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Strategy Decision sheet format

1. Decision Making Situation Industry: Electronic Device. According to analyst usage of PCs would top 1 illion in !""# t$is growt$ will e roug$t y %ainly developing countries like India & C$ina in Asia and ot$er e%erging %arket. As t$e industry $as evolved significantly t$e growt$ in volu%e will not e at par wit$ revenue y t$e PCs. Alterative devices like s%artp$ones# $and$eld PDA# and ga%e console# '( set up o)es are so%e c$allenge to t$is industry. Co%pany: Apple Inc. founded as Apple Co%puter in 1*+,# in -os Altos# California# was started as a co%puter circuit oard designing co%pany. Apple Co%puter eca%e pu lic co%pany in 1*.".

!. Decision S$eet Identify key decision /uestions 0issues w$ic$ re/uires1re/uired strategic intervention2 3ow to %aintain Its co%petitive edge over ot$er co%petitor like dell# -enovo# Co%pa/ and 3P# Acer 3ow to find and develop new products like iPod# iP$one 45. I6ook. 7ind new ways to reduce price w$ile delivering $ig$ /uality products. E)plore new %arket for products like PCs# as 8S %arket is near to saturation for t$ese product. 7inding new ways of %arketing# & distri ution of products Introducing new Application software t$at %eets t$e needs of consu%ers. E): (isicalc w$ic$ was $it a%ong usiness users. Developing products t$at are platfor% independent and interopera le wit$ ot$er %ac$ine.

My decisions 0its rationale# feasi ility# effects# and tradeoffs2: 9$at are %y decisions 0/ualitative and /uantitative2: Designing and developing new products like iP$one# iPad# i6ook as sales of t$ese products & %aintaining t$e ;ationale and feasi ility of i%ple%enting %y decision '$ese products are considered as potential su stitutes of PCs and current figure verifies sales of t$ese 9$at is t$e i%pact of %y decisions and $ow will it %ake a difference to %y in$eritance: 3aving a strong rand i%age of Apple will facilitate t$e flow of t$ese products in %arket. As Apple products 9$at are t$e trade<offs in t$e decisions 0/ualitative and /uantitative2: Designing and developing new products is capital and ti%e consu%ing and presence of large co%peting adds

%arket s$are of iP=D as +"> in 8S

rising significantly. 7easi ility: 3aving a strong focus on /uality and strong ;&D ase can $elp to innovate new products. Scullers decision to su contract t$e %anufacturing was a skillful decision to sustain profita ility. 7easi ility: 6y su contracting to countries like 'aiwan# '$ailand w$ere factor cost are lower t$an 8S Apple can %anufacture products at In !""+# $o%e uyers purc$ased a out @!> of worldAs co%puter and SM6 accounted roug$ly for 4!># and for SM6 users support and service are %aBor concern. 7easi ility: 3aving a large service ase along wit$ retail distri ution will attract t$e SM6.

known for t$eir $ig$ /uality and design# it will attract t$e consu%ers well infor%ed a out iPad# iPod# i6ook.

E)pansion in $ori?ontal and vertical integration

Integrating wit$ new partner like Sa%sung and 'os$i a and will $elp in $ori?ontal integration as t$ese are well known %anufacturer of $ard disk# ;AM.

uncertainty since it is possi le y t$e apple launc$ its product ot$er co%petitor launc$es a si%ilar kind of product in lower price. So t$ere can e loss of %oney and ti%e. '$e cost of t$ese supplies will e $ig$er t$an in< $ouse production of t$ese parts. It will create furt$er dependency on t$ese co%ponents supplier.

Design products targeting all five categories of PC and focus into Education seg%ent

'$ese initiatives will provide t$e new consu%er seg%ent for Apple and will strengt$en t$e growt$ of t$e co%pany.

Since Apple is well known as a lu)ury rand in PC so targeting lower seg%ent can affect t$e i%age of Apple w$ic$ can alienate t$e $ig$ end custo%er.

Specify %easures to %itigate t$e negative conse/uences

Apple %ust ensure t$at it s$ould keep innovate# ring new products and keep upgrading its previous version of products# since t$at will $elp custo%er to re%ain loyal to co%pany. 7ind new partner in industry suc$ as new %usical vendor ut not at t$e e)pense of /uality# w$ic$ will give argaining power.