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Concordia Lutheran Church December, 2013

Wheres the Real One? The big guy in the red suit was probably not who you expected to be gracing the cover o this month!s newsletter" #e!s on display $ust about everywhere else" %et i you loo& at the two pictures to the right, you!ll see two gentlemen bearing a stri&ing resemblance to one another" 'ed clothing, long beauti ul white beards" (s ) am sure many o you &now the guy on the le t is *anta Claus, and the guy on the right is his namesa&e, *t" +icholas o Lycia" #e was an archbishop o the church in ,yra in Lycia -in modern day Tur&ey. in the ourth century" #e was present at the Council o +icaea -32/(D." #is generosity and love or children was well &nown"

(lthough the Lutheran church does not venerate saints in the same way as Catholicism, saint!s days are an excellent way to remember the love that 0od has shown to us in Christ and the many people through whom the church on earth has been blessed" 1e celebrated 2(ll *aints! Day3 on +ovember 1st, which includes all saints throughout history, those that are well &nown as well as those &nown in our own hearts 4 beloved ones that have died in the Lord" The east day or *t" +icholas is December 5th -the day o his death." There is an excellent children!s boo& about the story o *t" +icholas available rom C6#" )t is called St. Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend. ) you would li&e to learn some more about the history o *t" +icholas and the legends surrounding his li e, you can go to the website or the *t" +icholas Center 7 http899www"stnicholascenter"org9:rix; page)D<23"

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6astor!s Corner December 2013 2The hands, channels, and means whereby 0od gives all things3 )n his boo& What to E !ect When No "ne#s E !ecting: $merica#s Coming %emogra!hic %isaster, Gonathan Last writes8 &There 'as a time( not long ago 'hen children ser)ed a )ery !ractical economic !ur!ose* They cared for their !arents in old age. "ftentimes !hysical* al'ays financially. The arrangement dates to +efore ,i+lical times and( in $merica( to +efore the founding. -a)ing children made good financial sense. .ou in)ested your resources in raising them so that they 'ould +e a+le to !ro)ide for you 'hen you could no longer 'or/.0 1223245 Last ma&es the case that in the world in which we now live, 2childbearing has no practical bene it3 and parenthood o ten 2becomes a simple act o consumption3 -@/7@5." #e continues, 26eople have babies because they want to, seeing it as either an act o sel 7 ul illment or as some &ind o moral imperative"3 Than& ully, Luther o ers a corrective to this in the Large Catechism, where he shows that parents are 0od!s hands to provide or children8 &Our parentshave received from God the command that they should do us all manner of good, so that we receive these blessings not from them, but, through them, from God. or creatures are only the hands, channels, and means whereby God gives all things, as -e gi)es to the mother +reasts and mil/ to offer to her child( and corn and all manner of !roduce from the earth for nourishment( none of 'hich +lessings could +e !roduced +y any creature of itself.& and &!t is our duty before the world to be grateful for benefits and every good which we have of our parents. "ut here again the devil rules in the world, so that the children forget their parents( as 'e all forget 6od( and no one considers how God nourishes, protects, and defends us, and bestows so much good on body and soul* es!ecially 'hen an e)il hour comes( 'e are angry and grum+le 'ith im!atience( and all the good 'hich 'e ha)e recei)ed throughout our life is 'i!ed out 7from our memory8. 9ust so 'e do also 'ith our !arents( and there is no child that understands and considers this 7'hat the !arents ha)e endured 'hile nourishing and fostering him8( e ce!t the -oly 6host grant him this grace.0

The hands, channels, and means whereby God gives all things. I think parents will take that over a simple act of consumption or an act of self-fullfillment any day. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit grant us each the grace to understand and consider how God has provided for us through the care of our parents. nd as we approach this !hristmas season" consider that the !hrist child himself was nourished and provided for though the means of ordinary human parents.

6astor Darren #arbaugh

BOARD OF DEACONS December Stewards Ushers: Acolyte: Com. Asst: Chuc& #umphrey Sacristan: Gulie +e and Linda Crum Clean Up: Gulie +e and Linda Crum ectors December !: 'on ,eyer December ": ,ary #umphrey December !#: Dathleen ,ills December $$: *unday *chool 6rogram December $%: Chris 'obbins .O/EN OF '0E C0URC0
The Holiday season is upon us and do you know what that means? It is time for Linda to welcome all ladies to her home for our annual Christmas Party. Please join us as we celebrate the birth of our Sa ior with an e enin! filled with fellowship" food and fun. Date: Sunday, December 15 Time. 4:30pm Place: 8622 Cany n C !e " ad P# ne: 8$8%1&21 'plea(e call i) y u plan t attend# L$%L Stamps for %issions& If you are fortunate enou!h to recei e snail mail Christmas !reetin!s" keep in mind that the stamps in the upper ri!ht'hand corner are used by L$%L to support mission projects. (or the past ten years" the lady behind the scissors is )lly %eyer" a dedicated L$%Ler. )lly trims and sorts cancelled posta!e stampsfor sale to a stamp collector in (ort $ayne" Indiana. Thou!h in a wheelchair" )lly finds that her job of preparin! stamps for sale with proceeds to L$%L is the way in which she can Ser e the Lord in *ladness and help !et the *ospel messa!e to those who need encoura!ement" stren!th and lo e throu!h her Lord. In the pre ious biennium almost +,-- was added to the L$%L treasury just throu!h cancelled posta!e stamps. Perhaps a lot of work for not so a lar!e return" but it pro ides a purpose for a dedicated lady to ser e an or!ani.ation in which she belie es. Place your cancelled posta!e stamps from all those Christmas cards in the bo/ by the trophy case. 0ust as *od blesses each and e ery mite" the same !oes for cancelled stamps.

F&NANC&A NO'ES Do() *nisely+ 'reas(rer :an& (ccounts 4 10931913 Concordia Chec&ing >scrow balances :enevolence Hund :uilding Church 1or&ers 0arden )mprovement Hund ,emorial Hund ** ,issions Tract Hund %outh *avings T?T(L >scrow (ccounts


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0EA '0 /&N&S'R1 NO'ES ?ur shut7ins will get a very special visit on December 12thI 6lease ta&e a moment to write, gi t, and9or wish them a very blessed Christmas by placing something in their goodie bag" ) you would li&e to $oin the visiting elves, please let ,ary, Gudy, or Gulie &nowI ( new ree community service was brought to our attention at the recent 6arish +urse meeting with ?hio #ealth" The service is called Care 6atrol and they help amilies ind Juality and sa e living options or their loved ones as well as some in home assistance" 6lease visit the #ealth ,inistry

bulletin board or more in ormation" There are brochures in the bas&et" %our #ealth ,inistry Team would li&e to than& everyone or allowing us to serve you and our community" :lessings to all or a very happy, healthy, and beauti ul Christmas and +ew %earI ?ur next meeting will be on Gan 11th at 10am here at ConcordiaI

A 'AR CARE NO'ES )t is time to order poinsettias to be delivered prior to the Children!s 6lay on December 22nd" There are sign up sheets with options, i you can!t ma&e it in to order please call Dim 'owe todayI *pea&ing o lowers, the new 201@ lower chart will be posted and ready or your choice o *undays" They are still $ust K1/ each and are always beauti ul" Hor your assistance there are ordering guidelines posted next to the lower chart" The 201@ sacristan and communion clean up list is posted" 6lease consider helping out, &eeping our (ltar beauti ul ta&es many hands and all are welcome to assist" 2EO2 E NO'ES

DECE/BER B&R'0DA1S Chris Ceroli 1295 *teve 'ice 1295 Ge 'ay 12911 Cory Crum 1291/ 'ebecca ,orris 1291E 'oger +aus 12920 Gerry ?coc& 12921 Les +icol 12922 :arb ,iller 1292@ Dominic Ceroli 12915 Cassandra 'obbins 1292B

.E 2RA1 FOR OUR /E/BERS 1e continue to &eep Lirginia Limbach, Lois +e , )rene 'enner, >va *alFer, and 0ene *iec& in our prayers" 6lease pray or Gulie +e as she recovers rom surgery" ) you have special prayer needs, please call me or email them to dcs&athleenCgmail"com or inclusion in the Trumpet+?T>*I

DECE/BER ANN&3ERSAR&ES 1alt M Goyce ,uller 129@ *teven M Linda Crum 1291A Doug M 'uth Dnisely 12925

SU2ER BO. 2AR'1 $4!5

The football fren.y continues into 1-2,. If you had intentions of hostin! the annual Concordia Super 3owl Party for 1-2," you will ha e to wait until 1-24 5for which reser ations are bein! taken#. 3e and 0eff 6ay ha e e/pressed an interest in in itin! all of Concordia to their house on Sunday" (ebruary 1 to cheer on the fa ored team" the Cle eland Indians as they a lo e match to the

hi!hest de!ree and score a perfect 2-. %ore details to follow in the months ahead.

FOCUS ON S'E.ARDS0&2 1e!re all amiliar with Gesus! parable about the man who tore down his barns to build bigger ones in Lu&e 12813421" The &ey to #is teaching resides in verse 20" ,ost translations read8 2Thou ool, this night thy soul shall be reJuired o thee8 then whose shall those things be, which thou has prepared;3 :ut that!s not exactly what our Lord says in 0ree&" The sub$ect o what 0od says to the ool is not 2thy soul3 but 2they3 implied by the orm o the verb 2to reJuire"3 (nd the verb is not in the uture, but the present tense" (nd so what our Lord actually said was8 2They are reJuiring your very soul rom you"3 (nd the Juestion is8 1ho is 2they;3 )n the context, the answer is, o course, the thingsNall the stu the rich man had been so concerned about that he built bigger barns to hold it all" ( better translation might be this8 2HoolI This night they are reJuiring your very soul rom you" +ow who owns whom;3 The moral o our Lord!s parable then is not 2you can!t ta&e it with you"3 Hor the rich man in our Lord!s parable doesn!t die" #e lives" The worst part about putting all your stoc& in stu is not that you might die be ore you can en$oy it" :ut that you might actually live and be enslaved to it" Hor all the stu the rich man thought he owned actually owns him" )t dominates his li e" #e!s launched a demolition and construction program to support it all" #e has to lie awa&e at night terri ied that someone might slip in and steal it rom him" #e doesn!t own his stu " The stu owns him" :ut a man!s li e doesn!t consist in his possessions" ( man!s li e consists in being possessed and being possessed by the right things" 1e delude ourselves into thin&ing that we are in control" 1e thin& we control the things in our li e" 1hen i act they call out to us night and day, day and night" ?ur lesh is easy prey or the devil and the world" ?ur hunger or the things o creation is insatiable" (nd we see& to consume it all" :ut it is vanity, a chasing a ter the wind" Hor in the midst o our consumption we ind that we are the ones being consumed" )t consumes us" )t &ills us" )t possesses

us" Hool, this night they are reJuiring your very li e, your very soul rom you" The #oly Trinity does not share" %ou can have only one master" 1e belong to that which we love, and we are a slave to anything rom which we will not wal& away" :etter to be a slave &eeping the door in the house o the Lord than deluded in the tents o wic&edness" :etter to enter eternal li e without an eye or a hand than to enter into the hell o ire ully intact" )t is only when we give things up, when we are content with nothing, that we can ully en$oy creation" :ecause when everything in this world is a gi t, when nothing really belongs to us, then gratitude lourishes and $oy grows ree" 1here mercy rules, $oy abounds and love grows spontaneously" (nd the most signi icant thing that does not belong to us is we ourselves" 1e must give up ourselves because we are not our own" 1e were bought with a price" 1e are possessed by the Lord" 'emember the Catechism8 2'ho redeemed me . . . !urchased and 'on me . . . that : may +e -is o'n . . . .0 #e has ta&en us as #is own by 1ater and 1ord" 'edeemed in Christ, the poor in spirit are now rich toward 0od" 1e are ree o this sad world and its uncertainties, ree o trying to ma&e our own way, o being per ect or even o being happy" %ou brought nothing into this world" %ou will ta&e nothing out o it" %et all o this world, in Christ, who gave up all things or us, is ours, because we are #is" The irony is that in giving up all things we gain all things" (nd this is what it means to be rich toward 0od" To be rich toward 0od is to empty ourselves o all things, to cast ourselves at his eet and li&e beggars, cry out or mercy and grace, or his undeserved love and &indness" To empty ourselves so that he can ill us up" :eing rich toward 0od is simply to receive, to sit at the receiving end o his gi ts" )t is to recogniFe that #e is the giver and we the those who receive" )t is to receive daily bread, house and home, spouse and children, land and wor& and all that we have as gi ts rom #is gracious and giving hands" )t is to recogniFe that all that we have, all that we are, and all that we shall have and shall be are #is" (nd in receiving #im, we have received all that we need and more" (nd so with that in mind, let us turn our aces toward :ethlehem" Hor the Lord, our 6ossessor, has given up heaven and #is Divine rights and power and has ta&en up our Hlesh" #e gives up #is possessions so that they may be ours" #e has given up his li e so that that death would be or us true li e" The Lord has emptied #imsel o righteousness to be illed with our guilt and sin" #e

empties us o what is yours in order to ill you with #imsel " 1e belong to #im, the Lord born in :ethlehem, murdered in Gerusalem, visible in >mmaus, and ascended into #eaven" Hor a manOs li e consists in being possessed by the 0od who

gives us all that we need or this li e and the next" #ow can we not give bac& to #im in than&sgiving and gladly do what #e says; (men"

Can 1o( 0ear /e Now6

Robin /(s7op8
Can you hear me now; 1ait, no" That Juestion is bac&wards77 Can ) hear you now;;; That answer would be yes, but only i you are standing on my right side" ) you were not aware, ) had surgery on my le t ear to repair damage rom ear in ections when ) was younger" (s o now, it is repaired, but the hearing will not return until my next surgery in *eptember" *o, i youOre trying to tal& to me and it seems li&e )Om ignoring you, )Om not" ) $ust canOt hear you" Hortunately, my ear itsel is in a better condition than be ore, however, ) will not be able to ully en$oy the beauti ul sounds o our congregation and choir during this wonder ul Christmastime" *o, ) urge you to do several things8 1" (ppreciate all o your senses around this time o year and always" %ou never &now what itOs li&e until one o your senses is gone" >n$oy the sounds, wonder ul smells and tastes, the eeling o so t uFFy blan&ets, and the sight o glistening lights" 2" Gust as they tell you to visit the dentist every 5 months or get your eyes chec&ed every year, donOt neglect your ears and hearing" ) you suspect a problem, get it loo&ed at" ) you need a place to go, chec& your insurance company and loo& online" -*ee& and ye shall indI. 3" ) you want my ull attention, please stand on my rightI (nd now, a little article on hearing8

Don't isolate yourself: get your hearing checked

http899www"healthyhearing"com9report9/153E7=ntreated7hearing7loss7and7social7isolation Thursday, +ovember 21st 2013 #earing loss a ects around 1B percent o adults in the ="*" Thirty percent o adults between 5/ and B@ years o age and nearly /0 percent o adults ages B/ and older have some degree o hearing loss" #owever, only about one out o ive people who should use hearing aids actually does wear them" *ome people donOt realiFe how bad their hearing is, while others cannot a ord hearing aids and still others eel stigma and simply arenOt ready to get hearing aids" )n act, on average, it ta&es adults with a recogniFed hearing loss between seven and 10 years to decide to get a hearing aid" (side rom missing out on all o the sounds in the world, people with untreated hearing loss are also at a much greater ris& or isolation" 0ow does isolation happen6 There are many reasons that isolation occurs among those with untreated hearing loss" Hirst, older adults are more li&ely to live alone than other people" ?ther things can happen that lead to social isolation" ,aybe a person gradually stops ma&ing phone calls or answering the phone when it rings 7 and in some cases becomes a raid o receiving a phone call 7 because her or she eels embarrassed to constantly as& P1hat did you say;P 6hone conversations are much more di icult than ace7to7 ace communication because there is the added di iculty o not being able to lip read" 0oing to dinner with riends and amily also o ten become too di icult because itOs impossible to hear anything over bac&ground noise and in low lighting where lip reading is challenging, too" .hy is isolation dan)ero(s6 ,uch research has shown that isolation can lead to loneliness, depression and cognitive decline" *ocial isolation might also be a actor in the development o dementia and (lFheimerOs disease" ( study by Gohns

#op&ins researchers, which was recently published in G(,( )nternal ,edicine, studied people older than B0 or a six7year period" Those with hearing loss developed cognitive impairment more Juic&ly than other adults" (dditionally, a huge body o research shows that social connections are one o the most important actors in maintaining health and longevity" *imply put, the more connected to others you are, the less your ris& o death is"

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