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Phoenix Cures - Rick Simpsons Cancer Cure

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Phoeni !ures - "ick #impson - $%&'(# http://Phoeni !

")* +"(, -.' !)"' - -he "ick #impson #tor/ 0 #econd 'dition 1

Eine Dokumentation ber Hanf-l und seine heilende Wirkung. A documentary about hemp-oil and its healing effects Run from the cure - he Rick !impson !tory " !econd Edition # $o to this link to get the %annabis &il %ure - he 'hoeni( ears - formula for free.. sa)e someone you care about.. or e)en a stranger in need..

http://phoeni !ps"h#$k%&'

"ick #impson "eturning to !anada23 !rown sta/s charges... ()*u+,-*$'. 'ublished on *ay +,- ./+. http011phoeni( http://www.cumber/!32-!,-34/artic/e-256*47!/Char8es-a8ainst-Simpson-withdrawn/3 &n the record 2ith Rick !impson *ay +3 c1o $rasshopper* regarding the recent stay of charges that ha)e kept him out of %A4ADA for so long...the short of it is- 2e all need to step up and someho2 help the people that are dying e)ery day from diseases that can be cured by this process...'lease share rate kno2 the deal5 http011grasshoppermedia.blogspot.ca1./+.1/61rick-simpson-returning-to-canadamo).html

,ichael 4. +o - it5s "ick #impson (il - *(- Pine *ut (il 0p9x:;5<<38 'ublished on *ay +.- ./+3;ndroid? A )ideo by EssiacHemp7aetrile$emp1aetri/e$emp1aetri/e2 Edited by 8nbs9 http011archi)e.org1bookmarks18nbs9 *ari:uana Relie)es 'arkinson;s Disease0 yCy&,>p)50o *ichael <. =o( on $eorge !troumboulopoulos onight >nter)ie20>g!o

aylor =rench on *edical %annabis for 'arkinson;s Disease0' *Ds

-he *ature o6 -hings 7 "ee6er ,adness 2 018891

on 22 "une 2!33. Posted in Cannabis (ocumentaries

http011cannabisni.com1cannabis-documentaries1.//,-nature-of-things-reefer-madness-.%E% ele)isionFs HE 4A GRE &= H>4$! 2ith Da)id !uHuki e(amines the medicinal uses of mari:uana. here is a gro2ing number of people 2ho regard mari:uana " cannabis # as a benign medicine- offering relief to people suffering from a )ariety of illnesses- including epilepsy- arthritis- multiple sclerosis and glaucoma as 2ell as lessening the side effects of medications and treatments gi)en to cancer and H>C patients.'DfIo4<E 'eople 2ho use mari:uana to alle)iate their suffering- li)e 2ith the added an(iety of possible arrest- :ail and forfeiture of property. hey all say itFs 2orth the risk. his program tells the stories of those 2ho ha)e sho2n courage in pro)iding mari:uana to the sick and suffering as 2ell as the stories of people 2hose li)es ha)e been transformed by its medicinal properties. Reefer *adness . also tra)els to >ndia 2here mari:uana is openly culti)ated and used in medicine- rituals and recreationally- as it has been for thousands of years 2ith little indication of its supposed damaging effects. >t came to the West in the mid-+J//s- and 2as commonly used as a folk medicine. >n the Gnited !tates of the +K3/s- it became identified 2ith the corrupting influence of the :aHH culture and 2ith *e(ican and %hinese immigrants. =rom then on- it 2as labeled as a !chedule +- or dangerous drug. he Elack %andle- 2ritten by an eminent %anadian :udge stirred the contro)ersy in %anada in the +K./s. Reefer *adness . introduces audiences to the personal stories of t2o 2omen 2ho pro)ide mari:uana to the sick. Calerie %orral of %alifornia established the WomenFs Alliance for *edical *ari:uana " WA** # and supplies o)er .// people in the !anta %ruH area. Cancou)erFs Hilary Elack runs he %ompassionate %lub. !he talks about her dealings 2ith sufferers- the police and the gro2ers she relies on for supplies. Dr. 7ester $rinspoon of Har)ard *edical !chool and the author of =orbidden *edicine- recounts ho2 a personal e(perience affecting his o2n family reinforced his determination to try and set the record straight about the mari:uana use and cancer patients. Reefer *adness . is 2ritten by <ohn Eassett and produced by Cishnu *athur. E(ecuti)e producer of HE 4A GRE &= H>4$! is *ichael Allder. =rom the %E% 2ebsite0

Brain -umor and .emp (il o6 "ick #impson- :ucie !alls into Paula ;loria c%=':7*:?-@ Gploaded on *ay .,- ./+/ 7earn ho2 hemp oil affects a brain tumor and despite the difficulty for cancer patients to get the oil generous souls ha)e pro)ided. *ay 2e come together to understanding that helping each other is the most profound 2ay to help oursel)es. 7earn from a plant 2ho gi)es up its body ho2 to heal our communities.

.ow to ,ake a #mall Batch o6 "ick #impson (il !s&-xA!(.S' 'ublished on <ul +L- ./+3 >*'&R A4 !A=E M 4& E0

While the method described in this )ideo is )ery safe- it;s important to note that the safety stems from follo2ing the instructions to a tee. A77 sol)ents are highly flammable and *G! EE treated 2ith e(treme caution and care. +# 'reparation is key5 *ake sure you ha)e proper supplies and ha)e all of your needed supplies handy EE=&RE M&G ! AR 55 .# 4o2 that you ha)e your supplies gathered- make sure you choose a large open area- 2ith e(cellent )entilation- to make your oil in. >f the area is closed in- you 2ill need to take steps to impro)e )entilation before startingN such as open 2indo2s- use portable fans- etc. E)en 2ith a large area- > A7WAM! make sure that > ha)e at least one fan on that;s mo)ing the air around. 3# Ee sure to ha)e the proper setup e8uipment. Mou *G! use a double-boiler type pot and pan setup- 2here the sol)ent pan sits on top of a 2ater pot 4ECER '7A%E HE !&7CE4 'A4 D>RE% 7M &4 HE ! &CE;! HEA >4$ E7E*E4 555 his applies to both electric and gas sto)es. ,# Mour 2ater pot needs to sit A 7EA! four to fi)e inches ",O to 6O# abo)e your heating element5 his ser)es t2o purposes. >t keeps the sol)ent a good distance from the heating element and it lets you bring enough 2ater to a boil that it 2ill stay hot long enough to 2ork to e)aporate the sol)ent. 6# Eecause you 2ill need to reheat the 2ater in your 2ater pot se)eral times- and you need to remo)e the sol)ent EE=&RE you heat the 2ater- you 2ill need to ha)e a space to set your sol)ent pan that is WE77 AWAM from the sto)e;s heating element. D& 4& simply take the sol)ent pan off of the 2ater pot and set it on the counter by the sto)e. While it 2on;t e(plode- any strong heat can catch the sol)ent on fire5 Mou can set up a C tray to hold the sol)ent pan 2hile you bring the 2ater in your pot to a full- rolling boil ... or use another counter space that;s at least three feet a2ay from the 2ater pot. L# O'lan for the 2orst- 2ork for the bestO - 2hile the risk is )ery lo2 using the method in this )ideo- the fact remains that sol)ents are flammable and can catch fire- so EE 'RE'ARED5 &ne simple safety item to ha)e is a lid that fits tightly onto your sol)ent pan. >f a fire 2ere to start in the pan- simply put the lid snuggly on the pan and the flame 2ill 8uickly e(pire. Mou should al2ays ha)e a fire e(tinguisher handy "not :ust for safety 2ith this pro:ect- but for safety in your kitchen1home in general5# 9# he most danger in this method comes from using a gas sto)e - this is simply because there is an acti)e- open flame. =or this reason- G!E EB RA %AG >&4 WHE4 *AI>4$ M&GR &>7 &4 A $A! ! &CE5 4ECER4ECER- 4ECER ha)e your sol)ent pan any2here near the gas sto)e 2hile the flame is on555 > can;t stress this enough - your sol)ent pan 2ill catch the open flame )ery easily ... e)en 2hen it;s many inches a2ay from the flame55 Double check to be sure the flame is off before bringing your sol)ent pan back to the sto)e5 J# Do 4& make your oil 2hen you;re in a hurry or ha)e distractions going on around you. Eeing in a hurry or ha)ing your attention distracted 2ill create une(pected haHards. K# 4o matter ho2 many times you ha)e to reheat your 2ater pot before the sol)ent burns off- do 4& gro2 impatient 2ith this 2ater method. he entire process takes about an hour and really does go 8uickly. >t;s the safest method and keeping things +//P safe is 2orth the e(tra time - again- 4ECER ECER set your sol)ent pan directly ne(t to or onto the heating element of your sto)e5 +/# After bringing your 2ater pot to a full and rapid boil- check and double check that you;)e turned off the heating element EE=&RE placing your sol)ent pan back on top of the 2ater pot5 ++# his information is pro)ided for educational purposes only. Anyone that chooses to use this information assumes all liability and risk and holds harmless e)eryone in)ol)ed 2ith pro)iding this educational )ideo.

.emp (il !ancer !ure2 : "ick #impson - ,ike .agan5s "adi(rbit %nterview
Hemp &il %ancer %ure? 0 Rick !impson - Radi&rbit >nter)ie2

2ith host0 *ike Hagan !ee also0 >ntra)enous )itamin % Q herbal remedies Q )itamin D "sunshine# Q proper nutrition "organic superfoods- etc# -hBR<a?R8(c

"ick #impson .emp (il ;ysu<PCuhs: Here is the link to Iristina *arie;s channel.*+5r7$?-npt+tw/videos

!ure !ancer with .emp (il2 rm/DDEuR>'kFG 'ublished on .J *ar ./+3

:%$' <-20-1= with guest >ristina ,arie .emp (il enthusiast

Here inter)ie2 starts at 3L mins :&cDPbCDe-=

"ick #impson5s !")#. !?*!'" @%-. .',P ?*& -")-. - +ree %nternet #eminar
Rick !impson speaks to the people of the 2orld in his %RG!H %A4%ER W> H HE*' A4D RG H =REE >4 ER4E !E*>4AR- all about curing cancer and other diseases 2ith hemp oil. 0nCd1c-$;*c Gploaded on <an +3- ./+. &riginally uploaded by cannabismedresearch on Aug 3+- ./++ Rick !impson speaks to the people of the 2orld in his %RG!H %A4%ER W> H HE*' A4D RG H =REE >4 ER4E !E*>4AR- all about curing cancer and other diseases 2ith hemp oil. http://www.archive.or8/detai/s/RickSimpsonsCrushCancer-ith$emp;ndHruth-<ree'n 'ermission to do2nload- copy- and repost is granted and also encouraged so that it may be seen by the largest global audience possible. 'lease share 2ith e)eryone you kno2. =or more information on Rick;s courageous effort to eliminate cancer 2ith man;s oldest kno2n and safest medication... please )isit us at or watch and down/oad your <R== copy o+ RG4 =R&* HE %GRE0 he Rick !impson !tory at 'roduced and Directed by %hristian 7aurette for 'hoeni( ears !pecial thanks to *.G.*.*. AC>-=ile0 http://www.archive.or8/down/oad/RickSimpsonsCrushCancer-ith$emp;ndHruth<ree'nternetSeminar%7!6/RickSimpsonsCrushCancer-ith$emp;ndHruth-<ree'nternetSeminar.avi *',-=ile0 http://www.archive.or8/down/oad/RickSimpsonsCrushCancer-ith$emp;ndHruth<ree'nternetSeminar%7!6/RickSimpsonsCrushCancer-ith$emp;ndHruth-<ree'nternetSeminar%,32kb.mp4 &gg Cideo0!impsons%rush%ancerWithHempAnd ruth=ree>nternet!eminarDL/91Rick!impsons%rush%ancerWithHempAnd ruth-=ree>nternet!eminar.og) 'hoeni( ears0 yII<C/7)3%*

$itamin !annabis 0+ull1

Citamin %annabis is a ne2 film documenting a %olorado 'hoeni( ears e(periment. %reated by %apn%annabis. %6S(t4p"%#o

Phoeni "ising: -he #tor/ o6 "ick #impson and "#( episode 1 >-Cth,>b%uk 'ublished on Aug .,- ./+3,2255!

!annabis !ures - 'ducational &ocumentar/ - !annabinoids Ch2)d%+o9-4 'ublished on 3 <an ./+3 *&E>7E CER!>&4 '7EA!E WA %H H>! E4 >RE C>DE& %redit and !ources are 7isted Eelo2... http011phoeni( http011google.com1patents1G!LL3/6/9 http011222.phoeni( !pain !tudy %onfirms Hemp &il %ures %ancer http://www.enda// =ederal $o)ernment Reports that *ari:uana Iills %ancer %ells,334*24?/ns/business-press%re/eases/t/+edera/-8overnment-reports-mariEuana-e++ectivecombattin8-certain-cancers-reports-adsi/ G! 'atent ,J39..J %annabichromene "%E%#!,J39..J G! 'atent ,+JK,K+ $laucoma reatment!,+JK,K+ G! 'atent 6L3+.K9 Anandamide %ompounds!6L3+.K9 G! 'atent L+3.9L. 'ain- inflammation and arthritis!L+3.9L. G! 'atent L,+/6JJ %annabidiol and inflammatory diseases http://www.8oo8/!,** G! 'atent LK9,6LJ reatment for coughs!LK9,6LJ

G! 'atent LL3/6/9 >nflammatory and autoimmune diseases !trokes- AlHheimer;s and 'arkinson;s!LL3/6/9 G! 'atent 99,+3L6 4o)el polycyclic cannabinoid analogs!99,+3L6 G! 'atent 96K9K+/ 'rostate cancer and prostatitis!96K9K+/ G! 'atent 9K99+/9 Detecting traces of cannabinoids!9K99+/9 G! 'atent J/9+L,+ Diabetes and insulitis!J/9+L,+ G! 'atent J.,.+9J %annabidiol and autoimmune hepatitis!J.,.+9J G! 'atent J/3,J,3 4ausea- )omiting and motion sickness!J/3,J,3 G! 'atent Application ./+//.K.3,6 %annabigerol "%E$#!./+//... G! 'atent Application .//J/+J+K,. *ultiple sclerosis and *! relapse!.//J/... G! 'atent Application .//K/+K9K,+ %hronic &bstructi)e 'ulmonary Disease!.//K/... G! 'atent Application ./+//./,3+. reating cell proliferation and cancers!./+//... G! 'atent Application .//J/.L./KK >nhibition of tumour cell migration!.//J/... G! 'atent Application ./+//...,39 $astrointestinal inflammatory and cancers!./+//... %annabis and %annabinoid Research !tudies... %opy and paste links into address bar "one at a time# 0 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+KL3J,K/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1..99L3,K ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LLJ.KLL

ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+.L,J/.6 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+KK+,.+J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+6/.L3.J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LJK3,., ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+63L+66/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+KJJK9K, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K/+6KL. ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+KL/J.J, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9.39.99 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1++6JL3L+ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+,LK.63. ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L69+L63 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J.JLJ/+ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L.6/J3L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9K3,JK/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+./6./,L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K+JK/6, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J36,/6J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K/,9/K6 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+/K+3+6L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1KL63+K, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J/JJ.// ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LK/K./9 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+93,.3./ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K/6K,69 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+.9.3,KL ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K,,.63L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L9.J6K+ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K63KL+K ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L6//L,9 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K+JKL6K ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+,L+9LJ. ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+JK3J996 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+++/L9K+ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K3K,L6. ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1./33LLL6 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K,,.,36 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+6,6+/.. ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J+K9+L, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LJ36KK9 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1++K/3/L+ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9L96+/9 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9./.+,L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K,.6+9/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J,6,+93 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9/L6... ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+/9//.3, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L9J9.69 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+6K6J.9, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L+3K.9, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LL.,.J6 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LL+L336 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1++.LK6/J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+KLK/6,6 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+.6++6J9 ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1./3/9L+L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LJ+JL3, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+9K6.L6/

ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+LJ+JL6/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+L6KL9K/ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+6L3J9K, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+6.96J./ ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+.+33J3J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+J33KJ9L ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1K99+JJ, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+/69/K,J ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+.+J.KL, ncbi.nlm.nih.go)1pubmed1+K..KKKL

-'#-%,(*%?: !(,,'*-#.
"essica prophetomiEaJ8mai/.com *2.34,.222.36 Submitted on 2!34/!3/2? at 3:2, pm Ho2 cannabis1hemp oil sa)e my life *y name is <essica from california-i 2as once a o)arian cancer patient i did chemo and radiation many times but no a)ail it rather 2eaken my immune system and i 2as unable to mo)e from one place to another. i 2as li)ing in pain for 3 years until i contacted the spanish national cancer research centre )ia email for procurement of cannabis1hemp oil and after using this medication for treatment for 92eeks-there 2as a great changes and as i am 2riting this article >Fm not suffering from cancer again. cancer patient out there use this cannabis oil and you 2ill be 2ell again. J..+,6.....+9 !ubmitted on ./+,1/+1.3 at +0.6 pm Ho2 cannabis1hemp oil sa)e my life *y name is <essica from california-i 2as once a o)arian cancer patient i did chemo and radiation many times but no a)ail it rather 2eaken my immune system and i 2as unable to mo)e from one place to another. i 2as li)ing in pain for 3 years until i contacted the spanish national cancer research centre )ia email for procurement of cannabis1hemp oil and after using this medication for treatment for 92eeks-there 2as a great changes and as i am 2riting this article >Fm not suffering from cancer again. cancer patient out there use this cannabis oil and you 2ill be 2ell again.

kate vera<macA/ande .com =B.1=0.228.1<8 #ubmitted on 201</01/11 at 2:52 pm

>Fm <ennifer &nno from %anada and hanks to $od Almighty for allo2ing me to try Dr. Eruce Hemp &il for my lungs cancer- 2ith gratitude to Dr. Eruce i had a miraculous healing and am telling e)erybody about this great Healing 2ith his Hemp &il. > ha)e been on Dr. Eruce Hemp &il for ,months and i :ust 2ent to do my 7ungs %ancer test and i 2as told that i ha)e no more cancer. $od am so grateful for all you ha)e done for me concerning my health 2ith the Help of Dr. Eruce and his Hemp &il ser)ice. >f it 2as not for Dr. Eruce i 2ould be regretting my life no2 and crying my eyes out. for all those 2ho ha)e cancer problems please contact Dr. Eruce on )ia email0brucemedicalser)iceRyande(.com and see to your cancer problems sol)ed. > am a li)ing 2itness of Dr. Eruce Hemp &il !er)ice and i am so grateful to him for sa)ing my life

smith B8.1<1.1C2.18 #ubmitted on 201</01/0B at C:22 pm

> am so grateful to cancer centre london for pro)iding me 2ith Hemp oil here in the ireland. > 2as diagnose 2ith cancer of the lungs K months ago- and e)er since then i ha)e done a lot of %hemo and Radiation that ha)e not help me- but only damaged my immune system and render me 2eak and helpless. > came across the 'hoeni( ears and i ha)e read about the Hemp oil a lot and sa2 the 'ost that Dr.barry from cancer centre london could pro)ide me 2ith Hemp &il here my country 2ithout delay-i contacted for the procurement of this medication- to my surprise the medication 2as procured and deli)ered 2ithin a 2eek and i ha)e been on treatment for the past . months. i am no2 here to testify that i am no longer a cancer patient- > ha)e e(perience a total transformation in my life 2ith cancer centre london. for all cancer patient that li)e in this region and at large- get your Hemp oil from Dr barry at0 for treatment.

?rnold Paul<0B5<5=980=5BB<8 208.B=.1<9.129 #ubmitted on 201=/12/1B at <:0B pm

> am Arnold 'aul- > 2as diagnosed 2ith 7ungs %ancer and 2as told by the Doctor that the cancer 2as in the last stage. *y Doctor told me i ha)e fe2 months to lea)e- but he told me about the Hemp &il and said itFs going to do a lot in sa)ing my life from this terrible disease- He introduce me to Rick !impson and said he 2ould be able to get me the Hemp oil 2here)er > need it since he is the founder of hemp oil. > contacted him and e(plain it to his understanding and he deli)ered the oil to me in GI- after three *onth of taking this reatment there has been rapid impro)ement in my life- > am )ery o)er2helmed and loss for 2ords. > 2ant to shout it out to 2orld that am cured from cancer. > canFt belie)e >Fm able to :ump and mo)e around again. hank you lord for your natural mari:uana hemp oil and Rick !impson 2ho you sent and healed me- am )ery grateful !ir- $od 2ill continue to bless you for your good 2ork !ir. >Fm so happy am still much ali)e and for those 2ho are battling from cancer- > ne)er thought i 2ill see this day again donFt think life is gone because your doc said so- be strong- courageous and fight it. here is a cure. Rick !impson email is ricksimpsoncannabisoilDphoeni( or gi)e him a call Q,,9/3+KKL93J hank you !ir- > 2ill al2ays be grateful for your good 2ork and ser)ices rendered..

Benedict ;eorge gadrede =2A/ 21C.1BB.128.81 #ubmitted on 201=/11/2= at 8:55 am

*y Wife !tage >C breast cancer and *! has :ust been cured 2ith the cannabis oil gotten from rickcancercure/ cannabis oil is great medication. o hell 2ith the go)ernment and their insane policy- 2e ha)e a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure cancer and you donFt need to spend so much money on anymore on chemo- radiation or surgeries that 2ouldnFt 2ork. Where to purchase- contact Rick0 rickcancercure/ *y family is no2 a brand ne2 one- so stop your 2orries and go get your medication and set the family free of the deadly disease that hold no respect to family harmony. *ake your health a better one by using cannabis oil in your e)eryday life. :ohn saint-

?bigail 1CC.1<B.120.18 #ubmitted on 201=/10/1< at C:<5 am

%ancer runs in my family. *y grandmother had +, brothers and sisters. here are no2 , left including her- all the others died from the same e(act cause- cancer5 my grandma 2as one of the luckier ones- she has been completley fine until a couple of months ago she 2as diagnosed 2ith lung cancer. Eut shes not the only one in my family 2ho currently has itS she :ust has the least amount if time left and :s also the closest to me. A fe2 days ago the doctors ga)e her . 2eeks to month to li)e. > feel that its to late to try anything- but these stories ha)e gi)en me some hope. and e)en if this hemp oil doesnt sa)e her because its so late- maybe it can gi)e the rest of my family a chance. i 2ant to gro2 it myself- but it 2ill take me a2hile to be able to get e)erything set up and bought to start it off 2ith. !o 2here can i get this hemp oil from immediatey?