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(Based on the Work of Donna Eden) Primary Meridians Involved with Hormones

Balancing and Harmonizing Your Hormones

Triple Warmer




Secondary: Kidney and Circulation-Sex

Rooster-Comb Hold (Triple-Axis Protocol)

Balances Hormones associated with the Pineal, Pituitary, and Hypothalamus glands and establishes communications with the Liver Meridian.

Thyroid-Balancing Techniques
1. 2. 3. 4. Stretch Throat Pinch Throat Draw Figure-8s Over the Throat Area Hold Triple Warmer NV Reflex Points on Temples (with Flat Pads of Fingers) and Throat (with 3-Finger Notch)
Left Temple + Throat Notch Right Temple + Throat Notch

5. Neck Stretch / Rotation

Using a Finger, Apply Pressure to One Point at a Time; Inhale While Exhaling Slowly, Turn Head Slowly to the Side While Holding the Point (For Points on Right Side, Turn Head to Left and Vice Versa) Hold with Enough Pressure to Feel the Pull and Resistance to the Turning

Adrenal Health is Essential for Optimal Thyroid Function

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Techniques Supporting Adrenal Health

To balance Triple Warmer, 1. Pull Out on Ears 2. Hold NV Reflex Points (see Thyroid) 3. Do Tie Flow Exercise 4. Massage Triple Warmer/Adrenals NeuroLymphatic Reflex Points
(1 Out and Up from Navel)

5. Do Triple Warmer Smoothie

Techniques Supporting the Pancreas

To strengthen and balance Spleen, 1. Tap and/or massage Spleen Thumping Points 2. Flush Spleen Meridian
Trace Down (Backward) Once Then Trace Up (Forward) Three Times

Harmonizing Triple Warmer and Spleen

Many aspects of health and well-being depend on the proper interplay of three major hormones: adrenaline, cortisol, and insulinthat is, Triple Warmer and Spleen energies. The exercises below help to harmonize Triple Warmer and Spleen and support bloodsugar balance. Triple Warmer / Spleen Hug Cover the Eyes 1. Cover the Eyes with Your FingersInhaleExhale 2. Inhale with Eyes Still Covered; Exhale while Dragging Fingers Across the Eyes and Out to the Temples 3. Inhale while Dragging Your Fingers Up Over the Ears; Exhale while Dragging Fingers Down Behind the Ears to the Shoulders; Hang Fingers on Shoulders at Neck 4. Inhale, Cross Arms, Placing Fingers on Opposite Shoulders; Exhale, Smoothing Hands Down the Arms to the Forearms 5. Inhale, Place Hands Flat Across Ribs Under Bust Area 6. Exhale while Sweeping Fingers Down Legs and Off Feet at Toes 7. Inhale While Sweeping Fingers Back Up Legs to Under Arms 8. Exhale While Sweeping Fingers Down and Off the Body at Side of Waist For more information, please visit or call 719-648-5234.