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Shri Tavariaji met his mater Shri Ram when he was only

seven years old. Over a period of seven years he learnt the practices of a very secret
system of yoga from his master. He said that this system was passed from master to
disciple in the guru shisya parampara originating from Maharishi Patnajali who is
credited with the compilation of the yoga sutras.
Shri Tavariaji condensed the system into few simple exercises together
with the three step rhythmic breath, so that the benefits of such a rich system of yoga
could easily be available to everyone.
His teacher advised him to be a householder, and so he lived a family
man throughout and is survived by his wife and two children. He said the real test of
yoga is in family life.
Shri Tavariaji has two degrees in engineering and two in master of arts.
He had tremendous control over his body brain system brought about by
yoga practices, even though he ate only three meals a week, he was able to lead a very
normal and active life. He has written two valuable book;
1) Yoga sutra explanation and exposition.
2) The purpose of birth and death.
More over he has left a tremendous amount of notes. He left his physical
body at the age of 76.

I met Shri Tavariaji in 1988 and very soon my whole life began to
revolve around him. Till he left his physical body in 1994 not a day passed without
some kind of connection with him. It was as if I was a small child learning how to
walk with the help of someone’s hand.
Never have I met a more simple and unassuming human being, and his
simplicity was a kind of living poetry. The manner in which he performed the
normal day to day activities of life that had a beauty purpose and creativity of a
painter spraying his canvas with innumerable colors.
That he was a teacher of the deepest sciences of yoga was hidden in his
simple approach to life. Yet his teaching is so simple, but scientific and complete. It
weaves its way into our daily normal lives without upsetting it in the least. As we
continue the practices and the rhythmic breath as shown in the book, one day,
transformation appears.
Shri Tavariaji said that every student has his master or teacher within
themselves. If you follow the practices with intensity and regularity as Shri Tavariaji
would say “with white hot heat” then one day this inner teacher will reveal and
guide the student to the very heart of yoga.
It is with this purpose that a few excerpts of Shri Tavariaji teaching are
given for interested students. I hope that it will give the student a basic outline and
glimpse of Shri Tavariaji’s deeply revealing science of yoga.

What makes an ordinary man a Mahayogi (one who has bought about
transformation consciously)? The question is a wrong one, for there is no making or
becoming. We are what we want to be. Dose a man flower or bloom form within like
a rose i.e. gain full transformation, or is something to be added or introduced or
added to him from an outside source. Is not grace really the flowering or blooming
from within and there by releasing a flood of possibility and power for infinite good,
rather than depend on an outside agency working on him. In this case his
autonomous state which is his birthright is denied to him and the thought that God
and nature have given him free will is contradicted.
If it is an outside agency then, science if not today then in some distant
future can stimulate the same condition. It will nullify the idea of God and his
creation based on certain cosmic laws. If the answer is no, it is from within, then the
question arises how dose it happen? How is he able to bring out the possibility of
transformation? Cannot science tomorrow program the proper functioning of man
and can such technology bring about the state of a Mahayogi. Is this possible?
In the first place is the human being is nothing more than or not beyond
a computer organism, only then these thoughts are valid. But thee fact is that he is
much beyond, and that side of his being is dormant and cannot be awakened unless
he wishes so himself and then sincerely works towards that end. This is free will. He
is autonomous and for that matter each cell Is autonomous. The idea of free will is
this intrinsic inbuilt autonomy of every living cell in his body brain system.
It is noted that anything that is added from an outside source by way of
preaching morality or religion will not be Imbibed or digested, though like a tape
recorder it can be reproduced faithfully for ulterior reasons for each cell in his
system is autonomous, and that is why religion mortality and the efforts for all ages
have not succeeded. Man today in spite of being able to walk on the moon and in
space is as helpless and near animal in nature as he ever was. So the idea of
programming by science would never result in making him a Mahayogi for the
simple reason that he cannot be made, for he already is.
What is the factor that creates the difference between programming and
a naturally achieved state bought about by one owns spontaneous and willing efforts
along proper lines? Let us once again clear our minds as to the process of thought
formation, because that is the only way we function on this planet.
The incoming impulses the sage calls it the effect producing cause, from
persons and objects around us enter our body brain system at the rate of 30,000 per
pulse beat. Of these 120 per pulse beat creates thought processes. They in turn pull
out near identical memory patterns from the unconscious or the memory pools at
the rear of the brain and together rush to the fore or conscious brain, where they
are worked upon by the four centers, intellect/emotions/sex/movement, (I.E.S.M)
and intensified and developed depending on the basic structures of the centers
resulting in automatic reflex action. The cortex aids the process and the entire
process takes place very fast in 1/120 of a pulse beat.
If the 4 centers (I.E.S.M) in the area of the conscious brain were to
become dormant, we have a person in deep coma or dead, because it is the working
of these centers that make the fore brain conscious. This automatic reaction is in
thought word or deed.
From all of this arises all the religions philosophies because we have
been told time and again that the automatic reflex reactions have to be good. But no
one has cared to show and explain how this is done. So man has been paralyzed in
into submission by introducing the theory of heaven and hell, karma and Dharma
which is rampant in the whole world and holds man in mental slavery. Fearing
negative consequence after death which no one has proved or disproved man is held
spellbound. Rituals prayers and priest have survived with religious heads holding
firmly the reins in their hands, even in our age of nuclear since and the space age.
Hence a need for a break through from these numbing fretters on the
human mind and brain. Over the ages this has gone on from the beginning of
creation, and therefore it is not only difficult but near impossible to erase these
memory patterns. Deep rooted fear of punishment of after death dose not allow the
brain to entertain a new thought. Even on attempting to do so one finds this lurking
fear at the back of ones mind.
We know that normally unlearning is not possible. Yoga for long had
tried to work with this indoctrinated human mind and brain, yet keeping in mind
the absolute autonomous state of each human being no successes is possible. Hence
at first entered the ideas of Japa, Tapa, Bhajan and Satsang. This has not helped and
till today many indulge in such escape methods. So what is the remedy for the mass
of humanity? The sages who discovered the science of Sarv Nadi realized that breath
is a powerful and tremendous force. St first they came out with various breathings
aided by various asana. Hence came a bout the creation of the important branch of
Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gnana yoga, etc.
But all these remained exercises that one could not indulge in for the
whole day, and so the rest of the day the old deep rooted patterns re established
their sway over the mind and brain. To avoid this many left their homes for an
ashram life and that of a Bramacharya little realizing that this was a big step to
escape the realities of life, and that God and nature will force them again and again
into the householders life.
So the sages finally arrived at a way of breathing, a natural and full 24
hour of rhythmic breathing (the last noted exponent being Sage patanjali) which
could have the effect of the various special breathing exercises together with the
noted asana and that such a natural and effortless breathing based on sound
scientific fact would give the desired result.
The human brain is a highly volatile and explosive substance. If one
practices any exercise, pranayama or so called meditation and controls it for some
time, no sooner dose one stop such practice (for it cannot be done for 24 hrs) than
this devil of a conscious brain will with vengeance torment the individual and
normal life will again be miserable. So it boils down to the fact that along with
certain exercises a certain kind of pranayama must be included that can relentlessly
be carried out for 24 hrs. the key to this eternal vigilance is the introduction and the
establishment within the body brain system of three step rhythmic breathing 3SRB.
For this is the natural rhythmic breath that we are born with. Only then will the
conscious brain surrender and when it dose, the individual mind is no longer
polluted, the vision becomes pure and the mind turns inward. Over our mind and
brain we have no direct control. Breathing is unique in that, it is the only function
that we can control and make rhythmic, even for all twenty four hrs. if breathing is
controlled and rhythmic then thinking is also controlled and rhythmic. The
circulation of blood to will be controlled and rhythmic with the pulse rate dropping
form 72 to 60 and below.
The breathing is called rhythmic because it follows a certain rhythm in
nature. All planets Suns and stars and the entire universe breaths this rhythm
although at different speeds. When you practice this breathing you will find that
your 12th breath will be more forceful when breathing out
When a child is born it breaths at the same rhythm but at a much faster
rate for the first nine months at approximately 36 breaths a minute, then for the
next nine months at 18 breaths per minute, and for the following month at 12
breaths per minutes. The most important reason why it is known as rhythmic
breathing is because the primary body the astral body intakes prana at the rate of 12
per minute. The first result of this breathing is that a rhythm is established between
the breathing of these two bodies, and because both are breathing in the same
rhythm you remove age old disharmony between these two bodies. This has a
singular effect on the mind and habits and in turn leads to physical mental and
emotional health.
When we breath in rhythm we note that every minute the blood of the
body passes through the lungs which so far were never in harmony with the astral
breath and this conflict is reflected on our mental physical and emotional health.
Once this rhythm is established the lungs benefit the most and in stead of imposing
disharmony and conflict on every cell in the blood, they pass on harmony and
rhythm. Time and again blood returns to the lungs and time and again this harmony
and rhythm is passed on to each cell which in turn supplies harmony, rhythm and
energy to the entire body.
This is to be experienced. Do it and enjoy the innumerable benefits of
rhythmic breathing. But you have to diligently practice and the application has to be
sincere. In the beginning you emotions will disturb your breathing and your average
per day will drop, but constant sincere practice and endeavor will soon succeed and
rhythm will win over emotions and mood.
To establish this original breath will enable the normal human being to
find that
1) One can enjoy good mental, physical, psychic and emotional health
i.e. total health.
2) One can find peace of mind i.e. the turbulence of the thinking
instrument are calmed, the intensities and frequency of wrong
thoughts are reduced.
3) Slowly one embraces automatically and without any motives the good
and the higher path of life without false religiosity or blind adherence.
This is the basic aspect of 3SRB. This is meant for the common man all
over. The one promise of this breathing is that the day you reach 24 hrs a
real master will take charge of you and will then teach you pranayama
the act of control of prana and the higher aspects of yoga.


TECHNIQUE Both chest and abdomen are raised and lowered together
equally. This means that the chest requires more filling due to the
constriction of the ribs whilst the abdomen must not be blown up
NOTE You can lie down horizontally with two heavy books one on your
chest and the other on your abdomen. Check whether both move

VOLUME The breath is full from neck to naval i.e. the upper middle and
lower are filled to normal capacity. The quantity of air inhaled and
exhaled is what is normal to us, neither too much nor to force full, since
3SRB is not an exercise but the correct way of breathing.
NOTE: initially to establish the rhythm your breathing will be deeper,
once the technique and volume are mastered then the volume of the
breath returns to that of normal.

RHYTHM one complete breath take 5 seconds or 6 pulse beats. The exact
rhythm is to count 1-2-3 whilst inhaling and 5-6 whilst exhaling 4 is not
counted. Note that the inhalation is longer than the exhalation. This adds
up to 12 cycles of normal 3SRB per minute. There is no pause in between
breath in and breath out. Begin by practicing 3SRB to taped music and
get acclimatized to doing it in conventional postures. Increase the
duration of practice by 5 minutes each fortnight until in six months one
hour of conscious 3SRB is reached. At this stage one can begin the
regime of going to sleep while practicing 3SRB to taped music in an effort
to transfer the establishment and continuity of 3SRB within the system
from the conscious brain to the unconscious brain. This is the only to
establish 3SRN for 8-10 waking hours.


Q1. There are people who can be classed as ruthless, heartless, Godless
and seasoned criminals, can 3SRB change these types of people?
A1. Yes provided such people on their own show an inclination to give
3SRB a fair trial and having come to 24 hours continue for 12 months
more at the minimum they would unfailingly show tendencies toward

Q2. If 3SRB can be enforced on persons by some scientific

manipulations using instrument would it have the same effect?
A2. the answer is no it cannot give the same results

Q3 In the eye is placed an implant and in the body is inserted a needle

and the pacemaker is carried out, or even the pacemaker is implanted in
the heart and science has thus obtained very good results, so why not in
this case.
A3 Since it is a vital point it needs a clearer answer. Each human being
has created for himself a structure of acceptance in the conscious forebrain through
long periods of thinking and living in a particular manner based on individual
autonomy i.e. what to accept and what to reject. This false structure is first to be
broken down. This cannot be arbitrarily be broken down by science persons or
Such artificial change may appear to work but only for a short time, but
will eventually pass a way and the old structure will hold sway again. Criminal and
such others have a strong structure that is very resistant to outside change.

Q4 Why not if certain scientific methods and instruments continue to

operate the diaphragm?
A4 Presuming that the instruments are embedded in such persons and
they will work with the aid of an electronic battery for all 24 hrs it will still not be
possible. As stated earlier such persons must come to the conclusion on their own
that the 3SRB program is worth while. The program is to consciously breath for 5
minutes daily, increasing by 5 minutes every fortnight and so come to one hour of
conscious 3SRB, over a period of 6 months. Only then such persons are helped to 24
hours of such breathing, but here to their willing acceptance is necessary. When a
person subjects himself willingly to the program, each individual nerve cell
receiving information then decides whether or not to pass the message along.
In the case of bodily disturbances the nerve cell may not hesitate
normally, but tot change an established breathing for a new one. If it dose not
hesitate the whole chain of nerve cells do not hesitate, means there is a sort of
acceptance or inner consent. This is the autonomy of each nerve cell. This point is
vital because it is this autonomy that forms the structure of acceptance. The
program of 3SRB when accepted breaks down this wrong structure to in turn build
and fabricate a more correct one.
Anything supposed to be forced on an individual even with scientific
instruments manipulating the diaphragm against the structure of acceptance will
soon erode and pass away. E.g. if a criminal were subjected to satsang and
automatic movement of the diaphragm through instruments, for some time may be
appeared to be a change person, but sooner or later will find his old ways prevailing.
If a tiger cub were fostered by humans it would remain a vegetarian till
one day it accidentally tastes human blood, or gets a call from another tiger. In all
cases human or animal the structure of acceptance will always prevail because it is
deep down in the body brain system, and nothing happens for the better till such
time this wrong structure is broken down and a better structure is fabricated for
better living.
Here we bring in science can human beings be cloned? Human beings are
far more complicated than plants and animals. One difficulty is that mature human
cells seem to lose thee full genetic potential that they possessed in embryonic stage.
A cloned individual will have the same genes as the donor but will not grow up to be
a copy of the donor because you cannot reproduce the same environment of the
donor. That had already become the past.

Q5. So far so good but there are many ways this structure of acceptance
can be broken down, unless you claim that 3 SRB is the only method to build a more
correct structure consciously and break the false structure?
A5. there are many artificial ways. Monks and nuns of all religious orders
all over try in a way to break this structure of acceptance. Millions do try in the hope
of heaven or threat of hell and some are indoctrinated from an early age in some
manner. But no one has tried to fathom what goes on under the surface of these
minds. It leads to various disorders of the body brain system. Frustrations, guilt
complex, closed minds, great irritation. These are all ruined lives and will require
many lifetimes to return to normal and start all over again, because nature dose not
accept any artificiality. This 3SRB can do in 2 to 3 years if the individual is sincere
and willing.
On the other hand anyone who practices 3SRB by ones own wish or
choice without any hope of reward or fear, then one can experience this for oneself.
The results in all cases will be positive.

Q6. Accepting what you have said what will one find or see after having
reached 24 hrs of 3SRB.
A6. the most apparent finding that one will note or experience are
improvement in physical mental and emotional health i.e. total health. The
turbulence in the thought processes will be immensely reduced. The intensity of
wrong/unwanted thoughts and their frequencies will be reduced before thy
ultimately cease to disturb the individual.
These are noticeable and can be tired and tested and will show results in
all cases, besides the changes taking places for the better biologically which we
cannot see or experience because our awareness is not sufficiently upgraded.

Q7. are higher aspects of 3SRB suggested here?

A7. we do not understand what mind is. The word mind seems to fall
outside the realm of science i.e. it suggests something elusive, ethereal and difficult
to pin down, and some questions suggesting mind/brain questions are really
philosophical rather than scientific. As such they may be unresolved.
Science says that the brain in a way is computer, but in many ways it is
not because no computer can drastically alter its own program. Besides we know
today that substances with small molecules including alcohol, oxygen and many
anesthetic can cross the blood brain barrier. “unfortunately there is no way to
observe a living brain directly”.
To explain the higher purpose of 3SRB we have to mention what may not
appear as strictly scientific today e.g. what is the purpose of life and birth.
1) Judgment is the assignment of the disembodied self, of a new body in
accordance with its record.
2) If a man can arrive there with full knowledge of what he has been and
what he wants to be, choice will be open to him, what is this choice?
3) During this time (i.e. between death and next birth) the self is
bodiless and in this state is able to perceive as real, different parts of
the cosmos, unattainable to it when attached to the body.
4) If we can interpret 1), 2) &3) we find conscious death i.e. self is
conscious at the time of fabrication of new bodies fro the next birth so
that one has a choice i.e. one can set aside pain or karma. In the yoga
sutra Patanjali states this as pain that is yet to come can be warded of.
5) It means also conscious sleep practices which ultimately leads to
conscious death practices, and the dimensions of understanding are
then very real, which is not possible when the self is in the body.


The main purpose of the 3SRB rhythm is to synchronize the prana intake in the astral
body to that of the intake of the breath in the physical body. This is done mainly by
doing 3SRB for all twenty four hours. Achieving this is a long journey and there are
many obstacles on the way. The main obstacles are the emotional Knots that have
formed in the astral body. The astral body is a body of fine energies or prana which
have the quality of emotions that why negative emotions create blocks. This blocks
have formed by the collection of negative emotions and their memory patterns over
long periods of time, not only of this life but of many pervious lives. Granthi means a
deeply embedded negative pattern which keeps on repeating in our actions. Just as a
block in the physical body leads to obstruction in the circulation, on the astral level
these granthis are like blocks to the free flow of prana. Further they tinge the prana
with an emotional color, so prana flowing the astral remains of a very low quality.
These granthis forms at certain specific places connected with energy centers or nerve
plexus in the astral, this leads to diseases or illness manifesting in the physical at the
same corresponding areas. The granthi creates disease.
Taveriaji has said that the astral body is the primary body. But in the
present the astral is primary only in the sense that It creates disease in the physical
body. He has also said that all diseases have their root in the astral body.
It becomes apparent that in our efforts to synchronize the astral with the
physical all the granthis have to be removed. Further the quality of the prana in the
astral must be upgraded and the nerve plexus/chakras/energy centers must be able to
work in a steady rhythm, and the right speed producing the correct amount of psychic
energy. Further these plexuses with their upgraded energies should become the
primary factor in the working of the physical body. When this happens the astral in
the right sense becomes the primary body.
It is with all this that Shri Taveriaji designed the refining exercises. Not
only are they scientific yoga practices, but they are designed in a particular order, so
that refining proceeds, the granthis dissolve, the higher energies start circulating and
finally lead you to the throat center and leave you there. As we shall see this is the
area where we create the energy of communication. Thus the refining exercise take
the student to an area where he can be guided by communication from another
dimension. Each exercise is done with a particular area of the physical body which in
turn is connected to granthis plexus/chakra in the astral body. So when the granthi
and emotional debris is cleared at that particular area only then the emotional
energies relevant to that particular area get up graded.
Example jealousy and anger can be upgrade to love and compassion. By
dissolving the granthi on the astral level we begin to cure disease that manifest
because of the granthi.
The first three exercises are to be done in the 3SRB rhythm but faster at
36 cycles per minute. 1) the rapid rhythm dissolves the granthis. 2) the rhythm is able
to extract higher energies or prana from the air and makes them circulate in the area
of the astral at 36 cycles per minute. These energies which are otherwise not available
help to start certain higher function in thee body brain system.
The exercise help to
1) Remove the obstacles that prevent he synchronization of the astral
and the physical bodies.
2) Help create higher emotional energies by transforming lower ones .
3) Provides the energies for certain plexus/chakras and energy centers
for the astral to start functioning.
4) To lead us to an area stage ground where communication for
guidance is possible.

Now let us understand the astral and the physical and what it means to
make the astral the primary body in the inner evolutionary sense. The human system
consists of 7 or 8 recognizable systems, supported by a skeletal framework and bound
into a solid whole by connective tissues. These systems are united and harmonized by
the life maintaining action of the heart, upon which depends the very existence of the
organism as the individual. Each system covers the entire body and governing all
these systems is the endocrine system, which is made up of certain glands for internal
secretion, usually in pairs. Each gland is set in a particular place and over looks a
particular system. It individually presides over the system as a regulator and
transformer of energy needed for working of the system i.e. this gland transforms the
general life produced by the organism from food air and incoming impulses to
tension required f or that system to work.
Tavariaji said that each endocrine gland is a poor counterpart of
something higher in the astral , what we call chakras so each endocrine gland is
sensitive or associated with an energy center plexus or chakra.
It is these centers which give higher substance required so that the
related endocrine gland can secrete in us its chemicals which lead to a higher quality
of awareness, emotions and understandings. Only when this happens dose the astral
become primary in the real sense of the term. But at present at the area of the nerve
plexus/ chakras we have created granthis. These granthis do not allow the energy
centers/ plexuses to work properly. On the contrary they lead to repetitive negative
emotions and because they are counterparts of the endocrine glands these granthis
with the negative emotions induce the glands to secrete poisonous and harmful
chemicals in the body. This then leads to tension in the physical body and manifest as
aliments and disease.
EXAMPLE: If there is an emotion of jealousy, the granthis involved will
make the related gland to secrete incorrectly (digestive juices secreted when no food
is eaten or no juices secreted when food is eaten) which can lead to rheumatism or
arthritis. Thus the granthis do not allow the glands to in a balanced and harmonious
way leading to over or under secretions of the glands thus creating or releasing
poisonous chemicals in the bloodstream. So on one hand we have to dissolve the
granthis and the negative emotions for the emotional centers to function properly and
on the other hand the centers require a higher prana to work which must be produced
in the astral. As we have noted in the past the astral takes only one type of food
directly and this is the incoming impulses.
Apart form that it also gets the higher energies from the food that we eat
and the air that we breath. 3SRB plays a very important role in helping the astral
extract the maximum energies from the air, which is why 3SRB alone can be
responsible for providing the higher energies for the astral centers to work.
On one side we have the astral energy centers and on the other side their
physical counterparts the endocrine glands. As long as the prana circulating are of a
lower grade, there is not much need of communication between the two. Once the
prana has been refined and upgraded a different kind of communication has to be
established between the two bodies. The establishment of such will involve the
regeneration of the parasympathetic system.
The nervous system is divided into three sub systems
1) The CEREBRO SPINAL which serves the conscious functions of the
body brain system.
2) The SYMPATHETIC which stimulates the unconscious or instinctive
3) The PARA SYMPATHETIC (VAGUS) which slows down the instinctive
functions and compliments it.

Tavariaji has said “The first step is coordination i.e. synchronization of

the prana intake of the astral with the breath intake of the physical. The second step is
communication”. In our talks on pause we saw how communication with the higher
or astral center of the brain takes place. Apart form the centers in the brain there are
minor brains or chakras which have communication with the glands. The
establishment of communications in both the brain centers and the minor brains
involves the working of the parasympathetic system. Further like we have physical or
psychological nerve pathways through out the body, there exists a more subtle system
of energy passages called nadis. These nadis at present are blocked with emotional
debris. For the parasympathetic system to to be activated these nadis have to be
cleansed and strengthened. Nadi Shuddi holds a very important place in hatha Yoga.
As we shall see later exercise no four cleanses and exercise no 5 ignites the
parasympathetic system. Once the nadis are cleansed and strengthened they are
capable of withstanding the high voltage energy with which the parasympathetic
Tavariaji has said of the two nervous systems one is subconscious and
animal and the other is subconscious but human. The later is expected to fully
function is in some evolutionary near future. Can we generate this system and make
use of it today
Before we go into to each exercise is best to remember that tavariaji
always said that that these exercises are not just exercise but valuable techniques that
should be done with the attitude of worship, i.e. keeping their higher purpose in
mind. So a right attitude and inner posture is most important while doing these

NO 1
METHOD: take deep and fast breaths at the rate of 36 cycles per minute
by placing both hands (palms) on the chest. Be attentive that the chest should go out
whilst inhaling and it should drop back whilst exhaling and the other parts of the body
should not move. The entire breath is restricted to the area of the chest and lungs.
TIME LIMIT: maximum one minute in the beginning, then increase at
half a minute per month till one reaches 3 minutes. Please note duration should not
be extended beyond three minutes.
1) Problems connected with the lungs. As we grow older the lungs get
stuck in the upper part due to non use, by doing this exercise this part
is opened up and breathing and blood flow is free, thus curing
asthmatic and respiratory problems such as wet lungs.
2) This is the area of the heart. This exercise therefore remedies all
kinds of heart problems, such as a weak heart, blocked arteries valve
problems etc. it helps regulate the flow of blood, thus enabling
oxygenated blood from the heart the reach every cell of the body. Each
cell has organic memory and this memory is at present in conflict
So by doing this exercise at the 3SRB rhythm blood from the heart
imbibes this rhythm and transports it to each cell of the body. This
rhythm is then slowly taken up by the organic memory of each cell
and where there is rhythm conflict cannot exist. So in this way the
first exercise ensure good overall health for the entire body.

This is the area of the magical quality we call love, but before that this is
also the area where the Ego (I consciousness) is born. And love would mean
transcendence of that ego. This ego starts from birth ever since a name is given to a
person, and satisfying this ego becomes the central point of our lives. Everything
resolves around it and this in turn leads to self centeredness, manipulations of others
and power struggles. Because of this we cannot love, because to love one must have
the will to love. We can therefore say that this is the area where the will is born.
At present the will is flowing outwards in gratifying the ego. Tavariaji call
this neutral will. But to tread and then to walk on the path we need intellectual and
then spiritual will. Intellectual will means an initial understanding of the whole
situation of the ego and trying to rise above it. The rising involves sacrifice of personal
gratification (Ego) to helping others. Gurdjief called this the move from internal
considering to external considering. All this proceeds and our internal structure
changes. We are then in a position to bring about spiritual will. This means not
allowing the ego to interfere with out actions, but to surrender to a higher
consciousness and later to the divine fragment within.
According to Tavariaji spiritual will is created in the Anahata. This
chakra has to parts positive right and negative left. By doing this exercise initially we
dissolve the granthis and the negative energies are made positive. Finally over a
period of time the part of the Anahata that is negative is made positive and then
becomes steady and rhythmic and this happens because the exercise is done in the
rhythm of 3SRB. It is at this point that spiritual will is created. Apart from the above it
also the area of balance. Most of us have the feeling that life is swinging form one
extreme to the other i.e. there is constant imbalance.
This exercise slowly over a period of time keeps us balanced in the ups
and downs of life. Finally and most importantly let us talk about the endocrine
system. Here we have the gland called the Thymus, which in the astral is connected
with the Anahata. The thymus is connected with overall growth. A young child has a
large thymus as he approaches adolescence his growth slows and so his thymus
shrinks. At the age of three another functions also develops from the thymus that is
the growth of the personality. Most importantly what we are concerned with is when
the Anahata give the energy for the thymus for growth in an absolute new and
different direction. The path of evolution, Tavariaji calls this our point in time.
Because the exercises take us closer to the path, this is the first refining exercise.

METHOD: Put both hands (Palms) on the stomach at the upper part of
the naval. In this exercise the upper potion of the stomach above the naval should be
light. Take swift and deep breaths at the rate of 36 breaths per minute. Be attentive
that the stomach should go out when inhaling and should drop back when exhaling.
The entire breath is restricted to the stomach/abdomen area.
TIME LIMIT: One minute is the maximum at the beginning. Once you are
comfortable with one minute increase by half a minute per month till you reach 3
minutes. Please note that the duration should not be extended beyond 3 minutes.
PHYSICAL BENEFITS: THIS is the area where the digestive fire is
created, so the proper creation of this ensures general health and toning of the
abdominal glands. Intestinal peristalsis movement is toned so the passage of food
becomes easy and one dose not suffer from constipation. There are many other glands
and organs that get massaged by this exercise, the kidneys, liver pancreas, spleen etc.
the pancreas are not exactly an endocrine gland but have a group of cells called the
islets of langerhan which have endocrine tendencies and produce a secretion called
insulin which digests sugar. They also produce valuable digestive juices which play
and important role in the calming or neutralizing the production of insulin. On each
kidney is a small gland called the adrenal gland which produces adrenalin important
for self preservation. All these glands are massaged and tones by this exercise.
EMOTIONAL BENIFITS : if the adrenaline glands are not working
properly. It leads to passive moody, and depressed introspective types. If the pancreas
are not complementing the adrenalin glands properly it leads to impulsive nature,
irritability and anger. But proper and balanced working of the two gives vitality to a
lethargic person and tranquility to the over anxious. Further the pancreas is like a
sponge as far as negative emotions are concerned, absorbing and holding them, which
makes them repeat all the time, thus creating a granthi in this area.
This is also the area of power, (according to the Chinese the Chi energy is
generated here.) but this power has to be positive and this can only happen when we
over come the granthi of fear. More importantly this is the area of 1) Instinctive fear.
2) Lower animal nature.
1) INSTINCTIVE FEAR. When the organism is in danger we feel fear
in this area. This causes the adrenals to secrete
adrenaline which has the effect of speeding up the
physiological processes, making the mind sharp and
alert, increases heart beat and respiration thus preparing
the body for a more intense level of activity.
The problem actually starts when we start to convert this instinctive
fear into psychological fear. We start living in the fear complex of what will happen
tomorrow. This creates an imbalance in the adrenal and leads to an imbalanced
secretion which in turn acts as a poison. When this becomes morbid we start
fantasizing fear and craving for security.
This fear complex creates a granthi in the solar plexus. Due to this we
degenerate further and start to use negative forms of power to over come this fear.
This leads to manipulation of people, unbalanced accumulation of economic power,
or gathering of occult powers and in the manipulation of which a lot of people are
stuck. Fear dose not allow our life to flow nor gives us the necessary level of
receptivity to enjoy every moment of our lives.
1) LOWER ANIMAL NATURE Sanskaras are gathered on the
downward arc of involution. These are our lower animal instincts i.e. we still have all
these cells in our body and for any inner evolution to take place these must be
transformed. In ordinary Hatha yoga the student makes the energy of Kundalini rise
through the sushumna nadi, but this energy gets stuck at the manipura chakra.
Tavariaji calls this the energy of regeneration which formed by making a circuit at the
manipura and swadhisthana (Phase exercise) as the energy rises the lower animal
nature at the solar plexus pulls it down again and again, and this energy is not allowed
to rise beyond the manipura. Again in orthodox yoga the student dose special
pranayama which generate tremendous heat in the body brain system. The heat is
responsible in burning this lower animal nature or sanskaras. The problem is that
there many dangers on this path which can have many bad side effects on the body
brain system. Here again Tavariajis magical rhythm of 3SRB over periods of time
cleans and eradicates the animal sanskaras avoid the dangers involved in other
This area, the manipura chakra is the center of animal instincts and has
to be totally cleansed of all psychic nature. All memory patterns pertaining to this
area have to be destroyed and obliterated by the rising energies. This takes some
time for it amounts to cleansing of the Aegean stables . when the manipura is
cleansed Kundali begins to work and not otherwise.
By doing this exercise the granthi of fear is dissolved and transformed to
its pure biological form we start feel the awe and excitement of ordinary living. The
balanced adrenals with the higher connections to the manipura chakra established
enable us to live at higher intensities. Whether listing to a bird song, watching a
sunrise, or just walking, we feel within us a new found receptivity which previously
was hidden from us. We learn the art of laughter whether at ourselves or otherwise.
Manipura literally means city of jewels, once the lower nature is obliterated life
truly becomes a city of Jewels.

METHOD: stretch the legs and hold toes with the fingers of both the
hands. If you can reach the toes, hold the ankle. The legs should remain straight and
should not bend at the knees, the head should remain straight facing forward. Take
deep and swift breaths at the rate of 36 cycles per minute. In this exercise we take a
complete breath i.e. the breath is not restricted to any one area but is a complete
breath. The entire stomach chest and abdomen is used.
TIME LIMIT: Maximum one minute in the beginning, slowly increase by
half a minute till you reach 3 minutes. Please note that duration should not be
increased beyond 3 minutes.
PHYSICAL BENEFITS: the main area affected by this exercise is the
backbone the pelvis girdle and the knees. A strong and flexible spinal chord makes
us sit straight and walk tall. This helps us walk through the ups and downs of life
and we cannot sit straight we let tensions and the heaviness of life overwhelm us.
Two inches on either side of the spinal chord we accumulate tensions. These
tensions are the result of two predominate emotions jealousy and anger. Both these
emotions produce acids in the body and these acids accumulate in the joints and the
hips, which leads to pain in these areas and when the condition becomes chronic it
leads to rheumatism and arthritis. Further the tension that accumulate on either
side of the spinal column weaken it leading to aliments such as spondylitis, slip disc,
degeneration of the lumbar vertebrae.
When this exercise is done at the speed of 36 cycles per minute we start
to dissolve the acids that have formed in the various parts of the body. The backbone
becomes free of aliments thus curing many diseases. The backbone once again its most
important and natural function that of a shock absorber for the body. The exercise
helps remove abdominal disorders, stimulates and tones the chakras in the lower part
of the body, the most important being the perineum.
EMOTIONAL BENEFITS: both the emotions of anger and jealously
play an important part in our lives. Over periods of time this exercise
transforms these emotions and we find ourselves relatively free from
these emotions. Tavariaji said that this exercise is like a vacuum cleaner
for the backbone (Sushumna nadi) and by doing it we pump air up and
down the backbone, thus cleaning the Sushumna nadi so that the higher
energy of regeneration can rise in it. Yoga says that the Apana vayu which
we will call the energy of rooted ness lies in the perineum. Gravity is the
determining factor of this energy, therefore when we sit on the ground
gathers at whatever points that we touch the ground at. So by spreading
our legs in front of us we are giving more space to this energy, and by the
3SRB rhythm at 36 cycles we refine this energy. This energy is connected
with the points of regeneration namely Muladhara and Swadisthana and it
keeps us rooted in the realities of life.
As said earlier this exercise stimulates and tones the
plexuses indirectly in the lower part of the body. The first master cell
created by the meeting of the male sperm and the female ovum split in two.
On our astral level these become the Muladhara and the Swadisthana. The
Muladhara is the perineum and the first step is the regeneration of the
The spinal fluid is created in the choroids plexus located in
the lining of the ventricle of the brain. It is made due to the activity of the
transportation of ions specially sodium across the special epithelial
membrane of the choroids plexus. So because of the active transportation
of sodium water follows passively by osmosis. The basic medically proven
function of this fluid is to act as shock absorbers.

METHOD Staccato breathing; five short, quick inhalations
through the nose totaling one breath, followed by one forceful exhalation
through the mouth emptying the lungs completely.
TIME LIMIT Start with 20 rounds which is one minute slowly
increase to 60 which is 3 minutes.
PHYSICAL BENEFITS This exercise improves the circulation
of the blood by getting rid of blockages in the circulation, which keeps us
free from skin problems varicose veins. So the better our circulation the
better is our health. Also on the physical level, there is transmission of
electricity via circulation of nervous impulses through the nerves. Due to
muscular tension in the body (which have many cause some of which exist
at a very deep level), these impulses get blocked, the direct result is the
accumulation of static electricity in the body. This in turn leads to
involuntary working of the muscles or to spasms. (it may even result in
paralysis) therefore the smother and better thee blood circulation, the
lesser the muscle tension in the body.
By breathing in installments and to the full we are improving
the elasticity and the capacity of the lungs, this helps heart and asthma
patients. It helps in training the lungs for higher pranayama practices on
the later stages of yoga.
The body has its own electro magnetic field and the health of the body is
reflected in this field. The stronger the field the better the health of the body. The
exercise also helps us increase our sensitivity to the blood circulation, the more
sensitive we are to our own circulation, the more powerful is our body magnetic field
and in turn our vitality and health. Many adepts have used this techniques to become
deeply sensitive to their blood circulation there by creating very powerful attractive
and magnetic personalities.
Finally the cells of the brain vibrate with this exercise, which helps
enhance and improve memory and general vitality and well being of the brain.
EMOTIONAL BENEFITS The astral counterpart of the nerves in yoga are
called nadis which means a channel for the flow of emotional energy or prana. The vital
forces of prana flow along them (amperage) and they have to be trained to withstand
higher pressure (Voltage). This exercise helps increase our level of awareness so that
one can start extracting higher quality of prana from the incoming impulses. Without
this exercise the nadis will not be able capable of withstanding these higher pressures
and the body brain system will break down completely. The incoming impulses are
dependent upon 1) Structure vibrational tone and co joined with identical memory
patterns. Thus the experiential memory is too flowing through the nadis, and this
experiential memory we call prana. Now in all of us this experiential memory is blocked
as if it is reinforced by memory patterns, and where it is not reinforced it is only a part
of the flow. Since childhood our education and upbringing is conducive to creating
blocks. These blocks disturb the flow of prana, which in turn blocks the flow of prana,
which in turn blocks the flow of nervous energy (electricity) leading to accumulation of
static energy in the muscles. This leads to muscular tension, depressions and a host of
other problems
Also it is in this debris of million years of experiential history (memory)
flowing in the prana that makes our psychic nature. This tinges all our negative
emotions and makes us animals in human from. By doing this exercise during the
forceful exhalation you are throwing out age old emotional debris thereby upgrading
your psychic nature. So to conclude as the fourth exercise is directly connected with
flow, it removes obstacles tot flow al all levels of the blood, impulses prana and

METHOD: square breathing, inhale for three seconds, retain the
breath for three seconds, exhale the breath for three seconds, and keep the breath out
for three
seconds. Slowly increase the duration to five seconds.
TIME LIMIT start with three repetitions, increase by two or three
repetitions every fortnight depending on how comfortable the performance feels until a
duration of three minutes is reached.
Physical benefits yoga says that when you hold your breath for
three minutes the blood is oxygenated, which makes one feel more alive and sensitive
and vibrant. When you hold your breath for a further two seconds a little bit of CO2 is
added not the CO2 already present within us that is released by the cells as debris in the
venal blood, but Co2 taken directly from the air and into the artery. In small amounts
this Co2 acts as a natural antibiotic which keeps us healthy and free from minor
aliments like coughs and colds. This holding of the breath in this particular fashions
slows the respiration and the pulse, and activates the parasympathetic system, which
has a calming effect on the body. When we are born the parasympathetic system is
function at a small percentage of its full capacity, which is enough to neutralize the
excess secretions of the endocrine system. This keeps us free from anger irritation etc.
with age the parasympathetic system nearly stops to function with the results that a lot
flows and resides in the system due to the excess adrenaline secretion. By doing this
exercise we reignite the parasympathetic system and ensure balance in the body brain
At a psychological level, we live in a
constant state of action reaction . the direct result of this is a constant state of
irritation. Irritation is a fuse that release and wastes very fine psychic energy. After
irritation we feel spent and we then create a groove where by the patterns is repeated
and we get more irritated. In our agitated state we live in a constant state of reaction
and are usually repentant of our actions when in reactions.
The idea is to create a gap between action and reaction
which in Mr. T’s language is called a pause. Our thinking instrument is not capable of
creating this gap for understanding to flow. The present moment being too small and
fleeting for understanding to come from thought and reason.
To help us not to react inn the present moment but to
respond with understanding, we need this understanding to come from some higher
dimension, this understanding will then help us respond to the situation as a whole,
and to avoid automatic reflex action and reaction. We call this inspiration or the
beginning of intuition. As we go deeper intuition grows into perception and then into
spiritual reading. By doing this exercise we are training our body brain system to pause
and have a gap. Slowly as the training is absorbed by the body brain system we start
experiencing higher and higher levels of understanding.
Also in the process of actions and reactions we are
constantly agitating the emotional body. The scars on the emotional body lead to more
Granthis and negative patterns and at the same time release poisonous chemicals in the
body which lead to disease. By creating a pause we are giving the emotional body a
chance to repose and collect itself before reacting. Thus that reaction which is just an
extension of this agitation now comes from an inner calmness. In ancient India yogis
conducted research in areas beyond the consciousness of the brain by temporarily
putting the brain to sleep that is temporary suspension of thought formation, by
pausing for longer periods and thus inducing greater amounts of CO2 in the body they
were able to induce a state of trance in the body and then look beyond.

METHOD Bundh in the throat: take a deep breath through the
nose, close the mouth block both the nostrils with the fingers and the thumb, press the
chin tightly into the hollow of the neck, and swallow 5 times as if drinking water. Then
release and unblock the nostrils.
TIME LIMIT start with three repetitions and gradually increase by
one or two every fortnight until one is able to reach a duration of 3 minutes.
PHYSCAL BENEFITS it activates all the five senses which are in the
face making them more sensitive. It clears the sinuses and takes care of the throat and
thyroid problems. The thyroid gland controls combustion of air in breathing and
regulates heat in the body brain system. The parathyroid embedded in the thyroid have
a wide influence on growth and sex balance. The main function of the thyroid is to
produce hormones that ensure that calcium is deposited in the bones and added to the
blood. The thyroid also secretes hormones that influence general metabolism especially
the growth of bones teeth and the brain. This exercise ensures the optimum working of
these glands and keeps the body away from diseases of the blood and bone, improper
working leads to pathological nervous and over sensitive types. The proper working of
the thyroid ensures and enhances our sensitivity in a positive manner and the proper
working of the parathyroid leads to warmth passivity and calmness.
Just above the roof of the mouth dangling from the base of the brain is
the pituitary gland, the size of a cherry stone, it has two parts the posterior and the
anterior. The anterior controls involuntary or the inner instinctive part of the
organism, the posterior deals with the skeletal system, ability to learn abstract thought
and the capacity for self control. Yoga says that the brain is driven by the posterior
pituitary. It is tempting to refer to the pituitary as the master gland because apart from
releasing hormones that stimulate the thyroid it also regulates the release of hormones
for other glands. The proper working of this gland ensures proper physical growth.
EMOTIONAL BENEFITS this exercise is connected with the granthi
of pain which is formed at the Vishuddhi Chakra. As this granthi gets chronic hence the
patterns gets deeply embedded and we feel pain at the slightest instigation. We have
lost the capacity to feel pain because of this granthi. This exercise starts to dissolve this
granthi of pain and we regain the capacity of absorb pain in life again, later on we gain
the capacity to create from pain higher energies for our evolution.
Our voice box or larynx is located in the throat area and it is from here
that we speak and communicate with one another. The throat center is thus connected
with the energy of communication. Mr. T looked upon yoga as communication with
different levels of our being and correspondingly different levels of existence in the
universe. By talking too much we lose and misuse the energy needed for inner
Mr. T has also said that every one has a characteristic vibrational tone
which means that one has a particular vibrational tone that is the essence of what one
is. This vibrational tone is reflected in his or her voice. By doing this exercise the voice
acquires a tenor and a calmness and positively reflects and affects the vibrational tone
of the person. Further the residual aggressiveness lends an edge to our voice due to
which is it unable to sound the lower harmonic which have their own role to play in the
art of communicating, this also being a brain on our vital energy. With this practice we
get to empty the sub harmonic in our voice to effect.


TIME and again in our search and endeavor on the path we have come
across a wall, with the following words “beyond the threshold of your awareness”. If
this be so then we cannot consciously proceed, or carry out any process or technique, if
the sequence is beyond the threshold of our awareness. There are processes which we
have no reason or wish to interfere with, like the processes carried out by the upkeep
area of the brain to maintain the body brain system in a state of health.
When however it comes to the thinking process we should and must be
aware of all the phases connected with learning unlearning and reeducating , and
especially the most damaging negative engrams percolating the body brain system and
their conscious recall and reeducation.
So this amounts to refining and upgrading the awareness, because
awareness is an energy and has the three basic qualities of tamas rajas and sattav,
inertia , passion and wild emotions and intellectual content.
If you observe properly all life is awareness in action. Depending on the
code structure and spectrum of our awareness will depend the quality of life, and based
on this grade of awareness low/passive or high/active will depend the quality of life
also. This inner evolution dose not depend on outer evolution that science has help
advance. Without this inner evolution man will become worse than he is today. The
majority being animals in human form.
Please note than tamas and rajas, non refined sex and emotions from the
energy of sensitiveness that explodes time and again and will eventually ruin the
So if we are ready with the refinement of awareness then only we are
ready for the up grading of awareness. Nature has so designed it that without refining
of awareness up grading is not possible, and all efforts will lead to nowhere.
The necessary steps for refining are:
1) DRIFT WATCHING i.e. controlling the five mechanisms that lead to the
hindrances of sex, anger, ego, avarice, greed, passion and
possessiveness i.e. change our false magnetic point
2) CORRETIVE EXERCISES introduce corrective methods.
3) REFINING EXERCISES Daily practice the 6 vital exercises fro the
breaking down of the granthis formed in various parts of the body
brain system.
4) THREE STEP RHYTHMIC BREATHING practice as much as possible
coming to at least 8 hours a day. Please do not proceed further if you
are convinced that you have not succeeded in refining.

Now for a little explanation before we start the upgrading exercise. An

incident takes place (a) in time and space concept and (b) it takes place as an
experience. Experience is the result of our awareness and the quality of our
experience depends on the quality of our awareness i.e. we miss some vital part of the
experience. But out of (a) and (b) all of us are aware of time space registration and as
memory repeats what has happened for we cannot stay in that state of experience fro
more than a fraction of a second, because we have never consciously tried. When ever
we hold an experience for longer than a fraction of a second, we find that we are lost to
the immediate world around us for that duration.
Even in life’s flash back of some events we tend to get lost for the moment.
This dose in a way mean going into the past and recalling emotional debris.
But if we can do this as if seeing in the minds eye, after recalling the
emotional debris and not being involved but letting it run out of the body brain system
harmlessly it would be very helpful in our progress. If one is not involved in both cases
(a) when emotional debris is recalled at the registration area and (b) when fresh
incoming impulses loaded with near identical memory patterns come to the
registration area one is able to throw out whatever has reached this area, but this is
not possible normally. To say that it is very difficult is to put it mildly. So we need some
technique to upgrade the awareness, but this has to be done only after the awareness
has been refined. Nothing can stand in the way of a person who has refined and the
upgraded his awareness.
The technique shown with a little bit of mastery will eventually lead to X
ray eyes, that is one will be able to see thoughts and motive, incoming impulses and
memory patterns and thought objects and persons. But to avoid frustration please
refine awareness.
Note the brain has to accept a humble attitude and no dramatics or
trespass into any bodies privacy except with the honest purpose to study and help. If
this promise is kept progress is deep and satisfying. So an incident occurs and for that
moment a person is lost to immediate surrounding simply because awareness is low.
Now we will begin, we take the aid of a prism till certain progress is made, after which
we shall need nothing
STEP 1 spread a clean white handkerchief on a table that is cleared of all
object that will distract the attention. Keep the prism on the handkerchief on its side.
Take a comfortable seating position and look from above into the prism for a period of
5 minutes. Do not strain or stare just look.
Please remember no thought, motives or expectations, fears doubts hope
or excitements of any sorts and do not let the imagination run wild. To facilitate close
watching the face may rest on the palms, and the elbows on the table. In three to six
months of practice the prism will disappear form sight.
Do not be disappointed if nothing happens day after day. Initially as soon
as one looks into the prism, one becomes aware of drifts since watching the prism is
really watching oneself with the aid of a neutral object. In the beginning there will be
some reactions and response to memory, associated impulses but these will gradually
disappear leading to attention that is steady and silent. Understand that the prism
disappearing is not the purpose of the practice, the purpose being to look into the
prism. Whenever you are successful in the first step the prism will disappear form
sight and only the handkerchief will remain, but within a moment the prism will
reappear. Do not be disappointed because some sort of disturbance is still there in
your thinking instrument.
When there is clear and undisturbed linkage of the thinking instrument
with the point inside the upkeep area of the brain the prism will disappear fro as long
as you have been able to maintain that linkage. During the practice of the first step you
will not be aware of your surroundings and do not even try to be aware of them.
1) To train the thinking instrument so that it dose not interfere with the upkeep
area of the brain.
2) At the same time though it receives continuously the incoming impulses that
pull out identical memory patterns , it dose not pay attention to any of them and
lack of attention will stop the ISEM centers from functioning so that incoming
impulses flow out of the system without begin registered or developed.
Note: attention links the thinking instrument to the self mind automatically and the
self mind thus involved operates the ISEM centers and dose not remain a mere
catalyst. This means that indirectly the thinking instrument has the ability to bring
about or not the functioning of the ISEM centers.
If the prism remains invisible for ten seconds which is a measure of
success continue practicing until one achieves a duration of one to two minutes,
and only then go over to the next step, that is after achieving the 10 second
duration. Do not be over anxious and do not practice this steps until the refining
exercises have been done.
STEP 2 Now spread the handkerchief on the floor and instead of sitting
lean leisurely against the wall and look at the prism for five minutes. In six months
of practices the prism will disappear from sight, here too you will not be aware of
the immediate surroundings
If the prism remains invisible for ten seconds a measure of successes is obtained
continue practicing until the duration reaches one or two minutes before going to
step three. You are lucky if the first step is obtained within six months of daily
practice. You are more lucky if the second step is possible within the next six
months. Later on in life you should be able to maintain this posture of the thinking
instrument whilst walking along the road in spite of all and any disturbances.
STEP 3 spread the handkerchief on the table with the prism on it. Stand a
foot away from the table, and in that position be aware of all that can be seen other
than the prism. The prism must disappear from sight, yet every thing else around it
should be visible. Both the standing position and the look are fixed, do not move
the eye balls. Ten seconds indicates a measure of successes continue till one
achieves a duration of one to two minutes.
STEP 4 stand three feet from a window and look out of it. What you see
outside the window is one picture, what you see of the room is another picture.
Now continue to look (not stare) out of the window till you see nothing the view
disappears completely and it will be like seeing the sky.
In the initial stages the picture of the room will disappear too, but one
must remain aware of it. Do not move your eye balls. It may also happen that either
of the picture may disappear and come back into view again. The picture from the
window must disappear and the picture of the room must be seen clearly at the
same time. Get a measure of successes for a duration of twenty seconds and then
increase to one to two minutes
STEP 5 whilst walking on the street, look in front of you and walk as if
you were walking through a narrow passage 4 feet wide and 8 feet high, which is
visible in front of you. The rest is like sky all around you- it must disappear totally
from your vision, yet all life in the passage in front of you for 50 yards is to be
clearly seen. Get a measure of success for a duration of 30 seconds and continue
practicing till the duration extends to 1 to 2 minutes.
When you are through with all five steps and have honestly succeeded in
getting a measure of success with each your thinking instrument will be finely
tuned and capable of forming and maintaining inner linkages. Your awareness has
been refined and upgraded and made penetrative. If you have been able to go so far
honestly and sincerely you will be able to hear the nearest whisper at a distance,
smell from a distance and taste without putting anything to the tongue. Besides you
will be ready fro the practices of higher yoga. Fro your answers to you questions
and that of others the normal thinking processes are not needed.

1) THE PERENEIUM an area between the muladhara and the
swadisthana between the anus and the sex organ.
2) DIAPHRAGM A complex set up of muscles without which we would
not be able to breath.
3) BINDU this is the silent area located in the brain. It is said that the
soul seats hear albeit as a witness to all that we are doing or not doing.
This area cannot be directly manipulates/activated but is the resultant
happening on the performance of the exercise. We also deal with one
more area which is in the neck/throat/upper area of the chest.
The purpose of this beautiful exercise is to establish communications
between the subtle mental, emotional and physical bodies. How dose this happen. By
stoppage of the breath and contraction of certain muscles on the physical level, a very
sure but subtle unlocking goes on simultaneously on hitherto non operational or
incorrectly operated emotional mental and spiritual levels. When physically certain
muscles are contracted nerve impulses are relayed to the brain triggering of nerve
circuits and centers which effects our state of consciousness. Throwing out and
stoppage of breath for 40 seconds, plus the pulling in of the abdomen and indirectly
the perineum and keeping the pressure and the contraction during the exercise
activates the parasympathetic system. The result is a complete calming of the body
brain system.
PHYSICAL BENEFITS the heart rate goes down, the digestive system is
toned as the brain In the stomach is squeezed, blood pressure decreases, the entire
muscle structure is relaxed.
EMOTIONAL BENEFITS due to the activation of the parasympathetic
system and the pulling in of the perineum, there are very subtle effects on the
brain/pituitary/ and pineal glands and in turn the hypothalamus which are the glands
that regulate the endocrine system. This keeps a balance in the secretion of various
hormones and lead to emotional balance and stability.
MEN TAL BENEFITS science says that there is an extremely intricate
interaction of nerves in the perineum area with the various endocrine glands/ chakras
right up to the brain. The constant tension and in the due course of time, reactivates
this area and helps in clearing the pathways and corrects confused circuits in the
brain, this helps in retraining the brain.
ON THE SUBTLE LEVEL due to the above stated there is correction in the
movement of the chakras which leads to communication between them. The
downward movement of the apana is arrested with the holding of breath outside. The
pulling of the perineum directs the apana upwards and in due course with perfection
ceaseless practice brings about the union of the prana and the apana in the maipura
chakra leading to spiritual bliss. The holding of breath the pulling in of the perineum
and the constant pressure through out, brings about a tremendous pressure between
the diaphragm and the perineum making an inner circuit and thus connecting them to
a area in the brain called the silent area. Then begins the shallow breathing through
the two nostril ida and pingala. Initially a lot of negativities pour out but as we
continue over a period of long time the silent area is activated. This starts a trickle
which eventually results in a tremendous flow of energy.
So one can deduce how by physical practice dormant functions on the
emotional and mental planes can be reactivated, thus leading to complete and total
communication between them.
POIN TS TO NOTE – initially one may feel that suppressed physical,
mental, and emotional energies are released, bringing with them unconscious desires
anxieties and tensions. The shallow breathing (churning) dose keep most of these in
check but a detached attitude and heightened awareness at such times may be
Sound health is a prerequisite for daily higher practices of yoga and
spiritual fulfillment. The daily and proper practice without any break will ensure
sound physical mental emotional and spiritual health.
The exercise should be practiced only once a day, preferably on an empty
stomach. More than once may damage the perineum and lead to a complete stoppage
of communication, and this subtle damage bringing a stop to yoga practices.

METHOD keep one hand on the abdomen below the naval and one hand
on the upper part of the chest. Empty the lungs completely, keeping the breath out pull
in the lower abdomen completely, this is done by using the abdominal muscles.
Keeping the abdominal pressure hold the breath out initially for about 5 to 10 seconds
and in due course reaching 40 seconds. Remember that the pulling pressure is to be
constantly applied during the entire duration.
Practice the first part till you are comfortable before going on to the next
part that is the rapid shallow breathing. Now begin the shallow breathing between the
area of the neck and the upper chest for about 30 seconds. Slowly increase the
duration till you reach about 2 minutes.