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Water provision

The meaning of protecting our water resource cannot be excessive. In economic terms, the assessable impact of water to the economy is difficult to estimate. In other hand the environmental terms, water is the life force of the earth. Without a fixed supply of clean, new water, all life, including community, would cease to exist. Some of the country will pay money for the fresh water and they have many problem. However, Water and health are key components of any version strategy expected at preserving human health in a changing world. Risky weather events such as floods and droughts are happening with growing frequency and power in the pan-European region. They affect the ability and jobs of existing water and sanitation setups and services, and thereby threaten the safety such services offer to human health and the environment. Access to water is a major human right and necessary for good health. Nether less, Water supply and sanitation services have to make for the generally expected penalties of floods and droughts, or risk do a deal access to safe drinking water and safe cleanliness for a substantial number of people in developing and developed countries, with falling effects on human health, the environs and development. These impacts will also have to be taken into cause in the design and construction of new structures, such as new lakes.

Water provision at work and in the community Many of the offers made for falling water use in the home have wider request, both in the workplace, and in the community at large. Low-flow apparatus are available for most saleable and toilet applications, starting them may mean taking a leading role yourself. The law requires that you provide drinking water and ensure that, It is free

Name: Shivan Gurgis Nisan ID: 00142

from pollution and is rather from the public water supply bottled water points are okay as a secondary supply, it is easily available by all employees, there are suitable supplies taking into respect the temperature of the working environment and types of work motion, cups or a drinking source are provided. Drinking water does not have to be marked unless there is a important risk of people drinking non-drinking water.

Storm water in the California:

State of California Water Resources Device Board is responsible for overall water management in the state Defines storm water as a chemical and as a point source Subject to allowing under rules One source of storm water is from construction sites September 2009 New regulations for construction activities. Regional Authority State separated into regions based on watershed limits Each region responsible for separate basin plans regulate water quality to certify helpful uses of the streams and lakes in its region. Landscape contractors, as followers of the green business, should have a special connection to water quality. Workers should know the law, understand the best management applies (BMPs) and how to apply them, know how their jobs can pay pollutants, and be able to manage their activities and employees. Landscape contractors should be active, not reactive. Staying in agreement and making a difference doesn't always mean spending dollars. Sometimes it's just a matter of having conceit in what we do.

Name: Shivan Gurgis Nisan ID: 00142

Groundwater in California:
Meeting California's water needs gifts new challenges and highlights the importance of teaching the public about groundwater means. Actions to rise the overall water supply will need more thoughtful and safety of groundwater, especially from pollution and overuse. Monitoring and valuation must be constant so that future groundwater issues are not overlooked or mistaken. Proper stewardship of California's groundwater is key to avoid quality filth and land subsidence. Groundwater issues disagree statewide, making it most right to local management. We represent over 40,000 groundwater authorities working with water well owners throughout California. Beyond continuing high values in the groundwater industry, the CGA is devoted to as long as continuing education to its members and giving exact information to the public about the number, value and availability of Californias groundwater resources. Lower the surface of the ground lies a vast body of water. It does not exist in a great underground lake or a flowing underground stream but rather as tiny drips of water, spread among the jots of soil and rock that we commonly picture when imagining the world underground. Nevertheless, the total volume of those tiny water droplets is greater than the volume of all the lakes and rivers of the world shared. In fact, the volume of groundwater is assessed to be more than 30 times the combined volume of all fresh-water lakes in the world and more than 3,000 times the combined size of all the world's streams In California alone. For all of these reasons, the California Division of Water Resources has decided that water from California's groundwater dishes "has been the most important single resource paying to the present development of the state's economy. However, many country for example

Name: Shivan Gurgis Nisan ID: 00142

South Africa they have problem with water and another country they buy water for drinking.

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