My excerpts from all the great seduction guides

Do As Much As You Can To Improve Now let's have some fun! Never leave a group because you “ran out of things to say”. Say anything. Even the lamest line in the world is better than awkward silence. And your brain will start to get used to improvising and dealing with social pressure. Once she has shown some signs of attraction (touching you, laughing at your jokes, staying and talking to you for 20 minutes or so), then you can move to Qualification Tell stories with installed sugessions and unconscious effects. Talk more about their „hidden‟ woman inside and ask her to point out where in her body this woman resides. Touch her wherever she says it is, and shortly thereafter, escalate physically. Game over!
to make every woman feel like she is completely unique to you.

you want to get her in the habit of doing things for you. You want her agreeable to your suggestions, requests, needs, et cetera. You want to get a pattern established of her doing things for you—got it? You are out to control her physically and mentally, right? Ultimately you want to be able to dominate the woman you approach in every and all ways. Ask her for advice. It will please her. Please her so much fucking that she will foget everything else. Do it unconsciously. Does this haircut look all right to you, does this jacket make me look like some kind of faggot, do you think I've been working out too much, et cetera. Never let her make any decisions. She don’t like to take decisions. She want someone to made the decisions for her. To rule her. So that she don’t have to use her mind. Go aggressive. Give her competition. Be a party to everyone. Never finish an intresting story There is no such thing as rejections only feedback. First practice openers and then conversations. Have fun.practice and learn. This time, whisper in her ear that she smells really good. Then start to smell her neck and shoulders. This one is a time bomb!

You want to be busy all the time and love being with people – even though most of them disappoint you.

1. Visualize yourself in a white room. You’re in a bed and everything is white. How do you feel? 2. What is your favorite animal? What qualities do you see it as having? 3. What is your favorite color? How does it make you feel when you think about it? 4. Imagine yourself on a beach. Nobody is around and the ocean is right in front of you. What do you do? Now the answers: 111. This is how they view death and dying. 2. This is how their friends view them. 3. This is how they view themselves. 4. This is how they view sex. I’ve turned around some of the coldest women I’ve ever encountered using this routine, so enjoy it! We can learn to influence women by harnessing one or more of the six universal principles of influence: • Reciprocation. Women give back to you the kind of treatment that they have received from you. • Scarcity. Women will try to seize on the opportunities you offer them that are rare or dwindling in availability. • Authority. Women will be most persuaded by you when they see that you have knowledge and credibility on a topic. • Commitment. Women will feel a need to comply with your request if it is consistent with what they have publicly committed themselves to in your presence. • Liking. Women prefer to say yes to your requests to the degree that they know and like you. No surprise there. • Consensus. Women will likely say yes to your request if you give them evidence that people just like them have been saying yes to it.
Focus on having a good time is most important You have 3 seconds for introduction start. Isolate Sniff the hairs Neg Use suggestions and metaphores I realized, was a lot like stand-up comedy or any other performing art. They each require openers, routines, and a memorable close, plus the ability to make it all seem new every time tujhe mere sath itne maje nahi lene chahiye.. tujhe shayad isme bohot maja aaye. Dhyan se meri aawaz sun tujhe maja aayega.

Soch tu kitni surprise hogi jab tujhe bohot maja aayega.

Weasel Phrases + Command Verbs + States, Processes or Experiences = Embedded Commands Just pop out of nowhere. LIKE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEAVE CMFRTABL AND FRIENDLY Practice Leave her on high happy magical condition Do things whn its least expected. on/off/on/off sequence give just a taste dn complain Ten numbers Will Getcha Two girls. Dn ask. Let them do it.
respond to routines involving tests, psychological games, fortune-telling, and cold-reading like addicts respond to free drugs. I can only stay for a minute "You give it value. You show that others like it. You make it scarce. And you make them work for it. Luk at lips It’s the attitude by which u ask Humor Appealing to her curiosity Putting an unusual or unexpected twist on an old, cliche pick-up Role playing Faking like you already know her Appealing to her ego Showing outrageous balls or guts Mirror

“y such a ladies man is not interested in her as a woman” There is nothing more effective in seduction than making the seduced think that they are the ones doing the seducing. Confuse desire and reality

1Lightly pushing her 2try to hand hr something n not letting go.pretending to grab something out of her hand and sas she is holding itjust lightely toch itlike you r going to grab it but dont 3pokin her in her side pinching her arm r ticklin is gr8.pull hairs 4ask her if she wanna wrestle Inshort physical activities are much more effective and create a bonding and a lot of fun too. now go date girls have fun

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