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Name: ____________________ Fill in the blanks and the Medieval power pyramid using the following descriptors: Knights/Vassals:

People who swore an ___________________ to their lords and agreed to fight

for 40 days of the year in return for land (with serfs)

Merchants / Craftsmen: Residents of ______________ who were free and officially under only
the authority of the __________

Monarch: _________ ruler who owned all land in the kingdom, but divided it into large estates called
_______ and gave them to loyal warriors, who then swore allegiance to him

Nobles: andowners who were granted large tracts of land, paid ________ to the king, and served as
lords to their own ____________

Church Officials and Priests: !fficially above the feudal system, but leaders served as
________ to their own peasants and ____________

Serfs / Peasants: "ound to the _______, paid rents to their lords, and had to work in their lords#





On the back of this paper, answer each question in complete sentences:

$% &hat were some advantages and disadvantages of your role in the 'eudal (ystem activity) *% &hat were some advantages and disadvantages of one other role in the activity)

hat are the big ideas! - nequal distribution of wealth in a feudalistic society -!ollapse of central authority and the rise of feudal lords -!ode of conduct "chivalry# transcending class distinctions -!lass distinction and stagnation Common misconce"tions/ errors/ struggles -$tudents who are serfs will want to be knights, bishops, or the king, and will ask how they can rise up -%he ideology of the feudal contract may be difficult for some students to grasp& %he idea that serfs pay their lords for protection with ta'es, labor, loyalty, etc& -%he idea of WHY people were peasants or nobility& %he idea of social mobility and how people were born into their classes( having absolutely no say in their social class -)ow the feudal system developed from a power vacuum -*ack of interest+ participation in the feudalism skittles game Plans to o#ercome misconce"tions/errors/struggles! - se the feudalism skittles game to help students gain a better understanding of how the feudal system works -,ffer students a firsthand e'perience of what it would be like to live in a society where you are born into your class and it is impossible to better your circumstances& --hile there are many misconceptions listed above they are not necessarily bad things& -e would actually like these students to have these misconceptions as to encourage them to think critically once put into those situations&