The Fargo Beat Fargo-Moorhead Social & Word of Mouth Network January 23, 2 !

" I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how awesome Fargo is and how it’s because of all the cool people. I don’t tell people that they are awesome enough. Go tell someone today they are awesome. Do it NO !unless the person you want to tell isn’t with you now" then wait until you see them# S#$%&'
• • We(t Fargo Winter )ay( $ %an &'. (oday is you )*+( ,-*N,. to do wintery things in est Fargo.

Wo*en+( Startu, Weekend - /0&1 $ /0&2. hether you have an idea to pitch or you 3ust want to participate4 check out their site for more information for what this fun weekend includes5 2 !" .ed .i/er 0alley Boat & Marine 1roduct( Show 6 Fri /0&14 noon 6 7 pm 8 +at /0&96 +un /0&24 /: am 6 9pm4 Fargodome. ,heck out the latest models of Fishing ;oats4 <ontoons4 =unabouts4 +peed ;oats 8 <ersonal atercraft. +ee the newest innovations in marine electronics 8 accessories G<+4 Docks (railers4 =iggings and so much more. <)>+4 there is a live trout pond. +ee you there? I haven’t heard anything about the skiing s@uirrel this year. Isn’t this usually where they have that or am I thinking of something elseA (his was going to be my year to see it and I’m feeling a little discouraged. 2"th &nnual .ed .i/er 0alley $oin $lu3 Show 6 +at4 /0&94 7 am 6 9 pm 8 +un4 /0&24 /: am 6 1 pm4 Doublewood Inn 8 ,onference ,enter.

&.TS & 4NT4.T&%NM4NT &.TS,ul(e $ )ook to (he *rts <artnership’s *=(+pulse for daily info for what is going on and interesting in local arts 8 culture. ,heck this link to sign up for their email4 Facebook4 (witter4 (umblr4 <interest4 and GoogleB. http500theartspartnership.net0artspulse0 Throughout the Weekend • $ourtney+( $o*edy $lu3 $ /0&'6/0&94 ,omedian ;uCC +utherland Thur(day January 23 • The Fa3 Four 6 D pm4 (he Fargo (heater • Willie Wald*an 1ro5ect featuring 6er*an 7reen 6 D pm4 -oDo )ounge • 6ar Mar Su,er(tar $ (he *@uarium • The .oo(ter( $ 7pm4 indbreak +aloon Friday January 2"

• • • • • •

S8#8'8 Band $ 75': pm4 +pirits )ounge Jo(h 6arty 6 E5': pm4 (he )istening =oom The Singer( 6 E5': pm4 Femorial *uditorium at ,oncordia ,ollege " Watt 6 D pm4 %( ,igarroGs San 6a/en $huckle 6 /: pm4 DempseyGs Blind Joe 6 7 pm4 OGHellyGs

Saturday January 22 • S8#8'8 Band 6 +pirits )ounge4 75': pm • Mu(ic of the Sun 6 E5pm4 =oland Dillie ,enter for the arts4 F+>F Monday January 29 • Future of .ock 2 !"6 25': pm4 (he Ienue • Boo*Bo: 6 7 pm4 (he *@uarium F&.7# T64&T.4 for show times • )alla( Buyer( $lu3 ;.< - Fatthew Fc,onaughey is electrifying as =on oodroof4 a real life (eJan hustler who formed an unlikely band of renegades to help *ID+ patients get the black market medication they needed. • !2 =ear( & Sla/e ;.< - One of the year’s most acclaimed films tells the true story of +olomon Northup4 a free black man who is abducted and sold into slavery. +tarring ,hiwetel .3iofor4 Fichael Fassbender4 <aul Giamatti4 ;enedict ,umberbatch4 8 ;rad <itt. • Ne3ra(ka ;.< - *fter receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail4 a cantankerous father !;ruce Dern# thinks heGs struck it rich4 and wrangles his son ! ill Forte# into taking a road trip to claim the fortune. • >id( Flick Serie(? (urbo $ +at /0&9 at /:am 8 /pm. K' admission. • The Fa3 Four - (hurs /0&'4 Dpm. ;eatles (ribute show. 1'&%NS &.T M@S4@M
• <lains *rt Fuseum is pleased to present The One Minute Film Festival: 2003-2012, an eJhibition of hundreds of one6minute films created by more than ':: artists whose video vignettes range from the meditative and poignant to the startling surreal and outright funny. ,urated by New Lork6based artist %ason +imon4 the film festival comes to Fargo from %anuary &9 to Fay &14 &:/14 as a traveling eJhibition created by the Fassachusetts Fuseum of ,ontemporary *rt !F*++ Fo,*#. * reception will be held at the Fuseum featuring a talk by %ason +imon onFarch E from 9 to E p.m. Fargo in 60 Seconds - #,en call for fil*( through March !98 (o eJpand on the creative vision of The One Minute Film Festival4 <lains *rt Fuseum invites submissions from area filmmakers age /1 and up to submit their best one6minute films and video creations. (here is no fee to enter4 and contributors may submit up to two movies. (he entry deadline is Farch /E4 and the submissions will be showcased in a continuously looped screening on the Fuseum’s (hird Floor from Farch &1 to Fay &1. .ntries received before February /E will be considered for inclusion in the Fargo Film Festival’s &6Finute Fovie ,ontest held in Farch. (he Fuseum will also host a (een Filmmakers *wards Night on *pril /: for a special screening of films submitted by

filmmakers ages /1 to /D. ,ash priCes will be awarded for /st <lace 6 K/::4 &nd <lace 6 KE9 and 'rd <lace 6 K9:. For more details and entry guidelines4 visithttp500plainsart.org0visit0public6 programs0fargo2:0. Free Work(ho, on January 3 ? Making =our #wn #ne-Minute Fil*8 *rea filmmakers from Finnesota +tate >niversity Foorhead will provide tips and insights on crafting short films on (hursday4 %anuary ':4 from E to D5': p.m. in the Fuseum atrium. (he workshop is funded in part by Mcel .nergy. http500plainsart.org0making6your6own6one6minute6film0

=#@N7 1.#F4SS%#N&'S N4TW#.> www.fmwfchamber.com0ypn • =1N 6a,,y 6our? Fargo Brewing $o*,any - (hurs %an &'4 95/9 pm4 Fargo ;rewing ,ompany !2/: >niversity Dr N#. From a garage to a full6fledged brewery in five short year4 the Fargo ;rewing ,ompany is a dream come true for four Fargo natives. +ee and taste what all the buCC is about when you attend the %anuary L<N happy -our? *ppetiCers provided4 drinks on your own nickel. S1#.TS • Fargo Force /(8 Waterloo Blackhawk( 6 Fri /0&14 E5:9 pm • Fargo Force /(8 Waterlook Blackhawk( 6 +at /0&94 E5:9 pm • $oncordia MenA( 6ockey /(8 &ug(3urg 6 Fri /0&14 E pm • $oncordia MenA( Ba(ket3all /( 7u(ta/u( &dol,hu( 6 +at /0&94 ' pm • $oncordia MenA( 6ockey /( &ug(3urg 6 +at /0&94 & pm • $oncordia Wo*enA( Ba(ket3all /( 7u(ta/u( &dol,hu( 6 +at /0&94 / pm • MS@M Wre(tling /( SMS@ 6 (hurs /0&'4 E pm • MS@M Wre(tling /( St $loud State @ni/er(ity 6 +at /0&94 & pm • N)S@ Wre(tling /(8 &ir Force 6 Fri /0&14 E pm • N)S@ Wo*enA( Ba(ket3all /( South )akota State 6 +at /0&94 & pm S6&M4'4SS 1'@7 • MS@M &lu*ni Night at )ragon( Ba(ket3all $ Fri4 /0'/4 NemCek. ;OGO admission if you wear your Dragon gear. Hids under /& free. Feet after the game at ;uffalo ild ings in Foorhead. omen’s game starts at 2pm4 Fen’s starts at Dpm. • @ni/er(ity of Mary i( offering a ,rofe((ional de/elo,*ent work(ho, on #/erco*ing your Fear of 1u3lic S,eakingB (tarting Fe3ruary "th8 (asha =ohlfs4 <ublic +peaking ,onsultant will lead the group on how to eJpress your message more clearly and concisely while also being confident with your delivery and message. (he course meets February 14 // and /D from 15': $ 25': p.m. at the >niversity of Fary in Fargo. *dditional information can be found at www.umary.edu0publicspeaking. 7##) $&@S4 January

9th &nnual Fi(hing for a $ure 6 +at /0&94 (he =oadhouse4 )ake <ark. benefiting the =oger Faris ,ancer ,enter. * Fulti6lake ice fishing tournament with great priCes? Fish on your favorite lake and bring your biggest fish in each category to (he =oadhouse for weigh6in. For @uestions email5 Bro( on Broadway >ick off 1arty 6 (ues /0&D4 -oDo )ounge. Get signed up to start an outstanding month of fundraising for men in our region fightin prostate cancer. (here will be dude food 8 a drink for participants. <op agner takes the stage at D pm. $are( for >id( .adiothon-%oin Fidwest ,ommunication +tations L71 !7'.EFF# and Froggy 77.7 !77.7FF# on %anuary ':6'/ as they broadcast live during the /1th *nnual ,ares for Hids =adiothon benefitting ,hildren’s Firacle Network at +anford ,hildren’s -ospital. Foney raised is used to support special programs4 high6tech medical e@uipment and to fund research and education for +anford ,hildren’s -ospital. Iisit for more information.

Fe3ruary • 2 !" .ed .i/er 0alley 6eart Ball $ +at &0/4 9 pm4 -oliday Inn. *n evening to celebrate the lives saved 8 improved to benefit the *merican -eart *ssociation. Includes a social4 live 8 silent auctions 8 a short program. (ickets are K77 or K/E7 for a couple and can be purchased by calling /6D::621&6D1::. • %oin Farcus (heatres 6 +at &0/ 8 +un &0& during the >id( )rea* Winter Fil* Serie( and en3oy K& admission to Despicable Fe &? /::O of admission proceeds benefit ,hildren’s Firacle Network at +anford ,hildren’s. • 22th &nnual Sweetheart Ball $ +at &0D4 2 pm4 -oliday Inn. .n3oy an evening of dinner4 dancing4 live 8 silent auctions4 8 a short program to benefit the =onald FcDonald -ouse ,harities of the =ed =iver Ialley. (ickets are KE9 and can be purchased online here or by calling E:/6&'&6'7D:. • !!th &nnual Nordic 7ala 6 +at &0D4 E pm4 -3emkomst Fuseum. ,ome 8 eJplore your +candinavian side with the number of silent auction items4 +candinavian music 8 food4 what could be a better wy to en3oy the icy winter but to warm up with some +candinavian hospitality? (ickets available at -3emkomst ,enter4 +tabo +candinavian Imports 8 +canDesign. K&: in advance4 K&9 at the door. • MS@M Founder( Scholar(hi, 7ala $ Fri &0/14 social starts at 95':pm4 F+>F ,omstock Femorial >nion ;allroom. For /&9 years4 Finnesota +tate >niversity Foorhead has impacted the lives of students4 helping make our community4 region and world a better place. <lease 3oin them this IalentineGs Day for the Founders +cholarship Gala at F+>F. (he evening will include an elegant dinner and dessert4 auction4 mystery wine4 cash bar by +peak .asy4 music by (he Front Fenders4 as well as complimentary valet parking and coat check. (here will be a brief program as you hear from current and past scholarship recipients. <roceeds from the evening benefit the Founders +cholarship. (his yearGs Gala is sponsored by ;remer ;ank. Details5 (ickets are KE9. =egister at www.mnstate.edu0foundersgala or call &/D.1EE.&992.

=W$& $a(( $lay (eeking no*ination( for Wo*en of the =ear 6 now through Fon4 &0/E. omen of the Lear event celebrates and honors women 8 businesses whose passion 8 service inspires other and shapes the ,ass6,lay community. for nomination forms or more information.

March • Fargo 'ion( $lu3 1re(ent(? For =our 4ye( #nly featuring )euce( Wild )ueling 1iano( $ Fri4 '0E4 25':pm to Fidnight at the =adisson. (his annual fundraiser provides eye eJams and glasses to hundreds of students and other needy individuals in the Fargo6Foorhead ,ommunities. Funds also purchase vision magnifiers4 travel for those needing eye surgeries out of town4 and large print books in Fargo <ublic +chools for children that have vision impairments. .ven includes dinner4 live0silent auctions4 and a performance by Deuces ild dueling pianos. ,orporate tables available for K21:4 or individual tickets for KD:. ,ontact Dave =ogness at E:/.E7'.:2:9 or for tickets.

)#WN T64 .#&) $ for %ade <resents ;J1< shows4 you can find tickets at (ickets ':: located at ':: ;roadway !F6F Noon62pm#4 by calling D226'::6D':: or • Tra*,led By Turtle( - +at &0/4 (he Ienue ;J1< • 7o Mur,hy - +at &0/4 =ed =aven • Ju(tin Ti*3erlake $ Fri &0E4 Fargodome • Fargo Fil* Fe(ti/al $ '016'0D4 Fargo (heatre • We(t Fargo 6igh School 1re(ent( Sweet $harity $ Feb /14 /94 &/4 &&4 /24 &' • Future %(land $ '0&74 (he *@uarium ;J1< • Ma(on Jenning( & %ri(h )e*ent 6 1014 Fargo (heatre ;J1<

F#@N) #N F&$4B##> The Fargo Beat fan ,age $ www.facebook.com0(heFargo;eat If you do not already )ike our page4 you really should for two reasons. One4 you will find additional info like you do in our weekly emails. (wo4 if you don’t4 it will hurt our feelings. P • Bro( on Broadway >ick-off 1arty ;!C2D< 6 www.facebook.com0events0/'7&9:2E/E2E&1'D0 • M4') Work(ho, 6 www.facebook.com0meldworkshop B4&T+S F&0#.%T4 TW44TS The Fargo Beat $ www.twitter.com0thefargobeat Les4 we are on (witter too. Follow us and you may get to sit at the cool kid table at school. • 'ucky+( !3 1u3 $ www.twitter.com0luckys/'pubfargo • Startu, Weekend Fargo $ www.twitter.com0swfargo

,urrently4 there are 9EE email addresses registered to receive (he Fargo ;eat. <lease contact to5 +ubmit information for an upcoming email4 share any comments4 add or delete your email address to0from the distribution list.

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