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ATZJ-D-B 26 June 2009


Subject: Justification for sending a team to the 9th Annual International Sniper

1. This October 2009 SFC Blogg and SSG Hawes will represent FT Jackson at the 9th
Annual International Sniper Competition. FT Jackson has never fielded a team. This
representation of FT Jackson meets several of the Campaign Objectives set by our
leadership. Specifically it meets Campaign Objectives 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0.
Campaign Objective 1.0, Serve as Army CoE for IET; is met specifically by
representing to the International community that FT Jackson has competent and
professional cadre teaching our IET soldiers and IET instructors. This representation of
cadre on the world stage is in line with object 1.3. At this event, marksmanship
professionals from around the world will be there to share ideas on the analysis of
marksmanship training. As members of the CAT-C team, SFC Blogg and SSG Hawes are
in a position to recommend and institute these changes in our IET environment. This
directly addresses Campaign Objective 1.2.
The international Sniper Competition is a key to meeting objective 2.0; Provide
Soldiers ISO ARFORGEN. The War on Terror is an ever changing battle front requiring
constantly changing techniques to defeat the enemy. By bringing together the world’s top
Snipers to share their ideas and techniques, keeps our tactics in line with the most current
and up to date tactics and techniques used in the War on Terror. These lessons learned in
actual combat, from both successes and failures within the Sniper community, will make
us all better leaders and more effective at full spectrum operations and in turn meets
specific Campaign Objectives 2.4 and 2.5.
One of the most relevant Campaign Objectives that is immediately met by the
International Sniper Competition is objective 3.0, Develop Leaders. The competition
requires leaders to become adaptive, thinking soldiers who develop a plan and execute.
This grows every competitor’s leadership ability and tests it in front of the international
community. This environment encourages a sharing of ideas between soldiers that can
not be found or replicated elsewhere.
A possibly overlooked Campaign Objective that is met by representing FT Jackson at
the Sniper competition is objective 5.0, Enhance QOL for Soldiers. Whether or not we
choose to admit it or not, there is a stigma about FT Jackson, that it is a “soft skills” post
with little relevance in a tactical/ combat arms arena. Our post is known by many
outsiders as “Relaxin’ Jackson”. This is entirely false. Those who actually work here
know that many of our cadre are combat arms veterans who are teaching our IET
soldiers. By representing FT Jackson at the International Sniper Competition, we prove
our relevance and contribution of the war effort. Also, it would create a sense of pride for
those stationed here by highlighting an over looked/ looked down upon Post, as a
competent and formidable war fighter. We also will provide soldiers with a team to
“cheer and root for” in a competition that FT Jackson has never been. Attendance at the
International Sniper Competition clearly accomplishes the goals set in FT Jackson’s
Campaign Objectives. For maximum representation of FT Jackson at the Sniper
Competition a proper train up and support plan must be instituted. Unfortunately, Army
rehearsals seem to have been over looked. We consider ourselves proficient enough to do
the job without proper practice. This is obviously false. Sometimes this can prove
deadly in combat. FT Jackson lacks the proper facilities, instructors and equipment to
provide this train up.
As a solution, we highly suggest and seek a train-up program at the US Training center
in Moyock, NC. This facility provides world class instruction from the best teachers in
the community. It has top of the line facilities and equipment. This would ensure the
proper train-up and provide rehearsals that would successfully prepare ‘Team US Army
FT Jackson’ for the competition. It is recommended that our team attend the Basic and
Advanced Sniper Courses. The Basic Course provides the team with an opportunity to
gather to gather necessary data on rifles and review and rehearse the fundamentals that
must be mastered to be successful. The Advanced Course can not be taken without their
Basic course; and the Advanced Course is critical to successful placement at the Sniper
Competition. The advanced course provides the competitors with the opportunity to
work as a team. Thew will work on communication, and learn advanced methods at wind
and range estimation, engagement of moving targets, and shooting in high stress
situations. These are all critical aspects to successful participation in the Sniper
Competition. Most Sniper teams in the competition have worked together as a team for
several years. SFC Blogg and SSG Hawes have not had this opportunity and have only
worked together for a few months. In those months they have not actually had the
opportunity to work together as a Sniper team. The training courses at the US Training
Center in NC will provide this necessary opportunity and knowledge. It removes training
distractions and hurdles, and is nearby; not requiring wasted time and money for
traveling. Tuition is relatively cheap compared to most other schools. And it is more
time efficient. Lodging can be provided that easily falls within per diem requirements,
and the timing of the courses is perfect. The goal of a proper train-up is to peak during
the event and not during training. The dates of the Basic Course requested are 28 SEP to
02 OCT, the Advanced Course is 05-09 OCT, and the Sniper Competition is from 14-24
October. This is perfect timing that allows the team to maximize and peak performance
at the Sniper Competition, and apply everything learned and rehearsed at the training
courses with little time to let the knowledge slip away.
SFC Blogg and SSG Hawes have also paired up with the Army Center for enhanced
Performance (ACEP) as a case study in sports psychology. Lessons learned from this
partnership in the train-up and study of marksmanship and mindset will directly relate
and apply to the future preparation of our IET soldiers and make them more effective and
efficient marksman. Their position as instructors in the CAT-C course; the spearhead
program advocating Outcomes Based Training and Education, creates an effective tool in
implementing the knowledge learned from the training and support received by our FT
Jackson Chain of Command and ACEP.

2. With the proper train-up requested, support from the FT Jackson community, and
the partnership with ACEP, the Sniper Team representing FT Jackson will do incredibly
well and put FT Jackson on the map in a tactical arena that it has never been. However, it
certainly belongs in this category. The competition will prove this.
3. The ammunition requirement for participation in the US Training Center is quite
specific. It requires 400rds of match grade ammunition per week per shooter. Also, the
ammunition requirement for the International Sniper Competition at Ft. Benning is
equally specific. It requires 400 rds of ammunition per weapon system.
3. The Point of Contact for this memorandum is the undersigned @ (803) 751-1546

Terry Blogg

Terry Blogg