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Exercises with simple present a) Add -s or -es to the verbs in the sentences if it is necessary.

If it isnt necessary, put a tick (). 1. She works ______ in a hospital. 2. hey live ______ in !rance. ". I watch______ # every day. $. She %oes_____ to work by car. &. he pro%ra''e finishes ____ at 1( p.'. ). *e play ____ tennis every week. +. hey %o ____on holiday in ,uly. -. .e speaks ____ Italian and !rench. /. She does_____ her ho'ework every ni%ht. 1(. *e start ____ work at /."(. b) !ill in the blanks with the correct affir'ative for' of these verbs0 study ,speak, drink, eat ,live, watch ,smoke, play ,cycle, walk 1. .e eats toast for breakfast.

2. I drink coffee in the 'ornin%. ". 1y father studies 2er'an at the 3an%ua%e School. $. ony watches # in the evenin%.

&. 4harles speaks 5n%lish and !rench very well. ). *e play football at weekends. +. Sheila walks to school every day. -. hey s'oke five ci%arettes a day. /. Sue likes cyclin%. She cycles to school. 1(. he children live in a bi% house. 2: present simple: negative form 3ook, revise and do this e6ercise.

*rite ne%ative sentences. 1. .e7 live7 in 1e6ico ___.5 895S: 3I#5 I: 15;I49 2. She7 work7 in a bank 0 S.5 895S: *9<= I: A >A:= ". I7 swi'7 every day 0 I 89: S*I1 5#5<? 8A? $. @aul7 listen7 to the radio0 @AA3 895S: 3IS 5: 9 .5 <A8I9. &. Sheila7 eat7 'eat 0 S.5I3A 895S: 5A 15A . ). ?ou7 understand7 'e 0 ?9A 89: A:85<S A:8 15. +. 1y father7 drive7 a ta6i 0 1? !A .5< 895S: 8<I#5 A A;I -. @eter7 drink7 alcohol 0 @5 5< 895S: 8<I:= A349.93. /. *e7 speak7 4hinese 0 *5 89: S@5A= 4.I:5S5. 1(. 1y 'other7 like7 curry0 1? 19 .5< 895S: 3I=5 4A<<?. 3: present simple: interrogative form 3ook, revise and do these e6ercises. a) Ask Buestions and %ive short answers0 1. 1ary7 like7 cine'aC 8oes 'ary like cine'a C ?es, she does. 2. Alan7 eat7 potatoesC 8oes Alan eat potatosC :o, .e doesnt. ". you7 drink7 teaC 8o you drink tea C :o, I dont. $. ?our friends7 play7 tennisC 8o your friends play tennis C ?es, hey do. &. ?our 'other7 cycle7 to workC 8oes your 'other cycle to workC :o, she doesnt. ). you and @aul7 walk7 to schoolC8o you and @aul walk to schoolC ?es , we do. +. the cat7 play7 with the do%C 8oes the cat play with the do% C :o, it doesnt

-. hey7 watch7 #C 8o they watch # C ?es, they do. b) *rite the sentences in the correct order0 1. 'other7 concerts7 doesnt7 1y7 to7 %o7 1y 'other doesnt %o to concerts ________________________________________________________ o'7 8o7 'aths7 3inda7 and7C7 study 8o to' and 3inda study 1athsC ________________________________________________________ ". doesnt7 the7 1y7 near7 live7 fa'ily7 park 1y fa'ily doesnt live near the park. ________________________________________________________ $. brother7 in7 restaurant7 .er7 works7 a .er brother works in a restaurant. ________________________________________________________ &. rock7 sister7 8oes7 to7 your7 C7 listen7 'usic 8oes your sister listen to rock 'usic C ________________________________________________________ ). ride7 our7 *e7 to7 school7 bikes *e rode our bikes to school ________________________________________________________ 2.