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5 Questions Answered

Hooponopono Q&A Interview With

Joe Vitale

2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3

lrom 1he uesk of: !oe vlLale
Dear Friend,
In this special report youll find my answers to 5
important questions about Hooponopono.
These questions, along with hundreds more, were sent in
to me during a recent survey of my readers.
To capture my answers I had a good friend of mine, Kory
Basaraba, ask me these questions on the phone and
record our conversation.
The full interview lasted over an hour, and there were
18 questions asked.
I was in a peaceful, open state as I responded to these
questions. My intention was to answer in as much detail
as I could, to share any insights Ive picked up along
the way.
Ive selected 5 of the most common and relevant
questions to share with you here.
I hope you find this information valuable as you
continue to integrate the magic of Hooponopono into
your life.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3

Q1: Whats the most effective way to use Hooponopono for
wealth creation?

6"#73 a loL of people who wroLe ln have quesLlons abouL uslng Po'oponopono
for speclflc ouLcomes.
Llke one person asks whaL's Lhe mosL effecLlve way Lo use Po'oponopono
for wealLh creaLlon?"
Whlch l Lhlnk ls a greaL quesLlon and l can'L Lhlnk of anyone more quallfled
Lo answer LhaL Lhan you.
8"&3 1haL ls a greaL quesLlon.
6"#73 So whaL's your response when you hear a quesLlon llke LhaL?
8"&3 ?ah, Lhere's so many ways l can Lake LhaL. l Lhlnk Lhe flrsL Lhlng people
need Lo be aware of ln relaLlon Lo Po'oponopono ls lL's all abouL dlssolvlng
a problem wlLhln yourself. lL's noL abouL changlng anyLhlng on Lhe ouLer.
Whenever anyone looks on Lhe ouLslde and says Lhey have Lo change LhaL
relaLlonshlp because Lhey don'L llke LhaL person, or l've goL Lo change Lhls
flnanclal slLuaLlon because lL's noL looklng so greaL, Lhey're comlng from
Lhe wrong perspecLlve ln Lerms of Po'oponopono.
8ecause whaL you wanL Lo look aL ls, why are you afrald of your flnanclal
slLuaLlon? So ln oLher words focuslng on lL, Lhere's a reason why you're
focuslng on lL and more ofLen Lhan noL lL's noL a pleasurable reason.
?ou're focuslng on lL because you're concerned abouL lL.
Well, Po'oponopono ls Lo help you dlssolve LhaL concern, LhaL worry.
When anyLhlng looks llke a problem ouL Lhere, Po'oponopono ls whaL you
wanL Lo Lake ouL of your maglc bag and run Lo Lhe rescue wlLh.
Pere's whaL happens LhaL's so beauLlful. As you Lake care of LhaL feellng of
concern lnslde of yourself Lhe problem goes away. So, afLer LhaL klnd of
lengLhy phllosophlcal explanaLlon, whaL's happenlng wlLh Lhe wealLh one,
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
and l saw Lhls ln my own llfe, Lhls lncredlbly maglcal when lL comes Lo
money and aLLracLlng wealLh ln.
A large parL over Lhe pasL few years because of dolng Po'oponopono,
everyLhlng geLs easler and easler and easler. l don'L focus on Lhe ouLer, l
focus on Lhe lnner.
l've seen ur. Pew Len spend money very easlly. ln facL we wenL Lo lunch
one Llme and we walked around our llLLle Lown of Wlmberley 1exas here,
and we wenL lnLo a llLLle shop and he boughL a couple of llLLle knlck knacks
and he lefL a LwenLy dollar Llp for Lhe cashler.
now Lhls was very unusual. 1hls wasn'L aL a resLauranL where you'd leave
a Llp for someone who'd walLed on you, Lhls ls a clerk behlnd a reLall sLore
and he boughL a couple of LrlnkeLs and he leaves a LwenLy dollar blll. And
LhaL person dldn'L even know whaL Lo do wlLh lL, lL was so unusual.
And he looked aL me smlllng and sald ?ou know, Lhe unlverse ls [usL golng
Lo brlng lL on back, Lhe enLlre planeL ls wealLhy." And lL's noL [usL an
afflrmaLlon, lL's a way of belng. 1hls ls how he's looklng aL Lhe world.
So, wealLh already exlsLs. When we look ouL and we don'L see lL, LhaL's Lhe
lssue we wanL Lo clean on. We wanL Lo clean on our percepLlon of reallLy
so we don'L slL here Lhlnklng, wow, when ls wealLh golng Lo come Lo me?
When wlll money come ln? When wlll flnances come ln?
When you acLually clean LhaL lssue, Lhen you look ouL and go, wow, look aL
Lhe wealLh everywhere, look aL Lhe opporLunlLles everywhere and look aL
Lhe money come Lo me from everywhere.
1here's a masslve dlfference, buL lL all beglns by cleanlng Lhe percepLlon of
any concern on Lhe lnslde uslng Po'oponopono.
6"#73 So Lhe shlfL l'm hearlng ls LhaL whenever we have exLernal problems, mosL
of us aLLempL, or are LaughL even, Lo go ouL and Lry and solve Lhose
exLernal problems.
WhaL Lhls glves us ls anoLher way of looklng aL lL where we go lnslde and
say where ls LhaL problem ln me, and Lhls glves you Lhe Lools Lo solve lL. l
guess whaL LhaL does, ls once lL's clear lnslde of me, Lhen l'm free Lo go ouL
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
and do Lhe Lhlngs l would noL normally do Lo creaLe Lhe wealLh. Cr l would
follow and Lake acLlon where maybe ln Lhe pasL l'd be Loo worrled or
concerned. lL opens up posslblllLles. Am l on Lhe rlghL Lrack wlLh LhaL?
8"&3 ?ou are on Lhe rlghL Lrack buL l need Lo Lake you down Lhe road [usL a llLLle
blL more because Lhe flrsL Lhlng ls LhaL Lhere are no ouLer problems. 1haL's
one of Lhe flrsL Lhlngs we learn ln Po'oponopono. 1here are no ouLer
Cne of ur. Pew Len's favorlLe sLaLemenLs, and he says lL ln every semlnar,
l'm sure lL's ln Lhe Zero LlmlLs evenL, he says Pave you ever noLlced LhaL
when Lhere's a problem, you are Lhere?"
Pe always geLs a laugh when he says lL and l Lhlnk, whaL a wonderful
manLra. l'm golng Lo wrlLe a song [usL wlLh LhaL llLLle phrase ln Lhere.
8ecause whenever Lhere's a problem you are Lhere. Why ls LhaL Lhe case?
8ecause you are parLlclpaLlng ln Lhe creaLlon of LhaL problem, and Lhe
parLlclpaLlon ls an lnslde evenL.
When you Lake care of Lhe problem on Lhe lnslde, agaln, cleanlng LhaL
lssue as you percelve lL on Lhe lnslde, LhaL ouLer, whaL you percelve as
belng on Lhe ouLer wlll dlsappear. lL wlll morph, lL wlll change, lL wlll floaL
away, lL may so dlsappear LhaL you may noL even remember LhaL you had
lL as a problem aL one polnL. lL wlll be LhaL gone from your memory.
1hls ls Lhe power of Lhe cleanlng, so when people are cleanlng on wealLh
for example, and Lhelr concerns abouL lL, Lhey may Lake opporLunlLles LhaL
Lhey wouldn'L have acLed on before. 1hey may Lake acLlons LhaL Lhey
wouldn'L have acLed on before.
Cr Lhey may noL have Lo do anyLhlng buL go on abouL Lhelr llvlng,
breaLhlng reallLy, dolng whaLever Lhey do durlng Lhelr normal days and Lhe
wealLh wlll come Lo Lhem because Lhey're no longer blocklng lL from
comlng Lo Lhem.
See LhaL's Lhe oLher Lhlng LhaL goes on ls LhaL your percepLlon ls changed.
lnsLead of looklng ouL, llke l'm looklng ouL on my second floor of my new
offlce seelng all of Lhese wonderful Lrees, and lL [usL looks llke Lhls ls a lush,
prosperous unlverse.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
8uL aL one polnL, decades ago when l was sLruggllng and ln poverLy and
homeless, l would noL have seen LhaL. l would have looked ouL Lhere and
seen noLhlng buL problems, buL yeL Lhe Lrees exlsL, Lhe lushness exlsLs, yeL
Lhe prosperlLy exlsLs.
So when we clean Lhe lssue wlLhln ourselves our mlnd really does expand,
buL whaL really expands ls Lhe bllnders we had on all Lhe Llme. 1haL geLs
dropped so we see Lhe opporLunlLy for Lhe wealLh, Lhe flnances and so on,
whaLever lL happens Lo be.
Q2. How can I use Hooponopono to completely forgive

8"&3 Well, you've goL Lo remember LhaL lL's noL abouL Lhe oLher person. lL's
abouL yourself and whaL you're really dolng ls forglvlng yourself. 1haL's Lhe
very flrsL Lhlng you're looklng aL here.
Maybe lL would be useful Lo dlssecL Lhe phrases for a momenL because
when l say all you have Lo do ls say l'm sorry, please forglve me, l love you,
Lhank you, however you feel lL, whaLever order lL feels rlghL, LhaL's slmple
8uL whaL are you acLually dolng when you say Lhese? lor me, l'm saylng
l'm sorry LhaL l've been unconsclous, please forglve me for noL belng
aware of my own programmlng, of my own bellefs of my negaLlvlLy, of my
pasL memorles. lorglve me and l'm sorry for noL belng alerL ln a consclous
responslble way Lo how l've helped creaLe Lhls problem l'm percelvlng.
1haL's whaL you're really saylng.
1hen Lhe nexL Lhlngs are Lhank you, you're Lhanklng ulvlnlLy, whlch ls Lhe
Lerm ur. Pew Len llkes Lo use. Some people mlghL wanL Lo say Cod or 1ao
or Llfe or naLure, whaLever LhaL blgger energy fleld ls LhaL we're all parL of.
?ou're saylng Lhank you for lL for cleanlng Lhls problem from wlLhln you.
And l llke Lo end wlLh l love you, alLhough you can say lL anywhere, buL lf
you end wlLh l love you, any word Lo descrlbe Lhe ulvlne or any essence of
Lhe unlverse, Lhe essence of your own soul ls love.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
8y saylng l love you, you're sLarLlng Lo merge back lnLo Lhe essence of llfe
lLself. ?ou're sLarLlng Lo merge back wlLh Lhe dlvlne and you're devoLlon Lo
Lhe dlvlne. So l'm sorry, l love you, please forglve me, and Lhank you are so
much more Lhan [usL four phrases.
1here's acLually qulLe a blL of energy behlnd each one of Lhem. 1hey're
almosL llke a splrlLual comblnaLlon lock LhaL opens up Lhe feellngs wlLhln
you so you can release Lhem.
lL doesn'L maLLer lf lL's an lssue of forglveness for somebody else or lf lL's a
healLh problem for you or somebody else, whaLever lL ls LhaL you're
percelvlng as an lssue, LhaL's whaL you're focuslng on as you say Lhese four
phrases lnLernally Lo your connecLlon Lo Lhe ulvlne.
So ln many ways, LhaL's Lhe reclpe for any problem you would Lhrow aL
me. 1haL would be Lhe very same answer.
Q3: Why am I saying Im sorry when I havent done anything

6"#73 So whaLever we're experlenclng as a 'problem' or an lssue ls Lhe same
process and l really llked Lhe dlsLlncLlons, lL was really helpful Lo
undersLand whaL am l Lhanklng and whaL am l sorry for.
8ecause l had a couple of people wrlLe ln and Lhey sald, =>&, ? 2.7 ?*%
2"##7 ? @&&A A/B& ?*1& C",& 2"%&->/,0 =#",0D EF- ? >.1&,*- #&.AA7 C",&
2"%&->/,0 =#",0, so Lhey have a reslsLance Lo saylng l'm sorry.
8"&3 1haL's Lhe number one Lhlng people are reslsLanL abouL. l would say Lhe
flrsL Lhlng people are reslsLanL abouL ls Laklng full responslblllLy for
everyLhlng ln Lhelr llves.
1haL's a blg one LhaL as l sald ln Lhe beglnnlng of Lhls lnLervlew, buL lL's
also Lhe mosL lmporLanL one because lnsLead of lnLlmldaLlng you, lL
empowers you, lL frees you Lo be able Lo resolve Lhe Lhlngs LhaL are golng
on, or LhaL you percelve are golng on.
And Lhe oLher one ls l'm sorry. l've heard so many Llmes over Lhe years
people don'L wanL Lo say l'm sorry. 1hey feel llke Lhey dld someLhlng bad,
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
or Lhey commlLLed a sln or a crlme and l Lalked Lo ur. Pew Len abouL LhaL
one Llme and he sald, well Lhey can change lL Lo please forglve me, buL
people were sLlll ob[ecLlng Lo even LhaL, because l had offered LhaL one.
Pe sald, well, Lhey don'L have Lo say lL, buL a beLLer soluLlon would be
clean on your lssue wlLh saylng l'm sorry.
6"#73 Ch, l see. So when you say Lhe phrase whaLever feellng comes up you
would clean on LhaL.
8"&3 ?ou would clean on LhaL and l've glven a loL of Lalks abouL Lhls and of
course we dld Lhe Zero LlmlLs evenLs and people would ofLen brlng up LhaL
very sLaLemenL abouL l'm sorry and l'd say you know, l've gone Lo a
number of funerals and l walk up and say Lo Lhe famlly l'm sorry."
Why do l say LhaL? And l've noLlced oLher people say LhaL when Lhey walk
up. 1here's a deaLh ln Lhe famlly and l was Lalklng Lo a guy Lhls mornlng
who had a cllenL LhaL was dlagnosed wlLh a Lermlnal lllness and Lhey're all
upseL and l sald l'm sorry. Why would l say LhaL?
l am noL dlrecLly responslble, l don'L even know who Lhose people are, buL
ln some way shape or form, l feel llke a feellng of sympaLhy ls Lhe
approprlaLe response. ln some way l'm Lrylng Lo show love and comforL by
saylng Lhls.
When l say l'm sorry Lo Lhe ulvlne, l do noL Lhlnk l screwed up. l Lhlnk l've
noL been consclous and we're all drlven by our unconsclous mlnd, our
consclous mlnd ls [usL Lhe Llp of Lhe lceberg.
1he unconsclous mlnd ls Lhe power shlp, lL's Lhe nuclear reacLor, lL's Lhe
warehouse of all Lhls lnformaLlon and all Lhe programmlng and we're noL
aware of whaL's ln our unconsclous mlnd.
So very ofLen we do someLhlng unconsclously, wheLher we laLer noLlce we
dld, or someone polnLs ouL we dld, or we may be ln a slLuaLlon where we
have whaL we percelve as a problem wlLh anoLher person, buL we don'L
even see how we unconsclously parLlclpaLed ln Lhe creaLlon of lL. So l say
l'm sorry because l wasn'L aware. lease forglve me for noL knowlng
whaL's ln my unconsclous mlnd buL leL's work on lL now. 1hank you for
heallng lL, cleanlng lL, wlplng lL ouL and l love you.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
6"#73 1haL's really helpful, lL's a greaL example because you would say l'm sorry
lf someone ls golng Lhrough a sad slLuaLlon. And lf l found ouL LhaL l had
lnadverLenLly hurL someone else's feellngs LhaL l cared abouL, LhaL
offended Lhem, l would say l'm sorry for LhaL, you know? Lven Lhough l
dldn'L do lL on purpose l sLlll have LhaL same feellng Lo say lL.
8"&3 1haL's perfecL, LhaL's a beLLer example even Lhan Lhe one l [usL gave
because LhaL's whaL we're saylng. We were lnadverLenLly behavlng or
Lhlnklng ln a cerLaln way LhaL goL us Lhls feellng we don'L llke, l'm sorry for
LhaL, l dldn'L know LhaL's whaL was golng Lo happen. l'm really sorry,
please forglve me.
6"#73 1haL's greaL, very helpful. Along Lhese llnes, lL ls a blg lssue of Laklng
responslblllLy. l've goL a couple of quesLlons here LhaL l Lhlnk are relevanL,
especlally glven Lhe Llme we're ln.
Cne person wroLe:
Q4: Im still baffled that its my fault or the buck stops with me,
especially about the current situation in Japan. Im trying to get
my head around it and Im willing to trust the process.

8"&3 l'm glad she's wllllng Lo LrusL Lhe process because Lhe greaL key Lo maklng
all of Lhls work ls LrusL. When l dld Lhe flrsL semlnar wlLh ur. Pew Len we
were Lalklng abouL Lhls and he had asked me early on, have you ever
heard Lhe phrase 'you creaLe your own reallLy'?
And l sald yah, l'm one of Lhe guys who wrlLes abouL lL. l geL on a soap box
and Lalk abouL lL. And he says LhaL lf somebody shows up ln your llfe llke
Lhey dld ln hls and Lhey're a menLally lll crlmlnal, dldn'L he help creaLe LhaL
reallLy Loo? ln oLher words, lf you creaLe your own reallLy, Lhere are no
loopholes, Lhere are no escape clauses, Lhere are no hldden llLLle corners
where you dldn'L creaLe LhaL.
lf you creaLe your own reallLy and !apan ls now ln your reallLy, by
exLenslon, you had Lo have some hand ln creaLlng lL.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
now when you look aL !apan Lhe real lssue ls how do you feel abouL lL
lnslde. lf you're looklng aL lL as a neuLral evenL LhaL you're noL feellng one
way or Lhe oLher abouL, you're probably flne.
lf you're looklng aL lL golng oh my Cod, how could Lhls happen, or you're
golng Lhls ls a Lerrlble caLasLrophe, or oh my Cod, where ls Cod, Lhe devll's
ouL, whaLever lL happens Lo be. Any of Lhose feellngs LhaL are Lurnlng lnLo
a problem.
?ou're looklng aL lL and you're no longer happy, you're no longer ln Lhls
momenL wlLh appreclaLlon or graLlLude. ?ou're looklng aL LhaL as an lssue,
LhaL's whaL you have Lo clean.
6"#73 So you need Lo Lake Lhls cleanlng process Lo LhaL ldea or Lhose feellngs and
geL Lo Lhe polnL LhaL you're clear.
8"&3 And geL Lo Lhe polnL LhaL you're clear. AL LhaL polnL you may be lnsplred Lo
do someLhlng abouL !apan, or you may be lnsplred Lo [usL go abouL your
buslness, llve your llfe and do whaL's golng Lo be useful here. l don'L really
know buL Lhe polnL ls LhaL lL wlll be unlque Lo each person.
1he polnL ls LhaL we won'L really know, so we wanL Lo keep cleanlng and
clearlng so we can hear lnsplraLlon. WhaL mosL of us are dolng ls [usL
acLlng, we're noL even acLlng, we're reacLlng Lo oLher people, reacLlng Lo
LhoughLs, we're reacLlng Lo Lhe news bulleLlns, we're reacLlng Lo llfe.
We're noL respondlng, we're noL belng lnsplred, we're noL comlng from
LhaL place of a connecLlon Lo Lhe ulvlne. 8y Lhls consLanL cleanlng, we can
geL Lhere.
6"#73 1haL's greaL because a loL of people have Lhls confuslon abouL l'm
responslble and lL's my faulL. And LhaL brlngs ln feellngs of gullL and how
do you explaln LhaL when people are looklng for a dlsLlncLlon Lhere?
8"&3 ?ah, LhaL's a greaL one and l've heard LhaL one a loL over Lhe years. Whlle
we're responslble for whaL's golng on, we are noL ln any way, shape or
form Lo blame for lL.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
1o blame would probably be ln Lhe form of you lnLenLlonally dld
someLhlng Lo yourself or somebody else, and even Lhen l'm noL sure LhaL
would be a correcL way of looklng aL lL.
WhaL we really wanL Lo do ls Lake full responslblllLy for whaL's golng on
emoLlonally ln our llves. l remember Lhere was a 1v ad LhaL came ouL
decades ago and l always remember Lhe guy's llne, lL was - your problem
ls noL your faulL, buL lL ls your responslblllLy.
l always loved LhaL because lL's so clear. ?ou're noL Lo blame, nobody ls
polnLlng flngers aL you aL all saylng LhaL because you have a smoklng lssue
or whaLever, lL's noL your faulL LhaL you're smoklng, buL lL ls your
WhaL LhaL does ls klnd of separaLe Lhe llne from condemnlng you Lo
helplng you and aL Lhe same Llme lL puLs lL ln your lap. now you're free Lo
do someLhlng abouL lL.
6"#73 l see, so lf you Lhlnk lL's someone else's faulL, or you have Lhe vlew LhaL
oLher people are responslble for your llfe, Lhen you're really powerless Lo
do anyLhlng abouL lL. 1hls way you have Lhe power Lo acLually make some
changes and work wlLh lL.
8"&3 ?es, and Lhls works - one of Lhe examples LhaL's [usL floaLlng lnLo my
awareness rlghL now ls Mabel kaLz ls one of Lhe Leachers of
Po'oponopono and she's sLudled wlLh ur. Pew Len and she Lravels around
and has wrlLLen a book or Lwo and she has been a Lax aLLorney, or
bookkeeper, l can'L remember whlch lL ls, buL she would go lnLo Lhe l8S Lo
do audlLs represenLlng her cllenLs dolng noLhlng buL cleanlng and would
Lell me, face Lo face, LhaL she would have Lhe l8S compleLely dlsmlss, or
Lremendously lower fees and penalLles because of Lhls cleanlng she's
now, when mosL people Lhlnk of Lhe l8S Lhey Lhlnk, well, LhaL's one
company we have no conLrol over, we can'L geL ln Lhere. 1haL's noL Lrue.
1hlnklng LhaL ls parL of a percepLlon LhaL leads Lo a problem.
She's comlng from Lhe sLandpolnL LhaL Lhe l8S ls parL of her lnner belng
and whaLever her relaLlonshlp ls Lo Lhe l8S she's cleanlng on lL wlLhln her, l
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
love you, l'm sorry, please forglve me, Lhank you, l love you, l'm sorry,
please forglve me, Lhank you.
1hey change. WheLher lL's all a feellng, wheLher lL's a pro[ecLlon, l don'L
know how far we can go wlLh a meLaphorlcal, meLaphyslcal descrlpLlon of
all of Lhls, buL from a whole Po'oponopono Zero LlmlLs sLandpolnL you
change Lhe lnslde and Lhe ouLer changes.
ln my Zero LlmlLs evenL, Lhe lasL one we referred Lo a few Llmes, l sLood up
Lhere and Lold Lhem, you know, Lrylng Lo change Lhe ouLer world of oLher
people ls llke sLandlng ln fronL of your baLhroom mlrror ln Lhe mornlng
and puLLlng make up on Lhe mlrror, or shavlng Lhe mlrror.
6"#73 l saw LhaL parL, LhaL was a greaL analogy. ?ah, people really goL lL, lL helped
me geL lL.
8"&3 ?ah, people goL lL, ln facL Lhere was one guy runnlng a camera and when
he heard lL he almosL collapsed. l saw hlm, he [usL folded over and saL
down, lL [usL wenL Lo hls guL, lL [usL wenL Lo LhaL level.
8uL lL's Lhe whole lmage we're Lrylng Lo reflecL ln Po'oponopono, we're
noL Lrylng Lo change 'ouL Lhere'. 1he pro[ecLlon ls whaL we're pro[ecLlng
from lnslde, we wanL Lo clean up Lhe pro[ecLlonlsL, who ls Lhe person
experlenclng lL.
Q5: How do the four phrases interact with the Law of Attraction?

6"#73 AnoLher quesLlon l have here LhaL's on a loL of people's mlnds ls how do
Lhese four sLaLemenLs work and how do Lhey lnLeracL wlLh Lhe Law of
ALLracLlon? l lmaglne you geL LhaL quesLlon a loL, whaL's your response Lo
LhaL, how do Lhey lnLegraLe?
8"&3 ?ou know, flrsL of all, everyLhlng you have ln your llfe you aLLracLed.
1here's no vlolaLlon or confllcL here. 1he Po'oponopono and Law of
ALLracLlon are sLlll worklng ln Lhe same reallLy.
ulLlmaLely when you look aL your llfe LhaL you're Lhe source of everyLhlng
comlng lnLo your llfe, Lhe Law of ALLracLlon ls worklng. 1haL's why you
have everyLhlng comlng Lo you.
2011 PypnoLlc MarkeLlng, lnc. !"# %"#& !'(( )"*"+","+"," -#./,/,0 1/2/-3
lL's [usL LhaL when you don'L llke whaL's comlng up ln your llfe, whaL are
you golng Lo do abouL lL? Pow are you golng Lo change lL? Po'oponopono
ls Lhe eraser Lechnlque.
1haL's whaL you use Lo Lake care of Lhe Lhlngs LhaL are showlng up LhaL are
Lhe ones you dldn'L wanL Lo aLLracL.
6"#73 l see.
8"&3 l'm Lrylng Lo lmaglne some klnd of problem here - a boss has a problem
wlLh a co-worker for example, Lhe Law of ALLracLlon sLandpolnL ls you
aLLracLed LhaL.
now Lhe skepLlcs would say, no l dldn'L because l wasn'L Lhlnklng abouL
LhaL aL all. 8uL Lhe deeper undersLandlng of Lhe Law of ALLracLlon ls LhaL
you aLLracL everyLhlng ln your llfe based on your unconsclous bellefs. noL
whaL you're consclously lnLendlng, lL's whaL you're unconsclously
lnLendlng and mosL of Lhe Llme you don'L even know whaL's ln your
unconsclous mlnd.
1haL's why Po'oponopono ls so lmporLanL. lL cleans Lhe negaLlvlLy ln Lhe
unconsclous mlnd. As you clean LhaL, Lhen you're golng Lo be less llkely Lo
aLLracL someLhlng you wlshed you dldn'L aLLracL.
So Lhey work LogeLher.
6"#73 1hey really do, lL seems llke Lhey supporL each oLher lf whaL you're
aLLracLlng ln your llfe ls Lhe sum LoLal of your unconsclous mlnd, your
unconsclous LhoughLs, Lhen Lhe cleaner your unconsclous becomes Lhe
more you're golng Lo be aLLracLlng whaL you wanL.
8"&3 ?es, yes. AbsoluLely. 1he more you'll be ln allgnmenL wlLh Lhe ulvlne, your
paLh Lhrough llfe. 1he more you'll lead an lnsplred llfe. When you look
around everyLhlng LhaL you'll be aLLracLlng ls a maLch Lo LhaL road.
Po'oponopono ls a way Lo make Lhe Law of ALLracLlon work smooLher for