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S. N . 01. 02. 03. 04. 0". 06. 0'. 0). Gr !" 9A04601 9A04602 9A04603 9A04604 9A0460" 9A04606 9A0460' 9A*S601 S!#$ect Digital Communications Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Digital Signal Processing Electronic Measurements an !nstrumentation #$S! Design Micro%a&e Engineering Analog & Digital Communications la( A &ance Englis+ $anguage Communication s,ills la( contact perio s - %ee, .otal Cre its 06 .+eor1 2 2 $a(s3 L 3 4 3 4 4 3 0 0 T 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 06 2) CP 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 2

21 03 .otal-/ee, 30


UNIT I 0IGITI3ATION TECHNI4UES 5OR ANALOG 1ESSAGES2I6 !ntro uction 4 !mportance o5 Digiti6ation .ec+ni7ues 5or Analog Messages8 Pulse Co e Mo ulation 0PCM3 4 9eneration an :econstruction8 ;uanti6ation <oise8 <on4=ni5orm ;uanti6ation an Compan ing8 PCM %it+ <oise8 Deco ing <oise8 Error .+res+ol 8 PCM &ersus Analog Mo ulation. UNIT II 0IGITI3ATION TECHNI4UES 5OR ANALOG 1ESSAGES2II6 Delta mo ulation8 A apti&e Delta Mo ulation8 Di55erential PCM s1stems 0DPCM38 Digital Multiple>ing4 Multiple>ers an *ierarc+ies. UNIT III BASE BAN0 0IGITAL TRANS1ISSION2I6 Digital Signals an S1stems ? Digital PAM Signals8 .ransmission $imitations8 Po%er Spectra o5 Digital PAM8 <oise an Errors ? @inar1 Error Pro(a(ilities8 Matc+e Ailtering8 Correlation Detection. UNIT IV BASE BAN0 0IGITAL TRANS1ISSION2II6 @an $imite Digital PAM S1stems ? <17uist Pulse S+aping8 Bptimum .erminal Ailters8 Correlati&e Co ing. UNIT V CHANNEL CO0ING6 Error Detection & Correction 4 :epetition & Parit1 C+ec, Co es8 !nterlea&ing8 Co e #ectors an *amming Distance8 Aor%ar Error Correction 0AEC3 S1stems8 Automatic :etransmission ;uer1 0A:;3 S1stems8 $inear @loc, Co es ? Matri> :epresentation o5 @loc, Co es8 Con&olutional Co es ? Con&olutional Enco ing8 Deco ing Met+o s. UNIT VI IN5OR1ATION THEORY6 !n5ormation Measure an Enco ing 4 !n5ormation Measure8 Entrop1 an !n5ormation :ate8 Co ing 5or a Discrete Memor1 $ess C+annel8 !n5ormation transmission on a iscrete c+annels 4 mutual in5ormation8 @inar1 S1mmetric C+annel8 Discrete C+annel Capacit18 Co ing 5or t+e @inar1 S1mmetric C+annels. UNIT VII BAN0 PASS 0IGITAL TRANS1ISSION2I6 Digital C/ Mo ulation ? Spectral Anal1sis o5 Digital @an Pass Signals8 Signal Space8 9ram4Sc+mi t Proce ure8 Co+erent @inar1 S1stems ? Bptimum @inar1 Detection8 Co+erent ASC 0BBC 0on4o55 ,e1ing338 @PSC an ASC8 .iming an S1nc+roni6ation8 !nter5erence8 <on4Co+erent @inar1 S1stems8 <on4Co+erent ASC8 Di55erentiall1 Co+erent PSC.

UNIT VIII BAN0 PASS 0IGITAL TRANS1ISSION2II6 ;ua rature Carrier an M?ar1 S1stems4 ;ua rature Carrier S1stems8 M?ar1 PSC S1stems8 M?ar1 ;AM S1stems8 M?ar1 ASC S1stems8 an Comparison o5 Digital Mo ulation S1stems. TE7T BOO8S6 1. A. @ruce Carlson8 & Paul @. Crill18 DCommunication S1stems ? An !ntro uction to Signals & <oise in Electrical CommunicationE8 Mc9ra%4*ill !nternational E ition8 " t+ E ition8 2010. 2. Sam S+anmugam8 DDigital an Analog Communication S1stemsE8 Fo+n /ile18 200". RE5ERENCES6 1. @ernar S,lar8 DDigital CommunicationsE8 Prentice4*all P.:8 2 n e ition8 2001. 2. Simon *a1,in8 DCommunication S1stemsE8 /ile14!n ia e ition8 3r e ition8 2010. 3. @.P. $at+i8 & G+i Ding8 DMo ern Digital & Analog Communication S1stemsE8 B>5or =ni&ersit1 Press8 !nternational 4t+ e ition8 2010. 4. *er(ert .au( & Donal $ Sc+illing8 DPrinciples o5 Communication S1stemsE8 .ata Mc9ra%4*ill8 3 r E ition8 2009.


UNIT2I INTRO0UCTION Arc+itecture o5 )0)6 microprocessor8 special 5unctions o5 general purpose registers.)0)6 5lag register an 5unction o5 )0)6 5lags8 a ressing mo es o5 )0)68instruction set o5 )0)6.assem(ler irecti&es8 simple programs8 proce ures an macros. UNIT2II ASSE1BLY LANGUAGE PROGRA11ING Assem(l1 language programs in&ol&ing logical8 (ranc+ an call instructions8 sorting8 e&aluation o5 arit+metic e>pressions8 string manipulation. UNIT2III ARCHITECTURE O5 <,<. : INTER5ACING Pin iagram o5 )0)64Minimum mo e an ma>imum mo e o5 operation8 .iming iagram8 memor1 inter5acing to )0)60static :AM an EP:BM3. <ee 5or DMA. DMA ata trans5er met+o . !nter5acing %it+ )23'-)2"'. UNIT2IV PROGRA11ABLE INTER5ACING 0EVICES )2"" PP!4&arious mo es o5 operation an inter5acing to )0)6.inter5acing ,e1(oar 8 ispla1s8 )2'9 stepper motor an actuators. D-A an A-D con&erter inter5acing8 !nterrupt structure o5 )0)68 #ector interrupt ta(le. !nterrupt ser&ice routines. !ntro uction to DBS an @!BS interrupts. )2"9 P!C arc+itecture an inter5acing casca ing o5 interrupt controller an its importance. UNIT2V SERIAL 0ATA TRANS5ER SCHE1ES As1nc+ronous an s1nc+ronous ata trans5er sc+emes.)2"1 =SA:. arc+itecture an inter5acing...$ to :S232C an :S232C to ..$ con&ersion. Sample program o5 serial ata trans5er. !ntro uction to +ig+4 spee serial communications stan ar s8 =S@. UNIT2VI PROGRA11ABLE INTERRUPT CONTROLLERS P!C )2"98 Programming %it+ )2"98 Programma(le inter&al timer )2"38 Mo es o5 )2"38 Programming e>amples %it+ )2"3. UNIT2VII <,=/ 1ICROCONTROLLER AN0 ITS PROGRA11ING Arc+itecture o5 micro controller4)0"1 Microcontroller4internal an e>ternal memories4counters an timers4s1nc+ronous serial4cum as1nc+ronous serial communication4interrupts. A ressing mo es o5 )0"18 !nstructor set o5 )0"18 Assem(l1 $anguage Programming e>amples using )0"1. UNIT2VIII A0VANCE0 1ICROCONTROLLERS MCS ? 96 MicrocontrollersH !mportant Aeatures8 Pin Diagram8 !nternal Arc+itecture8 Memor1 Map8 A ressing Mo es8 !nstruction set. A:M MicrocontrollersH A:M Core Arc+itecture8 #ersions o5 A:M8 !mportant Aeatures. TE7T BOO8S6 1. A &ance microprocessor an perip+erals4A.C. :a1 an C.M.@+urc+an i8 2 n e ition8 .M*8 2000.

2. Microcontrollers4Des+mu,+8 .ata Mc49ra% *ill E ition8 2004. 3. Microcontrollers Arc+itecture8 programming8 inter5acing an s1stem Design4:aI ,amal8 Pearson E ucation8 200". RE5ERENCES6 1. Microprocessors !nter5acing4Douglas #.*all8 2n e ition8 200'. 2. .+e )0)) an )0)6 Microprocessors4 /alter A. .rie(el8 A&tar Sing+8 P*!8 4 t+ E ition8 2003. 3. Micro computer s1stem )066-)0)) 5amil1 Arc+itecture8 programming an Design4@1 $iu an 9A 9i(son8 P*!8 2n E . 4. )0"1 Microcontroller4!nternals8 !nstructions8 Programming an !nter5acing (1 Su(rata 9+os+al8 Pearson8 2010.

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR E%ectr &'cs (&) C mm!&'c(t' & E&*'&eer'&* (+A,-.,>) 0IGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (C mm & t ECE; E C & E; EIE; EC1) B.Tech III2II Sem. (E.C.E.) T P C , UNIT2I INTRO0UCTION !ntro uction to igital signal processingH Discrete time signals an se7uences8 linear s+i5t in&ariant s1stems8 sta(ilit1 an causalit18 linear constant coe55icient i55erence e7uations. Are7uenc1 omain representation o5 iscrete time signals an s1stems. UNIT2II 0ISCRETE 5OURIER SERIES Properties o5 iscrete Aourier series8 DAS representation o5 perio ic se7uences8 iscrete Aourier trans5ormsH properties o5 DA.8 linear con&olution o5 se7uences using DA.8 computation o5 DA.. :elation (et%een G4.rans5orm an DAS. UNIT2III 5AST 5OURIER TRANS5OR1S Aast Aourier trans5orms 0AA.34:a i>2 ecimation in time an in&erse AA. an AA. 5or composite <.

ecimation in 5re7uenc1 AA. algorit+ms8

UNIT2IV REALI3ATION O5 0IGITAL 5ILTERS :e&ie% o5 G4trans5orms8 applications o5 G4.rans5orms8 solution o5 i55erence e7uations o5 igital 5ilters8 (loc, iagram representation o5 linear constant4coe55icient i55erence e7uations8 (asic structures o5 !!: s1stems8 transpose 5orms8 (asic structures o5 A!: s1stems8 s1stem 5unction.

UNIT2V IIR 0IGITAL 5ILTERS Analog 5ilter appro>imations4@utter%ort+ an c+e(1s+e&8 esign o5 !!: igital 5ilters 5rom analog 5ilters8 esign e>amplesH analog4 igital trans5ormations8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2VI 5IR 0IGITAL 5ILTERS C+aracteristics o5 A!: igital 5ilters8 5re7uenc1 response. Design o5 A!: igital 5ilters using %in o% tec+ni7ues8 5re7uenc1 sampling tec+ni7ue8 comparison o5 !!: an A!: 5ilters8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2VII 1ULTIRATE 0IGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING 5UN0A1ENTALS6 @asic sample rate alteration e&ices8 Multirate Structures 5or sampling rate Con&erters8 Multistage esign o5 ecimator an !nterpolator8 Pol1p+ase Decomposition8 <17uist 5ilters. UNIT2VIII APPLICATIONS O5 0IGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING6

Spectral anal1sis o5 nonstationar1 Signals8 Musical Soun .ransmultiple>ers8 Discrete Multitone .ransmission o5 igital ata.

processing8 signal Compression8

TE7T BOO8S6 1. Digital signal processing8 principles8 Algorit+ms an applicationsH Fo+n 9. Proa,is8 Dimitris 9. Manola,is8 Pearson E ucation-P*!8 4t+ e .8 200'. 2. Digital signal processing 8 A computer (ase approac+4 SanIit C Mitra8 .ata Mcgra% *ill8 3 r e ition8 2009. 3. Discrete .ime Signal Processing4A.#. Bppen+eim an :./. Sc+a55er8 2 n e .8 P*!. RE5ERENCESH 1. Digital signal processingH An reas Antoniou8 .A.A Mc9ra% *ill8 2006. 2. A .e>t (oo, on Digital Signal processing ? : S Caler8 M Cul,arni88 =mes+ 9upta8 ! C !nternational Pu(list+ing *ouse P&t. $t . 3. Digital signal processingH M * *a1es8 Sc+aumJs outlines8 .A.A Mc49ra% *ill8 200'.


UNIT2I Per5ormance c+aracteristics o5 !nstrumentsH Static c+aracteristics8 Accurac18 Precision8 :esolution8 Sensiti&it18 static an 1namic cali(ration8 Errors in Measurement8 an t+eir statistical anal1sis8 1namic c+aracteristics4spee o5 :esponse8 5i elit18 $ag an 1namic error. DC &oltmeters4multirange8 range e>tension-soli state an i55erential &oltmeters8 AC &oltmeters ?multirange8 range e>tension. .+ermocouple t1pe :A ammeter8 o+m meters8 series t1pe8 s+unt t1pe8 multimeter 5or &oltage8 current an resistance measurements. UNIT2II Signal generator45i>e an &aria(le8 AA oscillators8 5unction generators8 pulse8 ran om noise8 s%eep8 an ar(itrar1 %a&e5orm generators8 t+eir stan ar s8 speci5ications an principles o5 %or,ing 0@loc, iagram approac+3. UNIT2III /a&e anal16ers8 *armonic istortion anal16ers8 AA. anal16ers8 an $ogic anal16ers. UNIT2IV BscilloscopesH Stan ar speci5ications o5 C:B8 C:. 5eatures8 &ertical an +ori6ontal ampli5iers8 +ori6ontal an &ertical e5lection s1stems8 s%eep trigger pulse8 ela1 line8 s1nc selector circuits8 pro(es 5or C:B ? acti&e8 passi&e8 an attenuator t1pe8 triggere s%eep C:B8 an Dela1e s%eep8 ual trace-(eam C:B8 Measurement o5 amplitu e8 5re7uenc1 an p+ase 0$issaIous met+o 3. UNIT2V Principles o5 sampling oscilloscope8 storage oscilloscope8 an igital storage oscilloscope8 Digital 5re7uenc1 counter8 time an perio measurement8 Digital Multimeter 0 A to D con&erter use in DMM an its principle3. UNIT2VI :e&ie% o5 DC @ri gesH /+eatstone (ri ge8 /ein @ri ge8 errors an precautions in using (ri ges8 AC (ri gesH Measurement o5 in uctance4Ma>%ellJs (ri ge8 An erson @ri ge. Measurement o5 capacitance4 Sc+earing @ri ge. Cel&in @ri ge8 ;4meter8 EM! an EMC8 !nter5erence an noise re uction tec+ni7ues. UNIT2VII Sensors an .rans ucers 4 Acti&e an passi&e trans ucersH Measurement o5 isplacement 0:esistance8 capacitance8 in uctanceK $#D.3 Aorce 0strain gauges3 Pressure 0pie6oelectric trans ucers3 .emperature 0resistance t+ermometers8 t+ermocouples8 an t+ermistors38 #elocit18 Acceleration8 #i(ration8 p* measurement Signal Con itioning Circuits. UNIT2VIII Data Ac7uisition S1stem8 Analogue an igital ata recor ing tec+ni7ues8 strip c+art an LM recor ing met+o s .B&er &ie% o5 PC @ase instrumentation. @us stan ar s 5or measuring instruments 09P!@8 :S2328 =S@3.

TE7T BOO8S6 1. Electronic instrumentation8 secon e ition 4 *.S.Calsi8 .ata Mc9ra% *ill8 2004. 2. Mo ern Electronic !nstrumentation an Measurement .ec+ni7ues ? A.D. *el5ric, an /.D. Cooper8 P*!8 "t+ E ition8 2002. 3. Electronic !nstrumentation & Measurements 4 Da&i A. @ell8 P*!8 2 n E ition8 2003.

RE5ERENCES6 1. Measurement S1stems Application an Design4Ernest B Doe(elin an D+anes+ < Mani, .M*8 " t+ E ition8 2009. 2. Electronic Measurement an !nstrumentation8 Bli&er an Cage8 .M*. 3. Electronic .est !nstruments8 Analog an Digital Measurements 4 :o(ert A./itte8 Pearson E ucation8 2n E .8 2004. 4. Electronic Measurements & !nstrumentations (1 C. $al Cis+ore8 Pearson E ucation 4 200".

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR E%ectr &'cs (&) C mm!&'c(t' & E&*'&eer'&* (+A,-.,=) VLSI 0ESIGN (C mm & t ECE; E C & E; EIE) B.Tech III2II Sem. (E.C.E.) T P C , UNIT I INTRO0UCTION !ntro uction to !C tec+nolog14MBS8 PMBS8 <MBS8 CMBS an @!4CMBS tec+nologies4o>i ation8 lit+iograp+18 i55usion8 !on implantation8 metallisation 8 Encapsulation8 pro(e testing8 integrate resistors an capacitors. UNIT II BASIC ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES @asic electrical properties o5 MBS an @!4CMBS circuitsH ! s4# s relations+ips8 MBS transistor t+res+ol &oltage8 gm8 g s8 5igure o5 meritK pass transistor8 <MBS in&erter8 &arious pull4ups8 CMBS in&erter anal1sis an esign8 @!4CMBS in&erters. UNIT III VLSI CIRCUIT 0ESIGN PROCESSES #$S! esign 5lo%8 MBS la1ers8 stic, iagrams8 esign rules an la1 out82 m CMBS esign rules 5or %ires8 contacts an transistors la1out iagrams 5or <MBS an CMBS in&erters an gates8 scaling o5 MBS circuits8 limitations o5 scaling. UNIT IV GATE LEVEL 0ESIGN $ogic gates an ot+er comple> gates8 s%itc+ logic8 alternate gate circuits8 (asic circuit concepts8 s+eet resistance :S an its concept to MBS8 area capacitance units8 calculations40Micro34 ela1s8 ri&ing large capaciti&e loa s8 %iring capacitances8 5an4in an 5an4out8 c+oice o5 la1ers. UNIT V SUB SYSTE1 0ESIGN Su( s1stem esign8 s+i5ters8 a ers8 A$=s8 multipliers8 parit1 generators8 comparators8 6ero-one etectors8 counters8 +ig+ ensit1 memor1 elements. UNIT VI SE1ICON0UCTOR INTEGRATE0 CIRCUIT 0ESIGN P$As8 AP9As8 CP$Ds8 stan ar cells8 programma(le arra1 logic8 esign approac+. UNIT VII VH0L SYNTHESIS #*D$ s1nt+esis8 circuit esign 5lo%8 circuit s1nt+esis8 simulation8 la1out8 esign capture tools8 esign &eri5ication tools8 test principles. UNIT VIII C1OS TESTING CMBS testing nee 5or testing8 test principles8 esign strategies 5or test8 c+ip le&el test tec+ni7ues8 s1stem4le&el test tec+ni7ues8 la1out esign 5or impro&e testa(ilit1. TE7T BOO8S6 1. Essentials o5 #$S! circuits an s1stems4,amran Es+rag+ian8 Es+rag+ian Dougles an A. puc,nell8 P*!8 200" E ition. 2. Principles o5 CMBS #$S! esign4/este an ES+rag+ian8 Pearson E ucation8 1999. RE5ERENCES6

1. !ntro uction to #$S! circuits an s1stems4Fo+n P.=1emura8 Fo+n /ile18 2003. 2. Digital !ntegrate circuits4Fo+n M. :a(ae18 P*!8 EEE8 199'. 3. Mo ern #$S! esign4/a1ne %ol58 Pearson E ucation8 3r E ition8 199'.


UNIT2I 1ICROWAVE TRANS1ISSION LINES 2 I6 !ntro uction8 Micro%a&e spectrum an (an s8 applications o5 Micro%a&es. :ectangular /a&egui es4 Solution o5 /a&e E7uation in :ectangular Coor inates8 .E-.M mo e anal1sis8 E>pressions 5or 5iel s8 C+aracteristic e7uation an cuto55 5re7uencies8 5ilter c+aracteristics8 ominant an egenerate mo es8 s,etc+es o5 .E an .M mo e 5iel s in t+e cross4section. Mo e c+aracteristics 4 P+ase an 9roup &elocities8 %a&elengt+s an impe ance relations8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2II 1ICROWAVE TRANS1ISSION LINES 2 II6 :ectangular /a&egui es ? Po%er .ransmission an Po%er $osses8 !mpossi(ilit1 o5 .EM Mo es8 Micro strip lines4intro uction8 G0 relations8 e55ecti&e ielectric constant8 losses8 ;45actor8 Ca&it1 resonators4 intro uction8 :ectangular an c1lin rical ca&ities8 ominant mo es an resonant 5re7uencies8 ;45actor an coupling coe55icients8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2III WAVEGUI0E CO1PONENTS AN0 APPLICATIONS4 IH Coupling mec+anisms4 pro(e8 loop8 aperture t1pes. /a&e gui e iscontinuities 4 %a&egui e /in o%s8 tuning scre%s an posts8 matc+e loa s. /a&egui e attenuators 4 resisti&e car 8 rotar1 &ane AttenuatorsK %a&egui e p+ase s+i5ters4 ielectric8 rotar1 &ane p+ase s+i5ters. /a&e gui e multiport Iunctions4E plane an * plane .ees8 Magic .ee8 Directional couplers42 +ole8 @ot+e +ole t1pes8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems.

UNIT2IV WAVE GUI0E CO1PONENTS AN0 APPLICATIONS2IIH Aerrites4composition an c+aracteristics8 Aara a1 rotationK Aerrite components491rator8 !solator8 Circulator.Scattering Matri>4Signi5icance8 Aormulation an properties. S Matri> calculations 5or 24port

Iunction8 E plane an * plane .ees8 Magic .ee8 Directional coupler8 circulator an !solator8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2V 1ICROWAVE TUBES2I6 $imitations an losses o5 con&entional tu(es at micro%a&e 5re7uencies. Micro%a&e tu(es4B t1pe an M t1pe classi5ications. B t1pe tu(esH 2 ca&it1 ,l1strons4structure8 :eentrant ca&ities8 &elocit1 mo ulation process an Applegate iagram8 (unc+ing process an small signal t+eor14E>pressions 5or B-P po%er an e55icienc1. :e5le> Cl1strons4structure8 #elocit1 Mo ulation8 Applegate iagram8 mat+ematical t+eor1 o5 (unc+ing8 po%er output8 e55icienc1 8 oscillating mo es an B-P c+aracteristics8 E55ect o5 :epeller #oltage on Po%er B-P8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2VI HELI7 TWTS6 Signi5icance8 t1pes an c+aracteristics o5 slo% %a&e structuresK structure o5 ./. an ampli5ication process 07ualitati&e treatment38 suppression o5 oscillations8 gain consi erations. 1 2TYPE TUBES6 !ntro uction8 cross 5iel e55ects8 Magnetrons4 i55erent t1pes8 c1lin rical tra&elling %a&e magnetron4*ull cuto55 an *artree con itions8 mo es o5 resonance an P!4mo e operation8 separation o5 P!4mo e8 B-P c+aracteristics8 !llustrati&e Pro(lems. UNIT2VII 1ICROWAVE SOLI0 STATE 0EVICESH !ntro uction8 classi5ication8 applications8 .rans5er Electronic De&ices8 9unn io e 4 principles8 :/* t+eor18 c+aracteristics8 (asic mo es o5 operation 4 9unn oscillation mo es. $SA Mo e8 #aractor Dio e8 Parametric Ampli5ier8 !ntro uction to A&alanc+e .ransit time e&ices 0(rie5 treatment onl13. UNIT2VIII 1ICROWAVE 1EASURE1ENTS6 Description o5 Micro%a&e (enc+4 i55erent (loc,s an t+eir 5eatures8 errors an precautionsK Micro%a&e po%er measurement4@olometers8 Measurement o5 attenuation8 5re7uenc1 stan ing %a&e measurements ? measurement o5 lo% an +ig+ #S/:8 ca&it14;8 impe ance measurements. TE7T BOO8S6 1. Micro%a&e e&ices an circuits4Samuel M. $iao8 Pearson8 3 r E ition8 2003. 2. Micro%a&e principles4*er(ert F.:eic+8 F.9.S,alni,8 P.A.Br ung an *.$.Crauss8 C@S pu(lis+ers an istri(utors8 <e% Del+i8 2004. RE5ERENCES6 1. Aoun ations 5or micro%a&e engineering4:.E.Collin8 !EEE press8 Fo+n /ile18 2 n e ition8 2002. 2. Micro%a&e circuits an passi&e e&ices4M.$.Siso ia an 9.S.:ag+u&ans+i8/ile1 Eastern $t .8 <e% age !nternational pu(lis+ers $t .8 199". 3. Micro%a&e engineering passi&e circuits4Peter A.:i66i8 P*!8 1999. 4. Electronic an :a io Engineering4A.E..erman8 Mc9ra%4*ill8 4 t+ E ition8 199". ". Micro%a&e Engineering ? A. Das8 .M*8 2n e .8 2009.

JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR E%ectr &'cs (&) C mm!&'c(t' & E&*'&eer'&* (+A,-.,?) ANALOG : 0IGITAL CO11UNICATIONS LAB B.Tech III2II Sem. (E.C.E.) T P C , > 9 1'&'m!m T@e%Ae EB"er'me&ts t #e c &)!cte)6 (S'B Cr m e(ch "(rt A : B) P(rt A (A&(% * C mm!&'c(t' & L(#)6 1. Amplitu e mo ulation an emo ulation. 2. Are7uenc1 mo ulation an emo ulation. 3. C+aracteristics o5 Mi>er. 4. Pre4emp+asis & e4emp+asis. ". Pulse Amplitu e Mo ulation an emo ulation. 6. Pulse /i t+ Mo ulation an emo ulation. '. Pulse Position Mo ulation an emo ulation. ). :a io :ecei&er measurements ? Sensiti&it18 Selecti&it18 & Ai elit1. P(rt B (0'*'t(% C mm!&'c(t' & L(#)6 1. Sampling .+eorem ? &eri5ication. 2. .ime i&ision multiple>ing. 3. Pulse Co e Mo ulation. 4. Delta mo ulation. ". Are7uenc1 s+i5t ,e1ing 4 Mo ulation an Demo ulation. 6. P+ase s+i5t ,e1ing 4 Mo ulation an Demo ulation. '. Di55erential p+ase s+i5t ,e1ing 4 Mo ulation an Demo ulation. ). ;PSC 4 Mo ulation an Demo ulation. ED!'"me&t reD!'re) C r L(# r(t r'es6 1. :PS 4 0 ? 30 # 2. C:B 4 0 ? 20 M *6. 3. Aunction 9enerators 4 0 ? 1 M *6 4. :A 9enerators 4 0 ? 1000 M *6. -0 ? 100 M *6. ". Multimeters 6. $a( E>perimental ,its 5or Communication '. Components ). :a io :ecei&er-.# :ecei&er Demo ,its or .rainees JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR E%ectr &'cs (&) C mm!&'c(t' & E&*'&eer'&* (+AHS.,/) A0VANCE0 ENGLISH LANGUAGE CO11UNICATION S8ILLS LAB (C mm & t ECE; E C & E; EC1; EIE; EEE; 1E; AE)

B.Tech III2II Sem. (E.C.E.)

T ,

P >

C 9

/. I&tr )!ct' & .+e A &ance Englis+ $anguage S,ills $a( intro uce at t+e 3r 1ear le&el is consi ere essential 5or t+e stu ent 5or 5ocusing on +is-+er career. At t+is stage it is imperati&e 5or t+e stu ent to start preparing 5or t+e e&er gro%ing competition in t+e Io( mar,et. !n t+is scenario8 in or er to (e on par %it+ t+e (est8 +e-s+e nee s to impro&e +is-+er Communication an so5t s,ills .+is course 5ocuses on t+e practical aspects o5 Englis+ incorporating all t+e 5our 0$:S/3 s,ills rele&ant to t+e re7uirements o5 t+e prospecti&e emplo1ers in &ie% o5 glo(ali6ation. .+e propose course %ill ena(le t+e stu ents to per5orm t+e 5ollo%ingH

!ntensi&e rea ing to impro&e compre+ension an communication Attenti&e listening 5or (etter un erstan ing /rite proIect-researc+-tec+nical reports /rite :esumeJ to attract attention Discuss i eas - opinions 5or (etter solutions Aace inter&ie%s con5i entl1 9at+er in5ormation8 organi6e i eas8 an present t+em e55ecti&el1 (e5ore an au ience .o +elp t+e stu ents culti&ate t+e +a(it o5 rea ing passages 5rom t+e computer monitor8 t+us pro&i ing t+em %it+ t+e re7uire a(ilit1 to 5ace computer4(ase competiti&e e>ams suc+ 9:E8 .BEA$8CA.8 9MA. etc.

9. O#$ect'Aes6 Ceeping in min t+e pre&ious e>posure o5 t+e stu ent to Englis+8 t+is la( 5ocuses on impro&ing t+e stu entJs pro5icienc1 in Englis+ at all le&els. .+e la( inten s t train stu ents to use language e55ecti&el18 to participate in group iscussions8 to +elp t+em 5ace inter&ie%s8 an s+arpen pu(lic spea,ing s,ills an en+ance t+e con5i ence o5 t+e stu ent (1 e>posing +im-+er to &arious situations an conte>ts %+ic+ +e-s+e %oul 5ace in +is-+er career > SE%%(#!s .+e 5ollo%ing course content is prescri(e 5or t+e A &ance Communication S,ills $a(H Re()'&* C m"rehe&s' & 44 :ea ing 5or 5acts8 guessing meanings 5rom conte>t8 spee rea ing8 scanning8 s,imming 5or (uil ing &oca(ular10s1non1ms an anton1ms8 one %or su(stitutes8 pre5i>es an su55i>es8 i ioms an p+rases.3 L'ste&'&* C m"rehe&s' &44 $istening 5or un erstan ing8 so as to respon rele&antl1 an appropriatel1 to people o5 i55erent (ac,groun s an ialects in &arious personal an pro5essional situations. Tech&'c(% Re" rt Wr't'&*F.1pes o5 5ormats an co+erence an st1le8 ata4collection8 tools8 anal1sis st1les8 su(Iect matter8 organi6ation8 clarit18

Res!meG Wr't'&*NStructure8 5ormat an st1le8 planning8 e5ining t+e career o(Iecti&e8 proIecting oneJs strengt+s8 an s,ills8 creati&e sel5 mar,eting8 co&er letter

Gr !" 0'sc!ss' &44 Communicating &ie%s an opinions8 iscussing8 inter&ening. pro&i ing solutions on an1 gi&en topic across a cross4section o5 in i&i uals80,eeping an e1e on mo ulation o5 &oice8 clarit18 (o 1 language8 rele&ance8 5luenc1 an co+erence3 in personal an pro5essional li&es. I&terA'e@ SH'%%sNConcept an process8 pre4inter&ie% planning8 mannerisms8 (o 1 language8 organi6ing8 ans%ering strategies8 inter&ie% t+roug+ tele an &i eo4con5erencing Tech&'c(% Prese&t(t' &s (Or(%)F Collection o5 ata8 planning8 preparation8 t1pe8 st1le an 5ormat 8use o5 props8 attracting au ience8 &oice mo ulation8 clarit18 (o 1 language8 as,ing 7ueries. -. 1'&'m!m ReD!'reme&ts .+e Englis+ $anguage $a( s+all +a&e t%o partsH .+e Computer ai e $anguage $a( 5or 60 stu ents %it+ 60 s1stems8 one master console8 $A< 5acilit1 an Englis+ language so5t%are 5or sel54stu 1 (1 learners. .+e Communication S,ills $a( %it+ mo&a(le c+airs an au io4&isual ai s %it+ a P.A S1stem8 a .#8 A igital stereo4au io an &i eo s1stem8 Camcor er etc SEstem ReD!'reme&t (H(r)@(re C m" &e&t)6 Computer net%or, %it+ $A< %it+ a minimum o5 60 multime ia s1stems %it+ t+e 5ollo%ing speci5icationsH P4!# Processor8 Spee 42.) 9*68 :AMO"12 M@ minimum8 *ar Dis,4)0 9@8 *ea p+ones Prescr'#e) S Ct@(re6 GLOBARENA B Hs S!**este) C r E&*%'sh L(&*!(*e L(# L'#r(rE (t #e % c(te) @'th'& the %(# '& ())'t' & t the C0s C the teBt # H @h'ch (re % ()e) & the sEstems)6 1. 2. 3. 4. ". 6. '. ). 9. 10 . 11 . 12 . Tech&'c(% @r't'&* (&) "r Cess' &(% c mm!&'c(t' &; H!cH'& (&) O%se& .ata Mc 9ra%4*il 2009. S"e(H'&* (# !t Sc'e&ce8 A Manual 5or Creating Clear Presentations #E Sc tt 1 r*(& (&) B(rrett Wh'te&er; C(m#r')*e U&'Aers'tE "ress; 9,,. B Hs & .BEA$-9:E-9MA.-CA.- !E$.S #E B(rr &GsI0ELTAIC(m#r')*e U&'Aers'tE Press. H(&)# H C r Tech&'c(% Wr't'&* (1 Da&i A McMurre1 & Foanne @uc,el1 CE<9A9E $earning 200) Tech&'c(% C mm!&'c(t' & (1 Meena,s+i :aman & Sangeeta S+arma8 B>5or =ni&ersit1 Press 2009. The ACE C S Ct SH'%%s (1 9opal :ames+ an Ma+a e&an :ames+8 Pearson E ucation8 2010 C(m#r')*e E&*%'sh C r J #2H!&t'&* (1 Colm Do%nes8 Cam(ri ge =ni&ersit1 Press8 200) Res!meGs (&) I&terA'e@s (1 M.As+ra5 :i6&i8 .ata Mc 9ra%4*ill8 200) 5r m C(m"!s T C r" r(te (1 CC :amac+an ran an CC Cart+ic,8 Macmillan Pu(lis+ers !n ia $t 8 2010 E&*%'sh L(&*!(*e C mm!&'c(t' & 6 A Re()er c!m L(# 1(&!(% Dr A :ama,ris+na :ao8 Dr 9 <atanam & Pro5 SA San,aranara1anan8 Anura +a Pu(lications8 C+ennai 200). 1(&(*'&* S Ct SH'%%s (1 C : $a,s+minara1an an ..Murugu&el8 Pu(lications8 2010 B!s'&ess C mm!&'c(t' & (1 Fo+n L /ang8 C:C Press8 Special !n ian E ition8200)