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604060/011 en

July '99
SACE Emax.
A system thats open
to any solution.
SACE Emax: the reference standard
in air circuit-breakers
SACE Emax low-voltage ai r ci rcui t-breakers
have been desi gned and manufactured by
ABB SACE L.V. wi th the ai m of sati sfyi ng the
most advanced market requi rements.
Bui ldi ng on the hi ghly-acclai med results
obtai ned by the SACE I somax S seri es of
moulded-case ci rcui t-breakers, thi s new seri es
extends the characteri sti cs of safety, reli abi li ty,
i ntegrati on and coordi nati on that di sti ngui sh
the enti re ABB SACE L.V. low-voltage product
fami ly to hi gh rated current values.
The SACE Emax seri es won the favour of users
on all markets as soon as i t was launched,
provi ng i tself to be the perfect soluti on to the
requi rements of even the most technologi cally
sophi sti cated i nstallati ons.
Thanks to i ts new versi ons and performance
features, combi ned wi th a further-i ncreased
range of accessori es, SACE Emax makes i t
possi ble to anti ci pate the desi gn trends of the
The SACE Emax seri es benefi ts from
ABB SACE L.V.sexperi ence i n the manufacture
of ai r ci rcui t- breakers, whi ch began i n the late
Fi fti eswi th the SACE O tomax seri es- the fi rst
ai r ci rcui t-breaker desi gned and manufactured
enti rely i n I taly. The seri escompri sed a
swi tchgear range wi th rated currentsof 1250 to
5000 ampsand a maxi mum breaki ng capaci ty
of 100 kA.
The success of thi s fi rst seri es was echoed by
that of the G30 seri es i n the Seventi es, whi ch
was the fi rst to offer electroni c releases
alongsi de tradi ti onal electromagneti c releases.
Thi stakesusto 1979, when ABB SACE L.V.
started manufacturi ng the SACE Novomax
seri es - the fi rst hi gh-performance current-
li mi ti ng ai r ci rcui t-breakers on the market.
1989 marked the arri val of the SACE
Megamax, a si gni fi cant step forwards that
i ntroduced PR1 mi croprocessor-based releases
i nstalled on-board the ci rcui t-breakers. Thanks
to thi s i nnovati on, ai r ci rcui t-breakers were
transformed from a si mple component to an
i ntegral and sophi sti cated part of a complex
The strengths of the current SACE Emax seri es
bui ld on over half a centurys development
and are the logi cal consequence of a desi gn
and manufacturi ng phi losophy fi rmly focused
on i nnovati on, safety and reli abi li ty.
1 9 5 5
O to m a x :
I u = 1 2 5 0 5 0 0 0 A ,
I c u = u p to 1 0 0 k A
1 9 7 1
G 3 0 : fro m
th e rm o m a g n e tic to
e le c tro n ic re le a se s
1 9 7 9
N o vo m a x : in c re a se d
p e rfo rm a n c e 6 3 0 0 A )
a n d in tro d u c tio n o f
c u rre n t-lim itin g c irc u it-
b re a k e rs
1 9 8 9
M e g a m a x : n e w d e sig n
o f m ic ro p ro c e sso r-
b a se d re le a se s P R 1 )
E m a x : te c h n o lo g ic a l
p ro g re ss with h ig h -
p e rfo rm a n c e .
I u = 8 0 0 6 3 0 0 A ,
I c u = 4 0 . . . 1 5 0 k A .
M a x im ise d m o d u la r
stre n g th s a n d
sta n d a rd isa tio n .
Continually developing quality
and performance
The compact
dimensions of a
SACE Emax are a
result of its perfect
integration of
components and
Customi sed soluti ons wi th safety i n mi nd;
- possi bi li ty of usi ng two openi ng coi ls ( dual
O C) for speci al envi ronments such as
hospi tals
- SACE SO R Test Uni t for checki ng that all
the components of the openi ng coi l are
worki ng correctly at regular i ntervals;
Ease of moni tori ng usi ng accessori es for the
electroni c releases:
- PR010/T test, programmi ng and parameter
readout uni t
- PR010/K si gnalli ng uni t that also provi des
load control functi on.
Sliding contacts
protection release
Pushbutton for manual
opening operation
Lever for loading the
closing springs manually
Mechanical indicator
showing circuit breaker
open O or closed I
Compartment for racking
in/ out operation
Indicator showing
springs loaded or
Pushbutton for
manual closing
The results achi eved by ABB SACE L.V. wi th
the SACE Emax seri es speak louder than
words regardi ng the conti nual progress made
by the range through i mportant new
developments such as:
Ci rcui t-breakers for speci al appli cati ons wi th
voltages of up to 1000 V i n alternati ng
Range of di rect current swi tch-
di sconnectors;
Range of swi tchgear i n accordance wi th
ANSI standards also certi fi ed by the
Underwri ter Laboratori es i n conformi ty wi th
UL Standard 1066;
T wo possi ble ways of calculati ng the earth
fault current:
- Resi dual ( usi ng functi on G of the release)
- Source Ground Return ( wi th external
toroi d coi l on the transformer star centres
earth connecti on) ;
A complete range to satisfy any installation
The SACE Emax seri esi soffered i n a complete
range of rated currents and avai lable as fi ve
di fferent models i n fi xed, wi thdrawable, three
and four-pole versi ons. Characteri sed by
uni nterrupted rated currents of from 800 to
6300 amps and breaki ng capaci ti es of up to
150 kA, the seri es i s able to sati sfy the most
demandi ng requi rements of modern i ndustri al
and naval i nstallati ons. Each model i s avai lable
i n a vari ety of di fferent ci rcui t-breaker opti ons
that have the same di mensi ons but di fferent
rated currents and breaki ng capaci ti es. Looked
at from a manufacturi ng and use standpoi nt,
SACE Emax ci rcui t-breakerscan be di vi ded i nto
two mai n categori esof use: selecti ve ci rcui t-
breakersand current-li mi ti ng ci rcui t-breakers.
The former make i t possi ble to i mplement
di fferent types of selecti vi ty thanks to hi gh
short-ti me wi thstand current values and the
SACE PR111 and PR112 overcurrent releases.
The di fferent types of selecti vi ty avai lable are:
current, energy, ti me and zone.
Breaking capacity
S= Standard
H=High breaking
V= Very high breaking
L= Current-limiting
Rated uninterrupted current Iu Model
The current-li mi ti ng ci rcui t-breakersmake i t
possi ble to achi eve a consi derable reducti on
i n the peak current compared to the
prospecti ve current and, therefore, to li mi t the
speci fi c let-through energy. The resultant
benefi ts i nclude a reducti on i n electrodynami c
and thermal stresses, consequently maki ng i t
possi ble to
reduce the
di mensi oni ng
of the
i nstallati on.
Electrical characteristics
SACE Emax E1 SACE Emax E2
Rated service voltage Ue 690 ~ / 250 ~ [V]
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1000 [V]
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 12 [kV]
Frequency f 50-60 [Hz]
Number of poles 3-4
Version Fixed - Withdrawable
Data common to the entire range

Performance level
Rated uninterrupted Iu [A]
current (at 40C) [A]
Capacity of neutral pole for four-pole circuit-breakers [%Iu]
Rated ultimate short-circuit Icu 220/230/380/400/415 V~ [kA]
breaking capacity 440 V~ [kA]
500/660/690 V~ [kA]
250 V [kA]
Rated service short-circuit Ics 220/230/380/400/415 V~ [kA]
breaking capacity 440 V~ [kA]
500/660/690 V~ [kA]
250 V [kA]
Rated short-time Icw (1 s) [kA]
withstand current Icw (3 s) [kA]
Rated short-circuit making capacity Icm 220/230/380/400/415 V~ [kA]
(peak value) 440 V~ [kA]
500/660/690 V~ [kA]
Category of use (CEI EN 60947-2)
Isolation behaviour (CEI EN 60947-2)
Fixed: H = 418 mm -D = 302 mm L (3/4 poles) [mm]
Withdrawable: H = 461 mm - D = 396,5 mm L(3/4 poles) [mm]
Weight (circuit-breaker complete with releases and CT, excluding accessories)
Fixed 3/4 poles [kg]
Withdrawable 3/4 poles (including fixed part) [kg]
(1) A version with a 4000A neutral pole current capacity is available
(2) The performance at 500 V is 100 kA
1600 1250 1250
2000 1600 1600
100 100 100
40 65 130
40 65 110
40 55 85
40 55 -
40 65 130
40 65 110
40 55 65
40 55 -
40 55 10
40 40 -
84 143 286
84 143 242
84 121 187

46/55 46/55 45/53
72/89 72/89 70/87
E1 B E2 B-N E2 L
Rated uninterrupted current (at 40C), Iu [A]
Mechanical life
with regular routine maintenance [No. operations x 1000]
Frequency of operations [Operations per hour]
Electrical life (440 V~) [No. operations x 1000]
Frequency of operations [Operations per hour]
800 1250 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 1250 16
25 25 25 25 25 20 20 20 2
60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 6
10 10 15 12 10 4 3 12 1
30 30 30 30 30 20 20 20 2
Circuit-breaker model
E1 E2
SACE Emax E3 SACE Emax E4 SACE Emax E6
2500 1250 1250 2000
3200 1600 1600 2500
2000 2000
2500 2500
3200 3200
100 100 100 100
65 75 100 130
65 75 100 110
65 75 85 85
65 75 75 -
65 75 85 130
65 75 85 110
65 75 85 65
65 75 75 -
65 75 75 15
65 65 65 -
143 165 220 286
143 165 220 242
143 165 187 187

68/80 68/80 68/80 67/79
100/125 100/125 100/125 100/120
4000 3200
75 100
75 100
75 85
75 100
75 100
75 100
75 85
75 100
75 100
65 65
165 220
165 220
165 187

95/115 95/115
147/190 147/190
5000 3200
6300 4000
50 50
100 150
100 150
100 100
100 100
100 125
100 125
100 100
100 100
100 100
- -
220 330
220 330
220 220

140/170 140/170
210/260 210/260
E3 N-S-H E3 L E4 S-H E6 H-V
1600 2000 2500 3200 2000 2500 3200 4000 3200 4000 5000 6300
20 20 20 20 15 15 15 15 12 12 12 12
60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
10 9 8 6 2 1, 8 7 5 5 4 3 2
20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10
E3 E4 E6
An intelligent and flexible answer
to all your protection requirements
SACE PR111 and SACE PR112
overcurrent releases
Alongsi de i ts modern seri es of ai r ci rcui t-
breakers, ABB SACE L.V. presents a complete
and i nnovati ve range of mi croprocessor-based
electroni c overcurrent releases, the SACE
PR111 and PR112. Anyone i nstalli ng SACE
Emax ci rcui t-breakers has the opti on of
choosi ng the release that i s best sui ted to thei r
i nstallati on needs i n any gi ven si tuati on,
together wi th the desi gners requi rements
regardi ng safety and reli abi li ty. The advances
made by electri cal i nstallati ons i mplementi ng
di stri buted i ntelli gence systems has made the
role played by releases i ncreasi ngly i mportant,
demandi ng that they offer:
hi gh operati ng preci si on;
a wi de range of setti ngs;
complete protecti on agai nst all typesof faults;
measurement and moni tori ng of the mai n
electri cal parameters;
di alogue wi th supervi si on and control
systemssuch asSACE SD-Vi ew 810.
These functi ons are provi ded on SACE Emax
ci rcui t-breakers usi ng the SACE PR111 and
PR112 mi croprocessor-based releases, whi ch
provi de protecti on functi ons agai nst overloads
( L) , short-ci rcui ts ( i nstantaneous I and
selecti ve S) and earth faults ( G) .
P o ssib ility o f se lf-
p o we re d o p e ra tio n
H ig h o p e ra tin g p re c isio n
S e n sitivity to tru e ro o t-
m e a n -sq u a re va lu e o f th e
c u rre n t
P o ssib ility o f se ttin g
n e u tra l to 1 0 0 % o f th e
p h a se s with ra te d
c u rre n ts u p to 4 0 0 0 A
A d va n c e d
m ic ro p ro c e sso r
te c h n o lo g y
8 -b it fo r P R 1 1 1
a n d 1 6 -b it fo r P R 1 1 2 )
I n te g ra te d d ia lo g u e u n it
K eyswitch selector for choosing
read onlymode (READ) or setting
mode (EDIT)
PR111/ P
PR112/ P
PR112/ PD
PR112/ P
M icroprocessor fault
Dialogue indicators
Connection to
external unit
and PR110/B)
Programming keys
Liquid crystal display
Rating plate showing the
rated current of the CTs for
neutral and the serial
number of the release
Protection functions for
operation indicators
Reset button
PR112/ PD
PR111/ P PR111/ P
Main characteristics of the releases
Protection releases give circuit-breakers the
intelligence to manage the protection of circuits and
Protection functions SACE PR111 SACE PR112
O verload protection with
inverse long time-delay trip
Selective short-circuit protection
with inverse short
time-delay trip
Instantaneous short-circuit protection
with adjustable trip current threshold
Earth fault protection
Source ground
Thermal memory for functions L and S
Currents (phases, neutral and earth fault)
Event and maintenance data marking
Event marking with time event occurred
Events stored in chronological order
Counting of number of operations and contact wear
Communication with centralised
supervision and control system
(using dialogue unit)
Remote setting of parameters,
protection functions,
unit configuration and communication
Transmission of measurements, statuses and
alarms from circuit-breaker to system
Transmission of events and maintenance data
from circuit-breaker to system
Alarm and tripping for release overtemperature
Alarm for microprocessor fault
User interface
Parameter setting using DIP switches
Parameter setting using keys
and liquid crystal display
Alarm indication for functions L and S
Complete management of prealarms
and alarms for all protection and
self-monitoring functions
K ey for enabling use
with READ mode for
consultation only or EDIT mode for
consultation and setting
Load control (with auxiliary unit)
Connection-disconnection of loads
in relation to the value of the current passing
through the circuit-breaker
Zone selectivity
Can be activated for protection functions S and G
Earth fault protection
A number of di fferent opti ons are avai lable for
earth fault protecti on:
usi ng protecti on functi on G of the release:
i n thi s case the earth current i s calculated by
the release i tself usi ng the vector sum of the
phase and neutral currents ( resi dual
usi ng a speci al toroi d coi l that i s i nstalled on
the connecti on between the star centre and
earth of the MV/LV transformer, wi th di rect
readi ng of the earth leakage current ( Source
ground return)
usi ng electroni c resi dual-current relays from
a SACE RCQ swi tchboard wi th separate
toroi d coi l.
Thi s range of di fferent opti ons makes i t
possi ble to cover every earth fault protecti on
and selecti vi ty requi rement.
The growi ng complexi ty of i nstallati ons
together wi th the need for i ncreasi ngly
effi ci ent and safe swi tchgear has led ABB
SACE L.V. to develop uni ts that complete the
functi ons offered by a mi croprocessor-based
release, the brai ns of a ci rcui t-breaker.
The SACE PR010/T and SACE PR010/K uni ts
are the result thi s product development
fingertip control
Thi s uni t i s able to provi de test, programmi ng
and parameter readout functi ons for SACE
Emax seri es protecti on releases.
Thanks to i ts compact di mensi ons, si mpli ci ty
of operati on and handli ng, thi s uni t i s
parti cularly easy to use i n all condi ti ons, even
when the ci rcui t-breaker i s i nstalled. The Test
functi on, whi ch can be i mplemented usi ng
both releases, makes i t possi ble to check all
the protecti on functi ons i n two di fferent ways,
ei ther manually or automati cally,
si multaneously moni tori ng whether the
mi croprocessor i s operati ng correctly. I t i s also
possi ble to store any test results of i nterest i n
the uni t i tself and export them to a personal
computer usi ng the report download
functi on. Parameters can only be set and read
out on the PR112 range of releases.
ABB SACE L.V. also suppli es a floppy di sk
wi th the uni t contai ni ng the appli cati on
software for updati ng or adapti ng the Test
uni t i n li ne wi th the development of new
Thi s i s a si gnalli ng uni t able to convert the
di gi tal si gnals from the SACE PR112 release to
electri c si gnals, thus maki ng i t possi ble to
moni tor the status of the protecti on devi ce,
i ncludi ng remotely. The i nformati on provi ded
mai nly concerns the alarm condi ti ons of all
the protecti on functi ons and the releases
alarm si tuati ons. Thi s uni t also allows one to
i mplement a load control functi on that acts
di rectly on the operati ng means of other
ci rcui t-breakers i nstalled downstream.
The i ntelli gence of the uni t resi des i n the
fact that i t i s able to recogni se the type of
release concerned, enabli ng i t to confi gure
i tself to sui t the characteri sti cs of the latter.
Accessory units for overcurrent
SACE PR010/ T - SACE PR010/ K
From releases to an integrated system
Mi croprocessor-based releases offeri ng
measurement and di alogue functi ons are the
fi nal li nk i n di stri buted control systems for low
and medi um voltage electri cal i nstallati ons,
based on the use of i ntelli gent uni ts connected
to one another usi ng a local network.
The new SACE PR112 releases also make i t
possi ble to achi eve i ntegrati on i n the logi c of
the centrali sed management system of the
i nstallati ons usi ng ci rcui t-breakers that are
sui table both for the protecti on and
automati on of electri cal i nstallati ons.
I t i s possi ble to control and moni tor the
followi ng usi ng the di alogue uni t:
ci rcui t-breaker status
protecti on functi on parameters
number of operati ons ( openi ng/closi ng)
value of the current i nterrupted
operati ng status of the release
prealarm/alarm i ndi cati ons
operati ng mechani sm ( openi ng/closi ng) .
The mi croprocessor-based protecti on releases
i n the SACE PR112/PD seri es i nserted i n the
SACE SD-Vi ew 810 control system represent
ABB SACE L.V.s basi c answer for the control
and automati on of electri cal i nstallati ons i n
i ndustry and the servi ce sector.
I t isalso possible to interface the SACE PR112/PD
release wi th the mai n
communi cati on protocols
present on the market.
c irc u it-b re a k e r sta tu s
p ro te c tio n fu n c tio n
p a ra m e te rs
n u m b e r o f o p e ra tio n s
o p e n in g /c lo sin g )
va lu e o f th e c u rre n t
in te rru p te d
o p e ra tin g sta tu s o f
th e re le a se
p re a la rm /a la rm
in d ic a tio n s
o p e ra tin g
m e c h a n ism o p e n in g /
c lo sin g ) .
Main characteristics
Accessories: a standard range
to make customising simpler
T h e e n tire se rie s o f
S A C E E m a x c irc u it-
b re a k e rs is se rve d b y a
sin g le lin e o f
a c c e sso rie s. I n
p a rtic u la r, th e e le c tric a l
a c c e sso rie s c a n b e
u se d b o th in
a lte rn a tin g c u rre n t a n d
d ire c t c u rre n t
a p p lic a tio n s, a n d a re
a lwa ys in sta lle d fro m
th e fro n t with o u t th e
n e e d fo r a n y wirin g .
T h e e a se with wh ic h
th e a c c e sso rie s c a n b e
fitte d a lso m a k e s
in sta lla tio n o p e ra tio n s
fa st a n d sa fe , su c h
th a t e ve n th e e n d
c u sto m e r c a n c a rry o u t
th e c u sto m isin g
n e c e ssa ry in e a c h
p h a se o f a n
in sta lla tio n s life . T h e
c u rre n t tra n sfo rm e rs
fo r th e d iffe re n t ra te d
c u rre n ts o f th e
re le a se s a re e x tre m e ly
e a sy to c h a n g e ,
in c lu d in g b y th e e n d
c u sto m e r. Wh a t s
m o re , c o n ve rsio n k its
a re a va ila b le to o b ta in
d iffe re n t te rm in a l
so lu tio n s a n d ve rsio n s.
IP54 protection door
Lock for open
Lock for circuit breaker in racked-in/
test isolated/racked-out position
Gearmotor for automatic loading of
closing springs
Tamper-proof protective cover for
opening and closing pushbuttons
M echanical indication
of overcurrent releases
M echanical operation
Electrical indication of
circuit-breaker open/closed
Homopolar toroid for
earth conductor
Current transformer for
external neutral conductor
M echanical lock
for cell door
Interlock across
Padlock device
for shutters
Electronic time-lag device for
undervoltage release
15 additional auxiliary
Electrical indication of
circuit-breaker racked in/
test isolated/racked out
These versi onsare based on the movi ng
part of the correspondi ng wi thdrawable
ci rcui t-breaker on whi ch all the breaki ng
components and the operati ng mechani sm
have been replaced by si mple connecti ons
between the top and bottom contacts. They
are used as no-load i solators i n si tuati ons
where thi s functi on i s provi ded for i n the
i nstallati on.
These versi ons are si mi lar to i solati ng
trolleys but wi th the bottom or top i solati ng
contacts replaced by connecti ons that are
connected i n a short-ci rcui t and earthed.
They are used by temporari ly racki ng them
i nto the fi xed part of a wi thdrawable ci rcui t-
breaker for earthi ng the top or bottom
termi nals before carryi ng out mai ntenance
operati ons on the external ci rcui t.
Isolating trolley - CS
Earthing switch with making capacity - MTP
Earthing trolley - MT
These versi onsare based on the movi ng
part of the correspondi ng wi thdrawable
ci rcui t-breaker wi thout the overcurrent
releasesand the top or bottom i solati ng
contacts, whi ch are replaced by connecti ons
that short ci rcui t and earth the phases
through the ci rcui t-breaker. The earthi ng
ci rcui t i sdi mensi oned for a short-ti me
current equal to 60% of the maxi mum I cw
of the ci rcui t-breaker on whi ch i t i sbased.
They are used for earthi ng duri ng
i nspecti on or mai ntenance work on
i nstallati onswhere the earthi ng operati on
could be performed i n the presence of
resi dual or return voltages.
Di sconnectors only di ffer from automati c
ci rcui t-breakers i n not havi ng an
overcurrent release. They have the same
versi ons and range of accessori es.
Switch-disconnectors- MS
Derived versions
SACE Emax circuit-breakers for
1000 V AC
The 1000 V AC ci rcui t-breakers are based on
the standard range ( rated servi ce voltage up to
690 V) and retai n the same di mensi ons, use
the same accessori es and have the same
names plus the endi ng /E. They are
avai lable i n fi xed and wi thdrawable versi ons
wi th the three or four poles and are
parti cularly sui table for i nstallati on i n speci al
envi ronments such as mi nes, petrochemi cal
i nstallati ons and for tracti on.
Electrical characteristics
Rated uninterrupted c urrent Iu [A] 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3200 3200 4000
Rated service voltage Ue [ V] 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Rated ultimate short-circuit
breaking capacity I cu [ kA] 20 20 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50 65 65
Rated service short-circuit
breaking capacity I cs [ kA] 20 20 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50 65 65
Rated short-time
withstand current I cw [ kA] 20 20 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50 65 65
E2B/ E E2N/ E E3H/ E E4H/ E
Special versions
Other versions
SACE Emax ci rcui t-breakers can also be
suppli ed to order i n appropri ate speci al
versi ons sui table for parti cularly aggressi ve
envi ronments ( SO
or H
S, etc.) and for anti -
sei smi c i nstallati ons.
The range compri sespower ci rcui t-breakerswi th thei r related accessori es,
manufactured i n accordance wi th ANSI standardsC37.13, C37.16, C37.17
and C 37.50, and certi fi ed i n conformi ty wi th the UL1066 standard ( Low
Voltage AC and DC Power Ci rcui t BreakersUsed i n Enclosures) .
The UL Li sted SACE Emax seri esi ssui table for use i n electri cal
swi tchboards i n accordance wi th the UL 1558 and UL 891 standards.
Performance level B-A B-A N-A N-A S-A H-A S-A H-A V-A H-A V-A
Rated continuous current [A] 800 1600 1200 2000 1200 1200 3200 3200 3200 4000 4000
[A] 1200 1600 2500 1600 1600 3600 3600 3600 5000 5000
[A] 2000 2000
[A] 2500 2500
Rated short circuit current 240 V [kA] 42 42 65 65 85 85 85 100 100 125 125
480 V [kA] 42 42 50 50 65 85 65 85 100 85 125
600 V [kA] 35 42 50 50 65 65 65 85 85 85 85
Rated short time current [kA] 35 42 50 50 65 65 65 85 85 100 100
Overall dimensions
Fixed: H= 418 mm / 16.46 in
D= 302 mm / 11.89 in
W (3 poles) [mm/in] 296/11.65 296/11.65 404/15.91 566/22.28 782/30.79
Withdrawable: H= 461 mm /18.15 in
D= 396,5 mm /15.61 in
W (3 poles) [mm/in] 324/12.76 324/12.76 432/17.01 594/23.39 810/31.89
Weights (CB fitted with releases, RH terminals and CTs, accessories excluded)
Fixed 3 poles [Kg/Ibs] 42/93 46/101 68/150 95/209 140/309
Withdrawable 3 poles [Kg/Ibs] 65/143 72/159 100/220 147/324 210/463
E1 E2 E3 E4 E6
Specifications common to the entire range
Rated maximum voltage 635 [V]
Rated voltage 600 [V]
Test voltage (1 min 50/60 Hz) 2,2 [kV]
Frequency 50-60 [Hz]
Number of poles 3
Versions Fixed - Withdrawable
Rated continuous current [A] 800 1200 1200 1600 1200 1600 2000 2500 3200 3600 4000 5000
Mechanical life
[ No. operations x 1000] 15 15 12 12 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 5
Electrical life
[ No. operations x 1000] 10 10 10 10 10 10 8 8 5 5 5 3
E1 B-A E2 B-A/N-A E3 N-A/S-A/H-A E4 S-A/H-A/V-A E6 H-A/V-A
New range complying with ANSI standards
and UL certified
Theyve passed the toughest exams.
Heres the proof
SACE Emax ci rcui t-breakers and thei r
accessori es comply wi th the i nternati onal
Standards I EC 947, EN 60947 ( harmoni sed i n
17 countri es by CENELEC) , CEI EN 60947 and
I EC 1000, together wi th the followi ng
European di recti ves:
Low Voltage Di recti ves ( LVD) No. 73/23/
CEE ( and subsequent vari ants) ;
Electromagneti c Compati bi li ty Di recti ve
( EMC) No. 89/336/CEE.
The swi tchgear compli es wi th the
requi rements set out i n the regulati ons for
i nstallati ons on shi ps and has been approved
by the followi ng Naval Regi sters:
RI NA ( Regi stro I tali ano Navale)
Det Norske Veri tas
Bureau Veri tas
Germani scher Lloyd
Lloyds Regi ster of Shi ppi ng
Polskj Rei estr Statkow
Thi s certi fi cati on of conformi ty wi th the
product Standards menti oned i s carri ed out, i n
compli ance wi th European Standard EN 45011,
by the I tali an certi fi cati on body ACAE ( Asso-
ci azi one per la Certi fi cazi one delle Apparec-
chi ature Elettri che) recogni sed by the
European body LO VAG ( Low Voltage
Agreement Group) .
The ABB SACE L.V. Q uali ty System compli es
wi th the I SO 9001 i nternati onal Standard
( model for quali ty assurance i n desi gn,
development, manufacture, i nstallati on and
servi ce) and the equi valent European Standard
EN I SO 9001 and i ts I tali an versi on UNI EN
I SO 9001.
The thi rd-party certi fyi ng body i s RI NA-
Q UACER. ABB SACE obtai ned i ts fi rst three-
year certi fi cati on i n 1990 and i s now on i ts
thi rd certi fi cati on.
The Frosi none factory has achi eved I SO 14001
envi ronmental certi fi cati on.
SACE Emax presents all the benefits of the line
Point by point
The number of mounti ng
poi ntsrequi red hasbeen
reduced compared to the
previ ousseri esand they
have all been placed on the
base of the ci rcui t-breaker
to make i t easi er to i nstall
the ci rcui t-breakersi n
swi tchboards.
The avai labi li ty of a wi de
range of termi nalsmakesi t
possi ble to bui ld wall-
mounted swi tchboardsor
swi tchboardsthat can be
accessed from the rear wi th
rear connecti ons.
The ci rcui t-breakersare
avai lable wi th di fferent
combi nati onsof top and
bottom termi nalsto meet
speci al requi rements.
Accessory i nstallati on
operati onshave been
opti mi sed and si mpli fi ed
thanksto a range of speci al
constructi on features. All
the electri cal accessori esare
fi tted from the front. Thi s
makesi t si mpler to fi t the
accessori esand meansthat
thei r i nstallati on can be
planned i n the last
i nstallati on phase. Whats
more, the si mpli ci ty and
safety of the operati ons
meansthat the end
customer can also carry out
any customi sati on that
mi ght become necessary
duri ng the li fe of the
i nstallati on. To thi send, the
current transformersfor the
di fferent rated currentsare
also extremely easy to
O p tim a l a n swe rs to
p ro b le m s o f d e sig n ,
o p e ra tio n a n d
m a n a g e m e n t.
T h e p ro te c tio n re le a se s
fe a tu re so p h istic a te d
p ro te c tio n fu n c tio n s a n d
wid e a d ju stm e n t ra n g e s.
P a rtic u la rly c o m p a c t
d im e n sio n s.
T h e sa m e h e ig h t a n d
d e p th fo r th e e n tire
se rie s.
T h e sa m e a c c e sso rie s
fo r th e e n tire ra n g e b o th
fo r D C a n d A C .
O p e ra to r sa fe ty is
e n su re d b y a m u ltitu d e
o f d iffe re n t fe a tu re s,
in c lu d in g :
d o u b le in su la tio n
b e twe e n a c c e sso rie s
a n d p o we r c irc u it;
k e y lo c k s a n d p a d lo c k
d e vic e s o n o p e ra tin g
m e c h a n ism s;
ra c k in g o u t with d o o r
c lo se d o n
with d ra wa b le c irc u it-
b re a k e rs;
a n ti-in se rtio n lo c k s fo r
p re ve n tin g th e in se rtio n
o f m o vin g p a rts in fix e d
p a rts with d iffe re n t
ra te d c u rre n ts.
A c c e sso rie s th a t d o n t
n e e d wirin g .
The enti re seri es of SACE
Emax ai r ci rcui t-breakers i s
not only characteri sed by
havi ng constant
di mensi ons but the same
hei ght and depth as well.
Thi s faci li tates the desi gn
phases, maki ng for easi er
fabri cati on wi th
standardi sed supporti ng
frames. The sheet steel
structure of the ci rcui t-
breaker i s extremely
compact and enables
si gni fi cant space savi ngs. A
si ngle front flange for the
enti re seri es si mpli fi es the
constructi on of
swi tchboard doors,
enabli ng a si ngle type of
dri lli ng to be used.
Modular strengths
and compact
Stock management i n the
warehousesof electri cal
materi al di stri butorsand
customerswho need to
manage the mai ntenance
and spare partsof large
i nstallati onsi smade much
si mpler and rati onali sed by
the adopti on of hi ghly-
effecti ve soluti ons,
i ncludi ng:
a si ngle li ne of
accessori esfor the enti re
seri es
an openi ng and closi ng
release that can be used
asa si ngle accessory.
The functi on i s
determi ned exclusi vely
by the mounti ng posi ti on
duty releasesthat can be
powered i n DC or AC
wi thout any modi fi cati on
si ngle fi xed part for each
ci rcui t-breaker model
( even i f they have
di fferent rated currents
and di fferent breaki ng
capaci ti es)
i nterchangeabi li ty of
SACE PR111 and PR112
overcurrent releases
conversi on ki t for
di fferent termi nal and
versi on soluti ons.
Efficient and
safe installations
SACE Emax ci rcui t-breakers
provi de a hi gh level of
safety for those operati ng
on the i nstallati on:
a seri esof locks( key
locksor padlock
devi ces) ensure
complete safety agai nst
any i ncorrect operati ons
the accessori esare
i nstalled from the front
and operator safety i s
ensured by the double
i nsulati on that
segregati on of the
accessory seati ngsfrom
the power ci rcui t
ci rcui t-breakerscan also
be racked out wi th the
compartment door
opti on of mechani cal
i nterlocki ng acrosstwo
or three ci rcui t-breakers,
i rrespecti ve of thei r
model or versi on ( fi xed
or wi thdrawable) usi ng
flexi ble cables. The
ci rcui t-breakerscan be
i nstalled verti cally or
hori zontally.
di fferent protecti on
gradesavai lable,
i ncludi ng I P54,
i mplemented usi ng a
transparent tamper-proof
guard for fi tti ng on the
front of the swi tchboard
Easy and safe
Just a few si mple
operati onsallow full
i nspecti on of the arci ng
chamber and power
contactswi th the ci rcui t-
breaker out of servi ce;
( wi thdrawable versi onscan
even be racked out wi th
the door closed) .
I solati on of the accessory
compartment from the
power ci rcui t preventsany
possi bi li ty of acci dental
contact wi th li ve parts.
The i ntelli gence of the
new-desi gn SACE PR111
and PR112 mi croprocessor-
based overcurrent releases
enables: very hi gh
operati ng preci si on, a wi de
adjustment range,
protecti on agai nst all types
of faultsand moni tori ng of
the mai n electri cal
parameters, operati on
wi thout the need for an
auxi li ary power supply,
sensi ti vi ty to the true root-
mean-square value of the
current, and the opti on of
di alogue wi th computeri sed
supervi si on and control
systemssuch asthe SACE
SD-Vi ew 810.
Head O ffice: Via Baioni, 35
24123 Bergamo - Italy
Tel.: +39 035 395111
Telex: 301627 ABBSAC I
Telefax: +39 035 395306/+39 035 395433