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Republic of the Philippines Province of _________} s.s. Or City of __________ AFFIDAVIT OR SWORN STATEMENT I, Edralyn Sumi an, of le!

al a!e, been duly s orn, depose and say" ith residence at ______, Philippines, havin!

#urin! a phone conversation ith my father, he as$ed me hy I brou!ht this matter %referrin! to the incidents in &u ait and Philippines' to the attorney. (e also as$ed me hy I divul!ed the incidents no and hy I did not say anythin! before. I told him that I felt bad for him yet he did not bother understandin! me. (e as shoutin! at me the hole time, hich led me to )uestion his an!er hen in fact he as the one ho did this !ruesome act %*i$a pa an! !alit, i$a na an! na!baboy+,'. -ac$ then, I tried to understand him and his or$ yet he still violated me. (e responded by as$in! me hy a la yer sent him a letter and I told him because it is the truth. (e responded by sayin! that he.ll resi!n from his post in /i!eria and never !o home or e should fi0 this so he can help me financially. (e as$ed me hy I $ept on brin!in! bac$ the events that happened in the past, and I responded that it as not my intention, hich is hy I $ept silent and endured the pain. (e then screamed at me as$in! me hy I am ma$in! *noise, no . I told him that he should as$ himself hy since he as the one ho violated me. (e anted me to ma$e a ban$ account under my name or #oday so he could deposit money for my daily e0penses for school. (e said that the money could 1ust !o to me for my education instead of payin! for la yer.s fees. 22222 %end of conversation or recordin!3' I/ 4I5/ESS 4(EREO6, I have set my hand this __day of ___, 789_ at Philippines. _______ :ffiant S;-SCRI-E# :/# S4OR/ to me before this __ day of __ at _______, Philippines, affiant appearin! before me and sho in! her C5C /o. ____ issued on _____ at ______, and presentin! a document entitled _____, ho is $no n to me personally and ho si!ned said document in my presence and s ore that she understood the contents thereof and that the same as her free and voluntary act and deed. /otary Public ;ntil #ec. __, 789_ #oc. /o. Pa!e /o. -oo$ /o. Series of 789_