The Open Hymnal

Edition 2009.12

The Open Hymnal
Edition 2009.12
22 December 2009
This hymnal is a part of the Open Hymnal Project to create a free, public domain (or distributable), downloadable database of Christian hymns, spiritual songs, and prelude/postlude music ! am doing my best to create a final product that is "Hymnal#$uality", and could feasibly be used as the basis for a printed church hymnal This music is to be distributed as complete scores (words and music), using all accompaniment parts, in formats that are easily accessible on most computer O%&s and which can be freely modified by anyone The current format of choice is the '(C Plus format, fa)ored by fol* music distributors on the internet 'll scores will also be con)erted into pdf, +!,!, and mp- formats %ome ad)anced features of '(C Plus are used, and for accurate translation to a printed score, please consider using )ersion / 01 or later The maintainer of the Open Hymnal Project is (rian 2 ,umont (bdumont at ameritech dot net) ! ha)e gone through serious efforts to ma*e sure that no copyrighted material ma*es it into this database !f ! am in error, please inform me as soon as possible This entire effort has used only free software, and ! am indebted to the efforts of many other indi)iduals, including the authors of the )arious '(C and '(C Plus software, the authors of noteedit (where the initial layouts are done), and the maintainers of the CyberHymnal on the web from where most of the lyrics come 3ndoubtedly, ! am also indebted to all of the great Christians who wrote these hymns This database comes with no guarantees whatsoe)er ! would lo)e to get email from anyone who uses the Open Hymnal, and ! will ta*e re$uests for hymns to add +y decision of whether to add a hymn will be based on these criteria (in the following order)4 0) !t must be in the public domain or otherwise freely distributable .) !t must be a Christian piece -) 5hether ! ha)e access to a printed copy of the music (surprisingly, a +!,! file is usually a terrible source) /) 5hether ! li*e the hymn 4) !f you would li*e to contribute to the Open Hymnal Project, please send an email to me, ! would lo)e the help6 P78'%8 8+'!7 +8 !9 :O3 9!;, ';: +!%T'<8%, no matter how small ! want to ensure that e)ery slur, stem, hyphenation, and punctuation mar* is correct= and !&m sure that there must be mista*es right now Open Hymnal Project, .11> 8dition ?9reely you recei)ed, so freely gi)e @# +atthew 014A (58()

Open Hymnal, !ndeB by Common Title C 8dition .11> 0.
' 7amb Does 3ncomplaining 9orth ' +ighty 9ortress 'bide 5ith +e
Complexit y


'n 5asserflEssen (abylon 8in 9este (urg (rhythmic) 8)entide 7asst 3ns 8rfreuen 'lles ist an Dottes %egen Jalet 5ill !ch ,ir Deben or %t Theodulph Coronation

. Derhardt, P - 7uther, + . 7yte, 9

Composer/ Arranger ,achstein, 5
7uther, + +on*, 5 5illiams, H J <oenig, 2 ( Teschner, +

!s F-40#0., 8B 0.4F, 2n 04.> .%a ..4.#-, Ps 0A40#., 0Cor 0F4FF#FG, Hm A4-G#-> 7* ./4.>, Ps I-4I#A, G-4.-#.I, 0Cor 0140Ps I>4-/, Ps 0/A Pr 014.., .Cor I401, Heb 014-/ +t .04>, Ps 0/A, 0Tm 040G, He) /4A#00

'll Creatures Of Our Dod / 9rancis of 'nd <ing 'ssisi 'll ,epends On Our 0 un*nown Possessing 'll Dlory, 7aud, 'nd . Theodulf of Honor Orléans

'll Hail The Power Of . Perronet, 8 Holden, O Phil .4>#00= He) F4>#0/= Heb 2esus& ;ame .4>= Phil .4>#01= He) 0>40I 'll Praise To 2esus& . 7uther, + Delobet %eist ,u Derman 7* .4G#0/, !s >4., 0 Tm -40I, 0 Hallowed ;ame 2n 040#'ll Praise To Thee, +y 0 <en, T Tallis& Canon Tallis, T Ps 0G4A, Ps >.40#., Ps /4A, Ps Dod, This ;ight >040#0I 'll Praise To Thee, O 2esus Christ or 'll Praise to Thee, 8ternal 7ord # %ee 'll Praise to 2esus& Hallowed ;ame 'lleluia, %ing To 2esus6 - ,iB, 5 C Hyfrydol Prichard, H H !s II40, Hm 0F4>, 2am F40-, He) 0/4.#'lmighty Dod :our . Cawood, 2 %t 'nne Croft, 5 +* /4-#A,0-#.1, +t 0-4-#>,0A# 5ord !s Cast -1, Hom 040I 'lthough the 9ools %ay with Their +outh # %ee The +outh of 9ools ,oth Dod Confess 'maKing Drace . ;ewton, 2 ;ew (ritain Carrell, 2 P L Clay, 2n >4.F, 8ph .4/#> ,% 'ngel Joices, 8)er . 9rancis Pott 'ngel Joices (+on*) +on*, 8 D He) F4A#0/, Ps 0/A40#. %inging 'ngels 9rom the Healms . +ontgomery, Hegent %$uare %mart, H 7* .4I#.1, +t .40#00 of Dlory 2 'ngels 5e Ha)e Heard . traditional Dloria trad 9rench L 7* .40-#0/, Ps >F4I On High (arnes 8 % 'uthor of 'll 7ife . ,umont, ( (each %pring 5hite, ( Dn .4G, Hm A4>#01, 7* 014.F# -G, 8ph /40G#./, 0Cor 014./, +al /4., 2n 0G4-, 2n 0/4I, 7am -40, Hm 0140/#0F, 'cts .I4.> 'wa*e, +y %oul, 'nd . <en, T Old 011th (ourgeois, 7 Hm 0-400, Ps 0G40F, Ps 0/A40# 5ith The %un ., 8ph 04'way !n ' +anger . anon L +ueller +urray, 2 H 7* .4G, 7* 0A40F#0G +ac9arland (e %till +y %oul . )on %chlegel, 9inlandia %ibelius, 2 Ps /I401 < (e Thou +y Jision - 9orgaill %lane trad !rish L ,ewey 2n 0I40-, ;u 0.4I (eautiful %a)ior . Derman Crusader&s Hymn trad %ilesian L %o I401, +t I4.> 2esuits 5illis, H % (ehold, ' Host, 'rrayed / (rorson, H ,en %tore H)ide 9lo* trad ;orwegian L He) G4>#0G, Heb >40/, 02n 04G, in 5hite ' or Dreat 5hite Host Drieg, 8 He) I400#0(eneath The Cross Of 0 Clephane, 8 %t Christopher +a*er, 9 Pro) 0/4.I 2esus (lessed 'ssurance . Crosby, 9 (lessed 'ssurance or <napp, P Heb 014.0#.-, Ps G04./, Hom 'ssurance F40 (y Drace !&m %a)ed . %cheidt L O ,ass !ch Tansend <oenig, 2 ( 8ph .4/#>= Titus -4/#G= !s I/4I= 7oy Mungen Hom -4.-#./

C 8arth % 9rom . Ps 0.. (ianco of .A 2n 0/40#/. +* 004. 8ph I401#0G. Tim 04>#01.A. 8K -I4. + ' %toc*bridge Per*ins. Hom F4F.#/A 7* .Pt 04-#/ !s /140#A He) 0>40.Heber. 'cts .i)ine %iena Come./# .40>#. 0Cor F4Gb. !s I040#. + .1./4/#G.F Heb 0040#. C L 7lanfair un*nown Composer/ Arranger 7owry. the Holy One 9rom Hea)en 'bo)e 0 7uther. F400 Pt 04I#>. 2n 0/40I#0G. Prudentius L +ed %orgen Og <lagen 7uther. . O Heart .. 0F. Comfort :e +y .A. %pirit. 0Pt 040A#. Dal /4/#F.0.ow Praise 5e Christ. He) F4># 0- Christ 5ho 9reed Our %ouls 9rom . . Dott %choepfer 7atin Dhost L 7uther Heiliger Deist Come Holy Dhost. Dod Creator. Olearius. . Phil . + 'll Hejoice . 2n -40I#0A.espair . + 8s ist Dewisslich an <lug&s Deistliche 'll Hejoice der Meit 7ieder. One and . O 7o)e . 0 2n /40/. 5 O P 9airest 7ord 2esus C see (eautiful %a)ior 9aith of Our 9athers 0 9aber. Ps --40#I 7* .ot. H from Deistliche DesangbEchlein 5illiams. + Horn or !am +oesta or 2am +oesta or . 7* 04IG#GF.40#. Dod Creator. 7uther. 7* .4I#. Holy .un 9reut 8uch 7uther.Tim /40A.I#-A.4. Ps >A40#-. Holy .er Jater. 0 Cor 0. Hom -4. Ps >04>#0.4. o from Trente Nuatre People meine %eele Pseaumes de .040#A. +t 004. Dod and 7ord # %ee Come Holy %pirit. D 2 Crowns Thring .0. Our (lessed %a)ior Come . 2n 0I40-#0/. H L Hoberts.ear Christians.7uther. 9 . 7uther. Tim 040/ !s >4I.espair . Ps F4-./. 0 2n /40/. Ps -040#-. 5ohn 5alter&s Deistliche %tay 3ns (ei DesangbEchlein.A 0 Pt 04I#>. +t I4G#0-. 0Tim I40.ear Christians./. Ps >F40#I.iademata 8l)ey.1.Tim 04He) 0/40-. 2 D 9or 'll The %aints F How. 5ittenberg.own..4F#00. H / 7uther. Ps /I401 Den 040. Dal /4/#F. 2 9reu dich sehr. One and . H 9 L 5alton.5esley. + Dott . 7ord / trad 7atin L <omm Heiliger Deist.A4F#I.I 2n 0/40I. 'cts . 2n 0/ :ou Thin* To PrayO 0 <idder.omine 5illiams. 2ud 04-.own 'mpney 5illiams. 7atin Our Dod 7uther Herre Dott Come.. 0Cor 0F4-F#-A 0Th I40G.#-. H J . 0Cor 0F4F/#FG. . 2 Scripture 2n .eep ! Cry to Thee 9rom 8ast to 5est # %ee .Tim 0401 +t . . Ps >A40#-.Title Christ 'rose Christ 2esus 7ay !n . 'r Hyd : . Hom F4A 7* 04..epths of 5oe ! Cry to Thee # %ee Out of the . Thou 7ong# / 5esley..Cor I4/#I. That +adest 8arth .. .4G#00 7* 0040-. Charlemagne <omm. .eath&s %trong (ands Christ The 7ord is Hisen Today (7yra) Complexit y Words Tune . C 2efferson from %outhern 8Bpected 2esus Harmony Comfort.a)id Creator. 0F-. Ps FF4.ot O Heart . + Jom Himmel Hoch traditional Derman Dabriel&s +essage 0 traditional Dabriel&s +essage traditional (as$ue L Pettman Dentle +ary 7aid Her 0 Coo*. Holy Dhost Crown Him 5ith +any 0 (ridges L . 7owry. Hom -4. !s /I4/ . 0 Cor 0. 0Cor 0F4FF#FG. H J 9or The (eauty Of The 0 Pierpoint. Tim 04>#01.40#/.anger # %ee 2esus Christ. + Christ 'rose Christ lag in Tobes (anden or Torgau . 9 5 %t Catherine Hemy.iB <ocher. Hm F4F. 0 2n -4F 7* .Tim /4G#A !s I4-.I#.o)e # %ee Come.40-.401#00. 5 5 %ine .os Traditional 5elsh and Hea)en +ercer L 5hately Dod the 9ather (e Our . 2 Tempus 'dest traditional %wedish Child 9loridum Dod Hest :e +erry 0 traditional Dod Hest :e +erry traditional 8nglish Dentlemen Dod. 7ord Our Dod Come Holy %pirit. ../ 'cts . .

40-#0/..4.#0How 9irm ' 9oundation .40G#. + 5o Dott Mum Haus 5alter&s Deistliche Ps 0/I4F. (e . +t 014.= 2n 2eho)ah 5illiams I4-.ay H 5 ! <now That +y . Heb 0-4F. 7ongfellow../40#A. + 5o Dott Mum Haus <lug&s Deistliche Ps 0/I4F. 2 ( 7* .Heyder. H 9oundation (9un*) or 9un*.I4. C J +t .ot (een on Our %ide Happy the +an 5ho / 7uther.ot (een on .#0I.eath&s %trong (ands Complexit y Words Tune ./) DesangbEchlein.I#. Ps 0. H .A. 8)er / Hees.A40>.40>#. 0Pt . 9 +t /40I.A.A4. +t F4/-#/A Terror&s CryO ! 'm 2esus& 7ittle 7amb 0 )on Hayn..oth %tay # %ee Happy the +an 5ho 9eareth Dod Har*6 The Herald 'ngels . 2 ( 7* . + 5Pr Dott nicht mit 5alter&s Deistliche Ps 0. 2n /4. Hom A4-0#-> Our %ide uns diese Meit (0F-G) 0F-G !n .#>.0#. 2n 0F4. 5e Praise Thy .. How Jain the Cruel Herod&s 9ear # %ee The %tar Proclaims the <ing is Here Holy Dhost. Ps 0-1 ! Heard The (ells On . Table Choralbuch +* 0/4. 2 He 7eadeth +e (radbury.y*es.#-F= 2n /40/ Had Dod not Come. Calling 2n /4-/#-A. 2 2ob 0>4.+edley.F. 5esley. Ps >04/. + 5Pr Dott nicht mit 5alter&s Hymnal.readest thou a 9oeO. %ing Cummings Har*.Cor 0-40/ Today ! Come.Title Composer/ Scripture Arranger Dod the 9ather 5ith 3s %tay or Dod the 9ather 5ith 3s (e # %ee Dod the 9ather (e Our %tay Dod. 2 . 9 !ch %terbe TPglich 8ms*irchner 0 Cor 004. 2n 04/# 5ord F. To Thy ./ -40.#0/.earmer 5illiams Hb 00 Here 7ord +y %oul Con)icted # %ee O 7ord +y %oul Con)icted Herod 5hy . + Ps 01-4-. 7uther. The Joice Of 2esus 0 +arch.(unyan L +on*s Date trad 8nglish L 2n 0.40.040F.G Drant Peace.Tim . 7ord or Drant Peace in +ercy. 0F.ays %o Perilous Duide +e.4./.Heber. Ps 01/4--#-/ Hedeemer 7i)es !f Dod Had . Dalilean (arnby. !s /0401. 'cts >4-0 9eareth Dod 7ieder.-4-/..y*es.G. 0F. Hom A4-0#-> Our %ide uns diese Meit (0F. Holy. 5altham (Cal*in) Cal*in. 2ob . 2 8B 0F40-= 8B 0-4. O 2n 0/40I#0G. 2ob .eath&s %trong (ands # %ee Christ 2esus 7ay !n . 5 Ps .-40#He 5ho 5ould Jaliant .ame Holy.9ranK. T 8beneKer or Ton#:# 5illiams. O %a)ior.icaea .i)ine 7ongfellow / Holy Dod. +t . 5ittenberg.F.040F#0G He 7eadeth +e 0 Dilmore. 0 Cor 0. 7* . 0Cor 0F4. 5ho +adest 8arth and Hea)en or Dod.-#. ! Te .1. 5e Pray.'dams.0#. Holy .ot (een on ./ !f Dod Had . 5hose 'lmighty 0 +arriott. % .40-#0/. . . !s /040Christmas .# . H 5 +elita .A. 'cts . 2 8llacombe un*nown +t . C +endelssohn +endelssohn L 7* . 2 !s I4A. O Thou Dreat . 'cts >4-0 9eareth Dod (5alter) DesangbEchlein.#F How %hall 5e 'nswer . T 2 Den 040#. 5ho +ade the 8arth and Hea)en # %ee Dod.welling (otel 8ph -4G#> Hosanna.I#./ Happy the +an 5ho 0 7uther.>.A4. !s I4Holy %pirit. 7oud Hosanna . 7uther.#. Protection /-4. 5e Pray # %ee !n These Our . Heb 0-40F. 2 !talian Hymn de Diardini.. with 7ight 0 Heed L Canterbury or %ong 0.I#. . +t >4-G#->. 7* 014 .5illiams L Cwm Hhondda Hughes. 2n 01400#0F 7 (in ! (ind 3nto +yself F %t Patric* %t Patric*&s (reastplate %tanford. in +ercy.eum or Hursley Theresa.Dibbons. Threlfall. 2 ( He) /4/#00. He) /#I . 2n 0.40.u*e %treet Hatton. H 5eil !ch 2esu %chäflein un*nown !s /1400./40#A.I. 0F-Happy 5ho in Dod&s 9ear .40>. <een. 2n A40. 7ord. That +adest 8arth and Hea)en Dod. . +ay !srael %ay # %ee !f Dod Had .

>. 2oyful. Our (lessed %a)ior 2esus Christ Today is Hisen or 2esus Christ Our %a)ior True # %ee 2esus Christ 5ho Came to %a)e 2esus Christ 5ho Came . Hom F4>#01. to %a)e Heiland. + 2esus Christus 3nser <lug&s Deistliche 0 Cor 0F4. 5ittenberg.-#. 004.ays of Old das Deschah !saiah &twas the Prophet # %ee !saiah.ow .ays %o / trad 7atin L Jerleih uns 9rieden 7uther from <lug&s . the Hea)ens . Dod 0 %mith. 2n I4F1#FG= 02n 04> (<lug) 0F-2esus Christ Our Hedeemer (orn or 2esus Christ Our Dod and %a)ior # %ee 2esus Christ.-. . 5 ( 8ph -40G#0A. ' ( untitled (radbury.eeds I4G= . !s /.-#./4A H .enio trad 5elsh 0Tm 040G. 5 C %t . + +it 9ried und 9reud 5alter&s Deistliche 7* . !n)isible.em Propheten 7uther. %ilence +oultrie 0Thess /40I#0G.1 7et Dod (e (lest # %ee O 7ord 5e Praise Thee Composer/ Arranger Purcell. D 9 L 7* .Huss L 2esus Christus 3nser 5alter&s Deistliche 8ph F4I#0/.uncan. !s F-4/#F. 7* . .Derhardt.-.I.F#. + !s I40#/.I. !n . 004. 'cts 0401#00. 2n 0F40. 8 7et 'll +ortal 9lesh <eep .er 'm <reuK <Qnig. 2 0 Pt .4A#0F 7et Children Hear The .ow / 7uther. 8aster Hymn un*nown +t . ! 'ntioch Handel. traditional Derman +* 0-4. Cor 04-#G 2esus.2ames and Picardy trad 9rench Hab . 5 %t 'lban Hadyn. H % 7* .%ears.eut 0040>#./4F#G Today et al 2esus Christ.a)ison. .4I# . 5e 'dore 0 )an . 5ittenberg.A4I. Ps -F4. 2 7 Ps GA4F#A= . 2n I4F1#FG= 02n 04> (5alter) 0F. 7uther. H Scripture .en Tod 7ieder. Ps >G40.-# . 0Cor 004. Hom I4/#00. + 8)ening Prayer %tainer.A.4/I Thee 2 Hodges. !s -04/# Perilous 7uther DnPdiglich Deistliche 7ieder./.40#0F.Title Complexit y Words Tune !n His Temple .I. +ighty %eer.ahin DesangbEchlein.ow Praise 5e Christ.y*e. . P :oa*ley :oa* Jon 3ns DesangbEchlein.>. Thy (oundless . 7 2oyful. Ps ./ 2esus Christ.eut /4>#01= . !n . 7 L Ps G04.F4-0#-/ 2esus Christ !s Hisen / 5esley. 'doring 8hren*oenig 2n 0/40A.1 Only 5ise !saiah. Den 004> +idnight Clear 2esus Came. 8 H Carol 5illis. F 0F-!mmortal.4A#0/. 9 2 L Heb 0.40/.epart ich 9ar .4. .. 0 Cor and Healing 0140-.y*es. H Ode to 2oy (eetho)en.eut +ighty . +t . 2 ( 2esus 7o)es +e 0 5arner. !s />4I 0F.Pye L Coo*e 5estminster 'bbey 7* . 7* . 2n 0. !s >40#I. C .er . Hom 04. Den />40A. ! 7ea %ummers. hier bin ich. 0Cor %a)ior 7uther Heiland. Hom F4>#01. >A4/#> +ason. D %ieh. Heb /40F#0I (<lug) 0F-2esus Drant That (alm . Thess -40I. 2 .4. 5atts. Tender %hepard .1. the Holy One 2oy To The 5orld . + 2esaia . +t I40>#.#02esus. Thring. Mech >4>. +ighty %eer. <ing of Dlory . Our (lessed 0 Huss L 2esus Christus 3nser <lug&s Deistliche 8ph F4I#0/.4.>#-.ays of Old !t Came 3pon ' . 2 Ps IHear +e 7 2esus. G.0 7o)e To +e 2esus 5ants 'll Of His 0 5ood (lessed 're They 5ood +att F4A Children 2esus 5e .ow +ust 7aud and %ing # %ee .5atts. 5 8ph -40A. Our (lessed .401.Heermann. 0Cor %a)ior 7uther Jon 3ns 7ieder. +t 0>4. He) /4A ./ !n the +idst of 8arthly 7ife or !n the Jery +idst of 7ife or !n the +idst of 7ife 5e 're # %ee Though in the +idst of 7ife 5e (e !n These Our . 7uther. .#-A (ehold Him !n One True Dod 5e 'll (elie)e # %ee 5e 'll (elie)e in One True Dod !n Peace and 2oy ! . 7* .

- 7ord 5ho Throughout 0 Hernaman. %ynesius of Cyrene and Chatfield . Ps 00>40--. T !s G40/.. Ps >F40#I.-4/. 2 7* 04/I#FF +an. 'deste 9ideles or 5ade. 2n 04. 9 +Ede bin ich. + +t .. + . Cor . Herr. !s FF401#00. Ps 0I4G. + . 7* .40#I.40-#. 8arth He) G4>#0. To Thee 0 'dams./ . 2n I4/G#F0. Cor F4G.40#00.8s ist das Heil uns Derman circa 0/11 'cts . O Come. He) /4/#00. 2n >.atus Crucifier . Puer ..4G#00. 0Cor F4G %outhwell . 7uther L 5in*worth . 0Tim 040/..A#-. Ps IG40#. 5 He) 04F#I.(ourne.obis . G4>#0G.ich O Herr <lug. 'way Huh /401= 2ohn 0/40#O (e Dlad 'll .Title 7et Our Dladness Ha)e . Heb /40F#0I. L (ic*ersteth ../ +t /40#. 0 2n 04G#>.ow !mplore Dod the Holy Dhost . T / <itchin L .. O 7ord. 2ohn A4-0. the Holy One 7oben %chon Phil . !s I. H Oli)et +ason. He) .aman.5ade.ations on / Penney. 0040. 8nthroned in Hea)enly %plendor 7ord 2esus Thin* On +e 7ord.>. O +an.ewbolt . ( 3ffingham Clar*e. 2n -40I 'ch Dott )om Himmel 8rfurt 8nchiridion.ow .#-. <eep 3s %teadfast !n Thy 5ord 7ord. 'll :e 9aithful .ow the 7ight Has Done 0 Ha)ergal.14. 0 Tim . ( Dwalia Traditional 5elsh Ps 00G. 2 9 7* . geh Kur traditional Derman Ps /4A. < Ps -/40.I#-0. Ps >I401# His Drace DenSdig 0-. 'cts .4-G. D .ow Than* 5e 'll Our 0 Hin*art. He) F400#0/.#/. (ethany +ason.7uther.ascitur Praetorius.#Dladness 5ordsworth .%challing L 5in*worth Composer/ Arranger . 0 2n *ommen her .#/8rhalt 3ns. . Hom A4-. 7e) >4. + 8s 5ollt uns Dott 7uther. 9rom Hea)en (ehold 7ord. +y Dod.Penney.40A#.4. Hom*et Crüger.icholson. + He) .1.ays +agnificat . 0Pt 040G#0>. Ma)or*a.#/ (ethlehem ' O Come..7uther. 8ph -40. bei deinem 5ort HerKlich 7ieb hab ich . + . 8ph /4-#I +t . Palmer. 2ohn 040/.401#00 +y %ong %hall (e Of / Crosby.o 5e Pray Dod the Holy Dhost or . . C 5oodbird trad Derman 8B .. Heb Thee 0..4. He) .4. 5 Ps F04I#0. 02n /40A#. Ps IG4. +i F4.own. 7uther. O 7ord.ow !mplore Dod the Holy Dhost .1401.earer.14.40#. Thee ! 7o)e with 'll +y Heart Complexit y Words Tune . C %t 9la)ian . 5ouldst Thou 7i)e 'll (lissfully # %ee 5ilt Thou..#. 7i)e Happily +ay Dod be Praised Henceforth and (lest 9ore)er # %ee O 7ord 5e Praise Thee +ay Dod (estow on 3s .ow Pray 5e 'll Dod the Comforter # %ee 5e .. .ow 7et 3s Pray to the Holy Dhost # %ee 5e . 2 . Prudentius. 9 %ondance PaBton.4F#G .own. 0Thess /40I#0G./#. .0.#--.40F#0I Oa*eley L Portugese Hymn (roo*e O Come.ow Praise 5e Christ.. .ay These 9orty . .0. -I.40/. Hm I4G Dod .4.F.A#-..%edulius. 9rom Hea)en (ehold 7oo* . Den -40F !s 00401. He) 0F4-#/ O Chief of Cities.arodil se <ristus PRn trad (ohemian or %al)ator . )arious Jeni 8mmanuel Helmore. Hm A4-A#->. % H Scripture Hom F400.40A#. 0 2n 0F. !s 0. 7* 0A4G#A. Heb G40I#0> Danse.1 8mmanuel O .4F#I 2esus .ay of Hest 'nd .un . 2 Derman Ps 00>4F#01. C Christum 5ir %ollen 7atin 7* 04. 7* 0A4G#A. 0 <g A4. Den . +ay Dod 3nto 3s Dracious (e # %ee +ay Dod (estow on 3s His Drace +y 9aith 7oo*s Trustingly # %ee +y 9aith 7oo*s 3p To Thee +y 9aith 7oo*s 3p To .A4. 7 8ph .(ryn Calfaria Owen.o 8nd 7ift High The Cross 7oo* . 7 . 7* /40#0-.

'ct 0I4-0#-/. Ps . (e .I40#/. 8ph .1# Thee (%trassburg) or Desangbuch. Hippon. ! %t 'nne Croft. 7 F400#0-=8ph .own or O Dod.7uther. (aptist&s Cry Chandler Open . P 5ie %oll ich . (lest the House 0 )on Pfeil L 5o Dott Mum Haus <lug. P !ch %inge dir mit HerK <oenig Ps A40#>.eander.ow !mplore Dod the Holy Dhost O 7ittle Town Of .I %a)ior. 7 2a 040G.ot 7uther.4A#> O Dod.G40 On 2ordan&s (an* the . Derhardt. Derhardt. 0Cor 004. 0Cor -40I#0G Our 9ather in the Hea)en 5ho 'rt # %ee Our 9ather Thou in Hea)en 'bo)e Our 9ather Thou in . !s (eauty 5in*worth .own. 2 O 7ord 5e Praise Thee . 5ho from Hea)en 'bo)e # %ee Our 9ather Thou in Hea)en 'bo)e Our Dod.1# Thee (7uther) or 'f . 7uther. Ps 0/A40#.. How %hall ! +eet .4I#A. 7yte. 0Pt .obis .F Praise Dod 9rom 5hom . H 7 L Ps .ew +on*.ascitur Praetorius.I#.I. Ps 5in*worth 0. + 2n 04. 7uther. P %t 7ouis Hedner.ow .eep ! Cry to . 'leBander Jerlangen O Trinity of (lessed 7ight F 'mbrose of O 7uB (eata Trinitas ancient 7atin Den 04-. .0.%chmolc* L 3nser Herrscher or . from Hea)en 7oo* .4A#>. Hom F4.-4I 'lmighty Hejoice. 5 +t . + 'us Tiefer .4/#F= Hom F4A %a)ior Of The .un <omm.eander . 2n 0140/# 5ounded Clair)auB L HerKlich Tut +ich (ach.I. .4. 8ph 04'll (lessings 9low Praise +y %oul The <ing . (e Dlad and %ing O 7ord +y %oul .. 8ph F40F#. +y traditional Derman Ps IG40#.-= 2n 0140#0I= 8ph 7ead 3s .G40#I... (roo*s. The . Coffin L Puer .-.ations . 0 Tim 040/ .0. Ps . 5 ( 2n 014-= Ps . 2 Ps 01-40. Heb 040#. 02n 04F#G. 2n 040#/. + Ps 0-1.. 7eipKig. Hom F4.G#. 7uther. 0 Tim 040/ %trasburg %trassburg. 2 Ps 01140#F. +ilan 8ph F4A#0/.4A#>. 9rom Hea)en (ehold O Holy Dhost to Thee 5e Pray # %ee 5e . 0F-> Our 9ather. <en. 7* ./40F.#/ Hea)en 'bo)e Himmelreich %chumann&s Hymnal. +t -40#0.F#.u O %acred Head. C 'Kmon DlPser. 7i*e ' %hepherd ./ 8nchiridion or Dud JSre 7o)et 8)ig . +t Debenedeiet or .040#> Thee 8mpfange O 7ord ! %ing with 7ips and Heart # %ee Hejoice. 'mbrose of .ot <Qpfel&s Ps 0-1. 'ges Past Out of the . Ps G-4.ich CrEger.. !s F-4/#F. H 9 Praise +y %oul Doss. .ybsens . + Jater 3nser im Jalentin +att I4>#0-. 2 2osh .eander. 2 % 0F. 7 +icah F4. T Old 011th (ourgeois. 5 % Ps 0F140#.(ernard of Passion Chorale or Hassler.-#. 7* 004.A. Ps 00A40>#.4/#0I (ethlehem O 7ord. Thrupp.Cor /4I.Title Composer/ Scripture Arranger O 9or ' Thousand 0 5esley. Come +ilan L Heiden Heiland 7uther L Heynolds Complexit y Words Tune .eep ! Cry to . Our Help !n 0 5atts..ow Thy Dates of . . 2 +t . 0/F Of Hea)en Praise To The 7ord.Td Out of the . 0F. + 'us Tiefer .A. + Dott %ei Delobet und Derman Ps F040F.0 Con)icted +aBwell. +ic G40A# Dlad and %ing 0>. O 7ord. .4-/#/I. +y Heart.own from Hea)en and %ee # %ee 7oo* . 7* .4. ' (radbury (radbury. 2 or 5inchester . 2 7obe den Herren (ennett. C D L Ps >I40#-= 0Pt 040A#0>=He) Tongues +ason. 7oo* .#Oh. . Ps 00-4.I4. 8ph . Heb 0.4-1#-. 5 Ps >140.

A traditional 8nglish 7* .Ch F400#0/. He) .1.Coffin.> 0F-These 're the Holy Ten Commands # %ee That +en a godly 7ife +ight 7i)e These Things the %eer !saiah did (efall # %ee !saiah. 5 ' Scripture !s F-4-#I. 0Tim Kehu Debot or !n .F4I.Cor 7ife 5e (e se$uence L %ind L 7uther 04>#01.I. Ps 0/40# 3nweisen +und DesangbEchlein. 7uther./#. 2 'ct Dott Jom Praetorius. Phil . +t >4-F#-I.oth Dod Confess Complexit y Words Tune 'berystwyth (Parry) Humility %tille .ight %imple Difts Ta*e +y 7ife 'nd 7et !t (e &Ta*e 3p Thy Cross&. +e 2n 014> Today :our +ercy Calls 3s # %ee Today Thy +ercy Calls +e .04. <ingsfold trad 8nglish L 7* 0>4>#01. Heb >40/.140#0G. 7uther.Title %a)ior 5hen !n . 2 +oKart.ies sind die heilUgen Derman circa 0. Ps 00A4/#I 0F. ' 7* 0>4.4A#0F.Cor F40F +* A4-/. 8)erest.>40A Ps 0>4A. H J 01401. Phil . O 'nthes 'nthes.F 7* ..eut F4I#.acht %imple Difts +oKart .ich Ku uns wend . . C 5 .oel . 'ct . .. 9 !s 040A. + 8rhalt uns.amen fahren wir .4A#> 5yeth. .7uther L Christ.ow !mplore Dod the Holy Dhost To 2ordan Came Our .4F#00. Hom /4. 3nser Herr 5alter. Hom . Ps I1400#0.A#-1 . Heb >4. 0 2n /4>#01.0. Hom 040I#0G. + 8s spricht der 5alter&s Deistliche Ps F-40#I.Drant. 8B 0A4.umont.en Hhau. 7) 0I40#.traditional The 9irst .. 7* /40G#.F 0 .ight 0Cor 0F4FF#FG Today Thy +ercy Calls . 5alter.1#.ays of Old 8H 5illiams. 5ittenberg.4.#0.. + +t .A#/1. 0Pt . Himmelreiche 0 %tone. C %t Thomas 5illiams.. 7* 0F4. He) .4>#01 Thou 5ho 'rt Three in 3nity # %ee O Trinity of (lessed 7ight Though in the +idst of . 2 . 0Pt -400.14-./. -G. 'cts /400#0.un 7asst 3ns ./ The %tar Proclaims the . + Herr 2esu Christ . -/4/#F. ben 2udah L :igdal or 7eoni Oli)ers . O 7ord.4F#I. ( 'Kmon DlPser. % 2 'urelia 5esley. D 7eib (egraben . 8B 0/40>#. (rownlie.40.oel The <ing %hall Come The 7aw Of Dod !s Dood 'nd 5ise The +outh of 9ools .4-A 7ord. Plumptre. H / Caswall.Ha)ergal.F. 0Cor I4. The Christ +assie To %hepherds 's They .>. 9 Composer/ Arranger Parry.40#. 0Chrn . Hm 0/4G#A.4-#A 7* . . Col 040. G.Cor -40I.#. 0>40I#. Dottes .. 2 Consolation or +orning %ong 0 7oy. 0 Th 04>. 7uther.4A#>. 2n . 2n 04. Ps 00I4I Hom 0. +t 0G40#F 8B -40/#0F.1. C 'cts 04>#00. 2 +t -40-#0G.. .40#0..1. 'llen.ust To Thee %ee 'mid the 5inter&s %now %ilent . 2 Druber.11s 8B . 0Cor 0F4F-#F/ 7uther To Dod the Holy %pirit 7et 3s Pray # %ee 5e .40#. +ighty %eer. 2n 04. Hom I40-.0. Hom -40>#. 8ph /4.G4.. 2 0 (rac*ett. 5atched (y . +icah F4. % % 0 Cor G40-#0/ . 7* . +t . Herr trad Hebrew L 7yon traditional Derman 2n -40I./. 2 Doss. in . 9 (rac*ett. the %a)ior %aid That +en a godly 7ife +ight 7i)e The 'd)ent of Our Dod The (ridegroom %oon 5ill Call 3s The Church&s One 9oundation The Cloud Hecei)ed Christ 9rom Their %ight The Dod of 'braham Praise The Dospel %hows The 9ather&s Drace The 9irst . %edulius 5o Dott Mum Haus <lug&s Deistliche +t . 2 Meph 040/. !n . 8 0 +ohr. + Jom Himmel Hoch traditional Derman !s >4.ays of Old Thine 'rm. 8ph 04>= 2n 0A4-I# <ing is Here 7ieder.+edie)al +itten wir im 7eben +edie)al se$uence 0%am . 7oy.1 un*nown . + . +t 004.1 .

Title 5a*e.0.ays of Old # %ee Thine 'rm. in .1. 5atts. for .ict traditional Derman +* 0140-#0I. 2n 040. 9reude 2% / trad 7atin L Herr Dott./.utch L <remser +on*. C C 2n 0F40-. He) . 5 H Scripture +t . ! Hoc*ingham Old +iller.4. 5hy Herod 3nrelenting 9oe. 2 + untitled Con)erse./ 5ould that the 7ord 5ould Drant 3s Drace # %ee +ay Dod (estow on 3s His Drace :ou Parents Hear 5hat 0 Helmbold L Herr 2esu Christ. 5 Dreenslee)es traditional 8nglish 7* .G 2n 0/4. 'non L <remser (a*er . How. 0I40-#0F.ays of Old . 7i)e . dich loben trad 7atin L 7uther wir 7uther / Crosby. 8B . in .icolai. 0 Cor 0.7uther.I#. 8 Dal I40/.-#.>40/.40#00.-40>. +t G4G#A. P +edie)al tune L 7uther Trad . !s /04>#0-.icolai L 5achet 'uf 5in*worth F +edie)al teBt 5ir Dlauben all an L 7uther 8inen Dott.4G. 2oy of +an&s . 0Pt . Heb /40F. 2n 040/. Phil . + +ensch. Thy Praise 5e %ing (Te .140#0G. 02n -40I#0A.. %choepfer or 'postolic Creed . !n 2esus 2n 0F40/#0I. 2er 014.ight !s 9lying 5e 'll (elie)e in One True Dod 5e Dather Together Complexit y Words Tune 5e Di)e Thee (ut Thine Own 5e . 5illt du attr 7uther4 8B .G. 0 Tim . < Words Tune Scripture !s . O +an. 2 L (ach. +t . 0F. 'wa*e. 0 2n /4>#01. Mech 014A#> 0 Chron . 0 Tim ./ 5hat Child !s ThisO . 2er -1400. 2a 04. 2 / 2anus. Derman L . 9 %ondance PaBton.1. Pachelbel.4F#A../' Canon in .eum 7audamus) +y %ong %hall (e Of 2esus Compl exity Composer/ Arranger F .ame 5ere Dod . +t .iB. 5 5 8nergy Composer/ Arranger . 8ph /4-#I. 2esus. O 7ord. !s F-40#I 5hen Christ&s 'ppearing 5as +ade <nown.04.F4I.-#.ow !mplore Dod the .4F#I .ot 5ith 3s 't This Time # %ee !f Dod Had .4F#A. Hom A4.0 :our Hand.ot (een on Our %ide 5hat ' 9riend 5e Ha)e 0 %cri)en.1. Ps Happily 7eben %eligich 5alter&s Deistliche >140 DesangbEchlein./ 5ondrous Cross 5ilt Thou. +t 2esus Taught CKamans*e Mu 3ns 5end G4G#00.esiring 7ord Dod.I.G 2n 004F. He) 0A4.F4/1. 0 Cor 0.4-.4F#I Ps -/40.#0-.40#I. 0 2n F4.I4A !s -A40>#. . !s 0.eut F4I#. . Phil . Hm G4. 2esus at :our (irth # %ee 'll Praise to 2esus& Hallowed . >40. %houldst Thou 9ear # %ee The %tar Proclaims the <ing is Here 5hen ! %ur)ey The . O 7ord. . or 5hy !mpious Herod.4- Pieces For Choir or Prelude/Postlude Music: Title Canon in . !s I40#/. + 2esus bleibet meine %chop.un (itten wir den Derman L 7uther Holy Dhost 7uther Heiligen Deist 5e Praise :ou. 7* 014. Hom A4.

vior. 2008 Revision. Ex 12:5. 1525. Translation composite. ev of to de His er earth. cheer less life to and con dem de con tent. Thou lay’st Him. ing. life com the most u I’ll plain soul’s will pon cleave ing great ing the to forth. 4 4 And la den Him God the My will con Thou slay’st Him er. ly cross. the strength of my heart in o na scend an sor ffer." ing. dest. ing. loss me. Jn 1:29 A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth Page 1 of 2 . send cree." Love. Fa ther. all my un Christ. Music: ’An Wasserflüssen Babylon’ Wolfgang Dachstein. Love. gain forth and and how it my Is 53:1−12. Friend. 4. dest. death.A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth Words: Paul Gerhardt. Goes "Go O From Yea. "Yea. The The I’ll With Thy guilt Lamb bear nails love of of what and for all God. None else the To gain for I do what from soul and With lo ving bur us Thou bod arms den His de y en shar fa man ooz fold ing! vor. A Lamb goes 2. eth! guish: row. Son. This Lamb is 3. copyright: public domain. tion. Thou spear e’er men our com Him be bear Sa man bruis hold ing. done! flood light. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Thee. 5. Son! blood night. yea. soul. pa forth. 1931. won bo Thou tient My drous dy shalt on. Lord. ’tis be grow the what the my weak Fa hast crim Bea and ther Thou son con faint. saith. = 120 4 4 1. That From The From And spot guilt Son. Thee ev with the Fa ther forms to as a as Thou sins chose Thy lamb. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal. 1648. Bears The O My Hence shame wrath Love. To "And The Of To slaugh free Fa pre guide ter men ther cious me led from o sac safe with the ffers ri through out fear up fi death’s com of His cial dark plaint. ing.

New life from Thee is flowing. And when Thy glory I shall see And taste Thy kingdom’s pleasure. Thou art my Anchor when by woe My bark is driven to and fro On trouble’s surging billows. y. In thirst my drink. all Thou hast done for me. In sorrow it shall be my joy. bear." tion. In joy. "Will share The grave Whose me For sign. When by my grief I am oppressed. To sacrifice myself for Thee Shall be my aim and pleasure. When I appear before Thy throne. stripes strong is. in want my food. Ex 12:5.stripes. And when all else has lost its zest. Of death I am no more afraid. and swell." deth. Thy constant praise outpouring. 9. 10. This manna still shall feed me. Thy cross affords me cooling shade When noonday’s sun is glowing. My joy beyond all measure. This treasure ever I’ll employ. With treasures of an earthly mold! I’ve found a better jewel. self and are Thou sweet and wounds hard art Lamb all and to to to that’s death. Lord my God. To comfort and to lead me. 8. the music of my feast. 6. I shall be brought To stand in joy beside Thee. Is 53:1−12. I’ll treasure in my memory. Sa er ssion with whose vior. To thee shall now be given A treasure that doth far excel The worth of earth and heaven. precious blood. Which flowed from wounds so cruel. Away with the Arabian gold. From ing fruit word me whom all of the doth all this I Thy sal moun tains make Thee things I suf va ren lan bor fer. men in love I and shall the to con saith. O Lord. guish? row. in garments richly wrought As Thine own bride. Enlarge. My company in solitude. My stream of life shall ever be A current flowing ceaselessly. This every aid shall yield me. From morn till eve my theme shall be Thy mercy’s wondrous measure. Jn 1:29 A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth Page 2 of 2 . Is Thy most holy. And there. Thy righteousness shall be my crown− With these I need not hide me. In conflict it shall shield me. my mock Pa Him give. My priceless treasure. 7. On Thee my weary soul shall rest Serenely as on pillows. Thy blood my royal robe shall be. save! Thee mine An But Thou What To guish and by Thy bed dest can I Thee. Thy gracious love adoring. my heart’s own shrine.

Martin Luther. these all be gone. us. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. us. child and wife. Martin Luther. Now means dead ly woe. let re main A Soon All Nor trust were ea an y Shield and our loss ef ger to de y thanks have Weap fect vour for on. Though 4. Ps 18:1−2. Music: ’Ein Feste Burg’ Dr. A 2. eth. Rm 8:37−39 . The old Ask ye. = 160 1. copyright: public domain. God. 1529. Are his dread And there’s none He’s judged. Scowl fierce as he will. This world’s And take e Who prince they vil is may our Foe this? still life. ed. can harm us none. On Earth He holds One lit The King is the tle dom not field word ours his e for ev can fell re main qual. 1529.A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (rhythmic) Words: Dr. Deep Of He Let guile and great might Sab a oth Lord. er. Edition of 1931. 1Cor 15:55−57. ill. Je sus Christ it is. wor ld should fill. it. 2Sa 22:2−3. the They yet have arms oth deed no in er is thing fight. The might might dev Word y of ils they For ours all still tress can the shall is our God. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Translation composite circa 1868 Pennsylvania Lutheran Church Book. nau ght be done. plain That Whom They With hath us now o’er tak God Him self e le shall not o ver power His good gifts and Spi en. done. rit. Goods. him. He But We He’s helps for trem by us free us fights ble not. cted. With 3. fame. won. our side from the we up ev Val fear on ery iant no the need One. 2006 Revision.

close glance ter head fast ebbs I rors. my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine. less. like Thyself.Abide With Me Words: Henry F. Setting: Methodist Hymnal. Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies. Where is death’s sting? Where. in death. free. dis ing in Thy per verse mean bide. 1847. Swift 3. in falls the ev en out life’s lit tle beg. Thou bide with to its a brief not in on my me. but and Lord. me. a pass ing as the King of ear ly youth didst tide. Ps 63:6−8. while. Music: ’Eventide’ William H. gest journ. Lord. Heaven’s morning breaks. = 100 4 4 1. bell ens. 1861. Come 5. and tears no bitterness. 73:23−26. 6. The Earth’s But But And. In life. A 2. O Lord. grave. word. fail all cend heart oft and com forts a round I ing. day. Lord. Monk. Help of O Thou Come not Come. way. kings. if Thou abide with me. a a a thus a bide bide bide bide bide with with with with with me. Friend On to the who to of the help chan so sin close. pa tient. me. dwell’st good. me. ners. and earth’s vain shadows flee. O O not. Not 4. I need Thy presence every passing hour. Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes. 7. 1909. Lyte. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. all not help cay con woes. abide with me. plea? Thee. 1Cor 10:13 . see. When Change Fa Tears Thou o and mil for hast ther de iar. wings. What but Thy grace can foil the tempter’s power? Who. ery for ev as I left flee. smile. dark joys as kind though ness grow Thou and re 4 4 deep dim. Ills have no weight. thy victory? I triumph still. copyright: public domain. with Thee at hand to bless. Lk 24:29. abide with me. me. 2008 Revision. 8. left ers in des a me. I fear no foe. its with with ious Lord glor Thy heal and with me a ies pass a ci ples.

hear. All 2. praise the Son. Setting: Ralph Vaughn Williams. And worship Him in humbleness. Let all things their Creator bless. long. Dear 5. Thou 3. take your sing. day heart. Three in One! Ps 69:34. And thou most kind and gentle Death. Ps 148 . O praise Him! Alleluia! Praise. 6 4 A lle O O O O lu praise praise praise sing ia! Him! Him! Him! ye! A A A A A lle lle lle lle lle lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! Thou Thou Thou The Ye burn ris fire flowers who ing ing so and long sun moon. men our God that art ter. joice. And praise the Spirit. Thou Ye That Let Praise sil lights giv them God ver moon with soft er of eve ning. bright. way. And crea rush flow mo all tures ing ing ther ye of wind wa earth. find a est man both warmth and ry al so His glo and on Him cast your gleam! voice! light. = 160 6 4 1. And Christ our Lord the way hath trod. pure whoday of ten and so and by der King strong clear. bear. mas fruits pain with gol in praise ter ful that in and sor den re and thee row beam. 2005 Revision. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. show. 1906. part.All Creatures of Our God and King Words: Francis of Assisi circa 1225. copyright: public domain. grow. Thou 4. 7. care! O praise Him! O praise Him! A lle lu ia! A lle lu ia! A lle lu ia! 6. 1919. O praise Him! Alleluia! Thou leadest home the child of God. Draper. Music: ’Lasst Uns Erfreuen’ Geistliche Kirchengesäng Köln 1623. Waiting to hush our latest breath. Lift Ye Make Un For up clouds mu fold giv your that sic est ing voice sail for bless o and with us in Heaven a thy Lord to ings on our thers. praise the Father. Translated by William H.

in get ting will quick en. 1858. be stilled. Koenig. best to grant me. 1982. All 2. 2005 Revision. mit my way. Translated by Catherine Winkworth.All Depends On Our Possessing Words: unknown circa 1673. Pr 10:22. pleas ure ren der. id ground. so not for guide and last ing I sur be it sa ken rule me. lone I build. 4 4 Though Is Things All Joy all earth and ev that have my long and sor ly er no ing row. ev er. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 6. He He I To I who trusts with who did so shall strive to His lo ving shall doubt His faith un sha ken gent ly school me. In He That Soul As His God is who still doth will bring me and bo dy God wills. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. He 3. Help di vine. wealth shall sol shall have de part. win a treas ure kind ness ten der wis dom nev er. God’s And Ov Hope All a bun dant to ma ny er tri fles my heart a the long ing grace joys and new hopes and bless ing. 1738. that haunt me. When 5. sel dom found. Well de pends on who hi ther ny spend their with sor row He knows what our pos sess ing to hath fed me lives in fret ting I am strick en. Earthly wealth is not abiding. Heb 10:34 . be mine. Safe I anchor in His grace. Music: ’Alles ist an Gottes Segen’ Johann B. And Will And For I e’er keeps a re main my that now is in Him a to Him com daunt less heart. All my trust in Him I place. Like a stream away is gliding. He my weary soul will strengthen. Ma 4. If on earth my days He lengthen. 2Cor 6:10. their day. copyright: public domain. hath led me. = 100 4 4 1.

est. went. 4 4 To Whom the lips of child ren Made sweet ho san nas ring. Thou 2. didst the pa ple be ac King of ny of of the fore Thy cept their Is an He pa prais rael. 2006 Revision. Re deem er. in the Lord’s Name tal men and and praise and now high ex all good de com all an alt light est. To Thee. praise. 1Tm 1:17. Verse 1. Thou Are With They Ac Da vid’s ro yal prais ing Thee on palms be fore Thee sang their hymns of cept the prayers we Son. Laud. Revised. things thems ed. The Cre Be Our Thou King and Bless ed at ed make re fore Thee we pre me lo dy we good and gra cious One. = 140 Refrain 4 4 All glo ry. Music: ’Valet Will Ich Dir Geben’ or ’St.All Glory. tr. 1911. Neale. Ps 148. es. raise. 1851. King. bring. The 4. circa 820. copyright: public domain. High. King. Thou art com peo Thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ply. Mt 21:9. by John M. To Refrain Who And Our To Who in mor prayer Thee. and Honor Words: Theodulf of Orleans. gels brews ssion. Theodulph’ Melchior Teschner. To 5. Rev 4:8−11 . Setting: Presbyterian Hymnal. The 3. laud and hon or. 1615. sent.

and Is Je sse’s Rod. 1921. Phil 2:9−11. whom David Lord did call. and rael’s might. ye morn ing Him. alt. and tunes their choir. all. = 120 4 4 1. Go spread your trophies at His feet. all. Crown 5. and crown Him Lord of all. Heb 2:9. and sse’s Rod. 1793. and by His grace. Setting: The Evangelical Hymnal. who cho sen race. All 2. 8. ye an gels as they fixed this from His ran somed pros trate tune it. 2007 Revision. and stars of light. all. copyright: public domain. 7. and His grace. and crown Him Lord of all. and crown Him Lord of all. 1780. float ing al tar from the fall. Phil 2:9−10. Let 3. ye mar tyrs rael’s seed of Is Je sus’ Name! Let tune the lyre. all. Crown 4. ye heirs of David’s line. Sinners. and their choir. Let every tribe and every tongue before Him prostrate fall And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all. 4 4 Bring Be Now Ex Hail forth fore hail tol Him the ro yal His face Who the strength of the Stem of Who saves you di tunes Is Je by a dem. fall ball. call. whose love can ne’er forget the wormwood and the gall. all. The God incarnate. all. And shout in universal song the crownèd Lord of all. who of your God. Hail Him. and crown Him Lord of all. Rev 19:16 . Bring Be Now Ex Hail forth fore hail tol Him the ro yal His face Who the strength of the Stem of Who saves you di a dem. Man divine. Rev 5:9−14. fall. Music: ’Coronation’ Oliver Holden. all.All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name Words: Edward Perronet. and crown crown crown crown crown Him Him Him Him Him Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord of of of of of all. and rael’s might. Ye hail the pow’r of high born ser aphs Him. and crown crown crown crown crown Him Him Him Him Him Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord of of of of of all. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. The God incarnate. Man divine. 6. all. Go spread your trophies at His feet.

king dom heirs. verses 2−7. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 7. Martin Luther. True Dis He It He man guised is shin leads for in be eth us us! our come in from The poor an the this an flesh in midst vale gels and fant of of sing blood small. Hal le lu jah! 6. sons of light. Who For Yon Hath In of a der to the vir man lies us world gin ger in new be 4 4 pure leaves Ma sun came be His ry’s shine a came throne lap. 2009 Revision. ancient German. He came to earth so mean and poor. come Fa ther’s Son. Lk 2:7−14. As See Who And And the now by mak makes glad the His eth us news to ev er might up us the in his earth they bring. Setting: A. And make us rich in heaven above. Haupt. He 4. Is 9:2. 1524. tears. The praise to Je sus’ ter nal Fa ther’s whom the world could ter nal Light. Eternal Lord) Words: verse 1. hold eth all. blest. Th’E 3. For this let Christendom adore And praise His name for evermore. alt. 1 Jn 1:1−3 . 1869. 1854. All 2. Man to pity and restore. Jn 1:14. guest. 1 Tm 3:16. Th’E 5.All Praise to Jesus’ Hallowed Name (also known as All Praise to Thee. last ing Good. ancient German found in Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. Music: ’Gelobet Seist Du’. copyright: public domain. Jesus at Your Birth or All Praise to Thee. God hal lowed on ly not in down from ev er Name Son wrap heav’n. giv’n. night. O Jesus Christ or We Praise You. = 120 4 4 1. Translated by Richard Massie. 1524. All this He did to show His grace To our poor and sinful race. Equal with angels through his love.

2008 Revision. circa 1567. Praise Father. in endless day. Ps 92:1−2. Ps 17:8. Ps 4:8. For The The And My all ill grave with soul the bless ings that I this tle as lit sweet sleep mine with heav’n ly of day as eye thoughts the have my lids sup light! done. Thee. Music: "Tallis’ Canon" Thomas Tallis. that may me no ill dreams me. ply. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. All praise to thee. soul night my for that on I God. eternal King? 7. lie. 4 4 Keep That Teach Sleep Let me. me to die. Praise God. peace may be. O 5. to my the Thee. Praise Him. at glo rious at the serve my God when pow’rs of dark ness migh ty wings. ye heavenly host. and so I vig ’rous turb my kings. copyright: public domain. Be I. Son. O when shall I. 1916. My God. all creatures here below. my that more dis King of self. live. Ps 91:1−16 .All Praise To Thee. and Holy Ghost. For 3. circa 1674. And hymns divine with angels sing. Teach 4. I a wake. bed. All 2. When praise give me may in to me. This Night Words: Thomas Ken. dread pose. Rise To No neath Thine own al ere I sleep. Thy I Thee sleep this dear may re less night. 6. For ever chase dark sleep away. close. judg ment day. from Whom all blessings flow. me mo lest. Lord. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. O keep with the world. Praise Him above. = 100 4 4 1. Son. may make rest.

thun when Earth’s robed der the Re in like a for ty deem er. 1867. 2006 Revision. flesh our might y days were plead for great High flood. Music: ’HyFrydol’ Rowland H. = 130 3 4 1. His faith flee Earth the be to Thy vic to lieves. Prichard. Setting: The English Hymnal. nor Thee from foot stool. in the peace sight Friend veil ful re of hast Zi on ceived Him sin ners. Sing To Jesus! Words: William C. Rev 14:2−3 . Rm 15:9. own. Dix. ful y. Al 2. day: throne: Hark! Though Int Thou the the er with songs of cloud from ces sor. Is 66:1. copyright: public domain. us. lords the row our we throne. Jam 5:13. feast. now. Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! sing not bread King to as of e Je or an ter sus! phans gels. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. o’er me. in our of His sor food. nal. how. more"? sea. ry a ques tions day to Hea ven Thy lone. 1830. Al 4. en tered. 1906.Alleluia. Priest. His are Thou Thee the we on the scep left earth Lord ter. Je Shall Where Thou sus our the on out hearts songs earth of for of both ev get all priest ery His the and na pro sin vic tion mise. 3 4 Al Al Al Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! His the He is here the born of tri near sin Mar umph. less tim has "I sweep in re am ac the deemed us with you ross the Eu char by ev crys ist His er tal ic blood. stay. Al 3.

Rom 1:16 . come down and on Your Word Your mighty power bestow. Oft might y God. 1913. Cawood. Let 4. = 100 4 4 1.Almighty God Your Word Is Cast Words: J. copyright: public domain. know. Anne’ William Croft. 1708. Mt 13:3−9. Setting: The Lutheran Hymnary. throne stow. 2007 Revision. Mk 4:3−8. Let 3. Like This The To Your seed in to the ly seed re ho ris ing plant de raise us to Your quick ’ning grace be ground. 1816. Son. love. Music: ’St. move. 6. joy. That all who hear the joyful sound. Your saving grace may know. souls of in a and the Heav’n ev hun sad truth de ’ry dred ly re scend. heart fold tell ceive. Great God. Your not the foe of not the world’s de let Your Word so as the prec ious Word is Christ and ceit ful ly kind seed is cast man cares sent sown. And To The That Its right eous fruits a bring forth fruits of fruits of peace and we re ject Your sa ving power may bound. stroy. 4 4 Now But But Re That let the give it let it turn to all whose dew root yield You. Nor 5.13−20.18−30. Al 2. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

come. Who called me here below. maz grace ma Lord when ing that ny has this grace! taught dan pro flesh How my gers. but that me and with now grace safe Por in am ap thus tion the found. The earth shall soon dissolve like snow. dures. peace. did brought Shield sess. me. That And I His And 3 4 saved grace have Word mor a my al my tal wretch fears rea hope life like re dy se shall me! lieved. 1779. A 2. 1900. ’Twas 3. fail. Carrell and David S. Jn 9:25. But God. Yea. cease. hour grace long life but I will as of now first lead life joy I be me en and see. Music: ’New Britain’ James P. Shall be forever mine. Was The And As A blind. snares. 7. We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise Than when we’d first begun. = 100 3 4 1. copyright: public domain. mised and sweet heart toils good heart the to and to shall sound fear. Eph 2:4−9 . Bright shining as the sun. Through 4. home. The 5. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. The sun forbear to shine. Setting: E. Clay. 6. pear far.Amazing Grace Words: John Newton. I How ’Tis He I once pre grace will shall was cious hath my pos lost. 2006 Revision. Excell. veil. cures. When we’ve been there ten thousand years. before 1829. be.O. 1831. lieved. last verse author unknown.

Thou 3. Who art be we know Thy great God. 5. Setting: Presbyterian Hymnal. Monk. near us mea sure voi ces. An 2. the best ly that and and that live Thou mu hands Thou to art sic’s and hast bless Thee. Ever Singing Words: Francis Pott. dy. ly. 1861. scan. gard est voi ces prof fer. be ears Thine Son. giv en and and for in Earth con wilt Thy our and fess hear plea choic Hea Thee us? sure est ven Lord Yea. Thou Can Crafts Hearts Of sands on we feel man’s art and minds. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 4 4 An Can Thou And Fa gel it didst for ther. 4. rest songs for all bless not of Thy un ed day or sin ful praise com worth i Tri ni night. to nor. Ps 148:1−2 . harps. Lord. far thest joi ces of fer me rit. 1911. 2006 Revision. Rev 5:8−14. didst me ren of we de lo der might. Spi rit.Angel Voices. Music: ’Angel Voices (Monk)’ Edwin G. copyright: public domain. = 100 4 4 1. ty. Thee. Thine. can. glo ry. sign. 1861. be. man? bine. Here. Ho gel voi ces. e yond love day might ver the re we and sing ing. for that and ac and e Thou hands cept Ho ver re and ance ly ring ing. round mor o’er of Thine Thy tal each Thine shall throne eye work own e of can of to ver light. Thee.

light: star. pear. Shep 3. the Father. An 2. come and wor ship. 5. the new born King. = 100 4 4 1.Angels From the Realms of Glory Words: James Montgomery. Evermore your voices raising To th’eternal Three in One. 1867. tence. Sa 4. Gather all the nations to Him. ing. 4 4 Ye God Seek Sud Jus who with the den tice sang cre us is great De ly the now re a tion’s now re sire of Lord. far. Lk 2:6−20. 2007 Revision. join in praising God. Wor ship Christ. chains. Come and wor ship. 1816. Mt 2:1−11 . Now pro Yon der Ye have In His Mer cy claim shines seen tem calls Mes the His ple you. Son. ing. Setting: The Methodist Hymnal. tions. tance. from in leave fore wrung the realms of the field a your con tem the al tar with true re glo bid pla bend pen ry. Saints. 6. Though an Infant now we view Him. fear. tions. Wing Watch Bright Watch Doomed your ing er ing for flight o’er all the o’er your flocks by vi sions beam a long in hope and guilt to end less earth. Spirit. He shall fill His Father’s throne. de vokes the stor sid na scend sen y ing. Every knee shall then bow down: 7. be ners. Music: ’Regent Square’ Henry Smart. All creation. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. copyright: public domain. ing. night. Sin gels herds. 1909. pains. si ah’s in fant na tal shall ap break your birth. ges.

Come to Beth le 4. Glo ri a. copyright: public domain. praise. moun tains glad some dore on Jo seph. Setting: Edward (or Edwin) S. Ps 95:6 . 4 4 And the What the Come. aid. why this 3. An gels we have 2.Angels We Have Heard On High Words: French Carol. long? sing. Sweet ly Why your Christ Whose Whom the sing joy birth choirs ing ous the of o’er strains an an the pro gels gels plains. in ex cel sis De o! Lk 2:13−14. song? King. 2005 Revision. E Which Christ While cho ing their in spire your the Lord. in ti bend lend re dings ed your ply be knee. (1887−1958). raise. 1862. Barnes. Music: ’Gloria’ French carol melody. = 130 4 4 1. Translated by James Chadwick. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. a Ma ry. the our hearts in joy heav’n new love ous ly born we strains. Shep herds. See Him in a heard ju hem man on bi and ger high lee? see laid. in ex cel sis De o! Glo ri a.

White. Setting: The Sacred Harp. 4 4 Stir our Old. = 160 4 4 1. Rom 10:14−15. mage. Jn 17:3. copyright: Words: Copyright 2009. tor. 2009 Revision. Life con ferred! Teach us now Teach us Lord Let us sing to to of love each see Your Your a o I tone ther. Three in One. Sun. Acts 26:29 . those in nal. tor. Au thor 2. Brian J. ter. Jn 14:6. Mal 4:2. Eph 4:17−24. Christ now of all hard. breathe in ther.. 12 Oct 2009. 1860. one true God. Source of Truth. Dumont. Hearts so 3. wise. provided they are not altered. 1Cor 10:24. or Way to heal our weak not my col see the Fa ness. to know to our need we You the hearts a gain. our Fa hate each o life e ter ther. All other rights reserved. ment. ter. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Rom 8:9−10. and this notice is on each copy. we grants us Life. crush our or. life Re deem life Re deem life Re deem er. alt. He the e vil limbs. Dumont.. Benjamin F. Teach us Lord Teach us now Let all peo to to ple love like see the hear Your You. Lam 3:1. Word! Gen 2:7. or One who thoughts so vain. not yet born. Life Cre Life Cre Life Cre a a a tor. treat with scorn.Author of All Life Words: Brian J. Music: ’Beach Spring’. un He the dead ness. Music and Setting: public domain. er. Pal sied ther. er. life Im life Im life Im par par par ter. Lk 10:25−37. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. felt the rod. 1844.

Awake, My Soul, And With The Sun
(see also ’Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow’)
Words: Thomas Ken, 1674. Music: ’Old 100th’ Genevan Psalter, attr. Louis Bourgeois, c. 1551. Setting: Sternhold and Hopkins’ Psalter, 1561. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2006 Revision.

= 120

1. A 2. Thy 3. By 4. In 5. Wake,

wake, prec in con and

my ious flu ver lift

soul, time ence sa up

and mis of tion thy

with the sun spent, re deem, Light di vine be sin cere; self, my heart,

Thy dail y stage Each pre sent day Let thy own light Keep con science as And with the an

of thy to the gels

du ty run; last es teem, o thers shine. noon tide clear; bear thy part,

Shake Im Re Think Who

off prove flect how all

dull sloth, thy tal all Heaven’s all see night long

and ent pro ing un

joy with pit God wear

ful due ious thy ied

rise, care; ways ways sing

To pay For the In ar And all High praise

thy great dent thy to

morn day love, sec the

ing thy and ret e

sac ri fice. self pre pare. cheer ful praise. thoughtssur veys. ter nal King.

6. All praise to Thee, Who safe has kept And hast refreshed me while I slept Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake I may of endless light partake. 7. Heav’n is, dear Lord, where’er Thou art, O never then from me depart; For to my soul ’tis hell to be But for one moment void of Thee. 8. Lord, I my vows to Thee renew; Disperse my sins as morning dew. Guard my first springs of thought and will, And with Thyself my spirit fill.

9. Direct, control, suggest, this day, All I design, or do, or say, That all my powers, with all their might, In Thy sole glory may unite. 10. I would not wake nor rise again And Heaven itself I would disdain, Wert Thou not there to be enjoyed, And I in hymns to be employed. 11. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Rm 13:11, Ps 17:15, Ps 148:1−2, Eph 1:3

Away In A Manger
Words: stanzas 1,2 anonymous published Philadelphia, 1885. stanza 3 John T. MacFarland (1851−1913). Music: ’Mueller’ James R. Murray, 1887. Setting: Hymns For Church Schools, 1929. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2006 Revision.

= 100

3 4
1. A 2. The 3. Be way cat near in a tle are me, Lord man low Je ger, no ing, the sus, I crib for Ba by ask Thee a a to bed, wakes, stay The But Close lit lit by tle Lord tle Lord me for

3 4

Je Je ev

sus sus, er,

laid no and

down His cry ing love me,

sweet He I

head. makes; pray;

The I Bless

stars love all

in the Thee, Lord the dear

sky Je child

looked sus, look ren in

down where He down from the Thy ten der

lay, sky care,

The And And

lit stay fit

tle Lord by my us for

Je cra Hea

sus, dle ven

a til to

sleep on the morn ing is live with Thee

hay. nigh. there.

Lk 2:7, Lk 18:15−17

Be Still My Soul
Words: Katharina A. von Schlegel, 1752. Translated by Jane L. Borthwick, 1855. Music: ’Finlandia’ Jean Sibelius, 1899. Setting: from Jean Sibelius, 1900. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. Be 2. Be 3. Be 4. Be 5. Be still, still, still, still, still, my my my my my soul: soul: soul: soul: soul: the thy when the be Lord is on thy God doth un der dear est friends de hour is hast’n ing gin the song of side. take part, on praise Bear To And When On pa guide all we earth, tient the is shall be ly fu dark be liev

4 4

the ture, ened for ing,

cross as in ev to

of He the er Thy

grief has vale with Lord

or the of the on

pain. past. tears, Lord. high;

Leave Thy Then When Ac

to hope, shalt dis know

thy thy thou a ledge

God to fi con bet ter ppoint ment, Him in

or dence know grief all

der let His and thy

and no love, fear words

pro thing His are and

vide; shake; heart, gone, ways,

In All Who Sor So

ev now comes row shall

ery my to for He

change, He ster ious soothe thy got, love’s view thee

faith shall sor pur with

ful be row est a

will re bright at and thy joys re well pleased

main. last. fears. stored. eye.

Be Be Be Be Be

still, still, still, still, still,

my my my my my

soul: soul: soul: soul: soul:

thy the thy when the

best, waves Je change Sun

thy heav’n ly and winds still sus can re and tears are of life di

Friend know pay past vine

Through His From All Through

thorn voice His safe pass

y Who own and ing

ways ruled full bless clouds

leads them ness èd shall

to while all we but

a He He shall more

joy dwelt takes meet bright

ful be a at ly

end. low. way. last. shine.

Ps 46:10

Be Thou My Vision
Words: Attr. Dallan Forgaill, 8th Century. Translated by Mary Byrne, 1905 and Eleanor Hull, 1912. Music: ’Slane’ Traditional Irish. Setting: Mark Hamilton Dewey, 2007. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision. All portions of the setting that were not already public domain were released to the public domain by the arranger on 27 July 2007. He already had released the parts and the versification (except for a few changes in the third verse, which he released to the public domain in 2007) to the public domain in 2006.

= 100

3 4
1. Be 2. Be 3. Be 4. Rich 5. High Thou Thou Thou es King my my my I of Vi Wis ba heed Hea sion, dom, ttle not, ven, O and Shield, nor my Lord Thou Sword man’s vic of my for em tor my true the pty y heart; Word; fight; praise, won,

3 4

Naught be I ev Be Thou Thou mine May I

all er my In reach

else to with Thee Dig ni her i Heav’ns joys,

me, and ty, tance, O

save Thou Thou now bright

that with my and Hea

Thou me, De al ven’s

art. Lord; light; ways: Sun!

Thou Thou Thou Thou Heart

my my my and of

great soul’s Thou my

best Fa Shel on own

Thought, by ther, and ter, Thou ly, be heart, what

day I my first ev

or Thy high in er

by true To my be

night, son; wer: heart, fall,

Wa Thou Raise High Still

king in Thou King be

or me me of my

sleep dwell heav’n Hea Vi

ing, ing, ward, ven, sion,

Thy and O my O

pre I Pow’r Trea Rul

sence with of sure er

my Thee my Thou of

light. one. pow’r. art. all.

Jn 16:13, Nu 12:6

Setting: Richard S. Seiss. er. tru ly I’d Je sus is Je sus shines Praise. a dor serve pur pur a Thee. dows. Thine! So 6:10. light. high. spi in more my rit the be crown. tions. er. Son Robed Bright Son of in the the of 4 4 God flow’rs spark God and of ling and Son bloom stars Son of ing on of Man! spring. Man! Tru Je Je Glo ly I’d sus is sus shines ry and love fair bright ho Thee. King Fair Fair Lord of Cre are the is the of the a wood moon na tion lands. copyright: public domain. 1842. Beau ti are is ti ful the the ful Sa mea sun Sa vior. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. er tion Light of my He makes our Than all the Now and for soul. 1850. Willis. sky. nor. 2005 Revision. er. shine. 1873. sing. Music: ’Crusaders Hymn’ Silesian folk song. = 120 4 4 1. published 1677.Beautiful Savior (also known as Fairest Lord Jesus) Words: written by German Jesuits. Fair 4. Mt 6:29 . Beau 2. translated by Joseph A. sor an ev my r’wing gels er joy. Fair 3. vior.

a host. dry. Translation composite. frain. In dis dain. Music: ’Den Store Hvide Flok’ or ’Great White Host’. who is priest with this band Be ly band. 1Jn 1:7. in troub led did the joys of glo days earth rious fame Who gone by. traditional Norwegian. With ap pear! Those for aye. Then hold pised hail. Ye from an toiled the great guish they and sowed a would in fflic weep tears tion came and sigh. 2007 Revision. yea. Like journed here. 1907. A Host. Rev 7:9−17. Who tyrs stand a the Lord. Arrayed in White Words: Hans Adolf Brorson. Be 2. copyright: public domain. So Ye these are they of oft. = 120 6 4 1. God’s His Word Sus fore throne tained the throne for ev you on of er the light? near. Des 3. the flood of a bove the now bring your Je God sheaves sus’ blood Are of Love For and sing Sal cleansed aye va from guilt their tears tion’s glad and shall re blame. Heb 9:14. they y ye might rrayed so le in white. All thou now. And palms mar praise they stand. a and scorned. Rev 6:11−13 Behold A Host Arrayed In White Page 1 of 2 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. hail! sand snow how glo Now safe clad rious and 6 4 moun they blest tains bright. 17th cent. Lo. and pain. circa 1760. But gions. And At Fare in home well. Setting: Edvard Grieg.Behold. way.

Now They Swing

ga thered in the now en joy their high your palms, lift

ho Sab up

ly place Their bath rest, The your song, Yea,

voi pas make

ces they chalban it my

in quet riad

wor of voi

ship raise, the blest; ces strong.

Their The E

an Lamb, ter

thems swell where their Lord, at nal ly shall

God fest praise

doth dwell, Mid al board Him to Thee, God,

an self and

gels song is Host the Lamb

of and be

praise. Guest. long.

Rev 7:9−17, Heb 9:14, 1Jn 1:7, Rev 6:11−13

Behold A Host Arrayed In White Page 2 of 2

Beneath The Cross Of Jesus
Words: Elizabeth C. Clephane, 1868. Music: ’St. Christopher’ Frederick C. Maker, 1881. Setting: The Evangelical Hymnal, 1921. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. Be 2. O 3. There 4. U 5. I neath safe lies pon take, the cross and happ be neath that cross O cross, of y its of thy Je shel sha Je sha sus I ter, O dow but sus mine dow for fain re on eye my would fuge the at a take my tried and fur ther times can bid ing stand, sweet, side see place;

4 4

The O The The I

sha tryst dark ver ask

dow of a ing place where ness of an y dy ing ther no o

might y rock with Hea ven’s love and aw ful grave that form of One Who sun shine than the

in a wear Hea ven’s jus gapes both deep suf fered there sun shine of

y tice and for His

land; meet! wide me; face;

A As And And Con

home to there from tent

with in the the ho ly be tween us my strick en to let the

wild er pa tri stands the heart with world go

ness, a arch that cross two tears two by to

rest u pon the won drous dream was arms out stretched to won ders I con know no gain or

way, giv’n, save fess; loss,

From the So A The My

burn seems watch won sin

ing my man ders ful

of the Sa vior’s set to of re self my

noon cross guard deem on

tide heat, to me, the way ing love ly shame,

and the a from and my

bur lad that my glor

den of the der up to e ter nal un worth i y all the

day. heav’n. grave. ness. cross.

Prov 14:26

Blessed Assurance
Words: Fanny Crosby, 1873. Music: ’Blessed Assurance’ or ’Assurance’ Phoebe P. Knapp, 1873. Setting: Methodist Hymnal, 1909. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision.

= 100

9 8
1. Bless èd a 2. Per fect sub 3. Per fect sub ssu rance, Je sus is mis sion, per fect de mis sion, all is at mine! O what a light, Vis ions of rest I in my fore taste of glo ry di rap ture now burst on my Sa vior am hap py and vine! sight; blest,

9 8

Heir of sal An gels de Watch ing and

va tion, pur chase of scend ing bring from a wait ing, look ing a

God, Born of His bove E choes of bove, Filled with His

Spi rit, washed in His mer cy, whisp ers of good ness, lost in His

blood. love. love.

This is




this is



Prais ing my



all the day


This is my



this is my


Prais ing my




the day


Heb 10:21−23, Ps 71:24, Rom 5:1

By Grace I’m Saved
Words: Christian L. Scheidt, 1742, Translated by Matthias Loy, (1828−1915). Music: ’O Dass Ich Tansend Zungen’ J. B. Koenig, 1738. Setting:’The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal’ (Ohio Synod), 1908. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2007 Revision.

= 120

1. By 2. By 3. By 4. By 5. By

grace grace! grace! grace grace!

I’m our mark His this

saved works well Son, ground

grace are this on of

free all phra earth our

and re se’s ap sal

bound ject mean pear va

less! ed, ing, ing, tion

My All When Vouch As

heart, claims sin safed long

be of rolls be as

liev’st me sor neath God

thou rit rows thy is

this pass o’er woe true

or for thy to en

not? naught; breast, bend; dures:

Why The When Hadst What

tremb might Sa thou, saints

lest y tan dam have

thou Sa threats na penned

with vior, with tion by

ter long pride just in

ror ex o’er ly spi

ground pec ween fear ra

less? ted, ing, ing, tion,

Has ev er To us this When troub led Done aught to What God to

God a false bliss ful truth con science sighs ren der Him our poor soul

hood has for thy se

taught? brought, rest: friend? cures,

His That What Was’t What

Word He rea not all

is by son that our

true death ne’er He faith

then re can thy must

this deems com wel rest

must our pre fare u

be: race, hend sought, pon,

By And It And Is

grace we pleas but grace,

there are es by free

is a saved a God by grace de grace through

crown lone grace liv’r His

for by to ance dear

thee. grace. send. wrought? Son.

6. By grace! but think not, thou who livest Securely on in godless ways, That thou, though all are called, receivest The promised rest that wakes our praise: By grace none find in heaven a place Who live in sin in hope of grace. 7. By grace! They who have heard this sentence Must bid hypocrisy farewell; For only after deep repentance The soul what grace imports can tell; To sin while grace a trifle seems, To faith it bright with glory beams.

8. By grace the timid hearts that languish, Find access to the Father’s heart, When conflicts fierce and bitter anguish Bid all their joy and hopes depart. Where, oftimes, should I strength obtain, Bid grace my anchor not remain! 9. By grace! on this in death I’ll rest me, Rejoicing e’en though feeling naught; I know my sin it oft oppressed me But Him, too, who my soul hath bought: My heart exults grief flees apace Because my soul is saved by grace.

10. By grace! O sin and Satan hear it! I bear my flag of faith in hand, And pass, in spite of doubts, nor fear it, The Red Sea to the promised land; I hold the word my Savior taught As certain, whether felt or not.
Eph 2:4−9, Titus 3:4−7, Is 64:6, Rom 3:23−24

Low 2. And He lives for ev er with His He a rose! saints to reign.Christ Arose Words: Robert Lowry. He a rose a Vic tor from the dark do main. With a might y tri umph o’er His He a rose! foes. He a rose! He a rose! Hal le lu jah! Christ a rose! He a rose! He a rose! Jn 2:19−22 . Death in ly can the they not grave watch keep He His his lay bed prey Je Je Je sus sus sus my my my Sa Sa Sa vior! vior! vior! 4 4 Wait Vain He ing ly tore the they the co seal bars ming the a day dead way Je Je Je sus sus sus my my my Lord! Lord! Lord! Up from the grave He a rose. 1874. Vain 3. Setting: Living Hymns. 1923. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. = 100 4 4 1. 2007 Revision. 1874. Music: ’Christ Arose’ Robert Lowry.

And old And claim And reigns. The night of sin is ended! Alleluia! 7. er. 1524. But For The The He now at in no cause of vic to died on God’s right cence dwelt Death He ry re the ac hand not has mained cur He on un with sed stands. 1Cor 5:7b. copyright: public domain. life. See. He is our Meat and Drink indeed. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. His let us thrall dom all his power. His mains Death’s o’er. = 110 4 4 1. 1931. Faith lives upon no other! Alleluia! 1Cor 15:54−57. us. 2Tim 1:10 . er! us. Whom our mis our life God of chief low and so fen sin state death free ses had de con ly 4 4 giv wrought scend ten gave en. Here Je son Je was the sus of sus a true lay man Christ. 1854. Faith sing to ev er left him emp ty points to God right grew more no thing form a it. Acts 2:24. Christ is Himself the joy of all. The Sun that warms and lights us.Then let us feast this Easter day On the true Bread of Heaven. tree And And His The So brings there power reign strong us life from fore Death had for ev er of death was His love! to Hea brought end end save ven. It 5. done. no blood doth joy from right more mark ful of and it our be. But 4. ded. 2008 Revision. alt. Where fore us In to ed. Ru ined ed. By His grace He doth impart Eternal sunshine to the heart. Christ alone our souls will feed. An door. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! 6. ed. strange Pas in could God’s and chal death’s strong con quer on ly dread ful Lamb we bands. earth. To strife When see. us. Christ 2. No 3.So let us keep the festival Where to the Lord invites us. And songs kept sting sting Sa of us is is tan Al in lost lost can le lu his bon for ev for ev not harm ia! dage. Such Son. The Word of grace hath purged away The old and wicked leaven.Christ Jesus Lay In Death’s Strong Bands Words: Martin Luther. Stripped of us. 1524. Translated by Richard Massie. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Death thank strong but lone pas ful and the re ses ly Loud bold And name. For Death. Music: ’Christ lag in Tobes Banden’ or ’Torgau’ from Geistliche Gesangbüchlein.

O Follow ing men fight. Love’s 3. hell. 1837. the Lord of earth and Heaven. done. grave. = 120 4 4 1.But the pains that He endured. Alleluia! Now above the sky He’s King.Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (Lyra) Words: Stanzas 1−7. sting? Head. Alleluia! Our triumphant holy day. seal. grave? skies. blood par ry. Alleluia! Thus to sing and thus to love. Alleluia! 9. led. Alleluia! Unto Christ. the earth. Alleluia! Suffer to redeem our loss. the resurrection. our heavenly King. Setting: John Roberts. copyright: public domain. Lk 24:4−7. Lo! Christ Where Ours ye He hath thy the heavens. thou. 1817. Soul of bliss. won. and sets in o pened to vic cross. 2008 Revision. Christ. King. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! 4 4 Sons of Fought the Christ hath Where. Alleluia! Mt 28:5−6. burst death. Alleluia! 7. Stanzas 8−10. 1739. Soar the re the a we Lord. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! Sing. Alleluia! Our salvation have procured.Jesus Christ is risen today. is deem ing stone. Alleluia! Sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia! 8. 2. Rev 5:9−13 . Music: ’Llanfair’ Robert Williams. Alleluia! Who endured the cross and grave. 1Cor 15:55−57. save. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Charles Wesley. Alleluia! Everlasting life is this. Alleluia! 10. Alleluia! Who did once upon the cross. Alleluia! Praise to Thee by both be given. translated in Lyra Davidica.Hymns of praise then let us sing.Hail. the glor ious Christ hath day. Alleluia! Hail. 1Pt 1:18−21. Thy power to prove. Alleluia! Thee we greet triumphant now. more. rise. o’er. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! 6. Alleluia! Thee to know. Vain 4. rise. dise. our and the the is ex an ba gates now al gels ttle of thy ted say. 14th Century. re no a O the ply. and ec for our like tri lipse bids souls Him umphs is His to we high. the gain our now where risen to work is watch. Alleluia! Where the angels ever sing.King of glory. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! Raise your Lo! the Death in Once He Made like joys Sun’s vain died Him. Lives 5.

= 120 4 4 1. Littledale. part. place And And And Where kin dle clothe me o’er its in the it. Come down.Come Down. O let it ly 3. O And True For Com let low none fort Thy li can er. grace. O Love Divine Words: Bianco of Siena d. O 2. Ez 36:26−28. Translated by Richard F. seek til mine with Thou earth out which this ly ward the soul pas ves soul of sions ture will 4 4 mine. ing. ing. Setting: Ralph Vaugn Williams. 1867. Music: ’Down Ampney’ Ralph Vaugn Williams. Jn 14:26 . ming. copyright: public domain. 1434. ing. long. 2009 Revision. glor ness guess draw ious of its near. Jn 14:16−17. with shine which till in ev takes he my er the be heart on hum come ap my bler the pear. Rom 5:5. light heart. burn. the own short Ho ly ho ly flame be while my path il com ings weeps with Spir it makes His stow lum loath dwell ing. Thy round. And so the love free char yearn di ly it ing vine. 1906. Acts 2:2−3. Let ho 4. turn be. ing. y strong. And To And Shall vis dust low far it and li out it ash ness pass with es be the Thine own in its come mine pow’r of ar heat in hu dor con ner man glow su cloth tell ing. sight. 1906. ing. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

Come. Holy Dove) Words: ascribed to Charlemagne. Likewise His only Son our Lord. Jn 14:16. 1883. God Creator. bright. 6. Thyself to us believing show. tion ness Thou steps as to of send we Thou us our est may dost. alt. Music: ’Komm. fresh. Translated from German to English by Leonard Woolsey Bacon. copyright: public domain. Holy Ghost (also known as Creator. Come. 4 4 Fill them A ho Thou know’st The Fa That in with ly the ther’s Thy gra unc weak Word foot ces. Spirit of both. Praise to the Father. = 130 4 4 1. Drive God Com minds with far Cre fort il Thy from a er lu won us tor. call. aye adored 7. sin. Our 4. Gott Schoepfer Heiliger Geist’ ancient Latin found in Erfurt Enchiridion. Thy all O flesh. love. might. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1524. and the Son Who from the dead is risen again. Translated by Martin Luther. And Sweet Deep The Grant vis it Thou gift of God in our hearts fin ger art us Thy bless these most let of éd souls high love God’s peace of a burn right with men. 2009 Revision. us fire dark pure Fire with to ways a of Thy each of gain. And swift On go. Teach us the Father well to know. 2. gifts foe. And crea Fount strength tongues shun tures of en of the make life. Setting: Johann Sebastian Bach. land. in. bove. Thy mine drous our Ho name and sev’n wi ly we re fold ly Ghost. 1 Cor 12:7−11 . For 3. Acts 2:1−4. 1524. Spirit. Thou 5. Praise to the Comforter be done Both now and ever. Amen. hand.

Ho ly 2. ho liest 3. Word. = 120 4 4 1. dored! rest! And Give Grant pour Thy us Thy that with gifts light. 1883 after Erythraeus. 1 ancient Latin. From er Lord. joy of Thy and 4 4 grace liv hope a ing pos broad. Jn 16:13−14. O O Lord Rock Source our a of God. Come. pow’r Thy our pre heav’n souls pare ly de each Light fend. Translated by Arthur Tozel Russell. Page 1 of 2 . O. Music: ’Komm Heiliger Geist. 2009 Revision. v. ev er. Lord Our God (also known as Come Holy Ghost. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 2 Tim 1:14 Come Holy Spirit. Setting: Leonard Woolsey Bacon. 1524. Thou ror. Love’s With Naught fire Him us their as from hearts chil Thee po dren may ssess plea se ing. 1 Cor 12:13. Dost That To ga ther they on our weak and Christ na in a ture Lk 11:13. 1524. Herre Gott’ ancient Latin found in Erfurt Enchiridion. lead ing. O ho liest Spi Light! Fire! rit. God and Lord) Words: v.2−3 Martin Luther. O Lord. Lord Our God.Come Holy Spirit. 1609. Thy To And faith God in ful Him Thy peo self ser ple our vice fill spir kept with its for bles sing. may Thy by Lord. ding. copyright: public domain. ver. Rm 5:5. heart. sest.

Hal le lu jah! Hal le lu jah! Lk 11:13. Lord Our God. fy ing. ing. Page 2 of 2 .faith lone strength u at im nite tend. 2 Tim 1:14 Come Holy Spirit. part. to with through Thee all liv with their ing ex might and ul con through ta fid dy tion. ing. Jn 16:13−14. Rm 5:5. To In To sing Him Thee. Through In On all Him ward the with to world faith press. 1 Cor 12:13. a un our ho feigned foes ly a de na tion bid ing.

Is rael’s By Thine Strength and own e Con ter sol nal a tion. King. Thou Long−Expected Jesus Words: Charles Wesley. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 2008 Revision. er. lone. alt. 1835. Lk 1:67−75. mer it. = 100 2 4 1. Is 61:1−2. Come. Is 9:6. Born Born to a set Thy child and peo ple yet a free. 1745. Joy Raise of us ev to ery Thy long ing glor ious heart. Born Thy long ex peo ple pect ed to de Je li sus ver.Come. bring. Music: ’Jefferson’ from Southern Harmony. Let Now us Thy find our grac ious rest in king dom Thee. Thou 2. 2 4 From our Born to fears and reign in sins re us for lease ev us. 1835. copyright: public domain. Dear De By Thine sire of all suf ev ery fi cient na tion. throne. Setting: Southern Harmony. Spi rit Hope of Rule in all all the our earth Thou hearts a art. 2Pt 1:3−4 .

ken. a way! a way. = 160 6 4 1. Speak O She For ye to that warn has suff the glo Je ing ered ry ru cry many of sa lem o bey! a day. ness. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. copyright: public domain. Yea. ance. ness ken And And In That her war the hills to ev His Word fare bow er is now down spring ne is o to greet ing glad ver bro ver. Is 40:1−8 . the Lord Of Now Now O’er the peace pre pare her griefs the earth that for have is waits God passed shed for them. ed.Comfort. Comfort Ye My People Words: Johann Olearius (Oelschlaeger). reign. 1862. com the her her sins ye straight fort ald’s our what ye voice God long My is will was peo cry par crook ple. For 3. plain: 6 4 Com Bid All Let fort those ding all that well your hearts who men de be sit to served true in dark re pent His an and hum ness. deed. near. thus the des ert ting out each the rough er saith far dark pla our and mis ces God. Edition of 1931. here. heed. Make fort. a broad. Geneva. Speak In Blot Make ye peace. Mourn Since He As ing ’neath the king will no be fits their dom more His sor now see ho row’s is nor ly load. ger ble. 1551. ing don. 2008 Revision. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. Tell Let God And her that her leys the val will change her all flesh shall sins I co rise to meet pi ning sad see the to ver. o meine Seele’ from Trente Quatre Pseaumes de David. 1671. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. 4. Him. Music: ’Freu dich sehr. Com 2. Him.

yet visible above. Crown Him with many crowns. die. that an tro He in wars them phies hath the may drowns all won which trod. Creator of the rolling spheres. 1868. enthroned in worlds above.Crown Him the Lord of love. Redeemer.Crown Him the Lord of lords. 1982. breast. of ev glo reign my the ery ries shall soul. peace. 4. hem. Crown Him the King to Whom is given the wondrous name of Love. for He is King of all. gan. round who that the and His died rose hu rose pierc for the man on ed thee. verses 2 & 3: Godfrey Thring. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. 5. Music: ’Diademata’ George J. save. No angel in the sky can fully bear that sight. hail! For Thou has died for me. Now lives in realms of light. their God. praise. Who once on earth. life. rest. A Fruit Who His His wake. Hymns and Sacred Lyrics. 5:13 . grave. Crown 2.Crown Him the Lord of Heaven. Rev 19:12. the incarnate Word. 8. the Potentate of time. Those wounds.Crown Him With Many Crowns Words: Verses 1. and mu now Him those all sic His the He be but its brow a Son of came to prayer and own. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. All hail. = 110 4 4 1. where saints with angels sing Their songs before Him day and night. with many crowns. who over all doth reign. of as that Who and Him of wrings died. sweet. Crown Him. that bring.Crown Him the Lord of years. 2008 Revision. Son. 7. Elvey. Crown 5. known sing. Man. 1874. for ransomed sinners slain. born. King. the the be who Whose Lamb up on God in car fore the worlds tri umphed o’er pow’r a scep His nate be the ter throne. Crown 4. crown strife for cease. sways 4 4 Hark! Whose And And From How arm ye rose pole the heav’n ly those crim son who tread where vic tor ious to pole. and tend their all e Babe of all in lives that fra grance ter ni Beth le Him may death may ev er ty. as thrones before Him fall. mys grief now know and tic hath we no sing rose. ye kings. the own. stem. ineffably sublime. feet And The And Who Fair hail root takes died flow’rs Him whence and e of as thy mer cy bears them ter nal ra pa match ev for life dise less er His to ex King through flows. in beauty glorified. 6. 6 & 9: Matthew Bridges. 1852. behold His hands and side. Thy praise and glory shall not fail throughout eternity. high. Crown Him Him Him Him Him with the the the the man vir Son Lord Lord y gin’s of of of crowns. God. But downward bends his burning eye at mysteries so bright. Crown 3. Redeemer. dorn. The Passion of Jesus. 9. copyright: public domain. end.

So art thou blest forever. 10. The foe Shall never more divide us. bound in good works saw. 1 Jn 4:14. 2 Tim 1:9−10. I strive and wrestle for thee. Awhile on this low earth did stay That he might be my brother. die. And There And To And ho in dead save bring ly my to was to rap mo good his man ture ther re good sal sing bore main pleas va ing. 1854. er. do thou To do and teach endeavor. Translated by Richard Massie. 4 4 And with u Sin was my Free will a He thought u Then go. My righteousness shall bear thy sin. bright ni tor gainst pon je ted ment God’s his wel heart night judg ten of and and ment der my voice day. 1523. 9. fought. How Life Had Not Slay his was no small bit right be thing the ter arm come left cost death the a me to for vic li but heal him. 8. Pro claim Deep er Grief drove He turn’d From sin the and me to and won deep to me sor ders er des a row God still pair.For he shall shed my precious blood. Gal 4:4−5. Death naught. Take heed lest men with base alloy The heavenly treasure should destroy.Now to my Father I depart. My Son: ’Tis ex brood they sor time ul ed with row to ta dark sin out take tion ly were of com spring o’er stain mea pass ing. = 110 4 4 1. 6. hell. alt. Music: ’Es ist Gewisslich an der Zeit’. smart he Right So To He May dear firm hell gave live ly ly I his with it sin fast best thee hath po was and for cost ssessed sink dear ev him. sure. Be steadfast and believing. from Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. me.The Son delighted to obey. ing. thou mine also. Teach thee to know and follow me. And to the truth conduct thee. This counsel I bequeath thee. Praetorius. I heart free. Thence heavenly wisdom to impart. One and All Rejoice Words: Martin Luther. ness crown. in spake to one and all re Sa tan’s chains I vail me could a his e ter nal lov ed his be joice. Setting: M. 2009 Revision. Dear 2. 1 Pt 1:6−9. éd. me. And where I am thou art. fell. Thou’lt win a triumph worthy: I wholly give myself for thee. He Christ ians. est. Fa set hath I and ther’s him done. ion. Me of my life bereaving. 1610. Wittenberg. Fast 3. me. t’ry ving to my that won. 7.Dear Christians. He shall in trouble comfort thee. A servant’s form like mine he wore. And born of Virgin mother. My 4. All this I suffer for thy good. éd. Ps 98:1−3. 1533. To bind the devil captive. For grace. For I am thine. ure. Rom 3:28 .To me he spake : cling fast to me. The Holy Spirit sending. copyright: public domain. God 5. With lay. My life from death the day shall win. His mighty power he hidden bore. tion. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. What I have done and taught. So shall my kingdom flourish now. And God be praised forever. From earth to heaven ascending.

Wittenberg. The foe Shall never more divide us. tion. Thence heavenly wisdom to impart. sure. hell. attr. The Holy Spirit sending. From earth to heaven ascending.Dear Christians. And There And To And ho in dead save bring ly rap ture my mo ther to good re was his good to man sal sing bore main pleas va ing. And born of Virgin mother. fought. 1627. ure. God 5. Take heed lest men with base alloy The heavenly treasure should destroy. One and All Rejoice Words: Martin Luther. This counsel I bequeath thee. Rom 3:28 . My 4. copyright: public domain. bright ni tor gainst pon je ted ment God’s his wel heart night judg ten of and and ment der my voice day. ion. t’ry ving to my that won. Schein.For he shall shed my precious blood. Awhile on this low earth did stay That he might be my brother. 10. éd. ness crown. And God be praised forever. ing. 1524. 2009 Revision. éd. And to the truth conduct thee. me. How Life Had Not Slay his right arm was be come no thing left small the cost bit ter death the a me to for vic li but heal him. 9. And where I am thou art. 1854. All this I suffer for thy good. naught. 7. in spake to one and all re Sa tan’s chains I could a vail me ter nal his e his be lov ed joice. est. His mighty power he hidden bore. 8. Teach thee to know and follow me. Ps 98:1−3. 1523. er. My life from death the day shall win. Translated by Richard Massie. So art thou blest forever. Fa set hath I and ther’s him done. For I am thine.The Son delighted to obey. thou mine also. 1 Pt 1:6−9. me. I strive and wrestle for thee. Thou’lt win a triumph worthy: I wholly give myself for thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Pro claim Deep er Grief drove He turn’d From sin the and me to and won deep to me sor ders er des a row God still pair. Setting: H. Son: With Death For My ’Tis ex brood they sor time ul ed with row to ta tion dark ly sin were out of take com spring o’er stain mea pass ing.To me he spake : cling fast to me. alt. Fast 3. 6.Now to my Father I depart. To bind the devil captive. Gal 4:4−5. 1 Jn 4:14. A servant’s form like mine he wore. Be steadfast and believing. Martin Luther from Etlich Christlich Lider. He shall in trouble comfort thee. grace. die. I heart free. fell. 2 Tim 1:9−10. Music: ’Nun Freut Euch’. Me of my life bereaving. So shall my kingdom flourish now. My righteousness shall bear thy sin. do thou To do and teach endeavor. = 140 4 4 1. lay. smart he Right So To He May dear firm hell gave live ly ly I his with it sin fast best thee hath po was and for cost ssessed sink dear ev him. me. Dear 2. 4 4 And Sin Free He Then with u was my will a thought u go. bound in good works saw. He Christ ians. What I have done and taught.

in a at O the mid thy heart. O spair seed we. 1542. Martin Luther. ing ry. Lord. tal. tion. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. shall as the O bow sur earth earth. That And Come o life blos forth lead has soms in us in in the to death leaf great man its lets res sions be and ur im gin flow rec mor ing. 1Cor 15:35−38 . alt. Jn 14:1−4. 2 4 From And Com When God’s rests mit all own in ted. down an un to and ces til thy a bor grant keep dore row ed ing. ed.Despair Not. spring sor com in time row ing thy is and in sor plant weep glo row. = 100 2 4 1. translated by Edward Traill Horn III. 2006 Revision. 348−413. ers. 1909−. sometimes attr. thee. not. Music: ’Iam Moesta’ or ’Jam Moesta’ or ’Despair Not O Heart’ or ’Med Sorgen Og Klagen’ unknown. The God’s Shall. tal. As 3. O Heart Words: Aurelius Clemens Prudentius. tion. Setting: The Wartburg Hymnal. 1918. copyright: public domain. De 2. So 4. Then prom bless giv forth ise ing en from that of new thy Je warmth life tomb’s sus and and o has of per pen gi show fec por ven: ers.

it. When you you your sore left met heart tri your with was als room great filled came this temp with up morn ta an on ing. 1Th 6:17. 1876. Perkins. bowed our and my in Sa mer bro sor vior. ger. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Mk 11:24−25 . ther. When 3. it ther row As As Who At a your had the shield to guide and crossed your gates of day? stay? way? day? O how pray ing rests the wea ry! Prayer will change the night to day.Did You Think To Pray? Words: Mary A. So when life seems dark and drea ry. copyright: public domain. Don’t for get to pray. 1831−1902. When 4. tion.12. Did Did Did Did you you you you think think think think to to to to pray? pray? pray? pray? 4 4 In the By His Did you When your name dy plead soul of ing for was Christ love grace. Did Did That Balm you you you of sue claim might Gil for the for ead lov Ho give did ing ly a you fa Spir no bor vor. Pepper Kidder. Music: ’Stockbridge’ William O. 2006 Revision. Setting: Christian Classics Ethereal Library. row. you. = 120 4 4 1. Ere 2. Ps 5:3.

2Cor 6:4−6. Faith of 3. life. = 120 3 4 1. Hemy. Faith of our our our fa fa fa thers. beat that as high comes love with from knows joy God. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. tions in 3 4 fi un all re and to our sword. Walton. 1874. refrain by James G. thers. ho ly faith! We will be true to thee till death. 2Tim 1:3 . Setting: James G. 1874. how When e’er We all By kind we shall ly hear then words that be and glo tru vir rious ly tuous Word! free. liv we we ing will will still. Faith of our fa thers. strive love In spite of To win all Both friend and dun na foe geon. strife. Music: ’St. Thee. 1818−1888. Jud 1:3. 2006 Revision. 1849.Faith of Our Fathers Words: Frederick W. Heb 11:1−2. Faith of 2. Walton. 1Tim 6:12. copyright: public domain. Faber. O how our And through the And preach Thee. thers. Catherine’ Henri F. hearts truth too.

Setting: The English Hymnal. The 4 4 4 4 Who Thou. Al le lu ia. Who Soon. saints Thee by Lord. rest. Page 1 of 2 . 2008 Revision. How.For All The Saints Words: William W. 2Tim 4:7−8 For All The Saints. The 10. we par a pass es ev one sing dise on er true to the His blessed. Thou 3. Al le lu ia! Rev 14:13. their world. west. 1864. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. fight. Light. Might. 1906. For 2. For 9. Music: ’Sine Nomine’ Ralph Vaughan Williams. ny. Shook Sweet King O in all is of the the the Je dark migh calm glo sus. day. ness ty of ry be for drear. Thee: blessed. sea. Thy The Name. ray. post eve breaks who their les’ ning a from For glo bright yet their la tress and rious com ens in more glor bors their pa the ious rest. Thou. Rock. But all the wast their the A gol den lo! there saints. their bear ing soon to tri faith Cap forth faith um be tain the ful phant fore the world in the well Cross o’er land war riors comes rise in bright con fought and their ar fessed. 1906. = 130 4 4 1. way. copyright: public domain.

gold. by ture low ful. sky. For 6. vine! bold. Son and Holy Ghost: Rev 14:13. rap fel faith fierce. Al le lu ia. from ocean’s farthest coast. And the Mar blest may when Ev tyrs. crown strug saints ear the de gle. Thine. the whose kin ship true war blest dled di and fare word. shine. 2Tim 4:7−8 For All The Saints. Page 2 of 2 . com Thy the an who mu sol strife gel with nion. For 5. Thy Name we glo for all tor’s crown and arms a ri are of are dored. song. eye. fy. Al le lu ia! 11. Like Saw We Fight Steals four the fee as on fold bright bly the the streams. who the gar scen they no dis den ding in bly tant of from glo fought tri the the ry of umph Lord. is ists. long. Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host. O 7. From earth’s wide bounds. strong.4. old. are with are fruit grasped one them brave. vic gain. diers. And singing to Father. in the a be Thee Thee. ful. O 8. Is And And And fair see All win hearts and ing. it.

a skies. For each perfect gift of Thine. Graces human and divine. For Thy prophets’ eagle eye. ty ty of of that of of ear hu ev the each and man er earth hour. 1864. ery shore O ver and a Sun and moon. copyright: public domain. Music: ’Dix’ Conrad Kocher. Ps 33:1−6 . Lord of all. light. Jesu. For the martyrs’ crown of light. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. with hearts aglow. Setting: The English Hymnal. 4 4 For Hill For Friends Off’r the and the on ing love which vale. night. To our race so freely given. For 2. sis ter. light. love. For Thy maiden mother mild. mo ny a bove. love. and mys tic earth and up on from tree har friends ev our birth and flow’r. eth ho ly of of mind’s pa hands the the de rent. child. 7.For The Beauty Of The Earth Words: Folliot S. For Thyself. Victim undefiled. For Thy bold confessors’ might. For 3. to Thee we raise. 2008 Revision. Ps 95:1−6. For the lips of infancy. eye. Is 6:3. For 4. sight. mild. This our hymn of grate ful praise. Pierpoint. For 5. 1906. For Thy virgins’ robes of snow. more For Of For Bro Lift the glo ry the day and the heart and ther. Flowers of earth and buds of Heaven. For the the the the Thy beau beau joy joy Church. 8. bove. and Link ing sense to For all gen tle Her pure sac ri round stars sound thoughts fice us of and and of lies. 1838. = 100 4 4 1. 6.

How hast Thou made Thee weak and small. dark. Ah. 14. 1535. copyright: public domain. Make Thee a bed. Lord. Glory to God in highest Heaven. = 100 4 4 1. Lord. Who unto man His Son hath given. bless to to is Who ings kens earth I born a far on long a ye shall come. to Thee! 9. Shall be. Rom 5:8 . God. art throned in state. rest. She yet were far too poor to be While angels sing. 1539. cho sen your sad and by God for ling clothes and ev mo bit all man ery ther ter be ger home. Ah. I too must sing. Him blest You laid. Child high go mark. Who hath His own dear Son bestowed. with gladsome cheer. The rest of the family would sing verses 6 through 15. mild. This hymn was written by Martin Luther to teach his 3 year old son about Christmas. Welcome to earth. A narrow cradle. 13. These Heaven you. That sweetest ancient cradle song. Thus hath it pleased Thee to make plain The truth to us. 6. 10. From 2. Who hast created all. Jn 3:16−18. To Of Had Pre The bear Ma heard pared swadd good news to ry. Follow the shepherds. 15. cry. Where birth. with joyful tongue. What can we render. By of be self may Whom I now the joy from sin with us the heav’ns will of will for and say all make ev earth and your you er were sing. translated by Catherine Winkworth.From Heaven Above To Earth I Come Words: Martin Luther. My heart for very joy doth leap. Through Whom e’en wicked men are blest! Thou com’st to share our misery. Lord. For velvets soft and silken stuff Thou hast but hay and straw so rough. As ’twere Thy heaven. To 3. 1855. my heart. wealth and might Are naught and worthless in Thy sight. 1918. 12. Lk 2:6−20. and became a part of the Luther family Christmas tradition. To lie upon the coarse dry grass. Music: ’Vom Himmel Hoch’ traditional German from Geistliche Lieder. poor fools and vain. undefiled. for Thee. made. That this world’s honor. Thou noble Guest. earth. soft. Were earth a thousand times as fair. low. The food of humble ox and ass. Beset with gold and jewels rare. 2006 Revision. lift up thine eyes! What is it in yon manger lies? Who is this Child. so young and fair? The blessèd Christ Child lieth there! 8. dearest Jesus. 11. That I may evermore be Thine. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. with pious mirth. A glad New Year to all the earth. He 5. Christ brings are a this our those the bove night. One of the adults would dress up as an angel and sing the first 5 verses to the family. and draw near To see this wondrous Gift of God. My lips no more can silence keep. ’Tis 4. Now let us all. holy Child. Give heed. free. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 4 4 Glad This Him That There ti ten self in shall dings der will His ye of Child your heaven find great of Sal ly the joy I low ly va tion king dom young Child bring. Here in my poor heart’s inmost shrine. Whereon Thou King. so rich and great. 7.

morn. copyright: public domain. from ther ly the hea thou bowed Christ ven shalt her was came. "For 3. head. Then 4. 2005 Revision." Son soul Christ said shall shall ian he. be. gel a tle Em Ga bless Ma man bri ed ry u el Mo meek el. = 200 3 4 1. Of an know gen her.42−48 . 1922. Setting: Edgar Pettman.Gabriel’s Message Words: Traditional Basque Carol. Paraphrased by Sabine Baring Gould." Christ as nor she mas flame." say most high ly fa vored la dy. told. "All thy "my and hail. born 3 4 his all "To in wings gen me Beth as er be le drift a as hem. The 2. laud pleas on his and eth a eyes ho God. by His will Ma seers ho ev fore ly er ry." Glo ri a! Lk 1:26−38. ed tions it all snow. (1834−1924). said. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. fy world den. Music: ’Gabriel’s Message’ Traditional Basque Carol. be laud folk "thou Em and through low ma mag out ly nu ni the mai el. thee. Name.

can heard beau He the ti be an ful the gels the Sa sing sto vior? ing.Gentle Mary Laid Her Child Words: Joseph S. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Setting: Carols Old And Carols New. ble birth. in the of such won hum a place. copyright: public domain. = 140 4 4 1. Gen tle gels tle Ma sang Ma ry a ry laid bout laid her His her Child birth. ry. 1 Jn 3:5 . Cook. 1916. to glo but the ry no world all more a a a Stran round stran ger: Him: ger: Such a Babe Shep herds saw Son of God. ger. 2008 Revision. first published in the Swedish Piae Cantones. ry! Lk 2:1−20. drous sight. Child low wise low ly in a men sought and ly in a man found man ger. ing. 4 4 There He Hea ven’s He is lay. star still the shone the un bright un de ly de filed. Ask the saved of All the plains were Praise His Name in all lit all the race that night. the earth. Him. Phil 2:5−11. 1582. Music: ’Tempus Adest Floridum’ 13th Century spring carol. Gen 2. who have found His all the hills were hail the King of fa ring glo vor. forth. 1919. An 3. filed.

copyright: public domain. morn. "Fear 5. storm mas èd the gin and Day. His mother Mary kneeling unto the Lord did pray. let el. and send him long to reign. Among your friends and kindred that live both far and near That God send you a happy new year. hem. came. And with true love and brotherhood each other now embrace. 2006 Revision. bright. And God send you a happy new year. They found Him in a manger where oxen feed on hay. scorn. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 7. com fort and joy.God bless the ruler of this house. happy new year. then. And many a merry Christmas may live to see again. = 160 4 4 1. O ti dings of com fort and joy.Now to the Lord sing praises all you within this place.But when to Bethlehem they came where our dear Savior lay. Music: ’God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ Traditional English. From 4. born. Lk 2:10−11. 6. 4 4 Re And And This And mem ber Christ our laid with in a un to cer tain day is born a left their flocks a Sa man shep Sa feed vior was ger up herds brought vior of ing in born on Christ on this bless ti dings of a pure Vir tem pest. This holy tide of Christmas all others doth deface." find. in heav’n ly said the at those gen Is Fa an ti tle ra men. fright mind. The rest ye Beth le God our not." shep herds mer ry.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Words: Traditional English. To The How To And save us which His that in free all went to all mo Beth those Beth from ther le who l’em Sa Ma hem trust straight tan’s pow’r ry was born in Him aw ay when did the from this we were gone a no thing take in Son of God by Sa tan’s pow’r and bless èd Babe to stray. same. "Let dings re no thing you dis bless èd Babe was bless èd an gel no thing you a jo iced much in may. wind. O ti dings of com fort and joy. Ps 46:10 8. God 2. might. 1918. Setting: Carols Old And Carols New. name. In 3. this ther a gel. .

way. 1864. shall call us. Mt 11:28. May Thine an gel From the pow’r of When the last dread guards de fend us. 4 4 Who May May the day we still. high. Ps 121:1−8. Gen 1:1. verse 3. verse 2. us. 2Tim 4:18. earth gain guard and Hea ven. Setting: English Hymnal. we in for what Thy toil e’er might hast giv be fall y keep en. way guide us. us sleep ing. 1906. day. William Mercer. call shall wake us. die. Slum ber sweet Thy In the nar row Do not Thou. lie. bey. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. cy send us. That Madest Earth and Heaven Words: verse 1.God. copyright: public domain. Ps 91:9−12 . Ho Nor But ly dreams and Thy smile be to reign in hopes e’er glo at tend de nied ry take us. God. Music ’Ar Hyd Y Nos’. our mer path God. ing for Thy all rest will peace the o ful night. Richard Whately. traditional Welsh. = 100 4 4 1. 1827. e vil hide us. for sake us. 1838. 2. us us all all with through through Thee the the on night. And 3. Reginald Heber. 2009 Revision. dark to and ness run when and life’s we light. Guard that ma dest when morn a us wa king.

A men. Ps 55:22. Eph 6:10−17. = 100 1. be be Thou Thou Thou our our our our Stay. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Ho 1(alt). In Christ our Sa vior hid ing. Stay. hell’s dread pow’rs as sail us. 1612 and Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. 1524. Tri the sus ly une Fa ther. Let us put God’s ar mor on: With all true Christ ians run ning Our heav’n ly race and shun ning The de vil’s wiles and cun ning. Keep us from the E vil One. Hal le lu jah! Mt 6:7−13. this be done. 1524 Setting: composite from Landgraf Moritz. So sing we. God 2. we pray. Cleanse us from our sins. from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. A men. Christ be Ghost. Nor in our last hour fail us. Je 3. When Stay. copyright: public domain. Is 46:4 . be God. 1854. Stay. Ps 31:1−3. Firm in the faith a bid ing. adapted by Martin Luther. Translated by Richard Massie. And heart i ly con fid ing. Wohn Uns Bei’. alt. 1931.God the Father Be Our Stay (also known as God the Father With Us Stay or God the Father With Us Be) Words: 15th Century Litany. Music: ’Gott Der Vater. 2009 Revision.

mind. ty. flight: sight. Jn 1:4−5. Ho ly and might came truth bless y to and ed word bring. 1769. 1911. God. their and your love. Lord. flight.God. And Through not now in the its to earth’s earth. might! Hear us. pride. Glo ri ous dark deem ho Tri ness ing ly ni heard wing. Health to Move on Bound less we the the as hum sick wa o ble in ter’s cean’s pray. Sheds Oh. tide. 2005 Revision. Mt 11:4−6 . who once it of 3. whose al 2. 1813. Cha os and On your re Life giv ing. love. Whose Almighty Word Words: John Marriott. glor hu dark far ious man est and ray. three. Jn 8:12. 3 4 And took Heal ing Speed forth Wis dom. Music: ’Italian Hymn’ Felice de Giardini. Mt 10:26−27. And where Sight to Bear ing Rol ling the the the in Gos in lamp full pel ly of est day blind: grace. Let Let Let Let there there there there be be be be light! light! light! light! Mt 4:16. Jn 15:26−27. Setting: ’The Methodist Sunday School Hymnal’. = 120 3 4 1. Spir 4. kind place wide. dove. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. copyright: public domain. face.

Feed Be Sin. ven. and Sa I will ev Lord. side. Music: ’Cwm Rhondda’ John Hughes. Shield. lar dom. quick ly come. I Let Thou Death Fills am weak. selves had sold: Ca naan’s side. flow. Jn 6:32−35. quer. my soul but and er’st and with Thou clou Thine hell’s ho art dy from de ly might pil thrall struc long y. I Lord. quer. home. the fire de liv of deaths. Bread Strong Thou Songs Va of De didst of ni Hea liv’r con prai ty ven. 1933. grave. tion. I long I my tan er to want Strength and give be no and the to with more. 2007 Revision. Thee! Feed me till Be Thou still Sin. me with Thy me all my for naught them me safe on my Je sus. 1745. ses. O pen 3. wer. 1771. Ex 13:21−22. Thee! Ex 15:13. 1907. Translated by Peter Williams. copyright: public domain. tion. jour ney through. 2. old. is Bread strong Thou songs all of De didst of I Hea liv’r con prai see. O Thou Great Jehovah Words: William Williams. dan. Thee. Mu O now trust tread on Thou the Thy the my great crys migh verge ha Je tal ty of bi ho foun po Jor ta vah. er. Pil Whence Won Bid Mu grim through this the heal ing drous are Thy my an xious sing on my 4 4 bar stream works fears heav’n ren doth of sub ly land. Setting: The Methodist Hymnbook (UK). me Thou and will I till still Sa ev long I want no my Strength and tan and the er give to to be with more. tain. I 4. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. pow’r ful hand. Shield. = 120 4 4 1. Jn 4:14 . ings: Hold Lead Who Land Come. er.Guide Me. When I sing 5. Guide me. grave. Thee. Lord. ses.

days Thine own Thy child From him That thou Yea. live. 1605. Ps 146:5. shall be.Happy the Man Who Feareth God (also known as Happy Who in God’s Fear Doth Stay) Words: Martin Luther. = 100 4 4 1. 1524. see. 1524. Hap 2. ble round. it ed. cleave send. 1854. And well Like ol By A In fa And peace and ive dam’s vor on hap plants race and Is py thy in pros ra shalt ta her per el thou be. thou good ren the Je shalt hand all an ru child shall be cient sa ren’s nour fresh curse lem child ish and hath mayst ren thee. Job 28:28. fled see. Out 5. sound. Music: ’Wo Gott Zum Haus (Walter)’ from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. Translated by Richard Massie. Whose Fill Who And And feet all in crown give His ho ly thy house with God’s ho ly with joy thy thee health and 4 4 ways clus fear lat length have ters doth ter of trod. He py the wife shall. vine. Setting: Gesius. copyright: public domain. fine. to the of Mount shall be man who fear like a fruit man these bless Zi on God with thee in eth ful ings shall thy God. it y. Thy 3. ways. 2009 Revision. Acts 9:31 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Lo! 4. end.

Happy the Man Who Feareth God
Words: Martin Luther, 1524. Translated by Richard Massie, 1854. Music: ’Wo Gott Zum Haus’ Klug’s Geistliche Lieder, Wittenberg, 1533. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book, 1931 copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2006 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. Hap py the 2. Thy wife shall, 3. Lo! to the 4. Out of Mount 5. He shall be man like man Zi with who a these on thee fear fruit bless God in eth God, Whose feet ful vine, Fill all ings cleave Who in shall send, And crown thy ways, And give His thy God’s with thee ho house ho joy health ly with ly thy and ways clus fear lat length have ters doth ter of trod; fine; live; end; days

4 4

Thine Thy From That Yea,

own child him thou thou

good ren the Je shalt

hand all an ru child

shall be cient sa ren’s

nour fresh curse lem child

ish and hath mayst ren

thee, sound, fled see, see,

And well and Like ol ive By A dam’s In fa vor And peace on

hap plants race and Is

py shalt thou thy ta ble in her it pros per it ra el shall

be. round. ed. y. be.

Ps 146:5, Job 28:28, Acts 9:31

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Words: Charles Wesley, 1739, alt. Music: ’Mendelssohn’ from ’Festgesang’ Felix Mendelssohn, 1840. Setting: William H. Cummings, 1857. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2005 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. Hark! 2. Christ, 3. Hail 4. Come, 5. Ad The her by high the heav’n De sire am’s like ald est ly of ness, an gels sing, Heav’n a dored; Prince of Peace! na tions, come, Lord, ef face, "Glo ry Christ the Hail the Fix in Stamp Thine to ev Sun us im the er of Thy age new last Right hum in born ing eous ble its King; Lord; ness! home; place:

4 4

Peace on earth, Late in time, Light and life Rise, the wo Se cond Ad

and be to man’s am

mer cy hold Him all He con qu’ring from a

mild, come, brings, Seed, bove,

God and Off spring Ris’n with Bruise in Re in

sin of heal us state

ners a ing the us

re vir in ser in

con gin’s His pent’s Thy

ciled!" womb. wings. head. love.

Joy Veiled Mild Now Let

ful, in He dis us

all ye flesh the lays His play Thy Thee, though

na God glo sav lost,

tions rise, head see; ry by, ing po gain, re


Join the Hail th’in Born that Ruin ed Thee, the

tri umph car nate man no na ture Life, the

of the skies; De i ty, more may die. now re store; in ner man:

With th’an gel Pleased with us Born to raise Now in my O, to all

ic in the stic Thy

host flesh sons un self

pro to of ion im

claim, dwell, earth, join part,

"Christ Je Born Thine Formed

is sus to to in

born our give ours, each

in Em them and be

Beth man se ours liev

le u cond to ing

hem!" el. birth. Thine. heart.


the her










born King!"

Lk 2:13−14, 1Cor 15:21−22

Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling
Words: Daniel March, 1868. Music: ’Galilean’ Joseph Barnby (1838−1896). Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship, 1982. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2005 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. Hark, 2. If 3. If 4. If 5. If the voice of you can not you can not you can not mong the a Je cross speak be old sus cal ling, the oc ean, like an gels, the watch man, er peo ple, "Who And If Stand You will the you ing may go dis can high not and tant not on be work lands preach Zi apt to ex like on’s to day? plore, Paul, wall, teach,

4 4

Fields You You Point "Feed

are ripe can find can tell ing out My lambs,"

and the the the said

har lost love path Christ,

vests wait round a of Je to hea our Shep

ing, you, sus, ven, herd,

Who You You Off’r "Place

will can can ing the

bear the help them say He life and food with

sheaves a way?" at your door; died for all. peace to all, in their reach."

Long If If With And

and loud you can you can your prayers it may

the not not and be

Mas ter calls us, give your thou sands, rouse the wick ed, with your boun ties that the child ren

Rich You With You You

re can the can have

ward He give the judg ment’s do what led with

of fers wi dow’s dread a heav’n de tremb ling

free; mite; larms, mands; hand,

Who will What you You can You can Will be

an swer, ly tru lead the be like found a

glad ly give for tle lit faith ful mong your

say Je child Aa jew

ing, sus, ren ron, els,

"Here Will To Hold When

am be the ing you

I, send pre cious Sa vior’s up the reach the

me, in wait pro bet

send His ing phet’s ter

me?" sight. arms. hands. land.

6. Let none hear you idly saying, "There is nothing I can do." While the lost of earth are dying, And the Master calls for you; Take the task He gives you gladly; Let His work your pleasure be; Answer quickly when He calls you, "Here am I, send me, send me."
Is 6:8, Mt 9:37−39, Lk 10: 2−9, Jn 4:34−38, 21:15−17

He Leadeth Me
Words: Joseph H. Gilmore, 1862. Music: ’He Leadeth Me’ William B. Bradbury, 1864. Setting: Methodist Hymnal, 1909. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2007 Revision.

= 100

4 4
1. He lead eth me, 2. Some times mid scenes 3. Lord, I would place 4. And when my task O of my on bless deep hand earth èd est in is thought! O words with heav’n ly gloom, Some times where E den’s ver mur mur Thine, Nor e done, When by Thy grace the com bow nor vic fort fraught! ers bloom, re pine; t’ry’s won,

4 4

What By Con E’en

e’er I do, wher ters still, ov’r wa tent, what e ver death’s cold wave I

e’er I be troub led sea, lot I see, will not flee,

Still Still Since Since

’tis God’s hand ’tis His hand ’tis my God God through Jor

that that that dan

lead lead lead lead

eth eth eth eth

me. me. me. me.











own hand



















eth me.

Ps 23:1−3

He Who Would Valiant Be Words: John Bunyan. 1684. ies rit. He 2. There’s No Then no dis cour age foes shall stay his fan cies flee a ment might. say. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Jn 12:26. grim. = 120 4 4 1. Modified by Percy Dearmer. who would val so be set Lord. Music: ’Monks Gate’ traditional English. grim. fol his shall low the strength the life in Mas more her ter. Hb 11 . 1906. way! shall though I’ll make he fear him once re with gi ants not what men lent fight. 4 4 Let Do We him in con but them selves know we at stan con the cy found end. Setting: Ralph Vaughan Williams. is. Thou dost iant him de be round fend ’gainst with us all dis with dis mal Thy a stor Spi ster. copyright: public domain. His He I’ll first will la a vowed make good bor night in his and tent right day to to to be be be a a a pil pil pil grim. Since. 1904. Who 3. 1Pt 2:19−24 3:12−16. 2006 Revision. it.

Perish self in Thy pure fire. 4 4 Chase Show In Yield Cast the shades of those glo rious cy Thy mer a sac red. Ho 4. pow’r di vine joy di vine all di vine. 11. Still this restless heart of mine. Ho ly Ghost. See. Gladden Thou this heart of mine. Now my foul revolt deplore. Acts 2:2−4 . with ly Spir it. Let me now my sins lament. Love divine. Joy divine. Kindle every high desire. Peace divine. Orlando Gibbons. to Thee I yield my heart. Holy Spirit. Ho 5. 9. Speak to calm this tossing sea. 1864. Wholly dedicate to Thee. 1917. 7. light di vine Sa vior’s face. throne. forever spring. lone. Shed Thy life through every part. "Spring." 13. verses 7−13 Samuel Longfellow. mine. Turn Which From Let Reign the are sin’s it su dark on bon grow preme. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Holy Spirit. and sin no more. Truth divine. O Well. 2006 Revision. 10. Shine Let Cleanse Cheer Dwell up on this me all His this guil ty this sad dened with in this heart of beau ties heart of heart of heart of mine. Weep. 6. and I shall be Firmly bound. A pure temple I would be. Let 3. mine. Bravely bear. peace. believe. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. In the desert ways I sing. Right divine. free. Thee. Ho 2. = 100 4 4 1. with Light Divine Words: verses 1−6 Andrew Reed 1817. King within my conscience reign. Power divine Fill and nerve this will of mine. Dawn upon this soul of mine. clear my sight. crease. Stayed in Thy tranquility. me me. Holy Spirit. Glow within this heart of mine. Holy Spirit. with me see my ly Ghost. 1623. 8. Music: ’Canterbury’ or ’Song 13’. trace. Now incline me to repent. copyright: public domain. forever free. ness ly dage and and in known set still reign to to me in a day. Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit.Holy Ghost. Grant that I may strongly live. Be my Lord. ery down ev night a truths to pit y set tled i dol way. with ly Ghost. 12. and nobly strive. Jn 14:16−17. Word of God and inward light Wake my spirit. mine. Jn 4:24.

copyright: public domain. ing. the we last ho Church own ing ly. 1858. Lo! 4. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Ignaz Franz. 1982. We Praise Thy Name Words: attr. In Fill And And fin the from a ite Thy hea vens with morn to dor ing vast sweet set bend do ac of the main. 1774. the the is ho song my Thy ly. frain. cho sa Spi irs we a cred rit. Ps 103:3. All Cher Pro While on u phets in earth bim swell es Thy and the sence scep ser loud on ter a re ly claim. on. Thee. knee. One. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. loud a Fa we ce post ther. 2005 Revision. = 120 3 4 1. Ho 2. low. Rev 4−6 . Thee. 3 4 bow bove Name Three be are to we fore rai hal name Thee! sing. Lord An Join Ho of gel the ly all.Holy God. cord: sun. goes ster reign. Heb 13:15. praise les o Ho Thy tial lic ly Name. Ho ly the the ly God. Lord. Maria Theresa. low. Ev Ho Through While er ly. 1774. Music: ’Te Deum’ or ’Hursley’ from Katholisches Gesangbuch. phim. Hark! 3. Translated by Clarence A Walworth. All In And Un in un the div Hea ven a ceas ing white robed id ed bove cho mar God a rus tyrs we dore prais fol claim Thee. y. hymn train Son.

ty! Rev 4:4−11. y! God in three Who was. Thee. Ho Che On Ho ly. Ho 2. ho ho ho ho ly! ly! ly! ly! Lord God Al All the saints a though the dark ness Lord God Al migh dore hide might ty! Thee. Music: ’Nicaea’ John B. 1861. sea. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. is. ly. Thee. ly. see. ly. in Per sons. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ho ly. 1982. y! Ear Cast Though All ly in the ing down their the eye of Thy works shall 4 4 morn ing our gold en crowns a sin ful man Thy praise Thy Name. Is 6:3 . and pow’r. mer fall there mer ci ing is ci ful down none ful and be be and might fore side might y! Thee. and Per fect in God in three Per sons. copyright: public domain. Dykes. Ho 4. y. ru bim and ly Thou art ly. 2005 Revision.Holy Holy. and sky. 1826. and Thee. bless ed er and ed Tri ni more shall pur it Tri ni ty! be. ly. Ho ly. bless ev love. ho ser ho ho ly. sea. ho ho ho ho ly. a phim ly. ly. Holy Words: Reginald Heber. ly. ho ly. = 110 4 4 1. ly. in song shall rise to round the glass y glor y may not earth. Ho 3.

strength’ ning. = 180 3 3 3 8 4 3 1. 1890. Ho ly 2. Ever Dwelling Words: Timothy Rees. 1 Cor 12:12−14. Thomas J. Eph 3:7−9 . un priced. Spir it. ev ev ev er er er dwel breath work ling ing ing in the on the through the 3 ho church chur liest the ch’s realms breath mi of light of life ni stry 8 4 3 3 3 3 3 Ho ly Spir it. Ho ly Spir it. Spi rit. Williams. Ho ly 3. life im In our wor ship In com mu ni part ing we will ty un Spir praise end it you ing you we for your you we 3 praise fruit wor and and ship mag gifts and ni fy. Music: ’Ebenezer’ aka. Quick’ ning. ex tol. 2008 Revision. copyright: public domain. ev ev ev er er er rais ing form ing bind ing earth bound in the age to souls to church the age and glo mind soul ry of to high Christ soul 3 3 3 Liv ing. Ho ly Spir it. Setting: The Episcopal Hymnal. Gen 1:1−2. ev ev and er er ab brood stri solv ing ving ing o’er a world through your peo set ting cap 3 of ple’s tive gloom cease sin and blight less strife ners free 3 3 3 3 3 Ho Ho Ho ly ly ly Spir it.Holy Spirit. ’Ton−Y−Botel’. Spir it. Spir it. 1922. 1918. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

the love chant Lord ly ing of an them clear and heav’n our rang. Setting: Presbyterian Hymnal. and mer. The Nor And child ren scorned that in His sang their lit tle bliss ful prais child pre es. "Ho san O san na. = 130 4 4 1. Music: ’Ellacombe’ Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Hofkapelle. Ho 2. 1784. King. 1911. sing. voice. copyright: public domain. 2006 Revision. From 3. 4 4 Through The For pil lared tor vic Christ is court and palm branch our Re tem wa dee ple the ving. state. the ren should sence e simp on ter lest His nal and bid ly the ding re best. Lord of may we Who men ev had and er blessed an praise them close gels rode Him with fold ed on in heart and to low life His ly and breast. wait. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Jn 12:12−13 . the lowed mid est!" that lit an an tle child ren ex ul tant cient song we sang. alt.Hosanna. loud. joice! Mt 21:15. Loud Hosanna Words: Jeanette Threlfall. 1873. crowd. li na loud ho vet they in the san fol high na. Wurttemberg. To The O Je sus.

fine. 1837. om to thee thy sume. Fear 4. stand bless. God woe ffic in or and shall ient. hand. health. O wa ters I tri als thy saints sick be call path of the ness. Like lambs they shall still in My bosom be borne. sea. I’ll never. and thy re fuge have strength ev er ni po tent deep est dis gold to re fled? be. 2Tim 2:19. I’ll flow. Is In For The My laid po I ri grace. lie. and thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. I will not.How Firm A Foundation Words: John Rippon. mayed. Is 41:10. For ply. = 125 2 2 1. How 2. thy thee. His a will not shall ex bound still thee be cel lent ing in give thee o ver thy sup Word! What wealth. 6. no never forsake. Heb 13:5. When 5. cause trou on He hath on the thee to bles to ly de said. 7. When firm ev not. The more can He home and a strength en and I will be flame shall not say broad. 43:2−5 . help with hurt than to on the thee. eternal. The soul that on Jesus has leaned for repose. tress. Music: ’Foundation (Funk)’ or ’Protection’ Joseph Funk. I you land. And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn. 1832. for ver am vers all your ty’s thy of su 2 2 faith vale. At aid. sign You. That soul. in not dis thee to ways shall Lord. I will not desert to its foes. shall thy right eous. 1787. though all hell should endeavor to shake. Setting: "Union Harmony". Even down to old age all My people shall prove My sovereign. through through a ery I the fie foun con am deep ry da tion. ye di tion. in with thee. no never. In 3. unchangeable love. 2007 Revision. copyright: public domain. go. As Up And Thy who thy held sanc dross un days by ti to to de My fy con Je sus for mand.

Music copyright: public domain. 1860. for give. provided they are not altered. one. = 100 4 4 1. All other rights reserved. We shall Sa ex pray we tan ec that an swer whis pers. come. 1911. the ven geance prayer up ho ly 4 4 fla draw to fire ming the the to sky? bow. Adams. u the el e pon e men ter our vil might nal shore. Words copyright: Copyright 2001 Richard W. ache. knocks the ther so down tem to they our door pter’s guile. high turn. ly. Music ’Melita’ John B. Your the for with will word sin You what we ners for shall know as ev we is we er do? true. 2001. When 4. 2006 Revision. The Now You And cun ning take your turned Your light a blade. take. Mt 5:43−48 . cru fined. Setting: Presbyterian Hymnal. How 2. smile. burn When Pro And Their mur tect pled dross derous spite us from the Fa a way. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. When 3. Dykes. ution ers You their ter ’Hate hung hearts ror’s your You will cry. live. O O O O let let let let us us us us come come Your pray and in ex that look trust am they to to ple be You You. foe.How Shall We Answer Terror’s Cry? Words: Richard W. and this notice is on each copy. may be And The You Like vio ly asked gold lence ing that re breaks voice. Lk 23:34. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.’ sky. To To And Like know hear pray us. Adams.

Setting: Cyberhymnal. 2005 Revision. Knows my need. Who am by so Je day. Music: ’Weil Ich Jesu Schäflein Bin’ Brüder Choral−Buch. Staff and Stay. And when my short gen Je life tly guides me. ters flow. Ev en Where the There with calls qui in me et His by wa arms my name. 1778. 1784. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. pas tures leads copyright: public domain. Ev Je Ev er sus en glad is now at my the heart I am. host at tend ed. = 112 4 4 1. a as I lamb. Translation composite. and In to pleas ant By His an gel well pro vides me. is end ed. von Hayn. He He shall fold me day bids to the same. Loves me ev ’ry When I thirst. Is 40:11. to rest. sus feeds me. hap sus’ at py lit tle home. Shep herd’s lamb? 4 4 For my Shep herd When I hun ger. Jn 10:11−15 . Day 3. am. I 2. me go His breast.I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb Words: Henrietta L. way.

sin fer Thy ner O for vent ta wor Sa ev yearn ble. holy Trinity. 1710. giv’n for me. for I am now Thy guest. yet solely With Jesus I to Heaven rise. Lord. By them my hungry soul is fed. For He Who is of death the Master. er ing For May Be As That 4 4 weak and wear y now a pproach Thy cause I have a death and poi son ners may sal sin is heav’n sin to va my ly ful my tion soul. Heyder. = 100 4 4 1. to Life.Thou here wilt find a heart most lowly The Lord is nigh. copyright: public domain. make Thee. 15. and thus securely To angels joy. may Thy bo dy and Thy blood Be for my soul the high est good! 12.Who can condemn me now? For surely 10. Thy come. 11. Ps 130 . O Savior. Thy merit pleads. Edition of 1931. to weak ones power. 13. delighted It is the strength of heart and spirit. These are my life and strength forever.I Come. I am now united. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book.With Thee. Music: ’Ich Sterbe Täglich’ Emskirchner Choralbuch. 1 Cor 11:23−29.My heart has now become Thy dwelling.By faith I call Thy holy table It cannot rob me of my cheer. tis ly my Thy a fy un faith judg sin and to ful ment ner. ver ing. Oh. board heart. as I Yet Thou Thy That I through Who. Lk 22:17−20. My heart. No sorrow fills my soul. 3. To Thy Table Words: Friedrich C. Shall live in joy eternally. grant wor let heart O that thy me is Sa I though loathe filled vior. Thy praises telling. O Savior. The covenant of hope and grace. That duly weeps o’er sin. Bread of And.This feast is manna. I 2. 1756. in I all with to man am.Thy body. thereby I now am able With aid and comfort e’er is near. thy vior. Unto the poor. Lord. Receive me graciously and gladden It finds its only joy in Thee. to hell confounding. O blessèd. Un 4. who justifies. I live in Thee and Thou in me. 14. Lord. Mk 14:22−25. Thy blood which Thou for me didst shed. And life for me in death’s dark hour. To see how love Thy heart doth move. wealth abounding 7. low lamb will Thee a ly wilt ful in lone bow ba sin faith art be nish ning are ab fore ne ne turn le Thee. 5. Oh. soul see Thou. 2008 Revision. lo. as it is meet. The testament of Thy deep love. 8. 9. Mt 26:26−28. Translation composite.What higher gift can we inherit? 6.Weary am I and heavy laden. That humbly falls before Thy feet. No hell I fear. To Look For May So sa on Thou see I. Shep take come me O herd its to whole: Lord! art: toll! Thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. With angels I. With sin my soul is sore opprest.Though death may threaten with disaster. For. ver. It is faith’s bond and solid base.

stay. Patrick circa 372−466. Page 1 of 2 . Setting: The English Hymnal. Music: ’St. Paraphrased by Cecil F. The His The The His Three death ser white ear in on vice ness to One Cross of of hear and for the the ken One my ser moon to in sal a at my Three. va tion. ev en. = 120 3 4 1. I 4. Alexander. 1889. Stanford. 1906 copyright: public domain. lead. Mt 28:19. heav en. I 2. Ps 91:4. love of God the Christ’s of the to 3 4 3 4 Tri in cher star hold ni car u lit and ty. tion the in life His of Jor judg giv might the dan ment ing to 1 2−9 same riv ho ray. ur. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. er.I Bind Unto Myself Today Words: attributed to St. Patricks Breastplate’ Charles V. By His The The His in bap sweet glor eye vo tism "Well ious to ca in done" sun’s watch. na tion. I bind bind bind bind bind un this un un un to day to to to my to my my my self me self self self to for the to to day The ev er By pow er Of day The day The strong Name pow er of the great vir tues pow er of of faith. I 3. 2Cor 13:14 I Bind Unto Myself Today. I 5. bim. 1902. phim. 2006 Revision. need.

The strong Name of the Trinity. souls. scrolls. Christ within me. Christ. His 3. Protect me. Christ beneath me. the wind’s tem guide. The natural lusts that war within. Christ be with me. Or few or many. of of the A the my spic pos light God èd tles’ ning to tomb. The Three in One and One in Three. Christ in quiet. Against false words of heresy. Against the knowledge that defiles. shocks. Against the demon snares of sin. I bind unto myself the Name. 6. Page 2 of 2 . Word: Praise to the Lord of my salvation. 9. Christ to win me. By Whom all nature hath creation. The hostile men that mar my course.2. Eternal Father. The vice that gives temptation force. ward. Christ before me. The choking wave. His All The The com good sta word ing deeds ble of at done earth. The burst fes flash wis ing sors’ ing dom from faith. By invocation of the same. till Thy returning. Salvation is of Christ the Lord. Spirit. Against the heart’s idolatry. Christ in mouth of friend and stranger. Christ in danger. the poisoned shaft. Against the wizard’s evil craft. Ps 91:4. Christ beside me. word. teach. free. 2Cor 13:14 8. Mt 28:19. 7. His heav’n ly pro phets’ pest uous shield to way. God the un the to day to deep give of the salt me doom Lord sea speech. Con 4. Christ above me. Against the death wound and the burning. Against their fierce hostility I bind to me these holy powers. In every place and in all hours. The 5. guard. Christ in hearts of all that love me. Christ to comfort and restore me. far or nigh. I And A His bind pu round heav’n un ri the ly to ty old host my of e to self vir ter be to gin nal my day. His The The His rid Pa whirl hand ing triarchs’ ing to up the pray ers. Christ behind me. rocks. I Bind Unto Myself Today. Against all Satan’s spells and wiles.

Till 4. And 5. copyright: public domain. 1864. earth." Lk 2:13−14. men. way head deep: Their The The "There "God old bel world is is fa mil iar fries of all re volved from no peace on not dead. Then heard the thought how. Calkin. 1872. Music: ’Waltham (Calkin)’ John B. earth. in des pealed the bells on as the sing ing pair I bells more Christ day on bowed loud mas had its my and day come. the th’un a and the words re peat Of bro ken song Of chant sub lime Of mocks the song Of right pre vail With peace peace peace peace peace on on on on on earth. nor car Christ night earth. I 2. sleep. earth. 2006 Revision.I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day Words: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 4 4 And Had A "For The wild and rolled a voice. 1921. strong fail." men. dom day. said. good good good good good will will will will will to to to to to men. Is 41:13 . ring ing. earth. men. a hate is wrong shall sweet long chime." doth ols en to I He play. And 3. = 100 4 4 1. men. Setting: The Evangelical Hymnal. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

7. my Prophet. 1905.I Know That My Redeemer Lives Words: Samuel Medley. copyright: public domain. = 140 4 4 1. He lives to bring me safely there. love. What He He He He com lives lives lives lives fort to e to to this plead ter guide wipe sweet for nal me a sen me ly with way tence a to His my gives! bove. plaint. He lives. 6. Setting: "The Church Hymnal. high. He 3. the sweet joy this sentence gives. I 2. and King. my Jesus. who hun gry glo rious com fort calm my once was soul to in the me when trou bled dead. He 4. He He He He He lives. sky. lives lives lives lives He my all to to lives. eye. 2007 Revision. I know that my Redeemer lives! Job 19:25. Music: ’Duke Street’ John Hatton. faint. heavenly Friend. 8. He lives. fears. ply. He lives. heart. He lives and loves me to the end. my kind. He lives and grants me daily breath. He 5. save. Oh. 1775. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1793. and while He lives. and I shall conquer death: He lives my mansion to prepare. Priest. part. He lives. still the same. need. He lives. Revised and Enlarged" (Episcopal). all glory to His Name! He lives. tears 4 4 He He He He He lives. grave. He know lives lives lives lives that to tri to to my bless um grant si Re me phant me lence deem with from rich all er His the sup my lives. Ps 104:33−34 . wise. feed. lives lives lives lives my to ex to all ev help alt hear bless er in ed my ings liv time there soul’s to ing of on com im Head. Ill sing.

Blest be the not been on wrath. us us. did God Lord. far gulfed Lord. 4 4 The And Our foes with as a souls. Ps 124:1−8. copyright: public domain. would have whom dark wa bro ken we to ters are fear roll free! The Their Our threat of men wrath would have help is ev both en er. Who And. threat And Would That had not come to sure ly have con they could not de aid sumed vour us. ven. 1524. Would With They sure ly have dis life and limb en could not ov er mayed tombed pow’r us. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. earth a gainst o’er whelmed and hea us. If God had 2. Music: ’Wär Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit (1524)’. May Israel Say or Were God Not With Us At This Time) Words: Martin Luther. His Like men o’er The snare is flock. us.If God Had Not Been on Our Side (also known as Had God not Come. 1524. Setting: Michael Praetorius. like all their pow’r deep and yawn birds. = 120 4 4 1. us. us. 1610. Their fur ious 3. Translation composite. 2009 Revision. For we. Rom 8:31−39 . from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. and our in near soul Thee. who foiled our per their side mit. es caped and ing their pride pit net. Who rise like mad in a est might flood.

like all their pow’r and deep and yawn ing birds. Translation composite. o’er whelmed earth and hea us. es caped their pride pit net. 1931. Who rise And. us us. did God per Lord. in near soul Thee. May Israel Say or Were God Not With Us At This Time) Words: Martin Luther. us. Would sure ly threat That they could come to aid have con sumed not de vour us.If God Had Not Been on Our Side (also known as Had God not Come. copyright: public domain. For we. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Ps 124:1−8. like Who mad in a est might a gainst flood. who foiled their side And had not mit. from Walter’s Hymnal. 4 4 The And Our foes with as a souls. 1524. If God had 2. = 120 4 4 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Their fur ious 3. Would sure ly With life and They could not have dis mayed limb en tombed ov er pow’r us. Blest be the not been on our wrath. whom bro would dark ken have wa we to ters are fear roll free! The threat Their wrath Our help of would is men have ev both far and en gulfed our er. Rom 8:31−39 . Music: ’Wär Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit (1537)’. ven. 1537. us. Lord. Like men The snare His o’er is flock. us. 2009 Revision.

light.Immortal. Al Thy And Take Through might y. clouds. Thy of but the Thy great Name good ness naught chang vile from Christ to we and eth our the praise. y. ry. Thee. might cient ing on Lord. which with er the veil Christ in vic are and from His tor foun per our stor ious. Great 5. tains. part part. life gels ly ac nor Thou a the ces wast liv dore splen si ing. 1876. light. sight. Un 3. Invisible. To 4. see 3 4 In Nor In Thine ’Tis light want all an on in ing. = 120 3 4 1. Im 2. ice. Setting: The Episcopal Hymnal. all. est. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ing. som Thy let most like and rich Thy glor moun flour gra glo ious. Rom 1:20 . der. heart. 1839. of a the im im Days. y. Most Thy We But And bless just blos of so èd. heart. ble. 1940. small. tains ish face. Music: ’St. Fath laud tal. bove tree. Thee. and to pure O God si both Fath help on lent great er us ly as and of to wise. the high as this al An soar leaves grace. might. God Only Wise Words: Walter Chalmers Smith. Denio’ Welsh Traditional published first by John Roberts. life er we in un Thou of would vis hast giv glo ren i ing. 2005 Revision. love. copyright: public domain. Thee. All mor rest all. 1Tm 1:17. est. ish ces ry. dor ble Thou the all of hid rul true veil light from est life ing hid our in of their eth eyes.

Be the gin who Thy long pure. 1851. tion. copyright: public domain. theme! 6 8 An While Make Je cient pro phets his a gèd us see our sus. deem. In 2. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Him tion. 2009 Revision. didst bound ex be for less pect ed hold Him us en love our Lord. praise to had saints great Thee fore a sal be told dore va gi Him. See Vir Thou. = 120 6 8 1. verse 4. dure. Him. Now Ha And With to praise Him. jes one ac God most cleansed and ty su cord. circa 1692. Pye. lle lu jah! pre sent us the Fa ther His Ha in and re deem èd lle lu jah! Thy glo ry the Spir it. Shall break forth Lo. high.In His Temple Now Behold Him Words: verses 1−3. Prince His the sus. William Cooke. In 3. Henry Purcell. pure. and tem ple arms of by Thy Au thor now be hold her who bore pres en ta of sal va Him. ven God Ere Seal By has in us the now faith with world ful and Thy Thou filled His hope they pro mise didst re word. tion. th’in car To Thy Fa Lord of ma with nate ther. 1853. lie. Je 4. Setting: Ernest Hawkins. Music: ’Westminster Abbey’. die. 1843. preme! Lk 2:22−38 . sure. Henry J.

ing. ing. Translated by Leonard W. 1610. forth Light At My Their Of God’s faith great lands dis pos ful Sa Sal va be night ing. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Gen 49:18. And death Life. 1884. Bacon. Is 42:6−7.In Peace and Joy I Now Depart (The Song of Simeon: Nunc Dimitis) Words: Martin Luther. Is 49:6 . 1524. My Help Word. In 2. In ev Bliss. Setting: Michael Praetorius. 4 4 For full Whom Thou And to By Him of hast His are com made king they fort is mine eyes dom called who dwelt my to the in heart. vior. copyright: public domain. is in ery Re but need place ward. Lk 2:29−32. a slum and dy re sound and Glor ber. 2009 Revision. He peace Christ Thou is and that hast the joy wrought un Hope I now de this work for to all set and sa ving part me. tion ed. So Now By He the Lord I know Thy dear is Is hath pro He is and whole rael’s Praise mised my some and me. 1524. Him 4. ed. tion. ’Tis 3. from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. Their Joy. y. see earth. vor. night Soft By Ev Fed re Thy ery and pos fa na light ing. alt. = 120 4 4 1. Music: ’Mit Fried und Freud ich Far Dahin’.

Ps 35:23. 1608.In These Our Days So Perilous (also known as Grant Peace. 4 4 No God but Thee can fight for us. Thou our on ly God and Sa vior. adapted by Martin Luther. 1854. 2009 Revision. peace in mer cy send us. We Pray) Words: Latin c. 1533. Lord or Grant Peace in Mercy. alt. We Pray. In these our days so per il ous. Is 31:4−5 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Translated to English by Richard Massie. in Mercy. Lord. copyright: public domain. Music: ’Verleih uns Frieden Gnädiglich’ Martin Luther. No God but Thee de fend us. 2 Thess 3:16. 6th century. Found in Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. Setting: Erythraeus. 1529. Lord. = 110 4 4 1.

these mess en gers of Him. as was meet. in splen dor bright. copyright: public domain. might y seer. in days of old The Lord of all in Spir it did be hold 4 4 High on a loft y throne. Rev 4:8 Isaiah. With flow ing train that filled the Tem ple quite. Page 1 of 2 . Translation composite. Mighty Seer. Music: ’Jesaia Dem Propheten das Geschah’ Martin Luther. With twain they veiled their fa ces. Mighty Seer. With twain in rev erent awe they hid their feet. 1608. Is 6:1−4. 1526 as the Sanctus of the German Mass. In Days of Old (also known as These Things the Seer Isaiah did Befall or Isaiah ’twas the Prophet) Words: Martin Luther. In Days of Old. A bove the throne were state ly ser a phim. after Is 6:1−4. 2009 Revision. Six wings had they. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Is ai ah. Setting: Erythraeus. = 140 4 4 1. 1526 in the German Mass.Isaiah.

In Days of Old. Rev 4:8 Isaiah. Page 2 of 2 . Is 6:1−4. One to the o ther called and praised the Lord: "Ho ly is God. the Lord of Sa ba oth! Ho ly is God. Mighty Seer. the Lord of Sa ba oth! Be hold. His glo ry fill eth all the earth!" The beams and lin tels trem bled at the cry. And clouds of smoke en wrapped the throne on high. the Lord of Sa ba oth! Ho ly is God.And with the o ther twain a loft they soared.

told. wrong. hears not gold en hours all the earth From They The Come Its Heav en’s all bend on song love swift ly an cient gra hov which on splen cious ’ring they the dors King. long. Still 3. Music: ’Carol’ Richard S. 1850. world. on. Lk 2:8−14. 3 4 From And Be Who When an gels bend still their hea ven neath the an toil a long with the ev ing ly gel the er near the earth. That With The Whose By glor peace world forms pro ious ful has are phet song wings suf bend bards of un fered ing fore old. sing." wing. "Peace A And Look When on the bove its man. copyright: public domain. gold. Yet 4. come strife load. ye side the rest be the whole world send still Ba men wear back ness bel of y the lay. sing! sing. mu sic floats strain have rolled climb ing way circ ling years To O’er Two With Comes touch their harps all the wea thou sand years pain ful steps round the age of ry of and of gold. sing. 1982. furled. at now! for peace shall earth. Willis. Is 9:1−6.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Words: Edmund H. Sears. = 60 3 4 1. wing. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. sad war glad ov good and with and er will to men. sounds strife road. The And O O And world in so lemn ev er ov er its hush the noise. 1849. And 5. For came through with ye. Gen 11:9 . man. lo! up the the be the on clo woes neath days the ven of life’s are mid skies sin crush has night they and ing t’ning clear. 2005 Revision. slow. low ly plains. fling. bring. song To The And And Which hear bless hear hear now the èd the the the an an an an an gels gels gels gels gels sing. It 2. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. low.

sor row. end less day. our tears. Je 5. swer ness. Lk 2:14. us. fail ing years. Came When Bring Shares When with our ing a the peace hearts news like heav’ns from are of our shall realms bowed sins hopes pass on with for and a high. Ehrenkoenig’ from Geistreiches Gesangbuch Darmstadt. the Heavens Adoring Words: Godfrey Thring. hier bin ich. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. copyright: public domain. Low To Lead Glads Let ly came on an ear nest. Music: ’Sieh. giv’n. = 100 4 4 1. Je 4. way. Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! Al Al Al Al Al le le le le le lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! ia! Came Comes Now Cheer Till in to the ing the deep hu save us gate of e’en our dawn of mil i ty. Jn 14:18. Je 2. Mt 25:31−34 . age pay. what comes a man’s gain sounds e’er gain re in of be in demp an glad falls glo tion. Je 3. fears. um phant. Germany. joic ing.Jesus Came. ing souls re our hearts. and us then our earth heart deemed dries hom to die. death is riv’n. Je sus sus sus sus sus came. 2008 Revision. felt prayer. 4 4 Je Je Je Je Je sus sus sus sus sus came for comes a comes in comes. Zech 9:9. Edition of 1931. from des pair. to Heav’n. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. alt. Mk 13:26. mer cy. care. comes comes comes comes the a to in on heav’ns gain hearts joy clouds a in re and tri dor ing. 1698. ry. 1864.

a bove. 2005 Revision. Stanza 4 Charles Wesley.Jesus Christ Is Risen Today Words: 14th Century Bohemian Latin carol. Lk 24:5−7 . copyright: public domain. Je 2. grave. to re to re an gels Son. But 4. dured bove all up the the you on cross sky heav’n the and He’s ly cross. us sing. Al Al Al Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! 4 4 Our Un Our Praise tri um phant to Christ. Ghost. once. 1708. save. our sal va tion ter nal e ho heav’n hath as ly day. host. His love. Al Al Al Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! Suf Sin Where Fa fer ners the ther. Al Al Al Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! Who did Who en Now a Praise Him. pro cured. 1740. Sing sus Christ is of praise then the pain which we to our ris’n let He God to day. Hymns 3. Stanzas 1−3 translated in John Arnold’s Compleat Psalmist. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. king. Music: ’Easter Hymn’ Lyra Davidica. 1749. Al Al Al Al le le le le lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! ia! Mt 28:6. alt. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ly King. sing. and deem deem ev Ho our and er ly loss. 1982. en dured. = 120 4 4 1.

copyright: public domain. But the fruits must not be missing. If thine own helper thou wilt be. Thou shalt Christ. His heed how dain ty food is 4 4 wrath flesh He food to for He pre hath be ev gave par gi tak er. en Suf With Death And By f’ring this in for the pains no bread. Useless were my death and passion. us eth. I your weary hearts will gladden. Which here to thee thy God doth give. If thou this believest truly. ppressed.6 by Richard Massie Other verses unknown. And confession makest duly. Praise the 5. Music: ’Jesus Christus Unser Heiland. 8. This heavenly food thy soul shall cheer. Who 4. Translator v. To re so 3. 2009 Revision. Art thou well? Avoid this board. Eph 5:6−14. 1848. = 140 4 4 1. They that are yet strong and well. en. a stead of mis deeds sick who tongue can quick ’ning life shall thou hast are dis tell. Christ says: "Come ye heavy−laden. Couldst thou earn thine own salvation. Despise the best physician’s skill. ven. 1Jn 1:9 . Love thy neighbor without ceasing. 1524. y. alt. He And Re Gave By saved with cieve to those us this who die whose from wine.4. 6. 1524. He done tressed. ven. That true love let him receive. This feast is not spread for thee. comes His heart the His un be is pains pre worth lov sin of cious il e’d o hell.Jesus Christ. board God faith ed to re in un Sav save pair hea shak ior. food. Turned He Take Who That a hath good such this way God’s died. 7. Setting: Von Tucher. Thou a welcome guest art here. mind to Fa hold our us this ther. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. us eth. 1Cor 11:23−29. Der Von Uns (Walter)’ from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. blood. Jn 6:50−57. 9. Rom 5:9−10. with Bless that. Our Blessed Savior (also known as Jesus Christ Our Redeemer Born or Christ Who Freed Our Souls From Danger or Jesus Christ Our God and Savior) Words: John Huss (1369−1415) expanded by Martin Luther. To such grace and mercy turneth Every soul that truly mourneth. Son. Je sus 2. Else thou reapest an ill reward. 10.

I your weary hearts will gladden. a stead of mis deeds sick who tongue quick life thou are can tell. Wittenberg. Translator v. en 4 4 Suf With Death And By f’ring this in for the pains no bread. with Bless that. ven. 1524. If thou this believest truly. = 140 4 4 1. Christ says: "Come ye heavy−laden. 2009 Revision. Useless were my death and passion. Music: ’Jesus Christus Unser Heiland. If thine own helper thou wilt be. en. Praise the 5. To re so 3. us eth.6 by Richard Massie Other verses unknown. ppressed. 1Jn 1:9 . Couldst thou earn thine own salvation. Eph 5:6−14. mind to Fa hold our us this ther. shall He hast done dis tressed. 1Cor 11:23−29. Der Von Uns (Klug)’. This heavenly food thy soul shall cheer. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Thou shalt Christ. from Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. But the fruits must not be missing. board God faith ed to re in un Sav save pair hea shak ior. Turned He Take Who That a hath good such this way God’s died. 1931. And confession makest duly. 7. They that are yet strong and well. 1533. To such grace and mercy turneth Every soul that truly mourneth.Jesus Christ. ’ning food. Jn 6:50−57. 6. Rom 5:9−10. copyright: public domain. Despise the best physician’s skill. y. Son. Art thou well? Avoid this board. 9. He saved us And with this Re cieve who Gave to die By those whose from wine. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Love thy neighbor without ceasing. Je sus 2. That true love let him receive. 10. Which here to thee thy God doth give. His heed how dain ty food is wrath flesh He food to for He pre hath be ev gave par gi tak er.4. Our Blessed Savior (also known as Jesus Christ Our Redeemer Born or Christ Who Freed Our Souls From Danger or Jesus Christ Our God and Savior) Words: John Hus (1369−1415) expanded by Martin Luther. Else thou reapest an ill reward. us eth. ven. This feast is not spread for thee. Thou a welcome guest art here. Who 4. blood. 8. comes His heart the pains of His pre cious un worth il be lov e’d is sin o hell.

1524. Who trust in bound in pri to God’s fa Him for ev son. came to save. Je sus Christ. hands He hath. 2009 Revision. Translated by Leonard Woolsey Bacon. 4 4 Is He Them now a ris is our Sa He’ll de li en. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Life and mer cy. Wittenberg. = 120 4 4 1. Ky ri’ e vor. Setting: Johann Sebastian Bach. res sion’s wound. Rom 6:4−11. And Bore All o our in ver trans His came the grave. copyright: public domain. who 2. Heb 4:15−16 . er. 1 Cor 15:25−26. Who with out en 3. 1883. Music: ’Jesus Christus Unser Heiland. lei son. Der Den Tod (Klug)’ from Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. sin and death. sin was found. 1533. And brings us ver.Jesus Christ Who Came to Save (also known as Jesus Christ Today is Risen or Jesus Christ Our Savior True) Words: Martin Luther. And sin hath viour.

1 Cor 10:13. 4 4 E very Let me With its When I’m Know ing hour think mirth faint. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. meet. vic es. pure. some the ery my grant lust world wound God. 1738. po wer Pains of bo dy And the breach is Let me think up Grant ing new life Since Thou trodd’st him and of mind. Should Or Thou Yea. "Christ for nish ing each Thy all a I die. And when I this world must leave. Sa some should didst Thy vior. König. Lord. wer. O sus. en dure ders sweet gon y Tempt my Let me That I Ev ery Ev er treach erous then be flee all bit ter help and heart on thoughts cup com to my im I fort sin. ed. to Thee I cleave. If 4. In Thy wounds find consolation And obtain my soul’s salvation 1 Pt 2:24. Music: ’Der Am Kreuz’ Johann B. copyright: public domain. Every hour that I am feeling. tion. Keep That Calm Has Light me the and pro and ere temp blest cured Life its ter in my and first flee my soul’s Re be con de sal sur gin found vo va rec ning. Jesus. guard. that in Thy wounds I find. Show Say Ba For When the per il. vives me. e vil Sa tan ry car com fort let Thine thought press and ren a with in me hard. be and me wild ton my from sin ning was wound ed. = 100 4 4 1. Should 3. Is 53:4−5.Jesus Grant That Balm and Healing Words: Johann Heermann. on the load to my soul. Grant that. grant that balm and healing In Thy holy wounds I find. ing Pas sion Pro tec tion. Edition of 1931. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Translation composite. ea sy road is made whole. 6. Ev 5. 1644. tion. In Prove On By Grant Thy ho ly too strong for the broad and Thy stripes. death I trust. Je 2. Pains of body and of mind. 2 Cor 1:3−7 . ing. soon made good." e mo tion. Lord. that or my that my balm and sharp temp heart en pains or Rock and heal ta ti grieves To ing tion ces me. death that up and Thy has I on lur cross lost am Thy ing re his feel ing. flesh and blood. in the dust. Pas sion. me. 2008 Revision. tion.

throned Bend Who in show a ing have the us. life. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. copyright: public domain. thee. When sus. Hope Davison. truth. For thy fearless soldiers Who have conquered sin. powers. By All For Through Grant Thy thy the Thy us. thine the Thy the ten der earth ly glad. ly. thy weak ed from grace. King of this day of tle the lit er us ev the sha dows glo glad child stead leng ry. tem ple. ness. Alban’ Franz Joseph Haydn. Ps 24:8 . Je 2. Heedless of the danger. youth. 1880. Je sus. be: way. the the to to Thy sky. hear Thy child ren cry. ing then ished. ours. Par Ce For Lov When don our trans le brate thy the loved ones ing Sa vior. see. ten der Sa vior. King of Glory Words: W. throned a bove the sky. cleanse Mer In these end us cy. day. Je In For In Through sus. For thy faithful servants Who have entered in. For the countless legions Who have followed thee. Mt 19:28. bright Church ’s dark ness 4 4 Sa vior. 2005 Revision. Who fight to Thy child ren we wor ship thy glo ry ing val iant the heav’n ly cry. 1868.Jesus. strife. = 120 4 4 1. ness. our course is gres good rest streng fin sions. brace. spir its con flicts lead us hear Lord. bove low come faith Lord. ren fast then. knee thee. Spi lov pure cross with rit ing and to the help guid ho con faith us ance ly quer ful. On to victory. Music: ’St. heav’n Of Who craf palms ly life our heed be hold ty ev and crowns to less thy il of win. King of glo ry. Help 5. On 3. For 4. Je sus. 1774. 6. Dykes. Heb 12:1−15. face. Setting: J. dear hearts all our and em of the sin. B.

give sin. Bradbury. copyright: public domain. Warner. who died will stay For As Walk Hea Close the He ing ven’s be Bi ble loved so with me gate to side me tells long on op all me a my en the so. Yes. Je sus loves me! Yes. way." all who live. go. 4 4 Lit tle Tak ing Want ing He will Thou hast ones child as wash bled to ren a a and Him be on His friend to way my died for long. They are weak.Jesus Loves Me Words: Anna B. Je 3. but Say ing. Je sus sus sus sus sus loves loves loves loves loves me! me! me me! me! This This still He He I know. Je 2. wide. knee. 2006 Revision. Setting: The Evangelical Hymnal. Je sus loves me! The Bi ble tells me so. Jn 15:12−13 . Music: untitled by William B. except verses 2. Je 5. way. 1860. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. I know.3 David Rutherford McGuire. Eph 3:17−18. 1862. live for Thee. Je sus loves me! Yes. to day. Je 4. = 120 4 4 1. me. "Let them Light and love to Let His lit tle I will hence forth He is strong. come to Me. child come in. 1921.

Ps 63:8 . 4 4 Through the dark ness Thou hast clothed me. ten this day my sins der thy be Shep herd. 1917. copyright: public domain. eve ning prayer. Take me. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Let sus. 2006 Revision. warmed and fed me. 1839. to hea ven. = 110 4 4 1. when I be Thou near me. Duncan. lo ve so well. Watch my sleep till to my Lis ten Hap py there with morn ing light. hear me. fo r Thy care. Tender Shepherd. Hear Me Words: Mary L. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. die. All 3. Thee to dwell.Jesus. all for giv en. hand has led me. Bless Thy lit tle And I thank Thee Bless the friends I la mb to night. Music: ’Evening Prayer’ John Stainer 1898. Je 2.

6. lone! flies. Ah soften. copyright: public domain. love Sa Thy that how un vior. crown! rise. And if I fall. And when the storms of life shall cease. Still lead me. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. and u lone. thought. ing like Thy ri and beams heav’n guilt val my a ly less there. 1653. Music: ’Yoakley’ William Yoakley. 1739. move. In weakness be Thy love my power. e’er in pour with my thy my est out trea heal soul forth a sure. care press. my Thy guish. melt this rock. O 4. fire! blood. In death as life be Thou my guide. Who for me hast died. Thy Boundless Love To Me Words: Paul Gerhardt. 1820−?. Direct my word. Till sweetly Thou hast breathed But Thou the mighty Savior art. My My No To Nor self ev thing guard aught to ery de this shall Thee.Jesus. no Thy pure fore thy ly to want. bound no cheer wear Thou less thing ing ied Thy love in is I love to my thy pur to me soul ray! sue me No May All And In thought dwell pain daunt shame. For nite may an may me. as a little child. 3. Care. spire. seek. hast clare. Mt 6:19−21 . act. my a heart sess melt hope ccur with me a re sed Thee whole. John Wesley.More hard than marble is my heart. way new tree. 7. Thy blood wash all these stains away! 9. And save me. in 3 4 tongue de love a pre sence Thee a pain. can but be less in reach. This 5. treas stamp I be but ure ef give. Je 2.O that I. in that important hour. showed. see. and know that love is near. grant love. How wondrous things Thy love hath wrought! May follow Thee. Thy on thank love sor love the ful pos row. Thy mild And lowly mind into my breast! Nor flowed thy cleansing blood in vain.Still let Thy love point out my way. 1909. My sus. from no night pon dear my thing be my Lord. 2006 Revision. Oh. or cred lov’d Lord. love. Till I become as one with Thee. and never rest And foul with sins of deepest stain. To All O And Thy Thee cold Je day wounds a ness sus. = 100 3 4 1. Thee! there. Eph 3:18. Tr. U Oh. inspire my thought. soon may I hear Nor ever may we parted be. 8. Jesus. face. Setting: Methodist Hymnal.In suffering be Thy love my peace. lest I go astray. O. heart may all heart I re I my im live. and may Thy voice. And My Wher Burn Thou reign joy. sire sa the dear word.

be like Je sus. published in "Service in Song". 4 4 He We We Clean "Je will help if will try to will try to in mind.6−7). day.1−5). may. 2008. mild. Je 2.. ful each ev ery ev ery too. Je 4. soul. copyright: public domain. thought. He has paid for me! 7." 6. Brian J. heart. Wood.Jesus Wants All Of His Children Words: Mrs. life eternally! Matt 5:8 . in sus wants you we but ask Him." gry. an to As help thus we be a ing the will good and lit tle when we Sav ior to them true. Wood (v. say. "Bless 5. lov ing. 1909. to be lov ing. in bo dy. 2006 Revision. help us gen tle. Je 3. James W. Standard Pub. When I know that I have done wrong. taught. Dumont (v. day. mer ci pure in each and glad ly pa tient. verses 6−7 released into the public domain by the author on 17 Dec 2008. James W. Music & Setting: ’Blessed Are They’ Mrs. When sus sus sus ed we wants was wants are find all so us the our of His meek and to be pure in friends are child ren low ly. 1909. be kind heart ed. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Co. child. to Jesus I flee He has paid for all transgressions. = 100 4 4 1. Jesus knew that we would fail Him so He came to be Life to all the poor and lost ones.

1741. = 80 2 4 1. 2005 Revision. ground. found. peat. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. And Re Far And Heav’n peat as won and na ture the sound ing the curse is ders of His sing. joy. plains flow ness. Heav’n. found. love. Joy to the 2. joy. Let Let Nor And earth re men their thorns in makes the ceive her songs em fest the na tions King. Joy to the 3. No more let 4. as. peat. His His pare Him hills and bless ings right eous room.Joy to the World Words: Isaac Watts. grace. copyright: public domain. 98:4−9 . found. He rules the world. And Re Far And Heav’n peat as won and na ture the sound ing the curse is ders of His sing. Handel. Lk 2:10. the sins and world with Lord is Sa vior sor rows truth and come! reigns! grow. joy. won and re far ders. Setting: Lowell Mason. na sound curse of ture ing is His sing. Ps 97:1. the earth. And Re Far And Heav’n. ploy. Music: ’Antioch’ pieced together from ’Messiah’ George F. love. as. won and the the ders. 1719. make of pre rocks. prove 2 4 Let While He The ev ’ry fields and comes to glo ries heart floods. 1836. love.

Adapted by Edward Hodges. tain. life. 2005 Revision. join the we a joy sur and for ha ppy dore round giv chor Thee. foun tain o ther. Sun ward fill call lift in us us us the with the to re to the tri umph light joice joy song of in div of day! Thee. Ps 71:23. copyright: public domain. Thee. ing. Joy 2. praise. the morn ing Lord flect ev stars of love.Joyful. Thee. We Adore Thee Words: Henry J. and heaven re er bless ing. ing. strife. sin vale Christ march a a o w nd sad nd moun ur Bro e on ness. us. Mor ful. ward. Thy rays. All 3. van Dyke. Melt Field Thou E the clouds of and for est. Joyful. be gan. 4 4 Hearts un Stars and Well spring Fa ther fold an of love like gels the is flowers sing joy reign be a of ing fore round liv o’er Thee. us. Thine. 1907. ther. 1824. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Thy works with art giv ing tals. Setting: Methodist Hymnal. live in in the doubt flash love midst a ing are of way. sea. Giv er Sing ing Teach us Joy ful of bird how mu im and to sic mor tal flow ing love each leads us glad ness. ine. Music: ’Ode to Joy’ Ludwig van Beethoven. drive flow all vic the ery who tors dark of mea dow. Thou 4. 1909. = 115 4 4 1. ver sing ing. Jn 12:46 . joy ful. our Fa ther. God earth ev which of glor y. er blessed. o pening to the cen ter of un o cean depth of bro ther love binds sun bro hap man a ken py to bove. rest! man.

scend eth pre sence. High! Hab 2:20. Ma ry. hea ven ser aph. rank feet tal yet the the flesh keep born of host of six wingèd si lence. to de heav’n ly clears a Lord Most mand. James. in the Light of ces their fa earth ly hu man light de to the mind ed. Acts 1:10−11.Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Words: St. King 3. 1864. 4 4 Pon Lord As Veil der no thing of lords. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. way. cry: Christ He That Al our God to will give to the pow’rs of le lu earth de all the hell may ia. 2008 Revision. = 120 4 4 1. Lk 2:8−15 . day. alt. way. Rank 4. 1906. Let 2. stood. 1Thess 4:16−17. 4th Century. thful nish ia Our His As Al full own the le hom self dark lu age for ness ia. food. eye. ves ture. Setting: The English Hymnal. 1Cor 11:23−26. Al scend fai va le lu eth. copyright: public domain. And As Spreads Che with of its ru fear and old on van guard bim with trem bling earth He on the sleep less stand. For In From As with bles the bo the realms with cease sing dy of less in His and the end less voice they hand. blood. Music: ’Picardy’ traditional French. At all of on His mor kings. Translated by Gerard Moultrie.

mands. Let 2.Let Children Hear The Mighty Deeds Words: Isaac Watts. He 3. = 100 4 4 1. grace. Ps 78:5−8. Deut 11:19−20 . Our 4. Music: ’Lea’ James Lea Summers. 1719. Deut 6:7. Thus child ren hear the bids us make His lips shall tell them shall they learn in might y deeds Which glo ries known. 1908. And God a lone Their God per formed of works of pow’r and gain to they a hope se cure ly old. theirs. Deut 4:9−10. Setting:’The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal’ (Ohio Synod). copyright: public domain. 2007 Revision. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. heirs. And down Through born May work But which ev teach prac our fa ery ri them to tice His thers sing their com told. (1837−1881). His to our sons. race. stands. 4 4 Which And That That in our young we’ll con vey gen er a they may ne’er er His tions for years won yet get we ders un His saw.

Setting: Carols Old And Carols New. to save us. Music: ’Narodil se Kristus Pán’ or ’Salvator Natus’ 15th Century Bohemian. 1602. = 160 4 4 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. In our the to glad love flesh ness liest is have no bloom ing made the end.Let Our Gladness Have No End Words: From the Kancional. Rom 8:32−33. by Tobias Zavorka. 2007 Revision. Je and our Lord. to save us. His Son. copyright: public domain. 1916. our re fuge Christ de scend. 3. Let 2. John 1:14. Christ. Hal Hal Hal le le le lu lu lu jah! jah! jah! 4 4 For to earth did From the branch of He. rose. Gen 3:15 . See. His Son. sse grows. Rom 5:11. Translator unknown. Hal Hal Hal le le le lu lu lu jah! jah! jah! On this day God gave us Christ. Word.

the love of Christ pro claim. This 5. Refrain Is 11:10.O Lord. 1916. as thou hast promised. Newbolt. fied fear slain. = 120 Refrain 4 4 Lift high the cross. Rm 8:38−39. Refrain 10. that earth’s despair may cease beneath the shadow of its healing peace. Verse 1. from east and west they raise in growing unison their songs of praise.From farthest regions let their homage bring. Led 3. Refrain 7. Setting: Hymns Ancient and Modern. Refrain 8. Saved breth on new is by ren. Nicholson.For thy blest Cross which doth for all atone creation’s praises rise before thy throne. Refrain 12. died. Modified by Michael R. draw the world to thee. vere. Jn 3:16 .Let every race and every language tell of him who saves our souls from death and hell.So shall our song of triumph ever be: Praise to the Crucified for victory.Lift High The Cross Words: George W. sign. 2. Kitchin (1827−1912). 1916. Music: ’Crucifier’ Sydney H. and on his Cross adore their Savior King. once lifted on the glorious tree. To Refrain our The Bears and the King hosts on an sons vic of the gels of tor God brow veil A ious. 2006 Revision. 4 4 Till all the world a dore His sac red Name. 1Tim 1:14. Refrain 11. copyright: public domain. in the their dam Christ the Son of con quering ranks com seal of Him Who fa ces to re their lost home re God. bine.Set up thy throne. Come. gain. 1922. Refrain 9.From north and south. 6. Each 4. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. their born the this fol way ser sign Cross low by vant which where where this of Sa on our tri the tan’s their Cap um Cru le Lord tain phant ci gions was trod.

ding. From Heaven Behold (also known as O God. By Now Its most thou’lt seek whilst they gleam right or might will I up. Lk 18:7−8. Haupt. few hearts haugh heard through the flock with are not with ty tongue who my peo ple’s God’s word. sighs dure Ne On And To Each glec ted and for thy pure doc trine say. Thy In For The It Word err who poor shines from or’s can with through us maze lord might e have a it de very ta stound o’er fend na ken. prest. shall in one God bit men thy con o ter en fold. the vile abide In pow’r and exaltation. Look 2. rest cross. tion. worth gleams bright for with we and er faith in out ward will pre set at through the vain. O Lord. those lead we wear pur who thy de y i should thy peo ple ter mine soul by fied from truth to can fraud hu main and not op man tain fro. Setting: A. Acts 20:28−32. = 100 4 4 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1524. "Who’ll stand be heav’n my throne as tri al and temp sa ground fore cend ta ken! ed. I ver sev’n times sil heav’n selves root will tried be hold. Thy truth thou wilt preserve. The down. Make us to lean upon thy word. 1 Jn 2:18−23 . 1864. sent ppose. O Lord. Translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox. us?" ing. dross. With calm anticipation. For 5. from Heaven Look Down or O God. us. saith God. And in vent Thy all those With a rise. us? ing: tion: Al And. 4 4 How Their With I’ve So. These is pure From let truth vain wolves all thy they de my a pit y have con ceits who flock are dult er wa foun store ren a ken! ded.Look Down. 1869. Music: ’Ach Gott vom Himmel’. from Erfurt Enchiridion. From this vile generation. copyright: public domain. Look Down from Heaven and See) Words: Martin Luther. show. 2009 Revision. 1524. ed. O Lord. from frauds which they them sure ly will up this. And They What Each And. vail. The wicked walk on every side When. 6. God 4. ’mid thy flock. fail. With 3. tion.

1524. rest cross. pure And Thy With These From let truth vain wolves all thy they de my a pit y have con ceits who flock are dult er wa foun store ren a ken! ded. Setting: A. vent those rise. sent ppose. 1864. 1524. 6. Look 2. Lk 18:7−8. ’mid thy flock. dross. Translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox. worth gleams bright for with we and er faith in out ward will pre set at through the vain. I ver sev’n times sil heav’n selves root will tried be in all a is hold. And They What Each And. tion. Thy In For The It Word err who poor shines from or’s can with through us maze lord might e have a it de very ta stound o’er fend na ken. us. With calm anticipation. ed. 1 Jn 2:18−23 . saith God. Make us to lean upon thy word. prest. From Heaven Behold (also known as O God. traditional German circa 1400 from Etlich Christlich Lider. By Now Its most thou’lt seek whilst they gleam right or might will I up. God 4. show. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. us? ing: tion: Al And. fail. Wittenberg. from Heaven Look Down or O God. copyright: public domain. 1869. O Lord. The down. Haupt. "Who’ll stand be heav’n my throne as tri al and temp sa ground fore cend ta ken! ed. us?" ing. vail. Acts 20:28−32. ding. Look Down from Heaven and See) Words: Martin Luther. 2009 Revision. tion.Look Down. = 110 4 4 1. Thy truth thou wilt preserve. From this vile generation. the vile abide In pow’r and exaltation. With 3. Music: ’Es ist das Heil uns kommen her’. sighs dure Ne On And To Each glec ted and for thy pure doc trine say. For 5. O Lord. O Lord. from frauds which they them sure ly will up this. 4 4 How Their With I’ve So. those lead we wear pur who thy de y i should peo ter soul fied thy ple mine by from truth to can fraud hu main and not op man tain fro. The wicked walk on every side When. few hearts haugh heard through the flock with are not with ty tongue who my peo ple’s God’s word. shall in one God bit men thy con o ter en fold.

true here. Lord. Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor Words: George H. Thee ished sion. we. Jn 6:47−51. Great en our the chal High throned in humb lest liest low Lamb. we. 1852. Ascended. ished sion. You were slain. 6 4 You Here Here In By a for as its Thy lone. copyright: public domain. wor souls true and li we ask ship join from ev and li ving not with ery ving Bread! how. Beth le hem. Here 3. stain. Music: ’Bryn Calfaria’ William Owen. Though 4. Jes se’s stem. Now Lest Branch Shall Grace lift up Your we fail to and Flow’r of for ev er and peace for peo ple’s head. them. Pas 5. Bourne. our faith’s dis there Thine full ness y might strong cern an un in De ment gels dim ter fend pray hail in ces er. Your Priest of heav’n ho form offer our ly mage doth ing pro splen pay veil fin fes dor. 1874. Setting: English Hymnal. Bread! 6. art in sing sus. Thee. = 150 6 4 1. Bread! Je Thou We Clean Je sus. know You now. Glorified! Rev 1:5−6. 1906. more re main. 2009 Revision. Life imparting heavenly Manna. 7:9−17. art in sing sus. went est in. First Here As Once Through be in of for the gott en lo ving old in all when veil Thou from the dead. ref erence bow. stain. 1Cor 5:7 . Heaven and earth with loud hosanna Worship You.Lord. them. the Lamb Who died. alt. Rev 5:11−14. us to win. 2. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Rom 3:24−25. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Risen. Al le lu ia! Al le lu ia! Al le lu ia! Je Thou We Clean Je sus. Smitten Rock with streaming side. true here. wor souls true and we ship from and li ask join ev li ving not with ery ving Bread! how.

nigh! 6. 430. be with mised and ly Thou in. Chatfield. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. sus. way. Ps 51:6−12. Ps 119:133. sus. copyright: public domain. Lord Jesus. stray. = 110 4 4 1. 1917. 7. sus. 4 4 From Let In Through When earth me all dark on born pas sions Thy lo ving my pain and ness and per doth rush the set me ser vant se mi plex it ne e free And be And ry Be y Point my. me me me And With A Nor When purge a ma ny’a mid the let me floods the way care bat go tem my op tle’s a pest sin.Lord Jesus Think On Me Words: Synesius of Cyrene. Lk 23:42−43 . Lord 4. 1579. Setting: Common Service Book (ULCA). think on me That. Music: ’Southwell’ William Daman’s Psalter. O make taste Thou Thou Sa me pure Thy pro my Health the heav’n vior. Lord Je Je Je Je Je sus. strife. 2008 Revision. Life. rest. Translated by Allen W. high. when the flood is past. I may th’eternal brightness see And share Thy joy at last. Heb 4:15−16. Spirit. Lord 3. pressed. 1876. and to Thee The strains of praise and love. think think think think think on on on on on me me. think on me That I may sing above To Father. Lord 2. Lord Jesus. c. sus. Lord 5.

1543. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. Thy pow’r make of price less Com fort er Word. worth. Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word Words: Martin Luther.Lord. = 150 1. 2008 Revision. Joseph Klug. bei deinem Wort’ from "Geistliche Lieder auffs new gebessert". Eph 4:3−6 . Would De Sup wrest the king dom from Thy fend Thy Christ en dom that port us in our fi nal Son we strife And May And set ev lead at naught all He hath er more sing praise to us out of death to done. 1541. 1863. Lord 3. Lord. Thee. Setting: Hans Leo Hassler (1564−1612). earth. ed. Curb For Send those who fain by Thou art Lord of peace and u ni craft and lords a ty on sword lone. 2 Jn 9. life. O keep us stead fast in Thy Je sus Christ. known. copyright: public domain. John 8:31. 2. Music: ’Erhalt Uns. Herr. Ps 119:5−10. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

Lord. fol low Thee. For sake me In death Thy And I will not! I trust Thy com fort still a praise Thee with out Word. Thou art the Give strength and O Son of por tion I have pa tience un to God. gave come. 1931. grant that And in its plea sure I in nar row I would eve ry cham ber share. fount of grace. bor. my God and tend. ing. 3. ne’er from bo dy. My guile. ’twas let at love with Thy rich last Thine all my bount y an gels heart. Yea. 1 Kg 8:22−24 . Let me. my prayer at Lord. 1Jn 4:18−21. = 120 4 4 1. 1577. 1858. 2. Thy pre me To bear face. And Let And should my no false then from heart doc death for trine a sor me wa row be ken break. I My To pray Thee. Thy glor ious sought. My God and Christ. fford. 28:20. Lord. I have me home. My Sa cious blood my my cross and vior and my soul has bought. Thee I Love with All My Heart Words: Martin Schalling. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Lord. Music: ’Herzlich Lieb hab ich Dich O Herr’. ing. 1Thess 4:16−17. bor. tend. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. and A br’am’s bo som me all bear de part.Lord. circa 1571. Strassburg. 1Pt 1:17−19. end! Mt 22:37. de file. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. My prayer at Lord. That trust Sa these in tan mine Thee not eyes can my with no soul joy thing shake. 2009 Revision. My God and Christ. copyright: public domain. place May keep My Heav’n it self were i fy Thy glor bo dy safe in void and bare If la vish grace And peace ful sleep Un Thou. wert serve and help til Thy re not near my neigh ap pear me. Yea. may see. Lord. Thee I Lord. Lord Lord Lord Je Je Je sus sus sus Christ. 4 4 With In That ten der mer this poor life I may die cy cheer of la un fear me. my God and Lord. soul. Earth has no Lord.

4 4 Teach O To Yea. copyright: public domain. tide. 2. Je joy We close by Thee to Thee to con quer Thy most ho ly sus. A who through out these tan Thou with Sa Thou didst hun ger through these days of bide with us. In live By death. 1873. And so. that for ty days For didst con tend. Lord. past. As 3. Thy f’ring fast and vic t’ry gra cious pa ssion o ver pray. 1905. So pen i tence. sin. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. and thirst. Lord. win. Lk 4:1−13. Word. An us give die ev Eas with Thee to us strength in to self. And 5. bide. Throughout These Forty Days) Words: Claudia F. = 100 4 4 1. 2008 Revision. last. Flavian’ Day’s Psalter. Mt 4:1−2. 1563. this life Of us didst teach through suf didst the us. Hernaman. with us a may at tain at stay. Lev 9:23 . and er more in ter of un mourn Thee chief life end our to ly and ing sins And fight. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Music: ’St. And bear.Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days (O Lord. As 4.

moved. Lk 1:46−55 . ly Name God’s they’re and ser most bless sent to vant’s ho ing a his voice. day. Penney. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. 2009 Revision. Jeremiah Clarke. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. go. And For Those They In with my God has proud in see God’s mer cy 3 4 spir done heart kind He it great He ness His I things shall ev cov re for put ’ry ’nant joice.Magnificat Words: Brian L. keeps. filled. fear. The soul hold. The 5. My Sav ior His mer cy The haught y But on the Just as He has rests from rich pro re on their no mised gard those thrones bless long for who re ing a me. Music: ’Uffingham’. He Who The With to hears hon low emp A His or ly ty bra low His have hands ham. me. ones. Seed. copyright: Words: Copyright 2009. Lord hun Lord shall I has gry helps mag am shown with His ni for His good be fy ev might things lov the er y are ed Lord. The 4. down. Brian L. Music and Setting: public domain. arm. Be 3. provided they are not altered. rests. found. My 2. blessed. 1701. = 110 3 4 1. All other rights reserved. 2009. and this notice is on each copy. way. 1906. Penney. ly. Setting: The English Hymnal.

With praise And worth. Is 62:1−2 . men. Rev 22:21. Translated by Richard Massie. May 2. them. Setting: The Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book. God be stow on o ver all shall let the peo ple us be praise His the Thy grace. Thine 3. ish. Found in Erfurt Enchiridion. That we His For Thou shalt May God the sa ving health may judge the earth. 2009 Revision. Music: ’Es Wollt uns Gott Genædig’. = 120 4 4 1. His Lord. 1854. God the know. And gra cious will and suf fer sin to God the Spi rit plea flour bless sure. tion. Is 55:10−11. 1524. O Fa ther. 1931. sing. Ps 96:10−13. us! And Thy Let al so peo ple’s all the to the hea then pas ture is Thy world praise Him a show Christ’s Word Their lone.May God Bestow on Us His Grace (also known as May God Unto Us Gracious Be or Would that the Lord Would Grant Us Grace) Words: Martin Luther. ing. Thy life e ter nal voice of ex ul Word is rich in guide ta bless us tion. alt. Nor Son. A them. Ps 67:1−2. adapted from older German hymn by Martin Luther. And un to In right eous Now let our God con vert paths to keep hearts say. In bless ings rich pro thanks of ev ery all good works in vide na crea us. copyright: public domain. Let rich es with out souls to feed and sol emn awe pos mea sure nour ish. sess us. 1524. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 4 4 And And The may the bright ness all the world with land shall plent eous of joy fruit His shall bring face To raise The forth. Oh.

1830. ing heart. while died turn then I for to in pray. Thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. soul! 2 Cor 5:7. = 100 4 4 1. Setting: PD from ’Lutheran Worship. Heb 12:2−3. 1830. dream. Jn 1:29. take O wipe fear all my may my sor row’s and dis guilt love tears trust a to a re way. My 2. me spread. a whol liv Thee ran ly ing a somed Thine! fire! side. let bear me and me me from this day be change less be. 1982. way. part tread. move. Now As Bid Blest hear me Thou hast dark ness Sa vior. a ev er stray from safe a bove. 2008 Revision. Eph 3:12. len stream 4 4 Sa my be ov vior zeal Thou er di in my me vine! spire! Guide. day. love. May 3. Thou Strength And When Lamb of to my griefs a death’s cold Cal faint round sul va ry.My Faith Looks Up To Thee (My Faith Looks Trustingly) Words: Ray Palmer. Rev 2:10−11 . O Pure Nor O let warm. While 4. roll. copyright: public domain. Music: ’Olivet’ Lowell Mason. 36. me. When faith looks Thy rich life’s dark ends life’s up grace maze trans to im I ient Thee.

My My And song shall be song shall be when my soul of Je of Je shall en sus sus. sions fair.My Song Shall Be Of Jesus Words: Fanny J. Who I’ll A gave sing song Him the of self my grace that praise to ran saves Je som me. 1875. All other rights reserved. Paxton. rious and and in tunes my heart to praise makes my joy com plete. My song song song shall shall shall be be be of of of Je Je Je sus. copyright: Words. provided they are not altered. 1998. public domain. 1 Tim 2:5−6 . His while when Mer sit press cy crowns ting at ing on my days His feet my way 4 4 He He To fills calls where my to my cup with mind His home shines bless good glo ings ness. Music and Setting copyright: Copyright 1998 Kenneth W. Music: ’Sondance’ Kenneth W. Paxton. sus. My 2. Adaptation released into public domain by Hope Publishing Company. My 3. 2009 Revision. Ps 34:1. Is 12:1−6. pure and per fect day. 1998. Setting: Kenneth W. Paxton. This tune and setting may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. ter the what the pre ev ma cious Lamb er ills ny man of God be fall. sus and and I’ll bought me with His blood tri umphs o ver all. sus. and this notice is on each copy. Adapted by Margaret Clarkson. = 96 4 4 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1973. sing for ev er there. Crosby.

stone. 1856. 2008 Revision. But er. Music: ’Bethany’ Lowell Mason.Nearer. come. Though 3. er. me! me! trod. Near 5. perfectly blest. for ter. Then er. me me sus. (1825−1906). Adams. be Near Near er er to to Thee! Thee! 6. Lord steeps that my Dy Dwel An rais rest ing lest gels eth a for with have me. copyright: public domain. safe and at rest. sweet keep thee. Jr. 1−2 by Sarah F. Thee. st. to thee. er still. Heb 7:16−19 . to gone to to O Thee! down. Setting: The Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal (Ohio Synod). Bickersteth. more to to Thee. Near 5. thee! thee! God. low ship! I see. Age after age to be. = 160 6 4 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ev my er God. God ser day wait to to vice to for Thee. like er. 1908. 6 4 E’en Dark Who Who Not though ness to with by it be the my the be o cross lo vi a ver didst ving sioned cross me. wan Lord. To Thee Words: st. There in my Father’s home. der er. There in my Savior’s love. I’d be ling feet. my my in each I God. Eph 2:13−22. 3−5 by Hervey D. Near 4. 1841. 6 by Edward H. to my the my O be God. er. Near 2. My God. Still Yet Streng Grant Here all in then me where my my my thy thy song dreams wil fel cross shall be. st. nearer my God to Thee. near the Near Near Bring er sun er er me. Com near to Thee. Ganse (1822−1891). near near Hold Help Je er.

He. The ho ble 5. Praetorius. take. be paid. Ere to save won God’s yet the world’s re His crea tures drous wise con own Word made the mo ther mote con from their ceived a man i knew her fine sin. make. With Father and with Holy Ghost. Setting: M. Music: ’Christum Wir Sollen Loben Schon’. Ps 95:1−6. John the as gin who con bless man pure knew fessed éd man and not and sun kind un man. Who feeds the ravens when they call. Th’ angelic choir rejoice. Lk 1:26−31. 2:7−11. The no Christ. alt. self God. Translated from German to English by Richard Massie. Till time in time’s abyss be lost. O Christ. fest. run. Lord. the Holy One (also known as Jesus We Now Must Laud and Sing or From East to West) Words: Coelius Sedulius. With milk was fed the Lord of all. In a rude manger. child. Pure offspring of a holy maid. who Him 3. Translated to German by Martin Luther. ancient Latin found in Erfurt Enchiridion. 2009 Revision.Now Praise We Christ. In poverty content He lay. The A On And For spot ser the tem so less vant’s chaste ple did vir gin form vouch mo ther of the Ga briel’s Ma safed was liv pro ry’s to out ing mise Son. c. 1524. = 130 4 4 1. and raise Their voice to God in songs of praise. 6. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 450. 7. poured God. Now praise we 2. To humble shepherds is proclaimed The Shepherd who the world hath framed. boy. maid mo the all th’Al be ther Ho things might came bare ly did y th’a a One. bode Son. stretched on hay. Honor to Thee. 1524. leapt doth might de was with shine E’en win. copyright: public domain. 1609. The grace of ly 4. 4 4 Far That a And Whom as He vir she. And filed In blest With joy. 8. 1854. Phil 2:5−7 .

This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. and in and still is ours this world and shall be ev to the er day. All thank may praise we all our this boun teous and thanks to God. = 120 1. 2 Cor 2:14. God God with through the heart and hands and all our life be ther now be Fa voi near gi ces. Who And The from keep one our mo us in ter e thers’ His nal arms grace. us. 1856. next! more. Rm 6:7 . Music: ’Nun Danket’ Johann Crüger. With And For count free thus less us it gifts from was. hearts reigns in and with Whom this bless ed Them in world re peace to high est joi cheer Hea ces. now. 1647. ven. ills. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book. has and Whom blessed us guide us earth and on when Heav’n our per a way plexed. dore.Now Thank We All Our God Words: Martin Rinkart. c.1636. copyright: public domain. God. us. Who With The won ev Son drous things has er joy ful and Him Who done. of all is love. ven. Edition of 1931. Now 2. O 3. 2006 Revision. Translated Catherine Winkworth.

Let 4. wrong to day. All Let ing me bring my me Thee to ev ery me and bless ings love Thee watch and keep day to be all I love come from Thee. more and more. I might live. wash a way dear ones be praise I give. to the end. ppy To Thy ha Oh. Je 3. geh zur Ruh’ from Liederbuch für Kleinkinder−Schulen. Music: ’Müde bin ich. Fa ther. and ning and gone a way. 1 Jn 1:7−9. Ps 4:8. 1869. my my my light Sa near eve best has vior. me! fore. 2009 Revision. copyright: public domain. = 100 4 4 1. Now 2. Now 5. 1917. Ps 16:7. alt.Now the Light Has Gone Away Words: Frances Ridley Havergal. 4:10. how good Thou ways bet ter Al qui more home art than et like a to be sleep. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. bove. John 14:1−3 . the sus. Thee. 4 4 Ask Help Oh. 1842. Setting: Common Service Book (ULCA). kind est Friend. Thou. And to send me Good and gen tle. dear to Thee. lis All that has Al ways near Thou didst die Thou wilt love ten been and that me while I pray.

Him. the na tions all the saints will King of bow in saints be cease their glo ry. be and shall that glad. Him. ry. Welsh hymn tune. 3 3 3 3 El ders ders El El ders Work in cast cast cast hope ing ing ing un crowns crowns crowns til be be be we fore fore fore meet Him. 3 3 3 3 3 3 An gels An gels An gels Let us 3 bow bow bow all ing ing ing bow down down down down 3 be be be be fore fore fore fore Him. geth er. Him. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. provided they are not altered. all vel mar Heav’n and day shall na tions ous are Earth to come with on Earth. wor ship. glo Come let Just and Walk be When Christ Je true fore comes sus’ are the with Name be all Your Lamb. Brian L. Revised Church Hymnary. Him. Great 3. traditional. song. Sing Sing Sing And ing ing ing we an an an join 3 e e e the ter ter ter heav’n nal nal nal ly song. Ps 117. Sing Sing Sing Sing. O 2. All other rights reserved. Light? sound. song. throng. Him.O Be Glad All Nations on Earth Words: Brian L. praise. groan ning. Ps 67:2−4. Setting: David Evans. = 230 3 3 3 3 2 3 1.its trum pet praised. Your works. song. Rev 15:3−4 . Penney. Music and Setting: public domain per CCEH. ing ing ing O 3 with with with sing the the the th’e heav’n heav’n heav’n ter ly ly ly nal throng. ways. Music: ’Gwalia’. Rev 4:4−11. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. night? bound. 3 2 3 3 3 3 He is All the When shall Then the crowned. throng. throng. 2009 Revision. At King and Nev God’s of that er right kings. copyright: Words: Copyright 2009. Lo. Him. and this notice is on each copy. ga thered. 1927. Rev 7:9−12. 2009. Penney. When 4. Day more hand Your shall by He is Name they end the death’s chains raised.

Setting: G. Be 3. than the ern tic be Da vid’s con scious gifts un sign. = 120 3 4 1. 1906. lies. sha dow saints on man. fair. giv’n In That Of They By you. Mi 5:2−4 . light prayer bring. Mt 2:1−11. Three: 3 4 But Pro Their And To more claim trea last. The 4. cher. and forth His earth and Sa vior God head ro yal se pul saints in came. the myrrh. cense to Spi rit. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1609. 2007 Revision. Music: ’Puer Nobis Nascitur’ Michael Praetorius. to ing sured pro O us from east phe God. King.O Chief of Cities Bethlehem Words: Aurelius Prudentius (348−413). You. skies fold myrrh. as here. Woodward (1848−1934) for The English Hymnal. ci ties. copyright: public domain. gold. in in cense. Of A Bow But With Da bove low frank Fa vid’s you be in ther. gold en Je sus. The 5. O 2. O chief of yond the wise men. fair est won drous and with God they One in gem. Heav’n. sun in see ing tri bute whomthe Beth le splen dor Him so ownsHim Gen tiles hem. crown the stands a fore Him. Translation composite. with ry glo name.R. bright. see. the flesh.

tions. laeti triumphantes. = 120 4 4 () 1. venite in Bethlehem. steps. Music: ’Adeste Fideles’ or ’Portugese Hymn’ John F. 6 Translated by Frederick Oakeley. Wade. O come. myrrh. Lk 2:15−16 8. ther Child born be glo bend bring the got ry our our King ten. ing.Child. 5 Translated by William T. joy ful and tri Light from Light E sing in ex ul sum moned to His Ma gi. Word of the Father. Setting: PD from ’Lutheran Worship’ Hymnal. Lord. ted. 4. . Christ a um ter ta cra dor phant. Venite. Leav Of ye. Dominum. le gin’s a to and hem. womb. tion. Jesus. v. gels. Christ the Lord. loving us so dearly? 7. sing. 3. See Lo! all ye God of choirs of how the star led faith true an shep chief ful. tains. Natum videte Regem angelorum. Wade. now in flesh appearing. in joy hearts’ of not the ful ob an cre high foot la a gels. 5. O 2. we greet Thee. Beth Vir heav’n nigh gold. All Ye Faithful Words: John F. Brooke (1848−1917). fideles. True Sing.1−3. God. venite adoremus. O come. 1743. copyright: public domain. nal. with love and awe. 4. 6. thi Christ Him. We would embrace Thee. Venite adoremus. O come.O Come. to not the zens of draw cense. circa 1743. 2007 Revision. Come Son Glo We We and of ry too to be the to will the hold Fa God. in ye. let us a dore Him. for us sinners poor and in the manger. let us a dore Him. O He all ye ing their fer Him come shuns i cit flocks. Venite adoremus. () O O 4 4 come Lo. 1841. Who would not love Thee. 1982. ther. est. come. born this happy morning. to Thee be glory given. v. herds.Yea.Adeste. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. bove! gaze. let us a dore Him. dle.

1917. = 130 4 4 1. O Thou Thou Thou Thou come. 4 4 That To From Dis Make mourns us depths perse safe in the of the the lone ly path of hell Thy gloom y way that e know peo clouds leads xile ledge ple of on here show. Translated by John M. home. O 5. y. O come. 11:1. Un And And And And til teach give death’s close the us them dark the Son of in her vic t’ry sha dows path to God ways ov’r put mi ap to the to ser pear. Re joice! Re joice! Em man u el shall come to thee. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. el. Is 7:14. And Who Thine Our And ran or own spi o som derest from rits pen cap all Sa by wide tive things tan’s Thine our Is ra might i ty ran ad vent hea v’nly el. 2005 Revision. O I sra el. and vid. 1851. night. high. combined by unknown author approx 12th Century. here. come. Music: ’Veni Emmanuel’ 15th Century French processional. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. ly. save. O 4. high.O Come O Come Emmanuel Words: various. Neale. go. come. copyright: public domain. come. flight. ny. Em Wis dom Rod of Day spring. O 3. O 2. come. grave. Rev 22:20 . free cheer come. Key of man from Jes come Da u on se.

the tain in tion. dise. and to Son. thus on thee. drea ry art a day of pure and ra diant tune. On 3. most tion. trum most of a our pet bright: earth. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. a tain. land. copyright: public domain. 4 4 O On A Each To balm of thee. with the great tri ple view our earth to soul re God light pro things fresh Tri was mised a ing une. to Father. art art day of at a a on rest and the cre port. Gen 2:2−3 . To Holy Ghost be praises. for gar den. To day thee. thou ing with a ges joined in Spi rit sent from life’s dry. O 2. the high thee. blessed Three in One. like day of liv ing ho thee. love. Thou 5. streams. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. to ious. through ious. 1940. we tion from ing. We reach the rest remaining to spirits of the blessed. o tion. calls. birth. bove. sand. given. On On Thou A Where thee. The church her voice upraises to Thee. the ted from der. = 125 4 4 1. home. rise. heaven. near tions the beau rose streams er sil ti from of to ver ful. Music: ’Woodbird’ Traditional German. New graces ever gaining from this our day of rest. Pis res wa ly. Christ ted with der. most gah’s ur ter h glor moun rec flow oly. 1862. our Lord. 6. art a cool day of sweet Gos pel light and vic ing re is low tor foun fec glow ly. Sun day ho ly care our int finds con and sal er us vo sad va sec glad ca ness. Thou 4.O Day of Rest And Gladness Words: Christopher Wordsworth. depths par heaven. falls. pro ho ly wear y glad a tec lad na ness. 2006 Revision. beams. Ex 20:10. come. Sing And From A And ho ly. where tions the day light storms an heaven of first that gels ly joy had round go man and its us and na light.

New great ssist bids sets life Re deem er’s me to pro our sor rows the pri soner the dead re praise. And wash the Æthiop white. ever given. Me. thou sand Mas ter name that pow’r of tening lis tongues and charms can to to my our celed His sing My God. 11. ’Tis clean. Hear Him. O 2. 3 2 The To ’Tis His The glo ries of spread through all sic in mu blood can make bro mourn ful. Gläser. Your loosened tongues employ. Anticipate your heaven below. 16. Look. Then with my heart I first believed. living life I then began to live. For me the Savior died. And own that love is heaven. ye lame. copyright: public domain. 18. your chief. 2007 Revision. For me. Ascertained of my part. He voice. behold your Savior come. ceive. 1Pt 1:18−19. Power with the Holy Ghost received To call the Savior mine. free. A fears. He for gra sus! breaks speaks. and be saved through faith alone. I felt my Lord’s atoning blood Close to my soul applied. See all your sins on Jesus laid: The Lamb of God was slain. Harlots and publicans and thieves In holy triumph join! Saved is the sinner that believes From crimes as great as mine.O For A Thousand Tongues Words: Charles Wesley. Sudden expired the legal strife. ye fallen race. Ye blind. 15. On this glad day the glorious Sun Of Righteousness arose. Music: ’Azmon’ Carl G. With me. peace. = 200 3 2 1. 9. That sin. Murderers and all ye hellish crew In holy triumph join! Believe the Savior died for you. The tri umphs of His ho nors of Thy life. Rev 5:11−13. The broad The ears. and praise and love Be ever. and health. 19. 6. 1839. 7. the Son of God. and blood a vailed for hum ble poor be grace! name. a cious the the and. 17. By saints below and saints above. ye nations. His praise. Anticipate your heaven below. cease. 14. And leap. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ’Twas then I ceased to grieve. 1828. And Christ shall give you light. My pardon passed in heaven I knew When written on my heart. Look unto Him. 10. Shall feel your sins forgiven. On my benighted soul He shone And filled it with repose. Believed with faith divine. My second. I found and owned His promise true. His joice. Setting: Lowell Mason. . The church in earth and heaven. He 5. ye deaf. you then shall know. Be justified by grace. His soul was once an offering made For every soul of man. Cast all your sins into the deep. 1740. own Your God. lieve. for me He died! Ps 96:1−3. In Christ your Head. My 3. real. Awake from guilty nature’s sleep. Eph 2:8−9 13. ye dumb. me He loved. my the the the ken God earth sin foul hearts and a ner’s est re King. me. Shall feel your sins forgiven. 8. ye then shall know. for joy. 12. Glory to God. Je 4. And own that love is heaven. claim.

Heav’n. mild. Where 5. ing gels the pro but and the ev er last claim the ho in this world faith holds wide great glad tid ing ly of the ings Light. Son ter in. and Him still. and si lent ly. How 4. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. how Ma ry. earth! in. be en si lent watch of bless ings of the born in stars go won d’ring of His mo ther us to by. O 2. more. Yet O No Where We in morn ear char hear thy ing may it the dark streets stars to hear His y stands Christ mas shin ge com watch an eth ther. the come to us. Child. Music ’St. 1982. 2005 Revision. 1868. we lie! bove. door. day. ing. el! Micah 5:2. 4 4 A While So Where Cast bove mor God mi out thy tals im ser our deep and sleep. The And Where The O hopes and fears of prais es sing to meek souls will re dark night wakes. a all God ceive glo bide the years are the King. = 100 4 4 1. copyright: public domain. Lk 2:4−16 . O lit tle Christ is si lent child ren ho ly town of born of ly. sin. and with us. the hap py pray Beth le hem. Redner. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1867. giv’n. the ry breaks. For 3. birth. Louis’ Lewis H. and dream less sleep the an gels keep their hu man hearts the out to Thee. how pure and Child of Beth le hem. our met in thee to peace to men on dear Christ en ters Christ mas comes once Lord Em man u night. pray. des still we ga thered won drous to the cend to see thee all a Gift is bless èd us. the parts to y cries sin. tell.O Little Town of Bethlehem Words: Phillips Brooks. love.

grief. = 140 4 4 1. Send forth Thy beams so cheering. To calm your fear and sadness. Who sit in deepest gloom. race! 6. my an them ut most com’st to cured my heart’s shall depth hon lib De pre of or er light! pare.He comes to judge the nations. 2008 Revision. 7. He brings His pity near you. O glorious Sun. 9. me. How ye may draw Him hither In your own strength and might. 10. puts est y be Lord. thirst tions its and my for long pow’rs bo shame my to re dy be sal see new pant moan va Thee. off de Thou yond most her gra dost all ho sad da give tell ly. ye sad−hearted. O My In A O kin soul deep glor love dle. lief? free. He comes. me. then. tion My An In Thou Pro Hope. And guide is safely home! Mt 21:1−9 . Let not your souls distress. How Shall I Meet Thee Words: Paul Gerhardt. Love Lord. To Him they well are known. 4 4 All My When I Thy na heart. 8. Yea. Music: ’Wie Soll ich Dich Empfange’ Johann Crüger. ty.Sin’s debt. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Your guilt the Lord will pardon and cover with His grace. He comes. how shall Zi on palms hast Thou left lay in fet caused Thine in I is un ters car meet strew grant groan na Thee. All She Didst As Our that may please Thee fain would serve Thy come to bring re ly rich es earth lost and fal len best. He comes procuring The peace of sin forgiv’n. And tremble at your doom: Despair not.Rejoice. He comes. claim. What 4. translator unknown. I 5. 1653. ed ing. ness tion. fly. Moved by His love alone. A terror to His foes. And ed To ing. Edition of 1931. standing at the door. and all His earthly foes In vain His course victorious Endeavor to oppose. He is near you. Thou tion Love wel come Thee branch es fresh give me glad com’st to set brought Thee down a and re me to right? fair. a King most glorious. A light of consolations And blessed hope to those Who love the Lord’s appearing. Thy 3. That In do all Thou. ing. To all God’s sons securing Their part and lot in heav’n. me ling. How ing. lease. Thy Thy De A That lamp glor void trea led with ies of sure Thee in to joy safe to my pro and on em breast.Why should the wicked move you? Heed not their craft and spite! Your Savior who doth love you. that fearful burden. ing. high. Name. copyright: public domain. Will scatter all their might. To With Then. now come. brace.O Lord. soul stood. me. peace. Who mourn o’er joys departed. 1653. He comes with gladness.No care nor effort either Is needed day or night. O 2. will love in her my not all spir strength soul’s fail love it and Sal nor ex low glad va leave cel ly ness tion. And bids you weep no more.

copyright: public domain. 1847. Mt 22:34−46. see. Thee. me O the nors O just Lord. day. Of Have Can That Dis 4 4 break warn’d ne’er Christ play’d ing me Thy hath to all of bro to re Thy ap ken Thy bels ten proach law law from com ing re re a mands: And harms. A Lord. Yet stor’d Those bove! Do on now. and stands larms ness Lord! love. in ho Thou. thanks know I maz my to my be ing soul God. And dress. ly my pel th’a my might’st wants plan ton faith Thou I I ing in pour see. 2008 Revision. There. Monk. 5. Maxwell before 1814. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. crease Thy Lost There’s Which To wrath and hope guil love in un of ty and one done. But 3. 1905. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. vic loud right won pow’r ted a eous der. Eph 5:15−21 . way. Music: ’Winchester New’ William H. gos on Lord. O 2.O Lord My Soul Convicted (Here Lord My Soul Convicted) Words: John Rippon (1751−1836) or J. me. I 4. par sin trust e I don ners Thy ter come e’en took plan nal to for a of show’r. fig hold wis con its leaf with dom. = 100 4 4 1. grace.

O Lord We Praise Thee (also known as May God be Praised Henceforth and Blest Forever or Let God Be Blest) Words: Martin Luther. = 160 4 4 1. have Lord. That That Grant our Thy that sins and blood should heav’n ly Ps 51:15. 1524. did Spir born of so con it for Ma strain sake ry. Thee us. Music: ’Gott Sei Gelobet und Gebenedeiet’ or ’Enchiridion’ or ’Gud Være Lovet Evig Nu’. 1Pt 2:24 O Lord We Praise Thee. 1627. 2009 Revision. ness good Lord. copyright: public domain. alt. we 2. 1533. Setting: H. have Lord. Page 1 of 2 . May God be praise Thee. gi ven. Schein. O Lord. Mt 26:26−28. have mer mer mer cy! cy! cy! May Lord. 1400 found in Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. vior Thou with Thy No great er And live as bo dy love than breth ren and Thy blood didst this to Thee could here in love and nou rish bind us. bo dy stow on bless Thee. 1Cor 11:23−26. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. un ion Our weak May this Nor re souls that feast there pent this they may of re blest Co flou mind mmun rish: us! ion! O O O Lord. Let Thy Thy not bo kind Thy dy. Thy ho ly 3. and a in to death was us His grace and dore Thee. Translation composite. Wittenberg. traditional German c. fa vor In thanks Life to To please giv ing win for Him with 4 4 bow us our be in be fore hea ha Thee ven.

us hast to plead paid. God once peace and fear. have Lord. cy! Ps 51:15. 1Cor 11:23−26. have mer mer mer cy! cy. for Thou Lord. me. us.sor bless min rows and ded did sus He car tain make ry. Page 2 of 2 . have Lord. see In all Peace with Days of tri al. more u and is ni need: made: ty: O O O Lord. 1Pt 2:24 O Lord We Praise Thee. And All Give Thy our Thy blood debt Church. Mt 26:26−28.

me. Adapted by J. gor. Page 1 of 2 . Thee. taunt cheeks in now hast and has Thy wound suf jeer van Pas ed. cast red I thou with me Head. Thee. O 2. Lord. scorn! life. copyright: public domain. ance. my pale with cru el down be glo Sa an ri fore ry. pain. 1729. How Grim I sac here art death. Bach. = 100 4 4 1. 1601. gain. My sac Thou. vior! guish. what ’Tis with hath wrath bliss till I de sore a robbed Thee were my now serve buse of right was Thy and Thy ful Thine! place. Music: ’Passion Chorale’ or ’Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen’ Hans Leo Hassler. What 3. Thee.S. with was Thou their Lord. there. Bernard of Clairvaux. 1729. Though From For scorn mine migh Thy it ful ly was the ty worlds red lips was my sur trans shall is trans round gres fear ban gres ed sion. glance. Now 5.27−28. Now Wounded. Now Wounded Words: St. Bach. Men 4. Heb 12:2 O Sacred Head. lot. 1830. ished sion. translated by James W. Ps 22:6−8. 1153. 4 4 Now Mine. Setting: J. what fall. fered. Alexander. fair. grief all no co Thou and for ble lor hast shame weighed sin ners’ coun ten once so borne for down. Thee ished sion with but and the which thorns. O Lo. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.S. Is 53:4−5. Thine flee splen brought Thine the be dor this on dead fore that woe ly ly Thy was on crown. 2007 Revision.O Sacred Head. mock from bur red my and Thy den Head. Jn 10:14−15.

10. Then let Thy presence cheer me. But take away mine anguish by virtue of Thine own! 11. own me Thine. When in Thy body broken I thus with safety hide. dearest friend. 8. Page 2 of 2 . from Thee I will not part. morn! strife.Yet. in Thy deepest anguish. Be Thou my consolation. Lord. 9. Who dieth thus dies well. Heb 12:2 O Sacred Head. Ps 22:6−8. Is 53:4−5. Remind me of Thy passion when my last hour draws nigh. pised with vis lost I and Thy age Thy im gor fa lan vi plore y. O source of gifts divine. forsake me nevermore! When soul and body languish. Mine eyes shall then behold Thee. Beside Thy cross expiring. The joy can never be spoken. Great blessings Thou didst give me. leave me not alone. Here I will stand beside Thee. Look How Thus Have though on doth Thou mer des me Thy hast cy. 7. I vor. my Guardian. be Thou near me when death is at my door. Re joy safe once strength deem to call to me was bright in this er. grace. Then. O Lord of Life. and should I fainting be. desiring Thy glory now to see. My heart by faith enfolds Thee. oh. I’d breathe my soul to Thee. now receive me. My Shepherd. When soul and body languish in death’s cold. not! 6. spurn Thee Thy as sad me mine. What language shall I borrow to thank Thee. above all joys beside. cruel grasp. never outlive my love to Thee. do not chide me! When breaks Thy loving heart. Thy lips have often fed me with words of truth and love. Now Wounded. My Savior. Thy Spirit oft hath led me to heavenly joys above. Thee in mine arms I’ll clasp. vouch guish that gor. For this Thy dying sorrow. let me never. upon Thy cross shall dwell. O Savior.27−28. Thy Thee. my shield when I must die. Thy pity without end? O make me Thine forever. Jn 10:14−15.

clete. copyright: public domain. Thee. 4th Century.O Trinity of Blessed Light (also known as "Thou Who Art Three in Unity") Words: Ambrose of Milan. English translation by John Mason Neale. All Trin Thee laud i ty of bless our morn ing song to God the Fa èd light. 1Jn 1:5−7. raise. ther be. to might. 1916. 2009 Revision. Shed Thou To praise To God with in our hearts a Thee through e ter ni the ho ly Par a ray. The fie ry O grant us All glo ry. O To All U Thee praise. high meet. ty. Gen 1:3. 2Cor 4:6. = 60 1. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. sun now goes his with Thy saints on as is ev er way. of praise. To 3. Luther. 1543. Eph 5:8−14. Music: ’O Lux Beata Trinitas’. German version by M. Ps 113:2−3 . ancient Latin. 1852. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. ni ty of prince ly our eve ning prayer we e ter nal Son. O 2.

−− Though all the world forsake Thy Word. where the 5. Josh 24:15. where their 4. 1533. and say. And all rise As frag fil Their pro well. Act 16:31−34. 6. Blest. own. Edition of 1931. Blest. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Where Je find. 2006 Revision. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. alt. what e’er be house where faith ye ly prayers shall dai sy hands ful bu house. L. mind skies. skill. Music: ’Wo Gott Zum Haus’ Joseph Klug. 4 4 Yea.Oh. Oh blest the 2. taught see shown How And That One How poor do forms spi rich and in with rit ly dark all out run God and void His ho the heart of u can bless it ly are ni His were! will. In peace sus with rant per and Christ in in task joy is have cense with the All in set their to the rea dy par ents All. 1863. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. dwell. copyright: public domain. nought. Blest such a house. Then here will I and mine to−day A solemn covenant make. 1735. von Pfeil. Blest the House Words: Christoph C. Oh blest that 3. if He To trust their While in their While through their And in their were God lives diff child not and the erent ren’s dwell serve world works lot ing Him is ye is there. it pros pers fall. I and my house will serve the Lord. still. Ps 127:1 . = 100 4 4 1. ty.

1837. our of cry An sin.On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry Words: Charles Coffin. For 4. Music: ’Puer Nobis Nascitur’ Michael Praetorius. 2006 Revision. Come. left the ery Sal to the Bap breast va heal throne tist’s from tion. st 4−5 translator unknown. Jn 1:23. us man 3 4 that way and rise kind.R. = 120 3 4 1. Mt 3:1−12 . ward. Stretch 5. fade shine. cayed. more. copyright: public domain. Our sore. 1−3 translated by John Chandler. pare out more praise and we Thy up be hear in grace on to ken. 1906. To Jor dan’s cleansed be Thou art forth Thine Him Who bank ev our hand. Then 3. 1609. King Guest flow’r love Three of may de di in kings! come. the for our and all Lord God great fall praise is with Re no be nigh. And Heav’n To noun straight Ref make save ces the uge. our our Thy the for hearts souls peo Fa he a must ple ther brings home. giv’n. Woodward (1848−1934) for The English Hymnal. st. Setting: G. in. done. One. Pre With Once Like then. Make Lord. vine. Glad Where And And And ti such wi fill Ho dings a ther the ly from might like world Spi the y a with rit. On 2. 1736. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

1680. Op en now thy 2. ter Thou. Is 26:1−4. 1Cor 3:16−17 . vine. copyright: public domain. I ing the is this place. woes. I 3. sown. 1730. be.Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty Words: Benjamin Schmolck. Filled Let Fruit As Here with it ful my is so be un com balm lace. = 100 4 4 1. 1978. Thou my faith in 5. Music: ’Unser Herrscher’ or ’Neander’ Jaochim Neander. Setting: PD from Lutheran Book of Worship. To So As Here how my that my of bless heart. Lord. ly chant ed. Speak. my God. ta tions thick en. Ps 100:1−5. and a it is plant ed. be fore Thee. me. all guid life èd oh. where e’er temp un dist joy ful du ty dore Thee. foun tain flows. 1863. 2009 Revision. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. lone. 4 4 Where Where Let How May my we my so I soul in find Thee soul. deed. will hear Thee. Thy to fort for light tem life in all and ple in my our grace! now! me. O God. Zi Come Here Let Let on. Ps 118:19−26. Thou Thy me Thy let me al so seed is keep Thy will be en un du gift done ter to ly di in there. strife. en hear may be star through life. shine feed. Here Thy praise is 4. and gates come glad crease I of beau ty. urbed draw near Thee Waits There Bring May While for a forth Thy Thou Him heav’n pre Word dost Who on cious still Thy an earth sheaves o’er peo swers must a me ple prayer. Oh. and quick en.

age. But vert. Thus in Thy name and at Thy word We say: Amen. we implore. Confirm our faith and hope in Thee That we may doubt not. To We Our And From cry in ev ’ry walk be fore Thee hearts with gra ces pa tience in all fa mine and from need to Thee. 4 4 As That Let O From bre thren to the Thy good be dience war and of glo Spir in strife one fa mi ry of Thy it e’er be our weal and be our De ly. Lk 11:2−4 . Matt 6:9−13. pes ti lence. free from blame. to sup ply. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. rice. 9. Lord. Pre ill That peace. Thy Word. Into temptation lead us not. vert. Through comfort of the Holy Ghost! 8. From evil. that is. 2. Help us. Thy gra cious 5. Free from poor. Our Fa ther. Who Lord. 1931. Redeem us from eternal death. Thy throne. = 140 4 4 1. ni ty. deliver us.Our Father Thou in Heaven Above (also known as Our Father. Oh. Forgive our sins. hear us. Oh. And when we yield our dying breath. will. copyright: public domain. 1539. Thy king dom 4. Teach us no Let no false Break Sa tan’s Curb flesh and That we may thought doc pow’r. 1539. And take our souls to Thee in peace. So shall it be. serve sets from our in most de lu ded Thy Church from it self a all care and heart to souls con age to gainst Thy a va pray. The times and days are perilous. 2009 Revision. found in Valentin Schumann’s Hymnal. Lord. As we their trespasses forgive Who by offenses us do grieve. Lord! Amen. Translation composite. and fed. Who from Heaven Above or Our Father in the Heaven Who Art) Words: Martin Luther. grant us calm release. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book. Console us. 7. Music: ’Vater Unser im Himmelreich’. When evil foes against us plot And vex our souls on every hand. Thus let us dwell in charity And serve our brother willingly. grief be stow. All rage. give us strength that we may stand Firm in the faith. 6. Leipzig. Amen. Remove from us their burden sore. In be In done As bread And bid pur time ’tis let dest us to i ty to and in e in heav’n be us all be dwell keep ter fore clothed in love. Thy name be 3. Give us this Thou in heav’n a hal lowed. Thine let it will on earth be ly day our dai bove. a well−armed host. Name nigh woe fense. but believe What here we ask we shall receive. blood live less trine de and in word us feat ev god to per his ’ry ly say. come.

Like flowery fields the nations stand Pleased with the morning light. A God. 1708. ye sons of like an eve ning come. Or flesh to dust. And God. 9. The busy tribes of flesh and blood. Anne’ William Croft. ’Re in Thy sight Are hope for years to saints have dwelt se earth re ceived her turn. Heb 1:1−2 . Our God. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. They fly. sure. Un 3. Be Thou our guard while troubles last. our help in ages past. as a dream Dies at the opening day. copyright: public domain. To first. cure. 4 4 Our Suf From All Short shel fic ev na as ter from the ient is Thine er last ing tions rose from the watch that storm arm Thou earth ends y a art at the blast. frame. Our Help In Ages Past Words: Isaac Watts. Our hope for years to come. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1982. Music: ’St.Our God. our help in der the sha dow fore the hills in Word com mands our a ges thou sand a ges past. The flowers beneath the mower’s hand Lie withering ere ’tis night. And night Be our our end turn fore e de less to the ter fense years earth ris nal is the a ing home. like an ever rolling stream. forgotten. Be 4. Our of Thy throne Thy or der stood. Ps 90:1. With all their lives and cares. 6. same. 8. Time. Are carried downwards by the flood. Thy 5. 7. Our 2. men:’ gone. gain. = 100 4 4 1. Bears all its sons away. 1719. And our eternal home. sun. And lone. And lost in following years. 2005 Revision.

1725. Where prayer all good in ev to be ness im il Thee ap fore Thee stays my pa tience most ob ply liv spi mourn tain ing. Who. eth. el lone. fear. well. build till preme God. copyright: public domain. = 110 4 4 1. eth. my 4. What though our deep I grace with hope in wait the sins are cry to Thee pre God shall live long i man Thee. Out of the 2. For this. right rael and each my Way will in Thy sure thus re iq judg Rock far deem ui ment is eth and ty. Naught night And fold? Su Lord God. herd search boast sur Is is ing him eth ra a eye clear. me. With vail Of sest. Rom 5:20−21. our ing the His hear sins on morn mer my for my re cy cry giv mer turn reign ing: ing. And though I 5. doubt can cious ear to can naught a of Him pos ing trusts His His hand with me. Eph 2:8−9. 1 Tim 1:14 . Ps 130. 4 4 In The My My No cline ho heart heart lim Thy liest con un it gra deeds fides. But love and 3. ing. Music: ’Aus Tiefer Not (Luther)’ or ’Af Dybsens Nød’ Martin Luther from Erfurt Enchiridion. can live on on my on his giv ing stand be fore Thy com pas soul a bid God re pos all trans gres Thee? sion. he. His might Nor hold. 2009 Revision. own. 1524. O rest. Setting: Johann Sebastian Bach. eth. eth. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1524. On There My In Who all fore sol the Is sin must ace.Out of the Deep I Cry to Thee (also known as From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee) Words: Martin Luther. it. Translated by Arthur Tozer Russel. eth sion. For Be His Born He if fore prec of the Thou Thee ious His good fix none word Spi Shep Thy can as rit. And Where And For Lord. eth. O vail. rit.

our ing the His hear my sins for on my morn re mer cy cry giv mer turn reign ing: ing. Where prayer to all be good ness in im ev il Thee ap fore Thee stays my pa tience most ob ply liv spi mourn tain ing. = 110 4 4 1. build till preme God. herd search boast sur Is is ing him eth ra a eye clear. Ps 130. rit. Haupt. 1524. 1869. eth. ing. Out 2. With naught a vail Of Him pos sest. me. of heart un doubt ing it can His lim ear to me. For 4. Setting: A. And Where And For Lord. O God shall rest. His trusts His might Nor hand with hold. Who. 2009 Revision. And 5. Translated by Arthur Tozer Russel. 1 Tim 1:14 . O Thee pre vail. well. Naught live long night And man i fold? Su Lord God. fear. On There My In Who all fore sol the Is sin must ace. right rael and each my Way will in Thy sure thus re iq judg Rock far deem ui ment is eth and ty. live on on giv can on my his ing stand Thy soul God all be com a re trans fore pas bid pos gres Thee? sion. 1525. 4 4 In The My My No cline Thy gra cious liest deeds can ho heart con fides. What of love this. though though the deep I and grace with my hope in I wait the our sins are cry to Thee. el lone. Music: ’Aus Tiefer Not (Strassburg)’ or ’Strassburg’ from Köpfel’s Gesangbuch. copyright: public domain. eth. eth sion. own. He.Out of the Deep I Cry to Thee (also known as From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee) Words: Martin Luther. Eph 2:8−9. But 3. it. eth. For Be His Born He if fore prec of the Thou Thee ious His good fix none word Spi Shep Thy can as rit. eth. eth. Strassburg. Rom 5:20−21. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

copyright: public domain. My Soul. = 120 1. Louis Bourgeois. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. attr. Praise God. 1551. ye heav’n ly host. And With The Sun’) Words: Thomas Ken. Eph 1:3 . Son. Praise Him a bove. all crea tures here be low. from Whom all bles sings flow. see also ’Awake. Rm 13:11. 2006 Revision.Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology. 1561. Praise Him. Ps 17:15. 1674. c. Setting: Sternhold and Hopkins’ Psalter. Music: ’Old 100th’ Genevan Psalter. Praise Fa ther. and Ho ly Ghost. Ps 148:1−2.

face. Praise Him In His But while Sun and healed. Frail 5.Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven Words: Henry F. 2 4 2 4 A A A Praise A lle lle lle Him. ness. same gen rise down for as tly and be giv ev bears per fore en. for like sum help the His He mer’s us King grace tends flower to of and and we a hea fa spares flour dore ven. 1918. Fa 4. still hands mor moon. 145 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. re the He tals bow stored. 2 4 Ps 103:1. Setting: The Episcpoal Hymnal. 2006 Revision. One! grace. Ev Slow Res Our Dwell er to cues God ers more chide. us. vor us. To To Well Blows Ye His our our the be feet fa fee wind hold thy thers ble and Him tri in frame it face bute dis He is to bring. ish. 2 4 2 4 Ran somed. lle lu lu lu Praise lu ia! ia! ia! Him. us lives all His and from un in pra swift all chang time ises to our ing and sing: bless. er. copyright: public domain. ia! A A A Ha A lle lle lle lle lle lu lu lu lu lu ia! ia! ia! jah ia! Praise Glor Wide Praise Praise the ious ly the with ev in yet High us er His His E the last faith mer ter God ing ful cy nal of King. knows. = 120 2 4 1. space. on. gone. Praise. tress. An my Him ther as gels. soul. Praise 3. foes. Lyte 1834. flows. ish Him. 2. Him. Music: ’Praise My Soul’ aka ’Lauda Anima’ John Goss 1869.

3 4 O Shel Health Sure Who. ly thee sal sus hath at are va tain stayed tend ra tion! eth! thee. Praise Grant Wings If Whirl Him ed of with winds in in His His and glad what mer love wa a He cy He ters dor or did be as a dain shade friend suag tion. thee. ging. Lord. Praise 4. eth thee.Praise to the Lord. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. Who. Praise to to to to to the the the the the Lord. Harmony by William S. ging. 6.Praise To The Lord. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. thee. Lord. Gladly for aye we adore Him. the Who Who Who Who. 1864. so less ly cy here ly a health gent fall dai round and ly ing. thee vouch His the praise un safed good e Him. Bennett. thee. Praise 2. been lief? do. now how ev what turn to His thy de er hath the Al eth their tem si failed might fu ple draw res have of re y can ry to near. Lord. when darkness of sin is abounding. Edition of 1931. Who. copyright: public domain. der and. Let the Amen sound from His people again. come now with praises before Him. Al o’er hath doth when might y. all virtue confounding. ing. my ters hath ly when soul. The Almighty Words: Joachim Neander. chaseth the horrors of night. de are a reign made fend wa tion! eth. the all things so ly. All Hast What Pon Bid ye thou need der deth who not or a them hear. Ps 150:1−2. = 120 3 4 1. when the godless do triumph. heed mer mad is thy yea. O let all that is in me adore Him! All that hath life and breath. 2006 Revision. peace. seen grief new cease. Saints with His mercy surrounding. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book. 1863. 1680. Music: ’Lobe den Herren’ circa 1665. Praise 5. . ness le for His when and ments He wings. thee. Praise 3.Praise to the Lord. Lord. fear ful pros per thy tem pests their King won won work war of drous drous and fare cre ly ly. Sheddeth His light. Ps 23:6 7.

9. Why 4.When silent woe thy bosom rends.He ever will with patience chide. Thy pair. He 3. My Heart. Music: ’Ich Singe dir mit Herz’ J. 1931. wards off war’s woes From our dear native land? 13. way? makes. He hour Turned dain A Por Shield makes dread hap tion and thy ed py shall re great Re bur dens ills a end ing main. my heart. Supplies what to His glory tends And to thine own relief. And constant dost abide.Thou art the Fount of grace. = 110 4 4 1. Translation composite. In pow’r Watch vain.For what have all that live and move Through this wide world below That does not from Thy bounteous love. to Thee: To Earth Thy knowledge I impart. Be Glad and Sing Words: Paul Gerhardt. ward. light. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. With ready help in time of fear. 1738. A Joy.Who is it life and health bestows? Who keeps us with His hand In golden peace. spend the day in not His love and er wis dom nev glad and He thy blank des truth and plans in sing. And in the book His mercy keeps These things are noted all.Upon thy lips. His pity sees thy grief. 1653. then. 17. When hence we pass away. Whence saving health and goodness flow Each day so bounteously. Thou keepest watch before our door. 18. 6. 8. Thy noy. Thou lead’st us to our home on high. 16. night? day? takes. O Heav’nly Father flow? 10. 2009 Revision. lay thy hand And trust His guiding love. Thou giv’st what lasts for aye.He knows how oft a Christian weeps And why his tears now fall. Coun thy He that the Source of se lor when Cre a tor not oft in His coun sels ev doubts cast threat did ery an thy ’ning or thing. B. And Spring so full and free.O Lord I sing with lips and heart. As it is known to me. Ps 8:1−9.Thou feedest us from year to year. be is thy Trea sure. I know. 4 4 For Thy On Has All God. His rod falls gently down. Then like a rock thy peace shall stand Here and in heav’n above.Our deepest needs dost Thou supply. Lord. His joice. Koenig.Who built the lofty firmament? Who spread th’expanse of blue? By whom are to our pastures sent Refreshing rain and dew? 11. 7. Joy of my soul. While we securely rest. Did 5. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.O Lord of this and all our store Thou art the author blest. 15. Mic 7:18−19. copyright: public domain. And all thy sins He casts aside And in the sea doth drown. 14. Thy care. Re 2. Thou standest at our side.Rejoice. Ne’er cheer ful trust main Life and Light and rest less thought the o’er thy child hood fal ters or mis tain. Ps 27:1−6. Ps 73:25−26 .Who warmeth us in cold and frost? Who shields us from the wind? Who orders it that oil and must We in their season find? 12.

Thrupp. us ly us. alt. Setting: The Methodist Hymnal. Thou 4. We 3. Sa 2. 1836. much be poor ear we need Thy ten der the guard ian of our and sin ful though we ly let us do Thy care. still. like a shep are Thine. We Thou hast O will hast bought us. Bradbury. pray. be.Savior. pray. Jn 10:1−16. us. Bless Bless Bless Bless èd èd èd èd Je Je Je Je sus. We Thou hast O will hast bought hear ear loved us. 2007 Revision. Bless Bless Bless Bless èd èd èd èd Je Je Je Je sus. Thine when turn love we we to us are. sus. Thine when turn love we we to us are. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Music: ’Bradbury’ William B. Like A Shepherd Lead Us Words: attr. 1859. still. 1909. sus. us. from Thou hast mer cy Bless èd Lord and pas sin to on tures de re ly feed fend lieve Sa us. way. us. bless bless bless bless èd èd èd èd Je Je Je Je sus! sus! sus! sus! Thou Hear. for our use Thy folds pre seek us when we go a grace to cleanse and pow’r to with Thy love our bo soms pare. sus. stray. vor. us. = 100 4 4 1. Thou dost hast pro mised to ly let us seek herd be re Thy lead friend ceive fa us. fill. Eph 2:4−5. will. Dorothy A. Thee. vior. sus. Ear vior. 4 4 In Thy plea sant Keep Thy flock. Ps 23. Rom 5:8 . sus. sus. free. copyright: public domain. bless bless bless bless èd èd èd èd Je Je Je Je sus! sus! sus! sus! Thou Hear. hear us ear ly loved us. Jn 10:3. Thee.

hell be. fresh. Jn 1:1−4. copyright: public domain. = 100 4 4 1. Let not sin o’ercloud this light. Praise to God the Son. 1524. 397. Word all lead shall O of the ing Thy heav’n God world death king and made dis and dom earth. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. owned. Ever be our faith thus bright. blood. c. won. Ps 67:1−2. Child came Son. Lk 2:30−32 . 1851. our King. 2007 Revision. Thou. Vir gin’s Son. 7. swell! see? 6. and drous He ly come. be in song of we its such a pure and hea ven en tri umph glo ries birth. 4 4 Mar Was Though Cap Bound vel the by tive less now. Praise to God the Father sing. That Wo Still High When the man’s to the shall Lord chose off spring. Music: ’Nun Komm. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. 1931. flesh. Reynolds. Translated to German by Martin Luther. Der Heiden Heiland’. Won 4. Not 3. throned. Translated from German to English by William M.Savior Of The Nations Come Words: Ambrose of Milan. Brightly doth Thy manger shine. Praise to God the Spirit be Ever and eternally. 1524. vior of the by hu man drous birth! O the Fa ther the Fa ther’s na flesh won forth on tions. Sa 2. Wittenburg. Glorious is its light divine. From 5. from Geystliche gesangk Buchleyn. By the Spi Of the vir And re turn Hast o’er sin here rit gin eth the make of un to vic Thy our de the t’ry home! God filed! same.

stone. By Thy 3. Music: ’Aberystwyth (Parry)’ Joseph Parry. 2. copyright: public domain. fold. tears. the sigh Hear Hear Hear Hear Of our our our our our pen pen pen pen pen i i i i i ten ten ten ten ten tial tial tial tial tial cry! cry! cry! cry! cry! Ps 39:12. bode Scarce In O Pier Held we the ver cing in lift sa Sa spear. Suff ered once for Of th’in sult ing Treach er y lurked O’er the dread ful Might y. By Thy when help sac hour deep in less red of ex dust in griefs dire pir to Thee fant years. that wept de spair. re By Thy By the By the By the pent ant. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. dark the dis that the a skies tress flowed thorn. days of bod ing cross. O by all the By the dread mys By the an guished By the gloom that O from earth to pains ter sigh veiled heaven and ious that the re woes hour told skies stored. bode. From Lis Lis ing O Thy ten ten. Low By O’er By By we Thy the Thine the bow th’a life of grave where a go sad sep dor want La ny ul ing and z’rus of chral knee. the vault whose to sore tears nail. vain our vage lem’s and the weep ing wild er loved a tor turing ri sing eyes. the sky. Bend Turn. By the 4. 1879. alt. Ps 86:3. Ez 18:30−32. ble cry.Savior When In Dust To Thee Words: Robert Grant. ing eye. scorn. 2008 Revision. slept. 1815. Lord. Sa vior. Lk 18:13. fice. ing groan. 1916. from Thy turn a seat a to our lis ten throne fav’r bove hum to on high. God. pow’r. 4 4 When. = 100 4 4 1. ness. Job 42:6 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. re as man temp with sac cend be ter’s in Thy ri ed low. By Thine 5. prayer.

Teach us to resemble Thee. 2008 Revision. you ho 4. Phil 2:3−8 . See a mid the 2. vine. 1870. What for Who your we a us built joy saw ten on the ful a der earth be low. star ry skies. copyright: public domain. lies say. cher u bim. 1917. Born He Tell Lo. Lk 2:1−20. Teach. By Thy face so meek and mild. thronèd in have you now gels sing ing to come from Lamb height left ’Peace high ap sub your on est pears. news to day. O teach us. Hail re demp tion’s hap py dawn. "As we watched at In fant. love was Thine." world as this. = 100 4 4 1. Sing through all Jer u sa lem: Christ is born in Beth le hem.See Amid the Winter’s Snow Words: Edward Caswall. holy Child. night. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 4 4 See. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. Lo. In Thy sweet humility. with in a ly 3. sheep earth’ bliss Pro mised from e Sits a mid the On the lone ly Told us of the Down to such a ter nal years. 6. Say. Hail that ev er bles sèd morn. won drous light. Jn 1:29. Sac red win man shep dead all ter’s ger herds. 1851. lime. 5. He Why An Thus the gen tle Who. Music: ’Humility’ John Goss. moun tain steep? Sa vior’s birth. of di snow.

stanzas 1. Young. Sleep in hea Christ the Sa sus. born. night. night. Je Christ the Sa ven vior at vior ly is Thy is peace. 1982. birth. circa 1820. light. Si 4. ho ho ho ho ly ly ly ly night. star. Si 3. Col 1:12−13 . circa 1816−1818. Lord. 3 4 Round yon vir Glo ries stream Ra diant beams With the an gin from from gels mo ther and hea ven a Thy ho ly let us Child. copyright: public domain. Sleep Christ Je Christ in the sus. far. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. all at love’s lend is the pure thy bright sight. night.3 Translated by John F. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. face sing. 1863. night. night. quake God.4 translator anonymous. Gruber. King. ia! grace. light. Si 2. Ho ly In fant. born. Music: ’Stille Nacht’ Franz X. Si lent lent lent lent night. Heaven ly hosts With the dawn of Al le lu so sing re ia ten der and Al le lu deem ing to our mild. 2005 Revision.Silent Night Words: Josef Mohr. born! birth. night All Shep Son Won is herds of drous calm. = 60 3 4 1. Sa ven vior at vior ly is Thy is peace. born! Lk 2:8−9. stanzas 2. the hea Sa Lord.

turn ing we come round right. 1Pt 3:11. ’Twill be in the val ley of love and de light. copyright: public domain. Ps 116:6 . turn will be our de light ’Till by turn ing.Simple Gifts Words and Music: ’Simple Gifts’ (Shaker dance) Joseph Brackett. ’tis the gift to be free. When true sim pli ci ty is gain’d To bow and to bend we shan’t be a sham’d To turn. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 2005 Revision. ’Tis the gift to come down 4 4 where we ought to be. = 120 4 4 Tis the gift to be sim ple. 2Cor 3:16. 1848. 1 Th 1:9. And when we find our selves in the place just right.

Is 53:3−6. Rom 4:25 . This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Strick 2. and Afflicted Words: Thomas Kelly. 1931. built. Here en. Tell 3. = 180 6 4 1. point ed! wound ed! Da vid’s None would See Who Sac ri Son. light ly. See Was Nor Here Him there sup the dy e pose re ing ver the fuge on the grief like ev il of the tree! His? great. ’Tis Man Mark Lamb the y the of long ex hands were ri Sac God for pec raised fice sin ted to ap ners pro phet. me. who we smitt en. 1850. Acts 4:11−12. and Him their faith ful Jus tice Son of hope have Word. groan ing. wound Him. save. 6 4 ’Tis the Friends through Here may Christ the Christ by fear His view its Rock of man cause na our re dis ture sal ject own right va ed. in bears fice yet ter the to Da vid’s pose to aw ful can cel Lord. the ev er ffic stroke Lord’s be ient that A con of it: pierced Him noint ed. Yes. da tion. 1804. boast. Foes ly. Ich Muss Sterben’ or ’Wo Ist Jesus. Christ my in its the soul. copyright: public domain. ’tis He. ’tis sul ting his dis guilt may est i Name of which we He! tress: mate. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book.Stricken. gave. found ed ’Tis Was Son Who a the of on true and stroke that Man. load! guilt! Proofs I But the ’Tis the None shall see su deep est Word. lost. Here tion. 2008 Revision. Music: ’O Mein Jesu. Mein Verlangen’ from Geistliches Volkslied. ing. Ye 4. God. Smitten. ye who think of have a and a hear Him sin but firm foun fflic ted.

lips.A. and I will be ever. to of Thy for my I with long er Thee. Music: ’Mozart’ W. 2008 Revision. all for Thee. hold. 1920. choose. ments and and tell it and let let ect. 1Cor 6:20. copyright: public domain. Take 2. and and and ver and let it let them let me and my make it be move sing gold. Havergal. King. 2Cor 5:15 . Rom 12:1−2. not a it shall cra im on mite be ted. Thee. only. pulse ly. throne. Take 4. sil will. be be use own. let swift filled e it them and with very shall flow beau mess pow’r be in ti a as Thy cease ful ges Thou ro less for from shalt yal praise. Thine. Setting: Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church. Mozart (1756−1791). = 140 3 4 1. would no Lord. in heart. my Lord.Take My Life And Let It Be Words: Frances R. 3 4 Take Take Take Take Take my my my my my mo feet. mine. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 6. Thee. Take my love. Rom 6:13. Take my my my my my life. voice. hands. Take 3. 1874. is my them them and Thine days. I pour at Thy feet its treasure store. love. con se at the al ways. Take myself. Take 5.

bear thee to those the thy the a who world spi cross bet bear for rit en ter the sake. copyright: public domain. the One in Three. 4 4 De ny thy His strength shall Thy Lord for ’Twill guide thee ly For on self. 2006 Revision. "Take 2. Take up up up up up thy thy thy thy thy cross. All praise forevermore ascend: O grant us in our home to see The heavenly life that knows no end. up. down. Rhau. Music: ’Nun Lasst Uns Den Leib Begraben’ G. home. cross. great Lord. 6. Mt 11:28−30 . bel. Christ. 1544. cross And And And It May hum brace saved points hope bly thy thy to to fol heart soul glo wear low and from ry the af nerve death o’er glor ter thine and the ious Me. Mk 8:34. Take 5. To Thee. hell. dured. 1833. crown. weight shame. "If Fill Nor And Nor thou wouldst My thy weak spi let thy fool ly sin’s calm think til death dis rit ish wild to ci with pride de lay ple a re luge it be." cross. Edition of 1931. = 120 4 4 1. Take 3. larm. the Savior Said Words: Charles W. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book." arm. grave. Everest. cross cross the let nor then and Sa not heed in fol vior its the His low said. Take 4.’Take Up Thy Cross’. brave. strength.

circa 1200s found in Erfurt Enchiridion. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1524. 11. 2009 Revision. With charity hide his shame. His house. Setting: M. Give to a thy le the thy god God word day par ly and and which ents life Lord speech God hon might a pro hath or live. Lord Jesus Christ.Thy neighbor’s wife desire thou not. 9. By id 4. 7. Ex 20:1−17. ture and bor de high thee. I am 3. And make thee also well perceive How man for God ought to live. cays Up With But That So on the mount all thy heart what God doth God may so shalt thou have Si love say work length na i.Steal not. Music: ’Dies sind die heil‘gen zehu Gebot’ or ’In Gottes Namen fahren wir’. 1Tim 2:5−6. of days. Praetorius. rest. 6. But open wide thy loving hand To all the poor in the land. alt. 1609. Nor hate. Thy heart give only to thy spouse Keep thy life pure. God No Take That Be did these ten o ther God not My ho thou and all dut i ful com be ly thy and 4 4 mand sides Name house lov ments Me in may ing give own. in thee. too. true free. vain. copyright: public domain.That Men a godly Life Might Live (also known as These Are the Holy Ten Commands) Words: Martin Luther. 1524. 1854. lone. Without Thy help our works so vain Merit naught but endless pain. Translated by Richard Massie. Deut 5:6−21. nor render ill for ill. fane blest. and lest thou sin Keep thyself with discipline. Nor wring their life−blood from the poor. And to thy foe do thou good. That man 2. Lord. Defend his innocence from blame. 12.Bear not false witness. for we A Mediator have in Thee. due. By On And Keep And His My praise hand help true great not and them ser mer aught heart when vant cy as from their Mo ven good la strength ses.God these commandments gave. 10. Have mer cy. Be patient and of gentle mood. 8. thou Me. = 120 4 4 1. nor belie Thy neighbor by foul calumny. son of man. and do. thy sin. therein To show thee.Kill thou not out of evil will. nor aught that he hath got But wish that his such good may be As thy heart doth wish for thee.Be faithful to thy marriage vows. oppressive acts abhor. Hal low 5.Help us. Ps 60:11−12 .

King. 1770. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Phil 2:5−11. 4. Dan 7:13−14 . Thomas’ Aaron Williams. = 140 4 4 1. With Father. bring. Be ad ev Zi judge. Spirit. Setting: Episcopal Hymnal. All glory to the Son Who comes to set us free. translated by John Chandler. As 5. Him Nor And No let us meet self the ser let your faith all His scat let long er him vant’s less tered the on form heart saints law the puts des u hold road And on To pise The nite With sway. The 3. fore vent of our er last ing on’s daugh ter. 1905. Lk 19:28−40. Music: ’St. But place set peace Him walk for His He on in Him pre peo ple comes to high to free dom’s pare. 4 4 Come. gain flight. alt. day Shall In To He Let be our car nate meet your soon will sin be theme stoops low come put for to ly a to prayer be. 1736. ever One. on clouds of the dawn ing God Son rise light. Eph 4:22−24. 6. The 2.The Advent of Our God Words: Charles Coffin. 1837. copyright: public domain. free. 2008 Revision. reign. Through all eternity. Come. light.

Thus God shall from all evil Forever make us free.The Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us Words: Johann Walter. The 2. In Bride groom shall we will not Fa ther. There bliss that knows no measure From springs of love shall flow. 1552. came. band. copyright: public domain. Edition of 1931. ces Him May In And In Their o that ev bliss sweet pen ce er ful est find les bless realms heav’n the tial His a ly door. Bid us its riches share. And never changing pleasure His bounty will bestow. pain. give us si lent wed deem sis crowns mu ding er’s ters of sic’s guests! face. 6. love. There 3. 1880. 2006 Revision. From all adversity. gold voice. and us with Him mar God with joy re tyrs. Music: ’Act Gott Vom Himmelreiche’ from Musae Sionae XII. pos Lord deck bring with tles. And grant us heavenly gladness And wipe away our tears. and fears. joice. That A As And And we. er While To When Im We slum glo we part shall ber ry with a in binds by them bliss God our His ap un re breasts. ed Our us As ing. With not leads ev to hearts His our er His and voice souls will bo lips ap be be som for pall night shown press ev us. yon der soon will see de blush to rich in home shall call light own bless ne us. Michael Praetorius. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. dear. From sickness. us Him. ces Him. From sin. Our 5. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. and from the devil. And ever kind and gracious. Name. Him. cares. bove. 3 4 May Who Love And. 1609. and sadness. From troubles. They 4. land. And The Who Of All oil be pro phets’ for us nev er saints shall found ho Man end sing in ly be ing His store. told. praise. grace. Rev 21:2 .In mansions fair and spacious Will God the feast prepare. Mt 25:6. 7. Translated by Matthias Loy. a His be turn greet dore gra fore ing. lays. Will ver Be all ye dear Re bro thers. May The We Will The all pa all wel an our tri shall come gels lamps archs come with shall be shall be em a burn meet fore bra dore ing. pear. us. = 160 3 4 1. ed us ing. Come.

She 3. 1864. The 4. And mystic sweet communion With those whose rest is won. vail. earth. 4 4 She Her To By She is char guide. Though 5. The 2. tor ing ious And With She Shall Shall for ev ev be be her ery er the the life He grace en shall pre morn of Church at died. ish! der tion. with her peace ter one her e for and faith. to sies ev the one the dis er Word. food. fend. by the Master’s hand Led through the deathly waters. heav’n He ho ly there be saints their with the came Name those watch vi and she who are sion sought bless hate keep glo her es. Where in sweet vales the Bride With Thee by living fountains Forever shall abide! 1 Cor 3:11. pressed. Wesley. end: tressed: more. 1982.1866. Mt 27:24−25 . tion By One Is By Of wa Lord. copyright: public domain. ’Mid Church ’s is from Church shall with a toil and one ev ne scorn trib foun ery ver ful u da na per won la tion tion. long?’ blest. 6. rious. Music: ’Aurelia’ Samuel S. With And A And And His own blood He to one hope she gainst or foe or soon the night of the great Church vic bought press trai weep tor her es. Repose in Eden land. eyes ly ly her ’How are bride. birth. 2005 Revision. To Par And Their Her be takes false cry long His one sons goes ing ho ho in up. O happy ones and holy! Lord. With all her sons and daughters Who. her. dued. rent con cre sal and a sum a va cher sun ma tion tion. song! rest. schi waits His ter sus sms the new of tain. 7. ish. Is Yet Her Men And Je one dear see tu sus Christ o’er all Lord to her sore mult of her the de op her Lord. past the border mountains. = 130 4 4 1. der. On high may dwell with Thee: There.The Church’s One Foundation Words: Samuel J. ing. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. From One Though Yet Till. the meek and lowly. war. pale. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. give us grace that we Like them. Stone. Yet she on earth hath union With God the Three in One.

Lv 16:1−2. copyright: Words: Copyright 2008. trod. 2Ch 5:11−14. Lord The object sure and right: To see our Father’s glory bright. Norman Nagel. Col 2:12. 8. You are the Truth. Mt 26:26−28. Setting: Lowell Mason. = 200 3 2 1. You were raised Firstfruits of our new Life. Rom 10:17. Jn 14:26. All other rights reserved. 3 2 Re And The the The mind led Ark Tem cloud ed of the them through the first then His ple showed God’s once more ap things wild writ pro peared He er ten mi on taught His ness. Special thanks for this text goes to Dr. their mouths a the dry sea they make a home be in the in most sun. Ap 5. Brian J. We cannot pay the price. No work of ours atones for sin. Mt 27:46. 1Cor 6:19−20. Music and Setting: public domain. Dumont. 09 Dec 2008. Ps 65:2−3. in pastures green we’re fed. The Spirit works through earthly means. When You fulfill Your promises To bring us to Your home. 34:4−5. 19:16−20. light. Gläser. low. Jn 14:6. sight. They as Through rest To seat with shine like stood. 6. 1828. On 4. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship. We wait to see the cloud’s return To be with us below. We cannot set things right. You died for us a sinner’s death abandoned in our place.The Cloud Received Christ From Their Sight Words: Brian J. And in the cloud we see the day When joy will end all strife. wine. provided they are not altered. You give us faith by Your strong Word In water. Mt 28:20. They Word His ses to earth a peo ple still do tru ly walked with pre sence now would save our fal len tru ly fear ful wait. place. Lord. 25:10. 1Cor 15:20. 2009 Revision. And though we wait to see You now We know that You are near. and bread. A goal beyond our reach You’ve shown. Jn 17:3. Dumont. 7. Ex 14:19−25. Lk 12:59. The 2. On cloud cloud Si pear moun re kept nai’s ing tain ceived Christ safe God’s height the on the high Christ’s from peo cloud mer face their ple did cy did sight. To have eternal life. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1839. Jn 14:1−3. 11. 31:18. On Easter day. 9. Ps 23 . a bla zing gape. 12. Your promises to build our faith Are stronger than our fear. God! show. 10. Acts 1:9−11. race. Mt 17:1−5. whose insights inspired it. The 3. and this notice is on each copy. While here in flesh You taught us. Music: ’Azmon’ Carl G. Rom 5:12−21. You are the Way for us to see His face.

And trees of life forever grow with mercy crowned. 1Chrn 29:18 . and oil and wine abound. on a be t’ry great earth worm hold deep I for His His I AM! sake. and is. circa 1765. and evermore shall be: Jehovah − Father − great I AM. through all their land: The list’ning spheres attend. And tell the wonders He hath done. There milk and honey flow.The God of Abraham Praise Words: Daniel ben Judah.He keeps His own secure. and Holy Ghost. The 2. the wondrous Name. He guards them by His side. His spotless bride: With streams of sacred bliss. 7. and at in to at God His all Heav’n His of right my a com Love. way.There dwells the Lord our King. 12. joys days. copyright: public domain. and mine! (I join the heav’nly lays. in songs which never end. more. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.) All might and majesty are Thine. Ca of e I rise me all on ea naan’s bounds ver and my gle I last seek hap wings urge ing the py up my days. the Lord our righteousness. Paraphrased by Thomas Olivers. end. Son. 8. we worship Thee!" 11. and swell the growing fame.Before the Savior’s face the ransomed nations bow. The 4. I And And And And bow Him He sing thro’ and my shall the the bless on save won how the ly me ders ling sa Por to of wil cred tion the His der Name make.The God Who reigns on high the great archangels sing. holy. friend. face. borne. cay. 2006 Revision. praise. stand. And glorious with His saints in light forever reigns. Who at Whose I and reigns Whose all on earth en su suf His and throned preme fic oath hell a com ient de with bove. praise.The whole triumphant host give thanks to God on high. Father.Before the great Three−One they all exulting stand. hand. sue. 1982. holy!" cry. the Prince of peace. On Sion’s sacred height His kingdom still maintains. Arrays in garments. 1780. Hail. A land of sacred liberty. scend. self pow’r in con and my a my fessed. 9. 4 4 An From Shall I To cient earth guide shall. and endless rest. Je I He I The ho all calls shall wa vah.The goodly land I see. 10. by its He I with earth wis calls shall Je and dom. God! dore. Abraham’s God. = 120 4 4 1. sworn. and endless praise. O’erwhelmed at His almighty grace. with peace and plenty bless’d. He still supplies. the same. view. Music: ’Yigdal’ or ’Leoni’ Traditional Hebrew. Tow’r. pass. And sing." they ever cry. 6. pow’r. The 3. Triumphant o’er the world and sin. mand grace pend. with groves of living joys − With all the fruits of Paradise. mand. Tho’ God God God by na of Ab r’ham r’ham of Ab of Ab r’ham Him self has ture’s strength de praise. "Almighty King! Who was. circa 1400. He 5. grace ness for my thro’ for my ev Shield Je ev way er and sus’ er pur blessed. white and pure. blood. ways. And "Holy. forever new: He shows His prints of love − they kindle to a flame! And sound thro’ all the worlds above the slaughtered Lamb. "Hail. Arranged by Meyer Lyon. Ex 3:14−15. Him His sus Heav’n fame. Setting: PD from ’Lutheran Worship’ Hymnal.

It Gos sets brings is bears pel shows the the Lamb be vior’s the Sa the pow’r of to all the Fa fore right God ti ther’s our eous to dings grace. 6 4 Pro And From It The claims calls all works hea how Je sus the souls with our guilt it the faith. copyright: public domain. Rom 1:16−17. 6. which vy la den lived and died That guilt opp ressed To brings re lease And firm ly clings To souls it cheers And man might thus be come and find e gives the trou bled all the trea sures ba nish es their jus ti fied. Who ness Our save From glad And sent his made th’a souls to sin and bids their Son to ton ing robe in Sa tan hearts no save sac ro and more our ri yal the be race. 1 Jn 4:9−10. May we in faith its tidings learn Nor thanklessly its blessings spurn. sad. Heb 9:28 . Dresden. guilt y fears. It 3. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. 1628. It 4. grave. Who eyes. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.The Gospel Shows The Father’s Grace Words: Mattias Loy. It 5. May we in faith its truth confess And praise the Lord our Righteousness! Jn 3:16. dress. con science peace. The 2. ter nal rest. Edition of 1931. which it brings. Music: ’Herr Jesu Christ Dich zu uns wend’ from Cantionale Germanicum. = 140 6 4 1. fice. 1863. 2008 Revision.

far. And 4. ty. 2006 Revision. went. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. The 2. 1911. lie. came hem house 3 4 in be from it the fields yond coun took King as they them try its did lay. Ov er ly With cer tain in Wise Beth in poor the Men le that shep herds east. possibly dating from as early as the 13th Century. light. No el. lay. = 100 3 4 1. stay. tent. rest. No el. Lk 2:8−9 . copyright: public domain. They 3. far. On a And And to Right And cold so fol ov found win it low er ter’s con the the the night tin star place Babe ued that both wher where in was day ev Je pov er so and it sus er deep. see. No el. Then first look by star did No èd the drew they el up light nigh know the and of to as an gel did saw a that same the north sur ed say Was to star Shin ing star Three west.The First Noel Words & Music: Traditional English carol. This 5. No el. Setting: The Methodist Sunday School Hymnal. night. In And To And One fields to seek there en where the for a it tered they earth King did it lay it was both them tend ing their gave great their in stop and for to sheep. Born is the King of Is ra el.

copyright: public domain. 1813. Part Second’ 1813. 2006 Revision. Come quickly. past. = 100 4 4 1. die. And let the endless bliss begin. Setting: ’Repository of Sacred Music. rose. And tle child To ing morn When ious morn Shall ing dawns. By weary saints foretold. sun death. comes. morn. be. translated by John Brownlie. last. O 5. And truth shall be extolled. ing is breaks. see. haste ty with the our the gilds the glo ry lone some King. Not 3.The King Shall Come Words: Unknown author. King of kings. 7. Christ the Lord! Thy people pray. sky. And That De And The life lights spite we day to the the His that joy morn rage face aye a ing of shall shall wakes. tor morn night phant and ious. He. Zeph 1:14. When right shall triumph over wrong. 4 4 When But And When O beau crowned left Christ. foes. The King as bright bright King shall of er er shall come old than than come when a the that when morn lit ris glor morn ing dawns. Rev 22:20 . And light and beauty brings: Hail. And light bear. 1907. 6. The 2. O 4. this earth’s tri and vic fair dark um fight. The King shall come when morning dawns. Music: ’Consolation’ or ’Morning Song’ John Wyeth. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. in ing ris east ern like the place of beau ty of that hills.

1863. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. parts found dain fall And The And And Its sets know would will ho 4 4 His ledge in ful li will of works ly ness be our of in con fore sin love sin demns our ful a re us eyes. right. When 5. fy. Rom 2:12. Herr’ from Geistliche Lieder. The law light those men law of of who the is God ho help off good. Ex 18:20 . Ps 19:8. Its 3.The Law Of God Is Good And Wise Words: Matthias Loy. bounds. To 4. 2006 Revision. 1543. state light sounds die And And And And And dooms seek should keeps has to de be their no death liv done wick pow’r when ’rance as ed to we ere good ness jus trans too and in ti gress. all. late. 1931 copyright: public domain. = 120 4 4 1. hearts. is li in ered but good ness Christ help since and im have dis the wise. The 2. Setting: The Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Music: ’Erhalt uns. bound main. Rom 3:19−26. Shows That It Its It us we shows ter dooms the may what ror us way see deeds in for of our are their our right lost His ear sin eous e de re to ness.

fort. Him. The Lord looked 3. But none there 4. bread? will. How long. call. 2009 Revision. Lk 4:17−21. 1524. A To And Nor And bom in ab le search His ho ly yet they deemed. 6. = 120 4 4 1. Setting: M. copyright: public domain. There To Their But That is do deeds be God not his must their is one will sure own his well in ly pro sure do earn please vi com er. That will he do by Christ their King. Ps 53:1−6. Ps 14:1−7. Music: ’Es spricht der Unweisen Mund’. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. trod. 1854. den. 1610. But On For Will A while all all ye fall their man a op ing lips kind side press leaf draw be had the dis nigh low slid need mays Him. haugh trou when hath in ty ble he done. by 5. e’en works Word. And And And So Who all their tru ly fo llowed fierce are trusts him deeds sought lusts ye. Him. all. from Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. cries. Translated by Richard Massie. There fore their fools down was fol heart doth God from his who walked ly blind is ne con high with ly ver fess. tent mood. pow’r. and de to for and o ny know bid greed beys Him. y. Let Jacob then be glad and sing. Praetorius. Who shall to Israel’s outcast race From Zion bring salvation? God will himself at length show grace. ders. y! Him. alt. Co rrupt are Who all their Not one there In God they But ye the they. still. led. And Israel be joyful. den. est. 1524. 4 4 Their To De And God heart is see if lu sive eat my is with full an paths peo him of wick ed y owned His of fol ly ple up like who doth His ness. Him. them. The mouth of 2. And loose the captive nation. Ps 118:4−6 . and der un was who put no poor man’s ev stand prac trust hope ery ing ticed at des one bent good. tow’r God. pise.The Mouth of Fools Doth God Confess (also known as Although the Fools Say with Their Mouth) Words: Martin Luther. in will on Him in laugh at him.

Whom takes led sin chang with no by less. save. And. "Why Herod Unrelenting Foe". Lord. = 100 4 4 1. 450. English translation by John Mason Neale. King is see from crys tal pow’r is be to here. And In His For Her fol meek might this od. "How Vain the Cruel Herod’s Fear". Eph 1:9. Shouldst Thou Fear") Words: Coelius Sedulius. 1533. claims Ma Jor first Je the gi dan’s His sus. fess. sanc as Fa of earth a to light they ti fies the He speaks the ther we a way press wave. God own ny. ing the realms light. Ho the their from o ly realms gifts sin be Ghost of heav’n ly their God con to cleanse and dient to their for ev er day. All star pro wi ser in the Ca na glo ry. word.The Star Proclaims the King is Here (also known as "Herod Why Dreadest thou a Foe?". Jn 1:29 . dore Who And Man Flow And gives by kind wine. At 5. Music: ’Wo Gott Zum Haus’ Klug’s Geistliche Lieder. Luther. or "Why Impious Herod. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn−Book. 1931 copyright: public domain. more. With 4. "When Christ’s Appearing Was Made Known". 4 4 He And And. Mt 2:1−12. The 2. Thee But. 1543. low ness the Thy why on stands blush glad this sense less His guid ing the Lamb of ing wa ters e pi pha fear? star. 2009 Revision. c. Jn 18:36−37. German version by M. far flood shown. Wittenberg. The 3. 1852.

hands that work the be and blind. Jn 10:10.Thine Arm. light. O Lord. the Lord Thine al might the of y grave. Mt 9:35−36. Thine 2. And 3. Music: ’Kingsfold’ traditional English. Be arm. sease and death. in lo! Thy touch brought Thou our great De days of old. Al eyes that see. o’er fear re lieved owned soothe and bless. 1Pt 2:9−10 . and strength and Lord of life and save. To And To Thee they went. in Days of Old (Your Hand. yore. whole and sick. shore. The In That le per with crowd ed street. gave li verer still. lore. O Lord. Plumptre. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. with dark ness and Thee. was life and health. the couch. Setting: Ralph Vaughn Williams. copyright: public domain. in Days of Old) Text: Edward H. the near to bless. may sick with fe by Gen nes praise Thee ev vered aret’s er frame. his by and taint ed rest less weak and life. Lk 19:9−10. death. breath. = 100 4 4 1. sight. O Lord. more. now. Thou strong to heal and speech. 2007 Revision. as strong. O Lord. 4 4 It And Re tri umphed o’er youth re newed store and quick di and en. 1864. 1906. the dumb. give pal sied and the might y as of wis dom’s heaven ly lame.

copyright: public domain. us: Where shall we for Who from such dis Where shall we for 4 4 suc cor flee. O. Rm 14:7−8. our on ly. alt. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. our sin.3 Martin Luther. Whilst in midst of 3. 2009 Revision. Setting: Erythraeus. Music: ’Mitten wir im Leben Sind’ Medieval sequence altered by Martin Luther. Ho ly and gra cious God! Ho ly and might y God! Ho ly and all mer ci ful 1Sam 20:3. er y.Though in the Midst of Life We Be (also known as In the Midst of Earthly Life or In the Very Midst of Life or In the Midst of Life We Are) Words: v. canst on ly. Found in Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. it! viour. 1854. Though in midst of 2. Lord. We It Thy mourn our grie vous moves Thy ten der pre cious blood was sin which hath heart to see shed to win Stirr’d the fire of Our great sin and Peace and par don Thy mis for fierce wrath. Translated by Richard Massie. who will found make hide us? us? us? To Thou Thou Thee a lone. us. In to hell’s fierce life we be. bless ed Sa do Sa vior. 1608. vs 2. suc cor flee. 1524. a go ny Snares of death sur Hell’s grim jaws o’er Sin doth head long round take drive us. tress will free. Lest our foes con Who se cure will Who. Page 1 of 2 .1 Medieval sequence. = 110 4 4 1. 1Cor 15:53−54 Though in the Midst of Life We Be. death we be. 1524. 2Cor 1:9−10.

Rm 14:7−8. Save us. flood. 1Sam 20:3. Ky Ky Ky ri ri ri e e e e e e lei lei lei son.Sa Sa Sa vior! vior! vior! Thou Thou Let e e us ter ter not. way. Page 2 of 2 . son. 1Cor 15:53−54 Though in the Midst of Life We Be. 2Cor 1:9−10. nal nal we God! God! pray. from hell dis true faith’s sink may com ing us fort In With Fall the its in deep deep our and and last bit burn need ter ing a flood. Let not From the Lord. son.

All lieve Who heard The gate In pent. and in Him The Lamb ordained for slaughter. Act 2:38 . Music: ’Christ. 1854. So hear ye 3. eth.Who in this mercy hath not faith. She sees the cleansing fountain red With the dear blood of Jesus. sm: ven: deth. 7. ver. And And On The That 4 4 there was what a Jor dan’s ly Ho lost in by Christ banks Ghost sin Saint ian was from they John bap should be plain ly Hea ven’s must re tized. tized. And right er Fa dove flee eous ror ther’s like from ness shuns voice shape con ful and from de dem fill schi Hea scen na ing. Which from the sins inherited From fallen Adam frees us. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. And fire that ever burneth. And nothing sees but water. Mt 3:13−17. 2006 Revision." Yea. His inborn sin brings all to naught. Unser Herr’ Johann Walter. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. ter ter. eth. this. condemned to death. tion. He He Hear And A would a is the and o dwell with joy ful new true bey the heir life Bap His be of give ti teach lie Hea us. ven. To Jor dan 2. sure. Translated by Richard Massie. zer. The Christ Words: Martin Luther. In ten der 5. And quench the Not sim ple Hear Him. To De In Nor Ob wash clar whom should tains a eth My our a way it soul faith might trans His de e’er y gres plea light wa bless sion. Is yet in sin. That the Three A new born bit wa hear Per man. Nor aught which he is doing. And maketh sure his ruin. Edition of 1931. copyright: public domain. Faith sees Christ Jesus. ing. ven.To Jordan Came Our Lord. Thus Je sus came all. man His our and He hood dis Lord well hath Je ci the per His sus ples Christ. tion: There That "This That He did He we should is My thus the that be con wa well truth lieves se ter be be and crate use. Him sons no ness but e all more of the very pre he death By Word And one Whom side. To show us 4. sm. ing. 1524. sure. 1541. Nor aught therein discerneth. nied. = 120 4 4 1. sing. 6. E His Spi He bap ter own rit Him tism’s nal blood with self ho life and out in ly pos pas mea vi la ses sion. His holiness avails him not. At dies. ver. And from our own misdoings. To ceive What Word With straight To sent: Go do God’s plea sure God doth call bap signs and sym bols ho ly Jor dan teach ye e very will ti gi wend na ing.The eye of sense alone is dim. Himself he cannot succor. ver. lo not is a the ved de bap bath Lord Son. teth.

1539. To God forever sing your praise With joy and patience all your days. 6. known. Ye shall and must at last prevail. At 3. chafe. copyright: public domain. 1Cor 15:55−57 . Is 9:2. To 2. Son do? sake Ap As God The Who peared Mi is true Him a cah with God his host of did of sin ners now a con fi an old now bides dence gels make at with doth bright. King. translated by Richard Massie. 4. Lord flesh rage Temp they and and and ter said. 4 4 Be ’Tis Made Let Let hold Je like hell all the ten der sus Christ. blood. are fy. 1918. Music: ’Vom Himmel Hoch’ traditional German from Geistliche Lieder. 1854. make. = 100 4 4 1.To Shepherds As They Watched By Night Words: Martin Luther. God. your your selves of and Sa tan his wiles the Babe. What 5. in then re joice that harm can sin and one He will or watched Da through death can by vid’s His then for night town. you. Micah 5:2. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. one. In Who Your Christ You yon doth Bro is may der low ly to all sal ther is th’e your Bro ther his ut most man va ter ger tion nal ye pow’rs de laid. bring. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1543. Lk 2:8−15. ye cannot fail. 2009 Revision. try. God’s own ye are. Oh. Not shep herds as they Beth le hem.

one make me clean to glo rious crown in is my Fa ther’s ear will hear my day. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1861. a ered. alt. Heav’n. given. 2008 Revision. prayer. 1847. Is 1:18. me. wha come. cy. Thy A Al I blood. O day day day all Thy Thy the em mer gate Fa brac cy is ther ing calls o calls mer me pen. Edition of 1931. 4 4 How Shall The What ev find bless shall er a èd I great my Fa ther’s an gels do with tres wel ga out pass. sin. to and the thou wash a all who Ho ly e ver way en Spir o my ter it pen sin. To 4. and ther a thee when te’er I may have par don for their round the heav’n ly heart and eyes run been. Jn 10:9 . To 3. copyright: public domain. = 140 4 4 1. gates. home. can fu ture grace be though I oft have know one gate is wash pro wand o me. o’er? How The No When ev er long past shall be ques tion will all things seem from for be a mer got asked gainst cy ten. Anthes. in waits. To 2. I a how to may pre of drive have turned a sent joy be ten I have me to des way. Lk 15:20−24. door. Heb 9:14. me. Music: ’Anthes’ Friedrich K. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. come. and mised. it pen. pair.Today Thy Mercy Calls Me (Today Your Mercy Calls Us) Words: Oswald Allen. me. O Christ.

1858. Now let all the heav’ns a dore ing. And at the thril ling cry re The strong in grace. tal Come forth. Setting: ULCA Hymnal. for night is fly on hears the watch men sing 2. at last! She wakes. Je ru sa lem. ye vir gins.Wake. Mt 25:6. her Light is come. The Bride groom comes. be lo ved Son: a ttained to hear A lle lu A lle lu What there is ia! ia! ours. for Night Is Flying Words: Phillipp Nicolai. us sup with Thee e ter nal ly. 2006 Revision. copyright: public domain. Mid night hears the wel come voi For her Lord comes down all glo Of one pearl each shin ing por ces rious. Translated by Catherine Winkworth. A wake. Wake. 1599. Thee. ing. Rev 21:2 . Ah come. a wake. ious. 1917. in truth vic Where we are with the choir im joi tor mor ces. With harp and cym bal’s clear est tone. The watch men on the heights are cry And all her heart with joy is spring And saints and an gels sing be fore ing: ing. she ri ses from her gloom. Awake. nor ear Your lamps God’s own hath yet with glad ness take. tal. And We but for fol we His mar low till re joice riage feast pre the halls we and sing to pare see Thee For Where Our ye must go Thou hast bid hymn of joy and meet Him there. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Zi 3. Nor eye hath seen. 1599. Her Star is ris’n. night is past. Thee. Music: ’Wachet Auf’ Phillip Nicolai. Of an gels round Thy dazz ling throne. = 160 1. Thou bless ed One. a wake.

He through snares and per ils lead Made true man. 1 Cor 12:3. our el der Bro Here for give ness and sal va eth. 1524. 2009 Revision. rit. = 120 1. nal ly. who to us in love An e qual God head. 1 Jn 5:20. Christ. us for and day sin we and ful shall night. Who cre His own Who sweet a ted earth and hea Son. Rom 8:26−27 . Translation composite. men be All things are gov erned And raised by God to In bliss with God e by life ter His might. eth. 1524. and might. Ghost. Found in Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. copyright: public domain. throne. sing eth The Fa ther. ther. Schoepfer’ or ’Apostolic Creed’ Medieval tune altered by Martin Luther. His bo dy feed vir gin mo own cre a eth. ther. it. there ascribed to an ancient source. He car Was cru All flesh eth ci shall for fied rise. ing. Music: ’Wir Glauben all an Einen Gott. We 2. All we need He doth pro vide By the pow er of the Spir Keeps in u ni ty of spi us. tion.We All Believe in One True God (also known as In One True God We All Believe) Words: Medieval text expanded by Martin Luther. it. 1 Jn 4:9−10. Setting: Bennett and Goldschmidt’s "Choral Book for England". He both soul and Born of Ma ry. And with the Fa ther and the Son Hath the right of chil dren gi Source of ev ery grace and bless In e ter nal glor y liv ven. We 3. our Lord. tion Watch That Dai ing the ly that no harm be lost might life in come through Je sus’ tide her mer us. a gain. it. Who the Church. Jn 1:14. We all all all be lieve be lieve con fess in in the one Je Ho true sus ly God. Is 41:9−13. pos ses grace and com fort giv ven. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.

ing. main that Thou ha tain still stens His ing His our De will king fen to make dom di der will known. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. to our Thou ask God Lea the Lord’s with us der tri bless join um ing. Thee. Jer 30:11. ning. not ry make His be us own. Jer 10:23−24. Translated Theodore Baker. The So Let wi from Thy cked op the be con gre pres gin ga sing ning tion now the es cease fight cape from dis we were trib u tres win la sing. copyright: public domain. tion. We ga side all ther us do to to ex ge guide tol ther us. vine. side. 3 4 He Or And cha dain pray stens and ing. Name ses to His were at our be ev er Name. 1894. praised! He for all O gets glo Lord. phant.We Gather Together Words: Anonymous circa 1597. We 2. = 100 3 4 1. Sing Thou. Music: ’Kremser’ Traditional Dutch circa 1597. be. Thy prai Lord. 2006 Revision. Setting: Eduard Kremser. Be 3. Zech 10:8−9. Zeph 3:14−20 . 1877. Thine! free! Jn 11:52.

We Give Thee But Thine Own Words: William W. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. Whate’er for Thine we do. 1864. The give Thee but Thine we Thy boun ties hearts are bruised and com fort and to cap tive to re own. Ja 1:27 . O 4. lease. We 2. bless. 4 4 All And And To To that glad lambs tend teach we have is ly. To herd bled Are ther less Is and peace? It trust. 1Jn 3:16−18. Music: ’Energy’ William H. Thee stray an is O our ing gels’ a Lord. A est us. Edition of 1931. give. We do it unto Thee. May 3. 2006 Revision. 6. as Thou for whom the the lone and the way of Thine bless Shep fa life a lone. Mt 25:40. bring. copyright: public domain. thing. What As And To To e’er the stew ards homes are find a God the gift true bare balm lost may re and for to be. Monk (1823−1889). To 5. ceive. woe. O Lord. Though dim our faith may be. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1 Chron 29:14. Ex 23:19. = 120 4 4 1. first from work Christ from fruits the be like Thee. How. fold. And we believe Thy Word. thus dead. low. cold.

That Cling That That in our ing to with hearts e’en then last our u our mo Sa ni cou ments vior. Shine 3. ther. 16:13−15. verses 2−4 Martin Luther. ted rage He whose we may may blood love ne be hath each ver friend bought o fail us us. Thou 4. Setting: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn Book. 2009 Revision. Lord. Translation composite. Who Of When as a one the home gain mind. For That Set Grant the we our that 4 4 true Je hearts nei faith. sus with ther which Christ heav’n shame we may ly nor need know fire death the a a we most. Rom 8:23−27. cy. Lord. ther. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1524. We 2. us And. glow heed. sa cred Love. cy! cy! Jn 14:26. Foe ward to in shall we our peace ac jour ney. Lord. 1524. = 140 4 4 1. stow. Music: ’Nun Bitten wir den Heiligen Geist’ ancient German found in Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. have have have have mer mer mer mer cy. 1931. us. 1 Cor 12:3 . Eph 4:3−6.We Now Implore God the Holy Ghost (also known as To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray or O Holy Ghost to Thee We Pray or Now Do We Pray God the Holy Ghost or Now Pray We All God the Comforter or Now Let Us Pray to the Holy Ghost) Words: v. Thou now im plore in our hearts. copyright: public domain. high est Com God O grace fort the most on in Ho pre us ev ly cious be ’ry Ghost Light. at home land hath with ev ’ry cuse and as tend brought bro sail us. 9:1. right.1 ancient German. Lord. us. need.

share? prayer! prayer All Je In Rap be sus His ture. tions? den. Music: ’untitled’ Charles C. 1Pt 2:24 . ing ev take take all ery thing to God in it to the Lord in it to the Lord in to Thee in earn est prayer! prayer. 1868. Jn 15:13. What a Friend we 2. still Pre May we ev er. mised all our sins and griefs to Is there trou ble a ny cum bered with a load of Thou wilt all our bur dens bear! where? care? bear 4 4 What a priv i lege We should ne ver be cious Sa vior. you. prayer. Converse. for ry bright un in glo for faith sake cloud feit. fuge. 1855. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. Jn 15:14−16. Mt 7:7−8. ship ev take you will ery thing to it to the will find a be our sweet God Lord so por in in lace tion prayer. Scriven. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project.What A Friend We Have In Jesus Words: Joseph M. ful you? ed O who Take there what will it will need all to be less our the no pain sor Lord need we rows in for bear. 1982. prayer. Lord. Heb 4:15. copyright: public domain. cause knows arms praise we our He’ll and do ev take end not ery and less ca weak shield wor rry ness. prayer. O Can Do Soon what peace we of ten we find a friend so your friends des pise. Bless ed Sa vior. Have we tri als 3. Are we weak and 4. have and hea Thou in temp vy hast Je ta la pro sus. there. there. = 100 4 4 1. 2005 Revision. to dis our be car cour re bring ry aged.

king is are to sleep ing? feed ing? own Him. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Why 3. ry.What Child Is This? Words: William C. Nails. Christ is born. Joy. this spear raise is shall a Christ the King. Phil 2:5−8. 16th Century English Traditional. = 80 3 4 1. Babe. What 2. fear. Music: ’Greensleeves’. ry. hail joy to the for bring Him laud. So Child is this lies He in bring Him in who. This. Lk 2:7. Word made flesh. haste. The song on high. While sin ners here The va tion brings. for you. Hail. 3 4 Whom Good The an gels greet Christ ians. Come Ma ry’s lap ox and ass pea sant. Dix. King of kings with for sal an thems sweet. Raise. Where gold and myrrh. the Son the Son the Son of of of Ma Ma Ma ry. The shep cross vir herds guard be borne gin sings and for her an me. Mt 2:1−11. such cense. 1982. Whom pierce Him through. Let shep si lov herds watch lent Word ing hearts are is en keep ing? plead ing. lul gels sing. copyright: public domain. Is 53:1−6 . laid to rest On mean e state. Babe. The The The Babe. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. 1865. Haste. 2005 Revision. la by. throne Him.

count charm sor all so but me row the di loss. = 130 3 4 1. head. on them so is my all to rich dead life. mine. robe. 1707. crim realm the that His son. most.When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Words: Isaac Watts. My All Did Then Love rich the e’er I so est vain such am a gain things love dead maz I that and to ing. of wond I hands. vine. Rm 7:24 . all. Gal 6:14. On Save Sor Spreads That which in row o’er were the the and His a 3 4 Prince death love bo pre of of flow dy sent glo Christ min on far ry my gled the too died. His ing whole vey Lord. 1982. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. small. my His a to my pride. 1790. copyright: public domain. Were I bid from dy the sur it. meet. And I Or And De pour sac thorns all mands con ri com the my tempt fice pose globe soul. Music: ’Rockingham Old’ Edward Miller. Setting: PD from Lutheran Worship. globe. like na rous should His a ture cross boast. crown? me. For 3. God! down! tree. When 2. blood. 2007 Revision. feet. His 5. See 4.

heed deed. O Man. Translated by Richard Massie. 2009 Revision. Kyr’ e lei son! Ex 20:1−17. 1524. be. O 5. Schein. Willt du Leben Seligich’ attr. am nor be not. I 3. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. alt. Ps 90:1 . mis lead. may dread. 1627. 1524. The Thy Hal Kill Thy ten heart low no neigh com shall the man: bor’s mand ments keep. O the My dient nor man. 1854. next do thy neigh pi take and to bor ly. Martin Luther. Me. Ho 4. Deut 5:6−21. not. wrong And No And To By dwell o call fa bear with ther on ther ing God god Me and wit 4 4 e doth in to ness ter thee time mo with nal ly. false tongue. of need: ther be.Wilt Thou. Wouldst Thou Live All Blissfully) Words: Martin Luther. Music: ’Mensch. Setting: H. live hap Lord and God! Name in word al ways. Our My Work Keep Nor God king in sa grudge Him self dom then thy heart cred thy him aught bid thou on mar he deth shalt that riage hath us. day. copyright: public domain. for trust a lone in Sab bath. bed. that I e ven an ger wife de sire thou thus Me. got. Wilt 2. Live Happily (also known as Man. Found in Walter’s Geistliche Gesangbüchlein. Steal thou. = 120 4 4 1.

1873−1964. Lk 10:21 . = 125 3 2 1. Mt 7:7−11. church place but and them heed school in my may his plea dwell care. Jn 1:12−13. 1982. Mk 10:13−16. Czamanske. When Be To lit taught Christ tle your your 3 2 ones child child to ren ren him in will were their be brought: youth brought. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Setting: PD from ’Lutheran Worship’. tell. For That If bid they thus them in you not. O 3. You 2. tr. For pa bey if rents. 1628.You Parents Hear What Jesus Taught Words: Ludwig Helmbold (1532−1598). fare. Per And All mit learn in ting their your them Sa fam to vior’s ily come praise well to to shall me. Music: ’Herr Jesu Christ. Dict Zu Uns Wend’ Cantionale Germanicum. William M. your you hear Lord love what and them Je let as sus his you taught truth ought. 2006 Revision. copyright: public domain.

This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. and bass clefs .Canon in D Music: Johann Pachelbel. copyright: public domain. 4 4 4 4 Repeat as long as desired Reference for Tenor Clef: Middle C on treble. tenor. circa 1680. 2005 Revision.

Music: ’Jesus bleibet meine Freude’ Johann Schop. Bridges. = 250 9 4 Piano p 9 4 Piano Choir 1. 1723 and Brian J. Arrangement released into public domain 09 June 2005. 1723. 1590−1664 and Johann S. rings. translated probably by Robert S. Piano p Is 26:8 Jesus. 2005.Jesus. copyright: public domain. Dumont. S. Page 1 of 4 . Through sus the joy way of where man’s hope de is sir guid ing ing Piano mf Choir Ho Hark. Bach. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. 1844−1930. ly what wis peace dom. ful love mu most sic bright. Je 2. Bach. Joy of Man’s Desiring. 1661. Arranged by J. 2005 Revision. Joy of Man’s Desiring Words: Martin Janus.

flock. Joy of Man’s Desiring.Piano Piano Choir Drawn Where by the Thee. Page 2 of 4 . Piano p Piano Is 26:8 Jesus. springs. our in souls Thee as con pir fid ing ing Piano mf Choir Soar Drink to of un joy cre from a death ted less light.

Page 3 of 4 . Joy of Man’s Desiring. sure. Thine own Piano Is 26:8 Jesus.Piano Choir Word Theirs of is God. Piano Choir Striv Thou ing dost still ev to er truth lead un known. sure. Piano mf Choir With Theirs the is fire wis of dom’s life ho im liest pass trea ioned. beau our ty’s flesh fair that est fash plea ioned.

the dy love ing of round joys Thy un throne. Piano p Piano Piano Piano p Piano Is 26:8 Jesus. Joy of Man’s Desiring.Choir Soar In ing. Page 4 of 4 . known.

Choir Both Che ru bim and Ser a phim Ho ly art Thou. 1 Tim 2:5−6 Lord God. Thy praise we sing.Lord God. Rev 18:20. Setting: Landgraf Moritz. = 150 Choir Lord God. Fa ther in e ter ni ty. Thy Praise We Sing. Found in Klug’s Gesangbuch. copyright: public domain. 1612. Of Thy glo ry loud ly boast. Congregation Lord God. Translated by Richard Massie. alt. Music: ’Herr Gott. our thanks we bring. Is 6:1−4. Page 1 of 6 . Phil 2:5−8. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project. Choir An gels all and heav’n ly host Congregation All the world wor ships Thee. 1535. alt by Martin Luther. dich loben wir’ ancient Latin. 2009 Revision. our God! Congregation Sing ev er with loud voice this hymn: Is 38:19−20. 1529 or 1531. Thy Praise We Sing Te Deum Laudamus Words: Martin Luther. 1854.

our God! Ho ly art Thou. our God. the Lord of Sa ba oth! Congregation Ho ly art Thou. Page 2 of 6 . the Lord of Sa ba oth! Choir Thy maj es ty and god ly might Congregation Fill the earth and all the realms of light. Thy Praise We Sing. our God. Is 6:1−4. Choir The twelve a pos tles join in song my raise The mar tyrs’ no ble ar The u ni ver sal Church doth Thee Congregation With the dear pro phets’ good ly throng Their voice to Thee in hymns of praise. 1 Tim 2:5−6 Lord God. fess to be Through out the world con Is 38:19−20. Rev 18:20.Choir Ho ly art Thou. Phil 2:5−8.

Fa ther. Phil 2:5−8. 1 Tim 2:5−6 Lord God. and well be lov’d Son. Christ. Page 3 of 6 . Choir Thee King of all glo ry. Choir The Com fort er. Congregation Th’e ter nal Fa ther’s e ter nal Son. Thy Praise We Sing. we own. Congregation Thy wor thy. ev’n the Ho ly Ghost. Is 38:19−20. Rev 18:20. true. Congregation Where of she makes her con stant boast.Choir Thee. on Thy high est throne. Is 6:1−4.


To save man kind Thou hast not, er cam est death’s sharp Thou ov At God’s right hand Thou sitt est, come a Thou shalt in glo ry

Lord, sting, clad gain,


The Be In To

Vir lie th’glo judge

gin vers ry both

Ma un with dead

ry’s womb ab to heav’n to the Fa ther ing and liv

horred; bring; had; men.


Thy ser vants help whom Thou,




Hast ran somed with that pre

ci ous blood;



that we share the heav’n




With the hap

py saints e

ter nal ly blest.

Is 38:19−20, Is 6:1−4, Rev 18:20, Phil 2:5−8, 1 Tim 2:5−6

Lord God, Thy Praise We Sing, Page 4 of 6





Lord, from age





bless Thy cho sen






rish and keep them by

Thy pow’r,



lift them up



er more.



God, we praise Thee day








Thy Name al


Is 38:19−20, Is 6:1−4, Rev 18:20, Phil 2:5−8, 1 Tim 2:5−6

Lord God, Thy Praise We Sing, Page 5 of 6


Keep us this day, and at all times, For mer cy on ly, Lord, we plead; Show us Thy mer cy, Lord, as we


pen crimes; From sec ret sins and o Be mer ci ful to our great need. Thee. Our stead fast trust re pose in



Thee, Lord, have



our trust;
















Is 38:19−20, Is 6:1−4, Rev 18:20, Phil 2:5−8, 1 Tim 2:5−6

Lord God, Thy Praise We Sing, Page 6 of 6

My Song Shall Be Of Jesus
(Choral Version)
Words: Fanny J. Crosby, 1875. Adapted by Margaret Clarkson, 1973. Music: ’Sondance’ Kenneth W. Paxton, 1998. Setting: Kenneth W. Paxton, 1998. copyright: Words, public domain. Adaptation released into public domain by Hope Publishing Company. Music and Setting copyright: Copyright 1998 Kenneth W. Paxton. This tune and setting may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship, provided they are not altered, and this notice is on each copy. All other rights reserved. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

= 96

4 4
1. My 2. My 3. My song song song shall shall shall be be be of of of Je Je Je sus, sus, sus, His while when Mer sit press cy crowns ting at ing on my days His feet my way

4 4

He He To

fills calls where

my to my

cup with mind His home shines

bless good glo

ings ness, rious

and and in

tunes my heart to praise makes my joy com plete; pure and per fect day.

My My And

song shall be song shall be when my soul

of Je of Je shall en

sus sus, ter

the what the

pre ev ma

cious Lamb er ills ny man

of God be fall, sions fair,

Who I’ll A

gave sing song

Him the of

self my grace that praise to

ran saves Je

som me, sus

and and I’ll

bought me with tri umphs o sing for ev

His blood ver all. er there.

Ps 34:1, Is 12:1−6, 1 Tim 2:5−6

My Song Shall Be Of Jesus (Choral), Page 1 of 2

Verse 3 sung by both choirs. A song of praise to Je sus I’ll sing for ev er. along with the congregation. Is 12:1−6. Verse 2 sung by the children’s choir in melody and an adult choir in SATB.And when my soul shall en ter the ma ny man sions fair. I’ll sing for ev er. or the following arrangement may be used. 1 Tim 2:5−6 My Song Shall Be Of Jesus (Choral). Ps 34:1. My song shall be of Je sus. Verse 1 sung in melody only by a children’s choir. A song of praise to Je sus I’ll sing for ev er there. My song shall be of Je sus. Page 2 of 2 . Ending sung by adult choir. The entire piece can be sung by an SATB choir.

4] !lessed Assuran"e [2] . And With The Sun [1.. Arrayed in White !eneath The . '%%anuel -esus .hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds -esus .oi"es.7] All Praise To Thee. The .o%e +ur God.. To Thee [ ] Now Praise We .o%e Gra"e The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y . !epentance) (a44y the Man Who )eareth God (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [ ] (oly Ghost. @our !oundless /o&e To Me 0es4air Not. A (ost.loud 8e"ei&ed .] Said [4. +ur !lessed Sa&ior + .hrist. !lest the (ouse [4] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [2] + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [2] See A%id the Winter$s Snow [2. the (oly +ne [6] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [1? 3] + . My God.hrist Who . To Thy Ta=le (eart [3] [12?1 ] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e # (eard The !ells +n .rowns [7.o%e.12.all 2s [ ] The God o* A=raha% Praise [11] To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night Today Thy Mer"y . /ord +ur God All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e God the )ather !e +ur Stay !ehold.a%e. All @e )aith*ul [1.hrist.1 ?1.<] Guide Me.12] The . Awake.] .11.a%e +ur /ord.all 2s !ands [ ] Ascension ( !ei%n of $#rist .hrist )ro% Their Sight [12] The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere [3] To -ordan . ] 8eDoi"e.ross$. Thee # /o&e with All My # . My Soul.ross )aptism # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today /i*t (igh The .on*ess [7] Night Today Thy Mer"y .hristians. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s [2?6] The . )ro% (ea&en God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [1] !ehold [7] (ow )ir% A )oundation /ord -esus Think +n Me [7] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= /ord.] Anticipation . the Sa&ior [1. +ne and All 8eDoi"e )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3. Sing To -esus5 [1.ross +* -esus [1.3.o%e.4] My Song Shall !e +* -esus .hrist )ro% The . To Thee [3] + )or A Thousand Tongues [4? .rown (i% With Many .o%e (oly S4irit.4] [2] Alleluia.o%e [ ] Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee $Take 24 Thy .hristians.hrist @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught )elievers (see )rot#er#ood and $#urc#) )ereavement (see $onsolation) )ible (see Scripture) )lessin%s (see God .4] + /ord We Praise Thee + Sa"red (ead. And With The Sun [2?7.2. To Thy Ta=le [11] -esus . the Sa&ior Said [3? ] The .loud 8e"ei&ed .alls Me Atonement Wake. (oly.3] All Praise To Thee.o%*ort. *or Night #s )lying A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Art and 'usic [1?4] All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e A Mighty )ortress [2. My (eart.3] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [7] We All !elie&e in +ne True God [2] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous .$are.rown (i% With Many .4.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: [1.on&i"ted [3.<] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e Ga=riel$s Message Gentle Mary /aid (er . Thee # /o&e with All My (eart [3] Nearer.hrist Who . That Madest 'arth and Assurance (ea&en [3] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Guide Me. >ing o* Glory .4] /ook 0own.loud 8e"ei&ed . 'nthroned in (ea&enly S4lendor /ord.hild #s ThisA [1] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [6?<] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [3? 7] Author o* All /i*e Awake.rowns -esus.4] -esus /o&es Me + /ord. +ne and All # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es 8eDoi"e [3] 0es4air Not. (ow Shall # Meet Thee Magni*i"at [1. the (ea&ens Adoring -esus . Gratitude) . (oly 0ear .4] The !ridegroo% Soon Will . (oly Ghost [11] .a%e 24on A Midnight . !e Glad and The Ad&ent o* +ur God Sing The !ridegroo% Soon Will .a%e +ur /ord.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: (see Second $omin%) . That Madest 'arth and (ea&en [1] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing # .hrist [6] Adoration (see "ors#ip) Afflictions (see $oura%e in Affliction) Alms (see &it#in%) An%els All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e [2] All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e [1.o%e 0own.o%e.] + /ord My Soul .all 2s Sa&ior. This Night [7] Angel .see also Guidance. This Night [4] Awake. My God.oi"e +* -esus . + (eart /ord -esus Think +n Me [7] )or All The Saints [6?11] Si%4le Gi*ts God.hrist%as [2] 0ay [ ] Nearer. + Sa&ior. ] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [2] # .hrist.<. +ur !lessed Sa&ior [11] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e [3] +h. The . My God.aliant !e [3] !lessed Assuran"e (oly God. + Thou Great -eho&ah [3] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [1. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus -esus. Arrayed in White (e Who Would .lear /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e [3.hrist )ro% Their Sight [<] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e [2.hrist.o%e. #n 0ays o* +ld #t .4. + Thou Great -eho&ah All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [ ] A%aCing Gra"e (e /eadeth Me [4] !e Still My Soul (e Who Would .. + .3] .11] + )or A Thousand Tongues [] +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [1] + /ord.hrist #s 8isen Today [1?3] -esus .ross [2] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .o%e.2. ] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [2] God. + /ord. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus Aspiration Adam (first/second .3] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [2.aliant !e !lessed Assuran"e [1] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today .o%e.reator. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past $Take 24 Thy .o%*ort @e My Peo4le 0ear .oi"es.Edition 2009.ross$. + /o&e 0i&ine A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth . . My God.4] /ord.6. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s [1] Sa&ior +* The Nations .o%e.alls Me [3] We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn [4] What . A (ost.12 Acceptance of God's Plans (see Submission) Activity All Praise To Thee. Thee # /o&e with All My (eart [1] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [2.?11] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s The >ing Shall .3.4] Nearer. Invitation [ours to God . That Madest 'arth and (ea&en [1] )aith o* +ur )athers [2] (ark. Now Wounded Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1] Sa&ior.ry The .loud 8e"ei&ed . with /ight 0i&ine To -ordan .Open Hymnal.a%e to Sa&e -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing [4] -esus /o&es Me [4] /ord. '&er Singing [1?4] Author o* All /i*e [3] !ehold.o%e. My Soul.hild [2] God. The .hur"h$s +ne )oundation [ ] Their Sight [11.a%e to Sa&e + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [3. + (eart [1] -oy To The World [3] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3.hrist )ro% The God o* A=raha% Praise [3?<] Their Sight [. Mighty Seer. Topical Index . This Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Night [7] [ ] Angel . To Thy Ta=le [11] #saiah. + Sa&ior. My God. We Praise Thy Na%e !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed (oly. '&er Singing [1] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory [1] Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh [1. + Sa&ior.alling /et .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong The !ridegroo% Soon Will .2.3. To Thee [7] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es Now the /ight (as Gone Away [3] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth -esus .o%e. God . +ur !lessed Sa&ior [1] -esus . (ow Shall # Meet Thee Sa&ior +* The Nations . My God.

+ /ord.all 2s [2.hrist. t#e /ait#ful) 8eDoi"e [7] All Glory. !lest the (ouse [ ] @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught # (eard The !ells +n .aliant !e )aith o* +ur )athers (oly Ghost. A (ost. +ur !lessed Sa&ior [2] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing [2] -esus. >ing o* Glory [4] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today (oly S4irit. )ro% (ea&en !ehold [7] [2] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee /ord. We Adore Thee [4] /i*t (igh The . ] S4lendor [1.o%e.hildren /et ..s ) $almness $#ristian . And (onor )or All The Saints )urdens (see $oura%e In Affliction) )urial (see $onsolation) $all of t#e *ord (see Invitation [God's to . My Soul. the Sa&ior [3] Said We Gather Together )ride/)ride%room The !ridegroo% Soon Will . + Sa&ior.. + /ord.o%e. Sing To -esus5 [3] .ision .alling # . @our !oundless /o&e To Me !ehold /ord -esus Think +n Me + 0ay o* 8est and Gladness [7] /ord Who Throughout These )orty + )or A Thousand Tongues [<] 0ays The .3. /ord +ur God [2] (a44y the Man Who )eareth God [2] (osanna..hrist [6] To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night [3] Today Thy Mer"y . Arrayed in White [1] !lessed Assuran"e [1] . .o%e Taught The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere $#ristian *ife To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Night [ ?<] What .7] [14] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [4] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [4] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e +ur God. /aud. the (ea&ens Adoring -oy To The World /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e /et +ur Gladness (a&e No 'nd Magni*i"at Now Praise We .4.o%e /et .hildren /ook 0own.4] -esus.a%e 24on A Midnight . the (oly +ne + .o%e (oly S4irit.7. We Praise Thy Na%e [3] !e Thou My . ] )rot#er#ood All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e $#ildren (see also God's 0ear .2.12] + /ord We Praise Thee The .6] (ea&en We All !elie&e in +ne True God God the )ather !e +ur Stay [3] (a44y the Man Who )eareth God (ark.4] We All !elie&e in +ne True God [2] We Gather Together . The . To Thy Ta=le -esus . My (eart.lear /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e /ook 0own. with /ight 0i&ine !ands [6] [. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [<] The !ridegroo% Soon Will . The .2] -oy*ul.?11] A Mighty )ortress A=ide With Me All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing All Praise To Thee.6. Thy Praise We Sing 0ear .o%e.hildren (ear The Mighty See A%id the Winter$s Snow 0eeds Silent Night +h. My God. )ro% (ea&en -esus. +ur !lessed Sa&ior [2] #t .o%e (oly S4irit. @our !oundless /o&e To Me [ .] (oly God. >ing o* Glory -esus /o&es Me [1.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: [2] 0ear .hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds +h.Edition 2009. >ing o* Glory [7] -oy To The World [1.7. '%%anuel $#rist (see 0esus) + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% $#ristian 1ome//amily + /ord.ross$.a%e +ur /ord.3] The . All @e )aith*ul + .a%e 24on A Midnight .all 2s [1] The .reatures +* +ur God And Silent Night >ing [7] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [7] $Take 24 Thy .7] Sun [1? .o%e. .11] Alleluia.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1. /oud (osanna [1. Thee # /o&e with All My (eart [1] My Song Shall !e +* -esus [1] + )or A Thousand Tongues [4.alls Me [1] We Now #%4lore God the (oly Ghost [2] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous . This Night A%aCing Gra"e !e Still My Soul 0es4air Not.hristians.hrist%as 0ay #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% #t .hur"h$s +ne )oundation God. the Sa&ior Said Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh $loud Away #n A Manger A=ide With Me [7] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e All . And With The )or The !eauty o* the 'arth [ .hild Guide Me.ross$.o%e. '&er 0welling [2. + Thou Great -eho&ah # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [2. + (eart )aith o* +ur )athers God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [1] )read (of *ife/+aily )read) God. Awake. -oy*ul.] All . . That Madest 'arth and (ea&en Alleluia.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1?7] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee @ou Parents (ear What -esus 8eDoi"e.ross [1] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e [1] The !ridegroo% Soon Will .reatures o* +ur God and >ing .<.a%e.2] -esus. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus [2] . +ne and All + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth 8eDoi"e + )or A Thousand Tongues [<] 0id @ou Think To PrayA The .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !ands [3] .11] Guide Me.4] (ark.o%e 0own. + Sa&ior. with /ight 0i&ine -esus.Open Hymnal. the Sa&ior Said [4] All Praise To Thee. 'nthroned in (ea&enly + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [1. !e Glad and Taught [2] Sing We All !elie&e in +ne True God $Take 24 Thy .oi"e +* -esus .7] + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [1?3] )revity of *ife +ur God. *or Night #s )lying A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [.7] /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e [2] /ord.hrist.o%e. /ord +ur God #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% /ord God.6] The God o* A=raha% Praise [<] Wake.ross [2.hrist. To Thy Ta=le -esus .ities !ethlehe% + .nity (see )rot#er#ood) $#ristmas/Advent !e Thou My .hild #s ThisA All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing $#urc# in 1eaven ($#urc# Author o* All /i*e 2ictorious) Awake.o%e.lear -esus . + /o&e 0i&ine [3] !e Still My Soul [3.hristians.3] #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous -esus Wants All +* (is . Sing To -esus5 [1] !ehold.6] . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past A=ide With Me [1.3] [1] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es # .hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1] The God o* A=raha% Praise [3] Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e [3] To -ordan . This $#an%in% -ear (see Seasons) Night [3] $#arity (see also &it#in%) A%aCing Gra"e [3.hristians. My God. !lest the (ouse That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e The Ad&ent o* +ur God [ ] The )irst Noel @ou Parents (ear What -esus The >ing Shall .o%*ort.alling $#urc# on 3art# ($#urc# (e /eadeth Me 'ilitant) (e Who Would .all 2s The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God [1] . + .on*ess [4.2.hie* o* .hur"h$s +ne )oundation To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night [3.o%*ort @e My Peo4le Alleluia.ision #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e $Take 24 Thy . Sing To -esus5 [2] Ga=riel$s Message !e Still My Soul [ ] Gentle Mary /aid (er . The . To Thy Ta=le [2.12 )lood A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [4.oi"e +* -esus .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong (e /eadeth Me (oly Ghost. + Sa&ior. + Thou Great -eho&ah God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [2] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing $losin% Son%s . (ow Shall # Meet Thee )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [4] (a44y the Man Who )eareth God +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Sa&ior +* The Nations .ross$. +ne and All 8eDoi"e [<] # . +ne and All $#ildren . Topical Index .4] -esus Wants All +* (is . That Madest 'arth and [1.

7] $ovenant (see Promises) $reation (see 5ature) $ross . (ow Shall # Meet Thee [3? <] $onfession (see $ontrition) $onscience A%aCing Gra"e [1] A=ide With Me [ .o%*ort @e My Peo4le 0ear .4] (ow )ir% A )oundation # .alls Me We Now #%4lore God the (oly Ghost [4] What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus $ommunion (see *ord's Supper) $ompassion A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [1?3] All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e [7.4] /ook 0own.6] A%aCing Gra"e [1. ] Al%ighty God @our Word #s . My Soul.a%e.ities !ethlehe% [1] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + Sa"red (ead. A (ost. My (eart. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [13. the (ea&ens Adoring [2. Now Wounded +ut o* the 0ee4 # . Now Wounded A%aCing Gra"e [1.hrist Arose . with /ight 0i&ine [3.ross 1. Mighty Seer. +ne and All !ehold. + Sa&ior. >ing o* Glory [1] -esus.o%e.Open Hymnal. in 0ays o* +ld Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus $ontrition $omfort A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [.2] 0ear . This My Song Shall !e +* -esus [2] Night [ .hildren -esus. + /ord. '&er 0welling # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= -esus Wants All +* (is .ross All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [2] Author o* All /i*e !ehold. !e Glad and Sing $Take 24 Thy .hristians.ross A%aCing Gra"e [1. the (ea&ens Adoring [ ] -oy*ul. )ro% (ea&en !ehold [1] + )or A Thousand Tongues + /ord.o%e + .ross [3] -esus .alling The .2] .11? .11] )or All The Saints [3] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [2] -esus . #n&isi=le. ] Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [2] Today Thy Mer"y . with /ight 0i&ine [ ? 13] (oly S4irit. !lest the (ouse )aith +* +ur )athers Sa&ior. Spiritual /ook 0own.o%e.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [3?6] The God o* A=raha% Praise [3?<] Thine Ar%.aliant !e + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth (ow )ir% A )oundation + . God +nly Wise [2] #saiah. -oy*ul. (oly.ast + Sa"red (ead.rown (i% With Many . the Sa&ior Said [2. +ne and All 8eDoi"e 0es4air Not. +ur !lessed Sa&ior /ord -esus Think +n Me [2? ] Magni*i"at My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [3] + )or A Thousand Tongues + /ord. (oly Ghost $Take 24 Thy . + /o&e 0i&ine (oly Ghost.oi"e +* -esus .on&i"ted + Sa"red (ead. And With The + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [ ] Sun +h.rowns !e Still My Soul 0ear . + /o&e 0i&ine Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee . the Sa&ior Said [2?4] The . !e Glad and Sing $Take 24 Thy .o%e [2] #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side When # Sur&ey The Wondrous #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous ..a%e. the Sa&ior # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today Said [ ] # (eard The !ells +n .ry to Thee [1.4] -esus .?11] A Mighty )ortress All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing A%aCing Gra"e !e Still My Soul !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed .ross$.2.Edition 2009. the (ea&ens Adoring +ar7ness. ] (e /eadeth Me (oly Ghost.reator.hur"h$s +ne )oundation (e Who Would .all 2s 0ay [4] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es The >ing Shall . ] # .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !ands [ ] .] A=ide With Me [<] !e Still My Soul [1] !eneath The . + (eart (ow )ir% A )oundation -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing [7] + /ord.. (ow Shall # Meet Thee +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e [6] 8eDoi"e. (ow Shall # Meet Thee The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e [2. + (eart 0id @ou Think To PrayA God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en (e /eadeth Me (oly Ghost.ry to Thee [3] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory $oura%e in Affliction !eauti*ul Sa&ior [1] A Mighty )ortress .o%e 0own.a%e 24on A Midnight . with /ight 0i&ine -esus.o%e.lear [3. .2.2] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee All Praise To Thee. with /ight 0i&ine (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s . Tender She4ard (ear Me [3] -esus. + /ord. ] -esus . + Sa&ior. And With The Sun [4] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [7?6] 0id @ou Think To PrayA (oly Ghost.loud 8e"ei&ed . A (ost Arrayed #n White (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [4. Arrayed in White 0es4air Not.ross$.12 #%%ortal. My (eart. (oly [2] God. My Soul.3] Author o* All /i*e [2] Awake.on&i"ted Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus When # Sur&ey The Wondrous . ] + /ord.hrist.alls Me [1] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous . the Sa&ior # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today Said May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e What .2] [. We Adore Thee [1] + . @our !oundless /o&e To Me $ommandments (see /i*t (igh The . To Thy Ta=le [1? 6] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing -esus. Now Wounded [1] .aliant !e $onsolation # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing $onsecration A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [4.ross +* -esus .2] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing [4] -esus.6] )aith o* +ur )athers )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [7] )or All The Saints [2.ross $onversion Nearer.hildren [2. The . My God.hrist )ro% Their Sight What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus [4] -esus Wants All +* (is . +ne and All 8eDoi"e [4.] $ro6n $ornerstone A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth (ow )ir% A )oundation [11] The .hie* o* .hild #s ThisA [2] [1] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous + )or A Thousand Tongues [ ?6. )ro% (ea&en A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth !ehold [ ] /ord -esus Think +n Me A=ide With Me [1. @our !oundless /o&e To Me /ord -esus Think +n Me /ord Who Throughout These )orty 0ays My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee $Take 24 Thy .hrist%as The !ridegroo% Soon Will . My God. To Thee [3.7] Author o* All /i*e [1. @our !oundless /o&e To Me (e /eadeth Me [1?2] [2] (e Who Would . @our !oundless /o&e To Me [7] + /ord My Soul . with /ight 0i&ine [1. >ing o* Glory [4] /i*t (igh The .3] -esus.11] . >ing o* Glory [ ] (ea&en [2.<.ross$.4.ross$. To Thy Ta=le # (eard The !ells +n . ] -esus.2. #n 0ays o* +ld -esus .14] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e (ark. ] )aith o* +ur )athers [3] (oly Ghost.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1] All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e +ut o* the 0ee4 # .ryA $Take 24 Thy .3. A (ost.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: [ . @our !oundless /o&e To Me [7] /ord -esus Think +n Me + /ord My Soul .4] To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night Today Thy Mer"y .ross$.hrist #s 8isen Today [1.ryA [3.6?11] (oly.ross 4bedience) /ord -esus Think +n Me $ommitment /ord Who Throughout These )orty A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth 0ays [ ?<] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee Awake.o%*ort. the Sa&ior Said Take My /i*e And /et #t !e !ehold. Arrayed in White 8eDoi"e [ ] 0es4air Not. Topical Index . + /ord.a%e.hristians.o%e 0own.o%e '%%anuel [4] The Ad&ent o* +ur God [4] The . (ow Shall # Meet Thee [3? 11] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e [6] 8eDoi"e.3.hristians.hrist%as 0ay # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [1] #t . That Madest 'arth and -esus. God . + (eart )or All The Saints [ .

My Soul. with /ight 0i&ine -esus. '%%anuel [4] Praise To The /ord. . Tender She4ard (ear Me [3] -oy*ul.. /ord +ur God .hildren (ear The Mighty /amily (see $#ristian 1ome) 39ample.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong Al%ighty God @our Word #s .4] )or All The Saints [2] God. The >ing Shall . The . with /ight 0i&ine [2] @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught .ross [2] + . And With The The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God [ ] Sun [1. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy Word /ord Who Throughout These )orty 0ays My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee + . '&er 0welling [1] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [2] Wilt Thou. The .2] !e Still My Soul [3] !eneath The . the Sa&ior Said [1] 3ternal *ife A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth 39ample. + (eart (osanna.13? (oly S4irit. That Madest 'arth and #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee (e Who Would . Now Wounded 3nt#usiasm (see 8eal) $Take 24 Thy .o%e. >ing o* Glory [1. Now Wounded (e /eadeth Me God. '&er Singing [1] # . (oly Ghost [7] Silent Night Praise My Soul The >ing +* # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ ] 39altation (see 3ternal *ife. 0ays Submission) + Sa"red (ead.hildren [2] in Affliction. That Madest 'arth and +ay $Take 24 Thy . The Al%ighty [7] The >ing Shall . Topical Index .rown (i% With Many . God . To Thy Ta=le + )or A Thousand Tongues [.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !ands .reatures +* +ur God And )or All The Saints >ing [7] (ark. >ing o* Glory -oy*ul.<.7] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s 9/yra: $ommitment.hrist [ ] (ark.ryA [1. /oud (osanna . Arrayed in White The God o* A=raha% Praise [7?<] 0es4air Not. + (eart -esus.Edition 2009. + Thou Great -eho&ah All Praise To Thee.2.o%e [7] +ecision (see /ollo6in% . /ollo6in% 0esus. + )or A Thousand Tongues My Song Shall !e +* -esus [3] . + Thou Great -eho&ah /ord.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing Their Sight [7] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing !ands !ehold. the Sa&ior Ghost [1] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth +isciples#ip Said [3. To Thy Ta=le [3] + Sa"red (ead. !lest the (ouse !ehold.<] !ands [7.hrist )ro% 0esus . >ing o* Glory [ ] -esus.2.o%e.on&i"ted [ ] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s -esus . To Thee [7] We Now #%4lore God the (oly 8eal) 3aster "ee7 / Passion $Take 24 Thy . + . To Thee [2] + .o%*ort @e My Peo4le 0id @ou Think To PrayA [2. '&er Singing [1] Said #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [2] Guide Me.] .4] /ait#fulness A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth All Glory.oi"es. That Madest 'arth and @ou Parents (ear What -esus My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee (e Who Would .hrist The /ord is 8isen Today (ea&en [1. + /o&e 0i&ine To -ordan .hrist #s 8isen Today +h.aliant !e (ea&en [1] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [1] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous (oly Ghost.hrist Arose # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es Sa&ior +* The Nations .hrist Arose Sun [1] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing .ross +* -esus [ ?6] The ..alling A%aCing Gra"e [ .ross$. We Adore Thee [3] The God o* A=raha% Praise [4] Salvation) -esus Wants All +* (is . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [1] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= .loud 8e"ei&ed .<.6] +uty.?11] )aith o* +ur )athers All . And With The .ryA [4] + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [4] 3aster # .a%e +ur /ord. My God. &rust.o%e. the Sa&ior Said The God o* A=raha% Praise [2? ] @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught (oly Ghost.12] .oi"e +* -esus . 8eal) /ord -esus Think +n Me [7] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es /ord Who Throughout These )orty +efense (see Security) [7] -esus . (oly [3] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [4] -esus.o%e. the Sa&ior # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es (ea&en [3] Angel . . + Sa&ior.alling God the )ather !e +ur Stay 0es4air Not. 4f 4t#er People [. That Madest 'arth and .reator.a%e +ur /ord. To Thy Ta=le +ut o* the 0ee4 # .7] . A (ost.oi"e +* -esus .o%e (oly S4irit. All @e )aith*ul +h.rowns 0esus.Sanctification) !ands #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [1] Their Sight [11.. (oly.ross$.] .hrist #s 8isen Today 0ays [ ] To -ordan .o%e 0own. with /ight 0i&ine [1. + /ord My Soul .all 2s A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth !eneath The .3] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [2] 3ncoura%ement (see $oura%e -esus.o%*ort.12 Author o* All /i*e [1. -oy*ul. We Adore Thee [1] /ook 0own.] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Alleluia.6. ] /ord -esus Think +n Me /ord. >ing o* Glory [ ] -esus Wants All +* (is .aliant !e [3] (ea&en [1] Taught + )or A Thousand Tongues [11.<] (oly.] God. The +ili%ence (see Activity. Arrayed in White /ait# Awake.hildren /et .ry to Thee [2] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [4] [ .hildren # .alling -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing 3venin% )or All The Saints [7] (e /eadeth Me /ord -esus Think +n Me Guide Me.aliant !e (a44y the Man Who )eareth God /ord Who Throughout These )orty Night (ow )ir% A )oundation 0ays (ark. '%%anuel [2] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3.Open Hymnal.o%e Nearer.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong [4] The . + /ord.ross$.6] God. The .ross (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s Now the /ight (as Gone Away + /ord. My Soul.7. + . + Sa&ior.o%e.o%e. /oud (osanna [3] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today 3arnestness (see Activity.. >ing o* Glory [4] (ow )ir% A )oundation )or All The Saints [1.oi"e +* -esus . 'nthroned in (ea&enly Awake. + Man.ross +* -esus [3] . My God. Whose Al%ighty Word (oly Ghost. The . &rust) /ord -esus Think +n Me [4] 3ndurin% (see $oura%e in /ord Who Throughout These )orty Affliction. /i&e (a44ily 14] (osanna. -oy*ul.ross$. Sing To -esus5 [13?1 ] +eat# (see $onsolation) [6.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today +edication (see -esus.o%e. (ea&en [1?3] -esus. A (ost.on*ess S4lendor [2] (e /eadeth Me [4] God. !lest the (ouse +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty Sa&ior. (ow Shall # Meet Thee .o%e.alling Angel . /aud.ast )or All The Saints [6.ryA 3ducation + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [2] +ur God.loud 8e"ei&ed . !lest the (ouse [2] 8eal) .oi"e +* -esus .o%e [ ] The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere [1] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s .hrist [7.o%e (oly S4irit. The )aith o* +ur )athers .3.2] )aith o* +ur )athers 9/yra: [6] (ark. /ord +ur God # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es . + Sa&ior. )ro% (ea&en !ehold /ord -esus Think +n Me My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [3] Nearer.oi"es.11] -esus Wants All +* (is .o%e. This (e Who Would .hrist )ro% [1?4] .. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s Si%4le Gi*ts Take My /i*e And /et #t !e $Take 24 Thy . Tender She4ard (ear Me #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art .6] [2?4] Author o* All /i*e [3] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [3] !e Still My Soul [4? ] +uty (see also *a6) +h. /ollo6in% -esus /o&es Me [4] Gra"e [4. @our !oundless /o&e To Me 0eeds /i*t (igh The . And (onor The !ridegroo% Soon Will . My God. $#rist's -esus.

ision A%aCing Gra"e [2] God the )ather !e +ur Stay Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory (e /eadeth Me [4] (e Who Would .. Mighty Seer.ryA /ord God.hrist )ro% /loc7.rown (i% With Many . To Thy Ta=le + )or A Thousand Tongues [1] -esus . The .rown (i% With Many .o%e.o%*ort. Arrayed in White Taught )aith o* +ur )athers /ollo6in% 0esus.] /ear of t#e *ord !e Thou My . +ne and All 8eDoi"e [ . >ing o* Glory [1? ] /i*t (igh The . #n&isi=le.o%e. As :in% . My Soul.11] )or All The Saints [11] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [11?12] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing (oly Ghost. Thee # /o&e with All My +ut o* the 0ee4 # .a%e +ur /ord.<] [1] + /ord My Soul . . with /ight 0i&ine [<] God the )ather !e +ur Stay [1] #%%ortal. And With The -oy To The World [1. /aud. Tender She4ard (ear Me Magni*i"at [2] -esus.ross$.ry My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [2] The !ridegroo% Soon Will . My Soul.all 2s All . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy !ands [1.<] # . Thee # /o&e with All My (eart [2] /ord Who Throughout These )orty 0ays + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [ ] + /ord We Praise Thee [3] Sa&ior.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: [4.6?.hur"h$s +ne )oundation (eart [2] /ire /ord Who Throughout These )orty 0ays + /ord We Praise Thee [3] +h.reatures +* +ur God And [7] >ing )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [6] Author o* All /i*e Ga=riel$s Message [1] 0ear .hie* o* .4] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh [3] Awake.o%e.ryA +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e -esus Wants All +* (is .11. + Thou Great -eho&ah 8eDoi"e [4] [2] God.3] Author o* All /i*e We All !elie&e in +ne True God Awake.a%e 24on A Midnight . God .11] /uneral (see $onsolation) Get#semane (see 3aster/ 3aster "ee7 / Passion) God.alling Now Thank We All +ur God [1] (e Who Would .on*ess /riends#ip /ollo6in% 0esus Sanctification Alleluia.reatures +* +ur God And >ing All Glory.o%e.o%e 0own.hrist [7] (ea&en [3] Praise To The /ord.aliant !e + . In Action )or All The Saints Author o* All /i*e #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [1] Awake.2] Word [1.reatures +* +ur God And [1] >ing @ou Parents (ear What -esus !ehold. the Sa&ior Said The !ridegroo% Soon Will .o%*ort @e My Peo4le God the )ather !e +ur Stay Guide Me.12] )rot#er#ood.ision .aliant !e -esus. Sing To -esus5 [2.loud 8e"ei&ed . Thee # /o&e with All My The .Edition 2009. with /ight 0i&ine [11] (osanna. $#urc#. The Al%ighty [4.a%e.o%e. A (ost. '%%anuel [ . My Soul.all 2s [1] The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God .hrist )ro% My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee Their Sight [ ] My Song Shall !e +* -esus The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [3? ] Gra"e [ ] +h. God +nly Wise (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s . Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus .3? ] -esus.lear [1] -esus .7] To -ordan . My God.all 2s [ ] [1] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e The God o* A=raha% Praise [11] [1] To -ordan . . >ing o* Glory [1] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .oi"e +* -esus . (oly Ghost [2? 4] /at#er A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth .ross [4] -esus. Tender She4ard (ear Me [3] Now the /ight (as Gone Away [ ] Praise To The /ord. Now Wounded [3] /ord.] .ryA [4] #saiah. + /o&e 0i&ine [1. !lest the (ouse [4] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [2? ] $Take 24 Thy .hrist [3] [ ?<] Today Thy Mer"y . Whose Al%ighty Word (oly Ghost.hrist [3] @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught All .o%e. And With The [1] Sun [3. + . Sing To -esus5 [1.2] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [1.aliant !e !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [4] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s (a44y the Man Who )eareth God .on&i"ted [3? ] Sa&ior +* The Nations . Topical Index .a%e +ur /ord. /i&e (a44ily Said /ello6s#ip The !ridegroo% Soon Will . The .12 /astin% /ord Who Throughout These )orty .alls Me [2.ry My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [1] [1] + )or A Thousand Tongues Praise My Soul The >ing +* [4. This -oy To The World [1] Night [2] /ord God.hild #s ThisA [2] $Take 24 Thy . /ike A She4herd /ead 2s [4] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [3. The A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth .4] + . Thy !oundless /o&e To Me [4] + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [3] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . /ike A She4herd /ead 2s [2] What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [ ?<] Author o* All /i*e Awake.2] Sun [1?4] Nearer.reator.o%*ort @e My Peo4le [4] .hristians. /oud (osanna [3] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es [3] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [4] #saiah. The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s S#epard) Gra"e [1] /ollo6in% 0esus.17?1.rowns 0ear .3] . And With The Sun !e Thou My . All @e )aith*ul [1. God .o%e (oly S4irit.hristians.hildren [1] /ord.3] .o%*ort.3] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth (oly S4irit. All @e )aith*ul (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + /ord We Praise Thee [3] .rowns All . The Praise My Soul The >ing +* . The Al%ighty [4] Sa&ior. @our !oundless /o&e To Me + /ord. the Sa&ior Wilt Thou. To Thee [4] (ark.reator.3] )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [4] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es [3] -esus /o&es Me [3] -esus.2] 0ays [1. +ne and All Guide Me.6.Open Hymnal. Mighty Seer. The Al%ighty We Now #%4lore God the (oly Ghost [3] The . Thy Praise We Sing . >ing o* Glory All Praise To Thee. The Al%ighty /ord Who Throughout These )orty [3] 0ays The . Thy Praise We Sing /ord -esus Think +n Me /ord.o%e. !lest the (ouse What .<.ross$.ities !ethlehe% [4] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + . '&er 0welling [3] + .hrist #s 8isen Today [2] /or%iveness -esus. the (ea&ens Adoring + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [2] [3] + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [1] -esus. And With The Sun [ ] !eauti*ul Sa&ior [1] .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong /ord. And (onor All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e Alleluia. + Sa&ior. #n 0ays o* +ld #t . My Soul.o%e. @our !oundless /o&e To Me (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s . Thy Praise We Sing Now the /ight (as Gone Away [1] -esus.a%e +ur /ord. /ord +ur God [1] [2?3] .hrist Arose . + Man.ry to Thee [2] (eart Praise To The /ord. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [<] /ord -esus Think +n Me + Sa"red (ead.loud 8e"ei&ed .ryA /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [1] -esus. $#ristian (see Their Sight [7] The God o* A=raha% Praise [11. (oly Ghost . >ing o* Glory [1.] (ea&en [1] + /ord. #n 0ays o* +ld (ow )ir% A )oundation [ ] /ord God. (ow Shall # Meet Thee Praise To The /ord. My God.o%e +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee [1] [7] Silent Night [4] /oundation (see The Ad&ent o* +ur God [3] $ornerstone) The )irst Noel The God o* A=raha% Praise [6. In /ait# To -ordan . + Thou Great -eho&ah [4] (e /eadeth Me (e Who Would .ryA [3.

ision . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past !e Still My Soul Praise My Soul The >ing +* . (oly. Now Wounded +ut o* the 0ee4 # .o%e. Sing To -esus5 [1.hrist Who . ] (ea&en [2.hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds /ord.oi"es. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [3] Magni*i"at Praise To The /ord. My (eart.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today God. /aud. $reator (ow )ir% A )oundation All . Thy Praise We Sing -oy To The World [4] /ord. '&er Singing [3] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed Author o* All /i*e .rown (i% With Many . $omfort.7. Thee # /o&e with All My -oy*ul.3] Now Thank We All +ur God [1.3] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . 'a. #n 0ays o* +ld -oy*ul. The Al%ighty May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e [3] My Song Shall !e +* -esus [2] 8eDoi"e. That Madest 'arth and 0ay (ea&en [1] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es God. We Adore Thee Now Praise We .o%e.12 The >ing Shall . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past 8eDoi"e. My God. -oy*ul. + /ord.<] . My (eart. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy Word Word Magni*i"at [ ] /ord. /i&e (a44ily Sa&ior +* The Nations . '&er Singing [1.o%e God. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e Si%4le Gi*ts )or The !eauty +* The 'arth The God o* A=raha% Praise [3? ] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3?4] Thine Ar%.2] + /ord We Praise Thee Praise My Soul The >ing +* +h.2] God. with /ight 0i&ine [3] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s .3.ross +* -esus [4] Angel .on&i"ted [ ] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [1] +ur God.4] A Mighty )ortress Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e All Glory.6. .hrist%as Word [1. (oly (ow )ir% A )oundation [3.hrist Arose God. +ur !lessed Sa&ior 0ay -esus.rown (i% With Many . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy # (eard The !ells +n . ] God. !e Glad and Now Thank We All +ur God Sing [11] + Sa"red (ead. + Thou Great -eho&ah Sun [3. (oly Ghost [3] [3. !e Glad and [1. Thee # /o&e with All My My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee (eart [2. #n&isi=le.11] Praise To The /ord.o%e (oly S4irit. $are of God. The Al%ighty God. + /ord. God +nly Wise #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous #saiah.] Sing Praise God )ro% Who% All Thine Ar%. The Al%ighty God.hrist%as # . God +nly Wise All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e [1] [4?7] /ord God.<] (oly God.2] [1. #n&isi=le. in 0ays o* +ld !lessings )low What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus Praise To The /ord. the (ea&ens Adoring #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous -esus .3] The God o* A=raha% Praise [1. Thy Praise We Sing #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art /ord -esus Think +n Me /ord. And With The Guide Me.ryA [3] # (eard The !ells +n . 3ternity of What .2] /ord God. Mighty Seer.hrist%as (e /eadeth Me 0ay (ow )ir% A )oundation [2?6] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es # . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy /ord. We Adore Thee (eart [1.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !e Still My Soul !ands !e Thou My . Topical Index .rowns Al%ighty God @our Word #s . All @e )aith*ul [7] + /ord.3] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . +ne and All 8eDoi"e [4?<] (osanna. $are of) . God .hrist. God +nly Wise Magni*i"at [3] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [2] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [2] + /ord My Soul . + /ord. Goodness of 8eDoi"e.reatures +* +ur God And (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s >ing . Whose Al%ighty Word [1] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side -oy To The World [3.2] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e +ur God.2] Alleluia.2] . We Praise Thy Na%e !e Still My Soul [1. *ove of A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth The God o* A=raha% Praise Thine Ar%.hrist%as -esus . -oy*ul.rowns !eneath The . /ord +ur God (ea&en [1.2. @our !oundless /o&e To Me -esus.o%e The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [4] [7] God.o%e. the (oly /ord God.ross +* -esus [2] /ord God. (oly God. 'ercy of A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [4?7] A%aCing Gra"e [1.ryA [3] . We Praise Thy Na%e [1] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing #%%ortal.hristians.ross My Song Shall !e +* -esus [1] Now Thank We All +ur God [1] + )or A Thousand Tongues + . Thy Praise We Sing All Praise To Thee. Providence of 9/yra: All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing .oi"es. ] . Now Wounded (ea&en [2.4] Magni*i"at [2] /i*t (igh The .2. (ow Shall # Meet Thee + Sa"red (ead. The Al%ighty [1?7] 8eDoi"e. in 0ays o* +ld Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e (oly.reator.Open Hymnal.hrist%as God.o%*ort. !e Glad and A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Sing All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing Sa&ior. And (onor All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e God. -oy*ul.7] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [1. (oly.a%e to Sa&e -esus /o&es Me -esus. /ait#fulness of Guide Me. Thy Praise We Sing (ow )ir% A )oundation [3? ] /ord. . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past Wilt Thou. !e Glad and Praise My Soul The >ing +* Sing (ea&en [1.3] (eart +ur God.on&i"ted [3? ] + /ord We Praise Thee Praise My Soul The >ing +* + Sa"red (ead.2.4] The God o* A=raha% Praise God the )ather !e +ur Stay God. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [1. My (eart. Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory !e Still My Soul [2] $oura%e in Affliction. My (eart. #n&isi=le.4] [3] -oy*ul. Whose Al%ighty Word [1] Awake.7] /ord.] #%%ortal. in 0ays o* +ld All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e God. Thy Praise We Sing +ne [2.2] Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1?3] Praise To The /ord. + Thou Great -eho&ah A=ide With Me (a44y the Man Who )eareth God All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3? ] Alleluia.2] 0ay #%%ortal.4] [2?7] +ur God.esty ( Po6er of [3. /oud (osanna [1] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [1. My (eart.o%*ort @e My Peo4le (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [2? ] 0ear .hild #s ThisA [1] Angel . Thee # /o&e with All My Now Thank We All +ur God [1. We Adore Thee /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e /et . 0ustness of S4lendor !eneath The .3] (e /eadeth Me !e Still My Soul (oly Ghost. + Sa&ior.a%e. To Thy Ta=le #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side # (eard The !ells +n .2. That Madest 'arth and # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= (ea&en [3] # (eard The !ells +n . !lest the (ouse [1.2. This + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth Night +ur God.4. + Thou Great -eho&ah Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [2?4] We Gather Together (oly. + /ord. with /ight 0i&ine !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [1? ] (ow )ir% A )oundation God.ry Praise To The /ord. + Man. Whose Al%ighty Word [1] A=ide With Me (oly God. Tender She4ard (ear Me #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [1] /ord God.ryA [3] Author o* All /i*e # (eard The !ells +n .ross +* -esus [2] [1.3] (ow )ir% A )oundation (oly Ghost.hrist.o%e.Edition 2009. The Al%ighty [3.ry to Thee [2] + /ord My Soul . + Sa&ior.4] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3.ast )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [11?12] Author o* All /i*e [1. !e Glad and Sing The God o* A=raha% Praise Thine Ar%. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past Now Thank We All +ur God [1. Protection of (see Assurance. 'nthroned in (ea&enly God. . My Soul.. Sing To -esus5 !eneath The . in 0ays o* +ld Guide Me..ry to Thee 8eDoi"e.2. Now Wounded +ur God. To Thy Ta=le 0ay -esus . >ing o* Glory [1.

? Alleluia.a%e 24on A Midnight . . We Praise Thy Na%e Ghost (oly. +ne and All Good &#ursday (see 3aster 8eDoi"e "ee7 / Passion) )or The !eauty +* The 'arth Gospel )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [<] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= A Mighty )ortress # .o%e.o%e. +ne and All 8eDoi"e [4] God.2. (ow Shall # Meet Thee Today Thy Mer"y .lear -esus Wants All +* (is . /ord +ur God (oly God.o%*ort @e My Peo4le [1.ast A%aCing Gra"e !eneath The . Awake. We Praise Thy Na%e [1? God. Sing To -esus5 A%aCing Gra"e .14] + /ord My Soul . + .a%e.on&i"ted [3. And With The Awake.o%e (oly S4irit. >ing o* Glory [1. @our !oundless /o&e To Me [3] /ord -esus Think +n Me [1.o%e 0own. The . Peace) #saiah. '&er 0welling (ow )ir% A )oundation [4.hrist. the (ea&ens Adoring (oly S4irit. People of t#e "orld) !ehold.7.6] Now Thank We All +ur God [2] To -ordan .a%e +ur /ord. with /ight 0i&ine We Gather Together [3. My God. The + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [3? ] .hristians. Arrayed in White . The Al%ighty [1?7] 8eDoi"e.<] We Now #%4lore God the (oly (oly God.ross +* -esus [2] !e Thou My . My God.on&i"ted [3? ] + /ord We Praise Thee + Sa"red (ead. /oud (osanna [3] God the )ather !e +ur Stay # . >ing o* Glory + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [4] -esus. +ne and All My Song Shall !e +* -esus 8eDoi"e Nearer. + Thou Great -eho&ah [13] (e /eadeth Me #saiah. *or Night #s )lying 8eDoi"e.ry to Thee Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1?3] Praise To The /ord.hrist #s 8isen Today [1] 1arvest (ark.ross 0ear . '&er 0welling -esus.hristians.11] Sun [3.4] /ord.o%*ort.ision . Thee # /o&e with All My (eart + .hrist )ro% Their Sight [12] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e What . (oly Ghost Guide Me.o%e (oly S4irit.ry to Thee [2] Sa&ior +* The Nations . 'nthroned in (ea&enly .6] Author o* All /i*e Awake. And With The Sun [6.] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . Whose Al%ighty Word [2] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3] -esus .7] (ow )ir% A )oundation My Song Shall !e +* -esus [3] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s Nearer.on&i"ted [3.o%e.Edition 2009. '%%anuel [2] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1?3] Si%4le Gi*ts We Gather Together [1. To Thee [7] .hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds /ook 0own.o%e.reator.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !ands . . (oly Ghost That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e .reator. >ing o* Glory -oy To The World [3. !e Glad and Sing Si%4le Gi*ts The God o* A=raha% Praise [2? . +ne and All 8eDoi"e [4] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3? ] # . /ord +ur God The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere God.all 2s (eart [2?6] /ord Who Throughout These )orty The . #n 0ays o* +ld (oly Ghost.ry to Thee [2] Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1?3] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [7] Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Alleluia.3] + )or A Thousand Tongues [7] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . Now Wounded The Ad&ent o* +ur God[ ] The .hristians. + /o&e 0i&ine Take My /i*e And /et #t !e .o%e. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [1. Thee # /o&e with All My (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [2? ] (eart # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness -esus . . + (eart Now Thank We All +ur God [1. Whose Al%ighty Word [4] [2] (oly Ghost. )ro% (ea&en !ehold /ord God.o%e 0own.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong Good /riday (see 3aster !ands "ee7 / Passion) 0ear . ] + Sa"red (ead.6] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [3] The God o* A=raha% Praise [7. #n 0ays o* +ld -esus . God . My (eart.ryA # (eard The !ells +n . .o%e (oly S4irit.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today S4lendor 9/yra: Magni*i"at . (oly 1appiness (see 0oy.3] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee 0ear . Thy Praise We Sing /ord.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art !ands /ord. + /ord. .o%*ort. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s . To Thy Ta=le Guide Me. That Madest 'arth and 3] (ea&en [2] (osanna.<.. To Thee 0es4air Not.2] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing God. Mighty Seer. + Sa&ior.o%e [1] Silent Night Now Thank We All +ur God +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [3] The .o%*ort. +ur !lessed Sa&ior -esus.ryA Now the /ight (as Gone Away [3] -esus.12 !e Thou My .alling +ut o* the 0ee4 # .hild #s ThisA [2] + /ord. + /o&e 0i&ine !ands [6] . Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus . ] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . Now Wounded +ur God. A (ost.o%e. (oly.. + Sa&ior.2] + /ord My Soul .o%e (oly S4irit.7.2. in 0ays o* +ld Grace God's $#ildren .o%e 0own.o%e. My Soul. Whose Al%ighty Word (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s .2] + /ord We Praise Thee [2.ross +* -esus [4] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed . /ord +ur God . Tender She4ard (ear Me + )or A Thousand Tongues [<] [1.hrist%as 0ay #t .o%*ort @e My Peo4le May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e [1.ry [4] Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en [1] Thine Ar%. This Night [7] Guidance A%aCing Gra"e [3. + /ord. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy Word May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth + /ord. with /ight 0i&ine -esus .ision . + Thou Great -eho&ah .Open Hymnal. Topical Index .o%e.] !e Still My Soul [4] !e Still My Soul [1.hrist [ ] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Wake. ] /ord.ross +* -esus #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% . + /o&e 0i&ine . + Sa&ior. Thee # /o&e with All My The !ridegroo% Soon Will . My God.o%*ort @e My Peo4le )or All The Saints [1. . To Thy Ta=le -esus.hur"h$s +ne )oundation 0ays [1. /ord +ur God (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3? ] (e /eadeth Me (oly Ghost. To Thy Ta=le [.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong .2] !eneath The .loud 8e"ei&ed .3] 0ear .3] /ord -esus Think +n Me [4] +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [2] /ord.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1. Mighty Seer.6] We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e 1ealin% Author o* All /i*e [1] 1eaven . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Word [1] /ord. Sing To -esus5 1 ] Al%ighty God @our Word #s .<] We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus When # Sur&ey The Wondrous . Whose Al%ighty Word /ord. God .hrist #s 8isen Today [1?3] + )or A Thousand Tongues + )or A Thousand Tongues Gratitude A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [11] All Praise To Thee. My Soul. My (eart. !e Glad and [3] Sing [4?7] 1oliness Sa&ior. (ow Shall # Meet Thee + /ord My Soul .alls Me We All !elie&e in +ne True God [1] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [1?4] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [1] All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e [6] Al%ighty God @our Word #s .oi"e +* -esus . t#e /ait#ful (see also Saints. 'nthroned in (ea&enly S4lendor [ ] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e + )or A Thousand Tongues [2.3] God.hristians.hildren -oy To The World /et .ast # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es !eneath The . with /ight 0i&ine (oly S4irit.7.

with /ight 0i&ine A Mighty )ortress [2. '&er 0welling /ord God.o%e 0own.ision . The . Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus 1ome (see $#ristian 1ome) .hild God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en . My God.o%e. + Man.o%e 0own. My (eart.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [1. the Sa&ior Said [1. -oy*ul.hildren (ear The Mighty -esus. Awake. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus Guide Me.3] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e [12] The Ad&ent o* +ur God The !ridegroo% Soon Will . + . To Thy Ta=le -esus. Thee # /o&e with All My Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee [1] (eart See A%id the Winter$s Snow God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [2] /ord Who Throughout These )orty [1. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus A=ide With Me 0es4air Not. Now Wounded + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [3] +h. + Thou Great -eho&ah God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [] 0es4air Not.a%e. with /ight 0i&ine (oly S4irit. And With The !ands Sun [7?.hrist.on*ess [7] Awake.o%e. +ur !lessed Sa&ior [6] /i*t (igh The .3] #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous -oy To The World [1. God .alling [1] /et +ur Gladness (a&e No 'nd -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing -esus . /ike A She4herd /ead 2s Sa&ior +* The Nations .4] Si%4le Gi*ts All Glory. My Soul.ry to Thee [4] Now Praise We . the (ea&ens Adoring Invitation (God's to .o%e.6] To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night Today Thy Mer"y .a%e. And (onor When # Sur&ey The Wondrous All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy + /ord My Soul . A (ost.hristians. God . with /ight 0i&ine 0ay (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous (ark. '%%anuel Nearer. + Sa&ior.3] The . + /o&e 0i&ine -esus Wants All +* (is .o%e. + /ord.o%e 0own. +ne and All 8eDoi"e )aith o* +ur )athers [1] )or The !eauty +* The 'arth )ro% (ea&en A=o&e Gentle Mary /aid (er .hrist Arose .] 0id @ou Think To PrayA [2] God.o%e. +ne and All 1ope 8eDoi"e [4?. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus /ord.on*ess [7] The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere Thine Ar%.o%e.7] (a44y the Man Who )eareth God 0ays $Take 24 Thy .ross @ou Parents (ear What -esus /ord -esus Think +n Me /ord.o%e.3.hildren Thine Ar%. 'nthroned in (ea&enly Taught Magni*i"at [1] S4lendor Israel + /ord. To Thee The . And With The + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth Sun [2? .11] All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e A%aCing Gra"e Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh !eauti*ul Sa&ior [1] .7] (oly S4irit.12] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e [1] The >ing Shall .hrist )ro% Their Sight [1. >ing o* Glory +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . '%%anuel All .oi"e +* -esus .alls Me [1] We All !elie&e in +ne True God [2] What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus What . @our !oundless /o&e To Me (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + . This !eneath The .rowns 1onesty (see Inte%rity) . +ne and All 8eDoi"e [. *or Night #s )lying @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught 0oy A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [<. The . the Sa&ior [ ] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee Said [1?3] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [4] My Song Shall !e +* -esus The Ad&ent o* +ur God [2.Edition 2009..ry to Thee .4] )aith o* +ur )athers [2] Author o* All /i*e Wilt Thou.4. My God. + /o&e 0i&ine . /oud (osanna 0eeds [4] -esus. !e Glad and #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art 0ays Sing -esus .o%e.all 2s My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee -esus . .on&i"ted [3] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es Word +ut o* the 0ee4 # .o%e (oly S4irit.hrist. '%%anuel . /aud.ross$. + /ord. /i&e (a44ily Invitation (/ait#ful's to God) Away #n A Manger !eauti*ul Sa&ior A=ide With Me All Praise To Thee. We Adore Thee [3] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= /ord -esus Think +n Me 11] # . + . To Thee We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn +ut o* the 0ee4 # . the (ea&ens Adoring The !ridegroo% Soon Will .3] 9/yra: !e Thou My . Topical Index .hur"h$s +ne )oundation -esus .a%e +ur /ord. @our !oundless /o&e To Me We Gather Together [1. (ow Shall # Meet Thee /ord God.o%e Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee See A%id the Winter$s Snow Silent Night $Take 24 Thy . +ur !lessed Sa&ior Now Thank We All +ur God [2] 1umility -esus . All @e )aith*ul + .ross Wake.ry [ ] +ut o* the 0ee4 # .] . + Sa&ior. Sing To -esus5 -esus.ross All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e Inspiration Alleluia.hrist [1.o%e (oly S4irit.ry to Thee [4] The God o* A=raha% Praise [12] To -ordan .hrist%as God.a%e +ur /ord.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong Awake. Now Wounded All Glory. Whose Al%ighty Word [2] (e Who Would .o%e.Open Hymnal. ] God the )ather !e +ur Stay [2] # (eard The !ells +n .o%e The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [3.a%e to Sa&e + .hrist. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus [1] 0ear .aliant !e [3] (oly Ghost. !lest the (ouse [1] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . Arrayed in White God the )ather !e +ur Stay Gentle Mary /aid (er . /ord +ur God 0ear . (oly Ghost [ ] 0esus 0id @ou Think To PrayA A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth (oly Ghost.o%e.7] The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God .s) /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e (ark. + /o&e 0i&ine . ] /et . >ing o* Glory [4. (oly Ghost .hild #s ThisA When # Sur&ey The Wondrous .o%e.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today Away #n A Manger [2. The .reatures +* +ur God And -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [ ] >ing [6] -esus. My God.ry to Thee [3] /ord Who Throughout These )orty #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% 8eDoi"e. '%%anuel + )or A Thousand Tongues + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% + /ord. And (onor [1] /ord -esus Think +n Me +ut o* the 0ee4 # .o%e. God .ry [ ] Sa&ior.loud 8e"ei&ed .<. My Soul.hrist [2.o%e.hristians. (ow Shall # Meet Thee + /ord We Praise Thee + Sa"red (ead.] . in 0ays o* +ld Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e To -ordan .7.o%e.hristians. + . The .4] -esus . + .3] + .o%e.<?11] The )irst Noel The God o* A=raha% Praise [11.hrist Arose Author o* All /i*e .hrist The /ord is 8isen Today 9/yra: . Tender She4ard (ear Me [1] (osanna. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [<? -oy*ul. @our !oundless /o&e To Me Al%ighty God @our Word #s .o%e.reator. in 0ays o* +ld # .alling -esus.reator. Tender She4ard (ear Me Take My /i*e And /et #t !e . '&er 0welling Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh Inte%rity [3.4. /ord +ur God 0ear . To Thy Ta=le /ord. Thy Praise We Sing + Sa"red (ead.ross$.hie* o* .3.o%e.ities !ethlehe% 1oly Spirit .ry Angel . '&er Singing [2?4] -esus /o&es Me [2] Author o* All /i*e -esus.12 .2. Thy Praise We Sing +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .ross +* -esus !lessed Assuran"e Night .reator. /aud.o%e.4] We All !elie&e in +ne True God [3] We Now #%4lore God the (oly Ghost + . + (eart [1] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [13] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing )ro% (ea&en A=o&e !ehold.hild . the (oly The )irst Noel Inner *ife +ne The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing Now the /ight (as Gone Away [2] . .all 2s [1] The .hrist #s 8isen Today Nearer.ryA [3] + /ord.oi"es.oi"e +* -esus . Whose Al%ighty Word [2] (oly Ghost. (oly Ghost . + (eart (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [4.rown (i% With Many .o%e.] + .hrist Who .ast [<] [1?2.

on&i"ted [1] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ . '&er 0welling [3] (e Who Would .oi"e +* -esus . @our !oundless /o&e To Me The )irst Noel [ ] God. @our !oundless /o&e To Me [2. + /ord. Now Wounded[1.6] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing + /ittle Town o* !ethlehe% [1] Guide Me. Wake.hrist )ro% 0ustification (see Atonement. Topical Index . with /ight 0i&ine [4. All @e )aith*ul + /ord. !lest the (ouse [ ] +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty 8eDoi"e.ryA [3] )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [7] :no6led%e) .12] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [1.o%e. (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s )or All The Saints [ ] .oi"es.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [2] Awake.7] + /ord.3] Gentle Mary /aid (er . (ow Shall # Meet Thee + Sa"red (ead.<] The >ing Shall .2. My (eart. !e Glad and Sing The !ridegroo% Soon Will .7] *amb (see S#ep#erd/*amb) (oly S4irit.12. '&er 0welling [1] #%%ortal. The . '&er Singing [1] )aith o* +ur )athers [3] The .<] -oy*ul. @our !oundless /o&e To Me The Ad&ent o* +ur God [4] Now Thank We All +ur God [1. 3ternal -esus Wants All +* (is . -oy*ul.ities !ethlehe% Salvation) Sa&ior. + Thou Great -eho&ah 0ear . + .hrist. God's The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [1. as :in%) *ove !e Thou My . We Adore Thee [1] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e All .4] We Now #%4lore God the (oly (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [3] Ghost [2] (oly Ghost. with /ight 0i&ine [1.] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise +ur God. That Madest 'arth and [1? . We Adore Thee [3] The .hild [2] /ait#. My Soul. +ne and All [2] Wilt Thou.. 'nthroned in (ea&enly Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory [1?2] S4lendor [2] :indness. A (ost.hie* o* . ] + )or A Thousand Tongues [6] )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [7] -esus. -oy*ul.3] # .4. (ow Shall # Meet Thee # . My God. >ing o* Glory [2] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee See A%id the Winter$s Snow [4] -esus.12 (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [1] (oly Ghost. /i&e (a44ily 'artyrs 8eDoi"e [4?<] Thine Ar%.ry to Thee /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e [4] 8eDoi"e. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [11] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= 8eDoi"e.3.aliant !e Praise To The /ord. This Sing -esus . 4urs + /ord We Praise Thee Angel .o%e. Now Wounded -esus /o&es Me [3] [2. Sing To -esus5 [3.o%e. ] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [2] Author o* All /i*e [1] A Mighty )ortress [2.hrist [ ] What .3] )aith o* +ur )athers +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [1] (ark..loud 8e"ei&ed . -oy*ul.] +h. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s The God o* A=raha% Praise [6] The >ing Shall . Arrayed in White [2] *earnin% (see 3ducation. A (ost.. + Sa&ior. To Thy Ta=le [11?1 ] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es [4] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art -esus .6] /i*t (igh The . We Adore Thee -oy To The World /et +ur Gladness (a&e No 'nd /i*t (igh The .<] Sing [2] [2] + Sa"red (ead.4. *or Night #s )lying [3] [2] $#ristian *ife. All @e )aith*ul [7] [1. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [ ] + Sa"red (ead.reatures +* +ur God And Sa&ior. ] + .o%e [7] +ut o* the 0ee4 # .4] [ ] + /ord.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Angel .2.loud 8e"ei&ed .Open Hymnal. #n&isi=le.o%e [1.hrist )ro% Sun [3.<.2.7] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s Their Sight [12] !eauti*ul Sa&ior [1] .hristians.hildren + .o%e.6] -oy*ul.o%e To -ordan .o%e.o%e. To Thy Ta=le All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e +ut o* the 0ee4 # .o%e. /ord +ur God # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [1] -esus /o&es Me -esus /o&es Me [1.2] Silent Night [3. . *or Night #s )lying !ehold.o%e (oly S4irit. Arrayed in White -esus Wants All +* (is .ities !ethlehe% [2] Wilt Thou.6.o%e. God +nly Wise Now Thank We All +ur God [1] *a6 + .on&i"ted + /ord. Gospel. '&er Singing [3] !lessed Assuran"e !ands [7] Author o* All /i*e (oly Ghost.2] -esus Wants All +* (is . My God.alling 8eDoi"e [2. in 0ays o* +ld /ord..] The . + Man. the (ea&ens Adoring [3? ] -esus. '%%anuel [7] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [4] + )or A Thousand Tongues [6? + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness <. +ur !lessed Sa&ior Night [1] Thine Ar%. + Sa&ior.ryA [4] Wake.2.6] The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere The .a%e.4] + )or A Thousand Tongues [17] God the )ather !e +ur Stay !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [7.1.2] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [4] We Gather Together [2] 'arria%e (see $#ristian All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e We Now #%4lore God the (oly The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere 1ome) Ghost 0ear . All @e )aith*ul [2] *eaders#ip A Mighty )ortress [3] *oyalty + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [1. +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e 'a%i Their Sight [ ] The )irst Noel [2. in 0ays o* +ld [2] (osanna. '%%anuel [2] )or All The Saints [2] [3. ] /ord -esus Think +n Me 0ustice (see God. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [11] (ark.ry to Thee [2] -esus. Awake. + . with /ight 0i&ine [2] .hild #s ThisA [3] Wake.hie* o* .2] [1. And With The -oy*ul.alling (e /eadeth Me God the )ather !e +ur Stay + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [1] (oly S4irit. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e The Ad&ent o* +ur God [ ] >ing [ ] [4] [3] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise 0id @ou Think To PrayA [3] See A%id the Winter$s Snow [ ] Now the /ight (as Gone Away [1] The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [3] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [2] . /oud (osanna [1.o%e. + /ord.3. The Al%ighty # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [3] (ow )ir% A )oundation [7] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ ] + /ord. Now Wounded #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side Sa&ior +* The Nations . Now Wounded + Sa"red (ead.hildren [2] We Now #%4lore God the (oly *ife) /ord -esus Think +n Me Ghost [2] *i%#t Magni*i"at *ord's Supper May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Alleluia. -oy*ul.hildren [2] [1] :in% (see God.Edition 2009. Awake. The . 0ustness of) My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [1. The . ] 0ud%in% [7.4] [<.3. Grace.a%e +ur /ord.hristians.oi"e +* -esus . Whose Al%ighty Word [1. My (eart.on*ess . !e Glad and [2] All Praise To Thee.ross Nearer.ryA [2] @ou Parents (ear What -esus + .oi"es. + Man. !e Glad and # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es + /ord My Soul .hur"h$s +ne )oundation [3] :indness. +ne and All [2.] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise (ea&en [1] -oy*ul. To Thee [4.2] !ehold. Awake.all 2s [2?6] The God o* A=raha% Praise [2. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past The Ad&ent o* +ur God [4.] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing + /ord My Soul . /i&e (a44ily 0ud%ment Taught [3] + . [6] + . + /o&e 0i&ine [2] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es .ision [1] :no6led%e . *or Night #s )lying # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es *ife (see )revity of *ife. My (eart. We Adore Thee [2] God.o%e 0own.ross Magni*i"at My Song Shall !e +* -esus Now Thank We All +ur God [1] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth + .

6] Angel . /ord +ur God )or All The Saints [1. (oly Ghost [ ] Praise My Soul The >ing +* 5ature God.'ercy 4f) . And With The [1] Sun [3.11] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e Perseverance (see Activity. Mt 13E3?. with /ight 0i&ine 8eDoi"e [1.oi"e +* -esus . A (ost. in 0ays o* +ld Awake.1<?31] 0es4air Not. /i&e (a44ily !e Still My Soul /ord God. +ne and All 8eDoi"e [1.2.3] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [4] [ ] #t .a%e 24on A Midnight . '&er Singing [ ] +h.reatures +* +ur God And >ing [6] All Praise To Thee. *or Night #s )lying A=ide With Me All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e . A (ost. '&er Singing [ ] . This Night [1. Whose Al%ighty Word (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s . /ord +ur God 0ear . /ord +ur God #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness )aith o* +ur )athers [2. Awake. 'issions. ] 4bedience All . Awake. All @e )aith*ul + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [2.13] !ehold.11] (oly God.3] Angel . My (eart. Mt 2 E1?13] Gentle Mary /aid (er .3] (ark. 8eal) People of t#e "orld 'iracles Thine Ar%. )or The !eauty +* The 'arth Praise. *or Night #s )lying We Gather Together Now Praise We . /aud.<.o%e.2] Author o* All /i*e All Praise To Thee. /ollo6in% 0esus. We Praise Thy Na%e [3] $Take 24 Thy .irgins. We Praise Thy Na%e That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e Passion (see 3aster "ee7 / (oly.o%e (oly S4irit. (ow Shall # Meet Thee Awake.ross$. Thy Praise We Sing /ord -esus Think +n Me [6] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e [3] My Song Shall !e +* -esus Now Praise We .hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds /ook 0own.12] [ .all 2s + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [3] [1] 8eal) Praise God )ro% Who% All Peace 'usic (see Art ( 'usic) !lessings )low .oi"es. + /ord. And With The Sun 'issions . Thee # /o&e with All My All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e (eart [3] 7] All Praise to -esus$ (allowed Na%e + /ittle Town o* !ethlehe% [1. We Praise Thy Na%e (oly. >ing o* Glory [4.lear -esus Wants All +* (is .<. And With The -esus Wants All +* (is .4] 3aster "ee7 / Passion) The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God 'ercy (see God .o%e The )irst Noel [<] The God o* A=raha% Praise The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere [ ] Praise. My (eart. !e Glad and (oly Ghost.rown (i% With Many . My Soul. My God. Arrayed in White Awake. My God.alling [3.all 2s Wake.rowns +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Penitence (see !epentance. + (eart [3.ross /ord.4] /ord -esus Think +n Me [6] Awake. This + /ord.12 (oly God. The !ridegroo% Soon Will .hristians. Topical Index . (oly (osanna..<] 8eDoi"e.hrist Arose The . #n&isi=le. + (eart [2] The God o* A=raha% Praise )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [1.hristians. My Soul. +ne and All (oly Ghost. + /ord. Mk4E3?<. Arrayed in White See A%id the Winter$s Snow [4] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s [1] Silent Night . 1oly Spirit All . + (eart [The Seed.irgins.reator. #n 0ays o* +ld Wilt Thou. @ou Parents (ear What -esus $#arity.hristians.ryA .a%e 24on A Midnight .reatures +* +ur God And >ing All Praise To Thee.hild [3] God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing (oly God. This Night [6] Angel .o%e. (oly. /at#er 'oderation (see &emperance) 'orality (see also *a6) [The Sower. (oly.13?21. We Praise Thy Na%e (oly.hrist.<] (ark.all 2s Said [2] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise 'aundy &#ursday (see [1. /oud (osanna #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art -esus . Taught Service) Wilt Thou. Mt 2 E1?13] Wake.] Alleluia.lear [1? -oy*ul. My (eart.hildren .<] 0ear .hrist%as !eauti*ul Sa&ior [2.<] Sun [. Thy Praise We Sing /ord -esus Think +n Me [6] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e [3] + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [2. And With The Night [6] [3.13] (oly God.7] + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [3] Praise God )ro% Who% All !lessings )low Sa&ior +* The Nations . God +nly Wise .7.4.alling Wake.3] God. My Soul. 'nthroned in (ea&enly S4lendor /ord God.all 2s [1] [The 11 . Tender She4ard (ear Me +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus Preparedness Presence The !ridegroo% Soon Will .7.ryA # (eard The !ells +n .reatures +* +ur God And A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth /ord. (oly (oly S4irit.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e -esus. The . God . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy >ing Word [3] [1?3] All Glory.Open Hymnal.hildren -oy To The World /et .hur"h$s +ne )oundation [4?6] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today .ast 4penin% Son%s !ehold.7] + )or A Thousand Tongues + /ord We Praise Thee + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [3] Praise God )ro% Who% All !lessings )low Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en Sa&ior +* The Nations . !e Glad and Parables Sing [6] Al%ighty God @our Word #s . We Adore Thee Praise. (oly. the (oly +ne [1] Palm Sunday (see 3aster + )or A Thousand Tongues [2] "ee7 / Passion) 8eDoi"e.on*ess 'inistry (see Activity.o%e (oly S4irit.oi"es.oi"e +* -esus .hildren [2] May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e Sun [1? .hrist #s 8isen Today -oy To The World /i*t (igh The . !e Glad and [3] + Trinity o* !lessed /ight [2] Sing + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [2.o%e (oly S4irit. )ro% (ea&en !ehold May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e All . And (onor All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing [4? /ord. Sing To -esus5 + /ord We Praise Thee [2. + Man.3] !lessed Assuran"e [2. Mighty Seer.hrist%as 0ay #t . 0ear . the (oly +ne + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth + . Thy Praise We Sing 'ornin% 0es4air Not.oi"es. Awake.3.3] Sa&ior +* The Nations . '&er Singing [ ] Author o* All /i*e !ehold. !lest the (ouse [ ] God the )ather !e +ur Stay Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory (a44y the Man Who )eareth God +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh [ . /i&e (a44ily $oura%e in Affliction.reatures +* +ur God And (ea&en (ea&en [3] >ing [1?4. That Madest 'arth and All . My God.7] 'otivation (see Activity. A (ost. The Al%ighty # (eard The !ells +n . + Man.hrist. Son 3. My Soul.] The !ridegroo% Soon Will . with /ight 0i&ine !eauti*ul Sa&ior Sing [7.11] [3. Arrayed in White .on*ess Patience #saiah.11. '&er 0welling /ord God.Edition 2009.o%e [6] The God o* A=raha% Praise The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere [ ] Prayer 0id @ou Think To PrayA -esus. Mk E27?2. The .o%e [6] 0ay 0es4air Not.4] 8eDoi"e.11.6] Praise To The /ord. (oly The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God Passion) #%%ortal. -oy*ul. the Sa&ior The !ridegroo% Soon Will . *or Night #s )lying [The 11 . . +ne and All $ontrition) [4] 8eDoi"e [1. ] 9/yra: [3] -esus Wants All +* (is .

loud 8e"ei&ed .hie* o* .hild #s ThisA A%aCing Gra"e Wake. Now Wounded Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee [4] $Take 24 Thy .rown (i% With Many . Sing To -esus5 + . + Sa&ior. !lest the (ouse [7] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth Sa&ior.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [4?6] The God o* A=raha% Praise [7] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory [4] !ehold.aliant !e #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [3] !ehold.] A%aCing Gra"e [3?6] -oy To The World !ehold.4] (e Who Would .ities !ethlehe% [3] + . Topical Index . (oly [2] (ow )ir% A )oundation [1] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% [1. That Madest 'arth and (ea&en [1.hrist Who . My Soul. A (ost. /ord +ur God [3] 0id @ou Think To PrayA God 8est @e Merry Gentle%en [1] God.o%*ort @e My Peo4le S4lendor [2] 0es4air Not.hrist.oicin% (see 0oy) The . The +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . To Thy Ta=le A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth #saiah. Thee # /o&e with All My #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% (eart [1. Now Wounded !lessed Assuran"e [1] Praise My Soul The >ing +* !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed (ea&en [1] . 'nthroned in (ea&enly .ross$.<] Night /ord -esus Think +n Me + /ord My Soul .11] #t . .o%e. with /ight 0i&ine # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es (osanna. /ord +ur God $Take 24 Thy .o%*ort @e My Peo4le [2] When # Sur&ey The Wondrous 0ear . Thy Praise We Sing /ord. *or Night #s )lying Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory We Gather Together Awake. The Al%ighty -esus . '%%anuel The !ridegroo% Soon Will .ry [2] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [2] Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee Si%4le Gi*ts When # Sur&ey The Wondrous .11] [3. The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e [2] $almness. .6] -esus.7] + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e [4] The ..ross [1] 8eDoi"e [7?<] Priest/Priestly !oles )ro% (ea&en A=o&e A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Gentle Mary /aid (er . the Sa&ior Said !esi%nation (see Assurance. Mighty Seer. + Sa&ior.hrist #s 8isen Today Praise To The /ord. + .o%e [3] The !ridegroo% Soon Will . To Thee [2.Open Hymnal.reator.ross . the (oly My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee +ne + )or A Thousand Tongues [13] Now Thank We All +ur God [2] + /ord.Edition 2009. Sing To -esus5 [1.o%*ort.hrist. !lest the (ouse [1] To -ordan .hie* o* .o%e (oly S4irit.rowns [<] )or All The Saints (oly.4] /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e Alleluia. + /ord. + (eart [1] /ord.2] /ord God. $oura%e in When # Sur&ey The Wondrous Affliction.hrist [2?4.all 2s We All !elie&e in +ne True God [ ] [3] The .a%e +ur /ord. Arrayed in White [2] + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness . with /ight 0i&ine 4.2] The )irst Noel (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [4..o%e.hristians.11] [1] !e Thou My .o%e [7] All . This Today Thy Mer"y .ision Pride (see also 1umility) !ehold.11. Awake. . + Sa&ior. #n 0ays o* +ld [12] -esus .hrist Arose .4] )or The !eauty +* The 'arth [ ] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% (ark.alling [3.o%e. /i&e (a44ily Sun [6.3] Nearer..hrist Arose Sa&ior When #n 0ust To Thee .6?.hrist )ro% + /ord.o%e (oly S4irit. @our !oundless /o&e To Me To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y [1?3. To Thy Ta=le [1? The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere 6] Thine Ar%. +ne and All . /ike A She4herd /ead 2s + .alls Me +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus Sa&ior +* The Nations . + Man.reatures +* +ur God And Wake. Awake. My God. The -esus. A (ost.13] The >ing Shall . + Thou Great -eho&ah [2] [ ] . That Madest 'arth and Alleluia. + Thou Great -eho&ah A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth [ ] Alleluia. Sing To -esus5 [1. .on&i"ted !eneath The .oi"e +* -esus .a%e to Sa&e [7] The >ing Shall .4] .o%e.o%*ort.11] +h.loud 8e"ei&ed . (oly Ghost God.3.7] + )or A Thousand Tongues + Sa"red (ead. God .11] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [3] Gentle Mary /aid (er . Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus Said [3] .a%e 24on A Midnight .hrist The /ord is 8isen Today When # Sur&ey The Wondrous 9/yra: .ry . A (ost Arrayed in White !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [ ] . My Soul. Sing To -esus5 [4] (ea&en [3] !ehold.hrist [ ] [2. +ur !lessed Sa&ior Promises (see also Gospel) -esus.3] /ord -esus Think +n Me [2] Nearer.hrist Arose Salvation # .a%e +ur /ord.lear A Mighty )ortress [3. The . Mighty Seer.o%e. And With The Wilt Thou.o%e.ross (oly Ghost.2. (ow Shall # Meet Thee Now the /ight (as Gone Away [3] +h.<. My God.3? Awake..7.4] (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing [1. /oud (osanna [7] (ow )ir% A )oundation [1.o%e Protection (see Security) See A%id the Winter$s Snow !edemption (see Salvation) The Ad&ent o* +ur God The !ridegroo% Soon Will . . Arrayed in White [2] . (ow Shall # Meet Thee Their Sight [11.o%*ort.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [4] !everence The God o* A=raha% Praise [6] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth The >ing Shall .4] Today Thy Mer"y . @our !oundless /o&e To Me Alleluia. with /ight 0i&ine [7] -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing -esus. A (ost.on&i"ted +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .3] [1?4. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [2] -esus .o%e.hrist )ro% !epentance Their Sight Author o* All /i*e [1. To Thee Magni*i"at Now Praise We . ] [1.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es !ands [1. >ing o* Glory [1.3] /ord Who Throughout These )orty #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art 0ays [4. 4bedience.<] S4lendor [ ] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e #saiah.3?6] #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= /ord.all 2s + /ittle Town +* !ethlehe% [ ] The .o%e.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong See A%id the Winter$s Snow !ands The )irst Noel [7] . To Thy Ta=le [ ] . (oly. the Sa&ior . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy Word !esurrection + . And With The ] Sun [1] # . All @e )aith*ul A%aCing Gra"e + /ord My Soul .hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong (ark5 The (erald Angels Sing !ands [ ] (oly Ghost.hild God the )ather !e +ur Stay Sacrifice Guide Me.o%e.ross Submission) !est Safety (see Security) Saints (all /ait#ful) !ehold.hild [1?4] God.o%e # .all 2s !e.alls Me Night [1] What . in 0ays o* +ld -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing To -ordan .2. All @e )aith*ul See A%id the Winter$s Snow [1] + . My God.ities !ethlehe%[ ] 0es4air Not. + (eart + )or A Thousand Tongues [<] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es +ur God. #n 0ays o* +ld [2. . )or Night is )lying >ing [6] [3] . Arrayed in White /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e !lessed Assuran"e /et +ur Gladness (a&e No 'nd !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed /ord.ross$. Whose Al%ighty Word [4] .12 All Praise To Thee.o%*ort @e My Peo4le Sabbat# )or All The Saints [1. A (ost.ross +* -esus + Sa"red (ead. 'nthroned in (ea&enly # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ . A (ost. ] The God o* A=raha% Praise [2? (oly Ghost. Arrayed in White Author o* All /i*e [1] !lessed Assuran"e !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [3] . Arrayed in White Guide Me. @our !oundless /o&e To Me [1.

the (oly [7?11] !eauti*ul Sa&ior [2] +ne [6] 0es4air Not.4] Second $omin% +uty.on*ess The )irst Noel [1] Sa&ior. !e Glad and Sing Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y Night [4?7] Speec# )aith o* +ur )athers [3] )or All The Saints [4] God.rown (i% With Many .ross$. The .3.hrist%as Word -esus.a%e to Sa&e -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing Self $ontrol (see also *a6) -esus.3] !ehold [1.12 #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous -esus .loud 8e"ei&ed .alling !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed Alleluia. *or Night #s )lying [3] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory [ ] Angel . @our !oundless /o&e To Me [2.loud 8e"ei&ed .on&i"ted . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= # (eard The !ells +n .oi"e +* -esus .3] God. Topical Index .o%e.o%e. the Sa&ior Said That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e When # Sur&ey The Wondrous .ision !lessed Assuran"e [2.hrist -esus /ay #n 0eath$s Strong !ands [1?4] 0ear . And With The [ ..o%e.ryA [1.ry 8eDoi"e. The . The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s 0es4air Not. God's )or All The Saints [<. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s Social Service (see $#arity. + .hildren /et All Mortal )lesh >ee4 Silen"e [1] /ord -esus Think +n Me [1?4] /ord Who Throughout These )orty 0ays [3] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .hrist Who . The . with /ight 0i&ine + )or A Thousand Tongues [3. My (eart. (oly Ghost .alling .3] .on*ess [Spiritual ) Awake. $oura%e in All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing The Ad&ent o* +ur God [2] Affliction.<. !e Glad and Sing [7] Sa&ior..ry to Thee [2] Sa&ior +* The Nations .ryA [2] + Sa"red (ead. + Sa&ior.] Ste6ards#ip (ark.4] # . To Thee The >ing Shall . >ing o* Glory [1. The . (ow Shall # Meet Thee [2] What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus [3] Security +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e Sorro6 (see Assurance. .oi"e +* -esus . )ro% (ea&en /ord. God .hur"h$s +ne )oundation The .a%e to Sa&e -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing /et +ur Gladness (a&e No 'nd /ord God.11] # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [1. My (eart. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy [2.. My Soul.7] The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God A%aCing Gra"e [3] .2] !e Thou My . See A%id the Winter$s Snow [3.7?11] . Awake. The Al%ighty [2?7] 8eDoi"e.loud 8e"ei&ed . My God.7.<] /et . (ow Shall # Meet Thee [<] +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e [2.hrist Who .o%e /ord -esus Think +n Me Wake.2] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ ?<] #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous -esus Wants All +* (is .2] Submission (see also /ollo6in% 0esus.reator.Edition 2009. the Sa&ior Said [4..a%e. Thy Praise We Sing Solitude (6it# God even Night [1] + . The .] Praise To The /ord.. +ar7ness [1.] 0id @ou Think To PrayA (ark. +ne and All 8eDoi"e [2. And With The Sun !e Still My Soul [1.a%e +ur /ord. .11] -esus .o%e. Service) To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y /ord God.on*ess [7] Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e To -ordan . with /ight 0i&ine [ . ] + /ord We Praise Thee +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .3] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [1] )aith o* +ur )athers [3] + .ast !e Still My Soul [6] (ark.ross @ou Parents (ear What -esus Taught Substitutionary Atonement (see Atonement) Surrender (see Submission) &emperance ( 'oral !eform (see also *a6) Author o* All /i*e [1. God . That Madest 'arth and (ea&en [2] Guide Me. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [3..2] Awake.7] -esus.oi"e +* -esus .2] +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [3] God the )ather !e +ur Stay (ow )ir% A )oundation # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous /ord. A Mighty )ortress [7] $onsolation.hristians. Now Wounded # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [7] -esus Wants All +* (is .<] +ur God. To Thy Ta=le [1? 6] -esus . the (ea&ens Adoring [1] -esus .7.<.oi"e +* -esus . + (eart [2] + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [3] The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God .11] A%aCing Gra"e [1.] The Gos4el Shows The )ather$s Gra"e The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God .oi"es. @our !oundless /o&e To Me Awake.hrist )ro% Their Sight [6?.hildren [ ] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . Awake.o%e.7] Sun [1? . '&er Singing [2] Author o* All /i*e !eneath The .. Whose Al%ighty Word # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [3. &rust) Author o* All /i*e [1.all 2s (ark.ry [3] +ut o* the 0ee4 # .2.hrist. + Thou Great -eho&ah (ark.ross +* -esus !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed[3.4] Word The .6] # (eard The !ells +n . Providence of. + (eart [4] Gra"e [2] /ello6s#ip.13] + /ord. And With The Sun [1? .ry to Thee The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise The .13] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s . (ow Shall # Meet Thee [<] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s + /ord My Soul .3. '%%anuel 6#en alone) + /ord. My Soul. My Soul. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [11] S#eep (see S#ep#erd/*amb) A Mighty )ortress [3. /ike A She4herd /ead 2s Si%4le Gi*ts Take My /i*e And /et #t !e $Take 24 Thy .4] The Ad&ent o* +ur God [4?7] Service The !ridegroo% Soon Will .alling Alleluia.o%e.o%e.hrist )ro% My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [1] Si%4le Gi*ts Their Sight [3] My Song Shall !e +* -esus [1] That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e Seasons Now Praise We .6.alling Take My /i*e And /et #t !e We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn [1. + .o%e [4? ] $Take 24 Thy . My Soul. + /ord. Sing To -esus5 [1. . *or Night #s )lying + /ord.2] Awake.alls Me Wake. Sing To -esus5 [2] Nearer.4.oi"e +* -esus . with /ight 0i&ine [1.3] )ro% (ea&en A=o&e [<] (oly Ghost.on*ess Scripture S#epard/*amb To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [1] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth Night [3] (ow )ir% A )oundation [1] Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Social 0ustice -esus /o&es Me [2] Author o* All /i*e /ord. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy Word + . 3ducation. And With The Sinners So6in% ( !eapin% Sun [7] All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e Al%ighty God @our Word #s . All @e )aith*ul [7] (oly Ghost. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [1. '%%anuel [3] + /ord.rowns 0id @ou Think To PrayA [2. Thy Praise We Sing Magni*i"at [1] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [4] + )or A Thousand Tongues + /ord. + /o&e 0i&ine .hrist%as 0ay [1] -esus. ] The . The .<?11.hildren (ear The Mighty 0eeds That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e [.] -oy To The World [3] 0id @ou Think To PrayA [2. Tender She4ard (ear Me 0ay May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e /ook 0own. the (ea&ens Adoring The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere $#ildren / &#e "orld's [3] [ ] People.alling (e /eadeth Me (oly Ghost. .hrist #s 8isen Today [1?3] -esus .3] [1] )or All The Saints [2.a%e.Open Hymnal.ross$.3.2.hrist )ro% Their Sight [6] What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise [2] Sc#ools (see 3ducation) Self Sacrifice (see Sacrifice) The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God .hrist [ ] Today Thy Mer"y .o%e 0own.

#n&isi=le. Sing To -esus5 [1. Arrayed in White Word +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s . Whose Al%ighty Word What A )riend We (a&e #n -esus Si%4le Gi*ts (oly God. To Thy Ta=le . Thy Praise We Sing # A% -esus$ /ittle /a%= [11] /ord Who Throughout These )orty # (eard The !ells +n . . The .reatures +* +ur God And God the )ather !e +ur Stay (oly Ghost. ] My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [ ] God. + Sa&ior.hrist #s 8isen Today -oy To The World -oy*ul.nity (see )rot#er#ood. /oud (osanna [2] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . >ing o* Glory [7] &#rone (also see God .hrist )ro% (oly. (oly [1. Thou /ong?'B4e"ted -esus #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side + . /oud (osanna #%%ortal.hie* o* . (oly.o%e. /i&e (a44ily +ur God.6] >ing # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [7] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s All Praise To Thee. #n 0ays o* +ld -esus /o&es Me -esus..2] +ut o* the 0ee4 # . #n 0ays o* +ld -esus . + Man.all 2s [ ] The God o* A=raha% Praise The Star Pro"lai%s the >ing is (ere 8eal Awake.2.Open Hymnal.. in 0ays o* +ld [3] "ord of God (see Scripture. The Al%ighty The !ridegroo% Soon Will .loud 8e"ei&ed . A (ost. Thy Praise We Sing Magni*i"at May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e My Song Shall !e +* -esus + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth + . #n&isi=le. @our !oundless /o&e To Me To She4herds As They Wat"hed !y -esus. Thee # /o&e with All My Preparedness) /ord God.o%e.7] Alleluia. Whose Al%ighty Word [4] The /aw +* God #s Good And Wise My Song Shall !e +* -esus # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [ ] Now the /ight (as Gone Away [7] # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es + /ord.] The >ing Shall .4] Their Sight [<] &errorism # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [1.11] $#urc#.o%e [ ] #n These +ur 0ays So Perilous . #n&isi=le. '%%anuel [3] + /ord.aliant !e [3] + )or A Thousand Tongues We All !elie&e in +ne True God (osanna. #n&isi=le. /aud. Mighty Seer.ryA [2] Night [6] [1?3] #%%ortal. -oy*ul. #n 0ays o* +ld (ow )ir% A )oundation 2ictory /ord -esus Think +n Me [6] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s Now Thank We All +ur God [3] A Mighty )ortress [3. '&er Singing [ ] /ord -esus Think +n Me [1] [3] Author o* All /i*e +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty [4] -esus. Topical Index .2. God +nly Wise !eneath The .ry to Thee [4] The . with /ight 0i&ine [3.rown (i% With Many .ross +* -esus . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past &it#in% #%%ortal.rown (i% With Many .] #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art [2] Sa&ior +* The Nations . >ing o* Glory Night [4?7] /ord. '%%anuel [2] Thine Ar%.12 (oly Ghost. with /ight 0i&ine [2.o%e [ ] [ . !e Glad and [4] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing Sing [6] #* God (ad Not !een on +ur Side A%aCing Gra"e The Mouth o* )ools 0oth God #%%ortal. We Adore Thee /i*t (igh The .hrist #s 8isen Today [1] &#an7s%ivin% (see Gratitude) (e /eadeth Me -esus . As (ow )ir% A )oundation -oy*ul. ] )aith o* +ur )athers (e Who Would .on*ess [1] God the )ather !e +ur Stay We All !elie&e in +ne True God Guide Me. We Praise Thy Na%e (oly.oi"es.hrist The /ord is 8isen Today All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing !lessings )low 9/yra: A%aCing Gra"e $Take 24 Thy .ross My )aith /ooks 24 To Thee [2] The God o* A=raha% Praise [2? ] . + /ord.reatures +* +ur God And >ing All Glory.hrist Arose A Mighty )ortress Praise God )ro% Who% All . Service.rowns # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es Said [7] )or All The Saints [6?11] -esus /o&es Me The Ad&ent o* +ur God [7] God the )ather !e +ur Stay My Song Shall !e +* -esus The God o* A=raha% Praise [12] (e Who Would .] Take My /i*e And /et #t !e [4] [1] + .rown (i% With Many . + . + . 'nthroned in (ea&enly S4lendor /ord God. All @e )aith*ul + )or A Thousand Tongues [1?2] + /ord We Praise Thee + Trinity o* !lessed /ight +4en Now Thy Gates o* !eauty +ur God. We Adore Thee [4] (ow Shall We Answer Terror$s :in%) /i*t (igh The .ryA [2] A /a%= Goes 2n"o%4laining )orth /ord God. My (eart. + Man.3] God.11] Though in the Midst o* /i*e We !e #saiah.a%e to Sa&e -esus.hur"h$s +ne )oundation [ ] (oly Ghost.o%e.o%e [3] All 0e4ends +n +ur Possessing May God !estow on 2s (is Gra"e See A%id the Winter$s Snow [2] [3. A (ost.rowns -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing The . +ur (el4 #n Ages Past &rut# [1. Sing To -esus5 Angel . This -esus Grant That !al% and (ealing .6] /ord -esus Think +n Me [1?4] +n -ordan$s !ank the !a4tist$s .reator. And (onor All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e Alleluia. We Praise Thy Na%e [4] [2] The .hrist Who .6?13] # !ind 2nto Mysel* Today [7. My God. God +nly Wise [1. God +nly Wise Angel . Thy Praise We Sing (eart [1] +ur God. Arrayed in White [1] .aliant !e (ark. Sing To -esus5 [1. A (ost. Whose Al%ighty Word [3] All . >ing o* Glory [2] . (oly (osanna.o%e.rowns Guide Me. God . Mighty Seer. 0esus) "or7 (see Activity.o%e. (oly.Edition 2009.2. 'nthroned in (ea&enly "atc#fulness (see Word S4lendor [1] /ord.alling /i*t (igh The . God +nly Wise #n (is Te%4le Now !ehold (i% #n Pea"e and -oy # Now 0e4art #saiah. Mighty Seer.4] .oi"es.hrist%as Alleluia. And With The Sun [1. 8eal) "orld (see God's $#ildren / &#e "orld's People) "ors#ip All . )aith o* +ur )athers [1 ] )or All The Saints [2.6. /i&e (a44ily We Gi&e Thee !ut Thine +wn [1. (ow Shall # Meet Thee [.oi"e +* -esus . '&er Singing Angels )ro% the 8eal%s o* Glory Angels We (a&e (eard +n (igh !eauti*ul Sa&ior !ehold.4] 0ays [2] 0ay !ehold. + Thou Great -eho&ah -esus .ryA + ..<.o%e. the Sa&ior .o%e. +uty.ross$.o%e [7] A Mighty )ortress # .o%e.ry !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [<?11] &estimony [ ] .ross /ord. with /ight 0i&ine The >ing Shall .hur"h$s +ne )oundation [3?6] &ravel @ou Parents (ear What -esus A Mighty )ortress Taught (ow )ir% A )oundation Wilt Thou.. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past Praise God )ro% Who% All !lessings )low Praise My Soul The >ing +* (ea&en Praise To The /ord.hild #s ThisA [3] [3] +ur God.ities !ethlehe% [ ] All (ail The Power o* -esus$ Na%e # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es + 0ay o* 8est And Gladness [2.ross .ry Si%4le Gi*ts That Men a godly /i*e Might /i&e Wilt Thou.ry to Thee [2? ] &rust # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es 8eDoi"e. +ur (el4 #n Ages Past [2] "isdom Magni*i"at Sa&ior +* The Nations .. /ello6s#ip) #saiah. (ow Shall # Meet Thee What . >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy + Trinity o* !lessed /ight !ehold.4] /ord. (oly Ghost +ur )ather Thou in (ea&en A=o&e -oy To The World [4] God the )ather !e +ur Stay [6] + )or A Thousand Tongues [13] God. + Thou Great -eho&ah [4] (oly God. -oy*ul.] !y Gra"e #$% Sa&ed [1] &rials (see $oura%e In )aith o* +ur )athers Affliction) &emptation )or All The Saints [2] &rinity 0id @ou Think To PrayA [2. My Soul. >ee4 2s Stead*ast #n Thy /ord. Arrayed in White # >now That My 8edee%er /i&es + !e Glad All Nations on 'arth [1] .

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