Whether it is a dream of adding income for your family, taking control of your destiny as the CEO of your own

company, being part of building something that has unlimited groundfloor opportunity, Ruby Ribbon has a place for you in the very special community of women and brand that we are building.

RUBY RIBBON is different
Ruby Ribbon is the only social commerce apparel company that’s all about offering women clothes that provide a beautiful fit. Our styles are unique and only available through our Independent Stylists. Our customers Love us: 95% call themselves pleased with their Ruby Ribbon experience, and plan to attend another Ruby Ribbon trunk show within the year. Our customers’ happiness mirrors that of our stylists whose extremely high satisfaction levels are driven by their customers’ strong interest in our unique products, and are boosted by the great training and support offered by their Ruby Ribbon Stylist. We are building a wonderful community of women, connected by a ribbon of values, determined to support each other and their communities, while creating meaningful incomes. We invite you to join us!

CUSTOMERS will come back
More than 8 out of 10 (84%) of our customers plan to purchase again in the next year, according to a customer survey conducted by an independent research firm. There are two reasons for that: first, when you purchase one Ruby Ribbon item, you usually want another. And second, the customers are thrilled with the help they get from their stylists.

UNLIMITED opportunity
Customers who love their stylists, love our unique products, and who want to buy again after their first purchase are the heart of the Ruby Ribbon opportunity. With just one full year in the market, we already have women who have built their businesses to the point where their Ruby Ribbon commissions are paying a child’s college tuition (and working RR part time, at that!) Others are earning commissions at a level that allow them to meaningfully contribute to their family’s services and payments, or simply spend more on themselves. Stylists earn 20% on their first sale, 25% in any month they sell over $750; and 30% when they sell over $1500 in a month and have brought one other woman into Ruby Ribbon with them. Many stylists earn 40% on each sale because they have sponsored three other women. In addition, women who invite others to Ruby Ribbon are paid bonuses each month. Within 12 months of our first trunk show, we were able to congratulate Stylists who promoted to the Director level of our Career plan. (Director level is reached when you have on your team 3 leaders who have teams of their own, and when you sell $1500 personally and $4500 as a team.) We take mentoring seriously at Ruby Ribbon – and we reward those who help others.

OUR DREAM is blossoming
In 2013, our first full year in the market, we planted the seeds of the very big company we plan to become. We have the means to build a very big enterprise. We are well-funded and backed by some of Silicon Valley’s premier Venture Capitalists, and we have a seasoned and capable management team headed by Anna Zornosa, CEO and Founder, a successful serial entrepreneur who has built fast-growing companies in the past.

Fashions that give women the confidence that comes from a beautiful fit – inside and out. Our line starts with beautiful, comfortable foundations that go under her clothes and extends to items that will become staples in her wardrobe. The sectors we play in are BIG: In the US, Shapewear is a $10 Billion market sector, and growing. The apparel market overall is $100 Billion! Our customers usually experience our product for the first time in the company of a stylist – at a trunk show or one on one fitting. And that’s perfect! We are all about “fit” and we love to help customers find the perfect styles in the right size. After the first meeting, customers can purchase – if they like – online (our stylists all have personal web sites!)

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STRONG TEAM backing you
We have a great set of Managers who are focused on our B-HAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, which in Ruby Ribbon’s case is to grow the largest social commerce largest apparel company ever.) • Anna Zornosa, Founder and CEO, has a 20year history as an entrepreneur with stints that included being a VP at Yahoo!, CEO of one of the largest email companies (Topica), and Chief Marketing Offer of Knight Ridder Digital. But her first job – when she was 5 – was being the “Assistant to the President” of her mother’s Avon business (Anna packed bags and delivered them to the neighbors.) Deborah Uri, VP of Marketing and Cofounder, had executive roles at Yahoo! and Squarespace and ran her own consulting practice where her clients included Electronic Arts, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and Harrods. Patti Cazzato, Chief Merchant Officer, has 25 years of experience in the apparel industry including posts as a Senior Vice President at both Levi Strauss & Co. and the Gap. She also started her own Yoga company: Clary Sage Organics.

Hostesses get free products equaling in value 10% of the sales of qualified shows. They also earn the ability to buy additional items 50 -75% off and benefit from frequent monthly promotions designed just for hostesses. Ruby Ribbon (not the stylist) funds the Hostess rewards. At most trunk shows (90%), the Stylist books another show.

We’ve gotten attention in places like The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, and Crain’s. Ruby Ribbon was an Editors’ pick at Self Magazine. • The Wall Street Journal called us “a cross between Spanx function and Lululemon Style.” • The Silicon Valley Business Journal called us “the Multimillion dollar silicon valley fashion brand you’ve never heard of” and • Women’s Wear Daily called us “A Hot commodity in Silicon Valley” The buzz is going to get louder in 2014!

STYLIST support that sings
We offer training in many ways. Weekly calls and one-on-one support are supplemented by video and written materials available through our back office. We are committed to your success, and 96% of our stylists rate our training resources as “Excellent.”

Our stylists tell us that the best thing about Ruby Ribbon is the friendships they’ve made here. We truly support and honor each other, and we live our company values of: Team, Development, Results, Time and Confidence Our stylists are a force for good in their local communities. Ruby Ribbon Cares, our foundation, contributed nearly $20,000 in 2013 – and again… That’s just the beginning!

Stylists also feel supported by our Leadership network with over 90% calling themselves pleased with their Leaders’ support.

EASY to get started
A woman can start her Ruby Ribbon business for just $199 (a price that not only gets her access to ordering products and our back office training, but also a Shaping Skirt or Legging; a Shaping camisole; and a Tunic.) The Fast Start Program (which we call LEAP) allows new Stylists to earn over $400 in free product -just for getting their businesses launched Most of our products are “evergreen”, including the Shapewear. This means a woman can invest over time to build up her inventory and know that she can sell many styles for years Stylists can purchase highly-discounted kits to build their samples quickly, or use the stylist discount that is 40% when the Stylist first joins and when new products come out, or using her earned discount.

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