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Introduction to the Company and Its Background

ABOUT DOMINOS 1. Pizza Pizza is an amazingly popular food. In just the US alone, pizza is a $35 billion a year industry. There are over 69,000 pizzerias in the US, selling approximately 350 slices of pizza per second. To put it in perspective, thats 3 billion pizzas sold each year, with the average American eating 46 slices. 2. Dominos Pizza History From modest beginnings as a single pizza restaurant in 1960, Dominos Pizza today has become the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. We have been dedicated to making and delivering great pizza with high quality ingredients from the start. In addition, we are constantly updating and improving our pizza menu. 3. Dominos Pizza Thats where Dominos comes in. Dominos delivered over 400 million of those pizzas last year. Thats just over one pizza for everyone in the US. Our delivery people drive more that 10 million miles every week to bring you the best pizza we can make. We operate over 10,000 pizza places in more than 60 countries dedicated to providing great tasting pizza for carryout or delivered to your door. How did we become such a powerhouse of pizza delivery? Lets look. 4. Beyond Pizza Delivery Dominos launched online pizza ordering in 2007, and in 2008 revolutionized the online delivery experience by launching the innovative Pizza Builder and Dominos Tracker tools. Pizza Builder was a step forward in ordering food online, allowing customers to see their pizza come to life on the computer screen, while Dominos Tracker was an innovation in food delivery, allowing customers to follow the progress of the order from the time its placed until they receive it. We also added pizza coupons and promos to the website in order to provide even more value to our customers. Our innovations simply help us get better at what we love to do most: deliver great pizza to your door, efficiently and enthusiastically. 5. Not Just Pizza Dominos Pizza offers Crunchy Thin Crust, Italiano & Classic Hand Tossed pizzas with a wide variety of toppings. Side items include Bread Sticks, Cheesy Bread, and Cinna Stix & Wings. We also proudly serve icy cold PEPSI products. Dominos has expanded its menu significantly to also include Dominos Chicken Tikka Pizza for our

Pakistani Pizza Lovers. In late 2009, Dominos debut its Inspired New Pizza a permanent change to its core hand-tossed product, reinvented from the crust up with new sauce, cheese and garlic-seasoned crust. 6. About Dominos Pizza Pakistan Dominos was one of the first international food chains to operate in Pakistan. The world renowned pizza chain came to Pakistan in 2004 & now has around 8 dine in take away & delivery outlets in the 3 major cities i.e. Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. It is owned the Hilal group. Dominos blue area Islamabad is one of the 8 outlets. Although numerous local vendors have is tried to imitate the original dominos concept. Dominos Pakistan gives tough competition to all & is still one of the best pizzas restaurants in Pakistan. It has been quite innovative in Pakistan to its credit has it introduces mouthwatering local flavors such as Pepperoni Feast, Melt Down, Tex- Mex Feasat , Chicken Tandoori, Hot & Spicy Chicken, Chicken Tikka & Chicken Golden Delight Etc. Their outlets retain the family style enjoyment concept & offer a casual dining environment. The range is complicated with other mouth watering menu items include a wide range of Cheesy Bread, Cinna Stix, Chrunchy Chocolate Calzon, Chicken Wings Desserts & Beverages. Off late the 24 hours delivery of salads and pizzas has taken over the traditional dine- in format. All in all the huge ranges of pizzas with different style affordable prices and local popularity make it a hot spot for company lunches and birthday dinners.