1 reign of terror, Claus
spends his days making propaganda films and his nights
as a British spy, worn down by the war and his own secrets.
When Claus meets the intriguing Kate, he finds himself
powerfully drawn to her, even after evidence surfaces that
she might not be exactly who she seems. As the war hurtles
to a violent end, Claus must decide where his own loyalties
lie, whether he can make a difference in the war—and what
might be gained by taking a leap of faith with Kate.

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JUNE • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

is a war story unlike any that has come before.


German Woman

E H I N D M R S . Z W E I G , so she
couldn’t see them, yet close enough that

Kate’s dress brushed against her on each pass,
they began to waltz. They hadn’t danced since

“Now,” he said. “One request. Close your
eyes. So you’ll be dancing blind too. You’ll see.
It’s not so bad.”
She hesitated, guilty at the memory of the

Berlin, but Horst’s lead was so steady that she

condescendingly benevolent pleasure she’d felt

knew he was no more likely to steer her into the

dancing with the blind officers in Berlin, then

table and chairs or crush her bare toes than if

did as he asked. Indeed it wasn’t terrible. At first

he could see. The gritty floor, the cold, Horst’s

she seemed to be falling, but after a few seconds

blindness, her own gnawing hunger, the world

of dizziness she began to enjoy it, to anticipate

outside; none of it seemed to matter as she gave

the music with her body and to sense herself

herself up to the smoothly elegant three-beat

twirling in space, her husband’s encircling arms

repetition, Horst’s warm narrow chest pressed

binding her to the ring of the dance, the two

against hers, his strong comforting fingers

spinning together as if they were rising into

pressed across her lower back.

the cold air.

PAUL GRINER is the author of the acclaimed novel Collectors and the story collection
Follow Me, a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Pick. He is the director of the
creative writing program at the University of Louisville. The German Woman was partly
inspired by an E. M. Forster quote: “If I had to choose between betraying my country and
betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.”

AUTHOR’S RESIDENCE - Louisville, Kentucky



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Robert Wilson

The Ignorance of Blood
A Novel

“Half a dozen other meaty, painstakingly interlinked
subplots make this climactic volume as close-knit
as a prose poem on counterterrorism. For fans of
international intrigue, however, this capstone is the
mother lode.”—Kirkus Reviews


The Hidden Assassins
978-0-15-603256-8 • $15.00 PA
The Vanished Hands
978-0-15-603282-7 • $14.00 PA
The Blind Man of Seville
978-0-15-602880-6 • $14.00 PA

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ROBERT WILSON is the author of nine previ-

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ous novels, including A Small Death in Lisbon
and The Company of Strangers. A graduate of
Oxford University, he has worked in shipping,
advertising, and trading in Africa, and has
lived in Greece and West Africa.

Portugal and the United Kingdom

JUNE • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


978-0-547-33587-2 • $13.95
The Ignorance of Blood
JUNE • Mystery • 432 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101245-9 • Terr: US, O (-EU)
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Gillon Aitken Associates

rom the Gold Dagger Award–winner Robert Wilson
comes the fourth and final Seville thriller featuring
Inspector Javier Falcón.
As a sweltering Seville recovers from the shock of a
terrorist attack, Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón is struggling to
find the bombers. The death of a gangster in a spectacular
car crash offers vital evidence implicating the Russian mafia
in his investigation, but it pitches Falcón into the heart of
a turf war over prostitution and drugs. Now the target of
vicious hoods, Falcón finds those closest to him are also coming under intolerable pressure: his best friend, who’s spying
for the Spanish government, reveals that he is being blackmailed by Islamist extremists, and Falcón’s own lover suffers
a mother’s worst nightmare. He might be able to bring the
perpetrators of the bombing to justice, but there will be a
devastating price to pay.

Katherine Russell Rich

Dreaming in Hindi
Coming Awake in Another Language

“Fortified with neuroscience and laced with humor . . .
Dreaming in Hindi is a crash course in emotional
agility, in an understanding too deep for words.”
—O, the Oprah Magazine
“In her deftly written memoir, Rich makes us wish
we too could come alive in a foreign world.”—Elle
“Riveting.”—Suketu Mehta, author of Maximum City


t a time when her life seemed to be crumbling, Katherine
Russell Rich took on a writing assignment in India,
where she was seduced by the idea of learning to speak
Hindi, the language she heard swirling all around her. In a
rash moment, she determined she’d go live and study in the
ancient city of Udaipur. That decision lead to unexpected
In this beautiful and spirited memoir, she documents
her experiences, from the bizarre to the frightening to the
full-out exhilarating. Seamlessly combining her courageous
(and often hilarious) personal journey with reporting on the
science of language acquisition, Dreaming in Hindi offers an
eye-opening account of what learning a new tongue can teach
us about distant worlds and, ultimately, about ourselves.

978-0-547-33693-0 • $14.95
Dreaming in Hindi
JUNE • Memoir • 384 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-618-15545-3 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/P/M: The Gernert Company

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The New Yorker
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Reading Group Choices, and online at
• Outreach to ethnic, language, and
women’s sites

winning author of The Red Devil: To Hell with
Cancer—and Back. She has written for the
New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post,
Slate, and Vogue, and teaches writing at Lesley
University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.




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“If you want to relive the greatest tennis match
L. Jon Wertheim

Strokes of Genius
Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest
Match Ever Played
“Wertheim’s stirring blow-by-blow (and behind the
scenes) account of the 2008 collision of Roger Federer
and Rafa Nadal in the tennis temple—Wimbledon’s
Centre Court—illuminates a kingdom changing hands.
An engrossing book.”—Bud Collins


978-0-547-33694-7 • $13.95
Strokes of Genius
JUNE • Sports/Tennis • 224 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 12 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-547-23280-5 • Terr: US, C, O • Rights:
B/T/A/P/M: Waxman Literary Agency

Blood in the Cage
978-0-547-24779-3 • $14.95
Running the Table
978-0-547-08612-5 • $14.95

• National drive-time and sports radio tour
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n July 6, 2008, two compelling athletes met on Wimbledon’s Centre Court in the men’s final and served up
a seminal event in tennis. Roger Federer was on track to take
his rightful place as the most dominant player in the history
of the game. The Wimbledon champ for five years running,
Federer needed only to sustain his trajectory. But in the
fading daylight it was his rival, the swashbuckling Spaniard
Rafael Nadal, who met the moment. Their captivating match
was, according to the author, “essentially a four-hour fortyeight-minute infomercial for everything that is right about
tennis—a festival of skill, accuracy, grace, strength, speed,
endurance, determination, and sportsmanship.” It was also
the encapsulation of a fascinating and textured rivalry, hard
fought and of historic proportions.
July 2009 saw Roger Federer in another stunning final
at Wimbledon against another opponent, Andy Roddick—
but this time Federer came out on top. Once again, tennis
fans returned to the debate concerning the “greatest match
ever played.” As Strokes of Genius shows, the Federer-Nadal
rivalry is one of the premier matchups in all of sports, and
their epic battle at Wimbledon is not just one of the greatest
tennis matches ever played, it is one of the greatest sporting
events of all time.

• Online promotion to top tennis sites

*Ft. Myers News-Press

102 JUNE • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback

ever played, let Wertheim be your tour guide.” *




agent, on Court 19. As Nadal, nervous,

Sunday July 6, Federer arrived at the

struggled to keep the ball in the court,

Club first, at around 10:30, and Nadal came

Costa noticed that he had finally per-

half an hour or so later for a cursory hitting

formed some groundskeeping on his

session. Federer had recruited Bradley

face, taking a razor to his stubble for

Klahn, a junior player from California

the first time in the tournament. Costa

headed to Stanford in the fall and, most

was thrilled that Nadal would look

important, a lefty able to mimic Nadal’s

presentable when he taped that message

style. To keep the Centre Court grass

for the Spanish bank. Oh no, said Nadal,

pristine for the final, players are forbidden

his decision to shave wasn’t based on

to warm up on the court before the match,

that. Flatly and without boasting, he

so Federer was dispatched to Court 17.

explained, “When you win Wimbledon,

Nadal chose to practice with Costa, his

you want to look your best.”

including Blood in the Cage, a chronicle of the rise of mixed martial arts, and Running the
Table, about a bipolar pool hustler named Kid Delicious, which has been optioned for film
by Tom Hanks’s Playtone and is currently in development. His work has been featured in
The Best American Sports Writing numerous times.



L. JON WERTHEIM is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and the author of five books,

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • JUNE


A. J. Baime

Go Like Hell
Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for
Speed and Glory at Le Mans
“[Baime] hits the gas, pops the clutch and takes
readers on a red-blooded ride to glory that will
have them smiling all the way to the checkered flag.”
—Dallas Morning News
“A pleasure to read . . . Chronicles a time when an
unfettered Detroit, led by ‘car guys’ could achieve
great things.”—Wall Street Journal


978-0-547-33605-3 • $14.95
Go Like Hell
JUNE • Sports • 320 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
One 8-page b/w insert • CTN 24 • HMH
hardcover 2009 • Previous ISBN
978-0-618-82219-5 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Waxman Literary Agency

• National radio drive-time tour
• Author website: golikehellthebook.com

y the early 1960s, Ford Motor Company, built to bring
automobile transportation to the masses, was falling
behind. Baby boomers were taking to the roads in droves,
looking for speed not safety, style not comfort, and Ford
didn’t offer what these young drivers wanted. Meanwhile,
Enzo Ferrari lorded over the European racing scene, crafting
beautiful, fast sports cars that epitomized style.
Baime tells the remarkable story of how Henry Ford II,
with the help of a young visionary named Lee Iacocca and
a former racing champion turned engineer named Carroll
Shelby, concocted a scheme to reinvent the Ford company.
They would enter the high-stakes world of European car
racing, where an adventurous few threw safety and sanity
to the wind. They would design, build, and race a car that
could beat Ferrari at his own game, at the most prestigious
and dangerous race in the world, the 24 Hours of LeMans.
Go Like Hell transports readers to a golden era in racing
when Ford’s innovative strategy led to victories on the track
and renewed respect for the American automobile.

where he oversees the automotive and features
sections. As a journalist he has written for
numerous publications, including the New York
Times Magazine, Popular Science, Maxim, and
the Village Voice.


JUNE • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


A. J. BAIME is an executive editor at Playboy,

Ward Just

Exiles in the Garden
A Novel

“[This] is his sixteenth novel, and is, for my money, one
of his three best.”—Washington Post
“Nails the ambiance and occupants of the nation’s capital
. . . A sober book, an adult book, but never a cynical one.”
—Cleveland Plain Dealer


ne of the most astute writers of American fiction”
(New York Times Book Review) delivers the resonant
story of Alec Malone, a senator’s son who rejects the family
business of politics for a career as a newspaper photographer.
Alec and his Swiss wife, Lucia, settle in Georgetown next
door to a couple whose émigré gatherings in their garden
remind Lucia of all the things Americans are not. She leaves
Alec as his career founders on his refusal of an assignment to
cover the Vietnam War—a slyly subversive fictional choice from
Ward Just, who was himself a renowned war correspondent.
At the center of the novel is Alec’s unforeseen reckoning
with Lucia’s long-absent father, Andre Duran, a Czech living
out the end of his life in a hostel called Goya House. Duran’s
career as an adventurer and antifascist commando is everything Alec’s is not. The encounter forces Alec to confront
just how different a life where things—“terrible things, terrible
things”—happen is from a life where nothing much happens
at all.

978-0-547-33601-5 • $14.95
Exiles in the Garden
JULY • Fiction • 288 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-547-19558-2 • Terr: US, C, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Janklow & Nesbit

978-0-618-91849-2 • $13.95
An Unfinished Season
978-0-618-56828-4 • $13.95
Echo House
978-0-395-90138-0 • $14.00

WARD JUST is the author of fifteen previous novels, including

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

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online reader’s guide and promotion with
Reading Group Choices, and online at

the National Book Award finalist Echo House, A
Dangerous Friend, winner of the James Fenimore
Cooper Prize for fiction from the Society of
American Historians, and An Unfinished Season,
winner of the Chicago Tribune Heartland Award
and a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize.

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • JULY


Karin Fossum
Translated from Norwegian by Charlotte Barslund

The Water’s Edge
An Inspector Sejer Mystery

“Fossum’s concise, elegant writing perfectly captures
the panic of a small town gripped by a heinous crime.”
—Entertainment Weekly
“An intelligent thriller.”—Washington Post


978-0-547-33611-4 • $13.95
The Water’s Edge
AUGUST • Mystery • 240 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 12 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101421-7 • Terr: US, O
Rights: B/T/A/P/M: Harvill Secker

einhardt and Kristine Ris, a married couple, are out
for a Sunday walk when they discover the body of a
boy and see the figure of a man limping away. They alert the
police, but not before Reinhardt, to Kristine’s horror, kneels
down and takes photographs of the dead child with his cell
phone. Inspectors Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre begin to
make inquiries in the little town of Huseby. But then another
boy disappears, and an explanation seems more remote than
ever. Meanwhile, the Rises’ marriage unravels as Reinhardt
becomes obsessed with the tragic events and his own part
in them.
The Water’s Edge is a riveting portrayal of a community
in turmoil from Karin Fossum, Norway’s “Queen of Crime.”

Black Seconds
978-0-15-603404-3 • $13.95 PA
The Indian Bride
978-0-15-603336-7 • $14.00 PA
When the Devil Holds the Candle
978-0-15-603212-4 • $14.00 PA

• Inspector Sejer series bookmarks

KARIN FOSSUM is the author of the interna-

• Mystery e-newsletter

tionally successful Inspector Konrad Sejer
crime series. Her recent honors include a
Gumshoe Award and the Los Angeles Times
Book Prize for mystery/thriller. She lives in
a small town in southeastern Norway.


AUGUST • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


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Faïza Guène

Some Dream for Fools
A Novel

“Intoxicating . . . [Guène] writes with so much confidence
and in-your-face self-knowledge that the reader laughs
all the way through.”—Shelf Awareness
“Super-young, super-cool, and fast becoming known
as one of the hottest literary talents of multicultural
Europe . . . Guène is one of the stars of tomorrow.”
—Sunday Telegraph
An Indie Next Notable


hen Ahlème’s mother was killed in a village massacre,
she left Algeria for France with her father and brother
and never returned. Now, more than a decade later, she is
practically French, yet in many ways she remains an outsider.
Her dreams for a better life have been displaced by the harsh
realities she faces every day. Her father is unable to work
after an accident at his construction site. Her brother boils
over with adolescent energy and teeters dangerously close to
choosing a life of crime. And as a temporary resident, Ahlème
could at any moment be sent back to a village and a life that
are now more foreign than Paris.
In Some Dream for Fools, Faïza Guène explores the
disparity between the expectations and limitations of immigrant life in the West and tells a remarkable story of one
woman’s courage to dream.

978-0-15-603292-6 • $13.95
Some Dream for Fools
AUGUST • Fiction • 176 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2009 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-15-101420-0 • Terr: US, C, O (-EU)
Rights: B/T/P/M: The French Publishers’
Agency • A: HMH

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow
978-0-15-603048-9 • $13.00 PA

• Academic promotion,
including French studies outreach

grants, grew up in the public housing projects
of Pantin, outside Paris. She is the author of
Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow.



FAÏZA GUÈNE, the child of Algerian immi-

paperback • www.marinerbooks.com • MARINER • AUGUST


John Edgar Wideman

A Novel
“By the end of this thrilling, important novel, which
is by turns eloquent, despairing and heartbrokenly
hopeful, Fanon has come to be more than a
revolutionary”—New York Times Book Review
“Wideman is at the top of his form . . . The brilliance
of his language, the power of his storytelling and the
sheer bravado and unexpectedness of his riffs exert
considerable charms.”—Washington Post

ISBN 978-0-547-08616-3 • $13.95
APRIL • Fiction • 240 pages • 5 5⁄16 x 8
CTN 24 • HMH hardcover 2008 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-618-94263-3 • Territory: US, C, O
B/T/A/P/M: The Wylie Agency

God’s Gym
978-0-618-71199-4 • $12.95 PA
Hoop Roots
978-0-618-25775-1 • $13.00 PA
• Academic promotion

philosopher, psychiatrist, and political activist, Frantz
Fanon was a fierce, acute critic of racism and oppression. Born of African descent in Martinique in 1925, Fanon
fought in defense of France during World War II but later
against France in Algeria’s war for independence. His last
book, The Wretched of the Earth, published in 1961, inspired
leaders of diverse liberation movements: Steve Biko in South
Africa, Che Guevara in Latin America, the Black Panthers
in the States.
Wideman’s novel is disguised as the project of a contemporary African American novelist, Thomas, who undertakes
writing a life of Fanon. The result is an electrifying mix of
perspectives, traveling from Manhattan to Paris to Algeria to
Pittsburgh. Part whodunit, part screenplay, part love story,
Fanon introduces the French film director Jean-Luc Godard
to the ailing Mrs. Wideman in Homewood and chases the
meaning of Fanon’s legacy through our violent, post-9/11
world, which seems determined to perpetuate the evils
Fanon sought to rectify.

works of fiction and nonfiction, including the
award-winning Brothers and Keepers, Philadelphia Fire, and most recently the story collection
God’s Gym. He is the recipient of two PEN/
Faulkner Awards and has been nominated
for the National Book Award. He teaches at
Brown University.


APRIL • MARINER • www.marinerbooks.com • paperback


JOHN EDGAR WIDEMAN is the author of more than twenty

Spring 2010 Reference Books

Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

Mastering Computer
Typing, Revised Edition
Learn to type efficiently and accurately in
twenty-four hours


978-0-547-33319-9 • $17.95 POB
Mastering Computer Typing, Revised Edition
APRIL • Computers/Reference
208 pages • 7 x 9 • CTN 30 • Previous
ISBN 978-0-395-71406-5 • Terr: World
Rights: HMH

• Academic promotion

he best way to make your computer more efficient is
to touch-type—to type without looking at the keyboard
—and this book can teach you to do just that. Mastering
Computer Typing has been completely updated with all-new
exercises and material on resumés, cover letters, e-mail, blogs,
instant messaging, and texting.
Designed for self-instruction or classroom use, this book
is the ideal choice for beginners who want to move from
hunting-and-pecking to typing with ease, and for experienced
typists who want to break bad habits and improve their accuracy. Practice exercises focus on subjects pertinent to today’s
business professional, so keyboarders gain business-writing
know-how as they learn to type with maximum speed and
Users begin by typing simple words and proceed through
a wide array of practical applications, including charts, tables,
and columns; business letters, cover letters, and resumés;
reports and manuscripts; and timely new sections on electronic messaging. Embedded in the user-friendly exercises
are helpful tips on e-mail etiquette, eight ways to get the
results you want from your writing, and a handy section on
the basics of punctuation. There is also an updated glossary
of computer terms and advice on how to avoid “thumbitis”
when typing on a PDA.
Spiralbound at the top for ease of use, Mastering
Computer Typing is complete, comprehensive, and current.
It’s the only resource you’ll need to perfect your typing skills.

writing and e-mail seminars throughout
the country and is the author of twenty-three
books, including the popular Strategic
Business Letters and E-mail and 135 Tips
for Writing Successful Business Documents.

APRIL • REFERENCE • www.hmhbooks.com



Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts

Speaking Your Way
to Success
Say it so they’ll listen: A guide to communicating
effectively in today’s cross-cultural, multigenerational


n Speaking Your Way to Success, Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts
draws on twenty-five years of experience as a business
communications expert to deliver straightforward guidelines
for today’s professionals on how to speak powerfully and
effectively. Whether talking in front of a large group or
engaging in a one-to-one conversation, this book will help
anyone to speak up, speak well, and get noticed.
Chapters include:

Making Introductions

Developing Listening Skills

Using Politically Neutral Terms

Speaking in Public

Interviewing and Being Interviewed

Communicating Cross-Culturally

Harnessing the Power of Today’s
Multigenerational Workforce

978-0-547-25518-7 • $13.95 PA
Speaking Your Way to Success
APRIL • Business • 272 pages • 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4
CTN 24 • Terr: World • Rights:

In her signature no-nonsense style, Lindsell-Roberts
shows speakers how to pay attention to their audience,
support their words with body language, interject stories
the audience will relate to and enjoy, encourage audience
interaction, and more.
This book is packed with specific suggestions that can
be applied immediately on topics such as giving and receiving compliments, keeping a conversation going, asking for a
raise, and cold calling. There are strategies for introducing
yourself when you don’t know anyone at an event, techniques
for initiating conversation, and a checklist for rating your
listening skills. Lindsell-Roberts also has a proven, no-fail
attack plan for how to work a room.
Stop lurking quietly in the shadows and start speaking
your way to success!

www.hmhbooks.com • REFERENCE • APRIL


Editors of the American Heritage®

The American Heritage®
Children’s Science
Updated for 2010, this innovative dictionary unlocks
the doors of wonder and discovery and builds
science literacy.


978-0-547-33316-8 • $18.95 POB
The American Heritage® Children’s
Science Dictionary
JULY • Reference/Dictionaries • 288 pages
8 x 10 • CTN 12 • Previous ISBN
978-0-618-35401-6 • Terr: World
Rights: HMH

• Academic promotion


JULY • REFERENCE • www.hmhbooks.com

he American Heritage® Children’s Science Dictionary
introduces students in grades 4 to 6 (ages 9 to 12) to the
language and ideas of science. Clear definitions, full-color art,
and an array of feature notes and tables cover the full range of
scientific subjects, from earth science, computers, weather, and
outer space to basic biology, chemistry, physics, medicine,
and mathematics. “Did You Know?” notes present amazing
facts on topics from earthworms to gravity to tornadoes.
This updated edition includes the new developments
that young learners need to know, such as Pluto’s removal
from the category of planet, the addition of new vocabulary
such as dwarf planet, numerous revisions to other entries
regarding the solar system, and more.
The book includes more than 2,600 clear, complete,
and easy-to-follow definitions in all areas of science. Over
350 detailed, full-color photographs and illustrations
enhance the entries, and there are in-depth graphic treatments of such topics as aquifer, carbon cycle, cell, greenhouse
effect, nuclear reactor, and plate tectonics. Biographies of
noteworthy scientists show how they changed the way people
look at the world.
In collaboration with expert science consultants, the
editors of the American Heritage® dictionaries have produced a reference work that sparks kids’ natural curiosity
and inspires a long-lasting interest in science.

Jonathon Green

Chambers Slang
Grab a glass of Abo’s handbag (any form of boxed wine)
and delve into five centuries of English-language slang.

vailable for the first time in the United States, this brandnew edition of Chambers Slang Dictionary is an
exhaustive update of a work first published in 1998. Covering the full range of slang from all parts of the English-speaking world, the collection has won universal acclaim for its
scholarly credentials and the sheer delight that only a big
book of dirty words can hold. It includes twenty-first-century
slang, retains all the verve and precision of the earlier work,
and has been completely overhauled and reorganized to make
it easy to find what you are looking for. Every entry includes
the date the first usage was recorded and interesting explanations of the words’ origins.
“To winch the dictionary onto your knee and open its pages
is like entering an orchard full of strange fruit.”
—Sunday Telegraph



978-0-550-10563-9 • $24.95
Chambers Slang Dictionary
MARCH • Reference • 1,520 pages
9 5⁄8 x 6 1⁄8 • Terr: US/Canada

www.hmhbooks.com • REFERENCE • MARCH


Chambers welcomes Brewer’s Dictionary


New to


All New




ith its delightful mix of
scholarship and eccentricity, it is a must for every
twenty-first-century bookshelf.
This flagship title in the
Brewer’s series was first published in 1870 to supply readers
with material that was both
entertaining and enlightening.
This new edition is filled with
hundreds of new facts, from
designer babies to New York’s
sewer-dwelling alligators, and
brings back more than 200
classic entries, such as magic
garters and poison detectors.
978-0-550-10411-3 • $49.95
Brewer’s Dictionary of
Phrase and Fable,
18th Edition
1,584 pages • Previous
ISBN 978-0-06-019653-0



ocusing on the English of
the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries, this volume contains more than 7,500 entries
reflecting the richness of modern
linguistic culture. This highly
browsable encyclopedia covers
such diverse topics as catch
phrases, buzzwords, slogans,
idioms, modern cultural references, and characters from film,
TV, and literature. From Harry
Potter to Posh and Becks, this
book helps define the world
we live in.
978-0-550-10564-6 • $39.95
Brewer’s Dictionary of
Modern Phrase and Fable
864 pages

MARCH • REFERENCE • www.hmhbooks.com


rom the Bloomsbury
group to the Camberwell
carrot, Emperor Claudius to
Ken Livingstone, Brewer’s
Dictionary of London Phrase
and Fable gathers together
more than 2,500 entries on
the people, places, events,
cultures, anecdotes, slang,
and catch phrases that make
London one of the greatest
cities on earth. Whether you
are a frequent visitor to the city,
an expat, or taking a virtual
vacation, this book will bring
the heart and soul of London
to your bookshelf.
978-0-550-10445-8 • $34.95
Brewer’s Dictionary of
London Phrase and Fable
884 pages

of Phrase and Fable to its family.
New to

New to




rewer’s Dictionary of
Irish Phrase and Fable
is dedicated to the rich cultural
heritage of the Emerald Isle.
Its 6,000 encyclopedic entries
explore the island’s history,
literature, language, folklore,
and mythology, making for an
eclectic mix of people, places,
historical events, facts, and
phrases. From the Great
Famine to the Celtic Tiger,
Pygmalion to Paddy Clarke
Ha Ha Ha, this treasury of
Irishness past and present
will delight natives, expats,
and curious visitors alike.
978-0-550-10565-3 • $34.95
Brewer’s Dictionary of
Irish Phrase and Fable
884 pages


his collection of more than
5,000 quotations lists not
only the quotations but also the
fascinating stories behind them.
Quotations can offer us a
glimpse into the past in a few
brief words, giving us a feeling
for the people and events that
have shaped our world—from
J. Robert Oppenheimer’s “I
am become death, destroyer of
worlds” (at the explosion of the
first atom bomb) to the sharp
wit of Winston Churchill to
the romance of the great poets.
Indispensable for writers and
fascinating to browse, Brewer’s
Famous Quotations can settle
any argument about who said
what and when.

MARCH • Reference
9 x 6 3⁄4 • Terr: US/C

978-0-550-10547-9 • $24.95 PA
Brewer’s Famous Quotations
584 pages
www.hmhbooks.com • REFERENCE • MARCH 115

Gramática lengua
Reglas y ejercicios
A fun and comprehensive workbook to help Spanish
speakers master Spanish grammar



ndispensable at school, at work, or in the home, this
one-stop Spanish grammar guide includes examples
and exercises that address every common grammar
question. Features include:
• in-depth coverage of each of the grammatical
categories: noun, adjective, article, verb, pronoun,
adverb, preposition, and conjunction

978-970-22-0058-1 • $8.95
Gramática lengua española: Reglas y ejercicios
MARCH • Spanish language • 296 pages
6 3⁄4 x 9 1⁄8 • Previous ISBN 970-60-7735-9
Terr: • Rights: Larousse US/Canada


MARCH • REFERENCE • www.hmhbooks.com

practice exercises—with solutions—to reinforce
grammar knowledge

an appendix of spelling rules and verb conjugation

lists of commonly misused words: for example,
porqué, por qué, porque, por que.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
The Old Farmer’s Almanac


merica’s best-selling annual publication is also the most
beloved: Its name makes people smile and its contents
tickle funny bones. A reference book that reads like a magazine, the Almanac is packed with facts, features, and fun that
make every day special.
The 2011 edition, which marks the publication’s
219th anniversary, will feature . . .

weather predictions for every day and climatic
trends for each season, plus the science behind
weather folklore

the most accurate astronomical data under the Sun,
with best-viewing recommendations for every month

gardening advice for growing vegetables and flowers,
not to mention worthwhile weeds

easy, mouthwatering recipes for Dutch ovens

amusing and enlightening articles on topics such
as cures for a headache, quirky measurements,
and heirloom animals

ideas, hints, and charts that provide simple
solutions and shortcuts for everyday challenges

and much, much more!

Handsome, clothbound,
hardcover edition of
The 2011 Old Farmer’s Almanac
978-1-57198-517-0 • $15.95
Previous ISBN 978-1-57198-493-7

Added value this year . . .

80 full-color pages

full-color national weather maps
of winter and summer forecasts

national, in-person TV, radio, and
print publicity campaign, beginning
in September 2010

ISBN 978-1-57198-516-3 • $6.95
2011 The Old Farmer’s Almanac:
SEPTEMBER • Reference • 288 pages
5 3⁄8 x 8 • CTN 40 • Previous ISBN

Old Farmer’s Almanac 24-copy counter display
978-1-57198-518-7 • $166.80
Previous ISBN (24-copy) 978-1-57198-487-6

Old Farmer’s Almanac 48-copy floor display:
ISBN 978-1-57198-519-4 • $333.60
Previous ISBN (48-copy) 978-1-57198-485-2


The Old Farmer’s Almanac

A perennial favorite!

Your eye on the sky!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
2011 Gardening Calendar

As beautiful as all outdoors!


The Old Farmer’s Almanac
2011 Weather Watcher’s

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
2011 Country Calendar

or everyone who is going
or growing “green”! Original
full-color illustrations dominate
each monthly spread and are
complemented by useful and
entertaining gardening lore,
advice, and fun facts. Plus, a
region-specific chart identifies
the best days and Moon phases
for planting vegetables.
ISBN 978-1-57198-520-0 • $8.99
2011 Gardening Calendar
JULY • Wall format • 10 7⁄8 x 8 3⁄8
Saddle-stitched • Previous ISBN



aptivating full-color photographs, observations on rural
life, holiday lore, and quirky quotes
and facts capture the appeal of
country living. Plus, the best days
for chores—fishing, planting, setting
eggs, and more—are noted each
ISBN 978-1-57198-522-4 • $9.99
2011 Country Calendar
JULY • Wall format • 10 7⁄8 x 10 7⁄8
Saddle-stitched • Previous ISBN

JULY • THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC • www.hmhbooks.com


we-inspiring color photographs
of exceptional weather events
depict Mother Nature in all her
power and glory. Plus, historic
anecdotes, observations by the
“Old Farmer” on meteorological
matters, and timeless proverbs
make this a must-have for weather
buffs of all ages.

ISBN 978-1-57198-521-7 • $8.99
2011 Weather Watcher’s Calendar
JULY • Wall format • 10 7⁄8 x 8 3⁄8
Saddle-stitched • Previous ISBN

calendars make every day special!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
2011 Recipe Calendar


ovely to look at, easy to make, delicious to eat! Twelve
months with mouthwatering color photos accompanied
by 12 seasonal recipes specifically chosen as breakfast, lunch,
or dinner inspirations. The collection includes winners of
Almanac Reader Recipe Contests as well as favorites from
the Almanac archives, including:

Baked Pasta with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Flounder with Mint Lime Sauce

Maple Bran Muffins

Curried Chicken Salad

Summer Peach Crisp

Fresh Tomato Soup

Kosher-Style Dill Pickles

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving Turkey

And more!

2011 Recipe
Wall Format
10 7⁄8 x 8 3⁄8

Each monthly spread also features time- and moneysaving tips to ensure the success of each recipe. A calendar
and a collection good enough to eat!
www.hmhbooks.com • THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC • JULY


The Old Farmer’s Almanac: always
Organizing your time has never been more fun

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011
Engagement Calendar


he perfect package: a hardcover desk calendar in a week-at-a-glance format,
with ample space for appointments and notes; daily advice, history, or folklore; monthly reflections; address, anniversary, and emergency number pages; and
2012 and 2013 advance planners. Slips easily under an arm or into a purse.

ISBN 978-1-57198-523-1 • $14.99
2011 Engagement Calendar
JULY • 7 x 10 • High-gloss,
hardcover • Concealed Wire-O
binding • Previous ISBN

Do you know . . . ?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011
Every Day Calendar


ow many insects live on Earth? Why knuckles crack? How fast a raindrop falls? These curious facts and many more are revealed in this
cleverly illustrated page-per-day box calendar, along with folklore; household,
gardening, and environmental tips; quotes; proverbs; and puzzles. A great
conversation starter!
ISBN 978-1-57198-524-8 • $11.99
2011 Every Day Calendar
JULY • Gift-boxed, page-per-day
format • 5 3⁄16 x 5 1⁄2 • Recyclable
plastic easelback • Previous ISBN


JULY • THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC • www.hmhbooks.com

“useful, with a pleasant degree of humor”
The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids
Volume 3


ids can’t put it down! Parents can’t wait to pick it up! Teachers give it high
marks! Everyone loves The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids! This blend
of wacky facts, quirky stories, and fun activities in full color makes reading and
learning fun. The series is a bestseller, as proven by the sellout of Volumes 1
and 2.
“Part how-to-guide, part trivia trove, it’s packed with information in the form of
lists, calendars, charts, and short articles. Keep it in the car as a distraction
during road trips. Get ready for a backseat chorus of ‘Hey, listen to this!’”
—Florida Times Union
ISBN 978-157198-495-1 • $9.95
The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids
AVAILABLE • Juvenile Reference
192 pages • 5 5⁄8 x 8 1⁄4 • Illustrated,
full-color throughout • Previous
ISBN (Vol.2) 978-1-57198-434-0

10-copy Almanac for Kids countertop display
978-1-57198-511-8 • $99.50
Previous ISBN (Vol. 2) 978-1-57198-435-7

The Old Farmer’s Almanac makes every day delicious!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Everyday Cookbook


rom America’s most trusted reference, a cook’s blend of delicious,
homestyle fare updated for today’s healthful and busy times. More
than 400 recipes for any course or occasion, including:

Almanac contest winners: Mediterranean Chicken, Poppy Seed
Potato Salad, Upside-Down Apple Pie, German Chocolate Cake

classics: Perfect Macaroni and Cheese, How to Cook a Lobster,
New England Clam Chowder, Country Bread

family favorites: Country Ham, Dad’s Celebratory Waffles, Snow Pudding

too good to leave out: Real Hot Chocolate, Comforting Gingerbread

Plus, more than 180 tried-and-true, time- and money-saving tips, shortcuts, and “Quick Fixes” to ensure great-tasting results.
Like the Almanac, the Everyday Cookbook is new, useful, and entertaining.
Every day.

ISBN 978-1-57198-463-0 • $24.95
The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Everyday Cookbook
AVAILABLE • Cooking • 352 pages
7 1⁄4 x 9 • Two-color throughout, with
16 pages of full-color photographs;
spot photographs throughout



Great Books, New
Speak to your sales representative

by Elizabeth Benedict

by Rosina Lippi

Eden Close
by Anita Shreve


Shoeless Joe
by W. P. Kinsella

by Steven Callahan


3 Nights in August
by Buzz Bissinger

Star of the Sea
by Joseph O’Connor

Looks, Same ISBNs
about promotional opportunities

The Vanishing Act
of Esme Lennox
by Maggie O’Farrell

The Heart is a
Lonely Hunter
by Carson McCullers

The Book of Salt
by Monique Truong

The Last Life
by Claire Messud

Interpreter of Maladies
by Jhumpa Lahiri

by Kathleen Norris



Enduring Favorites
Speak to your sales representative

Life of Pi
by Yann Martel

The Time Traveler’s Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger

The Name of the Rose
by Umberto Eco


The Little Prince
by Antoine
de Saint-Exupéry

The Worst Hard Time
by Timothy Egan


The Namesake
by Jhumpa Lahiri

Chosen by a Horse
by Susan Richards

about promotional opportunities

Dear American Airlines
by Jonathan Miles

Merle’s Door
by Ted Kerasote

Those Who Save Us
by Jenna Blum

The Lord of the Rings
by J.R. R. Tolkien

The God Delusion
by Richard Dawkins

by Lynne Cox



Holiday Favorites


Save the Deli
by David Sax
978-0-15-101384-5 • $24.00

A Late Divorce
by A. B. Yehoshua
978-0-15-649447-2 • $15.00

Matzo Ball Moon
by Lesléa Newman • CLARION
978-0-618-60481-4 • $5.95


The Country Bunny and the Little
Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward
978-0-395-18557-5 • $6.99

Hello, Cupcake!
by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson
978-0-618-82925-5 • $15.95

The Bunny Who Found Easter
by Charlotte Zolotow
978-0-618-11127-5 • $6.99


Lost Crafts
by Una McGovern
978-0-550-10426-7 • $24.95

This Lovely Life
by Vicki Forman
978-0-547-23275-1 • $13.95


The Time Traveler’s Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger
978-0-15-602943-8 • $14.95


The Man Who Made Vermeers
by Jonathan Lopez
978-0-547-24784-7 • $14.95

Lost Lore
by Una McGovern
978-0-550-10521-9 • $24.95

Beautiful Boy
by David Sheff
978-0-547-20388-1 • $14.95


Finding Nouf
by Zoë Ferraris
978-0-547-23778-7 • $13.95

In the Lake of the Woods
by Tim O’Brien
978-0-618-70986-5 • $14.95

Becoming Madame Mao
by Anchee Min
978-0-618-12700-9 • $13.95






for 2010!

The American Heritage®
Dictionary of the
English Language
Print & CD-ROM Edition

The American Heritage®
College Dictionary,
Fourth Edition

Roget’s II:
The New Thesaurus,
Third Edition

The American Heritage®
Science Dictionary



The American Heritage®
Dictionary of
Business Terms
$15.95 PA

100 Words for Foodies
$5.95 PA

128 HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com

The American Heritage®
Children’s Dictionary

Curious George’s


Lost Lore
by Una McGovern

Lost Crafts
by Una McGovern

Larousse Advanced

The Chambers
Eleventh Edition

El pequeño Larousse
illustrado 2010

Larousse Pocket
Spanish-English /

Guía para mamás
(Guide for New Mothers)

www.hmhbooks.com • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT 129

Field Guides/Gardening
A selection of new and best-selling titles

Peterson Field Guide®
to Birds of Eastern and
Central North America,
Sixth Edition
by Roger Tory Peterson

Peterson Field Guide®
to Birds of Western North
America, Fourth Edition
by Roger Tory Peterson

Peterson Field Guide®
to Birds of North America
by Roger Tory Peterson

Birdsong by the Seasons
by Donald Kroodsma

by William Cullina

The Frogs and Toads
of North America
by Lang Elliott,
Carl Gerhardt,
and Carlos Davidson

130 HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com

The Young Birder’s Guide
to Birds of Eastern
North America
by Bill Thompson III

Peterson Field Guide®
to Stars and Planets
by Jay M. Pasachoff

Kaufman Field Guide
to Butterflies of
North America
by Jim P. Brock and
Kenn Kaufman

Peterson First Guide®
to Birds of North America
by Roger Tory Peterson

Letters from Eden
by Julie Zickefoose

Kaufman Field Guide
to Birds of North America
by Kenn Kaufman

The Shorebird Guide
by Michael O’Brien,
Richard Crossley,
and Kevin Karlson




Gourmet Today
edited by Ruth Reichl

The Gourmet Cookbook
edited by Ruth Reichl

Hungry Monkey
by Matthew Amster-Burton

500 Things to Eat
Before It’s Too Late
by Jane and
Michael Stern

Jacques Pépin
More Fast Food My Way
by Jacques Pépin

by Barbara Lynch

The Perfect Recipe
for Losing Weight
and Eating Great
by Pam Anderson

The Italian Slow Cooker
by Michele Scicolone

132 HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com

Ablutions Patrick deWitt ................................................83
Alison, Jane The Sisters Antipodes...................................75
The American Heritage® Children’s Science Dictionary
Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries .............112

Chambers Brewer’s Dictionary of London Phrase
and Fable ....................................................................114
Chambers Brewer’s Dictionary of Modern Phrase
and Fable ....................................................................114

American Rendering Andrew Hudgins ............................20

Chambers Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable,
18th Edition ................................................................115

Amster-Burton, Matthew Hungry Monkey .......................82

Chambers Brewer’s Famous Quotations .........................115

Baime, A. J. Go Like Hell ..............................................104

Chambers Chambers Slang Dictionary..........................113

Bascomb, Neal Hunting Eichmann.................................66

Chambers Slang Dictionary Chambers..........................113

Bayshore Summer Pete Dunne ........................................52

Charleson, Susannah Scent of the Missing..........................6

Beckett, Bernard Genesis ................................................94

Childers, Thomas Soldier from the War Returning...........93

The Big Bang Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins ......15

Clarke, Stuart N., editor The Essays of Virginia Woolf,
Volume 5, 1929–1932 ....................................................97

Blaine, Tasha Just Like Family .......................................84
Blodgett, Bonnie Remembering Smell ..............................38
Brewer’s Dictionary of Irish Phrase and Fable
Chambers ...................................................................114
Brewer’s Dictionary of London Phrase and Fable
Chambers ...................................................................114
Brewer’s Dictionary of Modern Phrase and Fable
Chambers ...................................................................114
Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, 18th Edition
Chambers ...................................................................115
Brewer’s Famous Quotations Chambers .........................115
Brilliant Jane Brox ........................................................51
Broken Karin Fossum .....................................................63
Brox, Jane Brilliant .......................................................51
Buddha’s Orphans Samrat Upadhyay ..............................56
Carroll, James Practicing Catholic ..................................80
Carroll, Sean Remarkable Creatures ................................71
Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist Cat Cora with
Ann Krueger Spivack .....................................................48
Chambers Brewer’s Dictionary of Irish Phrase
and Fable ....................................................................114

Collins, Max Allan, and Mickey Spillane The Big Bang ....15
The Common Man Maurice Manning ..............................14
The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook Pilar Guzmán,
Jenny Rosenstrach, and Alanna Stang .............................24
Cook, Thomas H. The Fate of Katherine Carr .................81
Cook, Thomas H. The Last Talk with Lola Faye .............59
Cora, Cat, with Ann Krueger Spivack Cat Cora’s Classics
with a Twist...................................................................48
Daughters of the Witching Hill Mary Sharratt ..................22
Davies, Paul The Eerie Silence.........................................16
Dear Money Martha McPhee ..........................................43
Deep Blue Home Julia Whitty..........................................53
D’Erasmo, Stacey The Sky Below.....................................77
deWitt, Patrick Ablutions................................................83
Diccionario educativo inicial Larousse..........................116
Diccionario estudiante Larousse ...................................116
Dreaming in Hindi Katherine Russell Rich ...................101
Dunne, Pete Bayshore Summer .......................................52
Eating for Beginners Melanie Rehak ...............................61

index • www.hmhbooks.com • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT


Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries
The American Heritage® Children’s Science Dictionary...112
Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionaries 100 Words
Every Middle Schooler Should Know ................................58
The Eerie Silence Paul Davies .........................................16
Ellison, Sarah War at the Wall Street Journal ..................40
Epstein, Joseph The Love Song of A. Jerome Minkoff ........46

Griner, Paul The German Woman ...................................98
Guène, Faïza Some Dream for Fools ...............................107
Guzmán, Pilar, Jenny Rosenstrach, and Alanna Stang
The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook................................24
The Hand That First Held Mine Maggie O’Farrell ...........10
Harvey, John Far Cry.....................................................50
Hayes, Neil, and Brian Murphy The Last Putt ...................9

The Essays of Virginia Woolf, Volume 5, 1929–1932
Stuart N. Clarke, editor ..................................................97

Helget, Nicole Lea The Turtle Catcher.............................85

Exiles in the Garden Ward Just......................................105

Herlihy, David V. The Lost Cyclist ...................................39

The Family Man Elinor Lipman .....................................90

Howard, David Lost Rights.............................................57

Fanon John Edgar Wideman ........................................108

Howard, Ginnah Night Navigation .................................88

Far Cry John Harvey......................................................50

Howell, Steve N. G. Peterson Reference Guide® to Molt
in North American Birds ................................................26

The Fate of Katherine Carr Thomas H. Cook ..................81
Feiyu, Bi Three Sisters ....................................................62
Fossum, Karin Broken ....................................................63
Fossum, Karin The Water’s Edge ...................................106
Freed, Lynn The Servants’ Quarters ...............................74
Frost, Randy O., and Gail Steketee Stuff .........................18
Genesis Bernard Beckett .................................................94
The German Woman Paul Griner....................................98
The Go-Between Frederick Turner ..................................27
The God of Loneliness Philip Schultz.................................8
Go Like Hell A. J. Baime ...............................................104
Goodall, Jane In the Shadow of Man ...............................78
Goodall, Jane Through a Window ...................................79
Goodell, Jeff How to Cool the Planet................................44

How to Cool the Planet Jeff Goodell.................................44
Hudgins, Andrew American Rendering ...........................20
Hungry Monkey Matthew Amster-Burton ........................82
Hunting Eichmann Neal Bascomb .................................66
The Ignorance of Blood Robert Wilson ..........................100
Inside the Outbreaks Mark Pendergrast............................21
In the Shadow of Man Jane Goodall.................................78
Johnson, Ian A Mosque in Munich ...................................30
John the Revelator Peter Murphy ....................................86
Just Like Family Tasha Blaine ........................................84
Just, Ward Exiles in the Garden.....................................105
Keane, Mary Beth The Walking People.............................92
LaPorte, Nicole The Men Who Would Be King..................28
Larousse Diccionario educativo inicial..........................116

Gramática lengua española: Reglas y ejercicios
Larousse .....................................................................116

Larousse Diccionario estudiante ...................................116

Grass, Günter The Tin Drum .........................................68

Larousse Gramática lengua española:
Reglas y ejercicios .........................................................116

The Great Task Remaining William Marvel .....................42


HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT • www.hmhbooks.com • index

The Last Putt Neil Hayes and Brian Murphy.....................9

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Country Calendar .......120

The Last Talk with Lola Faye Thomas H. Cook ...............59

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Engagement
Calendar .....................................................................121

Levenson, Thomas Newton and the Counterfeiter ............89
Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl Mastering Computer Typing,
Revised Edition............................................................110
Lindsell-Roberts, Sheryl Speaking Your Way
to Success.....................................................................111
Lipman, Elinor The Family Man.....................................90
A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True
Brigid Pasulka ...............................................................96

The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Every Day
Calendar .....................................................................121
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Gardening
Calendar .....................................................................120
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Recipe Calendar .........117
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011 Weather Watcher’s
Calendar .....................................................................120

The Lost Cyclist David V. Herlihy....................................39

100 Words Every Middle Schooler Should Know Editors
of the American Heritage® Dictionaries ...........................58

Lost Rights David Howard..............................................57

Oz, Amos Rhyming Life and Death.................................70

The Love Song of A. Jerome Minkoff Joseph Epstein .........46

Pasulka, Brigid A Long, Long Time Ago and
Essentially True .............................................................96

Manning, Maurice The Common Man .............................14
Marvel, William The Great Task Remaining ....................42
Mastering Computer Typing, Revised Edition
Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts ...............................................110
McPhee, Martha Dear Money .........................................43
The Men Who Would Be King Nicole LaPorte ..................28
A Mosque in Munich Ian Johnson ....................................30
Murphy, Brian, and Neil Hayes The Last Putt....................9
Murphy, Peter John the Revelator....................................86
My Abandonment Peter Rock ..........................................72
Newton and the Counterfeiter Thomas Levenson .............89
Night Navigation Ginnah Howard ..................................88

Pendergrast, Mark Inside the Outbreaks ...........................21
Perry, Thomas Strip.......................................................34
Peterson Reference Guide® to Molt in North American Birds
Steve N. G. Howell ........................................................26
Practicing Catholic James Carroll ...................................80
Rakove, Jack Revolutionaries..........................................32
Rehak, Melanie Eating for Beginners ...............................61
Remarkable Creatures Sean Carroll.................................71
Remembering Smell Bonnie Blodgett...............................38
Revolutionaries Jack Rakove...........................................32
Rhyming Life and Death Amos Oz..................................70

Norman, Howard What Is Left the Daughter ...................54

Richardson, Alan, and Karen Tack
What’s New, Cupcake? ...................................................12

O’Brien, Tim The Things They Carried ..........................69

Richards, Susan Saddled ................................................36

O’Farrell, Maggie The Hand That First Held Mine...........10

Rich, Katherine Russell Dreaming in Hindi ..................101

The Old Farmer’s Almanac ...........................................118

Rock, Peter My Abandonment .........................................72

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Cookbook ..............119

Rosenstrach, Jenny, Pilar Guzmán, and Alanna Stang
The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook................................24

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, Volume 3................119

index • www.hmhbooks.com • HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT


Saddled Susan Richards .................................................36

Vanderhoof, Ann The Spice Necklace ...............................47

Scent of the Missing Susannah Charleson...........................6

Vanessa and Virginia Susan Sellers .................................76

Schultz, Philip The God of Loneliness ................................8

The Walking People Mary Beth Keane .............................92

Sellers, Susan Vanessa and Virginia ................................76

War at the Wall Street Journal Sarah Ellison ...................40

The Servants’ Quarters Lynn Freed ................................74

The Water’s Edge Karin Fossum ....................................106

Sharratt, Mary Daughters of the Witching Hill .................22

Wertheim, L. Jon Strokes of Genius................................102

The Sisters Antipodes Jane Alison ....................................75

What Is Left the Daughter Howard Norman ....................54

The Sky Below Stacey D’Erasmo .....................................77

What’s New, Cupcake? Karen Tack and
Alan Richardson............................................................12

Soldier from the War Returning Thomas Childers ...........93
Some Dream for Fools Faïza Guène................................107
Speaking Your Way to Success
Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts ...............................................111
The Spice Necklace Ann Vanderhoof ................................47

Whitty, Julia Deep Blue Home .........................................53
Wideman, John Edgar Fanon .......................................108
Wilson, Robert The Ignorance of Blood..........................100
Wolfe, Inger Ash The Taken............................................60

Spillane, Mickey, and Max Allan Collins
The Big Bang ................................................................15
Stang, Alanna, Pilar Guzmán, and Jenny Rosenstrach
The Cookie Family Dinner Cookbook................................24
Steketee, Gail, and Randy O. Frost Stuff ........................18
Strip Thomas Perry .......................................................34
Strokes of Genius L. Jon Wertheim.................................102
Stuff Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee ...........................18
Tack, Karen, and Alan Richardson
What’s New, Cupcake? ...................................................12
The Taken Inger Ash Wolfe ............................................60
The Things They Carried Tim O’Brien ...........................69
Three Sisters Bi Feiyu.....................................................62
Through a Window Jane Goodall ....................................79
The Tin Drum Günter Grass..........................................68
Turner, Frederick The Go-Between..................................27
The Turtle Catcher Nicole Lea Helget .............................85
Upadhyay, Samrat Buddha’s Orphans..............................56


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