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Political Science 120

Entrance Slip 10 min to respond Because it is the nature of man to be selfish and to care nothing about others except for how they can aid him, this was a period of complete anarchy, chaos, violence and destruction. Men are born with both passions and reason. Their passions bring about this state of war, and their desire for a better life persuades them to seek peace if only for their own selfish interests. Do these statements apply to the world we live in today? Why or why not?

Course Outline
Unit One Introduction to Political Science Canadian Parties and Ideologies Marxism Unit Two

Canadian Federal Government Canadian Constitution

Unit Three Provincial Governments Municipal Governments Aboriginal Governments Unit Four US Government United Nations * Current Issues/Events will be incorporated into each unit.

Marking Scheme
Term One Term Two Exam Term Breakdown Unit Tests Major Assignments Weekly Journals Class Participation 50% 25% 20% 5% 35% 35% 30%

Why is Political Science Important

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"I believe in my country. I honour its past and have faith in its future. I reject the views of those men of little faith and mean spirit who, by their pessimism about our future, diminish our present and betray our past. No country in the world is more envied, and with such good reason, as Canada. No country has a greater destiny ahead of it if we wish to make it so. Other countries would be very happy if they had not only the reality of our present but the promise of our future. Canada will not, however, realize its destiny unless we understand the nature of our nation; its origins; its history; its problems; its possibilities." Prime Minister Lester Pearson "We cannot work or eat or drink; we cannot bury or sell or own anything; we cannot go to a ballgame or a hockey game or watch TV without feeling the effects of government. We cannot marry or educate our children, cannot be sick, born or buried without the hand of government somewhere intervening" Senator Eugene Forsey "The only danger to our democracy is that people will not carry their share of the responsibilty" Eleanor Roosevelt "Graduates will be expected to assess social, cultural, economic, and environmental interdependence in a local and global context." Essential Graduation Learnings - Citizenship

"It's only a drop in the ocean-but the ocean wouldn't be the same without that drop" Mother Theresa

Politics constantly surround us. Much like a major school project, the concept of politics is inevitable; it is constantly on the back of your mind (sometimes subconsciously), it haunts you as you try to forget about it, it takes hours of hard work and dedication to make it spectacular, and, and when you finally grasp the point of it, it all seems worth it. Kathie Gauthier
Teachers share an empowerment and ability to direct the future in a manner like no other profession. It is our responsibility professionally and even more so morally and ethically to prepare the citizens of the future. In a time when there is so much apathy and even contempt for our systems and governance we must be clear and focused on the success of this goal. Without strong citizens, we have nothing. I hope this site helps you make a drop in the ocean. Mr. Daley

Weekly Journals

20 Percent Term Evaluation Students are required to submit a weekly journal containing 1 of each of the following types of entries. Each Journal entry must be clearly labelled with the date and week number of the journal. Failure to do so may result in submissions being rejected. Each journal should be approximately one page in length. A summary of a politically related story that was aired on a TV or Radio show. The station, show, and journalist presenting the story must be identified and listed. A summary of the story along with your opinion / point of view and supporting thoughts or feelings must be present. A summary of an editorial or story found in a newspaper, magazine or Internet news site. A copy of the article must be placed in your journal. This may be a print out from the web site or a cut out / photocopy of the newspaper/magazine article. Your opinion / point of view and supporting thoughts or feelings must be present The journals are due every Friday. They will be evaluated each Friday and I will not accept late submissions. These journal are considered homework, failing to complete them will be dealt with as a discipline issue. You will be sent directly to speak with the Vice Principal!

Please remember that I will be reading all your submissions, so please make them interesting. Pick topics that are interesting or those that evoke strong emotions from you. Some of the more interesting topics and points of view will be presented in class for discussion. (I will obtain the permission from the submitters before any article is presented in class.)

Assignment Exit Slip

In your own words, what is political science? Why is it important to you? What are your expectations for political science? (What do you hope to learn?)