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Oh deer

Saturday January 25 2014

Muntjac deer
Sir, If the Independent Panel on Forestrys recommendation to plant more trees is to succeed, the culling of muntjac and other deer is a matter that cannot be ignored (letter Jan !"# $he effect of gra%ing by deer on the understory of e&isting trees also damages habitat 'ital to birds such as (arblers, and the )n'ironmental *udit +ommittee has recently underta,en an in-uiry into pre'enting the spread of in'asi'e alien species# Some measures, ie# culling, may be unpalatable to some, but if (e (ish to plant more trees and pre'ent damage to other (ildlife, some tough choices lie ahead# .ob /or,e *berga'enny, Monmouthshire

Deer and songbirds http011onlinelibrary#(iley#com1doi123#22221j#24546 7278# 335#335!2#&1full