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: Aung Kyaw : Capt. Loo : 20. 11. 2008 ( 10:55 to 12:00 ) : 1st Attempt ( Failed )

1. FFE equipments for cargo ship? 2. Tell me about how many type of fire? 3. Tell me about emergency fire pump? 4. What regulation under emergency fire pump? 5. Tell me about maintenance of fixed CO2 system? 6. How do you test the B.A tested? 7. IMDG container fire at on deck, how to take action as chief officer? 8. Heavy lift loading? 9. What information about ringing plan? 10.Explain me about timber deck cargo? 11.How do you load the bulk cargo? 12.Email from charter, give the SF, they what to know estimated amount of loading cargo? 13.Transverse thrust? 14.Screw race? 15.Short round turn? 16.Tie the West Country stopper? (Limitations of West Country stopper?) 17.Tie the Chain stopper? (Why use with against the lay?) 18.Tie the single sheet band? 19.Give the bosun chain and tie the rope, which band are use? 20.What is the MSL? 21.Tell me about Chain register? 22.What is the load density? (Where do you get the load density?) 23.Another ship dragging anchor to your ship? What is your action? 24.Tell me about ISM? 25.What certificate issue? 26.Hot work at confine space, what you will do? 27.Which instruments use to test for atmosphere, toxic, flammability? 28. Draw the flammability diagram?

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