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Works Cited Applications App Dynamic. AirServer. Available at http://www.airserver.

AirServer is an application that allows iPads and iPhones with mirroring capabilities to mirror their screens on a computer that has downloaded AirServer. AirServer gives teachers the opportunity to have students display their work on a screen. Mirroring can be password protected and AirServer has the ability to mirror multiple devices at the same time.

Apple, Inc. Keynote. Available at

Keynote is Apples primary app for slideshow presentations. Students have the ability to create media presentations, or they can use the app to organize presentations and work from the course in a professional manner.

Apple, Inc. Pages. Available at

Pages is Apples primary word document app. Students will use this app as such.

Apple, Inc. iMovie. Available at

iMovie is Apples primary movie making app. Students use this to create films about the content they are learning.

Apple, Inc. Garage Band. Available at

Garage Band is an Apple app that allows students to manipulate music. Students may use the app during the music video project.

Educreations, Inc. Educreations. Available at

Educreations is an app that allows teachers to create online class lesson for students. Teachers can record themselves using a slide show to discuss, demonstrate, and inform students about content. In this unit, students will also use this app as a resource to demonstrate their own understanding of content.

Evernote, Inc. Evernote. Available at

Evernote is a free note taking application. Students can toke notes on their iPads using the app. The app can store notes by subject, location of the notes, or the date of the notes. Students can also share notes with others who have an Evernote account.

Skitch, Inc. Skitch. Available at

Skitch is an application that allows students to manipulate and label images. In the unit, students can use Skitch to label and highlight important features or processes of a particular graph. Since Skitch is integrated with Evernote, all manipulated images are saved and shared with the same ease as the Evernote app.

TouchCast, LLC. TouchCast. Available at

TouchCast is an application that allows teachers to create interavtive lessons for their students. Using technologies known as vApps, students can insert interactive polls, Twitter feeds, and images that are part of their educational video.

Twitter, Inc. Twitter. Available at

Twitter is the most popular and most simple form of social media. Students can tweet videos, pictures, links, and messages that are 140 characters or less. In this class, Twitter is used to foster an academic community that learns through interaction.

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This is the course textbook for the class.!