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A house divided against itself cannot stand Today i will talk about importance of co-operation in family, country or other

community. The ability to cooperate is very important part of todays society. Firstly, i will talk about collaboration in family. In the second place i will present importance of co-operation in country and finaly, using statistics, i will tell how people estimates the collaboration. Cooperation in family is very important. Just imagine, what it will be, if family members keep fighting and disagreeing with each other all the time? The family will eventually break. But if they all think alike, they will all be united forever and no one could do anything to break it. Recently I read an article in newspaper. It has been written about some family in Lithuania, which members were arguing alot. Once, when situation got at its highest point, wife asked for divorce. But then, their kids asked parents to sit down at the table and solve this problem all together. After long discussion wife and husband decided not to divorce. Since then, they live together for 20 years. I think, this is the perfect example of united ant strong family. Consequently, cooperation in family is really important and it should always be, not only when there is some kind of problem. Cooperation is important not only in family, but also in the whole country. On June 16, 1858 Abraham Lincoln said in his speech: A house divided against itself cannot stand. The phrase "a house divided against itself cannot stand" is said to have a literal meaning. House in the phrase means "household." This means that if the people of a household or of a nation cannot agree on basic things, that household or that nation will not survive. It will crumble.Of course the literal house and the literal land will stay in tact as long as nobody destroys these things. However, the people will not be able to survive together and the things that happen will lead to the destruction of nation. So, it doesnt matter how much people live in the country, or how rich that country is, everything will be going well if people stand together. Finally, using statistics, ill tell how people estimates the collaboration. The other day, ive read an article on web. Therein was survey data on how people estimates the cooperation. 68% of respondents told, that cooperation is very important. 16% answered, that cooperation doesnt play an important part in todays society. Other 16% abstained from the question. Thus, i could say, that people estimates cooperation and fosters it. In overall, i can say, that no matter where: in family, in country or in any other people group, cooperation is very important. And with it, people can be united forever,survive all the problems and no one could do anything to break them.