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Contents BSSBAIS (Public & Commercial Facility) TIGAL SHIA (Govongtriomatone Beiobon Cee) + 6 BE (isPzeWine Be ne SON Serve, Onn & Men LP}+ PSL OF iC cect Cocpes LP (Certo Con) 99% (ndPee Winer) B22 ola ‘SECS ORRIR HINA Moron Yama Asots Fe AFEY CAN AAEAO | (teu-Port CoostelFenyTeminal) ~ 4 ‘BS (IsPaeWene SI oneal + B82 ose ogee 94% (ndPize Wine} 72 vee oops we BEVAA! FF MAT (Guang Dong-gu verte Buling) «- 22 ‘BEE! (IePie Wines) SHORT SBE + BEE + Tee OIE MBE SZSALIIG Nofond Asem rary ~ Digilib)» 26, BEE (Idee Wine) BBLS 01g + 24 948 (2nd Pee Whnel) S12 181+ BBE $43 (nd Poe Wine!) EEA 8 8488 ‘SUSU FUG ok SAIS {Buleon-dong Nonghyun Complex una) ‘BOE Nee We) AB 93% OndPee Woe) RAE 21 8 GaPe Wena) MEE zm oi oy SPESEIM Wyutioning Center) ~ ‘ER (Pee Wine) lees 925 nd Pe ined) 2S FEB 0 BORREEM SVOIUH SeackenNtseraPaktemadenBeal «58 ‘BE! (tA Wene) AY wer Be, sa BETH iaung-colH Tow) me ‘BOE Ne PeoVinne) Kost aR 21 8 aReeviinel ABE zen 2+ 3 dPee We) IA ome SAI-F SHAE | (OF Suerte taxied iikstboy sc!) 7A ‘BOE (deere) AOR ee 221-4 BISA || Or Swencoxtie tack cy soni) 78 ‘28 (arte Wena) ARE sea SYOHREIAL Hakyeou Scion) ‘BU (ace Wee) B80 BES Be es BSE BALES Pibic Crone owe h Changryecrg-gunl +++ ‘BOR Aspe Wine 1 Bee ‘ox Sudo te 28 rd Pee Wore) MBE 2G FRUSBABE (Conese Gener othe Repubic of Karen n Shona) ~~ ‘BEN (a Pee We) BER ores 92% (rate Wena) EAI S e180 SVSE BUMS Ovrgrersen-cleretciecn Coe ‘BU [tPe Were) 592 48% $8 rae inne) BPI Bey eon zal 21% GPa ines 28 28 eee ome DRUGAL SEALS (Crugcheongrom-co Bonch of korea Bectic Power Coporcion} ‘BEE Og Ae Were) IBZ 20K 94% Ord PeeWee) 1c 88 BRUT GOT \Honaseona Bench olKorea Bact PowerCoporaton) <~~ ‘SUE (is PeWne) SIEAEZ 01a) 24% nd vine OF 2 aee "BUNS XIXIMIEY (Pyeonance-dongSef-aovermert Certet --- ‘BAR (ise Viney 252 ones 93 (anaPie Wines) EIR 2er SBBT MOEA (chungcronctk-cb Sechas bonny Cena) ~ BMS (IgPxeWime) B82 2S + OH 7+ 3 (ae Wines) SHB OBE + BBE 21 3 (due Wome) BBL ase + gous EER BQIGS (FE) ANS Ue NEC Boodcosing Staton) ~~ ‘OR (APrae Winey RE ongel +882 94% land Wine) BBZ aes ISIE QIDHEZESt (Conetou Korea Bevaton Sencarceaton| ‘BEE (ls Pe Wene) SHERH 208 BBAIS (Goverment Facility) 1d “122 138 150 158 BIIKIB 718 (Gyeonadi loca Melecrdogo Obsewatoy) 164 BSH (IgPeine SALE el 233% ndPize Wine) SYA BBe+ aes BSAVBE (CrurdoukProwcalPoice GovenmertButing) °°°172. ‘BE MePhe Were) HONILON asa 928 OnPiaa Wena) 218285 oe EMYSY VERNAL (Cuncteon tet Cout Goraneung Govermen Bing] GSS (there) 2851 gee + nett 943 Ord Poe Wenet) SREIUOH aye + Bees 223 OndPze met) 2RIATIUOR 2a PUMP 281 283 BURIAL FANE (Conta RadoNonioing cn foe) “192 ‘BUH Nsroe Wine) OFS a 948 prc Ninel MBI aae BYRIMEL HIRES (Cental fac Nentoing Jay Otee) *~“200 ‘BO [eRe Wim) (ON ae + 221g, BEA'BA (Gongnam Fe chon} ~~ BE Ngee 18H uel 218! 2) 8 Gee Were) Oz oe SIRIRA! SANEIBIS! noe Telecom Yona Taephone Once) 212 ‘BER (APie Wines) SERIO ae + mee 92% GrdPee Winer) B22 ores BY GEMRY UscnGorwnkCtice direction ~ ‘B08 (tPaevinned 91 Bee 945 (ndPice Wrne) SEER uF paz ORE BLAME (longounaPot Otce) BOS (IsPiaeWenet) 22S Oe 225 Grohe) HOH] od BESHE (Gyeorguon Fos Ofice) ~ SNS (IsPheWinne) ZR Ome S28 (ndPve Wimet) BBE ‘Bez BORA frend fot Oa) 28 SAE (9 Pte Wine) BRON . one 22% QndPree Wnned OFFI ES BUPA bxemyeoorasOfed) 95 Contents ‘BE (Ide Wrne) 9B 0g AMELIA (Seosen Post Oioe).-~ 256 BE (1d Wrne) E92 95% (nde Vine!) OFIE AEFI west Cheong Pos Otel" 264 "BA (ePRe We SF2I BF 95% (ond Pe Wore) 2A 288 2121S. (veoncheon Fos Ofce! 272 "AS (tae Wened BERIRILO‘E Baty + 28 9231 indice Wore MOIREN| BE scree eae SELMER oun Fes foe) ~~ ‘Bee (Ise Wine} OF MES BE MSFN (ova. Mes factors Goverment ung! “284 ‘GE (gPe Wine) E25 ve $48 Pd PeeWee) Bet 2 a8 ‘SIE SAIAI8 (Medical & Welfare Facility) — ee CHAOS SBSHEEAISIEY Doecti~< dong Cute Wette Conte) 294 BOR (IsPee Wied HOI Bee + Beg, 24% (Onde Wee) lesz BPD|+ 0125 AMBAL EXP |B SERTE \Beou Netopoton Woes Wetore Center forivedmentntucn) =" BER (Pie Wine) WEAR 3 o+808 2%) (ndPize Wrnet) FOI} 2 4 H+ ‘UEFA VOHLUEAIBE teracrecn-q.OecbecPescninae Certs) 310 ‘GOR (laPe Wied RZ one 252 (dice Wrnet) 28 BARD ores FMA IS SLA ASS SME Leone Cofoic Medio Cerlr—fmergency Cent) 318 ‘OR (isPee Wed GFZ orgs} 94% landPiceWene) 22804 aes ewes mee 21 1 (id Pe Wrne) SEZ aes (2124 SBF 21> inchecn Bupyeong-guHeath Cente) <--+-330 BU (tae Mirna) SEZ 2018