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Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would nod as he recieved the information, himself

suddenly dissappearing as his body broke up into small orbs of energy as the orbs
began to float through the nearby air vent. Moments later, he would arrive, his
body reforming infront of the VR room as his green eyes opened, shaking his body
as he felt somewhat wierd as he was put together."Whew. I don't know if I'll ever
get used to that." He said, his robe flowing beneath him as he begun to release a
small portion of his power in this form...

Aera -does- go to her room though, unlocking her door and stepping inside. She
walks across her unlit, carpeted room, over to her weapon wall. Strapping a
leather strap to her back, tailored to fit comfortably and securely and with two
large metal holder-hook things molded on, she pulls her mech sword off its rack.
She grabs it near the tip, sliding it through the holders at her back which hold
it horizontally, and looks over the rest of her weapons to see what else she'd
bring. Without having a -great- idea of how Ichimusho fights weapon-wise, she
grabs Airon's onyx black spellsword to hopefully reflect Ichi's energy attacks
(along with amplifying her elementals), one of her silver-plated weapons as
another backup weapon, scabbarded by her larger sword, and a 20 fluid ounce
leather bag filled with a thick red liquid. The liquid was blood, her own blood,
mixed in with Namiko's superconcentrated flash powder, which she found still
worked while in liquid, a small amount able to temporarily blind her from around
twenty feet away. Making sure everything she had was secure, she locks up her
room, and heads to VR24, greeting Ichi as she gets there.

Aera: Sorry that took so long, hah.

Aera: Saw an -awesome- movie, just got back from Avalon.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) : So, ready?

Aera: Hehe, I guess...

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) : Well, as always, Ladies first.

Aera smiles, and sidesteps into the room, stepping back to give Ichi room to go

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would smile as he walked through, his current weapon

still on his back, wrapped up in Red Ribbons, his green eyes looking back at the
hilt as he waited for Aera to make her choice of VR Environment, his green eyes
then looking back at her as he spoke."How about we go for something a bit more
dangerous this time?" He asked, his robe still flowing upward as did his hair, his
body beginning to tense up more, and despite having no major physical changes to
his body, it seemed that his current power was much more than his previous one
throughout the first fight with Aera...

Aera: Mm... Alright then, just don't end me too quickly! I'm the one here that
needs training y'know, hah. You pick scenery?

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) : Nah, I trust you know what dangerous is. You go
Aera: ...Actually.

Aera: Uh...

Aera: I really don't want either of us to like, get gimped by environment stuff.
Soo... Y'mind if we do where we did before?

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) : Alright, go ahead.

Aera sets it to the normal place. Ichi remembers, Aeryl's lazy; your post.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would smiles as he closed his eyes, looking at his

Hadou's hilt as he grabbed it with his right hand, his body suddenly flying
forward as he seemed to float above the ground, his robe flowing violently along
with his hair as he felt toward Aera, the red ribbons which were attached to his
Hadou would instantly come off as he slashed at her with the large blade at a fast
pace, the ground beneath him beginning to slightly crumble from the pressure of
his energy pushing down on the ground below him.

Aera , her sword(s) not even drawn yet, widens her stance as Ichi starts to
attack, eyes focused on Hadou and the energy within and emitting from it. Her gaze
sharpening, she jumps up while twisting her body counterclockwise, aiming to have
Hadou hit the base of her mech sword's blade, near the handle. Her left hand
extended outward and touching the flat of the giant blade, she would catch the
handle with her hand assuming Hadou made contact, gripping it firmly and pushing
down. Since both her and the blade didn't have any favorable momentum, she
couldn't swing it around with enough force for an attack in the air , and instead
pulls the blade around toward her front, moving her own body as well. The flat of
her blade probably facing Ichimusho at this point, she covers her free arm with an
inch-thick layer of mana-formed ice.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would frown as his sword was blocked by the large
blad on Aera'a back, his green eyes sharpening as he would take the cancelled
momentum and reverse it after hitting the base of the blade, Hadou beginning to
swing back behind Ichimusho as he himself turned with the blade's swing, aiming to
strike her as she landed. However, the large blade that was now in her own hand
was more than large enough to block the oncoming blow, it seemed, as Ichimusho
smiled. It looked like this would be a good fight. However, he was not done, as he
quickly jumped into the air, pulling his body close together as he did a flip in
mid-air, slashing down at Aera from above to try to wound one of her upper areas,
whether it would be shoulder or head, most likely the shoulder, though.
Afterwards, Ichimusho would land subtly on the ground, the impact causing a small
crater in the ground aroiund him as he couldn't help but smile at the excitement
of this match.

Aera , having been holding her sword semidiagonally but mostly vertically, would
have had her sword penetrate through the ground as she landed. The flat of it
would probably still be facing in the direction of Ichimusho as he went for a
followup attack, but he might notice something. Before the sword hit the ground,
Aera would reverse her grip, holding it how you would a dagger defensively, and
push forward slightly, making the massive hunk of metal perpendicular to the
ground almost. As she landed, her sword over halfway into the ground by this
point, she would place her other hand on it near when Ichimusho started his third
slash. Shutting her eyes for a moment to concentrate in an extended blink, she
takes a step back as they open, pushes the sword down a bit more into the ground,
then pulls back and -lifts- it, the motion centered around a pivot about a foot
directly outward from the handle. The motion, oddly fluid despite what should be
blocking it, would come with it a massive piece of the earth below, which would
get sent up, help block Hadou's attack, and make contact with Ichi if he didn't do
anything to destroy the entire rock. As soon as her sword goes up to a 45 degree
angle, she lunges backward, moving the grip on her sword back to normal in her
left hand. The ice on her right arm would have shattered as she lost concentration
on it and did the movement, and she would start to reform it.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would frown as he would see the rock coming toward
him as he in mid-air, his green eyes sharpening even more-so as his slash at
Aera's shoulder was hindered by the rock as he was forced to use more than just
his sword, his left hand releasing the sword as he thrusted it toward the oncoming
hunk of earth, a small amount of spirit energy building up before hand as he
literally thrusted it through the chunk, the energy then being released as he did
so, all of the now seperated chunks flew in all direction as the energy worked as
a outward pushing shield, pushing the large rocks back away from him as the debree
would possibly fly at Aera, as he himself would then finish his flip, landing on
the ground as he sighed. It looked like he would have to try harder than he had to
fight her, as he began to release even more of his suppressed energy, his robe now
flowing ferociously as his hair began to flow with the pressure, as well, his
sword beginning to glow brightly as he began to charge it full of spirit energy,
beginning to concentrate as the sword began to glow a blue color as he ran forward
upward, holding the sword to his left side as he turned it around, it's hilt
facing toward Aera as he suddenly began to strike at her from this position, the
sword slashing down through the ground and then coming upward from its lower
position to try to hit Aera's sword out of her hand, trying to honorably disarm
her as the pure energy from the sword ripped through the earth below like paper,
debree from the slash flying up into the air as he aimed to strike the sword on
the underside of her large one.

Flashback Aera had lunged back after that shovel-slash, probably still in movement
as Ichimusho destroyed the rock. Her movement would likely allow her to knock
away/destroy any rocks and debris coming straight at her with her free right hand,
and as she stopped, the bag of red liquid latched to her belt behind her waist
would open slightly as a large mass of liquid, about half the diameter of a
baseball, would be drawn out. This was about a tenth of the flashpowder-blood she
had in the bag, but the flash from that small amount was enough to stun her for
close to twenty seconds. The powder-mixed liquid, as demonstrated in Master
Namiko's dojo, could still activate while in a thick liquid like blood, but would
need more friction and movement to create a flash than the powder, which a small
flick of the fingers could create a blinding screen of white. Shutting her eyes
and focusing on the energy eminating from Ichimusho, Hadou, and Hadou's
attack(Which probably would be major beacons of energy easily detected in Ichi's
current form), she manipulates the sphere around while also forming it into a
rose, crystalline and in a deep, crimson red. She charges as much pure mana into
the rose as possible when she moves it forward, enough to sense it with her eyes
shut, and when Ichimusho gets close and starts his slash, she shuts her eyes. The
rose hovers in front of her as she grips the knife at her back with her free hand,
and slashes diagonally up while moving backward to her left. The blade manages to
impact the rose at a decent speed, enough to start the powder-blood's reaction.
The rose shatters, with it a massive flash of pink which actually lasts for a
second or two before disappearing instantaneously. Aera slides backward with her
lunge-dodge, the edge of the cliff leading down into the lake about forty feet to
her left, and she holds her sword in an idle position, both hands now gripping the
massive blade.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would react rather shocked as a sudden pink flash

took place infront of him, his green eyes closing as he continued to try to regain
his vision. In the mean time, he had an idea, his body beginning to glow as even
more of his energy war released, his large blade suddenly being pointed downward
as he plunged it into the ground below him, the very earth around him suddenly
crumbling as eight different small crevices were created around him, one of them
flying toward Aera. Seconds later, after the crevices were created, Ichimusho
began to push Spirit Energy into them, blue spikes of spirit energy flying up from
every part of each crevice, one of them possibly under Aera's position.

Flashback Aera , assuming the crevice was created under her, actually digs her
sword into the ground in it as she sees it form, acting like a shield within the
crevice. The sword might block the energy Ichimusho sends through, but this wasn't
her intention. Right after the groundstab, she twitch-pulls her left hand backward
slightly, the sudden, powerful motion pushing out some earth below her and causing
her to hop upward. She lets go of her sword's handle, and falls into the space she
made for herself, drawing out her black, magic-amplifying spellsword. Focusing
energy into the onyx blade, she gathers both ambient mana in the area, some of her
own, and a third of what was stored in the hilt. Knowing she needed to go on the
offensive soon, she -had- to attack now before Ichimusho decided to act on his
advantage of range. Her sword, the blade now sporting a light blue aura, shifts to
a deeper blue color as Aera converts all the pure energy inside into ice mana. She
actually starts a small incantation to help stabilize the energy within the blade,
an even pattern of line indents now wrapping around the aura. When finished, she
jumps up and kicks the flat of her mechsword's blade rather forcefully, using it
like a bastardized seesaw. The mechsword goes to a 15-degree angle upward, the
hilt now pointing downward toward the ground and the fulcrum point being about
where the even part of the ground was. The force of the kick actually causes the
flat of the blade on the side near the top to contact Aera's feet, sending her
only about twenty feet in the air. While moving upward, she brings her spellsword
behind herself, then slashes in a wide vertical swing at the apex point of her
ascent, releasing and transforming all the pure ice mana within the blade. The
blade itself amplifies her attack, which would be three large beams of ice, one
directed straight at Ichimusho, two splitting off from Aera's position and about
10 feet to either of Ichimusho's sides. The beams themselves would be about four
feet in diameter and fired at a low angle, forming into ice shortly after the beam
of pure energy passes Ichi, if Aera managed to get that far. Somewhat dazed after
that, she starts focusing what untrained reserves of ki she has in her body into
her legs, enough to send her in a direction once if needed, since normally she
can't move in the air.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would frown as his eyes began to finally adjust to

the flash, his green eyes opening as at, first, everything seemed as a blur, as he
quickly held up Hadou in defense, retrieving it from the earth below as it was now
held up in front of him as he quickly turned around, his senses picking up
something coming his way as he could make out something flying at him. He would
frown, his eyes closing as, instead of using his eyes for now, he would use his
spiritual senses, his sword glowing as it began to be filled with spiritual
energy, his arms straightening out as charged forward at the oncoming projectile
from above, slashing at it as the energy in his blade caused the beam to be split,
only slight amounts of the ice mana affecting the sword as some small patches of
ice formed, his green eyes then opening as he finally could see clearly, them
picking up Aera's position as he began to move even faster, the earth beneath him
crumbling as he seemed to float in the air, slashing at his foe from his upper
right corner down toward his lower left, aiming a diagonal slash at her middle.

Flashback Aera would attempt to block Hadou's slash, moving her sword up and to
her left in an attempt to block, but the combination of her exhaustion from her
last attack, her split focus among her senses and ki flow, and her inability to
move in the air on impulse caused her to get a neat slice across her abdomen, the
cut being filled with blood(Unless Hadou couldn't get through titanium ringmail).
Nevertheless, the sudden pain would take her by surprise, and she'd move on
instinct. Blasting out half the energy in her left leg downward and to the side,
she'd attempt to rotate herself in the air, her head hopefully now pointing toward
her sword. If she could get that far, she'd flow out all the ki stored in her legs
in an effort to launch herself to the mech sword. If she could get this far
though, she would actually hit the ground a few feet from the blade, bouncing,
making a small impact crater, then sliding backward. She trips over the depression
in the ground made by Ichi's fissure move and her own sword, rolling backward on
her back, then gets to a steady position on one knee. Her sword would be four feet
in front of her, the cliff 44, and she would move to both sheath her spellsword
and grab her normal one from the ground, again going on the defensive. She holds
the sword in front of herself like one would a dagger, her stance widening to
shoulder width, her left hand and leg forward and right hand opened as if holding
an imaginary ball. Clenching her free right hand into a fist, she gathers mana
into it, then forms a two-foot-long ice blade along her forearm, sharp but easily
shattered and reformable. Her breathing starts to get heavy; though she hasn't
been pushed that much physically, she exhausted a lot of energy and was mentally
strained. Far from over, however, she awaits Ichimusho's attack.(...If she made it
this far, lol.)

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would frown as he would watch her abdomen be sliced

by his strike, beginning to slowly question his actions against her, but he would
not let up. He would smile as his sword began to glow once more as he followed her
as she would make an attempt to, from his perception, retrieve her sword. To be
honestly clear, though, he could not let her do this, and he did not honestly want
this battle to strain any longer, so he would come up with a solution. Quickly, he
attempted to jet to the sword's position, almost flying above the ground as his
robe flowed ferociously, his right hand now holding the blade as it began to
release its energy into the ground as he dragged it along through it almost
lazily, a beam being launched through the actual sword as it cut deeply into it as
he smiled, no longer beginning to hold back his energy as, suddenly his body began
to eminate a very large amount of energy as the crevices created would be atleast
twenty feet deep, the energy, once hitting about that height, would spread out,
causing damage underground where the crevices were being made. Ichimusho continued
to make the crevice pass right by the Mechsword, his green eyes sharpening as he
made sure that Aera would have to go over the line, watching as she was four feet
infront of the sword by now, he took Hadou now in both hands as he stood at the
end of the large crevice, as he plunged the sword into the ground, twisting it and
releasing one more strong burst of energy. As the energy traveled through the
openings in the crevice, it would finally wipe out the newly made underground
tunnels which Ichimusho had created by releasing the energy's final supporting
areas, causing the ground all around Area to crumble and fall twenty feet almost
instantly. Whether Aera could get up from that and get away from the area in time,
or if she would plunge with the crumbling earth was up to her.

Aera feels Ichimusho's energy flare out and increase as she hurtles through the
air, hitting the ground and bouncing over where her sword was. As she slides to
her feet, her eyes sharpen, the ground around her starting to crumble and shatter.
She tries to lunge toward her sword, but the ground was too loose and was
splitting. Having no ki gathered and stored up and with her insane, inhuman
weight, she falls easily to the ground. Impacting the tunnel below herself and
making a small impact crater, she shakes her head and flips backward out of said
crater. By now, Ichimusho and Hadou would be massive, Sol-shaming signal lights of
reiatsu, and this intimidated her slightly. But, she was stable, only minorly
injured, and still had a chance. It was -her- arena after all, and she knew the
terrain. Drawing her sword, she starts to rush down the tunnel. Instead of
following the tunnel's upward path, however, she actually keeps going straight,
using the flat of her sword along with her free hand to smash and push through the
earth. Stopping momentarily, she crouches down and tenses her legs, then rockets
herself out of the shaded cliff face, flipping once in the air while spinning to
face her opposite direction. She actually lands -on- the water, the liquid beneath
her feet forming into ice and allowing her solid ground. The ice was strong enough
to hold her own weight; freezing water into ice was much less difficult than
creating ice outright through mana, as well as being easier to reinforce. She
slides backward above the lake, left hand gripping her sword and eyes trained on
the lighthouse of energy that was Ichimusho's aura, and moves herself toward the
center of the lake. Standing up from her crouched position but still poised
defensively, she waits for Ichimusho's next move. The water in the lake would
gently, but noticably start to rotate counterclockwise, herself being the center
point. Aera, being surrounded by her element, might have a defensive advantage
here, even offensive if Ichimusho moves to strike her while moving toward the
lake. The bag at her back would have two-thirds of its flashliquid contents
inside, but at this range it wouldn't be useful. Though, it -was- blood, and could
make an effective weapon or projectile if needed while still retaining its stun
capabilities. At the center of the lake, Aera would see the waterfall at her left,
with Ichimusho to the right of it and the tunnel she made below.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would keep a straight face as she fell to the

ground, his eyes closing as she hit the ground, looking away as he hoped she would
be alright. Seconds later, he would open them, noticing that she had actually run
into the tunnels. He quickly jumped down into them, as well, his robe flowing
upward slghtly as his Cratorian sandals hit the ground, looking around as he could
hear footsteps echoing out of one of the nearby tunnels. Following her energy
signature, despite how weak it was at this point, he would follow her, his sword
being held in his right hand as he plunged it into the earth beside him in these
tunnels, causing it to collapse behind him as he ran, his speed increasing as the
collapsing accelated speed as he continued to do keep his sword pliunged into the
earth as he ran, his green eyes closing in the darkened areas as he let his senses
guide him. Seconds later, he would emerge from the tunnels. flying through the air
as he spotted the large lake below himself, with Aera being in the center of it.
It seemed like he would have to use more of his abilities at this point, as he
began to actually float in mid-air, suddenly flying, seconds later, toward Aera
with great speed, Hadou now glowing yellow as he drew back one hand away from the
sword as he prepared to strike her with it with his right, his left hand beginning
to glow brightly as blue energy formed in it,as he suddenly plunged it into the
hilt of Hadou, the energy forming together with the yellow and causing them to mix
and transform, the energy itself seeming unstable as Ichimusho flew toward Aera,
slashing downward with the large sword right at her body.

Flashback Aera starts to smile as she sees Ichimusho approach, seeing Hadou in its
energized form she saw him use against the Solaris unsealed simulation. The energy
around Hadou, she could tell, was dangerously powerful, though she hopes she can
still keep going. Fighting this guy was -fun-; he's skilled, powerful, and doesn't
have to play dirty to pose a challenge. Energized by the idea that this guy might
actually be taking her seriously, the mana link she has with the water flares out
slightly, a small ripple shockwave coursing through the water as Ichimusho lunges.
Focusing energy through her sword once again, she swings straight upward, not at
Ichimusho but with the swing, her link with the water flares once more, and the
top of the water within a twenty-foot radius freezes solid in ice, three feet deep
downward in the water. A split second later, stalagmites of ice burst out of the
shelf all around Aera, doubling her own height and pointed with deadly, piercing
tips. Though they would likely shatter on impact with Hadou's strike, the ice
would at least disperse the impact of the attack, allowing Aera to smash backward,
shutting her eyes. As she focuses, she actually moves -through- the ice cleanly, a
neat bubble of air surrounding her and passing through the ice, and she lands
sliding backward on another trail of frozen water, crouched downward and poised to
strike when Ichi approaches again.

Ichimusho(Spiritual Samurai) Would frown as he watched something happen in the

lake as he flew toward it, watching it quickly turn to ice, large ice stalagmites
crashing upward as he frowned, as he would begin to slash to stop the oncoming
stalagmite, but he realized that this would ruin his plan, and especially with
this unstable energy, might even hurt himself more than help him. So instead, he
positioned his right elbow infront of himself, literally plowing through the ice
with his great speed, holding Hadou in his left hand as he continued to follow
Aera through the ice, plowing through it as his green eyes sharpened, a couple of
stray ice shards striking his face and causing him to bleed slightly, as well as
causing his elbow, right arm, left arm, and both legs to get cuts as well.
Finally, after he had plowed through all the oncoming ice, he spotted Aera
outside, waiting for him as his speed increased even more-so than before,
literally moving as a bluir as he slashed at her diagonally from the lower left to
the upper right. He wasn't kidding around anymore. If the slash connected, a small
explosion would occur as both energies in the blade would grow unstable and
initiate an explosion from the fact that it would trigger them both yellow and
blue energies exerting their power at the same time, causing the explosion to take
place. This would injure Ichimusho slightly, but it would likely injure Aera more,
if it occured.

Flashback Aera narrows her eyes as Ichimusho continues his advance despite her
efforts to defend. Releasing the last of the reserves in the spellsword's hilt,
around forty percent being left after her large attack from earlier and her recent
ice-shaping, the blade of the sword almost instantaneously gets covered with an
inch-thick layer of ice, the length of the weapon actually doubling from four feet
to eight feet. Poising herself as Ichimusho advances, she brings her sword forward
from her side, the water it trails through freezing over with its motion, and
thrusts straight forward at the blur of speed in front of her. Releasing some
energy gathered in the blade, she fires a large shard of crystalline water
straight forward out of the ice, sized exactly as her sword's blade alone and
aimed toward Ichimusho's nether regions. ...I mean upper body. Her form balanced
with this motion like a european fencer's thrust, she clenches her free right hand
tightly, knuckles audibly cracking as she readies for a punch if needed. Her
energy-charged sword would burst outward with a jagged, defensive dome of ice if
it made contact with Ichimusho or Hadou, triggered by the insane energies coming
from both. Though the dome likely would be shattered by Hadou's explosion, it
would give Aera time to attack once more, either with a sword slash which would
need time for her to wind up, or with a punch which might be less effective, but
would still be powerful and quicker to execute.

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