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Outdoors Hottest Trends, Brands & Models

Figures are for dollar sales in full-year 2013 over 2012, unless otherwise noted. apparel
Insulated tops roared ahead in 2013, gaining 21% over 2012 to reach $579M. The North Face grew the most in absolute dollars, adding $31M at retail (+16%) on the strength of such items as the Thermoball Jacket ($12M). Canada Goose was the big growth winner, gaining 135% from $11M in 2012 to $25M. The womens Kensington, Montebello, Trillium and Chilliwack combined with the mens Expedition and Chateau jackets to add $7M at retail. Other notable brands included Arcteryx (+42% to $25M), Marmot (+34% to $38M) and Patagonia (+15% to $131M). Under Armour made an impression, rising 313% to $3M. Handwear leapt 18% to $149M. Kombi, Hestra and Black Diamond Equipment rose between 30% and 35% to reach $5M, $7M and $7M, respectively. The North Face, led by its eTip and Montana stylings, dominated with 21% growth to $31M, or 21% share. Marmot and Seirus rounded out the top six in growth with 24% each. Sportswear pushed to within $7M of $1 billion in 2013, gaining 8% over the previous year. Among brands over $25M, Kuhl remained the growth leader with a 35% surge to $62M. Four styles of mens pant, including the Rydr and Revolvr, accounted for 26% of the brands volume and 33% growth. Horny Toad climbed 24% to $28M and Under Armour rose 23% to claim $47M at retail.

footwear Footwear climbed just 1% to $1.2B but there was big movement among the subcategories. Shoes
dropped 8% and boots gained 9%. Winter boots climbed 7% to $138M but remained behind 2010 and 2011s $150M and $139M, respectively. Sorel blasted to within $1.4M of #1 share, growing 30% to $35M. Womens styles like the Tofino, Tivoli and the $220 Conquest Carly fueled much of the growth. Hiking boots, with 50% of all boot dollars, climbed 9% to $185M. Vasque held #1 share with $35M and 11% growth. Consumers loved the Red Wing brands $145 average retail-selling price for Gore-Tex protection in the new Breeze 2.0, which pulled in $15M. Casual boots, small at 8% of total boot volume, grew 22% to $28M. Merrell (+8%), Keen (+23%) and Teva (+351%) claimed the largest shares with $5M, $4M and $3M, respectively.
equipment Winter equipment clawed back some of the losses from the two previous seasons, growing 19% in full-year 2013 to $124M. This was still below 2010 and 2011, which garnered $137M and $131M,

respectively. Nordic equipment rose 31% to $50M and AT gear climbed 21% to $25M. Pack dollars rose 6% to $318M. Packs smaller than 40L (2500 c.i.) rose 5% and maintained 52% share of all pack dollars. The Osprey juggernaut rocketed up another 28% and Patagonia grew 26%.
accessories Action cameras reached $100M this year on 40% growth. GoPro once again grew its share,

climbing 1 point to 93% on 42% dollar growth. The fitness tracker craze is under way and Fitbit is the only player, growing 713% to $6M. That, plus 7% watch growth, pushed wrist instruments up 10% to $92M.

OTHER BRANDS GROWING OVER 40%: Lucy, Fjallraven, Hydroflask, Roxy, Nemo, Salewa, Ahnu, Sperry, Carhartt, Dynafit, Goal Zero, Woolrich, FITS Socks, Quiksilver, Darn Tough, Born, Helly Hansen, Northside, Malone, Saucony. 2014 Leisure Trends

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Category Growth, 2013 over 2012

FLAT +3% FLAT -4%

Avg. Retail Selling Price

+6% +1% +5% +6% +12% Total Outdoor Footwear Apparel Equip Accessories Equipment Footwear Apparel Equip Accessories Equipment

Dollars: $6.9B
+6% +1% +9% +5% +7%

+0.5% Total Outdoor

OUTERWEAR TOPS Sales and Growth

Softshells +3% Shells +1% Fleece -2% Insulated Tops +21% 2012 2013

Fastest Growing Categories*

Growth over 2012 Dollars Sold in 2013 $100M $50M $28M $579M $25M $149M $20M $23M $67M $189M $138M 1. Action Cameras & Acc +40% 2. Nordic Ski Equipment +31% 3. Casual Boots 4. Insulated Tops 5. AT Ski Equipment +22% +21% +21% +18% +18% +16% +15% +13% +7%


Dollars Sold Percent Change on Prev. Year

6. Handwear 7. Snowshoes 8. Knives

2011 2010

2012 2013

9. Camp Furniture 10. Headwear 23. Winter Boots

*Minimum $20M in Annual Sales