Subject: Total Quality Management

Presented to: Sir Ghulam Mustafa Mir

Presented by: Sehrish khalid 12052054-062(BL) Semester 3rD (

G.T Road Science College Gujrat


customers. mission statements. Vision statement: visions provide a succinct guideline for decision making. g the vision statement of UBL is “To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence . E . core values and quality policy .” Mission statement: The mission statement describe the function of the organization. and to surpass a highest expectations of our customer and stakeholders. 4: Set the highest industry standard for quality. who are the customers. and suppliers. what we do. it provides a clear statement of purpose for employees. process and technology to deliver the best possible financial solution to our customers. it has following characteristics are  Improve the quality on continually basis. 3: Be recognized as the employer of choice. Quality policy statement: This policy is guide for everyone in the organization as to how they should provide product and service to the customers. This statement answer the following question: who we are.  Equal or exceed the competition. Core values: 2|Page .  Quality is first among equals. Vision statement is a short declaration of what an organization aspires to be tomorrow. across all areas of operation.  Entire the work force can be utilize.which are different parts of strategic planning process of an organization. Small organization are use only quality policy statement .Quality statement of banking sector: Quality statement of banking sector include the vision statement. on a sustaines basis. It is ideal state that might never be reached but which you continually try to achieve. and how we do it. 2: Become the most sought after investment. E. g the mission statement of UBL is 1: Optimize people.

and quality . with input from all personnel. and have regular leaders meetings. In smaller organization where managers may be responsible for more than one functional area. The responsibility of the coordination is to build two-way trust.The senior managers of the functional areas. 3|Page . such as design. purpose team needsto the council.  The cost of poor quality is determine and monitor. the number of member will be smaller.and a coordinator and consultant.The cost of poor quality can add to the other costs used in decision making. share lessons learned among teams. vision statement. quality councils are also established at lower levels of the corporation.  Its creat training plan to the employees and creat total education or knowledge to fulfill the object.  Improve the processes through projects which can determined those affect on the satisfaction of the internal and external customer. finance. mission statement and core values in quality council.  Performance measures for the organization also determined.Also.the coordinator s activities are to assist the team leaders. quality statement. a consultant would most likely be employed rather than a coordinator.  Develop.In large organization. Duties of the quality council:  It can also develop the annual quality improvement program with objective. share council expectation with the team.  New way of doing business to establish or revise the recognition and reward system in quality council.  It s develop the strategy on long-term plans with goals. production. such as maintenance.1: honesty and integrity 2: commitment and dedication 3: fairness and meritocracy 4: teamwork and collaboration 5: caring and socially responsible 6: utilizing all resources productively 7: satisfying the expectation of the customer Quality Council: In a typical organization the council is composed of the chief executive officer(CEO). marketing. and brief the council on team progress.

trust.  Review the strategic initiatives and critical success factors and develop the short term and long term plan to achieve the goal. Now a days technology is a worldwide issue. Technology: Technology has great importance in any organization. In addition to creating the items. and management should support them with training 4|Page . Their duties are similar but relate to the particular level of the organization. Active participation: A sense of responsibility for active participation in making improvement. Some of the strategic items will eventually become part of the annual plan.production. The section on goals and objectives. which will include new short-term items. specialists and operating personnel. Specific skills are required to achieve the goals and objective of the organization. operating personnel should be involved with setting objectives. These councils are the instruments for perpetuating the idea of never-ending quality improvement.It measured and analyezed to help in attaining the objectives for better quality and customer satisfaction at less cost.  Managing work load or time  Identify clear roles for employees  Creating an environment of openness. Annual quality improvement program: An annual quality program is developed along with a long-term strategic plan.The skills required on every organization to fulfill the object and goals. the program should develop among all managers. and chellenge These are also helpful in annual quality improvement program. Which give help to quality improvement program. Following points should be used in annual quality improvement program Skills: The skills needed to make improvements.

projects. 5|Page . Some organizations have well structured annual quality improvement program. In organization that lack those programs. The habit of annual improvements so that each year the organization’s quality is significantly better than the previous year’s. It give overall view to the organization. and resources. It takes a great deal of determination by these people to secure results. any improvements must come from the initiative of managers and specialists.

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