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Education and Sports committee 22/01/2014 The committee chaired by Hon.

Opolot Jacob Richards the vice chairperson, received a submission from the former FUFA executive presented by r. John !aptist "semanombe the former FUFA president in response to the petition from the members of the federation of The U#anda Football Association $FUFA% on the state of the U#andan football, its administration and mismana#ement presented by Hon. &san'a (atric). *n their submission they ac)no+led#ed that sustainable football development can be achieved only in accordance +ith the la+ and based on that statement that they are in a#reement +ith the petitioners to stop a private limited company FUFA ,Tfrom operatin# as a national association because it is a#ainst the la+ $&ational .ouncil of "ports Act%, and that they believe la+ can never be selective because in February /001 the then FUFA executive led by the ,ate football le#end r. -enis Obua +as disbanded by the then inister of 2ducation and "ports Hon. irembe !itama3ire on #rounds of violatin# the national la+ $ &." Act% by re#isterin# the federation as a private limited company $ FUFA ,T-% They also noted that there are accusations that durin# their tenure in January /001 before they +ere disbanded, they had resolved to chan#e FUFA ,td to a construction company $&)an#+a .onstruction and supplies ,T-% +hich is not true and they could never be part of that a+ful, un4 footballin# act of lettin# a construction company run football in U#anda. (s as)ed the former FUFA executives +hether they +ere a+are of the la+ by the time they re#istered the FUFA ,T-, 5+e did not )no+ it +as ille#al to have FUFA ,T- as a private company, because +e consulted F*FA and they +ere o) +ith it because many other countries are subscribed to that, and because our intentions +ere #ood, all +e +anted +as for FUFA to be able to o+n properties6 said r. John !aptist ""emanobe. 7hen the inister disbanded the federation did you hand over to other people as)ed Hon Alex &dee3i, 5+e +ere first #iven 8 months and later 9 months and yes +e handed over to the normali3ation committee that +as formed by F*FA and not #overnment.

(s as)ed for the names of the members of the normali3ation committee to be laid on table and r. John !aptist promised to avail the names. An attempt to chan#e FUFA to FUFA ,T- +as is a collective decision or late Obua: decision as)ed Hon. &dee3i He did not do it alone, it +as as a result of FUFA +antin# to o+n properties and since FUFA +as not a le#al entity, the matter +as ta)en to the assembly and the assembly passed in order for FUFA to be a le#al entity. $7e did not )no+ it +as +ron#% (s noted that they +ere so many ille#alities and as)ed the .hairperson to invite a .*- to the committee. The committee a#reed to call all people +ho are involved in the FUFA ,T- and &)an#+a .onstruction and "upply ,T-