Portsmouth Labour Party

2 Oriel Road


Mr Nick Clegg MP Deputy Prime Minister 70 Whitehall

21" April 2013
Dear Nick, We are greatly heartened by your renewed commitment to the right of recall and wish to share our

full commitment to the proposed reforms. Nowhere is the need for this reform more needed than in the Portsmouth South constituency. There is a growing disbelief amongst constltuents that Mike Hancock MP maintains his office and continues to enjoy the full support of his party leadership. Although your internal party inquiry continues to investigate allegations of misconduct against him, many local people are deeply frusilated by the
pace and depth of this investigation. Local voters believe that the desire to avoid a by-election, against a backdrop of scandal and intrigue, will have undue influence on any decision reached by the inquiry. ln your reply we hope that you can allay such fears and make clear your own personal

commitment to the integrity transparency of this investigation.
You may well consider this letter as an exercise in political point scoring. However, we would caution you against this. lndeed, our greatest concern is the impact that Mike Hancock MP has on local

peoples' perception of politicians and the potential impact this will have on democratic participation
and engagement in the city.

Therefore we welcome the revival of your governmenfs plans for the power of recall and would fully support the people of Portsmouth South's potential engagement with such powers. Please can you assure us that any reforms will not be blocked or watered down by the potential for embarrassment and inconvenience to you or the liberal Democrat party? Moreovei can you confirm that you recognise the potential need for their use in the city of Portsmouth.
Yours sincerely,



Cllr John Ferrett Leader of the Labour Group on PCC
CC- Mike Hancock MP CC- Portsmouth News


Robert Smith CLP Secretary

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