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K e n t u c k y M a r i j u a n a P r e ve n t i o n C o a l i t i o n

Protecting Kentuckys Kids-Promoting Health, Education and Common Sense

Medical MarijuanaWhat Does the Research Say?

Is cannabis/marijuana Addictive? The National Institute of Health found that the earlier marijuana use is initiated, the higher the risk for drug abuse and dependence. The adolescent brain is especially susceptible to marijuana use. When kids use, they have a greater chance of addiction since their brains are being primed.
Giedd, J.N. (2004). Structural magnetic resonance imaging of the adolescent brain. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1021, 77-85

1 in 6 kids who try marijuana will become addicted. For people who keep smoking marijuana, the health harms are underappreciated and costly.

Is cannabis/marijuana Harmless?
In Colorado during the time marijuana was available only for medical use: Traffic fatalities in Colorado decreased 16% from 2006 to 2011, consistent with national trends. However, during the same six years in Colorado, traffic fatalities involving drivers testing positive for just marijuana increased 114% In 2006 in Colorado, traffic fatalities involving drivers testing positive for marijuana represented 5 percent of the total traffic fatalities. By 2011, rate jumped to 13 %. In 2006, drivers testing positive for marijuana were involved in 28% of fatal vehicle crashes involving drugs. By 2011 that number had increased to 56% Youth (ages 1217 years) - Current Marijuana Use, 2011 National average for youth was 7.64 percent. Colorado average for youth was 10.72 percent. Colorado was ranked 5th in the nation for current marijuana use among youth

What are other Organizations Saying?

According to Food and Drug Administration Smoked marijuana is not medicine

Released Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of the plant, to study for use treating epileptic seizures in children. (Epidiolex) The American Psychiatric Association gave considerable attention to marijuana as medicine for psychiatric issues and found no current scientific evidence that marijuana is in any way beneficial for the treatment of any psychiatric disorder.

The American Medical Associationcannabis is a dangerous drug and as such is a public health concern. American Academy of Pediatrics

American Society of Addiction Medicine"marijuana"

Drug Enforcement Agency

Availability Increases Use and Risk 20The%20Impact.pdf

Alcohol & Tobacco Money Makers or Dollar Drainers

Decrease in IQ ?
Dr. Madeline Meier conducted a study on how the persistent use of marijuana affected the IQ from childhood to adulthood.

Alcohol Costs
$185 billion

$200 billion


$14 bil.

$25 bil.

Results: People starting cannabis use as

teens, lost about 8 IQ points by the time they were 38.

Study was conducted in New Zealand with about 1,000 people born in 1972-1973. Follow up occurred every other year until 38 yrs. old. IQ was administered between ages 7 and 13 and repeated at age 38.

Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D.,

Money Makers or Dollar Drainers

Comparing the two substances that are already legal what can we expect from revenue from cannabis/marijuana? Alcohol we receive $14 billion in tax revenue, but the cost is $185 billion Tobacco we receive $25 billion in tax revenue, but the societal cost is $200 billion. Will cannabis/marijuana produce different results?