On Tour with G. de P.

- 1931
A Secretary’s Travellog – Elsie V. Savage

Theosophical University Press 1931 -------------Foreword and Afterthought The publication of these letters in book-for !as not conte plate" at the ti e of their !riting# it fact$ as they the selves sho!$ they !ere inten"e" erely to give ne!s of the trip to %those at ho e% in ans!er to re&uests fro any before !e starte"$ to keep the ac&uainte" !ith our "oings. 't !as not until the en" of the Tour that it !as suggeste" that all (.T.S. an" in"ee" e bers of other Theosophical Societies ight like to share these$ first as being a faithful account of )r. "e Purucker*s first Theosophical +ecture-Tour$ an" secon"ly as sho!ing to all those truly intereste" in Theosophical fraterni,ation$ !hat great stri"es in this "irection have thereby been taken. The party left +o alan" on -ay ./th$ visiting -inneapolis$ 0hicago$ 1ashington$ ).0.$ 2oston$ Silver ine$ 3or!alk$ an" 3e! 4ork$ before sailing for Europe. 'n Europe the countries visite" !ere Englan"$ 1ales$ Englan" again$ 5ollan"$ 6er any$ S!e"en$ (inlan"$ S!e"en again$ 6er any again$ S!it,erlan"$ 5ollan" again$ Englan" again$ then back to the U.S.7.$ going &uickly through 3e! 4ork an" 2oston$ then up into 0ana"a$ visiting -ontreal$ Toronto$ Vancouver$ Victoria$ an" back into the U.S.7. again$ co ing "o!n the Pacific 0oast by !ay of Seattle an" 8aklan"$ arriving at +o alan" again 9ust five

onths after our "eparture$ on 8ctober ./th. 'n practically all the cities visite" 6. "e P. hel" public eetings$ fraterni,ation of in&uirers* eetings$ +o"ge$ Theosophical 0lub$ +otus-0ircle eetings$ an" other private eetings# though the fullness of the sche"ule an" the shortness of the ti e "i" not allo! the +ea"er*s staying in so e cities as long as (.T.S. in those places "esire". So e of the sub9ects lecture" upon by the +ea"er !ere: %-an$ the Path!ay to )ivinity%# %Theosophy%# %The Theosophical -ove ent%# %-an*s Place in 3ature%# %The Theosophical -ahat ans an" their -essenger 5.P. 2lavatsky%# %2ehin" the Sha"o! 1orl"%# %Esoteric Theosophy an" 'ts (uture%# %2eauty an" Truth%# %Theosophy$ 8ccultis an" the -ysteries%# %The Secret )octrine%# %The 7ncient 1is"o an" -o"ern 0ivili,ation%# %Theosophy$ the 7ncient 1is"o ;eligion%# %Theosophy an" ;eligious Thought%# %Spirit$ Soul$ an" 2o"y%# %Theosophy an" -o"ern Science%# %7n Evolving Universe%# %Theosophy$ the Union of ;eligion$ Science an" Philosophy%# %Esoteric Teachings 0oncerning the Universe an" -an.% Perhaps one of the ain purposes of the Tour an" one of the ost successful phases of it !as the fraterni,ation-!ork carrie" on !ith other Theosophical Societies# an" the hearty an" sincerely frien"ly response receive" fro any of the !as e<tre ely gratifying. 'n conclusion$ speaking not only for yself but for 6. "e P.$ )r. (ussell$ an" -rs. 6eiger "uring her stay !ith us$ ' feel i pelle" to e<press our gratitu"e an" appreciation for the !ar heart-!elco e an" splen"i" support given to us by all (.T.S.$ not only for their help Theosophically$ but for the any little personal kin"nesses !hich a"e the con"uct of the Tour run so s oothly. The ties that !ere a"e in this anner ' feel have foun" (.T.S. together ore closely throughout the !orl". - E. V. S. -------------Contents 1. En ;oute to -inneapolis .. So e!here bet!een 0hicago an" 1ashington$ ).0. 3. 8ur Theosophical Trio !ill beco e a =uartet >. T!o +ong 1eeks fro 5o e? /. 2oston$ Silver ine$ an" 3e! 4ork @. 'n +on"on - an" 4et 3ot in +on"on A. The 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onference B. 1e Visit 1ales in this +etter 9. Such 1eather? 1C. 5appenings at Visingo 11. The Tour !as not 7ll for 6ro!n-ups 1.. To (inlan" - an" Still ;aining 13. ' al ost +ost y ;eturn Per it to U.S.7.? 1>. (ro S!e"en to 6er any 1/. )i" ' (orget to Say it !as Still ;ainingD 1@. 'nto 2eautiful S!it,erlan" 1A. The =uestion-an"-7ns!er -eetings !ere 7l!ays -ost 'nteresting 1B. Enthusias in 5ollan" 19. -y 3ative +an"? .C. Still on )eck? .1. 3orth!ar" into 0ana"a ... +essons in (raterni,ation

.3. The -eetings To!ar"s the En" of the Tour !ere a ong the 7ll .>. 5o e at +ast? -----------En Route to Minneapolis 3o. 1 Union Pacific Train 3o. 3$ +os 7ngeles +i ite"$ Pro tem. 3orth Platte$ 11:3C a. . -ay .A$ 1931 To the +o alan" (a ily$ 'nternational Theosophical 5ea"&uarters$ Point +o a$ 0alifornia.

ost 'nteresting of

)ear Everybo"y at 5o e: To orro! orning !e arrive at -inneapolis$ so this see s an appropriate ti e to sen" to you the first of !hat ' hope !ill be a series of !eekly letters or a "iary of the events of this tour. The thing that is fore ost in y attention at the present o ent is the situation in the %section ne<t "oor.% Eust i agine fin"ing yourselves ne<t to t!o young others$ each !ith a baby$ all four of the !ith flo!ing col"s$ an" col"s !hich they are not at all selfish about keeping to the selves? 8ne of the babies$ har"ly a year ol"$ spen"s ost of his ti e yelling at the top of his voice$ only interrupte" by fits of coughing$ an" occasional stops to play !ith a usical rattle? the other chil"$ a little ol"er$ has learnt to use her voice to a "egree that coul" be hear" in any +o alan" publicspeaking class. 1ell$ let e take you out to the observation-car. To"ay is the first "ay since !e left +o alan" that !e have not ha" rain. 't raine" constantly !hile !e !ere crossing the "esert$ an" so !e escape" the trying heat. 't is lovely to sit at the en" of the train$ breathing in the fresh air$ an" !atching the lan"scape hurry past us. 4ester"ay orning !e !ere going through the "esert$ "uring the afternoon !e travele" through beautiful green ea"o!-lan"s !ith running brooks an" lovely trees$ an" by evening !e !ere in the ost !on"erful ountain-country: tall$ 9agge" asses rising al ost perpen"icularly fro the train-track high up into the air$ !ith ountain casca"es at their base running parallel !ith the train for any iles. 1e have risen consi"erably in the !orl" since !e sa! you. +ast night !e !ere over seven thousan" feet above sea-level? Traveling teaches one to be a"aptable. 4ester"ay orning !e stoppe" at a s all to!n$ ' have forgotten its na e$ !here the +ea"er esti ate" that the te perature !as belo! fifty$ an" !ere !e ha" to !alk briskly in or"er to keep !ar # an" this afternoon at 3orth Platte it !as so !ar Fhot is really the !or"G$ that !e !ent out !ithout !raps of any kin". 'n fact$ !hile this orning it !as col" enough to have the stea -heat on in the train$ this afternoon all the electric fans are in operation. Speaking of 3orth Platte$ there are !on"erful things !e have learne" to "o !ith ti e# an" this 9ust sho!s !hat an illusion ti e really is. 1e stoppe" at 3orth Platte at 1:1C$ for a stop of five inutes$ an" like all sensible travelers !e availe" ourselves of even these five inutes* e<ercise an" free"o fro the train# an" !hen !e boar"e" the train again it !as .:1/? (or those !ho "o not kno! !hat route !e are taking$ you !ill be intereste" to hear that !e have gone through 3eva"a# Utah$ the -or on State$ !here !e sa! the 6reat Salt +ake in !hich one cannot sink$ an" at Salt +ake 0ity the fa ous ol" -or on Te ple$ a very pictures&ue buil"ing# then through 1yo ing# an" no! !e are traversing

3ebraska. ' !ant to ail this letter at 8 aha tonight$ but before closing ' ust ention the splen"i" hospitality the 8r es offere" us in +os 7ngeles$ !here !e ha" an interi of about five hours before procee"ing on our 9ourney. 7s the +ea"er tol" you in his letter$ !e an" our baggage !ere taken to the San )iego station by -aurice 2rau . 't began raining 9ust as !e left the gates of +o alan"$ a goo" o en? 8n arriving in +os 7ngeles$ !e foun" -r. 8r e !ith his car$ an" it "i"n*t take long for us to reach their ho e$ !here !ere -rs. 8r e$ -other Parks$ an" -rs. 6eiger$ !ho %!elco e" us ho e$% an" !here a "elicious lunch a!aite" us. 1e spent the afternoon talking over past e<periences an" future prospects$ an" e bers fro the Eagle ;ock an" +os 7ngeles +o"ges ca e to bi" us goo"-by. 4ou have alrea"y hear"$ fro the +ea"er$ the goo" ne!s about -rs. 6eiger$ i.e.$ that she has arrange" to acco pany us on the tour$ 9oining us in 3e! 4ork on Eune 1.th. This is the surprise !hen tol" us of !hen !e arrive" in 5olly!oo" - that she ha" a" the necessary arrange ents$ if the +ea"er !as !illing. So !e are looking for!ar" to any happy "ays !ith her. -y ne<t letter !ill "escribe the great "oings at -inneapolis$ !here the +ea"er "elivers his first public lecture$ an" !here there is a very enthusiastic +o"ge !aiting to !elco e hi . 6oo"-bye to all$ an" "on*t forget that !e are ore an<ious to receive ail fro +o alan" than you are to hear fro us. - Elsie V. Savage FE<cuse han"!ritingG --------------Somewhere between Chicago and Washington, D.C. 3o. . The -il!aukee ;oa"$ Eune 1$ 1931 E. 5enry 8r e$ Es&.k 193. 'var 7venue$ 5olly!oo". )ear -r. 8r e: The +ea"er thought that the first official report of !ork "one on this tour !oul" be sent to you as 3ational Presi"ent# an" y ' as that anything of general interest in this letter you share !ith the +o alan" fa ily$ so that ' !ill not have to repeat things in y letters to the . 7s the official correspon"ent on this tour$ ' !ill ake an atte pt to !rite$ !henever ti e per its$ to +o alan"$ an" un"oubte"ly they !ill let you have all the ne!s they receive. 'f you an" -rs. 8r e are able so e ti e to ake a tour of our 7 erican +o"ges$ as the +ea"er hopes you !ill$ you !ill be a a,e"$ as !ere !e$ at the splen"i" aterial our +o"ges contain - that is$ 9u"ging by the t!o !e have so far visite". 'n -inneapolis things !ent splen"i"ly. This part of the country is !on"erfully beautiful$ especially at this ti e of the year$ an" the e bers !elco e" the +ea"er an" his party to their city in a !ay that a"e us feel !e !ere not so far a!ay fro ho e after all. -r. an" -rs. -illigan$ -rs. 5u"son$ an" -r. an" -rs. 7l!in Er.$ et us at the station an" took co plete charge of our baggage an" of us$ provi"ing us !ith auto transportation to -oun"$ t!enty-five iles "istant$ so that !e !oul" not have to ake the trip by train# an" all the e bers stoo" rea"y at any ti e "uring our stay there to give assistance !hen nee"e".

8n the first night after our arrival$ the +ea"er et the e bers infor ally at the ho e of the presi"ent$ -rs. -illigan# an" let e say right here that the e bers of -inneapolis +o"ge cannot say enough in praise of the enthusiastic an" unre itting !ork of -rs. -illigan an" her son 3e"# an" they in their turn are e&ually elo&uent in their e<pressions regar"ing the !hole-hearte" support that each e ber of the +o"ge gives. 'n fact$ it isn*t fair to begin entioning na es$ lest one "eserving e ber be left our. 2ut there certainly shoul" be a great future for this +o"ge. 7t this eeting$ above entione"$ e bers of other Theosophical societies !ere invite"$ an" a ong others there !ere present )r. 2o<all$ Presi"ent of the St. Paul 7"yar +o"ge$ an" -r. +o!"er$ !ho$ ' believe$ is Presi"ent of the -inneapolis 7"yar +o"ge. 2oth these gentle ent gave short a""resses$ frien"ly an" kin"ly$ an" )r. 2o<all assure" the +ea"er that the present national a" inistration of their Society !as frien"ly to hi an" his fraterni,ation-plans. The +ea"er gave a splen"i" talk in !hich he "i" not leave anyone in "oubt as to !hether fraterni,ation eant sticking to our o!n principles or not. Unfortunately 3e" -illigan$ !ho ha" been so active in aking preparations for the +ea"er*s visit$ !as hi self unable to atten" the eeting because he is "oing night-!ork$ but the +ea"er very kin"ly on his !ay ho e after the eeting "rove past 3e"*s place of business an" greete" hi . 8n the ne<t night !as the public eeting$ hel" in 0ataract Te ple$ a large -asonic au"itoriu !hich seats over si< hun"re" people. The hall !as not fille" to capacity$ but the au"ience !as of a splen"i" type. There "i" not see to be any curiosity-seekers there$ an" the collection !as very goo" in"ee". -r. -illigan$ 3e"*s father$ officiate"$ an" "i" no in 9ust the right !ay$ saying not too uch an" yet enough. The +ea"er !as terribly tire"$ having average" one an" a half or t!o hours* sleep "uring the four nights since he left ho e$ but ' "on*t think that anyone e<cept one inti ately ac&uainte" !ith hi !oul" have "etecte" any fatigue un"erneath the stirring energy of his a""ress. ' ust not forget to ention the perfect hospitality !e receive" fro -r. an" -rs. 7.E. 7l!in an" their son an" "aughter$ -r. an" -rs. +e;oy 7l!in. -r. 7l!in hi self is not a e ber of the T.S.$ but they all a"e us feel that$ "uring our stay there$ their ho e !as our ho e. 7fter various eetings$ private an" other!ise the ne<t "ay$ !e left on Sun"ay orning$ having to rise early an" take the long "rive into the city$ t!enty-five iles "istant$ so as to reach the train$ !hich left at B:>/$ in goo" ti e. Then things began to spee" up? The 9ourney to 0hicago took until A:>/ p. . train ti e$ !hich !as B:>/ by 0hicago "aylight-saving ti e. The train pulle" in about five inutes late$ an" the 0hicago eeting ha" been calle" for 9:CC o*clock# so !e ha" 9ust ten inutes to atten" to our luggage an" take a ta<i through the cro!"e" 0hicago streets to the +o"ge-roo $ not even stopping at our hotel to re ove so e of the layers of accu ulate" train-gri e$ after an all-"ay 9ourney along the -il!aukee ;oa"$ !hich is anything but clean. 5o!ever$ t!o of our e bers$ -r. ;oth an" -r. Peters$ !ere at the station. -r. ;oth took charge of our baggage an" "eposite" it in our hotel$ an" -r. Peters con"ucte" us in the +o"ge-roo $ !here an overflo! au"ience a!aite" us. 5ere !e !ere greete" by -r. 5echt$ presi"ent of the 0hicago +o"ge$ an" also by -rs. (isher$ Presi"ent of one of the 7"yar 0hicago +o"ges. 't is re arkable to notice the fine at osphere as !e entere" the roo $ an" the Theosophists fro various societies gathere" there evi"ently !ere rea"y for so ething !orth !hile$ for ' have not hear" the +ea"er speak !ith such vigor an" force for onths$ in spite of the fact that he ha" not a inute to rest after the fatiguing 9ourney in the parlor car$ an" the "ays of activity in -inneapolis. -r. Sy"ney 0ook$ for so e reason unkno!n to us$ !as not at the eeting$ although he ha" accepte" the invitation to atten"$ but -r. ;ogers !as$ an" he !as calle" upon to speak. 5e respon"e" !ith a fe! !or"s of e<planation !hy he coul" speak for only a fe!

inutes$ because he ha" to catch his train back to 1heaton F6eneral Ste!ar"$ !ho !as 0hair an$ ha" alrea"y "efinitely state" that only a very fe! inutes coul" be give to speakers !ho !ere calle" again after the +ea"er.G 5e spoke !ith an apparent sincerity for fraterni,ation an" !ith a kin"ly feeling that !ere char ing to hear. 1ith his fare!ell han"shake !ith the +ea"er$ he see e" to !ipe out$ fro his o!n e ory at least$ all traces of any "ifference of opinion as e<presse" in his !orthy aga,ine$ The Theosophical Messenger. 2ut ' a allotting to our frien" ore ti e in this letter than he took in the eeting. 6eneral Ste!ar" prove" to be a chair an capable of his 9ob$ an" he carrie" the eeting through !ith precision an" hu or$ an" left no one "oubting !ho hel" the reins. 5e !as in fine shape. 2y the !ay$ you !ill probably be receiving shortly his application for e bership$ !hich he signe" after the eeting. 4ou kno!$ he !as a e ber in the early "ays. 5e !ill evi"ently co e into active !ork again$ an" certainly things !on*t "rag !here he is? 8f course the great success of the eeting !as largely "ue to the in"efatigable la"ies of 5echt an" those !ho assiste" the $ an" they can !ell be proof of the outco e of the eeting. Every seat in the hall !as taken$ an" people !ere sitting aroun" the corner an" in the alcoves. 5echt ha" put signs on the si"e!alk an" at the entrance$ e<plaining that those !ho receive" invitations an" those !ho arrive first !oul" be given seats. The rest !oul" have to stan". 7t the close of the eeting people thronge" to shake han"s !ith the +ea"er an" the throng !as so great that it !as only 6eneral Ste!ar"*s skill Fbesi"es being a ilitary an he !as for any years 0hief of Police here in 0hicagoG that finally e<tracte" our party an" lan"e" us safely to the elevator$ preparatory to reaching our hotel. The +ea"er ha" set asi"e t!o hours the follo!ing orning for eeting people at the hotel$ as he !as leaving by train at 1.:>/. This prove" to be a very satisfactory arrange ent$ an" all the e bers of the 0hicago +o"ge$ besi"es several 7"yar e bers an" others$ ha" the opportunity of short in"ivi"ual intervie!s !ith the +ea"er. The results of the eeting !ere alrea"y beginning to be evi"ent. T!o 7"yar e bers han"e" in their applications to the +ea"er for signature !hen they ca e to see hi an" four or five others at least !ill probably "o so in a "ay or t!o. ' think our 0hicago !ork has receive" a ne! i petus !hich !ill sen" it spee"ing along the !ay. 8ur o!n e bers fro various other +o"ges both in this state an" in neighboring states ha" co e to 0hicago for the eeting. 7n" this re in"s e$ that isolate" e bers$ so e of long stan"ing$ !ho !ere living in the various cities through !hich !e passe" on our 9ourney$ !ere often on han" at the station to greet the +ea"er$ as -r. 5arris ha" notifie" the ahea" of ti e of the hour of the passing through of our train$ an" though in so e cases there !as ti e only for a han"clasp or a short greeting$ you can i agine !hat this ust have eant to those "ear e bers. ' forgot to ention that )r. (ussell also spoke at the eeting last night$ giving a short but very telling a""ress. 1ell$ y secon" sheet of paper is co ing to a close$ an" there are other letters to !rite. ' kno! !hen ' close this one ' !ill re e ber so e other interesting event ' shoul" have entione"$ but if so ' !ill inclu"e it in y ne<t letter to the +o alan"ers. Please give our affectionate greetings to your "ear !ife an" -other Parks$ an" keep a share for yourself. 4ours fraternally$ Elsie V. Savage P.S. 8ne ore point? The 0hicago ne!spapers have been alive to the fact that so eone of i portance has been spen"ing a fe! hours in their city. +ast nigh !hen -r.

5echt arrive" ho e$ he foun" that a reporter fro one of the large ne!spapers F' forgot !hich oneG ha" been trying to reach hi an" ha" left !or" for 5echt to call hi up an" give hi ne!s of the evening*s eeting. 7nother reporter in&uire" about the hour of the +ea"er*s "eparture so she coul" secure an intervie!# an" as !e boar"e" the train a breathless reporter fro the Chicago Tribune ca e an" re&ueste" per ission to photograph the +ea"er$ !hich he ha" to "o by eans of a agnesiu light in the "ark station bet!een t!o long trains. This create" so e interest a ong the passengers !ho !on"ere" %!ho the "istinguishe" gentle an !as.% 3o space for ore. - E.V.S. Please e<cuse speci ens of han"!riting in this letter. 2la e the train? --------------ur !heosophical !rio will become a "uartet 3o. 3 Eune 1$ 1931 To the ;esi"ents of +o alan" )ear 0o ra"es 7ll: 'f this letter carries !ith it a bit of the "ust an" "irt an" gri e !hich are so uch a part of ourselves$ ' kno! you !on*t ob9ect$ because it is only fair that you shoul" share in this phase of the a"ventures as !ell as in the ore interesting ite s of ne!s. 'n leaving the Union Pacific train$ !hich !as the one !e boar"e" in +os 7ngeles$ !e left behin" also !hat little bit of cleanliness !e ha" been en9oying. The Union Pacific burns oil$ an" the other trains !e have taken since burn coal. 1e foun" that !e coul" no longer sit outsi"e the 8bservation 0ar !ithout al ost running the "anger of being istaken for Pul an Porters. 8n our !ay !e passe" !hat see e" to be lo! hills of a peculiar kin" of rock$ an" !hen ' aske" the +ea"er !hat kin" of stone that !as$ he infor e" e that those !ere huge pile of coal !aiting to be shippe"? 7s you ay reali,e$ !e follo! in thought the various activities of you all$ an" in re e bering the 0onversatione that you ha" on (ri"ay$ in connection !ith the 7 erican 'n"ians an" this part of the country$ !e thought you !oul" like to have a fe! personal gli pses of this territory. 1e coul" not have ha" a better preparation for our en9oy ent of it than our last "ay on the train before our arrival in -inneapolis$ because the contrast !as so arke". This last "ay$ as ' believe y last letter !as in the i""le of telling you$ !as hot an" "usty$ an" the country !e !ere going through !as not particularly thrilling. 7t night !e ran into a heavy stor $ thun"er an" lightning an" rain. 't !as possibly 9ust the fringe of the cyclone$ !hich crosse" the path of the 6reat 3orthern ;ail!ay train$ The Empire Builder, an" han"le" it so "isrespectfully that it !as tosse" up into the air an" then thro!n off the tracks# because that train !as going fro -inneapolis in one "irection !hile !e !ere spee"ing to!ar"s the city in another "irection. 1e ha" been running strictly on sche"ule until this stor occurre"$ an" the result !as that !e !ere over three-&uarters of an hour late arriving at -inneapolis$ an" those "ear e bers !ho ca e to the station$ so e of the having "riven t!enty-five iles$ !ere kept !aiting. ' have !ritten a letter to -r. 8r e$ touching upon certain phases of recent events$ so ' !ill not repeat yself here$ as you probably !ill get so e ne!s fro that letter# but let e atte pt to "escribe to you$ if ' can$ the beauties of the auto ri"e !e ha" after our train 9ourney. To ake you un"erstan" the picture better$ ' !ill e<plain that the +ea"er an" his party !ere the house guests of the 7l!in fa ily$ !hich lives in the outskirts of a little to!n

by the na e of -oun"$ !hich itself is a "istant suburb of -inneapolis$ being t!enty-five iles a!ay. T!o auto obiles ha" been provi"e" for us$ to take us an" our luggage to -oun"$ one "riven by -rs. -illigan$ an" one by -r. +e;oy 7l!in. 1ithin a fe! inutes !e ha" left the city behin" us$ an" !ere reveling in the beauties of this !on"erful countrysi"e. The air !as so fresh an" s!eet an" invigorating that !e 9ust "rank it in$ as !e !oul" "rink a "raught of cool !ater on a very hot "ay after a "usty !alk. The country is covere" !ith beautiful green la!ns that a"e us think of -r. "e Hirkoff an" his heroic efforts !ith the la!n aroun" the T.S. buil"ing. 7n" then the trees$ such a beautiful green$ very bright an" fresh$ not any of the "ark or gray greens !e are so fa iliar !ith in 0alifornia. The lan" is not flat$ but is a series of oun"s of "ifferent si,es$ covere" !ith trees$ an" in the hollo!s the ost beautiful lakes. 't is sai" that there are ten thousan" lakes in -innesota$ an" any of the can har"ly be seen fro the roa"s$ but here an" there you !ill catch a gli pse of !ater through the trees. The ri"e to -oun" took about an hour$ but it !as all too short. ' ust not forget to ention the e<&uisite lilac trees$ !hite$ laven"er$ an" purple$ that line" the roa"!ays$ nor the !hite an" yello! "an"elions spotting the grass in clusters. Eune 3r". -uch has happene" since this letter !as interrupte"$ but ' !ill try not to break the threa" of y "escription nor interrupt to e<patiate no! on the !on"erful reception the +ea"er an" party receive" in 1ashington$ !here !e no! are. That !ill co e in ti e. 8ur 9ourney to -oun" for a long "istance !as along the shores of +ake -innetonka$ !hich so e of you ay be ac&uainte" !ith fro the Song$ %2y the 1aters of -innetonka$% !hich at one ti e !as so !ell-kno!n that the lake here beca e fa ous$ an" no! there are regularly institute" tours in !hich hun"re"s of people each year co e to visit this beautiful bo"y of !ater. 't is not 9ust one roun" lake$ but !in"s in an" out a ong these beautifully !oo"e" oun"s an" hills$ an" for inlets here an" there !hich the selves are lakes !ith na es of their o!n$ an" it is one of these lakes that the 7l!in house is situate". (ro the high!ay$ you cannot even see that a house is there$ it is surroun"e" by a forest of trees$ an" the approach is through a "ark sha"y roa" bet!een the large trees. 8n arriving at our "estination$ !e !ere spell-boun" for a fe! inutes. The house faces the lake an" is separate" fro it only by a beautiful la!n !hich slopes "o!n to the lake$ t!o inutes* !alk a!ay. 2eautiful large trees are scattere" aroun" the la!n$ an" there are several beautiful flo!er be"s !ith the ost e<&uisite irises in the . -rs. 7l!in says she has forty "ifferent varieties in her gar"en. 2ut ' ust not keep you outsi"e a" iring this !on"erful vie!$ !ith the lake as s ooth as glass$ in the foregroun". 8ur hosts ha" our roo s all prepare" for us$ !ith a nice little office in !hich to !ork$ an" they very thoughtfully reali,e" that the first thing travelers look for!ar" to after being on the train is a nice !ar Bath. 't is "ifficult to "escribe the open-han"e" an" genuine hospitality !e receive" here. Everything !as "one to ake us feel that it !as our ho e for the ti e being$ an" you !ill all be gla" to kno!$ "ear 0o ra"es$ that not only our hosts$ but all the "ear 0o ra"es in -inneapolis$ "i" everything they coul" to ake the +ea"er feel that he !as at +o alan"$ surroun" by his ever-faithful !orkers !ho these other co ra"es have hear" so uch about. ' !oul" also like to invite you to take a peep into the beautiful little "ining-roo $ overlooking the gar"en an" the lake$ !ith the fragrance of the lilacs !afting through the !in"o!s. 2y the !ay$ on our !ay to the house !e ha" seen co!s gra,ing in the ea"o!s$ an" at lunch-ti e !e !ere able to sa ple so e of their !on"erful crea - rich an" the color of yello! butter. 'n the letter to -r. 8r e ' "escribe" ore or less in "etail the success of the Theosophical activities in this city$ so ' !ill not repeat yself. 1e ha" a chance$ san"!iche" in bet!een atten"ing to business an" correspon"ence$ an" hol"ing the various eetings$ to take auto obile ri"es not only all

aroun" the beautiful lakes$ but through any of the to!n surroun"ing -inneapolis$ an" through the city itself$ !hich sho!e" clearly that artists ha" ha" a han" in the planning a laying out. 7t any hour of the "ay or night$ !hen transportation !as nee"e" or "esire"$ one or another of the e bers !as on han" to serve our nee"s. Even the orning of our "eparture$ !hen !e ha" to leave -oun" early in or"er to catch the train$ "ear -rs. -illigan !as there to greet us !ith her car at @:1C in the orning$ an" ha" "riven t!enty-five iles to get there on ti e. 1e ha" a funny e<perience !ith our trunks. They !ere suppose" to have arrive" before !e "i"$ an" -r. 5arris ha" even sent the trunk checks to -r. +e;oy 7l!in ahea" of us$ so that !e !oul" not have to !ait for the . 2ut the trunks !ere no!here to be seen !hen !e arrive"$ an" "i" not reach -oun" until late Thurs"ay evening. 8n (ri"ay !hen )r. (ussell !ent "o!n to see about having the for!ar"e" to 1ashington$ the stationaster !as no!here to bee seen aroun" the little station. The ne<t orning$ Satur"ay$ !e all stoppe" at the station on our !ay into the city$ only to be infor e" by the station- aster that it !as -e orial )ay$ a holi"ay$ an" no train running that "ay. The ne<t "ay being Sun"ay$ again there !as no train$ an" !e !ere leaving Sun"ay orning. So !e ha" to put the atter into -r. 7l!in*s han"s$ an" ask hi to see that they reache" us as soon as possible$ because as you can i agine$ !e !ere in great nee" of seeing the insi"es of those trunks. 1ell$ he ust have !orke" so e agic$ because he got the to 1ashington in shorter ti e than !e took to get there$ even taking into consi"eration our stop-over in 0hicago. Speaking of 0hicago$ there !e ha" another a"venture. 1e spent the !hole of Sun"ay$ fro B:>/ a. . until A:>/ in the evening on a parlor car$ going through a roa" that a"vertise" the coal-in"ustry better than any printe" a"vertise ent. 7t ti es even the air in the car !as gray !ith the "ust an" gri e. 7n" being on a parlor car$ !e ha" very little chance of getting at our luggage. 1e "i" pass through beautiful country$ ho!ever$ for a goo" part of the "istance "o!n the banks of the -ississippi. Traveling in the "ay-ti e !hen possible$ as the +ea"er arrange"$ has three a"vantages: it enables us to see the country !e are going through$ it is cheaper$ an" !e e<change sleeping in the Pull an berth$ for a co fortable be" in a hotel$ an"$ ost i portant$ a nice !ar bath. 5o!ever$ !e finally arrive" in 0hicago$ our train being a little late$ an" foun" that$ o!ing to "aylight-saving being in force there$ it !as nine o*clock$ an" the +o"ge-roo !as ull$ !ith an au"ience eagerly !aiting to see the +ea"er. T!o of our e bers et us at the station$ -r. Peters con"ucting us "irectly to the eeting$ all tire" an" travel-staine" as !e !ere$ an" -r. ;oth taking co plete charge of all our luggage an" "epositing it safely at the hotel$ !hile -r. 5echt staye" at the +o"ge-roo to a!ait the +ea"er there. The eeting itself you !ill hear about fro -r. 8r e*s letter. The ne<t orning !as a asterpiece of hu an engineering. 1ithin the short space of t!o hours$ abut a "o,en people ha" intervie!s !ith 6. "e P.$ leaving the all feeling happy that they ha" ha" personal contact !ith the one they ha" so long been looking for!ar" to seeing. ' ust tell you that at the eeting any of our ol" frien"s ca e up to us after!ar"s an" shook han"s. ;uth an" 7lice 1esterlun" !ere both there$ full of enthusias $ an" !ishing to be re e bere" to all their frien"s at +o alan". So !as Thorley von 5olst$ an" he aske" after all the ol" frien"s at the Point an" sent his !ar greetings. 7t 0hicago also there !as evi"ence that the e bers really appreciate" !hat they !ere getting by the +ea"er visiting the $ an" it !as lovely to see ho! prou" they !ere to be able to "o anything to ai" hi . ' a going to en" this letter no!$ as ' !oul" like to have it reach +o alan" on ti e for Sun"ay. 3e<t letter !ill give you a "escription of the +ea"er*s victories in 1ashington$ an" ' !ill 9ust say that "ear in"efatigable -rs. Peyton has arrange" for the +ea"er*s lecture to be broa"cast. 1e thought of you all an" !ante" to !ire to you to tune in$ but !ere tol" the station !oul" not reach that far. Too ba"?

Eust a !or" of apology for the "isconnecte"ness of this letter$ but through one !or" follo!s another on the page$ so eti es there are "ays bet!een sentences$ an" one sentence starte" in one city ay be finishe" hun"re"s of iles a!ay in another. The +ea"er sen"s his love to you all. The ain thing he nee"s no! is sleep. 7 Pul an berth !hich in not long enough for hi even to lie straight in$ an" a horel-roo in every city$ are not like +o alan". )r. (ussell also sen"s love. 7ffectionately$ E.V.S. )r. (ussell speaks at each lecture$ prece"ing the lecture of the +ea"er$ an" 6. "e P. says he is ac&uitting hi self a" irably. PS. ' entione" briefly in y last letter that -rs. 6eiger !oul" 9oin us in 3e! 4ork$ an" hopes to continue !ith us on the trip. This is particularly opportune because$ as 'nternational +ecturer an" 8rgani,er$ ' believe she is inten"ing going to Europe ne<t year$ an" visiting our various +o"ges$ etc.: as acco panying the +ea"er on this trip !ill give her an intro"uction to our (.T.S. !hich !ill prove useful to her on her later travels. -------------!wo #ong Wee$s from %ome& 3o. > ;iversi"e 7part ent 5otel$ 0a bri"ge$ -assachusetts$ Eune /$ 1931 To the ;esi"ent -e bers at +o alan" )ear 0o ra"es at +o alan": 4ou have cause for opti is . 7lrea"y t!o long !eeks$ "ating fro to"ay$ have passe" since !e left +o alan"$ an" there are left only four an" a half short onths? So it !on*t be long before the gates of +o alan" open again to receive us. ' have not a carbon-copy of y last letter to you$ but ' believe !e parte" co pany 9ust as !e !ere about to arrive in 1ashington$ after a t!enty-hour ri"e fro 0hicago. 2y the !ay$ the train !e use" bet!een 0hicago an" 1ashington$ the Pennsylvania ;oa"$ ' believe$ !as the best in every !ay of all !e have travele" on so far. 't !as the fastest$ the foo" an" "ining service !ere e<cellent$ there !ere all sorts of conveniences at the "isposal of the passengers$ an" altogether the service !as superior. 8ur arrival in 1ashington began auspiciously. 0olonel 6ilbert et us at the station !ith his car$ an" took us to our hotel$ an" 0olonel 0onger !as also there to relieve us of the responsibility of our baggage. 1e arrive" in a short ti e at the hotel - really an apart ent hotel - !hich !as situate" in a beautiful location$ &uiet$ looking out on lovely trees$ an" yet !ithin a short "istance of the hall !here the +ea"er lecture". 1e et -rs. -ary Peyton$ !ho$ you !ill re e ber$ is the !ife of 0olonel P.2. Peyton$ until recently 0o an"ing 8fficer of the (ort at ;osecrans$ an" she 9oine" the T.S. shortly before here "eparture fro Point +o a a fe! onths ago$ an" -rs. -argaret 0onger$ !ho of course you all kno! as one of the faithful e bers fro Eu"ge*s ti e. These t!o "ear la"ies !ere at our apart ents !aiting for us$ an" let e say right here that it !as "ue to their "evote" care$ an" that of -rs. 6ilbert$ an" -rs. E ery the !ife of a 0olonel in 1ashington$ !ho atten" our +o"ge- eetings there an" !ho !e hope !ill soon be one of us$ that !e ha" such a splen"i" place to stay in !hile in 1ashington. They ha" a"e a

careful search through all the hotels in 1ashington to get one 9ust suite" to the +ea"er*s nee"s. 7s ' sai"$ they F-rs. Peyton an" -rs. 0ongerG !ere both there to greet us$ an" our roo s !ere fille" !ith the ost beautiful vases of roses$ !hich -rs. 0onger ha" picke" fro her o!n gar"en. They tol" us !e ha" co e to 1ashington in the onth of roses$ an" 1ashington is fa ous for its roses in the right season. These la"ies !ere ost thoughtful in anticipating our nee"s$ even to sen"ing up a bell boy to call for any suits or "resses that nee"e" ironing$ !ithout any e<pense to us at all. 7fter one*s trunks have been packe" for over a !eek$ an" have been stan"ing on en" in freight cars an" rail!ay stations all that ti e$ you can i agine the con"ition the contents are in. ' ight say right here that the e bers in all the cities !e have visite" have sho!n practical evi"ences of their eagerness to ake the +ea"er*s tour possible$ an" have been splen"i" in their generosity in ay respects. To return to 1ashington$ ' !ill give you a gli pse into our activities !hile there. -rs. 6ilbert says she is going to !rite an enthusiastic letter to +o alan" about the +ea"er*s..... Continued on !une "#th, at Silvermine. visit$ but very generously sai" she !oul" !ait until ' ha" ha" ti e to !rite ine. The first afternoon of our arrival 0olonel an" -rs. 6ilbert took us out for a "rive$ sho!ing us all the i portant buil"ings in 1ashington$ such as the 1hite 5ouse$ the various E bassies$ English$ (rench$ 6er an$ etc.$ etc.$ the 0apitol$ the 1ashington -onu ent$ the +incoln -e orial$ an" a host of others too nu erous to ention. 1ashington is a beautiful city. The streets are line" !ith trees$ an" the beautiful Poto ac river runs through it. 1e !ent out to 7rlington$ !hich is on higher groun" than 1ashington$ an" fro !here !e coul" get a !on"erful panora a-picture of the city lying before us. 1e "rove all through 6eneral +ee*s ol" estate an" through beautiful !oo"lan"s !ith brooks an" rivers !in"ing in an" out. 't !oul" take an abler pen than ine to "escribe a"e&uately all the beauties !e sa!. That evening$ at the 5otel$ the +e"er et the e bers at 1ashington an" a fe! invite" frien"s$ an" of course our fa ous frien" )r. Stokes !as present. ' think it is safe to say that he !as not "isappointe" in 6. "e P.$ an" !e !ere certainly not "isappointe" in seeing hi . ' ust say that '$ for one$ "o not agree !ith those !ho say that he is so e!hat of a "isappoint ent to eet in person. 5e is short of stature$ but has a keenly intelligent yet kin"ly face$ an" very "irect$ straightfor!ar" eyes. 5e atten"e" both the public an" the fraterni,ation- eetings. 4our !ill be a use" to hear that !hen he sai" goo"-by to e$ before he left 1ashington$ he sai"$ !ith his characteristic truth-telling$ %The ne<t ti e you have your picture pin the ne!spaper$ see that it is a goo" one?% There !ere also several others at this se i-private eeting !ho$ ' think$ !ill soon be 9oining us. The ne<t "ay )r. Stokes ca e to the hotel for a personal intervie! !ith the +ea"er$ an" !hen that !as en"e"$ 0olonel 0onger invite" us for a otor "rive to -ount Vernon$ 1ashington*s ol" ho e. This !as a !on"erfully interesting e<perience. The ho es an" groun"s have been kept intact$ an" uch of the original furniture belonging to 1ashington has been restore"$ !hile the rest has been "uplicate"$ so that the house appears furnishe" as !hen 1ashington use" it. 7s !e entere" the e<tensive groun"s F1ashington o!ne" an estate here of seventy thousan" acres$ an" in all one hun"re" an" forty thousan"?G !e felt i e"iately the "ifference in the at osphere an" coul" i agine ourselves back in ol" 0olonial "ays. ' !oul" take too uch ti e to "escribe all the things of interest !e sa! there. There is a beautiful$ spacious la!n in front of the house as !e approach it$ an" any ol" trees !hich have stoo" there for hun"re"s of years. 1e looke" for the stu p of the fa ous cherry tree$ but !ere tol" that this !as not the estate 1ashington live on as a boy$ but the one brought to hi by his !ife. 1e !ent all through the house$ !hich

contains any valuable paintings$ all "one in the 0olonial style$ an ol" an" !orn but beautiful rug presente" to 1ashington by +ouis IV'$ the key to the 2astille$ presente" to 1ashington by +afayette$ an" upstairs !ere the large$ ol"-fashione" four-poster canopie" be"s$ a"e up !ith !hite coverlets$ the very be"s in !hich 1ashington an" his !ife "ie". The vie! fro the house is agnificent. There is a !i"e s!eep of la!n fro the front steps stretching "o!n to the Poto ac !hich is sprea" out in front. The servant*s &uarters on the one han"$ an" the kitchen$ s oke-house$ barns$ etc.$ on the other$ are separate" fro the ain house by an open pillare" porch-!ay$ 1e also !ent "o!n a &uaint cobble-stone" path$ line" !ith pretty stone !alls on either si"e$ to the to bs of both 6eorge an" -artha 1ashington. There !as a sign at the approach re&uesting silence in honor of the "ea". 1e sa! the actual stone sarcophagi containing the caskets in !hich the bo"ies are. There is uch ore ' coul" tell you about that interesting visit$ but ti e "oes not per it. The sa e evening the public lecture !as given. 't !as a very large an" appreciative au"ience$ especially consi"ering that 1ashington has not been very open to Theosophic influences in the past. 8ur +o"ge there$ !hich !as chartere" 9ust before the arrival of the +ea"er$ !as very 9ubilant over the success of the evening. 2y the !ay$ ' suppose you have hear" ho! !ell protecte" an" fortifie" !e !ere by the eight colonels !ho atten"e" in one capacity or another. 0olonel 6ilbert !as 0hair an$ an" he certainly a"e a fine one$ speaking so sy pathetically an" enthusiastically of the +ea"er. 0olonel 0onger a"e the announce ents$ an" he ha" gotten si< of his 0olonel-frien"s to help !ith the ushering? So ' "on*t think any align influences coul" have reache" us. 7lso$ -rs. Peyton arrange" !ith a broa"casting co pany to have the lecture broa"cast$ !hich ' un"erstan" they !ere eager to "o. ' "on*t re e ber !hat station it !as$ but one of our 1ashington e bers can tell you.. 1e though of all of you$ an"$ in"ee"$ ha" a telegra prepare" inviting you to listen in$ but so eone isinfor e" us that the station !as too s all to reach the Pacific 0oast. 1e after!ar"s learne" that it !as a very large one$ reaching all over the country. 7t the lecture that evening it ha" been announce" that )r. "e Purucker !oul" be gla" to receive intereste" visitors at his hotel bet!een three an" five o*clock the ne<t afternoon. Pro ptly at three o*clock our telephone rang announcing the first visitor$ an" they kept up a stea"y strea until five$ sho!ing that the +ecture ha" evoke" ral interest. The "ay after the lecture 0olonel an" -rs. 6ilbert took us for a beautiful ri"e through the !oo"lan"s an" aroun" the environs of 1ashington$ an" then they invite" us to lunch at the fa ous 7r y an" 3avy 0lub$ !here so any of the %high lights% in ilitary an" "iplo atic circles co e to "ine. That sa e evening there !as a fraterni,ationeeting in the 1ashington*s 1o en*s 0lub$ !here the hall !as practically fille"$ an" !here -r. -c6uire FDG$ Presi"ent of one of the 2esant +o"ges in 1ashington$ spoke after the +ea"er ha" "elivere" an a""ress !hich our e bers sai" "i" their souls goo" to hear. 7n" -r. -c6uire respon"e" !ith a splen"i" en"orse ent of the (raterni,ation-efforts of our Society. The three eetings hel" on successive evenings in 1ashington !ere all !ell atten"e"$ all entirely "ifferent in character$ an" at each one those !ho atten"e" !ent a!ay feeling happy an" that they ha" receive" uch ore than they e<pecte" !hen they ca e. ' think this covers the ain points of the 1ashington-sche"ule$ though it !oul" be har" to over-esti ate the services ren"ere" by our 0o ra"es in 1ashington. They !ere al!ays on han" !hen nee"e" the t!o 0olonels !ith their cars !henever cars !ere nee"e"$ an" the la"ies at every turn anticipating our nee"s an" aking us feel that !e !ere at ho e instea" of in a strange city. Even several !ho !ere not e bers !ere e&ually assi"uous in helping. 7t each of the eetings applications for e bership !ere either a"e out$ or the intention !as state" of "oing so. ' forgot to say that "uring the course of our pilgri age to -ount Vernon$ !hich is

about forty iles$ ' believe$ fro 1ashington$ 0olonel 0onger took us to lunch at the prettiest little tea-house you can i agine$ set high up on a hill overlooking the !hole of 1ashington$ in a bo!er of roses$ an" !here the only soun"s !ere the singing of the bir"s an" the rustling of the trees. Early the ne<t orning !e left the hotel for the train$ acco panie" by 0olonel 6ilbert$ 0olonel 0onger$ -rs. Peyton an" -rs. E ery$ an" as !e sai" goo"-bye over a cup of coffee in the station$ plans !ere a"e by so e to co e up to 3e! 4ork to eet the +ea"er on his return fro Europe$ an" others a"e arrange ents to notify their frien"s both in 2oston an" ne! 4ork of the +ea"er*s arrival in those t!o cities$ so that they !oul" have a chance to eet hi . ' !ill en" this letter no!$ so that it can be aile" this afternoon. 8ur sche"ule has been full all the !ay$ but fro no! on until !e boar" the stea er$ !e !ill even have to plan !hen !e shall have ti e to breath. )on*t forget that s&uee,e" in bet!een lectures an" eetings an" intervie!s$ etc.$ etc$ there is packing an" unpacking an" arranging for trunks to be transporte" an" correspon"ence to be atten"e" to an" engage ents to be fitte" in$ an" occasionally a eal to eat$ an" inci"entally sleep. -y ne<t letter$ !hich ' !ill try to !rite an" ail before !e sail$ but ' cannot pro ise$ !ill tell of the splen"i" successes at 2oston$ an" those at Silver ine$ an" 3or!alk$ at present in the i e"iate past an" the i e"iate future. ' !ill 9ust let you kno! that it is no! eleven o*clock. 7t t!elve !e have lunch$ at one o*clock eet e bers an" frien"s here at the ho e of -r. an" -rs. 0lifton -eek$ at .:3C eet press-representatives$ an" at three o*clock otor to 3e! 4ork$ !here the +ea"er gives a public lecture$ an" i e"iately after!ar"s otor %ho e% here to have a !ell earne" sleep. To orro! an" the ne<t "ay are e&ually full. So ti e is not "ragging very slo!ly. 2ut there*s one thing !e al!ays can fin" ti e for$ an" that is rea"ing letters fro ho e$ even if !e have to keep the unopene" in our pockets for an hour or t!o. Those of you !ho haven*t ti e to !rite ight ask -r. Tyberg$ the 6eneral Superinten"ent$ to rearrange you sche"ules$ an" ' think if you are very econo ical$ the (inance 0o ittee !ill allo! you a fe! postage-sta ps. The +ea"er sen"s his affectionate greetings to each an" all$ an" so "oes )r. (ussell. 'n about forty-eight hours our party !ill be increase" to four$ by a""ition of -rs. 6eiger$ an" shortly after that !e set sail on a perfect voyage $ith no seasic%ness. 6oo"-by all$ Elsie V. Savage ------------------'oston, Sil(ermine, and )ew *or$ 3o. /. S.S. &alendam$ 5ollan"-7 erican +ine$ Eune 1C$ 1931 To the -e bers$ 'nternational Theosophical 5ea"&uarters$ Point +o a$ 0alifornia$ )ear (rien"s on +an": Perhaps you have been picturing us "uring the last !eek en9oying the !on"ers of the sea$ !ith the ship heaving up an" "o!n as the !aves s!ell an" subsi"e un"erneath us - a !on"erful sensation? 2ut ' !on*t begin !ith the "elights of ocean-travel until ' have recounte" the activities at 2oston$ Siver ine$ an" 3e! 4ork - an" using the !or" activities is putting it il"ly.

1e arrive" at 2oston in the evening$ an" !ere et at the station by -r. 0lapp$ the Presi"ent of the 2oston +o"ge$ -rs. -artha (ranklin$ its secretary$ -r. 2ene"ict$ an" -r. Hang!ill. 1ith the help of these co ra"es an" the use of their autos$ !e !ith our baggage !ere taken to our place of resi"ence for the ne<t fe! "ays$ !hich happene" to be$ not in 2oston$ but in 0a bri"ge. 8ur 2oston 0o ra"es ha" selecte" a lovely place$ the ;iversi"e 7part ent 5otel$ 9ust across the 0harles ;iver !hich separates 2oston fro 0a bri"ge. 3ot unless you have travele" an" have foun" yourself in a hotel-roo overlooking a "ingy little street$ or the back yar" of so eone else*s ho e$ or perhaps a "irty factory belching out s oke$ can you really appreciate the beautiful location !hich ha" been chosen for us. Eust un"erneath our !in"o!s !as a &uiet$ !i"e street$ use" only for auto obile traffic$ no street-cars$ etc.$ !ith trees an" grass running "o!n the i""le of it$ an" then the river$ !ith a fe! canoes an" pleasure sail-boats on it$ an" beyon" that 2eacon Street in 2oston$ !here any of the ol" 2oston %blue 2loo"s% have live" for scores of years$ an" !here there !ere no a"vertise ents$ no street-cars$ no trucks$ 9ust beautiful large private ho es. 1hen !e ha" a" ire" the vie! an" turne" our eyes in!ar"s$ !e !ere e&ually "elighte" !ith !hat !e foun" there. Each of the apart ents set asi"e for our use ha"$ besi"es be"roo $ bathroo $ an" sitting-roo $ the "earest little co bination "ining-roo kitchen$ calle" a %"inet$% an" everything in it that you coul" think of. 't !as e<tre ely !ar !hen !e arrive" in 2oston$ but !e "iscovere" that there !ere electric refrigerators in each of the "inets$ !here !e coul" have ice at any ti e at a o ent*s notice. 1e ha" the services$ "uring our entire stay in 2oston$ first of -r. 0lapp$ !ho infor e" the lea"er that his ti e for the ne<t fe! "ays !as entirely at the "isposal of the party# an" !ho !as rea"y on call at all hours# then of -rs. (ranklin$ !ho ca e over fre&uently to help in any capacity she coul"$ aking us feel at ho e in our little apart ents$ an" giving a great "eal of her ti e to )r. (ussell in a secretarial capacity. She !as certainly lovable. Then there !as -r. Hang!ill$ !ho ha" arrange" to take his vacation at this ti e$ so that he coul" put hi self an" his auto obile at the "isposal of the party. 2esi"es enabling us to avoi" hiring ta<is$ he save" us t!o train 9ourneys$ by "riving us all the !ay fro 2oston to Silver ine$ !here he staye" !hile !e !ere there$ an" then "riving us fro Silver ine to 3e! 4ork. 3ee"less to say$ these auto-"rives through the pretty 3e! Englan" to!ns an" the lovely countrysi"es !ere a splen"i" e<change for the train. 1e ha" barely arrive" at our hotel before ne!spaper reporters !ere at the "oor$ an" !hen they left there !as a large accu ulation of ail !hich -r. 0lapp han"e" over. The ne<t "ay !as a perfect one as regar"s !eather$ an" !e took a "rive "o!n to 2arnstable$ at the base of 0ape 0o"$ fully en9oying the touch of 3e! Englan" village-life !hich !e sa! aroun" us. There !ere fiel"s covere" !ith buttercups$ an" roa"!ays line" !ith "aisies$ an" here an" there carpets of yello! buttercups$ !hite "aisies$ an" !il" purple irises all ingle" together. 4ou can get any one of our 0o ra"es at +o alan" !ho kno!s the East !ell$ to "escribe to you better than ' can this part of the country at the beginning of Eune. The nearer !e got to 0ape 0o"$ of course the nearer the ocean !e ca e$ an" !e reali,e" !ith a thrill that it !oul" be on that ocean that !e !oul" spen" nine or ten "ays in the near future. Then !e began seeing such signs as %0la 0ho!"er$% %0o" (ish 0akes$% %Salt 1ater Taffy$% etc.$ etc.$ an" ho! they "i" re in" us of J.T.? )o you re e ber the stories she use" to tell an" the "elicious cho!"ers she use" to akeD 2y the !ay$ salt !ater taffy "oesn*t taste like salt$ as !e prove" for ourselves. 't erely gets its na e fro the fact that it is e<tre ely har"$ an" is reco en"e" for s!i ers to keep the taste of the salt !ater out of their ouths. 't ight also be reco en"e" for a person !hen he beco es too lo&uacious. 2arnstable !as the goal !e !ere trying to reach$ an" !hen !e arrive" there$ !e reali,e" that it !as about lunch-ti e. So !e "rove slo!ly through the to!n looking for a

restaurant. 3o!here "i" one appear$ until su""enly !e sa! a o"est little sign hanging outsi"e the !in"o! of !hat looke" like a "!elling-house$ !ith the !or"s %)inner serve" here% on it. So !e "eci"e" to investigate. 2ut !e ha" to hunt aroun" before !e coul" fin" a "oor arke" %Entrance$% an" then it !as not until !e ha" knocke" several ti es that it !as opene". 1e foun" ourselves in !hat see e" to have been the ho e of a fa ily !ho ha" seen better "ays$ an" !ho ha" no! "eci"e" to help along the fa ily-purse by serving "inner to the public. Upon in&uiry !e foun" !e coul" get lunch$ of a li ite" kin"$ an" !hile it !as being prepare"$ as the people see e" to feel they ha" all eternity before the $ an" it !as rather col" insi"e$ !e "eci"e" to stay out in the nice !ar sun until it !as rea"y. 'n about a &uarter of an hour$ the "oor !as opene"$ an" !e !ere beckone" in. That certainly !as a eal !e shall never forget. The !ater$ !hich !e !ere tol" ca e fro a !ell$ ha" the flavor of the sea about it. The "oor lea"ing to the kitchen ha" an un usical s&ueak$ an" the foo" itself - !ell$ !e thought !e ight as !ell en9oy the !hole episo"e as a goo" 9oke$ an" then of course !e !ere helping to bring business to a striving fa ily. )espite its being Satur"ay$ !e "i" not or"er co"fish? 1e took the "rive back to 2oston by a "ifferent route$ so as to see as uch of the country as possible. 2y the !ay$ on taking to the roa" after lunch$ !e foun" that 9ust beyon" this house !e coul" have chosen fro any nu ber of lunch places$ but$ as !e all agree"$ %'t !oul"n*t have been the sa e?% That evening !e !ent to the 2oston 5ea"&uarters for a e bers* eeting$ !here !e et any co ra"es !ho !e ha" kno!n at Point +o a$ an" through correspon"ence$ an" any ne! ones. ' !ill not enu erate the $ because it is so easy to o it one$ an" ' !ant to inclu"e the all. 8f course they !ere ra"iant at seeing the +ea"er. The ne<t "ay ' believe !as Sun"ay$ an" in the orning !e atten"e" a eeting of the 2oston +otus-0ircle. ' a !riting a "escription of it to -rs. Jnoche$ as also the Silver ine +otus-0ircle$ an" if you are intereste"$ perhaps you can prevail upon -rs. Jnoche to let you heart it !hen she receives it. 8n our !ay back to the hotel$ !e ha" a chance to "rive aroun" 5arvar" University$ an" see$ fro the outsi"e$ the any beautiful buil"ings belonging to this institution. The afternoon !as spent ainly in intensive "ictation an" type!riting$ etc.# an" that evening !as the public lecture in Eor"an 5all$ a large hall !ith a beautiful pipe-organ# an" as a frien" ha" volunteere" to play it prece"ing the eeting$ it re in"e" us of +o alan". The lecture !as listene" to enthusiastically$ an" after!ar"s$ !hen those intereste" !ere invite" to co e up an" eet the +ea"er$ the cro!"s thronge" up$ an" it !as !ith "ifficulty that !e !ere able to leave the hall. 8n the ne<t evening there !as a Theosophical 0lub eeting$ an" after that a (raterni,ation- eeting$ at !hich -r. 0lapp$ after speaking briefly hi self$ aske" -r. 0hester 6reen$ presi"ent of the 7"yar +o"ge in 2oston$ to speak an" then to intro"uce )r. "e Purucker? -r. 6reen*s re arks !ere very frien"ly$ an" he sai" that it !as not his intention to take up too uch of the ti e of the eeting$ as the real speaker !ho all ha" co e to hear !as )r. "e Purucker. -ar. 6reen also ha" a personal intervie! !ith the lea"er on the follo!ing "ay. 2y this ti e the !eather ha" been getting stea"ily !orse an" !orse$ so that by the ne<t orning$ !hen !e !ere sche"ule" to leave 2oston by auto for Silver ine$ after !aiting for a ti e to see if the heavy "o!npour !oul" let-up - the rain !as al ost three inches "eep on the pave ent in front of the "oor - !e ha" to have the car brought aroun" to the vack entrance$ an" take a flying leap fro the hotel into the car. 7ll our han"baggage ha" to be strappe" on to the car$ e<cept !hat coul" fit insi"e$ an" the !hole covere" !ith a heavy oilskin$ an" "espite the torrents of rain !hich kept up practically all "uring our "rive to Silver ine$ only one piece of baggage !as slightly !ette". The "rive to Silver ine !as uneventful$ but very "elightful$ an" !hen !e !ere about ten iles fro Silver ine$ -r. Hang!ill$ accor"ing to pre-arrange ents a"e !ith -r. 0lifton -eek$ the secretary of our Silver ine +o"ge$ an" at !hose ho e !e !ere

going to be guests$ tie" a !hite han"kerchief to the front of his car$ so that -r. -eek !ho sai" he !oul" be !aiting for us by a certain sign$ our si"e a certain to!n$ on a certain si"e of the roa"$ about seven iles fro Silver ine$ !oul" recogni,e us. 7n" sure enough$ 9ust as !e slo!e" up on the outskirts of that certain to!n$ an" pointe" to the sign !hich !e all thought ust be the one agree" upon$ there !as -r. -eek !ith his car. 7fter greeting the +ea"er an" party$ he got into his o!n car an" le" the !ay through 3or!alk an" Silver ine to his o!n ho e# an" it !as a lucky thing that !e ha" a gui"e because on entering Silver ine$ !hich is a suburb of 3or!alk$ !e left a great part of civili,ation behin" us$ as !ell as roa"-signs$ etc.$ an" "rove through the ost !on"erful !oo"s an" agnificent trees$ an" turbulent brooks running parallel !ith the roa"$ in so e places branching out into lakes that !ere as s ooth as glass an" !here the trees !ere clearly reflecte" in the !ater$ an" in other places rushing over rocks an" barriers an" for ing little !aterfalls. 1e finally even left the pave" roa"$ an" by the ti e !e reache" our "estination !e al ost thought !e !ere in the forest pri eval. 5o!ever$ the house has got telephones an" electricity an" bathroo s$ so !e ha" all the co forts of civili,ation !ithout a bit of the noise or "irt. -r. an" -rs. -eek !ere hospitality itself$ an" gave us a !ar !elco e into their co fortable ho e. They ha" a bright !oo"-fire burning in the sitting-roo $ !hich looke" an" felt foo" to us after all the rain !e ha" ha". 1e "i"n*t have uch ti e to sit "o!n an" breath$ because soon "inner !as serve"$ an" then !e ha" to "ress for the public eeting in 3or!alk that evening. The eeting !as hel" in the ;oyal Ea es 2allroo $ an" the "ecorations of the hall sho!e" the signs of our artist-co ra"es$ for Silver ine is a center for artists$ an" ost of the e bers !ho belong to our +o"ge there$ if not all$ are artists. This eeting !as another great success$ an" as the people pushe" up after!ar"s to shake han"s !ith the +ea"er$ on all si"es coul" be hear" e<pressions of real appreciation an" "esire to kno! ore of !hat the +ea"er ha" given. ' hear" one la"y say to the +ea"er$ %' a a 3e! Thought !o an$ but your teachings go so uch farther an" are so uch ore esoteric. ' !ant to stu"y the .% 7s this eeting -r. Eustin 6ruelle presi"e"$ an" the beautiful tribute he pai" to 6. "e P. in his !or"s of intro"uction to the au"ience a"e us reali,e that he ha" certainly sense" in the Teacher !hat !e at +o alan" have evi"ence of so constantly. The 'or$al% (our printe" the !hole a""ress later. They sai" that if ' sent y shorthan" notes$ they !oul" get a stenographer !ho !rites Pit an*s Shorthan" to transcribe the ? Poor thing? ' hear" after!ar"s that she kne! nothing of Theosophy or Theosophical ter s$ etc.$ an" ha" a "ifficult ti e rea"ing y outrageous notes# but ' also hear" that by the ti e she finishe"$ she felt she ha" a"vance" &uite far along the path of kno!ing so ething of Theosophy? 1e are getting a!fully goo" press notices$ !ith &uite original touches in the . +isten to this e<tract fro a long report in The Evening Sentinel$ South 3or!alk$ 0onnecticut: %Theosophy$ !hich has nothing to "o !ith crystal balls nor e"iu s$ in spite of a vague general i pression to that effect$ !as "iscusse" in &uiet$ learne" anner by the !hite-haire" K??L lecturer$ !ho ans!ere" all &ueries !ith the gentle patience of a an long use" to &uestioning by "oubting Tho ases. 3or "i" )r. "e Purucker go off into a trance$ in spite of the fact that souls an" their trans igration ca e in for a large share of "iscussion. 8n the contrary$ the lecturer sat "o!n at a plain oak "esk in the -eek stu"y$ claspe" his han"s an" launche" into a si ple e<planation of the i"eals an" beliefs of the Theosophical Society.% ' ust not forget to say that any e bers fro other cities an" states !ere there. The ;ochester +o"ge ca e in its entirety$ !ere at all the eetings hel" in Silver ine an" 3or!alk$ an" !ent up to 3e! 4ork !hen the +ea"er gave his a""ress there. There !as also a e ber of any years stan"ing fro 2ri"geport$ 0onnecticut$ -iss 5all$ a -r.

Stevens of 8hio$ an" others. -r. 'so"or +e!is$ Presi"ent of our 3e! 4ork +o"ge$ otore" "o!n to hear the +ea"er*s lecture in 3or!alk$ but ha" to return i e"iately to 3e! 4ork to prepare for the +ea"er*s visit there. The ne<t afternoon about one o*clock$ there !as a +otus-0ircle eeting# at onethirty o*clock the e bers of the +o"e an" intereste" frien"s et the +ea"er$ an" several applications for e bership !ere a"e out# at t!o-thirty o*clock ne!spaper reporters ca e to call on the +ea"er# an" at three o*clock !e !ere off to 3e! 4ork for the public lecture$ an" all things nee"e" for that lecture ha" to be packe" an" rea"y before lunch that orning. 1e "rove to 3e! 4ork !ith -rs. Victoria +an"on$ in her car$ an" she invite" us to her stu"io-apart ents in 3e! 4ork for "inner. Very fortunately$ these apart ents !ere only 9ust aroun" the corner fro the hall in !hich the +ea"er !as to give his a""ress$ so it !as arrange" for us to "ress there$ then pack up our belongings an" take the aroun" to the hall$ so that after the lecture !e !oul" !aste not ti e in getting ho e. 2ut there is a story attache" to that !hich ' !ill relate in a short !hile. 1hen !e ca e to the hall !e !ere greete"$ on the street$ by the huge poster !hich ' hope by this ti e has been poste" on the bulletin-boar"$ as ' aske" -r. +e!is if he !oul" not sen" it to -r. 5arris for the +o alan" 0o ra"es to see. 8n entering the hall$ !e !ere !elco e" enthusiastically by any ol" frien"s - -rs. )inah -orris F!ho ha" a large bun"le of very !elco e ail fro +o alan" for usG an" 5elen -orris$ various e bers of the +e!is fa ily$ (rancisco +iera$ !ho ha" arrange" to have his otor-car an" hi self at the +ea"er*s service until !e !ere safely settle on the boat$ ;ay on" Tyberg !as there$ an" Erik Jahlson$ also Enik (isk$ an" -rs. 7bel an" -iss 7shley$ an" there ay have been others !ho ' personally "i" not see. 1e sa! that the hall !as alrea"y filling up$ an" there !as such a stea"y strea of people co ing in that it !as i possible to start the eeting at B:1/ as !as announce"$ an" it !as not until al ost B:>/ that it co ence". -r. +e!is a"e a splen"i" chair an. Practically every seat in the hall !as taken$ an" the au"ience har"ly stirre" once until the last !or"s of the +ea"er$ an" even then !ere reluctant to go. 2ut by this ti e it !as late$ ten o*clock$ an" !e ha" a t!o-hour "rive back to Silver ine ahea" of us$ so it !as announce that intereste" in&uirers !ho !ishe" to call upon the +ea"er coul" o so on (ri"ay afternoon an" evening at the apart ents of -rs. )inah -orris$ !ho ha" very generously offere" her roo s for this purpose. 7n" no! began a ri"e ho e !hich !as a veritable Paul ;evere*s ;i"e$ !ith -rs. +an"on at the !heel. ' ight say that those gentle en !ho seek to "e onstrate the superiority of their se< by casting aspersions on !o en*s "riving$ shoul" have seen this e<hibition of skill. -rs. +an"on is a little la"y$ but she ra"iates confi"ence in every ove ent she akes$ an" she han"le" that large car as if it !ere only a plaything in her han"s. 8f course through the cro!"e" an" congeste" city-"istrict !e ha" to go rather slo!ly$ an" of course ha" our generous share of co ing to a stan"still !hile !aiting for the re" lights signifying stop to flash off$ an" the !elco e green lights to invite us to continue our 9ourney to co e on. 8ne funny inci"ent occurre". 1e !ere really a cavalca"e of three autos$ our party proper in -rs. +an"on*s car$ an" e bers of the -eek househol" an" of the Silver ine +o"e in t!o other cars follo!ing$ an" they !ere suppose" to keep behin" us as uch as possible. Eust as !e starte" it !as foun" that the tail-light of -rs. +an"on*s car ha" gone out an" coul" not be repaire" at the o ent$ so the auto follo!ing ours "eci"e" that all it ha" to "o !as to keep behin" the car !hich ha" no tail-light. 2ut there !as nothing to prevent other people*s cars slipping in bet!een occasionally$ an" often !e !oul" reach a signal an" pass it 9ust before it change"$ leaving the other cars !aiting helplessly on the other si"e of the crossing. (inally$ to their "is ay$ those behin" us foun" that they !ere confi"ently follo!ing a car !ith no tail-light$ but it $as not ours. 5o!ever$ they finally foun"

us again. 7s soon as 3e! 4ork !as behin" us$ then the fun began. The car spe" ahea" !ith lightning spee" an" passe" to!n after to!n until !e ca e to the outskirts of Silver ine. (ro there on there !ere no lights on the roa"$ the !ay !as barely !i"e enough for t!o cars to pass each other$ there !ere su""en ups an" "o!ns in the groun"$ an" yet the car never slackene" spee". 8n she !ent$ !ith a steep bank an" thick trees on one si"e$ an" the river on the other$ an" !e coul"n*t see ten yar"s ahea" of us. 7n" it !asn*t a straight roa" either$ but curve" in an" out an" to this si"e an" that. 1e 9ust ha" to sit an" hol" our breath$ not in terror but in sheer !on"er at the skill of our "river# an" finally$ !hen !ith a triu phant &uick turn !e ca e to a stan"still at the house$ all !e coul" "o !as to sit in the car an" laugh an" laugh. 1e tol" -rs. +an"on that !henever !e !ante" to cover groun" &uickly an" ti e !as short$ !e !oul" call for her services. Early ne<t orning !e ha" a very interesting e<perience. 1e starte" out shortly after eight o*clock$ in -r. -eek*s car$ for a "rive to Suffern$ ;ocklan" 0ounty$ 3e! 4ork. That place surely "oesn*t nee" any intro"uction to you. 1e ha" to cross the 5u"son an" !e ha" the goo" luck of arriving at the (erry 9ust in ti e before it pulle" out. 't took$ ' believe$ about t!o an" half hours to reach Suffern$ an" ' for one !as ightily thrille" as !e neare" the place. The to!n is beautifully situate" at the base of a se icircle of hills !hich are calle" the Ta apo 5ills$ an" the ;a apo ;iver runs through it. 1e !ere not at all certain !hether !e shoul" fin" 9ust !hat !e !ere looking for$ but "eci"e" to ask the first likely person for infor ation. To be sure !e ha" a"e no istake$ !e first aske" if this !ere Suffern$ an" on being assure" that it !as$ !e aske" !here the Episcopal 0hurch !as. 't !as 9ust a fe! yar"s "o!n the street fro !here !e !ere$ so !e "rove up to it$ an" then "eci"e" that !e coul" not iss the opportunity of going in an" e<a ining the ol" church !here 6. )e P.*s father ha" preache". The "oor stoo" open$ an" !e !ent in. The at osphere of the ol" church !as col" an" "ank an" "reary# there !ere the pe!s on either si"e$ !ith the prayer books an" bibles in little cases in front of each seat$ an" the cushions upon !hich the congregation kneel hanging belo! the books. There !as the baptis al font at !hich 6. "e P. as a baby !as bapti,e"$ an" all the other paraphernalia so necessary to this for of religion. 1e !ent out an" over to the rectory$ !hich !as a"9acent to the church$ an" !hich !as the house in !hich 6. "e P. !as born# an" !e !ere 9ust stan"ing ga,ing up at it al ost on the front steps$ an" ' !as picking so e clover-blosso s in the grass$ !hen a car "rove up$ an" !ho shoul" get out but the present officiating clergy an. 5e greete" us in a frien"ly anner# probably visuali,ing so e future rich parishioners$ an" as !e intro"uce" ourselves he pai" no particular attention to )r. (ussell*s na e nor to ine. 2ut !hen the +ea"er shook han"s ' !on"ere" !hat !oul" happen. %-y na e is 5obart$% sai" the +ea"er. %8h$% sai" the clergy an$ %5obart is a very !ell-kno!n na e in our church$ it is one !e think uch of.% The +ea"er e<plaine" to e after!ar"s that his father ha" na e" his 5obart after 2ishop 5obart$ a fa ous 2ishop of the Episcopal 0hurch. 1e parte" fro hi pleasantly$ but not until another clergy an fro a neighboring to!n$ !ho ha" 9ust "riven up$ ha" been intro"uce"$ an" ha" given us a car" of a" ission to his church an" park an" groun"s$ so e seven iles "istant. 'f they ha" reali,e" that they !ere speaking to the son of one of the present clergy an*s pre"ecessors$ an" that that son !as no! the +ea"er of the Theosophical Society$ ' !on"er !hat turn the event !oul" have taken. 't !as necessary to be back at Silver ine in goo" ti e$ as there !as another eeting for invite" guests at the Silver ine 6alleries at four o*clock# an" as part of our route after !e left 1hite Plains an" before !e reache" the (erry !as over very rough roa"$ !e "eci"e" to seek another one. 2ut as luck !oul" have it$ !e arrive" at a place !here there !ere no roa"-signs in"icating !here !e !ere. 7s there !as no one aroun"$ !e "eci"e" to retrace our steps an" ask for infor ation. 1e "i" so$ an" aske" one

passing otorist the !ay to 1hite Plains$ an" he in"icate" a "irection 9ust opposite to the !ay !e ha" been going. So !e turne" aroun" again$ an" !ent on for so e "istance. Still there !ere no signs$ so !e aske" again. This ti e !e !ere sho!n still a thir" "irection. 1e pursue" that for so e ti e$ still !ithout co ing in sight of 1hite Plains$ an" then !e reveive" very e<plicit "irections fro an ol" an !ho see e" to kno! the country !ell. %6o right along the roa" you are on no!$ until you co e to the bri"ge# cross the bri"ge an" then turn to your left$ that lea"s you to 1hite Plains.% 1e !ere very thankful to have our troubles en"e"$ an" soon ca e - not to one bri"ge but to three$ one lea"ing ahea" an" one to each si"e? 8f course !e took the !rong one$ an" ha" to "o still so e ore retracing. 5o!ever$ !e finally foun" 1hite Plains$ an" fro there on the roa" !as clear. +ooking at the bright si"e of things$ !e !ere gla" that it !as in a beautiful bit of country that !e ha" %been lost$% "o!n in a valley$ !ith beautiful high hills$ covere" !ith trees$ an" a lovely clear river at their foot. 'nci"entally$ !e a"e up for lost ti e on the return 9ourney$ an" arrive" ho e in ti e to get "resse" for the eeting. The ne<t orning$ !ith all our suit-cases packe" an" store" in the !aiting auto obiles$ !e ba"e goo"-bye to an enthusiastic an" happy group of people co prising the Silver ine +o"ge# that is$ !e ba"e goo"-bye to those !ho !ere not co ing "o!n to 3e! 4ork to have a final !or" !ith the +ea"er before he left the country. 1e arrive" in 3e! 4ork$ at the ;iversi"e )rive 7part ents !here -rs. -oris an" 5elen live$ in goo" ti e for lunch$ an" !e sat "o!n to a eal such as only -rs. -orris kno!s ho! to prepare$ though ' shoul"n*t leave out 5elen$ because she a"e the stra!berry shortcake herself$ an" ' think she !oul" take the pri,e any!here in this art. )irectly after lunch$ in&uirers an" frien"s began to arrive. 7s ' entione" previously$ -rs. -orris ha" opene" her apart ents for the +ea"er an" his party$ an" for any use he ight !ish to ake of the . There !as a stea"y strea of frien"s$ in&uirers$ intereste" people$ Fan" only one or t!o %0ranks%G !hich kept up until about seven o*clock. 7 la"y !ho ha" previously correspon"e" !ith the +ea"er$ -rs. 5arriet 5ubbar"$ !ho ha" been Presi"ent of an 7"yar +o"ge in -ontclair$ 3e! Eersey$ ca e to call on the +ea"er an" ha" a long intervie! !ith hi !hile "riving hi aroun" the city in her car$ !ith her o!n chauffeur. She has no! 9oine" our organi,ation$ in fact signe" her application on boar" the boat$ having co e "o!n to see us off$ an" having invite" the +ea"er to use her car to reach the pier. 1ell$ 0o ra"es$ ' a "ra!ing to the en" of y fourth sheet$ the "ay is "ra!ing to a close$ an" so is this present chapter of our travels$ for the 0aptain has infor e" us that he has alrea"y sent a !ireless to Ply outh announcing that the ship !ill arrive by t!o o*clock to orro!. This !ill be splen"i"$ because it !ill enable us to get clear of the 0usto s 8ffice an" get up to +on"on by to orro! evening. 1e are e<pecting that -r. 2arker !ill be "o!n at Ply outh to eet us. So ' shall close for this ti e$ leaving us in -rs. -orris*s apart ents$ en9oying her unboun"e" hospitality. She !as in"ee" gla" to see the +ea"er$ an" by the !ay$ 5elen sen"s her love to all her ol" 0o ra"es in +o alan". ' a !on"ering if so eone on the 7lu ni 0o ittee has though of sen"ing her an invitation to 9oin$ also (rancisco +iera$ !ho !as so helpful in 3e! 4ork$ an" helpe" transport us an" our baggage to the boat. This letter bears the "ate of Eune 19th !hen it !as starte"$ but to"ay is the .Cth. ' ust offer apologies for "ra!ing it out to such a length$ but ' ight suggest that half of it be rea" at one sitting$ an" the latter half the ne<t !eek$ so as to prevent your getting tire"? The ne<t !ill be !ritten fro +on"on$ if there is ti e to s&uee,e it in. ' have 9ust roo to a"" that$ !ithout telling any tales out of school$ ' can say that the +ea"er has not been sea)sic%, an" of course ' haven*t? 7n" -rs. 6eiger$ !ho 9oine" us on the boat$ says she never has any "ifficulty in that "irection any!ay. She akes a splen"i" traveling co panion.

+ove$ - E.V.S. -----------------+n #ondon , and *et )ot in #ondon 3o. @. 9B 0heyne 1alk$ +on"on$ S.1. 1C$ Eune ./$ 1931. 1C:CC a. . To the -e bers at the 'nternational Theosophical 5ea"&uarters$ Point +o a 0alifornia. )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: 7s you !ill see by the "ate of this letter$ it is the "ay after the 0entennial 0onvention$ an" a great even that !as$ !orthy of an entire letter$ so ' !ill gather up the loose en"s fro the other si"e of the !ater$ take you across the ocean !ith us$ !here ' a sure none of you !ill be seasick$ an" intro"uce you to -iss Taylor*s hospitable ho e# an" "evote y ne<t letter to ne!s about the 0entennial. +ooking back no! to the events prece"ing our boar"ing in the &olendam, it see s like several incarnations ago. ' re e ber the e<perience !e ha" on the train fro 0hicago to 1ashington. 1e ha" arrive" at the train early$ ha" place" all our baggage in our co part ent$ an" then ha" taken a stroll outsi"e to get so e %fresh% air at the station. 1hat !as our surprise$ on returning to our car$ to fin" t!o other gentle en co fortably seate" in our places$ !ith their baggage on top of ours? 1ell$ !e believe in 2rotherhoo"$ but even helping an" sharing can be carrie" to e<tre es. 5o!ever$ !e all sa! the hu orous si"e of the situation$ especially !hen both !e an" they took out our Pull an tickets to prove that !e !ere !ithin our o!n rights. Upon the appearance of the Pull an 0on"uctor$ it !as sho!n that the 0o pany ha" oversol" the section$ an" as !e ha" first clai $ of !hich !e ha" no "oubt all the ti e$ the t!o gentle en goo"-hu ore"ly gave up the fort an" sought shelter else!here. ' !on"er if ' o itte" to ention in y first letter the "elicious lunches !hich the San )iego +o"ge$ un"er -rs. 2raun*s !ise "irection$ put up for us. Everything !as packe" so tastefully$ an" even the "octors ha" ha" a han" in the "iet$ as !e foun" a little envelope of 9okes fro )r. 1ilco<$ one to be taken before each eal. The "ifferent e bers of the +o"ge$ an" also so e of the +o alan" 0o ra"es$ such as -rs. +a bert$ -argherita Siren$ an" others$ ha" also contribute" to the perfection of the lunches. 7n" ' ust not forget the "elicious oranges !hich -rs. Stevens an" the ;efectory provi"e". They !ere so refreshing !hen$ in the i""le of the afternoon$ crossing the "esert$ the ice-!ater faile" to &uench our thirst. Then !e took these little bits of +o alan"$ !hich !e ha" tucke" in spare corners of our baggage$ an" thought of you all$ an" of the kin"ness !e ha" receive" fro each an" all of you$ in regar" to preparations for the tour. )i" ' tell you !hat a goo" seller of literature ' a D ' think y services !ill have to be enliste" in front of the Te ple on Sun"ay afternoons. 't !as at the -inneapolis lecture$ !hen ' !as aske" if ' coul" spare a fe! inutes to help eet the people an" help !ith the literature after the lecture. People cro!"e" up an" !ere eager to get ore of the sa e %stuff% they ha" hear" fro 6. "e P. ' !as there only for five inutes$ but in that space ' sol" about t!o "ollars !orth of literature. 8ne la"y ca e up$ an" after looking over several of the =177$M sai" she coul"n*t "eci"e !hich to buy. ' tol" her the best !ay to circu vent that "ifficulty !as to take 6. "e P.*s book$ an" she !oul" have all the lectures at han" to choose fro . 7n" she took y a"vice an" the book. The people !ere so

an<ious to have the +ea"er*s lectures that so e of the pai" for copies !hich !e "i" not have$ but !hich ' pro ise" ' !oul" sen" to +o alan" for. ------------M *uestions +e All As% ) lectures by 6. "e P. in the Te ple of Peace$ +o alan". ------------Then ' a re in"e" of the "evotion of -rs. Peyton in 1ashington$ of !hich ' have alrea"y spoken. 7s you kno!$ all our ail !as a""resse" to her$ an" she a"e trips across the city to our hotel three or four ti es a "ay$ to ensure our getting our ail pro ptly. 8ne night late after the public eeting$ F....11:C/ Sa e "ay.G she receive" a special "elivery letter for one of the party$ telephone" to our hotel$ hire" a ta<i$ an" ca e all the !ay over !ith it$ because$ as she e<presse" it$ she "i"n*t !ant to be responsible for hol"ing up the business of the T.S. for one instant$ an" besi"es$ she sai" she love" to have an e<cuse to run in an" see the +o alan" 0o ra"es. 8ne thing of interest !e sa! in 2oston$ or "uring our stay there$ !as the fa ous ol" Ply outh rock$ arking the site !here the Pilgri (athers lan"e" in 7 erica in 1@.C. The rock is protecte" fro the ravages of the souvenir-hunters$ fro !hich it has suffere" greatly alrea"y$ by a large onu ent F....1.:CC Sa e "ay.G !hich really puts the little rock greatly in the sha"e. 7s one of the party re arke": 'f $e ha" been the pilgri (athers$ !e !oul" have steere" clear of rocks !hen lan"ing. ' believe !e parte" in y last letter at -rs. -orris*s apart ents$ !here !e !ere s&uee,ing in three "ay*s !ork into one$ in preparation for our "eparture fro the %lan" of the free an" ho e of the brave.% 1e foun" a letter fro -rs. 6eiger !hen !e arrive"$ apprising us of her arrival$ but after calling her on the telephone it !as utually "eci"e" that as she !as very busy an" !e !ere too$ !e !oul" agree to eet on boar" the &olendam. 't !as al ost like hearing so eone fro ho e$ to hear her voice over the !ires$ in busy$ bustling 3e! 4ork. 8ne of the visitors !ho calle" at the 5otel to see 6. "e P. !as )r. 7lvin Juhn$ author$ as you !ill kno!$ of the book on Theosophy !hich has cause" such co ent in the press in 3e! 4ork an" else!here. 5e ha" a long intervie! !ith the +ea"er. -ost of the people !ere really intereste"$ but there !as one$ a "octor$ !ho in first place aske" if !e "i" not nee" a "octor to acco pany us on the trip$ an" !hen ' assure" hi that !e !ere all in e<cellent health$ he sai" that perhaps !e !oul" have "ifficulties in crossing the ocean. 2ut ' tol" hi !e ha" alrea"y arrange" to "o !ithout seasickness on this trip. The !e began talking about Theosophy an" he aske" e if ' "i" not a" ire +ea"beater. ' ans!ere" innocently that ' ha" never et hi . 5e sai"$ %2ut you have rea" his books$ surely$ "on*t you think they are splen"i"D% %Unfortunately$% ' ans!ere"$ %' have never seen one of his books.% -ore ystifie" than ever he F.....:C/ Sa e "ay.G sai"$ %2ut ' though you sai" you !ere a Theosophist an" ha" been for so e years. ' cannot un"erstan" ho! that can be !hen you say you have never rea" anything of -r. +ea"beater*s.% 2ut no! ' thought it !as ti e to leave hi to !ork out his o!n pu,,le$ an" for e to take part in ore profitable conversations. There !as no cessation of visitors all

afternoon$ so eti es as any as seven or eight !aiting for intervie!s at one ti e# an" even !hen !e sat "o!n to "inner at seven o*clock$ visitors calle". Speaking of "inner$ -rs. -orris is evi"ently not one of those !ho believe that the !ay to prevent seasickness is to go on boar" on an e pty sto ach. She live" up to her reputation$ !ith the help of 5elen$ an" sitting aroun" the table !e recalle" the ol" "ays in +o alan" !hen she use" to prepare a nice chicken$ or so e other "ainty$ for one of J.T.*s parties. 7fter "iner there !ere a fe! inutes in !hich 6. "e P. coul" eet the 3e! 4ork e bers$ an" then at nine o*clock !e left for the boat. 1e !ent through a very interesting auto obile tunnel$ recently built$ through !hich autos ay take a &uick an" "irect line to the pier$ an" this tunnel runs right un"er the 5u"son river. The insi"e is brilliantly lighte"$ all the !ay through - it is t!o iles long - an" the ceiling an" !alls are co pletely tile"$ !ith tiles si ilar to those one sees in these o"ern 0rane bathroo s. 't is a agnificent piece of !ork. 'f !e !ere e<pecting any e<citing or thrilling ti e getting on the stea er$ !e !ere "isappointe". 'n the first place$ (rancisco +lera$ !ho you !ill all re e ber$ !as on han" !ith his car$ first in the afternoon to take our trunks an" han"-baggage to the stea er$ an" later to help transport us there. 1e thought it !oul" be splen"i" not to have a last- inute struggle !ith the baggage$ so )r. (ussell !ent "o!n to the pier an" aske" the baggageaster if !e !oul" put out han"-baggage in our stateroo s an" have the locke". The baggage- aster sai" that such a thing !as not usually allo!e"$ but referre" us to the hea" ste!ar"$ !ith the result that 9ust !hat !e !ante" !as acco plishe". So !hen !e arrive" at the pier shortly after ten o*clock$ no other passengers !ere in sight$ !e !alke" cal ly to the place in"icate" for first-class passengers$ sho!e" our tickets an" !alke" on to the boat - no pushing through cro!"s$ no fren,ie" counting of baggage - an" the first thing !e "i" !hen !e %lan"e"% on boar"$ !as to sen" off a telegra to +o alan"$ !hich$ as !e have alrea"y hear" fro -r. 5arris$ reache" +o alan" on ti e to be poste" in the "iningroo for breakfast. 8ur ne<t ove !as to fin" our cabins$ !hich !ere beautifully situate"$ close together$ on )eck 7. 2y this ti e !e ha" foun" -rs. 6eiger$ !ho ca e upon us as !e !ere co posing the telegra for ho e. 1e look for!ar" to several happy onths !ith her. 2y the !ay$ !hen !e peepe" into our cabins !e foun" to our "elight a large pile of ail fro +o alan". 1e "i" not stop to rea" it then$ as !e !ante" to go on "eck to !atch the ship pull out$ !hich it !as sche"ule" to "o at five inutes past i"night$ in other !or"s on Satur"ay orning. 7s the ti e "re! near$ one of the ste!ar"s !ent fro "eck to "eck$ aroun" an" aroun"$ ringing a large han"-bell$ !arning all visitors to leave. 1e ha" alrea"y gone to the chief ste!ar" an" engage" our table in the "ining-roo so that !e coul" have a s all table for four all to ourselves. Speaking for yself$ before ' !ent to sleep ' peepe" into y +o alan" ail$ an" !as so intereste" in it that su""enly$ !hen y eyes began to feel &ueer$ ' looke" at the clock an" sa! that it !as past one o*clock. 2ut it !as goo" to hear fro hi $ an" by the appearance of the envelopes$ !ith their air ail stickers an" full a""resses$ etc.$ ' coul" i agine the notices that ha" gone up on the 2ulletin 2oar"$ apprising you of your last chance to reach us before !e saile". The ne<t "ay !e procee"e" to ake ourselves at ho e. 1e a"e it a practice to "o as uch !alking as !e coul"$ an" !e foun" out that ten ti es aroun" the "eck !as a ile. So every orning$ 9ust after the sailors ha" holystone" F' "on*t kno! if that is spelt correctlyG the "eck$ !e !oul" take a ile !alk before breakfast. 1e use" to !alk briskly$ an" you can i agine$ !ith the "ifference in height$ that ' ca e in for ore e<ercise than any of the others. These nine "ays !ere also a goo" ti e to catch up !ith correspon"ence$ an" by this ti e you ust have receive" so e of the results of our !ork. 3ee"less to say !e en9oye" For perhaps y fello!-travelers !oul" tell e to speak for yself onlyG to sit on "eck$ !atching the hori,on appear an" "isappear$ an" feel the

!aters s!elling un"erneath$ or !alking the "eck first !ith a su""en run "o!nhill$ an" then a cli b uphill$ as !e ha" to acco o"ate ourselves to the otion of the boat. The voyage on the !hole !as through a cal sea$ though on the secon" "ay the ship*s log in"icate" %;ough sea.% 8n the !hole the trip !as uneventful. There !ere various a use ents provi"e" for the passengers$ so e of !hich a"e us !on"er if Puck !asn*t right !hen he sai" %+or"$ !hat fools these ortals be?% 2ut it !as fun !hen ascen"ing fro the "ining-roo each "ay$ to see !hat ne! notices !ere on "isplay$ an" one night !hen oving pictures !ere announce" of a -e"iterranean 0ruise$ !e kne! they !oul" be interesting$ an" !e !ere not "isappointe". The 0ruise took us to several points in Spain$ 'taly$ 6reece$ an" Egypt$ !hich places 6. "e P. ha" visite" !ith J.T. !hen he !as on an early Theosophical 0rusa"e !ith her$ an" it !as a"e "oubly interesting by hearing hi "escribe their visit to the 6reat Pyra i"$ an" the Sphin<$ an" the ;uins of the 6reek Te ples$ !hich !ere sho!n in the pictures. There !as great e<cite ent on boar" !hen$ after eight "ays of seeing nothing but !ater$ !e sighte" an 7 erican 1arship$ !hich prove" to be the +yoming$ tugging into port the sub arine 'autilus$ !hich ha" been on its !ay to the 3orth pole$ but ha" to signal for help !hen its achinery broke "o!n. They !ere going in the sa e "irection as !e$ but very uch slo!er$ so !e ha" a goo" vie! of the as they !ere &uite near to us. 7ll the "ecks of the +yoming !ere literally plastere" !ith sailors$ an" the t!o ships signale" to each other as !e passe". 2y this ti e there ha" been several notices giving passengers "irections about lan"ing$ lists of those !ho !ere "ise barking to Ply outh$ as !ere !e$ instructions about ail an" about changing oney into English currency$ place for sho!ing passports$ etc. 7s the 5ollan"-7 erican +ine has no "ock in Ply outh$ a ten"er ha" to co e out to eet us to carry the passengers to lan". 8n the ten"er !ere the i igration officials$ etc.$ an" !ithin a fe! inutes our passports !ere sub itte"$ !e !ere given lan"ing tickets$ an" then !e !ent on "eck to !atch for any possible sight of frien"s !ho ight be co ing to eet us. 'n fact$ !e ha" spent ost of the "ay on "eck$ !atching the lan" as !e approache". Early in the orning !e ca e in sight of the Scilly 'sles$ a agnificent sight$ 9utting out into the sea. 7s !e approache" the ainlan" it !as lovely to see the green hills$ all nearly arke" out into fiel"s$ an" the pretty little neat houses at the foot. The approach to Ply outh is very beautiful. 1e ha" receive" !or" that )r. 7. Trevor 2arker !oul" try to co e "o!n to Ply outh to eet us$ an" as the ten"er pulle" up alongsi"e our ship$ !e !on"ere" !hether he or any of the other e bers !ere on it$ an" ho! !e !oul" recogni,e each other$ an" ' tol" the +ea"er that !e !oul" have to leave it to -r. 2arker to recogni,e hi fro his photograph. 1ell$ there !ere several people on the ten"er$ all ga,ing up at our ship as !e !ere ga,ing "o!n at the $ an" !e pointe" out t!o$ an" "eci"e" that they ust be people of interest to us. 1e !ere right$ because as soon as the connection !as a"e bet!een the ten"er an" the &olendam they ca e on boar"$ an" prove" to be )r. 2arker an" one of our e bers living in Ply outh. )r. 2arker tol" us after!ar" that the first one of the party he recogni,e" !as -rs. 6eiger$ !ho he ha" never seen$ but !ho he recogni,e" fro his !ife*s "escription of her. -rs. Virginia 2arker before she !as arrie" kne! -rs. 6eiger very !ell in 0alifornia. 1e ha" a very easy ti e lan"ing an" getting through the 0usto s 5ouse$ partly "ue to the fact that -r. 1al"eck of San )iego ha" co unicate" !ith his Ply outh agent an" ha" aske" hi to give every attention possible to )r. "e Purucker*s party. 2efore lan"ing !e ha" each been provi"e" !ith tags to tie on our baggage$ these tags bearing in large re" letters the first initial of our na es. an" on arriving at the 0usto s 5ouse$ each passenger ha" to go to the "ivision correspon"ing !ith his letter. -rs. 6eiger an" )r. (ussell$ being %6% an" %(% !ere close together$ an" the +ea"er an" '$ %P% an" %S$%

Fbecause there !ere no %=*s% an" %;*s% on boar"$G ha" our baggage near together$ an" though !e ha" our keys rea"y to open anything that the in&uisitive 0usto s officials !ere particularly intereste" in$ !e never ha" to use the . 1e only ha" to "eclare ho! any cigarettes !e ha" F"on*t be afrai"$ ' haven*t yet ac&uire" that tasteG$ an" as !e !ere !ell !ithin the li its allo!e"$ our baggage !as passe" in an instant. 1e ha" a funny e<perience !ith the porter !ho helpe" us !ith our luggage. 5e !as a funny little 0ornish an$ !ith such an accent? 5e began speaking to e$ an" for the life of e ' coul" not un"erstan" a !or" he sai". So after several vain atte pts ' a"opte" the sign-language$ an" !on"ere" if ' !ere lacking in intelligence or !ere getting "eaf. 2ut then ' looke" over to see ho! the +ea"er !as getting on !ith hi $ an" ' sa! a pu,,le"$ a use"$ helpless e<pression on his face too. 5o!ever$ !e "i" get out baggage to the train$ an" !ere fortunate enough to have a co part ent all to ourselves$ !here the +ea"er an" -r. 2arker coul" "iscuss plans for the forthco ing intensive Theosophical ca paign. 2ut !e !ere !orking un"er "ifficulties$ because in the i"st of a "eep "iscussion about the 0entennial 0onvention$ so eone !oul" call out$ %8h$ "o look there$% an" so eone else$ %+ook on this si"e.% 1e "i" en9oy the fire-hour "rive up to +on"on. The countrysi"e !as a ass of !il"-flo!ers$ !hole fiel"s of "affo"ils$M late for the season$ fo<gloves$ "aisies$ an" all sorts of things$ an" beautiful henna-colore" poppies. 7n" as far as the eye coul" reach the countrysi"e !as "ivi"e" into neat little fiel"s$ all cultivate"$ an" the "ivisions arke" by little he"ges of trees. 't !as 9ust tea ti e as !e boar"e" the train$ so !e ha" an e<a ple of the "elightful English afternoon tea$ !hich ' "on*t think any other country serves so !ell. -----------M 'f they !eren*t "affo"ils$ then !hat !ere theyD -----------2y the !ay$ ' ust tell you that ' still have to fin" the English 0hannel living up to its reputation. 7s !e entere" it the !aters !ere so cal that it al ost looke" as though oil ha" been poure" on the !aters. The sea-gulls ca e in great clou"s$ eagerly calling out for foo"$ !hich !as thro!n to the in great abun"ance fro the ship. 3o! ' a arriving at the en" of the si<th page$ an" if this letter is "estine" to be rea" in the "ining-roo $ ' "on*t !ant to be responsible for keeping those on "uty !aiting too long. -y ne<t letter !ill F....Eune .@th$ 3:>C p. .G tell about the 0entennial an" the other eetings !e have ha" here. 1hen ' look back over the fe! "ays !e have been in Englan"$ an" think of the nu ber of private an" public eetings$ an" intervie!s$ an" engage ents !hich have taken place$ it see s ore like a onth than less than a !eek. 7s you !ill notice$ ' have note" in this letter the "ifferent sittings !hich it has receive"$ erely to illustrate the facility of getting out a general letter !ithout interruption. 7n" ' chose a ti e !hich !as co paratively &uiet in a relative sense. 't !oul" interest you if you coul" take a peep into the interruptions - anything fro rushing to a public lecture to running up four flights of stairs$ t!enty-four each$ to ans!er the telephone !hich is at the top of this interesting house$ an" !hich keeps up an inter ittent ringing until the receiver is lifte"# or perhaps the interruption is cause" by a call fro one of our frien"s fro the 7"yar T.S. 2ut ore of this in y ne<t. Eust roo to sen" affectionate greetings fro all to all. - E.V.S.

---------------!he %.-.'. Centennial Conference 3o. A Park 5otel$ 0ar"iff$ Eune .B$ 1931. 9:3C p. . )ear 0o ra"es in +o alan": ' ha" a feeling that you !oul" like to get a touch of 1ales$ by having a letter !ritten in 0ar"iff$ so tho9ugh ' have ti e no! for only a fe! lines an" y type!riter is not available$ ' take pen in han"$ kno!ing that this letter !ill be rea" to you$ an" you !ill not be "istresse" by a sight of y faulty pen anship. ' feel like a %!oofie bir"$% because though !e are going for!ar" at a tre en"ous rate$ yet ' have y face turne" back!ar"s to !here ' left you in y last letter$ traveling up to +on"on on the spee"y boat-train. These boat-trains are very convenient. 4ou "on*t have to perfor hair-raising stunts to rush fro the boat$ through the 0usto s 8ffice$ an" to the train$ !ith a lurking "oubt in your in" as to !hether you have all your baggage an" your !its !ith you. 2ut the train obligingly stan"s in the station until F....The 6ran" 5otel$ -anchester$ -i"night$ Eune 3C$ 1931.G you are co fortably seate" insi"e$ an" then !astes no ti e aking &uick !ork of space up to +on"on. 7s !e pulle" in at the +on"on station$ !e et Virginia 2arker$ !ho !as there rea"y to help us !ith our luggage. ' ha" a funny e<perience. 1e sa! the luggage being taken fro the train an" place" in an enclosure$ so ' !alke" confi"ently up to in"icate to the porters !hich !as ours. Su""enly our shot a barrier in front of y startle" eyes$ F....+on"on$ (rien"s* 5all$ Euly 1$ 1931.G ' looke" up$ an" there !as a big$ burly police an$ taller than 6. "e P.$ an" bigger an" broa"er$ hol"ing his ar out to prevent entrance. 4ou see$ the passengers are erely suppose" to point out$ fro the outsi"e of the enclosure$ their baggage to the porters$ !ho e<tricate it fro the general ass. 7t the police an*s gesture$ an" courteous but fir $ %3o$ la"y$ not in here?%$ !e all ha" to laugh. These +on"on %2obbies$% as they call the $ are a splen"i" set of en$ an" are a cre"it to their country. They carry the selves so !ell$ atten" to their "uties so "iligently$ an" in the perfor ance of their "uties are so courteous. 4ou ay have seen pictures of the !ith their hel et-like caps$ an" straps across the chin. ---------0heyne 1alk$ Euly .n"$ .:3C p. . 4ou !oul" have arvele"$ as !e "i"$ ha" you seen the porters loa"ing our baggage on to the ta<is - a !ar"robe trunk nearly fitte" into the ta<i besi"e the "river$ t!o stea er-trunks hoiste" up on top of the car$ an" the han"-baggage put out of sight in corners so that there !as plenty of roo for us insi"e too. 8n arriving at 0helsea !e !ere greete" by -iss Taylor an" -iss -e""-5all$ an" ' ust take a inute to tell you about -iss Taylor*s !on"erful hospitality. 5er house is an interesting four-storey house situate" on the Tha es$ in early "ays o!ne" by Sir Tho as -ore$ an" then rebuilt in 1@>C$ but in later "ays o"ern conveniences have been put in$

such as electricity$ running !ater$ etc. -iss Taylor has put her entire ho e at the "isposal of the +ea"er$ provi"ing us each !ith a beautiful be"-roo $ a "ra!ing-roo for the +ea"er to !ork in$ an" receive callers$ an" an office for )r. (ussell an" the secretarial !ork. She arrange" !ith the post-office for a special letter-bo< to be place" at her "oor$ !here ail is "elivere" an" taken three or four ti es a "ay$ an" !e have the e<clusive use of a telephone. This telephone happens to be situate" in y roo on the fourth floor$ an" you ought to see the flying leaps !e take up the four flights of stairs$ each containing t!entyfour steps F' counte" the once !hen ' !as not boun"ing up t!o or three at a ti eG to ans!er the *phone !hen it rings. Then -iss Taylor$ !ith the help of the English Section$ has hire" a car an" "river to be on han" at any hour of the "ay or night to "rive us to any place "esire". -ore of this later. 't has been sai" that one "oes not have to be in Point +o a to be in +o alan"$ an" !e have certainly seen proof of this. 9B 0heyne 1alk$ an" @. 2aker Street$ our +on"on 5ea"&uarters$ have been as uch a part of +o alan" lately as$ for instance$ the ;efectory$ or the E<ecutive 2uil"ing. The night of our arrival$ there !as ti e for little else than saying goo" evening an" then goo" night$ but the ne<t orning$ -on"ay$ bright an" early$ )r. barker ca e over to see the +ea"er$ an" plans for the 0entennial$ to take place on 1e"nes"ay$ !ere "iscusse". 7fter lunch -r. 2arker took us over to @. 2aker St. to sho! us the scene of the forthco ing 0onference$ an" to get the +ea"er*s i"eas on arrange ent of roo $ etc. 8n our arrival there$ !e foun" -r. 1atson$ -rs. barker$ an" -iss 1ilkinson$ an" !ithin a fe! o ents !e !ere all$ hats an" coats off$ oving pianos$ chairs$ tables$ platfor s$ etc.$ for all the !orl" re in"ing e of the ti es at +o alan" !hen J.T. !oul" co e into a buil"ing an" begin planning for so e event. 8ver an" over again in the "ays that follo!e"$ !e re arke" to each other$ %)oesn*t this re in" you of +o alan"?% 3e<t !e "rove to the (rien"*s 5all$ to vie! the place !here the public lectures !oul" be given. 't is a splen"i" hall$ arrange" in such a !ay that no si"e of it contacts the street$ an" so all traffic-noises Fsuch as i portant ite to be consi"ere" on the tourG !ere absent. So any things have been cro!"ing into the last !eek an" a half$ that it is really i possible to kno! !here to begin to tell about the . 't ay interest you to have a leaf$ so to say$ out of y appoint ent-book$ so that !hen ' "escribe ite s of interest$ you !on*t think that they "e an" our entire attention$ to the e<clusion of real !ork. 7n" "on*t forget that these lists "o not inclu"e business or other intervie!s !ith the various e bers# not "o they sho! the a ount of ti e consu e" in getting fro one place to another$ especially !hen !e get caught in a traffic-9a on a busy corner in the +on"on streets$ !here t!o %2obbies% are on "uty continually$ 9ust anaging traffic. ' have seen as any as nine buses$ all hel" up$ one behin" the other$ !hile others are co ing in the opposite "irection. These buses are very interesting$ "ouble-storey affairs$ an" are e<pertly han"les. F....Euly 3r".G 1ell$ beginning Eune .3r"$ the secon" "ay after our arrival in +on"on: )uring the "ay$ four intervie!s /:CC 0o ittee eeting to "iscuss plans for 0entennial 0onvention A:3C +o"ge -eeting Eune .>th 1C:3C to >:3C 0entennial 0onvention A:CC 7tten" Phoeni< +o"ge eeting

Eune ./th Si< separate i portant intervie!s B:CC p. . Public +ecture Eune .@th Three intervie!s 11:3C 'n&uirers* eeting B:CC p. . Private eeting Eune .Ath B:CC a. . +eave by auto for 0ar"iff 3:3C p. . 7rrive 0ar"iff A:3C p. . Public +ecture Eune .Bth 3:3C (raterni,ation eeting !ith 7"yar @:3C +o"ge eeting B:CC Private eeting Eune .9th B:CC a. . +eave 0ar"iff for -anchester >:CC p. . 7rrive -anchester A:3C p. . Public +ecture Eune 3Cth /:3C p. . +o"ge eeting @:3C p. . Private eeting A:3C p. . 'n&uirers* eeting Euly 1st B:CC a. . +eave -anchester for +on"on /:CC p. . 7rrive +on"on$ 0helsea B:CC p. . Public +ecture Euly .n" Si< intervie!s "uring the "ay B:CC p. . 'n&uirers* eeting Euly >r" (our intervie!s B:CC p. . Private e bers


Euly /th 11:CC a. . 'n&uirers* -eeting 3:3C p. . +otus-0ircle /:CC p. . +o"ge fare!ell eeting Euly @th early$ +eave for the 0ontinent The intervie!s$ etc.$ for the last fe! "ays of our stay in +on"on$ are not yet

in"icate" on the sche"ule$ but 9u"ging fro the past fe! "ays$ it !ill be a iracle !hen !e !ill get our trunks packe"$ etc. Then$ san"!iche" in bet!een these various things$ there is the rea"ing of correspon"ence$ "ictating$ type!riting$ traveling arrange ents$ intervie!s !ith our o!n T.S. officials$ etc.$ etc.$ etc. 8n -on"ay$ Eune ..n"$ our e bers !ho !ere going to atten" the 0onvention on the follo!ing "ay began to arrive. 'n the orning )r. Siren !alke" in on us$ looking as young as ever$ an" si ply ra"iant on seeing the +ea"er. Then in the afternoon in ca e Jenneth -orris$ !ho ha" co e fro 1ales for the 0onvention. 8n that afternoon$ aroun" the tea-table$ all of our e bers !ho !ere going to atten" the 0onvention$ an" particularly those !ho !ere sche"ule" to speak$ et together to "iscuss the modus operandi an" to get the general feel of things for the i portant occasion. The co itteeeeting !as hel" in the +ea"er*s "ra!ing-roo pro tem.$ an" the e bers thereof prove" to each other that Theosophists can co bine hu or !ith business. )r. Siren propose" that each participant in the 0onvention be presente" !ith a flo!er on arriving at the "oor$ an" -rs. 2arker state" that this ha" alrea"y been arrange"$ as -r. ,ose$ one of our e bers$ !oul" be "oor-keeper. The list of Theosophists fro "ifferent parts of the !orl" !ho !ere going to atten" !as rea" by -r. 2arker$ an" it certainly soun"e" i posing. ' !ill not enu erate the here$ as you !ill receive the official report. 1e arrive" pro ptly at @. 2aker Street at 1C:CC a. .$ so that as the various "elegates entere"$ they coul" eet )r. "e Purucker infor ally before procee"ings began. There !ere about si<ty-five persons present# our o!n e bers for the ost part ha" to stay a!ay because of lack of roo . )r. 2arker ha" aske" -rs. Eackson$ the 7"yar 6eneral Secretary for Englan"$ to be the first speaker$ but she felt that that honor shoul" be given to ). "e Purucker$ an" it !as so arrange". 4ou !ill be intereste" to kno! that ' foun" yself sitting besi"e )r. 7run"ale an" his !ife Fshe a young 5in"u !o anG$ !ho atten"e" the 0onference as representative Theosophists. )r. 7run"ale re arke" to e "uring the procee"ings$ that ' ust be a very e<pert an" rapi" stenographer. 5e sai" it !as interesting to !atch? ' shoul" have sai" that !e foun" other Point +o a Theosophists !hen !e arrive" at the hall$ such as -r. 6ou" an" -r. Vene a fro 5ollan". -rs. 6eiger of course atten"e"$ an" spoke beautifully. She has co e to every eeting$ public or in&uirers* or private$ that has been hel" in +on"on$ but she !as not able to co e !ith us to 1ales or -anchester. She is not at 0heyne 1alk !ith us in 0helsea$ but is staying at the Savoy 5otel# but she co es over fre&uently to tea$ or to see the lea"er$ etc.$ an" is as uch one of the party as though she !ere living at 0heyne 1alk. The 0onference a"9ourne" for lunch at one o*clock$ an" -r. barker pro ise" to take the lea"er an" his party to a &uiet little restaurant aroun" the corner !hich !oul" not be cro!"e". 2ut !hat !as our surprise$ on arriving at the place$ to fin" the "o!nstairs part fille"$ ostly !ith our o!n e bers !ho !ere also seeking a &uiet place. So !e !ent upstairs$ an" there !e foun" ore of our e bers - -r. 6ou"$ -r. Vene a$ )r. Jenneth -orris$ )r. Siren$ an" others. So !e 9oine" tables$ an" ha" a real Theosophical lunch$ an" "o!n the t!o long si"es of the table !e e<change" vie!s about the orning-session of the eeting$ "iscusse" plans for the co ing activities of the lecture-tour$ an" all e<presse" enthusias over !hat ha" alrea"y been acco plishe". ' ight say here$ that our "ays really ought to be elastic to s&uee,e in all that the e bers !ish to "o. 1e are constantly receiving letters an" telegra s fro e bers in S!e"en an" 5ollan" an" 6er any$ all begging the +ea"er to stay longer in their respective countries# an" the e bers in Englan" have arrange" so that !e "o not take the stea ship 'ieu$ Amsterdam to 5ollan"$ as !e ha" planne" an" on !hich !e ha" free passage$ because they "on*t !ant to let the +ea"er go fro Englan" so soon. 7fter lunch !e asse ble" again at 2aker Street at t!o o*clock$ so that those atten"ing coul" eet each other socially for half an hour before the afternoon session of

the 0onference began$ !hich it "i" at .:3C. 't laste" until about >:3C$ an" fro the follo!ing cable alrea"y sent you$ you !ill kno! that the +ea"er !as satisfie" !ith the !ork "one: %+on"on$ Eune .@th. %3+T Theosociety$ San"iegocalif. %0entennial positive success. +ea"er e inently satisfie". Si<ty-five representative Theosophists of nineteen nationalities four societies$ inclu"ing 7run"ales$ Phoeni< +o"ge$ fourteen e<ecutive officers national sections. 4ester"ay*s public eeting splen"i". (ine au"ience.% - Bar%er )r. 7run"ale an" his !ife an" so e of the other 7"yar "elegates !ere oblige" to leave near the en" of the orning session$ but before they left$ )r. 7run"ale !alke" across to the +ea"er an" shook han"s heartily !ith hi $ an" e<press his en"orse ent of the (raterni,ation-!ork. )irectly after the 0onference$ the +ea"er et so e of our e bers$ !ho ha" co e fro a "istance to atten"$ at tea at 0heyne 1alk$ an" shortly after!ar"s they ha" to return to their respective countries. Jenneth -orris$ ho!ever$ !as able to stay until the en" of the !eek$ an" )r. Siren is still in +on"on$ an" turns up at every eeting that is hel". 7n"$ like bree,es fro the past$ !ho "o you suppose" calle" on the +ea"er here at 0helsea but -rs. I. -sic. She !as "elighte" to eet 6. "e P.$ an" atten"e" his lecture$ an" calle" on hi again after!ar"s. She sent to the +ea"er$ fro her ho e by special essenger$ a large bo< of beautiful flo!ers fro her gar"en. 7nother interesting thing !as a letter receive" fro Sir 3or an 7ngell$ a e ber of Parlia ent$ !ho invite" 6. "e P. to take "inner !ith hi at the 5ouse of 0o ons. 6. "e P. coul" not ake the ti e to accept$ but he !as gla" to hear fro hi $ as he use" to kno! hi in boyhoo". ' !ish !e ha" a picture fro the "ra!ing-roo !hich -iss Taylor has place" at the +ea"er*s "isposal. There are three large !in"o!s$ reaching fro ceiling to floor$ looking out$ first on the gar"en an" !all in front of the house$ an" beyon"$ on the Tha es$ !hich is fascinating to !atch at all ti es. 7s ' look out of the !in"o! no!$ in one part ' see boys going "o!n the stone steps lea"ing into the !ater an" s!i ing$ an" ' !ish ' !ere there too$ or ' !oul" if the !ater !ere cleaner. Then there are boats continually going up an" "o!n the river$ tugging so eti es as any as four heavily la"en barges$ an" as they go un"er the bri"ge$ they lo!er their s okestacks in or"er to get through$ an" the s oke co es out at both en"s. They have also establishe" a sort of ta<i-service on the Tha es$ !hereby people can get &uickly to their "estinations. 't is interesting to !atch the ti"e of the river# so eti es it is so lo! that on either si"e you can see large u"-flats$ an" in an hour or t!o the ti"e !ill co e in an" the river is high up on the e bank ent on either si"e. 't re in"s us of the pictures that )ickens has given in his books. The auto-traffic is also interesting to !atch. 4ou kno! that in Englan".... F11:1/ p. . The night before sailing.G 'f ' "on*t ail this no! - ? 1ill try to s&uee,e in about the rest of our 2ritish activities before !e reach Visingso. 7fter that$ ' have the !hole of the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onference to transcribe?? So "on*t e<pect any ore letters Fafter y ne<t oneG for a long ti e. 1e all sen" love. - E.V.S.

---------------We .isit Wales in this #etter 3o. B 0rossing the English 0hannel fro Euly @$ 1931. 5ar!ich to (lushing.

)ear 0o ra"es on +an": 'n "efault of any better paper$ ' take a fe! pages fro y shorthan" note-book$ to continue y interrupte" letter to you. The %stor y English 0hannel% is as s ooth or s oother than the Pacific on a &uiet "ay$ although the +ea"er says ' ust not begin to boast too soon. The state of y han"!riting is not "ue to a heavy sea$ but to the ove ent of the achinery of the boat. ' shoul" apologi,e for y hasty "eparture fro your co pany yester"ay$ but !e ha" reserve" that "ay for packing an" last- inute correspon"ence$ but it turne" out that !e left 0heyne 1alk at 1C:3C in the orning$ an" "i" not return until seven o*clock in the evening$ after a "ay full of varie" an" any activities. Then !e ha" to have "inner$ an" "ivi"e our attention bet!een packing an" having a fare!ell visit !ith so e of the e bers an" officers of the English Section. ' believe ' !as telling you about the auto obiles in Englan". 7ll traffic is "one on the left si"e of the roa" instea" of on the right$ an" the "river*s seat in the car is on the right instea" of the left. 7l ost all the cars have little ventilators in the roofs$ an" any have large sli"ing panels !hich can be opene" so as to enable the passengers to look out fro the top. 2ut the +on"on buses really call forth y a" iration - large "ouble-storie" affairs$ an" e<pertly han"le" by the "rivers. ' ust say a !or" about the stra!berries. Their fragrance is !on"erful$ an" they are very crisp an" fresh. They are so large that the other "ay ' !eighe" one on the letterscales$ an" it !eighe" a little over an ounce? The ail service in Englan" is e<cellent. 4ou !rite a letter to so eone in another part of the country$ an" before you think he or she has ha" ti e to receive it$ you receive the ans!er. 1e have ha" several letters a""resse" to us !rongly$ one to the ol" 2loo bsbury a""ress$ an" one to "/ 2aker St.$ instea" of /0. 2ut in each case$ instea" of returning the $ the post-office !rote the correct a""ress on the envelopes an" for!ar"e" the on their !ay. 1e !ere very a" irably situate" in +on"on$ because !herever !e !ent - to either 2aker St.$ or the +ecture 5all$ our roa" lay through 5y"e Park an" pas 2uckingha Palace an" Trafalgar S&uare$ an" other points of beauty an" interest. ' learne" for the first ti e !hat ;otten ;o! is$ a na e !e see so uch in )ickens an" other !riters. 't is an avenue$ bor"ere" !ith trees$ about ten yar"s !i"e an" t!o iles lo9ng$ in 5y"e Park$ an" is "evote" e<clusively to horseback ri"ing. 't gets it na e fro the fact that the groun"$ instea" of being har" or stony$ is soft$ aking it easier for the horse*s feet. ' have been tol" that this is not the real "erivation of the na e$ but if not$ it coul" easily be$ as it is a reasonable e<planation. 7nother convenience of our position !as that )r. an" -rs. 2arker live 9ust t!o "oors a!ay fro 9B 0heyne 1alk$ so !henever either one of the !as nee"e" by the +ea"er$ or !e !ante" to see the $ it !as easy to run back an" forth$ an" they !ere on han" all the ti e to help us$ !hen their o!n "uties per itte". -rs. 2ea"le$ Virginia 2arker*s other$ arrive" in Englan" "uring our stay there. She has recently 9oine" out T.S. fro another Society$ an" the +ea"er kne! her through correspon"ence. She has been living in Seattle$ an" she !as 9ust ra"iant at co ing into personal contact !ith the +ea"er. 2oth )r. an" -rs. 2arker also sai" that as uch as they ha" co e to love the +ea"er through his

!ritings an" correspon"ence$ it !as not the sa e as actually eeting hi an" hearing hi $ an" they felt that this lecture-tour coul" not have been un"ertaken at a better ti e. F'ote: The +ea"er 9ust infor e" e that !e have not been any!here near the English 0hannel$ but have been crossing the 3orth Sea. 7ny!ay$ he says it can be terribly stor y too.G ;otter"a $ 5ollan"$ 5otel 7tlanta. Euly Ath. 2y this ti e !e are on lan" again$ an" ' think ' ha" better hasten an" finish recounting our a"ventures in Englan". 1e ha" a splen"i" e bers* eeting at @. 2aker Street the evening before the 0onference$ in !hich again the +o alan" spirit prevaile". Volunteers !ere calle" to help arrange the roo for the follo!ing "ay$ an" also to help !ith ushering$ literature-tables$ etc.$ at the public eeting. 7t this eeting$ the English Section presente" the +ea"er !ith 1/C for his lecture-tour. 't !as very evi"ent that )r. 2arker an" our English 0o ra"es !ere "eter ine" to ake every inute of g. "e P.*s visit !ith the count for so ething. 7fter each public lecture the follo!ing "ay there !as a eeting for in&uirers$ at !hich ore &uestions !ere aske" than there !as ti e to ans!er. ' hope by this ti e one of the offices there has receive" a copy of the pa phlet gotten up by 2arker$ an" given to each person !ho atten"e" the first public lecture$ an" on sale thereafter$ entitle" 2ott ried de Puruc%er and The Theosophical Society. 't is !ell !orth putting on the bulletin-boar"$ for all to see. )r. 2arker announce" to the au"ience that insi"e each of these pa phlets !oul" be foun" four leaflets of "ifferent colors$ each announcing a "ifferent feature or "epart ent of the T.S. !ork# an" they !ere tol" 9ust !hat !as on each leaflet# so that each person coul" co e in touch !ith e<actly !hat he !as intereste" in. 7nother thing !hich !as very goo"$ an" !hich !as carrie" out in both the public an" private eetings$ !as that any announce ents or notices !hich ha" to be a"e$ !ere a"e either at the beginning of the eeting$ or 9ust before 6. "e P. gave his conclu"ing !or"s$ so that nothing !oul" ar the at osphere create" at the eeting. 4ou !ill also be intereste" to kno! that at the first public eeting the largest collection !as gathere" that !e have ha" at any eeting$ an" the au"iences at all three +on"on eetings !ere of the highest type. )r. (ussell says that !as because there !ere so any en present. ' sai" it !asn*t the en !ho a"e the &uality of the au"ience$ but that they !ere actually beginning to reali,e at last that they !ere in "anger of being left behin" by the !o en? 8n Satur"ay orning$ at eight o*clock$ !e left for 0ar"iff$ an" the +ea"er ha" the inspiration of asking if our trip coul" not be arrange" for in otor-car$ instea" of on the train. )r. 2arker ca e !ith us to 1ales$ !here )r. -orris ha" returne" ahea" of us to prepare things$ but as the for er ha" to be back in +on"on early -on"ay orning$ he left 0ar"iff by train late Sun"ay afternoon. 't !as arrange" that Virginia 2arker shoul" go to -anchester an" eet us there !hen !e arrive"$ an" then return to +on"on !ith us in the car. ' forgot to say that the "ay before !e left for 0ar"iff$ !e ha" a "elightful ri"e out to ;ich on" Park$ outsi"e of +on"on. 1e s&uee,e" it in bet!een an 'n&uirers* eeting$ !hich took place at 11 a. . an" an i portant intervie! !hich the +ea"er ha" at 3:3C p. . 't !as absolutely a perfect "ay as regar"s !eather$ an" !e recalle" to our in"s$ as !e spe" through beautiful ;ich on" Park an" the English countrysi"e$ the !or"s of the poet$ %1hat is so rare as a "ay in Eune$ then$ if ever$ co e perfect "ays.% 1e "i"n*t !ant to stay in"oors even to eat lunch$ so -iss Taylor kin"ly put us up so ething !e coul" carry in the car. 7n" !hen !e !ere hungry !e sprea" out the blankets fro the car on the grass$ an" 9ust revele" in the beauty of the "ay an" the scenery. 1e chose a spot in the sun$ 9ust over the bro! of a hill$ so that one coul" lie "o!n !ithout being in a hori,ontal position$ an" !ith 9ust a refreshing bree,e blo!ing# an" the valley far belo! us an" +on"on in the "istance$ kept us in in" of civili,ation 9ust enough to ake us en9oy the blessing of

getting a!ay fro it occasionally. The ost interesting thing !e sa! in ;ich on" Park$ !hich is over a thousan" acres$ !as a "eer$ beautiful$ graceful$ antlere" stags$ an" the pretty fe ale "eep# an" they !ere so ta e that they !oul" co e right up to the autos that passe". There !ere scores of the . 7lso$ ' shoul" ention the eeting of the Phoeni< +o"ge of the 7"yar T.S.$ hel" on the evening of Eune .>th$ after the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onference$ to !hich they invite" the +ea"er an" his party an" our +on"on +o"ge. 'n other !or"s$ they !ere reciprocating in true fraterni,ation style. They are a splen"i" bo"y of Theosophists$ stan"ing for 5.P.2. Theosophy. 6. "e P. talke" to the for al ost an hour$ an" a very frien"ly spirit !as evince" by all. To return to our trip to 0ar"iff. 't !as a !on"erful "rive. 8nly those !ho have been through the English country-si"e can i agine ho! beautiful it is$ an" !hat a agical !itchery there is about it. 3o! an" then$ !e 9ust ha" to stop the car$ an" get out an" ra ble through the grass$ picking buttercups an" !il" berry-flo!ers an" 0anterbury bells an" fo<gloves$ an" all sorts of things. 1herever there are roa"s in Englan" - an" the auto-roa"s are splen"i"ly lai"$ ' can tell you - instea" of fences there are he"ges of trees or bushes. 7long ost of our route there !ere !il"-rose he"ges in bloo an" bracken so high that it !as as tall as ' a # an" !e though of -rs. Pool$ an" ho! she !oul" have love" to have it to "ecorate the Te ple !ith$ at +o alan". 0rossing on the (erry fro S!e"en. Euly 9$ 1931. Stralsun" ,u 7ltefahr in ;ugen$ on our !ay to

'n fact$ the +o alan" co ra"es !ere in our in"s continuously "uring this trip$ an" every once in a !hile the +ea"er !oul" say: %)on*t forget to "escribe this in you letter to +o alan".% 1e trie" to re e ber the na es of all the ol" inns an" hotels$ !hich re in"e" us so uch of )ickens$ such as %The Three -agpies$% %The 1hite 5art$% %The Three 7r s of -ann$% %The 7<e an" 0leaver$% %The 0ock an" the 2ull$% etc.$ all !ith their etal signs protru"ing fro the entrance$ an" s!inging in the !in". 6oing by auto enable" us to pick an" choose our route to a certain e<tent$ an" !e !ere able in this !ay to pass any points of interest$ such as 1in"sor 0astle$ a agnificent structure of battle ents an" to!ers$ splen"i"ly situate". 't stan"s against the sky$ !ith the surroun"ing country at its foot$ an" can be seen for iles aroun". Passing through a little English village$ one of those they call %0athe"ral to!ns% su""enly ' hear" the chi es of a clock striking t!elve e<actly as the big clock at 5ea"&uarters "oes$ only of course uch ore resonantly$ as it ca e fro the cathe"ral an" coul" be hear" all over the to!n. The +ea"er e<plaine" that these !ere the 1est inster chi es$ an" !ere consi"ere" so beautiful that they !ere copie" by any clock akers. 't see e" like a refreshing bree,e fro +o alan". 1e ha" the goo" fortune to pass through 8<for"$ an" !e stoppe" long enough to go through 0hrist 0hurch 0ollege$ into the large s&uare &ua"rangle$ !here !e sa! so e of the un"ergra"uates !ith their long black robes an" s&uare straight caps on# !e !ent into the ol" "ining-roo $ the !alls of !hich are covere" !ith original paintings of fa ous en an" !o en !ho ha" either been benefactors of the college or ha" been stu"ents there. There !ere 5enry the Eighth$ !ho$ ' believe$ establishe" the college$ =ueen Eli,abeth$ 0ar"inal 1olsey$ an" scores of others. ' !as har" to tear ourselves a!ay fro this interesting roo . Then !e !ent "o!n into the kitchen$ !hich !as built even before the college !as - ' believe so eti e in the thirteenth century - an" they sho!e" us the large spits !hich use" to be use" for roasting !hole o<en on$ an" an ol"$ ol"$ heavy "oor$ !hich itself !as taken fro an ol" buil"ing !hen this kitchen !as built. Eust as !e finally ha" to tear ourselves a!ay fro this fascinating ol" place$ so ust ' cease telling you of it$ or !e shall never get to 0ar"iff.

2ut !e "i" finally reach there$ an" foun" our !ay to the Park 5otel$ !here )r. -orrise ha" alrea"y engage" our roo s. 't !as a beautiful hotel$ an" ost i portant of all$ our roo s !ere &uiet$ an" there !as a little "ra!ing-roo on the sa e floor$ a public one$ !hich !e coul" use !ithout cost. 't !as open to anyone$ but no one ever ca e !hile !e !ere there$ so it !as 9ust as though !e ha" a private parlor$ only !e "i"n*t have to pay for it$ !hich 9ust %tickle" us all over.% They have !hat struck e as a very hospitable custo in any English an" 1elsh hotels$ !hich !e also foun" here. 8r"inarily$ !hen at hotels$ !e !ent our for our eals$ as that !as uch less e<pensive# but !e !ere in 0ar"iff on a Sun"ay$ an" !ere tol" that no breakfast-houses !oul" be open until about eleven o*clock$ so !e ha" to take breakfast in the hotel. 2ut !hen !e pai" our bill$ they returne" the oney to us$ saying that of course after a night*s sleep !e !oul" !ant breakfast$ an" it !as inclu"e" in the cost of roo s$ !hich !ere very reasonable. This is very "ifferent fro any hotels on the 0ontinent$ !here not only "o they charge you for your breakfast$ but you are oblige" to take it in the hotel$ as you !ill be charge" for it even if you "on*t. Shortly after our arrival at the hotel$ Jenneth -orris et us$ an" as there !ere about three hours before the public lecture$ !hich see e" an i ense a ount of ti e to us$ !e !ent our to the park$ 9ust aroun" the corner. 7n" there !e sa! so e agnificent buil"ings$ easily co paring !ith those !e sa! in 1ashington$ ).0. 4ou can i agine -r. -orris*s pri"e$ as he sho!e" us the !on"ers of his native lan". The +ea"er has alrea"y sent to -r. 5arris$ postcar"s sho!ing so e of these beautiful buil"ings$ an" he asks that -r. 5arris sho! these on the bulletin-boar". (ro the 1ar -e orial 2uil"ing all these other buil"ings can be seen$ all facing a large$ open s&uare Fe<cept 0ar"iff 0astle$ !hich is in a "ifferent part of the cityG$ an" you !ill be intereste" to kno! that the Museum Building struck the +ea"er i e"iately as 9ust the kin" of Te ple he hopes so e "ay !ill be built in +o alan"$ only uch larger. The public eeting !as hel" in a large hall in the hotel$ an" ' think the au"ience felt the auspiciousness of the occasion$ !ith the +ea"er of The Theosophical Society$ the Secretary 6eneral$ the Presi"ent of the English Section$ an" the Presi"ent of the 1elsh Section$ all present an" taking part in the progra . 'f possible to say so$ the eeting !ent off better than any other$ only ' feel like saying that of so any of the . 7ny!ay$ the au"ience !as splen"i"ly sy pathetic an" attentive$ an" so e lingere" for over an hour after!ar"s. The ne<t orning !e took a lovely "rive through the 1elsh hills an" !ent out to see the ruins of 0aerphilly 0astle. Entrance to the 0astle unfortunately !as close" on Sun"ay$ but !e !ere 9ust conte plating ho! easily !e coul" scale the !alls$ !hen !e notice" a sign politely "iscouraging such actions on pain of being fine". ' !oul" not be rash enough to !rite a "escription of the beauties of the 1elsh hills$ !hen you can get -r. -orris to "o it so uch better$ but ' think our "elight ca e up to even his stan"ar" of proper appreciation. 5e sai" it ha" al!ays been his a bition to take a party of ;a9a-4ogas an" +o alan"ers aroun" his belove" 1ales. 8ur e<perience of the afternoon re in"s e of a general in a !ar$ s!eeping "o!n upon a city an" capturing it i e"iately$ !ithout bloo"she" an" !ithout opposition. There !as a fraterni,ation- eeting at 3:3C$ an" the 7"yarites ha" offere" their 5ea"&uarters to )r. -orris in !hich they coul" eet our +ea"er$ an" the la"ies of their +o"ge a"e a large variety of cakes for entertaining the +ea"er an" party at tea. This !as the first ti e !e ha" ha" the e<perience of being insi"e an 7"yar lo"ge-roo $ an" it !as very interesting$ to say the least. They aske" 6. "e P. any &uestions$ an" it !as evi"ent that they !ere "rinking in the refreshing "raughts of Theosophy that they !ere being given. 8ne of the &uestions aske" !as: %1hich Society$ the Point +o a or the 7"yar$ "o you clai to be the one !hich 5.P.2. starte"D% ' "on*t kno! !hether the &uestioner thought he !as thro!ing a bo bshell at fraterni,ation$ or !hat$ but the +ea"er ans!ere"$ %2oth?%$ an" then e<plaine"

that in 5.P.2.*s "ay the Society coul" be represente" by the pal of his han"# then later there !ere t!o$ an" even ore branches$ like the fingers of the han"# an" as the &uestion "i" not ask !hich ha" a"here" ore closely to 5.P.2.$ the ans!er !as &uite responsive. Then$ 9ust at the right psychological o ent$ !ithout spoiling the at osphere of the eeting by 9oining in tea-"rinking an" s all talk$ etc.$ of the inter ission$ the +ea"er$ e<plaining that he ha" another engage ent$ "eparte". Every once in a !hile that "ay$ an" even the ne<t$ -r. -orris !oul" begin chuckling$ as he thought over !hat ha" been acco plishe"$ unbekno!n to any$ un"er our brother*s roof. 'n the evening !e !ent to our +o"ge-roo $ an" it is a veritable little bit of +o alan" plante" right in the i"st of that large city. The inute !e entere" !e coul" feel !hat )r. -orris ha" create" there. 't is a s all$ co,y little roo $ but beautifully arrange"$ the painting$ etc.$ "one by )r. -orris hi self$ an" he prou"ly sho!e" us the +o"ge library$ in front of !hich hung so e curtains he ha" ha" in his o!n ho e in +o alan". 7s to the an hi self$ he see s a ne! being$ his health is i ensely i prove"$ an" there is enthusias an" vigor in every step he takes. 5e still carries !ith hi $ !herever he goes$ his cushion? The ne<t orning !e ba"e 1ales goo"-bye$ an" starte" on our trip to -anchester. ' think it !oul" be of interest to you to take a ap of Englan"$ an" see ho! !e took in the heart of Englan" "uring our five "ays* absence fro +on"on. 1e perfor e" practically an e&uilateral triangle$ the "istance fro +on"on to 0ar"iff$ 0ar"iff to -anchester$ an" -anchester to +on"on being al ost the sa e$ !ithin a fe! iles. This trip also took fro eight o*clock in the orning till about 3:3C or >:CC in the afternoon$ an" in so e !ays the country !e passe" through !as the ost beautiful. So e of the ol" English to!ns$ !ith buil"ings "ating back to the t!elfth an" thirteenth centuries$ !ere very fascinating$ but the ti e !e coul" linger in the !as all too short. 1e stoppe" at +u"lo! to e<plore the insi"e of a courtyar" of an ol"$ ol" buil"ing$ an" the +ea"er !as 9ust pointing to one place$ an" saying$ %That part is o"ern$ you see$ probably the o!ner of the place lives there$% !hen su""enly$ crisply an" col"ly$ a !o an*s voice rang out: %This is a private house?% though !hat har !e !ere "oing stan"ing in an open gate!ay$ !e coul" not see. 7ny!ay !e retire" gracefully$ an" ha" a goo" laugh over it. 1e also sa! the ol" to!n gate$ an" in the roof of the arch!ay$ the slit$ "o!n !hich$ after the curfe! tolle"$ the portcullis !as let "o!n in ol"en "ays$ preventing both egress an" ingress after nine o*clock in the evening. 7t -anchester$ Virginia 2arker !as there rea"y to greet us$ as !ere also so e of the e bers of the -anchester +o"ge$ such as Peter Sto""ar" an" (rank 1illis. There !as little ti e before the public lecture$ !hich !as hel" in the sa e hall !here J.T. lecture" in 19.B# so !e took tea$ an" "resse"$ an" then !ent aroun" to the hall. 8ur e bers !ere very happy over the results of the eeting$ because it brought the 7"yarites$ !ho ha" not been very enthusiastic about fraterni,ation in this city$ closer in touch !ith us$ an" any of the ca e to the in&uirers* eeting the ne<t evening. The ne<t evening certainly !as a busy one: 0lub- e bers$ +o"ge- e bers$ E.S. e bers$ an" 'n&uirers$ all having their chance of eeting the +ea"er. ' ust not forget to ention the splen"i" usical !ork being "one by the sons an" "aughters of our e bers. They even provi"e" string-orchestra usic for the public eeting. (.T.S. fro +iverpool$ Southport$ an" other nearby cities ca e to -anchester to atten" these eetings. The Manchester City 'e$s ha" a splen"i" !rite-up about 6. "e P.*s lecture. 1e ha" a chance$ "uring our stay in -anchester$ to visit the ol" city of 0hester$ in !hich are re ains of the ol" city !all$ built in the fourth century$ an" !e !ere able to ount this$ an" !alk aroun" the city$ though in one place the !all ca e abruptly to an en"$ !here it ha" been pulle" "o!n or !orn a!ay "uring the centuries$ an" !e ha" to "escen" into the to!n an" hunt for its continuation. 't !as like taking a peep into hun"re"s of years ago. 1e ca e across an ol" to!er$ !hich ha" an inscription saying it !as built in the

eleventh century$ an" that at the ti e of 0ro !ell it ha" been bo bar"e"$ %but !ithout the "esire" result being acco plishe".% 0hester is in the county of 0heshire$ an" on our auto trip !e looke" for the 0heshire cat$ or at least for his grin$ but the only cat !e sa! !as a sco!ling one. 1e starte" back to +on"on bright an" early the ne<t "ay$ all in e<cellent spirits. 6oing through )erbyshire$ !e !ent out of our route 9ust far enough to see the fa ous 5a""on 5all. 1e stoppe" for lunch in the ol" to!n of +eicester$ an" !e !ere back in +on"on in goo" ti e to get "resse" for the secon" of +on"on public lectures that evening. 8ne goo" thing "one at these public lectures$ !as that the au"ience !ere tol"$ for the benefit of those !ho !ishe" to beco e affiliate" !ith The T.S.$ that all applications for e bership ha" to go to the +ea"er of the Society for approval an" signature$ an" that here !as the +ea"er on the spot$ an" by special arrange ent$ those !ho !ishe" to sign applications !oul" have the opportunity of presenting the personally to the +ea"er "irectly after the lecture$ an" have the passe" by hi then an" there. 't is i possible$ each ti e$ to "escribe the lecture itself$ or its effect upon the au"ience. 2ut it is very interesting to see ho! "ifferent au"iences call out "ifferent things fro the lecturer. 't so happens that 6. "e P. "eci"e"$ in or"er to save ti e an" energy$ an" because each lecture$ practically$ !oul" be in a ne! place$ to give ore or less the sa e lecture in each city. 2ut since he "eci"e" that$ the lectures have been as "ifferent an" as ne! as they can be$ an" after each one$ our e bers are ra"iant$ an" particularly those !ho have recently co e into our Society fro other societies$ an" !ho say they never e<pecte" to hear Theosophy e<poun"e" as it is no! being "one. )r. 2arker has sai" several ti es that there is one thing !hich has struck hi about our Society$ !hich cannot be foun" in so e others$ an" that is that one fin"s the chil"ren of ol" e bers !orking enthusiastically in the sa e society in !hich their parents !orke". of course !e kno! the reason !hy. 7nother goo" thing ' a re in"e" of is that at each 'n&uirers* eeting$ the people !ere given pencil an" paper$ so that those !ho !ere too ti i" to get up an" ask &uestions orally$ coul" !rite the an" han" the to the Presi"ent. 1hile !e !ere at 0heyne 1alk$ the +on"on 0orrespon"ents of t!o Scan"inavian papers$ one Stoc%holms)Tidmingem an" the other a paper of 3or!ay$ aske" for an intervie!$ an" !hen they arrive" they see e" to sense at once the un!onte" activity going on here. 'n the Stockhol paper the reporter !rote: %These are busy "ays at the 5ea"&uarters of the Point +o a Theosophists at 2aker Street in 0helsea.... The beautiful sunny su er- orning !hen ' steppe" through the green-painte" gar"en-gate of the 0helsea house of the Theosophists$ ' observe" at once that so ething unusual !as going on. There !as a hu ing like that of a bee-hive an" it !as so e ti e before )r. "e Purucker coul" leave his !ork an" receive us.% 5e confuse" 2aker Street an" 0heyne 1alk$ putting the in one# but that is har"ly to be !on"ere" at$ because the constant strea of co unication$ either by telephone or by traffic$ going on bet!een the English T.S. 5ea"&uarters at 2aker Street$ an" 0heyne 1alk in 0helsea !here !e !ere te porarily living$ a"e the see al ost like one place. 2y this ti e$ our visit in Englan" is "ra!ing to a close$ an" there is uch of real interest ' !ill have to o it. ' !ill 9ust a"" a fe! points as they co e to in"$ even at the risk of aking the re ain"er of this letter as choppy as the prece"ing part is. 1e ha" an interesting orning$ shortly before !e left$ first of all !atching the change of 6uar"s at 2uckingha Palace !hich takes place every orning$ an" !hich !e !ere tol" !as !ell !orth seeing. 't certainly !as an i posing sight$ !ith the "ifferent co panies of guar"s !ith scarlet an" gol" unifor s$ so e !ith !hite hel ets$ so e !ith black$ an" so e !ith green plu es. The !hole thing takes about an hour$ an" !hile !e !ere !atching it$ su""enly the police en began clearing the street in front of the palace$ an" !ho shoul" co e out in her car but the =ueen herself$ an" !e ha" a goo" vie! of her. 3e<t !e !ent for a visit to 1est inster 7bbey$ !ith its agnificent 6othic architecture$ an" the hun"re"s

of onu ents it has to Englan"*s great en of the past. 1e sa! the places !here )ickens$ 2urns$ Tho as 5ar"y$ 2ro!ning$ Tennyson$ an" scores of their great people !ere burie"$ inclu"ing any fa ous states en an" ilitary en$ an" even a stone on !hich !as inscribe"$ %3ear here lie the re ains of 6eoffrey 0haucer.% 't !as a little ghastly to think of all those "ea" bo"ies there$ the ore especially as !e ha" to !alk right over the $ because all "o!n the broa" aisles are the stones arking the burial spots$ an" in so e places the passage of any hun"re"s of feet ha" !orn of the inscriptions. 1e ha" evi"ently chosen a goo" orning for sight-seeing$ because 9ust as !e e erge" fro the 7bbey$ the funeral services for so e high ilitary official !ere taking place$ a ilitary funeral$ an" !e sa! generals in full ilitary "ress$ an" other en in orning "ress an" high silk hats$ co ing out fro St. -artin*s 0hurch$ a"9acent to the 7bbey$ an" the great bell !as tolling$ the sol"iers on horseback an" the royal guar" aking an i posing spectacle. 1e ha" 9ust enough ti e left to take a hurrie" ri"e to 19 7venue ;oa"$ !here 5.P.2. live"$ but the house itself is no! torn "o!n$ an" also 91 7venue ;oa"$ !here J.T. live" in +on"on for so e ti e$ an" !here 6. "e P. also live" !hen he !as here in 19CA. 8f course y enthusias about +on"on can be taken !ith a grain of salt$ ' suppose$ but even 6. "e P. an" -rs. 6eiger$ !ith their aturer 9u"g ent an" their e<perience in travel$ see to fin" a fascination in this ol" etropolis. Speaking of its si,e$ it is t!enty iles fro one en" to the other. 8ne last place of interest ' !ill touch upon is 5a pton 0ourt Palace$ !hich !e visite" the "ay before !e left Englan". 't is !here 5enry the Eighth an" other English onarchs live"$ an" any of the roo s are still on "isplay$ untouche"$ or in so e cases restore". The re ain"er of the Palace is "evote" to the use of !i"o!s of officers !ho have "ie" at !ar. The Palace !as open$ an" !e roa e" through the roo s$ the great 2an&ueting 5all of 5enry the Eighth$ the (irst an" Secon" 7u"ience 0ha bers$ the Jing*s )ressing-roo $ an" the =ueen*s )ressing-roo $ an" any others$ !ith the original paintings hanging on the !alls. 7n" !e visite" the great !ine cellars an" the kitchen$ an" sa! the huge bea s !hich ha" been re ove" !hen the buil"ing !as repaire"$ an" !hich !ere ri""le" by !oo"-borers. Euly 1Bth 1e are no! at Visingso$ an" as it is y first 9ob to get out a transcription of the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onvention$ ' ust lay other things asi"e$ an" !ill have to %continue in y ne<t.% +ove to all. - E.V.S. PS. ' "on*t !ant to forget to tell you of a pretty little inci"ent !hich sho!s that even the "ignifie" +on"on 2obbies are hu an after all. 1e !ere tol" by an eye-!itness that last year an ol" "uck "eci"e" to bring up her broo" in 5y"e Park. 1hen it !as ti e for the bir"s to leave the nest$ the ol" "uck prou"ly escorte" the fro their nesting place across the roa". She chose one of the busiest stree-corners in 5y"e Park$ but the police an on "uty gravely hel" up traffic co ing fro all "irections for fully three inutes$ so that the broo" coul" cross in safety. -------------Such Weather& 3o. 9 Jungsglr"en$ Visingso$ S!e"en$

7ugust 1$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at +o alan": ' have 9ust a fe! inutes this evening to start a long"elaye" letter to you$ an" by the receipt of this you !ill see that the +on"on 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onference ;eport has at last been transcribe"$ thank the i ortal go"s? ' al ost "ate" this letter )ece ber or Eanuary$ for as ' look out of the !in"o!$ the sky is lea"en$ the rain is pelting "o!n$ ben"ing Vising*s tall grain$ an" the !in" is ho!ling in the trees$ an" the co!s gra,ing in the ea"o! aroun" the ol" 2rahe 0hurch 9ust stan" an" stare$ as if they !ere !on"ering !ho ha" gone cra,y? 7n" then$ as ' look insi"e$ ' see the bright !oo"-fire in the large S!e"ish stove$ !hich -ia the cook has 9ust co e up an" built for us$ aking it so nice an" co,y. 7n" such is the state of the !eather# although this orning$ for at least an hour$ it !as so !ar an" sunny that the call of the !ater in the lake !as too strong to resist$ an" an invigorating plunge sho!e" that at least this orning the !ater !as not as icy col" as +ake Vettern is repute" to be. 7ugust .n". 'n picking up the threa"s of our 9ourney !here !e left off$ ' ust tell you a 9oke. 4ou re e ber that on a certain "ay a notice !as put on the bulletin-boar"$ notifying you all in +o alan" that that !as the last "ay that letters coul" be aile" to Englan"$ an" after that the postage !oul" be five cents instea" of t!o. 1ell$ the ail that resulte" fro that notice reache" us 9ust on the evening before our "eparture fro +on"on. Very luck$ you say$ an" of course !e !ere gla" to get a touch of +o alan" again. 2ut - ? 5o!ever$ !e ha" the Presi"ent of the English Section !riting trunk-labels for us$ an" Virginia 2arker "oing type!riting for the +ea"er$ an" "ear -iss 2eatrice Taylor tripping aroun" helping !herever she coul". 7nother 9oke ' happene" to re e ber: The night of our arrival at 0heyne 1alk$ as !e !ere being sho!n to our roo s$ -iss -e""-5all*s pet cat !alke" pertly up the stairs in front of the +ea"er$ into his roo $ an" curle" up un"er the be". -iss -e""-5all !as horrifie"$ because$ as she !hispere" to e$ she re e bere" the +ea"er*s lecture in !hich he sai" he "i"n*t like cats. 2ut ' assure" her that her cat !as such a beauty ' felt &uite certain 6. "e P. !oul"n*t in" it. 1hen !e left +on"on !e !ere acco panie" by -rs. 2arker$ !ho ha" purchase" a railroa" ticket to 5ar!ich$ so she !oul" not nee" to part fro us until !e !ere on boar" the stea er. 7t the railroa" station !e !ere also greete" by -iss 1ilkinson$ a very "elightful$ enthusiastic ne! e ber. She ha" inten"e" saying goo"-bye to us there$ but as soon as she hear" that Virginia 2arker !as acco panying us to 5ar!ich$ she pro ptly bought a ticket herself# so !e ha" the "elightful co pany of both these la"ies on our !ay "o!n$ an" as !ell pulle" out to sea$ they still re aine" on the pier !aving to us$ an" took our last- inute essages back to +on"on. -rs. 6eiger arrive" at the +iverpool Street Station 9ust about !hen !e "i"$ an" thereafter !as ore inti ately one of the party$ staying at the sa e hotels !e "i"$ an" here at Jungsgar"en being one of the househol"$ !hich consiste" of us four$ - e. 1ican"er$ an" -iss 7nna -ansson our hostess. ' believe ' have alrea"y tol" you of the "elightful trip !e ha" across the !ater to (lushing in 5ollan"$ !ere !e e -r. Ean 6ou" an" his "aughter +ucy$ as tall as her father$ an" al ost as enthusiastic in the Theosophical cause. 'n fact$ one ti e !hen -r. 6ou" an" -r. Vene a !ere traveling to so e of the )utch to!ns to lecture$ an" -r. 6ou" !as prevente" fro going$ +ucy !ent instea" an" gave a lecture on Theosophy. 2y the !ay$ "uring the +ea"er*s visit$ she 9oine" the T.S.$ an" she sent her greetings to all her ol" frien" in +o alan". -r. Ean 6ou"$ like his 2rother 7rie$ is a railroa" official$ so it !as very easy for us to get through the 0usto s 8ffice an" to secure our railroa" acco o"ations to ;otter"a $

!here !e procee"e" i e"iately. ' ust say that so far$ although !e "on*t boast$ !e have ha" no inconveniences in the 0usto s 8ffices. ' think the officials can see the innate honesty shining in our faces$ an" take our state ents for !hat they are - the truth. 8n the train going fro 5ollan" to 6er any$ of course the 0usto s 8fficials boar"e" the train at the 6er an frontier$ but all they !ere intereste" in !as !hether !e ha" any chocolate !ith us. 7s a atter of fact$ !e "i" have a s all bo< of chocolates !hich the )utch co ra"es ha" given us$ an" !e pro ptly sho!e" it to the # but the official only laughe" an" !ent on his !ay. 1e arrive" at ;otter"a about nine o*clock in the evening of the sa e "ay !e left Englan"$ Euly @th$ J.T.*s birth"ay$ an" !ere et at the station by the t!o +in"e ans brothers$ -r. Pakker$ an" -r. 7rie 6ou". -r. +in"e ans$ the Presi"ent of the ;otter"a +o"ge$ tol" us that if it !as not asking too uch of the +ea"er$ he !on"ere" if !e coul" stop at their +o"ge-roo on our !ay to the hotel$ as the e bers !ere having a eeting in honor of J.T. an" it !oul" ake the so happy to get a gli pse of the +ea"er. So$ 9ust as !e !ere fro a "ay*s travel$ !e !ent in to their eeting$ an" there !as a roo full of enthusiastic e bers an" 0lub- e bers. They sang for us %Praise to the 5eroes% in English$ an" the +ea"er spoke briefly to the $ an" then !e procee"e" to our hotel. The 5otel %7tlanta% ha" been engage" for us$ an" ' think you !ill be intereste" in hearing so ething about it. 't is evi"ently a ne! hotel$ very lean an" nice$ !ith all sorts of ne! inventions an" conveniences about it. 'n our roo s !here they ha" the call-bells$ in or"er to in"icate to foreigners !hich one to use for any particular nee"$ opposite each of the three they ha" a picture$ first of a parlor- ai"$ then of a !aiter$ an" then of a baggageporter. They also ha" a very clever kin" of alar clock. 'n the !all !ere t!o roun" "isks$ !ith han"s in each one$ an" the figures fro 1 to 1.$ !ith instructions that if you !ante" the alar to call you in the orning$ you set the hour on the first "isk an" the inute on the secon". So ' though ' !oul" try it. 't !orke" out beautifully$ e<cept that the alar !as on the opposite si"e of the roo fro !here the be" !as$ an" it !ent on ringing until ' ha" to 9u p out of be" to stop it. 7t least they are going to ake sure that it is hear"? There !as not ti e to "o anything that evening e<cept to go to sleep$ or rather ' shoul" say to be"$ for of all the noisy nights !e have spent since leaving +o alan"$ this !as the !orst. The streets are all of cobblestones$ an" of course that a""s to the noise. ;otter"a is a busy co ercial city$ an" the business of the "ay keeps up until t!o o*clock the ne<t orning$ an" the ne<t "ay*s business see s to being at t!o o*clock in the orning. 5o!ever$ there !as one consolation$ the be"s !ere !on"erfully co fortable$ so !e ha" the full reali,ation of their co fort all night long$ !ithout "ropping off into unconsciousness. The ne<t orning$ after business an" correspon"ence ha" been atten"e" to$ !e !ere invite" to go out for an auto ri"e to see so ething of the city. 'n fact there !ere three autos$ an" there !ere si<teen in all !ho 9oine" in the outing. 7ugust 3r". The afternoon !as given over ainly to intervie!s !ith e bers an" strangers$ an" arranging the sche"ule for Septe ber !ith )utch officials of the T.S. 1e never sa! so any tall en at one ti e as !e "i" there$ several of the as tall as 6. "e P. an" so e taller. 8ur )utch e bers are a splen"i" type of people$ an" they fairly ra"iate their enthusias an" energy an" enterprise in the Theosophical 0ause !herever you eet the . That evening !e ha" a co bine" e bers* eeting$ 0lou"- eeting$ an" fraterni,ation- eeting. The e bers of the 6irls* 0lub gave a splen"i" little play !hich one of the ha" !ritten$ an" !hich ha" been translate" into English by -r. +in"e ans$ an" given by the in that language. 7lso the 0lub-orchestra "i" itself prou". The speeches of our party !ere all receive" enthusiastically$ but of course the even of the evening !as the +ea"er*s a""ress. 5e brought "o!n the house by en"ing his

speech !ith the !or"s %Thank-you% in )utch. Then all 7"yar- e bers$ or e bers of other Societies present$ !ere invite"$ if they !ishe"$ to co e up an" eet the +ea"er. 't !as 9ust great to see the one after another "efinitely proclai their sy pathy !ith fraterni,ation an" their recognition$ at least partially$ of !hat 6. "e P. is "oing$ by co ing up in front of the eeting$ one at a ti e$ an" shaking han"s !ith 6. "e P. an" e<pressing verbally their appreciation. 1hen !e arrive" in 5ollan" it !as a beautiful$ !ar $ sunny "ay$ an" +ucy 6ou" tol" us that they ha" ha" a onth of very hot !eather. 2ut the very orning !e arrive" it got col" an" began to rain. 1e left ;otter"a in the rain an" as !e 9ourneye" through 5ollan" an" into 6er any !e sa! that the country !as literally !ater-soake"$ running rivers of !ater !here the country roa"s shoul" be$ an" the grain 9ust beaten to the groun". The truth of the atter !as that there !as a terrific stor prece"ing us$ !hich en"e" in -al o 9ust before !e arrive". 8ur S!e"ish co ra"es sai" it !as 9ust such a severe stor as took place at the ti e of J.T.*s passing in 19.9. ;ather significant? -r. 7rie 6ou" acco panie" us fro ;otter"a to Utrecht$ !here out train stoppe" for a fe! o ents$ an" !here a large bo"y of our e bers ca e to the station to eet us$ bringing flo!ers an" fruit$ etc.$ to ake our train-9ourney co fortable. 4ou !oul" be a use" to rea" so e of our train-sche"ules. 1e arrive" in 5a burg at 1/ o*clock$ an" !ere sche"ule" to arrive at Sassnit, at 1@:3C o*clock the ne<t "ay an" in -al o at .1o*clock in the evening. 5o!ever$ that is a story all by itself. The parallelis of "ates !as very arke" "uring this perio" of our 9ourney$ as ' shall sho! further on. 1e passe" through 8snabruck on the Bth Euly$ an" the train stoppe" there for about half an hour$ though !e "i" not have a chance to see anything of the city. (rau 6reta 1ur $ our e ber there !ho !as the first to sen" us !or" about J.T. in 19.9$ et us an" !as so happy to have a talk !ith the +ea"er. 1e arrive" at 5a burg in the afternoon in pouring rain$ an" !ere et by 5err Scharnick$ the Presi"ent of our +o"ge there$ an" by (rau Jlara Jirsebo $ an" !e i e"iately got into the !aiting auto an" !ent to our hotel$ the %Vier Eahres,eiten.% That evening !e ha" first a e bers* eeting in the hotel$ an" later a (raterni,ation- eeting$ !here ' believe representatives of four Societies !ere present. -ost of those present "i" not speak English$ so first -r. Scharnick translate"$ an" then -rs. Jirsebo helpe" out. She speaks English re arkably !ell$ an" she sho!s a great "eal of e<ecutive ability !hich she is rea"y to put to the service of Theosophy. She o!ns a beautiful large resi"ence in the suburbs of 5a burg$ an" she insiste" that the ne<t ti e the +ea"er visits that city he ust co e !ith his party an" be her guests$ an" he has consente" to "o so. -rs. Jirsebo also offere" her services to the +ea"er !hen he returns to 6er any - she !ill pay her o!n e<penses an" acco pany the +ea"er an" party to any city in 6er any !here she can be useful. 5er husban"$ !ho is not a Theosophist$ calle" on the +ea"er later !hile he !as in 5alsingborg F-r. Jirsebo 9ust having co e fro 3or!ayG$ an" tol" the +ea"er he ha" heart about hi fro his !ife$ an" that he$ -r. Jirsbo $ !oul" be "elighte" for his !ife to "o anything she coul" for 6. "e P. an" Theosophy. 7ugust >th. There !ere any interesting &uestions aske" by our frien"s fro other Societies at the 5a burg eeting$ so e very illu inating$ as for instance a very earnest young an !ho aske" a &uestion about -rs. 2esant$ a""e"$ %2ecause certainly ' think )r. 2esant is as great as 5.P.2. !as.% Then there !ere so e !ho !ante" to kno! 6. "e P.*s vie!s about Jrishna urti$ but 6. "e P. e<plaine" that as this young an !as not a Theosophist$ the &uestion really "i"n*t concern or trouble us. ' think a great "eal of goo" !as "one at the eeting$ an" !e have since hear" that one an present is aking overtures to our

6er an Section to co e into affiliation !ith our Society$ !ith his +o"ge. The eeting en"e" beautifully$ -rs. Jirsebo ha" been translating the +ea"er*s last re arks into 6er an$ an" then$ 9ust at the en" she recite" in 6er an$ an" !ith "eep feeling$ the Theosophical !atch!or"s. 't !as late before !e retire" that night$ an" !e ha" to be up early to catch the train for Sassnit,. 't ha" been raining all the ti e !hile !e !ere in 5a burg$ though !e !ere tol" that that !as nothing unusual$ as the city has a reputation of having rain three hun"re" an" si<ty "ays in the year. 7ll the 5a burg e bers sa! us off at the train$ an" also a !hole troop of little lotus-bu"s. The trip to Sassnit, !as not very thrilling$ but !hen !e arrive"$ an" !ere suppose" to cross on the ferry to Trelleborg - that is the train !as put on the ferry$ !e "i" not nee" to get out - !e foun" ourselves at a stan"-still$ !ith the ost "is al picture on either si"e that you can i agine. 7n ol" gray$ broken !all on one si"e$ !ith a heap of refuse pile" up against it$ an" a !ater-"rain a""ing its bit to the profusion of !ater all about. 7n" on the other si"e$ a lea"en-colore"$ stor y sea$ !ith a fe! feet of u""y passage-!ay bet!een it an" our train$ an" in the biggest u"-pu""le so eone ha" "roppe" his brief case$ an" it lay there neglecte". 7n" !hat "o you supposeD 1e staye" right there$ !ithout oving an" !ithout kno!ing !hat ha" happene"$ for a soli" hour an" a half$ an" besi"es !e !ere col" an" !ere getting hungry$ but the train ha" been split up an" each carriage-"oor locke"$ so !e coul"n*t even get out of our car. 3ot that the prospect outsi"e !as inviting to us? 5aving nothing else to "o !e began to beco e !itty$ an" so eone suggeste" that perhaps the railroa" co pany !as playing a standing 9oke on us. 7n" as there !as no one aroun" !ho un"erstoo" English an" coul" laugh at our 9okes$ !e laughe" at the ourselves$ an" i agine" !e !ere having a great ti e. 1ell$ at last our car !as pulle" on to the ferry$ an" the "oor !as unlocke"$ an" !e !ere able to get out an" on to the ferry$ an" go upstairs an" investigate to fin" out !here the "ining-roo !as. The +ea"er an" ' thought it !as in one "irection an" -rs. 6eiger an" )r. (ussell thought it !as in the other. So !e !ent in opposite "irections$ an" the +ea"er an" ' !ere right. So !hile the +ea"er engage" our table$ ' !ent in search of the rest of our party. ' foun" the &uickly$ an" !hen ' sai" to -rs. 6eiger$ %1e have foun" the "ining-roo $% she sai"$ %1ell$ !ho "o you suppose ' have foun"?% an" there co ing up behin" her !as )r. Siren$ !ho ha" gone to Paris after he left +on"on$ an" ha" co e to Sassnit, that orning$ preparatory to going to S!e"en. 5e ha" a story to tell us$ !hich !e listene" to "uring "inner. 5e ha" co e fro 2erlin that orning$ e<pecting of course to stay on his train an" cross over on the nine o*clock ferry to Trelleborg. 7ugust /th. 2ut in the orning the con"uctor ca e to hi an" tol" hi he !oul" have to get up an" leave the train$ as it !as going back to 2erlin. Very uch astonishe"$ he in&uire" !hy$ an" !as tol" that the stor !as so severe that the ferry coul" not even cross to Trelleborg$ an" he !oul" have to !ait until the evening$ an" then he coul" cross if the stor ha" slackene". 8f course there !as nothing to "o but to ake the best of a ba" 9ob$ so he !ent to a hotel in Sassnit,. Then in the afternoon$ reali,ing that !e !ere sche"ule" to be on that train$ he ca e "o!n to look for us. 7s ' have tol" you$ each car !as locke"$ an" it took so e "iplo acy on his part to persua"e one of the train- en to unlock several cars so that he coul" hunt for his frien"s. 1ell$ after searching through all but t!o cars$ an" the train- an being un!illing to go to any further trouble$ )r. Siren "eci"e" that !e ust have postpone" our crossing until the !eather !as ore settle". So !hen he et us on the ferry$ he in&uire" !here on earth !e ha" sprung up fro . 8f course !e !ere in one of the t!o cars he ha" not succee"e" in gaining entrance to. ' have a goo" recor" fro all of the party to report$ as far as certain unco fortable e<periences on sea are concerne"# an" in spite of the stor !hich !as still in evi"ence$

!e en9oye" our crossing$ uch to )r. Siren*s surprise$ for he ha" strongly a"vise" us not to eat any "inner but to go an" lie "o!n until !e !ere safely across$ all of !hich goo" a"vice !e "i"n*t follo!. 8n the sa e ferry !ith us !ere three hun"re" 6er an chil"ren$ co ing to S!e"en !ith their caretakers for a su er-holi"ay$ an" ' think ' !ill spare you a "escription of the picture they presente" lying out on the "ecks in the rain an" probably !on"ering !hat sort of a holi"ay they ha" set out upon. 1e arrive" in -al o$ not at the respectable hour of ten or thereabouts$ as !e !ere sche"ule" to$ but at al ost i"night$ an" the rain !as still co ing "o!n. )ear -iss 7nna -ansson ha" been "o!n to the station several ti es$ an" ha" telephone"$ etc.$ an" !hen !e "i"n*t turn up$ she conclu"e" that !e ha" "eci"e" to spen" the night in Trelleborg. 2ut at last she foun" us$ an" !ith her !as 7sta 0arlsson$ 9ust as enthusiastic as she coul" be$ so gla" to see us an" in&uiring after all the +o alan"ers. )r. Erik 2ogren$ -r. 6yllenberg$ an" -r. Eric Eonsson$ the Presi"ent of the -al o +o"ge$ also et us at the train$ an" you can i agine that !e "i" not stroll along to our hotel. 1e staye" at the Savoy$ an" !hat "o you suppose$ 6. "e P. ha" the very roo !hich J.T. occupie" !hen she !as there in 19.3$ an" the sa e thing happene" in 5alsingborg. 8ur first full "ay in S!e"en !as the 11th of Euly$ the anniversary of J.T.*s passing$ an" on the 1>th$ the "ay of the cre ation in 19.9$ !e arrive" in 6oteborg$ the very city !here it took place. 7n" !hen !e !ent fro 6oteborg to Visingso$ !e !ent by auto over the very roa" traverse" in 19.9 on the !ay to the cre atory. 8ur t!o "ays* stay in -al o !as very busy. )uring the first "ay five "ifferent ne!spaper en ca e to intervie! 6. "e P. 8ne of the aske" per ission to take his photography in the hotel$ an" ' ust say the result !as one of the best that has been taken. ' hope you have seen it in the -al o paper. The public lecture !as hel" that evening$ an" after a busy "ay the +ea"er !as 9ust trying to get a fe! inutes of &uiet in or"er to collect his thoughts$ !hen there !as a knocking at the "oor. T!o representatives of the t!o biggest S!e"ish papers$ ' believe$ the Svens%a 3agbladet an" the Stoc%holms 3agbladet$ !ere stan"ing outsi"e breathless# they ha" 9ust receive" a long "istance telephone call fro Stockhol instructing the to be sure to secure an intervie! !ith )r. "e Purucker before he left. 1hile in -al o !e took our eals !ith -iss -ansson in her ho e$ an" there !as a -ia ra"iant as usual$ an" 7sta 0arlsson ha" co e in to help -iss -ansson out !ith serving at the table. Those of you !ho have been at Visingso an" have taste" of -ia*s "elicious cooking$ an" sat at -iss -ansson*s beautiful table$ !ill kno! ho! !ell !e fare". The ne<t "ay !e ha" an outing in the orning$ going to (alsterbo$ a fe! iles outsi"e of -al o$ !here !e ha" lunch$ an" !an"ere" for a !hile along the sea-shore. 't is a fa ous bathing-place$ but it !as so col" that the !ater "i" not te pt us a bit. That afternoon there !as first a +otus-0ircle eeting$ then a e bers*$ in&uirers* an" fraterni,ation- eeting$ all in one$ an" !e left about B:3C by train for 5alsingborg. 'f ' ever get y pro ise" letter to -rs. Jnoche !ritten$ ' !ill inclu"e in it a "escription of the activities of -al o +otus-0ircle an" the splen"i" !ork they are "oing un"er -iss -ansson. They have a very clever arrange ent in the -al o station. There is a large illu inate" sort of bulletin-boar" on the !all$ an" five inutes before each train leaves$ a bell rings an" there flashes onto this boar"$ in lighte" letters$ the train that is going to leave$ !hich city it is going to an" the ti e of its leaving. ' ust have unconsciously absorbe" &uite a bit of S!e"ish$ because in ans!er to a &uestion of -rs. 6eiger*s$ ' !as e<plaining ho! the thing !orke"$ an" she sai"$ %2ut ho! "i" you fin" that outD% ' ans!ere"$ %)on*t you see$ it is all !ritten out belo!.% 7n" so it !as$ but in S!e"ish$ an" ' ha" tol" her ' "i"n*t kno! any S!e"ish. 1e arrive" in 5alsingborg about 1C:3C in the evening$ or speaking ore correctly$ ..:3C o*clock. 5alsingborg of course is al!ays very sy pathetic to!ar"s Theosophy$ an" especially !ith )r. 2ogren an" his splen"i" +o"ges. 1e ha" a fraterni,ation- eeting$ at

!hich the Presi"ent of the 7"yar +o"ge spoke very sy pathetically an" cor"ially. -r. 6yllenberg acco panie" us to 5alsingborg an" to 6oteborg$ in fact$ at the +ea"er*s stay in S!e"en# an" !ith his help$ an" of course that of )r. 2ogren !hile !e !ere in 5alsingborg$ !e felt that !e !ere in"ee" a ong frien"s. 1e left on the 1>th of Euly for 6oteborg$ an" arrive" there about eight o*clock in the evening$ an" that sa e evening the +ea"er et the 6oteborg e bers at the hotel. The ne<t orning !ho shoul" ring up an" ask for an intervie! !ith the +ea"er but Torsten 5e"lun"$ an" in a little !hile he an" his "aughter Jarin ca e. 1hile -r. 5e"lun" !as !ith the +ea"er$ Jarin ca e an" ha" a long talk !ith e$ an" "uring the course of it she accepte" y invitation for her to 9oin the ;a9a-4oga 7ssociation$ so ' hope you !ill be hearing fro her soon. 't see e" 9ust like ol" ti es !hen$ after the intervie! !as finishe"$ an" !e !ere going over to inspect the hall !here the +ea"er !oul" speak that night$ -r. 5e"lun" offere" to co e !ith us$ an" !hen !e !ere there a"e suggestions$ etc.$ 9ust like one of us. 2oth he an" his "aughter !ere at the eeting that night$ an" after!ar"s$ !hen the eeting ha" broken up$ a tall young an ca e an" greete" us$ !ho turne" out to be Tor (ernhol . 5e !as very an<ious that !e shoul" not forget to sen" his greetings to all of you$ an" he in&uire" about any of you. 1e sent our greetings to his fa ily$ an" the +ea"er gave an especial essage to hi for his father. Shortly after !e arrive" at Visingso$ 6. "e P. receive" a very frien"ly letter fro Per (ernhol $ an" the +ea"er ans!ere"$ saying he hope" -r. (ernhol !oul" get a chance to co e "o!n to Visingso$ an" that if he "i" he ust co e to "inner at Jungsgar"en. The !ater is flo!ing rapi"ly un"er the bri"ge? ' a going to close y letter no!$ ' think this is &uite long enough$ an" in y ne<t !ill recount our a"ventures at Visingso. 0onspicuous in the last ail that ca e fro +o alan" !ere the %obsolete% envelopes use". That !as great$ but so e of y correspon"ents interpret econo y by using only half a sheet to !rite on. 3o! that "oesn*t appeal even to y econo ical soul. Econo y to e eans to use a !hole sheet of paper$ ore if necessary$ an" use up every inch of it an" even the argins$ especially !hen !riting to te porary e<iles fro +o alan" !ho are hungry for ne!s. 7ffectionate greetings fro the !hole party$ no! re"uce" to three again$ as -rs. 6eiger left yester"ay orning. Unfortunately$ to our an" her regret$ on account of "ifficulties in her health$ she ha" to change her plans an" take leave of us !hile !e !ere still at Visingo. 7n" ' ust say that the rainy !eather !e !ere having !as anything but con"ucive to her regaining her health in that cli ate so "ifferent fro sunny 0alifornia. 7s she !ill reach 0alifornia before !e "o$ she has pro ise" to run "o!n to +o alan" as soon as she can fit it in$ an" give you ne!s of the tour at first han"$ an" she is la"en !ith essages to all of you. 4ours affectionately$ Elsie V. Savage PS. - 2y the !ay$ by a goo" stroke of generalship on the part of 6. "e P.$ that public eeting at 6oteborg turne" out to be one of the ost interesting !e have ha". 8!ing to stor y !eather$ the inappropriateness of the season$ an" "ifficulties in a"vertising$ the atten"ance at this eeting !as belo! that !e !ere accusto e" to have. 2ut the people !ho ca e !ere genuinely intereste"$ an" so 6. "e P. on the spur of the o ent change" the eeting into a ore inti ate &uestion-an"-ans!er one$ hi self giving a short a""ress first$ an" then inviting &uestions fro the au"ience. They respon"e" instantly an" any "eep philosophical an" Theosophical &uestions !ere aske"$ an" the eeting laste" even longer than an or"inary public lecture.

------------%appenings at .isingso 3o. 1C Jungsgir"en$ Visingso$ S!e"en. 7ugust 1A$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es as (ome4 (u4 est sbdant 5limat4 That is a &uotation taken fro an intervie! ha" !ith )r. "e Purucker by a representabive of !on%opings Postem$ an" the !or"s are the +ea"er*s o!n$ originally sai" in English$ but no! they have beco e part of our vocabulary as they appear above an" have been sai" by us any ti es "uring this %su er.% 4es$ such !eather? 1e ha" 9ust e<actly five "ays !hen the !eather behave" itself$ but ost of the ti e here at Visingso !e have ha" fires in the stoves$ an" !hen !e go out for !alks$ or even !hen !e have venture" "o!n to the lake for a bath$ !e take coats$ furs$ u brellas$ etc.$ in fact$ if !e !ant to ake it rain$ even !hile the sun is shining$ all !e have to "o is to appear outsi"e the "oor of Jungsgar"en$ preparatory to taking a bit of e<ercise. The other orning the sun !as shining brightly$ so !e "eci"e" to ake the ost of it$ an" take a !alk. 1e ha" 9ust gotten far enough fro the house$ in the open roa"$ !hen !ithout !arning the rain began. So !e a"e a bee-line for the forest$ an" chose the biggest trees to stan" un"er an" preten"e" !e !eren*t getting !et. 7fter a !hile the sun ca e out brightly again$ so !e ca e out fro our retreat an" !ent "o!n to the lake for a bath. 7gain$ !ithout !arning the rain began$ this ti e really very heavily$ an" luckily !e ha"n*t progresse" far in our operations preparatory to taking a bath in the lake$ so !e change" our in"s &uickly an" ran at full spee" back to Jungsgar"en? 1ell$ enough of this. 1e have "!elt in this cli ate long enough !ithout unnecessarily "!elling on it in letters. 2y the !ay$ please so e kin"-hearte" person arrange to reserve so e of the "elightfully !ar !eather you are having until !e return. ' think you have acco panie" us thus far to Eonkoping$ !here !e arrive" 9ust shortly before the Motala E6press ca e in$ !hich !as to take us to Visingso. The boat !as elaborately "ecorate" !ith flags$ an" the captain infor e" us that they ha" been put up in honor of Jatherine Tingley*s Successor? 5e even ha" the U. 2. (lag flying at the asthea"$ or !hat !e call the School of 7nti&uity flag. 2efore !e pulle" out of the harbor$ a reporter fro !on%opings Postem ca e on boar"$ !ith a photographer$ seeking an intervie! an" a photograph of the +ea"er. The trip fro Eonkoping to Visingso takes one an" a half hours$ an" there !as great e<cite ent on boar" !hen !e first sighte" Visingso$ an" then the Te ple School$ then the large ne! ;efectory buil"ing$ an" finally Jungsgir"en$ an" the little harbor. -any$ any islan"ers an" e bers an" all the chil"ren fro the school !ere "o!n at the harbor to eet the +ea"er an" party. 't ha" been raining torrents all "ay$ but cleare" up 9ust sufficiently to ake it not i possible for the to co e out. Those of you !ho kno! Visingso can i agine the u" un"er foot !here the horses !ith the remslags ha" tra ple" it$ all soft. 7fter !e ha" greete" - e. 1ican"er an" the other e bers$ the chil"ren began to sing$ an" !hat !as our surprise to recogni,e$ in very goo" English %0hil"ren of +ight$ Sons of the Sun?% the song !hich -r. ;eine an ha" co pose" for +o alan" School. 1e "i" not tarry at the harbor long$ but 9ust the sa e$ by the ti e !e reache" Jungsgar"en$ the chil"ren ha" prece"e" us$ an" !ere groupe" in a large se icircle singing so e of their S!e"ish School songs. -iss 1ahlberg$ -iss ;oth$ an" -r. 6rau an !ere a ong the teachers$ an" of course -rs. 3ystro !ho is the hea" of the school. 1e arrive" at Visingso on a Thurs"ay evening$ an" it ha" been agree" a ong our S!e"ish 0o ra"es that the +ea"er an" party shoul" not be "isturbe" for business or

eetings or intervie!s$ until Sun"ay$ in or"er to give us ti e to catch up !ith our correspon"ence$ etc. Visingso has un"ergone so e changes since ' !as here in 19.B. Then there !ere only t!o autos on the islan". 3o! there are four. 1e a"e a "iscovery the other "ay. Every ti e !e have ha" to use one of the autos to go over to the School or to the ;efectory for so e eeting$ !e have al!ays ha" either one of our S!e"ish co ra"es !ith us !ho coul" give "irections to the chauffeur$ or else !e have ha" the "irections given beforehan". 2ut one ti e !e foun" ourselves alone in the auto$ that is !ithout a S!e"ish interpreter$ !hen$ in ans!er to so e re ark that one of us a"e$ the chauffeur began speaking to us in English? 5e ha" spent three or four years so e ti e ago in 7 erica$ an" coul" speak English$ an" none of our S!e"ish co ra"es kne! it. The first official occurrence at Visingso too place the Sun"ay after our arrival$ !hen !e !ere invite" over to see the splen"i" ne! ;efectory. Even the !or" %splen"i"% is not a"e&uate to "escribe it. 1e !ent first upstairs !here those !ho are in charge of the ;efectory an" !ho help there have their roo s$ an" then !e !ent all through the kitchen an" such a kitchen? 7ll the latest o"ern inventions$ ' can*t even begin to "escribe the all. The floor an" !alls of tile$ all kin"s of electrical appliances an" ga"gets$ the large cookers an" containers a"e out of aterial that !ill neither rust nor tarnish$ hot an" col" running !ater an" sinks at han" in every "irection$ electric "ish-!ashing achines$ etc.$ etc.$ etc.$ etc. 7n" 9ust i agine at Visingso$ !here the islan"-folk "on*t see to care anything about o"ern conveniences$ an" all the !ater is "ra!n fro !ells$ an" up till last year can"les or oil la ps !ere use" for lighting$ here in the ;efectory having hot an" col" running !ater in al ost every roo $ an" three beautiful bath-tubs$ an" of course ' ustn*t forget to ention the electricity. Jungsgar"en !ith electricity see s a change" place? Everything about the kitchen an" "ining-roo in the ;efectory is arrange" very conveniently$ !ith as uch labor-saving as possible. 8pening out fro the kitchen is the serving-roo $ an" opening out fro that$ by !i"e s!inging "oors on t!o si"es$ is the large "ining-roo $ into !hich !e !ere finally ushere". 5ere the chil"ren !ere alrea"y asse ble"$ rea"y for the noon-"ay eal$ to !hich !e !ere also invite". 1e took our seats at the table$ an" lo an" behol"? facing us$ on the !all opposite$ !as a large painting of +o alan"$ copie" fro the photograph taken fro so e!here on the roa" belo! the T.S. buil"ing$ sho!ing the T.S. buil"ing an" the 7ca"e y an" Te ple. This picture is about 1. feet long by three an" half !i"e or high$ an" !as "one by one of -r. 2yllenberg*s sons. 't is e<&uisitely e<ecute" an" the coloring is arvelously near !hat it actually is. The te ple-"o e particularly is perfect in coloring. 't !as a !on"erful thing to see it$ so far fro ho e. The "ining-hall is so arrange" that !hen there is nee"$ all the tables can be cleare" a!ay an" eetings hel" there$ as in"ee" several !ere$ both public an" e ber*s eetings. There are also large roo s on the groun" floor !hich can be put to any uses as the school gro!s. The S!e"ish e bers are hoping to establish a s all printing-press in one of these roo s. They have not been able to put running !ater into Jungsgar"en because of the e<pense an" other reasons$ but those of you !ho have live" here !ill be intereste" to kno! that no longer is it necessary to go across the roa" an" beyon" the barn$ in fact not outsi"e the house at all$ !hich has been a great convenience in this rainy !eather. So civili,ation is gra"ually aking its a"vances. 1eather per itting$ !e have ha" so e e<cursions to the lake$ not 9ust "o!n on the east si"e$ but right across the islan" to the !est si"e !here the !ater is cleaner an" the beach better. 1e ha" a funny e<perience one "ay. 1e ha" 9ust ha" our "ip an" !ere preparing to return the !ay !e ha" co e$ !hen "o!n the roa" ca e a long procession of co!s$ hea"e" by a young calf !ho !as particularly curious. These co!s have the !rong i"ea of brotherhoo". They stoo" blocking our path an" staring at us$ an" the calf even

ca e "o!n into the !ater$ peeking aroun" the boat-house to see !hat !e !ere "oing. They close" the roa" co pletely$ an" so !e ha" to scra ble up the bank on the other si"e$ an" cli b so e !oo"en fences an" !a"e through fiel"s of clover an" grain$ an" select another roa" ho e. 7lso !hen ti e per itte"$ !e use" to take !alks in the beautiful forests$ !here !e foun" !il" stra!berries gro!ing in abun"ance$ an" alter$ blueberries$ though these !ere not ripe before !e left the islan". The first three !eeks at Visingso things !ere co paratively &uiet$ nothing particular happening e<cept public eetings on Sun"ay$ an" e bers* eetings$ an" our o!n business an" correspon"ence being atten"e" to. 2ut about a !eek before the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0ongress things beca e ore active. (irst -r. Vene a an" -r. 8osterink arrive" fro 5ollan"$ then e bers fro "ifferent parts of S!e"en began co ing$ so e "ays half a "o,en$ other "ays ten$ an" still other "ays t!elve$ until at one eeting that !as hel"$ there !ere seventy e bers present. The e bers !ante" to have a chance of eeting the +ea"er infor ally$ so evenings !ere arrange"$ first !hen all those !ho coul" speak English ca e$ so that no translating !as nee"e"$ an" the evening !as spent in the little parlor at Jungsgar"en$ the e bers ostly asking 6. "e P. &uestions on various Theosophical topics$ an" en"ing !ith the serving of coffee an" cake by -iss -insson$ our hostess here at Jungsgar"en. Then on t!o other evenings other e bers$ so e of !ho coul" not speak English$ ca e. 7nother event of i portance$ an" of great significance too consi"ering !hat opposition J.T. ha" to eet in the early "ays of her !ork at Visingso fro so e of the islan"ers$ !as a cere ony planne" by the )irector of the 2rahe School an" other inhabitants$ in honor of Jatherine Tingley an" her !ork in helping to bring electricity to the islan". 7 bron,e pla&ue$ engrave" !ith a tribute to J.T.$ ha" been affi<e" to the electrical po!er-house$ an" at this celebration it !as unveile". There !ere about one hun"re" an" fifty people !ho atten"e"$ "espite the fact that it ha" been raining har" all "ay$ an" the tall grass in the forest$ !here the po!er station is$ !as naturally soake". 2ut the sun "i" co e out for about half an hour$ 9ust at the right ti e. The )irector of the School ha" especially learne" a little speech in English in honor of 6. "e P.$ but as the +ea"er !as not able to be present hi self$ he !rote so ething for the occasion$ an" - e. 1ican"er represente" hi $ an" the )irector an" his !ife gave to - e. 1ican"er for 6. "e P. a beautiful bou&uet of pink roses. The big event of the su er !as of course the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0ongress. The first session began in the orning at ten o*clock$ an" took place in the Te ple-School. -r. +ian"er$ the 6eneral Secretary of the 7"yar Society in S!e"en$ atten"e"$ an" spoke in a very frien"ly anner# also a Presi"ent of one of the S!e"ish 7"yar +o"ges ca e an" spoke$ an" other 7"yar e bers atten"e". The +ea"er en"e" the orning session !ith a gran" speech !hich ' hope !ill be able to be printe" in an early issue of The Theosophical Path.7 2oth this speech an" the +ea"er*s speech at the en" of the afternoon session !ere entirely "ifferent fro those he "elivere" at the +on"on 0entennial 0onference. ----------M Printe" in the )ece ber$ F1931G issue. ----------The orning session en"e" about 1.:3C$ an" the invitations !hich ha" been sent out ha" notifie" people that those !ho atten"e" the 0ongress$ an" !ishe" to "o so$ coul" take lunch at the ;efectory for a s all price. 't raine" heavily "uring the orning Fyou ust be tire" of hearing that repeate" so uchG$ an" !as still raining !hen !e ca e out$ but in spite of that$ four "ifferent photographers begge" the +ea"er to stop %9ust for a inute$% to have his picture taken. ' never kne! of anyone being photographe" as uch in a onth as 6. "e P. !as that one "ay. 1hen !e arrive" at the ;efectory !e foun" all

the other 0ongress-atten"ants also co ing for lunch$ an" the +ea"er invite" -r. +ian"er an" the other 7"yar +o"ge-Presi"ent to take lunch !ith hi at his table. The first nu ber on the afternoon*s progra !as a play given out of "oors. 5o!ever$ the chil"ren !ere all outsi"e see ingly oblivious of the rain$ an" the au"ience !as beginning to collect. So !e bravely put up our u brellas an" sallie" forth. 1e !ere et by )r. Siren$ !earing a large blanket over his shoul"ers$ 'n"ian fashion$ an" carrying others for our use$ an" there !ere calls of %2ring !raps for the 0alifornians.% So !e !rappe" ourselves up in blankets$ hel" our u brellas over us$ an" sat "o!n to en9oy the novel e<perience of sitting out in the rain !atching a play. 7n" gra"ually the rain$ seeing that it coul" not "efeat the "eter ination of the actors to carry out their part$ stoppe"$ an" the afternoon turne" out beautifully. The play !as very lovely an" everybo"y en9oye" it. 7t 3:1/ the secon" session of the 0ongress began$ this ti e in the "ining-hall of the ;efectory$ an" besi"es the speeches$ there !ere any telegraphic an" !ritten essages rea". )r. 2ogren$ as Presi"ent of the S!e"ish Section$ presi"e". The "ay after the 0ongress the School close"$ an" there !as a progra to !hich all the e bers an" any parents an" frien"s !ere invite". )iplo as !ere given out to all those !ho ha" atten"e" the School three or ore consecutive years. There !ere so e pupils !ho ha" atten"e" for si< years$ an" several chil"ren fro the islan"$ inclu"ing Vising*s "aughter$ also receive" these "iplo as. The chil"ren carrie" out their progra e<cellently$ there !ere classes in English taken by -iss 1ahlberg$ classes in 6er an taken by a 6er an e ber$ a la"y !ho ha" co e fro 6er any to help in the school$ (raulein Schiele$ an" of course usic$ an" an e<hibition of the art !ork an" arts-an"-crafts !ork "one by the chil"ren "uring the su er. 2efore -rs. 6eiger left Visingso$ !e ha" all visite" the School an" seen the chil"ren at their classes# an" the chil"ren ha" presente" -rs. 6eiger !ith a beautiful bou&uet of flo!ers an" a "ecorate" greeting !hich she coul" take ho e !ith her. 2y no! the official activities on the islan" !ere over$ an" the e bers began "eparting$ as they ha" co e$ by t!os an" si<es an" tens an" "o,ens$ like the un!eaving again of a pattern !hich ha" been slo!ly !eaving itself on Visingso "uring the t!o !eeks prece"ing the 0ongresss. 8ur o!n little Jungsgar"en househol" !hich consiste" of our party of four an" - e. 1ican"er an" -iss -ansson$ also began to "i inish. -rs. 6eiger ha" lefte about a !eek before The 0ongress$ going on the Motala E6press to Eonkoping$ acco panie" by -iss -ansson$ !ho !as going to see her safely on the train for 6oteberg. 1e all ha" early breakfast together$ an" then acco panie" -rs. 6eiger "o!n to the little harbor$ to !ave goo"-by an" to repeat once ore our greetings to you all. Possibly by the ti e this reaches you she !ill have visite" +o alan"$ bearing our essages to you. The "ay after the school close" - e. 1ican"er left. She has certainly "one all she coul" to ake our stay at Visingso co fortable an" "elightful. She invite" us one "ay for an outing in her auto obile to visit Va"stena$ !here there is an interesting ol" castle !hich !e e<plore". She has also put her car at our service$ for our trip "ay after to orro! fro 6rensa to Stockhol $ !here !e take the boat for 5elsingfors. 7n" you all kno!$ "uring out t!o !eeks* stay in Stockhol !e shall be her guests. -iss 7nn -ansson also has been the sa e "ear frien" an" hostess that you have so often hear" J.T. "escribe. 2y the !ay$ you are probably all re9oicing$ as !e have re9oice"$ over the ne!s fro )r. 2arker that 6. "e P.*s book$ 8undamentals o the Esoteric Philosophy$ is going to be printe" in Englan"$ an" that there !ill probably be an 7 erican e"ition of it. 'sn*t it great? 7lso$ !hen the +ea"er arrive" in 5ollan"$ he !as presente" !ith a copy of Theosophy and Modern Science translate" into )utch$ an" our S!e"ish co ra"es got out$ in ti e for the 0ongress$ a translation of eight of the =177$ boun". 1ell$ the evening ail has 9ust co e in Falas$ none for e?$ an" as that eans !ork$ ' ust stop. To orro! !e "o final packing$ an" the ne<t orning at nine o*clock$

leave in a otor-boat for 6renna$ on our !ay to Stockhol . 't has 9ust begun raining again$ an" the +ea"er is re arking: %'sn*t this rain !elco e$ so refreshing$ an" so nee"ful for the thirsty groun". 't akes a nice change$ "oesn*t it?% 6oo"-bye to everybo"y. 4our affectionately$ Elsie V. Savage Please par"on poor paper this letter is !ritten on. ' have use" up y supply of accu ulate" hotel-paper$ an" as Visingso has no stationer*s store$ ' !ill have to !ait until ' get nearer civili,ation to buy so e. -------------!he !our was not All for /rown,ups 3o. 11 Jungsgar"en$ Visingso$ S!e"en. 7ugust 1A$ 1931. -rs. 6race Jnoche$ 6eneral Superinten"ent for +otus-0ircles$ +o alan". )ear -rs. Jnoche: 7t last ' a !riting you y long-pro ise" letter in regar" to +otus0ircle eetings !hich have been hel" in "ifferent cities "uring the tour. 'n each case the chil"ren an" teachers have sent their greetings to you. The first one !as at 2oston$ !hen on a Sun"ay orning$ the +ea"er an" party !ere invite" to the 2oston 5ea"&uarters. 1hen !e arrive" there !e foun" ro!s of little chairs$ e<act "uplicates of those !e use for 8rchestra at Point +o a$ only very uch s aller on !hich the little ones sat. The chil"ren arche" in singing %5appy +ittle Sunbea s$% hea"e" by one chil" !ith the +otus-0ircle 2anner$ an" it !oul" have "elighte" your heart to have seen ho! beautifully they ha" carrie" out your suggestions in the aking of this banner$ on !hite silk !ith the lotus flo!ers an" the otto$ etc.$ in gol". The chil"ren carrie" out their little progra $ an" you can i agine their "elight !hen the +ea"er began singing %5appy +ittle Sunbea s% for the $ an" then gave the a char ing talk in language they coul" un"erstan". 1hen the progra !as finishe"$ each chil" took his or her chair$ fol"e" it up an" put it in its place. 8f course$ the "etails of the progra $ etc.$ you !ill have receive" fro the proper authorities. 'n Silver ine F3or!alk$ 0onn.G$ at the ho e of -r. an" -rs. -eek$ there !as another lovely +otus-0ircle eeting$ !here the chil"ren also ha" their banner$ a real !ork of art. 7n" "uring the course of their little progra $ they presente" the +ea"er !ith a bou&uet of lotus flo!ers$ or !ater-lilies F' forget !hichG. 'n the heart of one of the flo!ers !as securely fastene" a little gol" offering$ a five-"ollar gol" piece for the tour. 5ere also the +ea"er gave the chil"ren a char ing talk$ an" also ans!ere" the &uestions of the caretakers as to their proble s. The ne<t +otus-0ircle eeting !as in +on"on$ at @. 2aker St.$ the "ay before the +ea"er left for the 0ontinent$ at !hich the chil"ren gave a little play$ very prettily acte". 7t 5alsingborg$ S!e"en$ the +otus-chil"ren took part in the e bers* eeting by singing for the +ea"er at the opening of the eeting$ an" then sitting$ "uring the eeting$ in a &uiet$ !ell-behave" anner$ on their little chairs$ !hich !ere place" in a ro! in front of the gro!n-ups* chairs. 7t -al o$ S!e"en$ although -iss -ansson e<plaine" that ost of the

chil"ren !ere either at Visingso$ or ha" left the city for the su er$ there !as a large atten"ance. The eeting !as hel" on Euly 11th$ an" the chil"ren gave beautiful tributes to J.T.$ besi"es presenting the +ea"er an" each of his party !ith flo!ers$ acco panie" by pretty little speeches in English. 5ere at Visingso !e have not atten"e" a +otus-0ircle eeting yet$ but -iss -ansson has hel" the every Sun"ay$ an" has ha" not only the chil"ren fro Su erSchool$ !ho have co e fro all parts of S!e"en$ but any of the islan"ers* chil"ren. 'n fact last Sun"ay$ !hen the Su er-School chil"ren ha" all left the islan"$ she hel" a +otus-0ircle eeting at !hich there !ere t!enty-five chil"ren$ an" she calle" us out to see the picture of seventeen chil"ren an" herself an" the chauffeur in one seven-passenger auto. 7s the +ea"er appeare" they sang %5appy +ittle Sunbea s$% first in S!e"ish an" then in English. -iss -ansson see s very fon" of her !ork !ith the chil"ren an" she certainly ha" success !ith the . This gives you 9ust a bir"s-eye gli pse of the +otus-0ircle !ork in so e of the cities !e have visite". The enthusias of both teachers an" chil"ren is contagious$ an" the chil"ren go ho e an" sprea" their enthusias a ong their fa ilies. 4ou !oul" be char e" to have seen the gro!th of this !ork. 'n so e cities our sche"ule "i" not allo! us ti e to see the chil"ren*s !ork$ but !e are looking for!ar" to eeting the chil"ren particularly in Stockhol an" in 5ollan"$ !here there are literally hun"re"s of chil"ren !ho take an active part in the +otus-0ircle !ork$ an" atten" regularly. 7ffectionately fro us all$

Elsie V. Savage PS. - 'n connection !ith the +otus-0ircle !ork$ ' ought to ention that the course in all the English-speaking cities$ the chil"ren ha" their little aga,ines$ The 1otus)Circle Messenger$ !hich they felt so prou" of$ but even in 6er any an" 5ollan"$ an" no! in S!e"en$ our (.T.S. have starte" the sa e aga,ine in their o!n languages$ so that here also the little ones feel as though they ha" taken a great step for!ar"s on the roa" to being %gro!nups$% by being able to subscribe to their o!n little onthly paper. 4ou !oul" have receive" this letter long ere this$ but besi"es transcribing the 0entennial ;eport$ there have been re&uests floo"ing in for transcripts of !hat 6. "e P. sai" in such-an"-such a place. 8f course ' haven*t like" to "isappoint any !ho aske" for the $ but it !as lucky that !e !ere stationary in one place long enough to fulfill ost of the re&uests. ------------!o Finland , and Still Raining 3o. 1. 7t the ho e of - e. 7nna 1ican"er$ Villa +usthusporten$ )9urgar"en$ Stockol $ S!e"en$ 7ugust .>$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es in +o alan": ' a going to plunge in medias res, as the learne" people say$ an" continue the recounting of our travels fro the ti e you left us$ 9ust the "ay before !e ba"e goo"-bye to Visingso. There !ere very fe! e bers still on the islan" !hen !e left$ as they ha" all been leaving "uring the "ays follo!ing the 0ongress. 1e ha" sent our trunks to Stockhol al ost a !eek ahea" of us$ so that they coul" go the

ost ine<pensive !ay possible$ thus saving every precious "ollar !e coul". 1e left Visingso on Stran"*s otor-boat at nine o*clock$ an" half an hour before !e left Vising ca e an" collecte" all our han"-luggage an" took it "o!n to the little !harf. -iss -ansson an" her Jungsgar"en helpers ca e "o!n !ith us to the !harf to see us off$ an" !e also sa! several of the islan"ers !ho see e" to !ant to catch a last gli pse of the +ea"er before he left. 2efore leaving Visingso$ ' ust tell you so e goo" ne!s. 5ans -al ste"t$ !ho painte" the large protrait of J.T. !hich stan"s in the Te ple$ has painte" another vie! of J.T.$ fro the photograph sent out by the 0abinet 8fficers so e years ago. 5e brought this to Visingso !ith hi an" sho!e" it to the +ea"er an" the Jungsgar"en househol". 't is beautiful$ an" !as a"e even ore so by several suggestions the +ea"er gave to -r. -al ste"t$ !hich he e<ecute" on the spot. Then the picture !as taken over to the ;efectory an" e<hibite" there for all the S!e"ish e bers to see$ an" particularly for the 5.P.2. 0entenary. 2ut the best of all is this: -r. -al ste"t has offere" to paint$ for Theosophical University$ as a gi t$ paintings of 5.P.2.$ 1.=.E.$ an" !hat "o suppose$ 6. "e P.? 7s to this last he "i"n*t receive very uch encourage ent fro 6. "e P.$ but the rest of us vote" %4es$% an" the otion !as carrie". So -r. -al ste"t took a series$ about t!enty$ photos of the +ea"er$ in or"er that one ight be selecte" for the portrait$ an" also took % easure ents$% in an artist*s !ay$ of color of hair$ eyes$ skin$ etc. So !e have so ething to look for!ar" to. 7s !as before entione"$ - e. 1ican"er very kin"ly sent her auto obile an" her chauffeur "o!n fro Stockhol to 6renna for us. The plan of our travels for the ne<t fe! "ays !as as follo!s: leave 6renna at 1C:CC a. .$ 7ugust 19th$ for Stockhol $ arriving there at @:3C p. . an" going straight to our boat. The boat left for (inlan" at A:CC p. .$ arriving at 5elsingfors at >:CC p. . the ne<t afternoon. 1e staye" in 5elsingfors until 3:CC p. . of the follo!ing "ay$ then took the train for 7bo also in (inlan"$ !here !e !ent straight to the boat$ arriving there about A:CC p. .$ an" the boat left for Stockhol again at A:3C p. . 1e arrive at Stockhol at B:CC a. . the ne<t orning$ 7ugust ..n"$ an" - e. 1ican"er ha" her car !aiting for us to take us to )9urgar"en$ !here her ho e in Stockhol is$ an" !here !e arrive in a short ti e. This eant$ as you !ill see$ that for five consecutive nights !e slept in five "ifferent be"s. -ake your o!n "e"uctions. To go back to 2renna. The car !as !aiting for us !hen !e arrive"$ an" the chauffeur ha" brought a large oil-skin covering for the baggage an" so e long leather straps. 1e arrange" that all our han"-baggage !hich !e !ere not taking !ith us to (inlan" coul" be strappe" on behin"$ an" taken "irectly to - e. 1ican"er*s ho e$ an" the fe! s all pieces !e !ere taking to (inlan" F!hich later events sho!e" us !e !ere !ise in re"ucing to the greatest possible ini u G$ !e took insi"e the car !ith us. 't !as lucky that !e ha" the oil-skin covering for our baggage$ as the rain poure" "o!n for part of the 9ourney. Traveling by auto is al!ays pleasanter than by train$ an" !e "i" en9oy every inute of the trip. 1e stoppe" for lunch at 3orrkoping$ an" then resu e" our travels. Though the sche"ule !as very close fitting$ !e "i" have ti e to go to a theater$ an" this is ho! it happene". - e. 1ican"er ha" very kin"ly arrange" that the route taken shoul" lea" us by 6ripshol 0astle$ so that !e shoul" have a chance to visit this interesting place. This castle$ unlike Va"stena 0astle$ is in splen"i" repair$ !ith ost of the paintings$ furniture$ tapestries$ hangings$ etc.$ that !ere in it !hen it !as inhabite" by the S!e"ish kings so e centuries ago. 't !oul" take too uch ti e to "escribe all the interesting an" valuable things !e sa! there$ an" the strange part of it !as that the keeper of the castle let us roa all through it !ithout a gui"e. 7fter going fro storey to storey an" through the large halls$ etc.$ !e su""enly ca e upon a little theater$ !ith the stage an" the scenery an" the a phitheater of seats for the gentle en an" la"ies of the court an" the very ornate an" richly "rape" bo<es for the Jing an" =ueen. so !e took 9ust a inute to cli b into the

seats an" look upon the stage an" i agine the "ifferent events that ha" taken place there in ages gone by. 2y this ti e )irektor 6yllenberg$ !ho !as one of the party$ began to get nervous$ because it !as ten inutes to five$ an" the castle !as close" at five$ an" he !as afrai" !e !oul" get locke" in$ but !e count not resist the te ptation of going to the very top$ !here there !as an ol"$ roun" to!er-roo $ !hich !as fille" !ith ol" suits of ar or$ co plete !ith hel ets an" shiel"s$ an" all kin"s of !eapons$ spears$ s!or"s$ battle-a<es$ etc.$ an" the ol" silk stan"ar"s$ any of the falling to pieces$ !hich ust have acco panie" the !arriors on any a ca paign. 7t last !e !ere able to tear ourselves a!ay$ an" !e arrive" in Stockhol an" on boar" the 9ihonna, in plenty of ti e. 5ere !e !ere et by - e. 1ican"er$ -rs. 3ystro $ +ars Eek$ an" )r. an" -rs. Siren. F)r. Siren ha" consente" to acco pany us to (inlan"$ so !ith -r. 6yllenberg$ !e !ere a Theosophical &uintet instea" of a Theosophical trio$ as !e ha" beco e again after bi""ing -rs. 6eiger fare!ell early in 7ugust.G 7n" no! !e began to see the real eaning of passports an" 0usto s officials$ an" govern ent police$ etc.$ etc. Pro ptly upon boar"ing the 9ihonna, !e !ere ushere" into the presence of (innish govern ent officials$ !ho e<a ine" an" sta pe" our passports$ an" gave us for s to fill out$ !hich unless fille" out an" presente" upon lan"ing in (inlan"$ !oul" not per it us to lan" in the country. 2ut this !as only the beginning. The !eather !as by no! very beautiful$ so !e all sat up on "eck$ an" )r. Siren$ !ho of course kno!s this part of the country !ell$ appointe" hi self official gui"e for the party$ an" "escribe" an" pointe" out to us the various buil"ings$ etc.$ !hich !e passe". )uring our t!enty-t!o hour trip to (inlan"$ there !ere only t!o hours !hen !e !ere not in sight of lan"$ an" those t!o hours !ere "uring the night. (or about an hour !e !ere passing through the canals an" inlets of the 2altic Sea$ on !hich Stockhol is built$ so !e !ere able to get a goo" i"ea of the city. 8n either si"e !ere beautiful islan"s$ so e !ith lovely su er resi"ences on the an" a heavy gro!th of trees$ others 9ust bare har" rock rising out of the !ater# so e so close to each si"e of the ship that it al ost see e" as if one coul" reach out his han" an" touch the trees. The path the ship ust take is a very narro! one$ an" the captain of the ship is secon" in co an"$ a pilot being at the hel constantly to "irect the hel s an as to 9ust !hat course to take. 't !as so beautiful up on "eck that it !as "ifficult to go "o!n belo! into the tiny cabins an" to be"$ but !e finally "i" so$ though for so e of us not to sleep. The +ea"er an" )r. (ussell share" one cabin$ an" ho! the +ea"er fitte" into one of those s all berths is a ystery to e$ for they !ere a tight fit for e. ' have the %pleasure% of sharing a cabin !ith a la"y !ho coul" speak no English an" !ho ob9ecte" to fresh air$ an" they ha" the heat on al ost all the ti e "uring the night. 7ugust .Ath. 1e ha" hear" a great "eal fro so e of our !ell-!ishing frien"s at Point +o a$ of the stor y passage !e !ere likely to have crossing the 2altic$ !ith inevitable seasickness$ intense col"$ etc. 1ell$ those !ho painte" such luri" pictures for us !ill be pleasantly "isappointe"$ ' a sure$ to hear that the 2altic !as al ost as s ooth as glass the !hole voyage$ that !e live" up to the reputation !hich so e of us at least have a"e for ourselves as regar"s seas-sickness$ an" !hen !e !oke up in the orning an" !ent on "eck$ it !as beautiful$ !ar $ sunny "ay$ one !orthy of special ention$ because ' think !e can count the goo" "ays !e have ha" on the fingers of one han". 'n fact$ it !as so !ar "uring part of the voyage that !e ha" to take off our coats$ an unusual thing at sea. 8n lan"ing at 5elsingfors !e ha" first to sho! our lan"ing-tickets$ then our passports$ then to go in an" have our baggage e<a ine"$ an" as everything ha" to be opene"$ !e are gla" !e ha" brought so little !ith us. They even e<a ine" our han"-bags

an" stuck labels on the . Then !e !ere allo!e" to ake our e<it fro the 0usto s 8ffice by a narro! "oor$ on each si"e of !hich stoo" an official$ an" as !e passe" they re ove" the labels !hich ha" 9ust been stuck on our baggage. Several of our (innish 0o ra"es et us at the boat Fthat is they !ave" to us fro the pier but coul" not co e in contact !ith us until !e !ere safely past the passport an" 0usto s officialsG$ inclu"ing -iss 'ne, 1ilen$ the Presi"ent of our 5elsingfors +o"ge$ an" -a"a e Siren$ )r. Siren*s other. 1e !ent straight to the 5otel Ja p$ the sa e hotel$ an" the lea"er ha" the sa e roo s$ that J.T. occupie" in 19.3. 7s !e approache" the hotel !e sa! large flags flying fro the secon" story$ 7 erican$ English$ S!e"ish$ an" (innish$ an" !ere infor e" by the portier that they !ere in honor of the +ea"er an" his party$ bring the four nationalities !e represente". The inute !e entere" the hotel$ !e !ere aske" to give up our passports$ an" they !ere kept by the hotel-authorities until 9ust before !e left 5elsingfors. The evening of our arrival the +ea"er hel" a (raterni,ation- eeting$ in one of the s all halls of the hotel$ an" the roo !as cro!"e"$ in all about seventy-five people - Point +o a-ites$ 7"yarites$ ;osicrucians$ those hea"e" by Pekka Ervast$ the last-na e" gentle an hi self$ one of his ost ar"ent follo!ers$ -iss 7nnikki ;eigonen !ho translate" J.T.*s public lecture for her in 19.3$ an" others not affiliate" !ith any particular society$ but intereste" in eeting 6. "e P. The eeting !as sche"ule" to begin at A:3C an" to en" at nine o*clock$ an" !as in the for of a &uestion-an"-ans!er eeting$ but at ten thirty it !as still in session$ an" the people see e" in no hurry to close$ so the +ea"er ha" to bring it to an en" as he ha" other business a!aiting hi that night. 't !as one of the ost interesting eetings !e have atten"e". The &uestions beca e progressively ore "eep an" ore spiritual$ until at the en" they !ere asking 9ust ho! the true Teacher coul" be recogni,e"$ an" ho! a stu"ent coul" kno! !hen he !as on the right path$ etc.$ etc.$ their &uestions in"icating that they kne! they ha" co e to the right source to get ans!ers. Perhaps so e of you "o not kno! the (innish language is very "ifferent fro S!e"ish$ an" as so e in the au"ience kne! only (innish$ an" others only S!e"ish$ everything ha" to be carrie" on in three languages. )r. Siren "i" his "uty valiantly as S!e"ish interpreter$ an" then -iss 7nnikki ;ei9onen$ an" even Pekka Ervast hi self$ translate" for the +ea"er into (innish. 7n" several ti es !hen 7"yarites !ho coul" speak both English an" (innish$ aske" &uestions$ they offere" to translate 6. "e P.*s ans!ers the selves. 't !as great? 't fre&uently happens that in these &uestion-an"-ans!er eetings$ one or t!o atten" !ho either see to be cranks$ or !ho have certain pet theories or rigi" beliefs !hich they !ant to i press upon the eeting$ but they are never too uch for 6. "e P. to han"le. 8ne &uestioner aske" the follo!ing: - e. 2lavatsky consi"ere" herself a Teacher$ so "oes 7nnie 2esant$ an" 2ishop +ea"beater$ an" -r. Pekka Ervast an" yourself here present tonight$ an" so e of you teach "ifferent things. 'f you !ere all here together$ ho! !oul" you agree to !ork together an" !hat !oul" each "oD 6. "e P. ans!ere" pro ptly that as for -rs. 2esant an" +ea"beater an" others$ of course he coul" not ans!er for their actions$ he !oul" leave each of those na e" to speak for hi self$ but as for hi $ he follo!e" strictly in the footsteps of 5.P.2.$ etc. 4ou kno! the rest. There !as a ne!spaper-reporter present$ unbekno!n to us$ an" a very appreciative an" un"erstan"ing report ca e out in the paper the ne<t orning. ' believe you have alrea"y hear" a translation of it$ as a copy !as sent to 2rother +ungstro to share !ith the +o alan" 0o ra"es. Speaking of ne!spaper intervie!s$ ' !ant to say that not one of the any sy pathetic an" in so e cases splen"i" reports that have co e out about the +ea"er an" his !ork has been sponsore" or engineere" by us. So eti es there have been reporters fro three "ifferent papers intervie!ing the +ea"er at the sa e ti e$ an" often they bring their photographers !ith the to get photos of the +ea"er$ instea" of erely using those they can get fro us.

The ne<t orning the +ea"er et our e bers at the 5otel Fof course they atten"e" the (raterni,ation- eeting the evening beforeG$ an" gave the a chance to ask &uestions about their Theosophical !ork$ an" gave the ne! i petus for the future. T!o of the little (innish +otus-0hil"ren also ca e$ an" stoo" up in front of the +ea"er$ an" repeate" in very goo" English$ the +otus-0ircle otto$ %E<celsior$ ever higher. Step by step !e cli b.% Then the +ea"er ha" a long intervie! !ith -r. Pekka Ervast$ !ho is the hea" of an 'n"epen"ent Theosophical (innish Society !hich calls itself by the na e %;osicrucian$% %but this is only a na e$% as -r. Ervast hi self assure" the +ea"er. They !ere$ he sai"$ really 5.P.2. Theosophists$ of a ore or less 0hristian color. 'n the "ining-roo of the hotel$ they ha" a special table reserve" for the +ea"er an" his party$ !ith the 7 erican an" (innish flags on little stan"s on the table. The +ea"er ha" ba"e goo"-bye to our e bers in the orning$ he e<plaining to the that he preferre" not !aiting until he !as at the station to "o so$ as !e ha" to atten" to our baggage$ tickets$ etc.# so !e "i" not e<pect to see anyone at the train !hen !e arrive" shortly before three o*clock. 2ut -iss ;ei9onen of the ;osicrucians an" several 7"yarites !ho ha" atten"e" the (raterni,ation- eeting an" others "i" co e to see the +ea"er off$ an" !ere very cor"ial in their e<pression to hi The 9ourney to 7bo took four hours$ an" although !e hea"e" straight for the boat$ an official stan"ing at the entrance pointe" in another "irection$ an" !e ha" to go an" surren"er our passports$ !ithout even being given a receipt for the $ before !e coul" go on boar". 1e !on"ere" ho! !e !oul" get the again$ but in the orning before !e lan"e" in Stockhol $ in so e iraculous !ay they foun" their !ay into the han"s of their o!ners. ' forgot to say$ though it is nee"less$ that it raine" ost of the ti e !e !ere in 5elsingfors. The boat !e ha" back to Stockhol $ the 'ordstiermen$ !as not nearly as nice a boat as the 9ihonna, being that y cabin-co panion in the i""le of the night !as su""enly taken !ith an acute attack of seasickness$ in spite of the cal sea$ an" the !hole carpet covering the t!o feet of floor-space bet!een our be"s !as the recipient of her "ifficulties# so$ !ith the lack of fresh air$ an" the closeness of the &uarters$ even ay be" "i" not have its or"inary char s$ an" ' !as force" to beat a hasty retreat. The fresh air on "eck !as very co forting$ an" !hen all the party gathere"$ !e or"ere" our breakfast to be serve" on "eck$ a true 0ontinental breakfast consisting of coffee an" rolls of various "escriptions. The boat arrive" at Stockhol at eight o*clock$ but before any of the foreigners coul" "ise bark$ the officials ca e on boar" an" e<a ine" our passports$ an" then !e ha" to go to the 0usto s office an" hunt for our baggage. The ship ha" been cro!"e" !ith passengers$ an" the baggage ha" all been taken together$ so it !as al ost like hunting for a nee"le in a haystack to fin" our o!n pieces. The official !ho e<a ine" any baggage "i" not kno! English$ an" he aske" e in rapi" S!e"ish a lot of &uestions$ the only !or" ' un"erstoo" being %cigarettes.% So ' shook y hea" vigorously in the negative an" he let e go. - e. 1ican"er*s car !as alrea"y !aiting for us$ so !e put ourselves an" our baggage into it$ an" spe" to - e. 1ican"er*s ho e$ !here she !as !aiting to greet us at the "oor in her very !ar -hearte" an" beautiful anner. The e<periences !e have ha" here at Stockhol belong properly to the ne<t chapter of our a"ventures$ so ' !ill bring this chapter to an en". 7ffectionate greetings to all. 1e have passe" the i"!ay point of our 9ourney$ an" (ome no! see s nearer to us. - Elsie V. Savage ------------------

+ almost #ost m0 Return -ermit to 1.S.A.& 3o. 13 7t the 5o e of - e. 7nna 1ican"er$ Villa 1ican"er$ )9urgar"en$ Stockhol $ S!e"en. Septe ber .$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: ' a trying to get a letter !ritten before our "eparture fro Stockhol $ because y intuition tells e that there !ill be very little ti e "uring the ne<t three !eeks. Tonight !e otor to Upsala !here the lea"er !ill give a public lecture an" then !e otor back here$ arriving about i"night. To orro! orning at eleven o*clock !e leave Stockhol for -al o$ !here !e arrive late in the evening. The ne<t "ay !e go to +un" !here the +ea"er !ill lecture$ returning to the hotel in -al o the sa e evening# an" early in the orning$ seven o*clock$ ' think$ !e leave -al o for 2erlin$ an" this trip takes about t!elve hours. Then follo! "ays of intense activity$ visiting 2erlin$ 0ottbus$ 3urnberg$ Stuttgart$ an" 2erne$ staying t!o or three "ays each$ a public lecture$ +o"ge eeting$ etc.$ fraterni,ation- eeting$ in&uirers* eeting$ an" then packing up an" going to the ne<t city. 7n" al ost every ail brings pleas fro our e bers for the lea"er to spen" ore ti e in their respective cities$ an" to visit still ne! places. Even at present in 5ollan" they are trying to arrange for eetings to take place a "ay before the lea"er is sche"ule" to arrive there$ an" it is not yet settle" 9ust ho! !e are going to stretch ti e to create an e<tra "ay. The e bers in Stockhol are very happy over the !ork "one here "uring the +ea"er*s visit. The very "ay of his arrival$ reporters fro the t!o largest Stockhol papers calle" for intervie!s$ one of the bringing a photographer to get pictures of the +ea"er$ an" late in the evening 3agens 'yhater$ the paper !hich use" to be so antagonistic to J.T. an" Theosophy$ calle" up an" !ante" an intervie! over the phone$ an" after the first public lecture printe" a very frien"ly an" sy pathetic report. )uring this first public lecture$ !hile the +ea"er !as speaking$ su""enly there !as a flash$ as of lightning# ' looke" up$ an" there !as a photographer !ho ha" co e right "o!n the aisle al ost in front of the platfor $ an" taken a picture of the +ea"er !hile he !as speaking$ by eans of an electric flash-light. 't "i"n*t interrupt the +ea"er*s train of thought a secon"$ an" several people sai" after!ar"s that the au"ience !as listening to hi so intently that har"ly anyone notice the approach of the photographer until he flashe" on his light. The three lectures of the +ea"er here at the -usical 7ca"e y$ !ere all splen"i"$ an" so uch ne! aterial in the that they certainly ought to be publishe" in =177 in ti e. 7fter each of the first t!o lectures$ there !ere 'n&uirers* eetings hel" the follo!ing evening at the +o"ge-hea"&uarters$ both of !hich eetings !ere cro!"e"$ an" the &uestions !ere varie" an" any. ;eally better !ork see s to be "one at these eetings than even at the public eetings$ because those intereste" co e into close touch !ith the +ea"er$ an" can ask &uestions on 9ust the points that interest the ost. 7fter the first public eeting$ !hile the +ea"er !as still in the 7rtist*s roo $ as it is calle"$ !ho shoul" call upon hi but Torsten Jarling$ co e back again into the 1ork$ an" bri ful of enthusias an" "esire to help actively in any !ay he is nee"e". 5e speaks e<cellent English$ is ac&uainte" !ith ne!spaper- an" press-!ork$ an" is very capable in any lines. The +ea"er !as very happy over his return to us. Jarin 3ysto also ca e an" greete" the +ea"er at his public lecture$ an" speaking of her re in"s e of the tre en"ous activity an" enthusias ra"iating all the ti e fro her other$ -rs. 6er"a 3ytro $ !ho is an in"efatigable !orker for Theosophy. ' ust say a !ork about the !on"erful hospitality that "ear - e. 1ican"er has given to us. She has a beautiful ho e in )9urgar"en$ !hich is an islan" aking a part of Stockhol # in fact$ it is like a s all estate$ surroun"e" by a high iron fence$ an"

containing$ besi"es the house itself$ a pretty little house at the entrance to the groun"s for the chauffeur an" his fa ily$ an" greenhouses an" garages an" other buil"ings. The groun"s are covere" !ith beautiful trees an" la!ns an" gravel !alks$ an" there is an e<&uisite rose-gar"en !hich supplies flo!ers for the "inning-table an" for all our roo s. - e. 1ican"er has "one everything she coul" to ake us feel at ho e$ an" "uring our stay here !e certainly have not felt that !e !ere in a strange house. 1e shall iss her very uch after !e say goo"-bye to her to orro!$ an" ' believe she too !ill iss the activity an" !ork !hich has strea e" through her house "uring the last ten "ays. She has taken us for beautiful "rives to any of the places of interest in an" aroun" Stockhol . -iss +isa 7ronson$ one of the e bers of the Stockhol +o"ge$ !ho is a stenographer$ arrange" to have her vacation "uring our visit here$ an" has given very valuable assistance to )r. (ussell not only here in Stockhol but also at Visingso. She sho!s great cleverness in being able to take "ictation in a foreign tongue. ' ight also ention that -iss )orothy 7"a s$ one of our e bers in +on"on$ ren"ere" like assistance to )r. (ussell !hen !e !ere there. 't is really beautiful to see ho! eager an" happy the e bers have been to help in any !ay they coul". 1e ha" a very interesting fraterni,ation- eeting in our +o"ge-5ea"&uarters$ at !hich -r. +ian"er$ the 6eneral Secretary for the 7"yar Society in S!e"en$ !ho atten"e" out 5.P.2. 0entennial at Visingso$ !as present$ besi"es several other officials an" e bers of various lo"ges$ an" even a priest of the +iberal 0atholic 0hurch. Their e<pressions of frien"liness to!ar"s the +ea"er !ere very gratifying an" their &uestions sho!e" that they !ere really seeking a better un"erstan"ing !ith us. 't !ill interest you to kno! that little 6er"a (ernhol $ o! gro!n into a young !o an$ ca e to one of the eetings$ an" spoke to the +ea"er an" to e. She !as very happy to see us$ an" !e sent our greetings to her parents. 7lso a brother of )r. 2erggren*s ca e$ !ho looke" so like hi that at first !e thought it !as he. Then -r. +ian"er invite" the +ea"er an" party an" Stockho +o"ge- e bers$ to atten" a eeting on 7ugust 31st$ at the 7"yar +o"ge-hea"&uarters$ !hich invitation !e all accepte"$ although not all our (.T.S. in Stockhol coul" co e because of lack of roo . 1e arrive" at their +o"ge-roo s at 3 o*clock$ an" their officials !ere at the "oor to greet us an" to atten" to the !raps$ etc. The eeting !as very interesting. The +ea"er spoke first$ after so e usic$ an" after saying so e !or"s of appreciation an" thanks for our 7"yarbrother*s courtesy$ etc.$ he sai": %1ell$ a ' e<pecte" to speak at greater lengthD% There !as a unani ous ans!er$ 4es$ all through the roo . So he "i" speak$ an" you can i agine that he gave the so ething to think about. Several of their officials spoke$ an" !hen -r. +ian"er arose$ he began by saying: %)r. "e Purucker$ you arrival in our i"st has been like that of the ;o an E peror !ho sai": &eni, vidi, vici$ for you have co e an" con&uere" our hearts - by love.% ' ight say here that this sa e -r. +ian"er aske" for a private intervie! !ith 6. "e P.$ !hich he ha" this orning an" in bi""ing goo"-bye$ his !or"s !ere: %)ear 2rother 6. "e P.$ goo"-bye.% The Presi"ent of the 7"yar Stockhol +o"ge also aske" for an intervie! !ith 6. "e P.$ !hich !as grante" her. 7nother speaker !as a priest of the +.0.0.$ !ho ra"iate" content ent an" satisfaction$ an" he sai" that he felt there !ere any !ho "i" not un"erstan" ho! he coul" be a Theosophist an" a priest at the sa e ti e$ but to hi it !as very easy$ they !ere both the sa e? They !ere all very cor"ial !hen !e left$ an" !ishe" us a pleasant 9ourney an" a return so e ti e to Stockhol !hen they hope" !e !oul" again visit their +o"ge. 7n" yet one or t!o people say %6. "e P.*s fraterni,ation- ove ent is a failure.% 'n regar" to the (raterni,ation- ove ent$ !e hear" an interesting story fro Peggy. She atten"e" a eeting hel" by an 7"yar +o"ge in S!it,erlan"$ for the 5.P.2. 0entennial ' believe$ an" she ha" to sit &uietly !hile the Presi"ent of the +o"ge "elivere" an a""ress "uring the course of !hich she sai" that as far as )r. "e Purucker*s fraterni,ation-efforts !ere concerne"$ they !ere a failure$ etc.$ etc.$ an" other si ilar re arks ten"ing to sho!

that there !asn*t uch to 6. "e P.*s !ork after all. 1ell$ Peggy kept &uiet as long as she ha" to$ but she !atche" her chance an" !hen it ca e she arose an" sai" there !as so e istake$ that possibly the previous speaker ha" been isinfor e"$ because !e happene" to kno! for a certainty that )r. "e Purucker*s fraterni,ation ove ent !as succee"ing e<cee"ingly !ell an" that great a"vances ha" been a"e in that "irection in any parts of the !orl". F' a not &uoting her e<act !or"s$ but the general i"ea.G Peggy e<plaine" that although she "i" not kno! all the "etails of past Theosophical history$ she kne! enough to see that the facts as state" !ere not correct. 7fter she sat "o!n$ the Presi"ent arose an" thanke" her$ an" aske" !ho they ha" ha" the honor of hearing fro . Peggy ans!ere"$ %' a )r. "e Purucker*s sister?% Peggy ans!ere"$ %' a )r. "e Purucker*s sister?% She sai" the e bers !ere so astonishe" an" "u bfoun"e" that they "i" not kno! !hat to "o$ an" for a inute or so$ you coul" have hear" a pin "rop. 2ut after the eeting they ca e up to her an" !ere very cor"ial an" aske" her all sorts of &uestions. So the goo" !ork goes on. ' cannot ake this letter uch longer$ because !e leave to orro! orning$ an" are sen"ing off our trunks this afternoon. 1e are shipping the $ in the ost ine<pensive !ay$ "irect fro Stockhol to The 5ague$ an" are not taking the !ith us through 6er any$ thus saving any precious "ollars. 2ut before ' close i ust tell you of an a!ful sare ' ha" in (inlan" about y passport. The 2ritish Vice-0onsul !here ' ha" y passport inspecte" never tol" e ' nee"e" a (innish visu $ so !hen !e got off the boat$ ' confi"ently !alke" up to the office an" presente" y passport. 5e opene" it$ looke" through it$ looke" at e$ an" looke" through it again. Then he sai": %4ou have no (innish visu .% ' sai": %The 2ritish 0onsol tol" e ' "i"n*t nee" one.% %8h !ell$% he sai"$ %the (innish 0onsul !oul" have tol" you you do nee" one.% +uckily )r. Siren !as ne<t in line behin" e$ an" so he ans!ere" for y har less nature an" the lack of "anger to (inlan" in letting e enter. So they finally let e co e in$ but they took y precious passport a!ay fro e$ though ' a"e the give it back long enough to take out of it y ,eturn Permit to U.S.7.$ so they !oul" not lose it. Then !e procee"e" to the hotel$ an" i e"iately the portier sai"$ %Passports$ please.% The other e bers of the party gave theirs$ an" ' "iscreetly kept in the backgroun". %7ll right$% he sai"$ %four passports but five people.% 7gain )r. Siren ca e to y ai"$ so the portier only a"e e put y life-history on a piece of paper$ "ate an" place of birth$ profession$ na e$ purpose for traveling$ etc.$ etc. 5e laughe" !hen he han"e" e the paper$ because he sai"$ %' kno! it is ru"e to ask a la"y her age?% The nest "ay ' ha" to go to the office of the inister of (oreign 7ffairs$ an" !rite the ans!ers to about 3C &uestions$ one of !hich !as to give the na e an" full a""ress of so eone ' kne! in (inlan". So ' !rote "o!n -iss 1ilen*s na e$ an" then for the life of e coul" not re e ber her a""ress. 4ou kno! she has a terrible a""ress !ith lots of nu bers an" letters after it$ an" she has recently change" t!ice. 2ut luckily they let e off on that. 1hen ' finishe"$ they sai" ' ha" to pay A/ (innish -arks? 2ut -r. 6yllenberg !ho ha" acco panie" e !hispere" to e that it !as only N..CC. Then they sai"$ %7ll right$ you can co e back to orro! an" get your passport.% %2ut$% ' sai"$ %' leave 5elsingfors at .:CC oOclock to"ay.% So they sai"$ %7ll right$ co e back at 1:CC o*clock this p. .% The hotel portier kin"ly sent one of his en to get it for e$ but 1:CC o*clock ca e an" passe" !ithout the passport arriving. So he sent another essenger after the first$ an" at last y precious passport ca e back to e$ half an hour before boar"ing the train to leave (inlan"? 1ell$ it is no! al ost five o*clock$ an" !e are having our "inner early$ as !e are leaving for Upsala$ !ith - e. 1ican"er in her car$ at si< o*clock. So ' !ill bi" you all goo"bye. There !on*t b any ore letters to !rite before !e are back again in +o alan". 7 great "ay that !ill be?

4ours affectionately$ Elsie V. Savage The latest ne!s: 't has been raining all "ay. 7 nice change of !eather for us?? PS. - 1hile here at Stockhol !e have ha" a chance to %see ourselves as others see us$% because one of our e bers$ -r. 5ans -al ste"t$ took a great any snapshots of activities at Visingso$ so eti es unbekno!n to those figuring in the pictures# an" at one of our gatherings here they !ere sho!n on the steropticon screen. Very illu inating it is$ but not al!ays altogether flattering$ to see life-si,e repro"uctions of %ho! you looke"$% "uring o ents !hen you are blissfully unconscious of the fact that a stenographic recor" so to say$ in picture-for is being a"e of your actions. -------------From Sweden to /erman0 3o. 1> 0ontinental 5otel$ 2erlin$ 6er any$ Septe ber A$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: (irst a bit of a"vice: you ust curb your i patience about our return. Sen"ing ail to places !here !e !on*t arrive until a !eek or t!o after the ail reaches such places$ !on*t get us ho e any sooner. 1hile !e !ere still in -al o$ !e receive" ail fro both 0ottbus in 6er any an" The 5ague in 5ollan"$ !hich ha" been sent there fro Point +o a$ an" %for!ar"e" back% to us. 1e aren*t traveling &uite as fast as that? 5o!ever$ that is better than sen"ing ail to a place after !e have left it$ an" having it follo! us aroun" an" never catch up. 1e parte" in y last letter 9ust as !e !ere going to leave by auto for Upsala$ !here the +ea"er !as to give a lecture in the 3orrlan"s Station 5all. 'n Upsala$ the "ifferent counties or sections of S!e"en there represente" "o not co bine in one buil"ing$ but each separate one has a buil"ing of its o!n. The rain stoppe" 9ust long enough for us to have a beautiful "rive there an" back$ an" !e left Stockhol at si< o*clock in the evening# there !as an e<&uisite sunset$ re in"ing us of +o alan"$ an" !ith the beautiful long evening t!ilight that follo!s in these northern lan"s$ it !as very "elightful. Several of the e bers also !ent by train or auto to hear the +ea"er lecture in Upsala$ an" )r. Siren acte" as 0hair an of the eeting. They have a funny custo in that to!n of allo!ing !hat they call the %7ca"e ic &uarter% for all public lectures$ etc. This eans that no one e<pects a lecture to begin until a &uarter of an hour after it is sche"ule" to begin$ in allo!$ ' suppose$ of these stu"ious people having ti e to "rag the selves a!ay fro their stu"ies. So it !as very late !hen !e returne" to )9urgar"en$ an" !e !aste" little ti e in going to be"$ as !e ha" to "o final packing in the orning$ etc. 7t eleven o*clock !e ba"e goo"-bye to all our frien"s in Stockhol $ an" !ent to the train acco panie" of course by - e. 1ican"er$ an" !here !e !ere et by )r. an" -rs. Siren$ an" any of the other e bers. The train-9ourney fro Stockhol to -al o$ !hich laste" until B:3> in the evening$ !as rather uneventful. 8f course it !as raining on our arrival$ but luckily the Savoy 5otel is near the station$ so it "i"n*t atter uch. -iss 7nn -ansson !as at the station$ as !ere several of the other -al o e bers$ an" -iss -ansson invite" up again to take our eals in her ho e "uring our stay. The ne<t "ay at eleven o*clock$ !e left for +un" by train$ a trip of only t!enty inutes$ !here !e visite" first the fa ous ol" church there$ any hun"re" of years ol"$

!ith an ol" crypt built aroun" a prehistoric !ell. The church is !on"erfully preserve"$ an" !e !ent "o!n into the crypt$ but it looke" rather grueso e to see all the stone coffins$ on so e of !hich !ere burning can"les$ !hich sent out "i -flickering rays into the gloo . Then !e !ent into the church 9ust in ti e to see the fa ous ol" clock there strike the hour of noon. This is a huge clock !hich e<ten"s fro ceiling to floor of the high church$ an" has t!o enor ous "ials$ the lo!er one having the onths an" "ays of the !eek an" the signs of the Ho"iac$ an" any other things !e "i" not have ti e to rea"$ an" there !as a figure at the si"e !ith a pointer in its han"s$ pointing to the "ay an" onth that it !as an" also to !hich sign of the Ho"iac !as in the ascen"ant. The upper "ial ha" the hours fro one to t!enty-four on it$ the han"s going aroun" only once in t!enty-four hours. Eust as t!elve o*clock ca e$ t!o figures on horseback above the "ial began fighting !ith s!or"s$ an" each ti e their s!or"s et an" clashe"$ that !as one of the strokes of t!elve. Then t!o "oors opene" on either si"e$ an" t!elve figures$ representing the t!elve 7postles$ arche" out fro one "oor$ aroun" a figure of the Virgin -ary !ith Eesus$ bo!ing their hea"s as they passe"$ an" in at another "oor$ !hile t!o heral"s on either si"e ble! tru pets. The echanis !as very clever an" interesting to !atch. Then !e !ent an" visite" the hall !here the +ea"er !as to speak$ an" !e sa! the stu"ents in their !hite caps going to an" fro their classes$ etc.$ an" after a light lunch$ !e returne" by train to -al o. 'n the evening !e et )r. 2ogren an" his fa ily at "iner at -iss -ansson*s an" then !e all "eparte" again for +un". -any of our e bers not only fro -al o but fro 5ilsingborg. 5otel 1eisses ;oss$ 0ettbus$ Sept. 9th ca e to +un" to hear the +ea"er. 't is funny ho! !e cannot get a!ay fro !ater in so e for or other$ if it is not overhea" it is un"er foot. 1hen !e got out of the train at +un" !e !ere so gla" it !asn*t raining$ but then !e ha" to go "o!n so e stone steps to a stone passage un"ergroun" an" e erge into a "aylight again at so e "istant point$ up another flight of stone steps. 1ell$ 9ust before !e arrive"$ they ha" "eluge" these steps an" the passage !ith !ater$ to clean it$ ' suppose$ so !e ight 9ust as !ell have been in a heavy rain-stor . The at osphere at +un" is very "elightful. 8ne "oes not feel the or"inary stir of o"ern co ercial life$ but there is a &uiet$ intellectual at osphere of stu"iousness such as see s very appropriate for an ol" University to!n. 7st 0arlsson ca e up an" greete" the +ea"er after the lecture$ an" sent her love to all her ol" frien"s at +o alan". 1e ha" to leave +un" early in the orning$ about A:>/$ an" -iss -ansson an" -r. 6illenberg ca e to see us off. -r 6illenberg ha" acco panie" the +ea"er an" party all the !ay through S!e"en$ an" !as of course of enor ous help because of his kno!le"ge of the country$ etc. 7n" no! began our trip to 2erlin via Trelleborg-Sassnit,. This phrase %TrelleborgSassnit,$% is very "eceptive. 't soun"s as if it !ere 9ust an easy step fro one to the other$ an" perhaps it is !hen the sea is cal $ but - !hen !e crosse"$ the seas !as so rough that the +ea"er sai" it !as the roughest sea he ha" every seen$ even on the ocean. 't raine" in torrents$ an" the boat rocke" so that it !as ll !e coul" "o to get out of our car safely an" go upstairs to the ferry "inning-roo for breakfast. 4ou un"erstan"$ of course$ that at Trellborg the train is broken up into sections an" shunte" on to the ferry$ an" if you happen to be in the en" car$ as !e !ere$ you spen" &uite a lively FDG half hour or ore$ being ove" back an" forth an" back an" forth$ until all the cars are safely place" on the boat. This !as the very place !here t!o onths before !e ha" sat !ithout oving for

one an" a half hours$ !aiting for the stor to abate so that the ferry coul" co e an" get us# an" !e recogni,e" the sa e lan" arks$ an" it see e" like the sa e rain pouring "o!n$ an" the sa e col" penetrating the train. 't !as so stor y an" col" on "eck that !e spent the four hours of crossing in the lo!er part of the (erry$ in our car. The prospects ahea" !ere anything but heartening. 1e ha" been tol" in S!e"en that no! that !e !ere going farther south !e !oul" strike !ar !eather$ but 9ust before leaving -al o$ it !as announce" over the ra"io that a heavy stor !as co ing 9ust across the route !e !ere taking$ an" in fact$ !hen !e reache" 2erlin$ !e hear" that the "ay before there ha" been so uch rain that the streets !ere al ost floo"e"$ an" in 5a burg so e of the cellars of the houses !ere fille" !ith !ater. 1e have also receive" letters fro our e bers in Stuttgart an" 2erne saying that they hope for better !eather !hen the +ea"er arrives$ because they have been having rain stea"ily for t!o onths. 6. "e P. has 9ust e<clai e": %8h$ for the heat of an 7frican "esert?% 1e are sorry that our route ho e lies through 0ana"a$ an" that !e !ill not have the pleasure of going through the 7ri,ona )esert? 't !as ost pathetic$ as !e !ent through the northern part of 6er any$ to see the fiel"s of grain absolutely inun"ate" !ith !ater$ an" the ne! o!n hay stacke" up to "ry in pools of !ater. -r. Jirsbo calle" on the +ea"er !hile he !as in -al o an" atten"e" the +ea"er*s lecture in +un"$ but he ca e in late$ breathless$ because he thought the lecture !as in -al o$ an" !hen he ha" got into a ta<i an" tol" the "river to take hi to the hall$ he foun" it !as in +un"$ so he continue" there in his ta<i. 5e also et us on the train going to Trellborg$ an" offere" his assistance in any !ay he coul"$ to the +ea"er$ to assist hi in aking the trip easier an" getting through the 6er an 0usto s easily. 5e also sai" he !as gla" to have his !ife acco pany the +ea"er as long as her services coul" be useful in 6er any. 1hen !e arrive" at 2erlin$ at seven o*clock in the evening$ !e !ere et by -r. Jlara Jisebo $ -r. Saslfrank the Presi"ent of the 6er an Section !ho ha" co e up fro 0ottbus to see the +ea"er$ an" by -r. ;einhol" 2erg ann$ the Presi"ent of the 2erlin +o"ge$ an" other e bers. 1e soon reache" our 5otel$ the 0ontinental$ a very goo" hotel$ un"er the sa e anage ent as the 7l"on but not so prohibitively e<pensive$ although living in 2erlin is certainly a costly thing. The cost of foo" is high$ an" there is a ta< on such things as tea$ coffee$ etc. -r Jirsebo ha" co e up fro her ho e in 5a burg to 2erlin "ay earlier than !e arrive" there$ so as to pick out nice &uiet roo s for us$ an" they certainly !ere the &uietest !e have yet ha" in hotels. 1e actually coul" go to sleep at night !ithout hearing the tooting of auto obile horns an" the clanging of street-cars$ etc. 1e ha" 9ust ti e to !ash our han"s$ !hen a ne!spaper reporter fro the &ossische :eitung, one of the largest 6er an papers$ calle" to intervie! the +ea"er. She !as very frien"ly$ an" atten"e" the lecture the follo!ing evening in or"er to report it for her paper. Then$ !hen this !as over$ it !as ti e to go "o!nstairs for a fraterni,ation- an" e ber*s eeting in one of the hotel parlors. There ust have been about seventy-five or eighty people at this eeting - Point +o a-ites$ 7"yar-ites$ Sufi-ites$ 5art ann-ites$ an" others. The +ea"er began speaking to the $ an" then offere" to ans!er &uestions. 7 goo" nu ber un"erstoo" English$ but so e "i" not$ an" su""enly !ho shoul" stan" up an" offer to translate for 6. "e P. but -r. von Jru haar$ !ho !as there !ith his other. 7n" he certainly "i" it !ell$ not only re e bering every little point the +ea"er entione" but getting the spirit of it in his translation. Then he offere" his services to the +ea"er for the public lecture of the follo!ing evening$ !hich the +ea"er gla"ly accepte"$ for although a translator ha" been engage"$ he ha" su""enly fallen ill. Everybo"y !as "elighte" !ith his success at this eeting also. The fraterni,ation- eeting laste" fro eight-thirty until ten$ but it !as after half past ten before the people left$ because they all cro!"e" aroun" the +ea"er$ either e<pressing

their appreciation of !hat they ha" hear"$ or trying to e<poun" their o!n philosophical vie!s$ etc. The +ea"er of another branch of the Theosophical ove ent in 6er any !as at this fraterni,ation- eeting$ an" aske" the +ea"er if he coul" not call on hi . So the "ay follo!ing the public lecture at ten o*clock$ he ca e to the hotel. 5e is a young-looking an$ rather short$ !ith thick yello! hair$ an" an intellectual countenance. 5e ca e in pro ptly at ten-thirty in the orning$ very business-like an" very i portant. 5e ha" the !hole Theosophical -ove ent catalogue" an" put in portfolios$ an" began his intervie! by referring first to correspon"ence !ith such an" such a society$ then he lai" asi"e that fol"er an" picke" up another$ his correspon"ence !ith Point +o a$ then another fol"er$ history of the 7"yar Society$ etc.$ etc.: an" for a !hile he see e" ore intereste" in e<poun"ing his i"eas an" theories an" opinions than in listening to the +ea"er. 1ell$ 6. "e P. let hi talk$ an" then he sai" in substance: %4es$ y "ear (rien"$ ' un"erstan" all you say. 't is all interesting an" uch of it is correct$ but "on*t you see that that is all past history$ an" !e ust turn our faces to the future$ an" think of the !ork that lies ahea" of us.% 't !as ost interesting to see the an*s attitu"e gra"ually change an" soften$ an" he "i" ore listening than talking$ until finally he !as aking notes of !hat the +ea"er !as telling hi $ an" !as in every !ay gentler an" softer. 2efore he left$ an" in response to !hat the +ea"er ha" tol" hi $ an" e<plaine" about our Society an" the eaning of our 0onstitution$ ' believe his in" !as busily !orking out ho! he coul" bring hi self an" his society in !ith ours !ithout ho!ever losing their i"entity. 2efore he took his "eparture he sai" to 6. "e P. that after listening to his lecture of the evening before$ in his opinion he felt that 6. "e P. !as a real Teacher$ an" that he !as the true successor to 5.P.2.? 8ur ti e in 2erlin !as so fille"$ that !e "i" not have a o ent to step outsi"e the hotel even$ e<cept !hen !e !ent to the public lecture$ an" by the !ay$ !hen -r. ;einhol" 2erg ann ba"e us goo"-bye at the train$ he gave 6. "e P.$ !ith a bea ing face$ a list of eight ne! applicants for e bership in the T.S.$ as a result of the lecture$ t!o of these fro a ong the nobility. 1e left 2erlin shortly after eleven o*clock on Tues"ay orning$ an" arrive" at 0ottbus a little before one o*clock on Tues"ay orning$ an" arrive" at 0ottbus a little before one o*clock. 8f course -r. Saalfrank !as at the station to eet us$ as !as also -r. Jarl Schnei"er$ the Secretary of the 6er an Section$ an" other e bers. 1e !ent "irectly to the hotel$ the +eisses ,oss F1hite 5orse$ a nice$ clean hotel$ first-class$ but o"est. 1e tol" the proprietor that !e !ante" to be sure to get ;uiet roo s$ so he obligingly opene" "oor after "oor for us$ at each roo saying Schon und ruhig, or gan< ruhig, though 9u"ging fro last night*s far fro &uiet e<periences$ he !as e<pressing ' believe$ his !ishes rather than the facts. 1e ha" a goo" laugh over the keys for our "oors. Evi"ently the hotels have fre&uent "ifficulties fro travelers ina"vertently taking their keys a!ay !ith the . 'n fact$ in one hotel$ the keys bore the infor ation that if a traveler shoul" fin" !hen he left the hotel that he still ha" his key !ith hi $ he coul" stick on a postage sta p an" put it in the ail# an" !e actually sa! several keys !ith ol" postage sta ps still sticking to the . 2ut this hotel thinks prevention is better than cure. Each key has fastene" to it a large rubber ball or globe$ about the si,e of a hun"re" !att electric globe$ so !e coul" not possibly lose the in our han"bags$ or even in our pockets. ' suggest that if !e ha" ti e !e coul" play ball !ith the $ an" !hen !e !ent to "inner -rs. Jirsebo aske" if !e !oul" like to call a porter to carry our keys "o!n for us? 7t four o*clock a ne!spaper reporter ca e an" calle" on the +ea"er. 5e !as very business-like an" etho"ical$ an" ha" si< &uestions !hich he !ishe" the +ea"er to ans!er for his paper$ each one !ritten in "uplicate$ on a single large sheet of paper$ up at the top$ !ith the re ain"er of the space reserve" for 6. "e P.*s ans!er. 5e e<plaine" that his paper "i" not !ant anything of a etaphysical nature$ but so ething ore along

cultural an" political lines. 1ell$ his &uestions range" fro the +eague of 3ations$ to 2olshevis $ an" about !ho !as responsible for the 1orl"-1ar$ about 7 erican selfassertiveness$ about the present echanical age$ etc.$ etc. 't !as fascinating to hear the +ea"er*s ans!er$ or in so e cases his "eclination to ans!er$ an" !hen the report is printe" as !e hear it !ill be in a "ay or t!o$ ' hope !e !ill be able to sen" you a copy. 't !ill ake interesting rea"ing. )irectly after this intervie!$ the +ea"er et the 0ottbus e bers for an hour$ an" then there !as 9ust ti e for "inner an" to "ress for the public eeting. The hall$ seating bet!een four hun"re" an" fifty an" five hun"re"$ !as al ost fille" to capacity$ an" the au"ience !as very attentive. The a""ress !as a splen"i" one$ an" -r. Schnei"er$ !ho took brief notes in or"er to translate a resu e of it for those !ho "i" not speak English$ staye" up all night$ !e hear this orning$ preparing a report of it for the 0ottbus papers. 5e an" -r. Saalfrank took the aroun" to the papers early this orning$ an" !e hear that three papers !ere very eager to accept the report. 1e have t!o ore eeting to"ay$ an" then leave to orro! orning at ten o*clock for 3urnberg$ so ' !ill close this letter no!$ unless ' happen to think of so ething that shoul" be a""e"$ before ' seal it$ in !hich case ' shall a"" a PS. ' ight a"" that ' have foun" the truth of the saying: 7 little learning is a "angerous thing. )r. Vollrath$ the +ea"er$ ' believe$ of so e T.S.$ calle" at our hotel in 2erlin to see 6. "e P. one "ay$ an" he aske" e: =&erstehen Sie 3eutsch>= an" ' ans!ere"$ ='ur ein $enig.= ' shoul" have "enie" all kno!le"ge of 6er an: ='ein, %ein +ort,= because he i e"iately began a vigorous conversation$ one-si"e"$ for all ' kno! going up into the heights of 6er an philosophy. So ' ha" to retreat hastily$ an" signify y utter inability to follo! his thought. -r. Saalfrank took us for a "elightful ri"e in an" aroun" 0ottbos this orning$ an" then for a !alk through a agnificent park !hich at one ti e belonge" to a Prince Puckler$ !ho "onate" it to the city for the goo" of the people. -ust stop no!. 6oo"-bye to all. 'n less than a onth !e shall be al ost reaching 3e! 4ork. 4ours affectionately$ E.V.S. PS. Speaking of these various 'n&uirers* an" (raterni,ation--eetings$ 6. "e P. has been aske" so any ti es &uestions about Jrishna urti$ that ' have ha" to invent a shorthan" contraction for the na e. Even so e ne!spaper-reporters see to think that an essential feature in any Theosophical press-report is the ention of his na e. ---------------Did + Forget to Sa0 it was Still Raining2 3o. 1/ 5otel 6raf Heppelin$ Stuttgart$ 6er any Septe ber 13$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: )o you reali,e that on this trip !e have ha" al ost half the earth bet!een usD 1hen !e !ere in (in"lan" our !atches !ere then ten hours ahea" of yours$ al ost half of the t!enty-four$ no! they are nine hours ahea"$ an" ' suppose !hen !e reach S!it,erlan" on Tues"ay evening$ !e !ill be one hour nearer you still. Eust at present !e are spen"ing a "ay an" a half an" t!o nights in the 6raf Hepplin.

)on*t be alar e". 1e haven*t taken to air travel$ although ' un"erstan" that so eone at +o alan" thought !e took an aeroplane fro Stockhol to (inlan" because 6. "e P. !rote !e !ere going to take a flying trip? 1e arrive" in Stuttgart this noon$ an" !ere et at the station by -r. 6luckselig$ Presi"ent of our +o"ge there$ an" also by a ne! e ber$ -r. 6rieb$ !ith his auto$ an" !e !ere soon at our hotel$ !hich bore the na e of Christliches (ospi< &i%toria. The hotel !as nice enough$ an" they !ere certainly generous in caring not only for our physical nee"s but for our spiritual nee"s as !ell$ because in each roo there !as a holy 2ible$ an" right over the hea" of the be" a biblical inscription carve" in !oo". 2ut "on*t e<pect to see us very holy !hen !e return$ because the 2ibles !ere in 6er an$ an" y 6er an rea"ing at least "oes not e<ten" beyon" the "inner- enus$ street-signs$ an" hotel-roo infor ation. 2ut - there !as a big but to this hotel. 't !as cold$ horribly Cold$ an" no heat in the roo s. 1e appeale" to the portier$ but as it !asn*t !inter they "i"n*t see to be able to furnish us !ith any. So !e "eci"e" to fin" shelter else!here$ an" fifteen inutes after unpacking our suit-cases !e cheerfully packe" the up again an" ca e here. +uckily this hotel is un"er the sa e anage ent as the other one$ so !e "i" not feel !e !ere "epriving the of business# but it is a very ne! hotel$ only t!o onths ol"$ an" is splen"i" in every respect$ an" !e have &uiet roo s here$ !hich !e "i" not have at the other# an" !ith all the a""e" conveniences here !e pay only fifty pfennigs Fabout 1. centsG a "ay ore? 7n" best of all$ by the ti e !e arrive" here$ they ha" the heat on in each of our roo s$ because on telephoning to this hotel$ !e sai" there !ere t!o things !e !ere seeking: !ar roo s an" &uiet roo s. 8f course it is not necessary to ention that it !as raining !hen !e left 3urnberg an" raining !hen !e arrive" at Stuttgart. ' ust try to give you a picture of the partier at the Christliches (ospi< &i%toria. 5e !as a little an$ very little$ a full half hea" s aller than ' a $ an" proportionately s all in other "i ensions$ an" he ha" a !ay of sprea"ing out the fingers of each han" an" pressing the finger-tips of the t!o han"s together$ like a 0hristian inister 6. "e P. sai"$ an" then$ !hen talking to us he kept on !ashing his han"s !ith invisible soap an" !ater. 't !as too funny. -rs. Jirsebo spoke of hi as %the little one !ith the han"s.% 2ut no! !e are in this nice hotel$ !hich is so clean an" frien"ly an" !ithout all the pent-up influences that ol" hotels get to have after they have hose" thousan"s of guests$ that !e feel happy an" co fortable here$ an" 6. "e P. sai" he !ishe" !e coul" take this hotel !ith us !herever !e go. 2ut ' forgot: 4ou are still in 0ottbus$ ' believe$ 9ust before the (raterni,ationeeting$ or rather$ it !as ore like an 'n&uirers* eeting$ because other Theosophists "on*t see very uch in evi"ence in 0ottbus. There !ere not so any !ho ca e$ but it !as an e<ceptionally interesting eeting$ an" the &uestions aske" !ere all !orth-!hile$ !ith not one single cranky or %psychic% &uestion. -r. Jarl Schnei"er "i" very goo" !ork in translating for the +ea"er at the various eetings. 0ottbus has a very frien"ly feeling as a city. Every!here in the streets !e sa! certain people !ho are calle" +ends, not 6er ans but Slaves$ !ho retain their ol" custo s of "ress$ etc.$ an" you can see the !o en !ith bright re" or purple or agenta-colore" skirts$ !orn short$ an" gaily e broi"ere" sha!ls tri e" !ith lace$ an" the ost peculiar hea""ress$ so e!hat like a "rape" picture-fra place" on top of the hea"$ so e black$ so e !hite$ an" so e ulticolore"# an" the funny thing is that ost of the ro"e bicycles through the streets. 1e left 0ottbus shortly after ten o*clock on Septe ber 1Cth$ an" arrive" at 3urberg at A o*clock in the evening of the sa e "ay. The country that !e passe" through is so e of the ost beautiful !e have seen on our trip$ high hills an" ountains on either si"e of the train$ !ith the roa" !in"ing in an" out$ so that so eti es you coul" look out of the !in"o! an" see the en" cars follo!ing a serpentine path. 1e !ere going up hill for the first part of the 9ourney$ an" the ascent !as so rapi" that !e ha" not only an engine pulling

the train$ but another at the en" pushing it. The track follo!e" the ;iver -ain ost of the !ay$ an" !e sa! it change fro a broa" placi" river to a turbulent ountain-strea $ an" then to a little brook$ still very vigorous in its flo!$ !ith little !ater-falls tu bling over the rocks$ but in places so narro! that one coul" 9u p over it. 7n" !hen !e finishe" cli bing an" began the "escent$ !e ha" co e to the source of the strea $ an" still ha" its co panionship as it ran "o!n the ountains on the other si"e$ no! getting broa"er an" broa"er the lo!er !e !ent. 'n places the hills !ere heavily !oo"e" !ith agnificent trees$ an" in other places the trees ha" been all cut a!ay$ an" the hillsi"es$ though very steep$ ha" been cultivate"# an" "ivi"e" up as they !ere into s&uares an" triangles an" rectangles$ !ith "ifferent crops gro!ing in each one$ the hills looke" as though they !ere covere" !ith a large patch-!ork &uilt. 7s ' sai"$ !e arrive in 3urnberg at A o*clock an" !ere et by -r. 1illi 2lo"orn$the Presi"ent of our +o"ge there$ an" by -rs. 7nna +ei"ig-Stark$ a little !o an fairly bubbling over !ith enthusias $ an" by other e bers. 1e ha" varely reache" our roo s !hen the telephone rang$ an" the portier announce" that there !as a ne!spaper-reporter to see the +ea"er. 2ut !hen the "oor opene" in !alke"$ not only one$ but another an" another$ until there !ere si< all sitting in a ro!. 8ne of the !as the 6er an representative of the o"ern Sufi- ove ent$ an" he aske" for per ission to have a personal intervie! !ith the +ea"er$ !hich he ha" the follo!ing orning. The ne<t orning !e !ent out to eet the e bers in their +o"ge-roo . 8ur !alk through the city !as very fascinating. There are so any ol" buil"ings in the early e"ieval style$ an" re nants of the ol" city !all$ an" the huge oat$ no! fille" !ith trees# an" our !ay to the +o"ge-roo le" us through a large !oo"en "oor!ay !hich opene" into a stone court-yar"$ !ith overhanging !in"o!s$ an" outsi"e of every !in"o! bo!ers of gro!ing flo!ers. 't !as so %ol" 1orl"% like$ that one al ost e<pecte" to see the knights an" s&uires co e ri"ing in on horseback$ returne" fro the chase$ an" &uenching their thirst !ith large flagons of ale. The streets in places !ere narro!$ an" crooke"$ or curve"$ so eti es only !i"e enough for four people to !alk abreast$ an" in other places !ith the buil"ings on either si"e eeting overhea". The eeting !ith the +o"ge e bers !as splen"i". 4ou kno! they have ha" a lo"ge here for any years$ an" have al!ays been kno!n for keeping true to real Theosophy. 8n our !ay back to the 5otel !e passe" 5ans Sachs* ol" ho e$ an" also 7lbrecht )urer*s an" then !e visite" the Jatherinenbau !here 6. "e P. !as to speak that night. 't ha" been an ol" church$ but ha" not been so use" for any centuries$ an" later !as use" by the fa ous ol" -eistersingers of 3urnberg. Shortly before the ti e for the public lecture it began to rain in torrents$ an" !e felt that augure" ill for a large atten"ance. 1hen !e arrive" at the hall$ !e e<pecte" to see not any people$ because here also they have the %7ca"e ic &uarter$% an" !e !ere tol" that !e coul" not e<pect to begin the eeting until at least a &uarter of an hour after its sche"ule" ti e. 2ut !e !ere et at the "oor by -r. 2lo"orn !ith a bea ing face$ !ho announce" that alrea"y$ half an hour before ti e$ there !ere five hun"re" people there. 7n" they kept co ing in even after the eeting began$ so e up in the high galleries$ so e stan"ing in the aisles$ an" others sitting so far on the si"es that they coul" not possibly see anything of the speaker. The hall hol"s bet!een si< hun"re" an" fifty an" seven hun"re" people$ an" it !as al ost !hat you coul" call a packe" house. There has been one proble on this tour$ ever since !e left Englan"$ an" that is the atter of translations. 'n the various non-English-speaking countries so e of our e bers have argue" strongly against having translations$ saying that it spoils the at osphere left by the speaker an" it is very tireso e for those !ho un"erstan" English# others saying that it is a pity to keep people a!ay erely because they "on*t kno! English. So it !as finally "eci"e" that !here a translation !as really "ee e" necessary$ it !oul" be announce" that after the lecture there !oul" be a short inter ission$ "uring

!hich all those !ho ha" un"erstoo" the lecturer an" "i" not care to re ain for the translation coul" leave. 'n this !ay everybo"y see e" satisfie". 'n 3urnberg the +ea"er ha" the services of -r. (rit, 1olfel as translator$ an" he also ca e to Stuttgart$ at the invitation of -r. 6luckselig$ for the sa e purpose. 't has been noticeable$ particularly in South 6er any$ ho! any en atten" the eetings$ an" ore that seventy-five percent of the you en. The 6er ans are very clever in so e !ays. They kno! ho! to provi"e co fortable be"s for travelers$ so that one !ants to stay in the hotels long 9ust to en9oy the !on"erful be"s. 4ou have all hear"$ no "oubt$ of the fa ous 6er an feather-be"s. (or blankets$ instea" of the usual !oolen affairs$ they have !hat is so ething like a huge pillo!$ covering the entire be"$ stuffe" !ith feathers$ but not as tightly stuffe" as an or"inary hea" pillo!. These are !on"erfully light but !ar $ giving you so e!hat the feeling you have !hen eating rich !hippe" crea $ very nourishing an" "elicious$ but not heavy. Then in their language: !hen you listen to the speaking$ you 9ust have to give close attention to every !or"$ an" listen carefully to the en"$ in or"er to kno! !hat the verb is$ the key to the sentence$ for it is al!ays at the en". 1e have ha" so e funny e<periences !ith !aiters$ an" others$ !ho kno! English up to a certain e<tent. 8nce !e !ere aske" if !e !ante" poison after our soup Fthe (rench for fish$ poissonG. 7nother ti e so eone !ante" to kno! if !e !oul" like chicken. 5e coul" not think of the !or"$ so he sai"$ %4ou kno! the little beast !ho puts our eggs out for us?% To return to 3urnberg$ !e ha" a fraterni,ation- eeting the night follo!ing the public lecture$ in a roo seating seventy people. 1hen !e arrive" ' counte" seventy-five$ an" any others ca e in after us. (inally they coul" barely s&uee,e through the "oor!ay$ so they opene" the "oor an" stoo" outsi"e it. ' notice so e !ho brought 6er an-English "ictionaries !ith the . The eeting starte" in goo" for $ but su""enly an energetic an" intelligent-looking you an rose to ask a &uestion. 5e began: =Meine erste 8rage ist,= an" rattle" off a lot of 6er an# an" then =und meine <$eite 8rage,= an" then =und meine dritte 8rage,= at !hich point the +ea"er calle" a halt$ an" begge" hi to give one &uestion at a ti e. 5is &uestions$ boile" "o!n$ !ere so ething on this line: 1hat ha" our Theosophical Society "one to try to prevent the !orl" !ar$ !hat !ere !e "oing to try to prevent another$ an" "i" !e as Theosophists believe !e shoul" go to !ar !hen our country calle" us$ or !hether it !as right to refuse to go to !ar. 'n ans!er to the better part$ 6. "e P. sai" that although Theosophists "i" not believe in !ar$ an" "i" not believe in killing$ still it !oul" be !rong to "isobey the la!s of the country$ an" !oul" only create "isturbance an" "ishar ony an" !oul" be trying to right one !rong by another !rong$ an" he further sai" that !hile he sy pathi,e" "eeply !ith the &uestioner in his proble $ he coul" never a"vise hi to "isobey his country*s la!s. To the first an" secon" parts of the &uestion$ he tol" the Peace 0ongress that J.T. ha" convene" in 1913$ 9ust one year before the !ar$ an" of our continuous !ork for peace$ an" as for trying to prevent future !ars$ he sai" that the !ay to "o that !as to try to change en*s hearts an" in"s an" to change the la!s of the country$ etc.$ etc.$ that it !as better to go to the root of the trouble$ an" that the last !ar that ha" co e upon us ha" been the result of long years of !rong living an" !rong thinking on the part of all countries$ an" our kar an in that respect coul" not be so easily slippe" out of. 1ell$ the &uestioner !as not at all satisfie"$ an" kept on arguing the point until 6. "e P. re in"e" hi that !e !ere not gathere" to carry on a "ebate$ but to eet to "iscuss Theosophical &uestions. So he finally sat "o!n$ an" 6. "e P. sai" !e !oul" turn to other atters. Then a secon" young an arose$ also intelligent an" energetic$ an" began$ not a &uestion$ but a speech on this very sub9ect. 5e gre! ore an" ore e phatic$ an" sai" that it !oul" be cri inal to "o as 6. "e P. sai"$ an" sai" it !as their "uty to refuse to fight

even if their country calle" the $ etc.$ etc.$ until at last -r. 2lo"orn calle" hi to or"er an" aske" hi to state his &uestion. 6. "e P. !as very patient !ith hi $ but tol" hi fir ly that he !as not getting at the trouble fro the right en"$ that it !as in"ee" a grave proble $ an" that he sy pathi,e" !ith hi greatly. Then )r. 5ans (ersch$ !ho !as present$ a la!yer of so e pro inence$ aske" per ission to speak to the an$ an" spoke very vigorously in 6er an at so e length$ trying to ake hi see 6. "e P.*s vie!point$ an" the people applau"e" hi . The at osphere of the eeting "uring this ti e !as very tense$ an" the !ay the en !ar e" up to their sub9ects$ an" the intensity an" sincerity an" conviction they sho!e"$ illustrate" very !ell the !ay so any of these people feel. Eust the "ay before this eeting$ a ne! %union% ha" been for e" a ong the people$ of those !ho !oul" refuse to fight$ an" these t!o young en !ho ca e to the eeting$ probably felt this !as a goo" opportunity to lay their vie!s forcibly before a cro!"e" roo . The re ain"er of the eeting !as ore to the point an" very interesting$ though there !as one an !ho aske" 6. "e P. if it !ere not possible for us to see the reincarnating ego !ith our physical eyes before it !as born on earth$ as both his father an" he ha" seen their chil"ren before they !ere born? The 7nthroposophists see &uite nu erous in this part of 6er any$ in fact so e have atten"e" every fraterni,ation- or in&uirers* eeting that !e have ha" in 6er any$ but one of their officials ha" sai" that any ove for fraterni,ation or union ust first co e fro our Society? 1ell$ )r. (ersch again begge" per ission to speak$ an" tol" the very "efinitely that the first ove had co e fro us$ an" no! it !as up to the to ake the secon" one. 1e left 3urnberg at B:1/ on the orning of Septe ber 13th$ an" arrive" in Stuttgart at 1. noon. 7 ne!spaper reporter !ho represente" four large ne!spapers$ one in 2erne$ S!it,erlan"$ ca e to the hotel to call on 6. "e P.$ but "uring the intervie! she beca e so intereste" in philosophical an" Theosophical &uestions an" in trying to seek so e light for !hich she ha" been longing$ that she lost sight$ ore or less$ of her real purpose for having calle"$ an" later on in the evening ha" to call up on the telephone to get so e facts !hich !ere of ore i portance fro the ne!spaper point of vie!. That evening !e ha" a fraterni,ation an" in&uirers* eeting$ at !hich$ strange to say$ the very &uestions about !ar an" a Theosophist*s "uties in the connection !ere aske"$ but not in the sa e al ost belligerent anner. 2ut there !ere also other intelligent Theosophical &uestions aske"$ an" so e recruits !ere a""e" to our ranks therefro . The ne<t "ay$ -on"ay$ our ne! e ber$ -r. 6rieb$ !ho o!ns an auto obile$ took us out for a !on"er "rive through Stuttgart an" the surroun"ing territory. Stuttgart is the largest an" consi"ere" the ost beautiful city in 1urte berg. 't is situate" on hills an" in valleys$ an" the roa" !e took le" up an" up an" up$ so that !e coul" see the hills above us an" the valley beneath$ !ith the city sprea" out before us like a ap. 1e "rove through beautiful forests !here the trees are 9ust turning yello!s an" gol"s an" re"s an" oranges$ like bits of capture" sunshine lost in the forest an" hel" fast by the trees here an" there. They ake a beautiful picture stan"ing in the i"st of tall$ "ark$ so ber fir trees. There are fruit-trees every!here$ in fact in southern 6er any it is &uite custo ary to line the high!ays an" rail!ay routes !ith apple trees !hich are o!ne" by the state$ an" the fruit is sol" at auction. The trees are beautiful 9ust at present !ith the ripening fruit like re" balls hung on the branches. 'n Stuttgart a great "eal of fruit is raise" for the purpose of aking ci"er$ etc.$ an" there is so uch of it no!$ that you ban buy it at the rate of one hun"re" poun"s for forty-five pfennigs$ or t!elve or thirteen cents$ - pears$ apples$ plu $ peaches$ etc. ' !ish our ;efectory coul" put in an or"er? )uring our "rive !e visite" 0astle %Solitu"e$% a beautiful buil"ing situate" at so e "istance fro Stuttgart high on a hill$ !here the air is so still you can al ost hear it breathe. 't !as built in for er years by one of the Princes of 1urte berg as a place !here he coul" retire a!ay fro the noise of the city.

1e left Stuttgart at A:/. the follo!ing orning$ after a public lecture the evening before$ an" right here let e e<ten" a cor"ial invitation to any of you !ho are suffering fro the heat of !hich you have been !riting so elo&uently$ to co e an" spen" half an hour in this beautiful ne! station early in the orning. ' think it !ill cure you of ever co plaining of the heat again. M -----------M 0alifornia suffere" this season fro -----------one of the hottest su ers kno!n in years?

' shoul" have tol" you that at 3urnberg they ha" very elaborate usic before the public lecture$ about t!elve string instru ents$ an" they playe" so e usic !hich !as co pose" in 3urnberg in the fifteenth century$ an" playe" for the first ti e in 3urnberg that evening. 't is arvelous the !ays so e people get on in the !orl". 8ne of our e bers here in 6er any$ a an !ith a University e"ucation$ has t!enty "ollars a onth to live on$ for boar"$ lo"ging$ clothing$ an" everything? 8thers have probably even less$ an" one feels$ !hile traveling through the "ifferent cities$ that trage"y lurks behin" so e of the s iles$ an" so eti es it is so!n in broa" "aylight. 7s !e boar"e" the train at 3urnberg !e hear" that the an !ho ha" occupie" the co part ent !e ha" 9ust entere"$ ha" lost his railroa" ticket to 2erlin$ an" it ha" cost hi forty precious arks - ten "ollars. The con"uctor see e" as an<ious to fin" it as the an hi self$ but though they looke" every!here$ it coul" not be foun". ' think it is ti e to bring this letter to a close$ an"$ as they say in the aga,ines$ %it !ill be continue" in y ne<t.% 1e are beginning to feel like achines$ not running "o!n$ but "oing 9ust the opposite$ beco ing ore an" ore tightly !oun" an" running faster an" faster. 8ur sche"ule for the ten "ays bet!een Septe ber 1/th an" Septe ber ./th$ !hen !e leave the 0ontinent for Englan"$ is as follo!s: 1/th A:/A a. . +eave Stuttgart % 1:1/ p. . 7rrive Hurich % 3:3C p. . +eave Hurich % /:/C p. . 7rrive 2erne % A:3C p. . -eet ne!spaper representatives % B:3C p. . (raterni,ation an" e bers* eeting 1@th a. . 0orrespon"ence an" "rive % .:1/ p. . 'ntervie! !ith an 7"yar e ber % 3:1/ p. . Public +ecture F!hich finishes$ !ith translation$ about 1C:1/$ then back to hotel to pack an" get a little sleep$ then rise early in or"er toG 1Ath A:CC a. . +eave 2erne % 9:/A p. . 7rrive The 5ague 1Bth B:CC p. . (raterni,ation eeting The 5ague 19th >:CC p. . -e bers* eeting The 5ague % B:CC p. . Private eeting The 5ague .Cth a. . +eave for 5ilversu % >:CC p. . 2roa"cast in 5ilversu over the ra"io. Then leave for 2ussu an" % B:CC p. . Public +ecture 2ussu . 3e<t orning leave for 7 ster"a an" public lecture that sa e evening. 3e<t night fraterni,ation- eeting in 7 ster"a $ also +utus-0ircle eeting. 3e<t "ay leave for The 5ague again$ an" puiblic lecture that evening. 3e<t "ay leave for ;otter"a $ an" public lecture there that night. 3e<t "ay fraterni,ation- eeting an" boar" SS. Statendam, !here !e have free passage to Englan". This sche"ule "oes not inclu"e eating$ sleeping$ correspon"ence$ intervie!s$ ne!spaper

en$ etc$ nor packing an" unpacking every fe! hours$ so it see s. 7ffectionately$ Elsie -------------+nto 'eautiful Swit3erland 3o. 1@ 5otel )u Vieu< )oelen$ *s-6ravenhage$ Septe ber 19$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e - The place !here !e soon !ill be? 'n starting this letter$ ' feel like a an incurring a "ebt Finterruption of three an" a half hoursG !hich he sees no hope of repaying in the near future$ because though ' a starting this letter no!$ ' !on"er !hether it !ill be aile" perhaps !hen !e reach 3e! 4ork? 1e ha" 9ust finishe" our !ork in Stuttgart$ ' believe$ that city of peculiar architecture. 't is a i<ture of ol" e"ieval buil"ings$ an" o"ern$ even ultra- o"ern structures$ so e of the a a,ingly ugly. Even the 6raf Hepplelin 5otel$ !hich is a o"el of co fort an" si ple beauty an" reasonableness as regar"s prices$ insi"e$ is a very unbeautiful structure on the outsi"e. They tell us that the people of Stuttgart are very fon" of e<pressing their in"ivi"uality in their architecture$ an" that !hen one of the gets so e e<tra oney$ he usually "evotes it to that purpose. 'n so e sections of to!n !e sa! ne!ly constructe" buil"ings !hich F.Cth of Septe ber$ .C hours later?G looke" for all the !orl" like 7 erican 'n"ian abo"es$ !ith their flat roofs$ getting lo!er or higher in a step-like for ation$ an" the straight lines !ithout orna entation. The colors also !ere strikingly original. 1e passe" through very beautiful country bet!een Stuttgart an" 2erne in S!it,erlan". 7l ost all the !ay !e !ere cli bing$ co ing into the ountainous country of the 7lps. The train-officials !ere very obliging all along the route. 1e ha" F'nterruption of t!o hoursG to ake t!o or three changes of train both "uring the trip fro Stuttgart to 2erne !hich laste" fro B a. . to / p. .$ an" fro 2erne to 5ollan"$ a trip of fourteen hours# but at each station !here !e arrive" an" ha" to change$ !e foun" that the station- aster at the previous place ha" telephone" or telegraphe" ahea"$ an" !e foun" co part ents reserve" for us$ !ithout having to pay an e<tra cent. This !as partly o!ing to the in"efatigable !ork of -rs. Jlara Jirsebo in intervie!ing the officials$ an" partly o!ing to the fact that the na e of 5err Professor )r. von Purucker instantly arouse" a iability an" !illingness to serve on the part of the officials. )uring the trip fro Stuttgart there !ere any points of particular interest an" beauty that !e passe"$ an" the con"uctor al!ays ca e to our co part ent an" tol" us 9ust !hat to be on the lookout for an" on !hat si"e of the train !e !oul" see it. The rising ountains an" the rapi"ly running !ater of course a"e the scenery ore interesting than going through flat country. 2ut one of the ost beautiful sights !e sa! !as the fa ous

!aterfalls of Schaffhausen. They are 9ust near the base of a ountain$ an" the !ater falls !ith such force that a huge clou" of spray is sent up into the air$ as fine as "ust$ pure !hite an" sparkling in the sun$ an" it akes the fall look t!ice its height. Speaking of train connections re in"s e that the 6er an train-officials certainly e<pect uch fro the passengers in the !ay of spee". 7t one place the train pulle" in a 1C:1B$ an" pulle" out at 1C:.1$ an" !e ha" to boar" it$ !ith our nine pieces of han"baggage$ in those three inutes. F7nother interruption of ten hours$ nearing Septe ber .1st.G 1e are no! in 2ussu $ or rather in the 5otel 2osch van 2re"ius$ in 3aar"en$ near 2ussu $ 5ollan". This orning !e !ere in The 5ague$ !here 6. "e P. ha" si< intervie!s !ith intereste" people !ithin one hour. This afternoon !e !ere in 5ilversu $ !here 6. "e P. spoke over the ra"io$ an" this evening !e are in 2ussu $ or 3aar"en$ 9ust ho e fro the public lecture !hich 6. "e P. gave in 2ussu . 8ur hotel is !on"erfully situate". -r. 8osterink$ !ho is Presi"ent of the +o"ge in 2ussu $ "eter ine" to fin" a &uiet hotel for the +ea"er$ so he chose this one$ !hich is situate"$ !ith park-like groun"s aroun" it$ in the !oo"s. (or so e "istance aroun" the hotel there are beautiful gravel paths$ la!ns$ flo!er gar"ens sho!ing a riot of color$ he"ges$ an" then beyon" the !oo"s$ !ith lakes peeping out fro un"erneath the lo!-hanging beaches of the trees. 't happene" that in "riving here$ as !e neare" this buil"ing$ ' e<clai e": %1hat a beautiful buil"ing$ an" ho! splen"i"ly situate"?% So you can i agine our "elight !hen !e !ere tol" it !as our hotel for the night. 'f ' have ti e to orro!$ !e !ill continue our travels$ 9ust crossing the 6er an frontier into S!it,erlan". Septe ber .1st. Silence so eti es speaks lou"er than !or"s. 1hen the S!iss 0usto s official ca e to e<a ine our baggage$ he began asking a lot of &uestions. 1ell$ even goo" 6er an fin"s a "oubtful reception in y in"$ but this !as a &ueer "ialect$ so ' erely looke" pu,,le" an" sai" nothing. Thereupon the official "eparte"$ &uite satisfie" that !e !ere hones folk$ not trying to "isobey any of the la!s. 2efore finally leaving 6er any$ ' ust say a !or" first about the efficient service give to the +ea"er by -rs. Jirsebo $ !ho acco panie" us throughout the country$ an" staye" at the sa e hotels !e "i"$ being in rea"iness at any o ent to be calle" upon# an" then the goo" !ork "one by -r. Saalfrank an" the officials of the various 6er an +o"ges. 't !as easy to see that they ha" spent uch care an" though in aking this present lecture-tour as successful as possible$ an" in aking use of every opportunity offere". Through S!it,erlan" the train often ha to go through long tunnels$ an" !e gru"ge" every inute that !e !ere cut off fro the !on"erful scenery. 1e !ere intereste" in seeing the S!iss challets, so uch talke" of. They are pretty houses$ a"e of !oo"$ !ith a goo" "eal of orna ental !ork on the outsi"e$ an" usually !ith little balconies on the upper floors. 7t five o*clock !e arrive" at our 5otel$ the 2elle Vue$ an" !e !ere fortunate in having roo s !hich tol" us !hy the hotel ha" its na e. (ro our !in"o!s !e coul" see that the hotel !as built on the e"ge of a hill$ !ith a broa" valley 9ust un"er our !in"o!s. 1in"ing in an" out through the valley !as a beautiful river$ an" then beyon" !ere high ountains. 7t night it presente" al ost a ore !on"erful picture. 'n S!it,erlan" electrical po!er is very cheap$ an" they ake &uite a "isplay of electric lights. There !as evi"ently a roa" up the si"e of the ountain to the top$ an" this !as perfectly in"icate" in the "arkness by a chain of electric lights. 3ear the top of the ountain !as a house !hich !as outline"$ in all its "etails$ !ith lights$ an" looke" as though it !ere

hanging in the sky. 7t ten o*clock each night !e hear" first the S!iss ount-horns ringing out clearly in the night-air$ an" then the fa ous S!iss ?odeling. F'*ll have to ask the +ea"er ho! to spell that !or" before ' ail this letter?G 1hether this !as "one by one person or not$ ' "on*t kno!. 't ay have been one singer first using the lo! tones of the asculine voice$ an" then the high falsetto$ an" placing his voice so e!hat as the ventrilo&uists "o$ but at any rate it soun"e" like several singers statione" at high points on opposite ountains$ an" sen"ing forth their songs into the night. 1e 9ust ha" ti e to get supper$ before the evening*s activities began. 8ne of the ost interesting (raterni,ation- eetings !as hel" that evening. 2rother (rit, Stucki$ the Presi"ent of our 2erne +o"ge$ "i" valiant !ork in getting so any fro the various Theosophical bo"ies to atten" the eeting$ an" principally fro the ost e"ucate" classes. -any &uestions !ere aske"$ so e evoking real pity fro those of us !ho kno! !hat true Theosophy is. There !ere so e !ho coul" not un"erstan" !hy 6. "e P. place" so uch e phasis on 2lavatsky*s teachings$ an" one an even "i" not see the necessity for stu"ying the -aster*s teachings$ because he sai" !e coul" all "epen" upon !hat !as !ithin us. 6. "e P. e<plaine"$ a ong any other things$ that a chil" !hen he goes to school potentially has everything !ithin hi that he can learn in that school$ but that it takes teachers to sho! hi that it is there an" to bring it out. 't is har" to tell uch about so e of the &uestions$ because really ' sa! little or no logic in the reasonings of so e in"s$ so ' coul" not follo! their t!istings an" turnings. 5o!ever$ everybo"y !as very frien"ly$ an" in their !ay see e" sincerely to be seeking truth$ an" in the cases of so e$ even against their o!n brain- in"s$ their intuition ha" i pelle" the to co e to this eeting an" put their &uestions to 6. "e P. 4ou !ill be intereste" to kno! that the la"y ' referre" to in a for er letter$ as being un"er the i pression that fraterni,ation ha" been a failure$ !as there also$ - very intereste" an" frien"ly. There !as one very intelligent an" enthusiastic 7"yarite there$ an 7 erican la"y !ho ha" live" in 6er any an" !ho conse&uently spoke both languages perfectly. 1hen the &uestions !ere in (rench$ of course 6. "e P. ans!ere" in the sa e language$ but !hen in 6er an$ he appeale" for an interpreter$ an" she respon"e" in an a" irable !ay. 8nly "uring the first ans!er "i" she ake a slip. 6. "e P. ha" sai" that our Society FP. +.G ha" al!ays follo!e" 5.P.2.*s teachings very strictly. 'n translating she sai" %)r. "e Purucker sai" that his Society consider that they have al!ays follo!e" 5.P.2.*s teachings$ etc.% ' think she !as a bit surprise" !hen 6. "e P. s ilingly correcte" her istake an" tol" her that !e "i" not consider that !e ha" "one so$ but !e had. -aybe it !as 9ust a slip in the nervousness of the o ent? 2ut she really "i" e<cellently$ an" offere"$ of her o!n accor"$ to translate his public lecture on the follo!ing evening$ an" the reports are that she "i" it very !ell. 4ou see$ !e are not only aking frien"s !ith the $ but they are !orking !ith an" for us in so e instances. There !as another la"y !ho ca e up fro 7scona in the south of S!it,erlan"$ a for er e ber of the 7"yar Society !ho ha" partially broken a!ay for reasons not necessary to ention here. She has a stu"y-group in 7sscona$ an" she aske" for an intervie! !ith the +ea"er$ at !hich ti e she signe" an application for e bership in our T.S.$ an" "iscusse" plans for bringing in her stu"y-group if she coul" persua"e the . 2y the !ay$ in y huge stack of note-books$ fille" "uring this tour$ ' have any e<cellent &uestions fro e bers* eetings an" (raterni,ation- an" 'n&uirers* eetings$ an" 6. "e P.*s ans!ers thereto$ !hich !ill ake e<cellent aterial for The 8orum 1hen They 6et Transcribe". They sho! !hat Theosophists an" others intereste" are in&uiring about$ an" in so e cases !ill be very useful to those of our rea"ers !ho eet in&uirers fre&uently. Septe ber ..$ 1931

The ne<t "ay !e ha" a "elightful "rive through the S!iss valleys an" ountains$ aroun" 2erne$ an" if ' !ere a poet$ ' coul" "escribe the thrill on catching a first gli pse of the high peaks of the 7lps. They "o not present an uninterrupte" chain$ so to speak$ as for instance the ountains !e see fro Point +o a$ but each peak stan"s separately$ !ith an in"ivi"uality an" shape of its o!n. They look like living beings$ an" not like huge asses of "ea" rock. Unfortunately !e "i" not see any of the sno!-covere" peaks. 'n 2erne !e stoppe" long enough to visit the large bear pits$ fro !hich the city gets its na e$ an" !e !ere tol" that bears ha" been kept here for any hun"re"s of years. 'n the evening !e ha" the public lecture$ an" al ost all the various Theosophists !ho ha" co e to the fraterni,ation eeting !ere there. 3o! this is only half a letter$ but perhaps it is better than none$ so ' !ill sen" this off$ an" sen" the rest by a later ail !hen it gets !ritten. 7ffectionately$ - E.V.S. PS. To sho! ho! busy !e have been$ this letter !as finishe" early on the ..n". 't is the .>th no! in the evening$ an" ' have not yet been able to fin" 1C free inutes !hen the +ea"er is unoccupie"$ !hen ' can rea" this letter to hi $ an" then ail it? - E.V.S. --------------!he "uestion,and,Answer Meetings were Alwa0s Most +nteresting 3o. 1A The 5ague$ 5ollan"$ Septe ber .3$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: ' ust interrupt the se&uence of our travels in or"er !hile still fresh in in" to tell you about our fraterni,ation- eeting in 7 ster"a last night. 't !as really a thrilling affair. 't !as hel" in a large parlor in the 7 erican 5otel$ an" there !ere certainly over t!o hun"re" people present. 4ou kno!$ in 7 ster"a there are si< 7"yar +o"ges. ' ight say$ first$ that !hile !e !ere still in 2ussu $ one of the 7"yar officials telephone" fro 7 ster"a to ask if the +ea"er !oul" accept an invitation to visit their +o"ge an" 3ational 5ea"&uarters !hen he ca e to 7 ster"a . 5e accepte"$ an" !e all !ent there yester"ay orning. They have a large buil"ing$ the !hole of it$ ne!ly erecte" in the ultra- o"ern style of architecture$ !ith straight lines$ clean-cut curves$ an" no orna entation$ an" consisting of offices$ rea"ing-roo $ library$ book-store$ kitchen$ etc.$ an" &uite a large circular te ple$ in !hich the seats are arrange" in a se i-circular fashion as in a theatre. 1e !ere first ushere" into the central office$ !here the one in charge$ ' "on*t kno! his position$ invite" us to take seats$ an" coffee an" cake !ere serve". Then !e !ere sho!n all over the buil"ing$ or rather both buil"ings$ for the te ple for s a separate one$ an" !hen !e left$ they all shook han"s cor"ially$ an" sai" %6oo"-bye until tonight$% eaning that they !ere all co ing to the fraterni,ation- eeting. The invitation ha" co e fro -r. Jruisheer$ !ho$ ' believe$ is the 7ssistant 6eneral Secretary of the 7"yar T.S. in 5ollan"$ an" !ho !as a "elegate to the 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onference in +on"on on Eune .>th. 7s to this eeting$ ' coul" ake it ost interesting rea"ing for you 9ust to give you a verbati report of the &uestions an" ans!ers$ but as this !oul" take too long$ ' !ill "o y

best to give you a short "escription of !hat took place. The eeting !as opene" by -r. Jooistra$ the Presi"ent of our +o"ge in 7 ster"a $ an" then the +ea"er calle" for &uestions. 7t first no one see e" "ispose" to begin$ so 6. "e P. arose an" sai" he !oul" ask a &uestion$ an" he aske" if the people ob9ecte" if he s oke? They tol" hi after!ar"s he coul" not have entione" any sub9ect that !oul" have put )utch en ore at their ease$ as they are all so fon" of s oking. The &uestions then began$ an" ' think if 6. "e P. coul" have staye" until t!o o*clock in the orning$ they !oul" have staye" there too$ asking &uestions. 7s it !as$ after the eeting ha" laste" over t!o hours$ an" 6. "e P. sai" 6oo"-night$ there !ere any !ho still !ante" to ask %one ore &uestion.% So e of the e bers even isse" catching their trains to their various cities$ because they !ante" to be sure to hear 6. "e P.*s ans!ers to certain &uestions. Englan"$ Septe ber .Ath. ' ight say$ &uoting 6. "e P.$ that uch !ater has flo!e" un"er the bri"ge since ' began this letter$ an" certainly uch !ater flo!e" un"er our feet crossing the English 0hannel since then. ' ight also say that !e ha" as a translator at this 7 ster"a eeting$ a young an$ a e ber of the 7"yar Society$ !ho aske" for an" obtaine" an intervie! !ith 6. "e P. This young an ca e fro 2ussu to 7 ster"a not only to atten" this fraterni,ationeeting but also to help 6. "e P. by translating$ if nee"e". 7n" he "i" splen"i"ly$ because one of our other e bers !ho un"erstan"s English perfectly$ also took notes an" co pare" the !hile he !as translating$ an" foun" his translations accurate. The first &uestion aske" !as about 6. "e P.*s vie!s regar"ing ho! "ifferent Theosophists coul" !ork together$ not only those !ho believe" in 5.P.2.$ but those !ho believe" in the teachers an" lea"ers$ etc.$ !ho follo!e" her. 8f course you can see !ho !ere referre" to$ but the &uestioner$ if he !as trying to catch 6. "e P.$ "i" not succee"$ for 6. "e P. sai"$ in substance$ that anyone $ho believed in the teachings o (.P.B. and the Masters$ no atter !hat other vie!s or opinions he hel"$ coul" easily 9oin !ith us in our efforts to!ar"s fraterni,ation$ an" that$ as the (rench say$ fro the shock of "ifferent i"eas$ co es light$ etc.$ an" uch ore to the sa e effect. 7n" of course !e all kno! that the very safety of The T.S. lies in hol"ing to the -asters* teachings$ an" that certain other teachings !e nee" not ention cannot possibly be hel" to if the -asters* teachings are believe in. The ne<t &uestion !as one fre&uently aske"$ as to 6. "e P.*s opinion about eating eat an" plucking flo!ers. 1ell$ g. "e P. of course gave the sensible$ i""le-lines vie! of vegetarianis !hich at least in our T.S. is follo!e"# but in regar" to the latter part of the &uestion$ instea" of trying to go into brain- in" reasonings about flo!ers also being living beings$ etc.$ in !hich case of course !e shoul" not even eat vegetables$ he sai"$ in substance$ that he thought the plucking of flo!ers a beautiful occupation$ that he thought the purity an" si plicity of flo!ers calle" forth the best in en$ an" he &uote" a (rench poet !ho sai" that if he ha" ten centi es$ he !oul" spen" five on foo" for his bo"y$ an" five on flo!ers as foo" for his soul. The ans!er !as et !ith applause. 8ne interesting bit of teaching he gave$ in regar" to the first part of the &uestion$ ' kno! you !ill all appreciate hearing. 5e sai" that of course in future anvantaras or ages !e !oul" have to co pensate the beasts for the suffering !e ha" cause" the $ even if unavoi"ably$ an" then he sai" that one of the reasons !hy the -asters an" those higher than they helpe" us an" gui"e" us no!$ !as in co pensation for their acts to!ar"s us in long bygone ages. This gives uch foo" for thought. The ne<t &uestioner stoo" up an" spoke for so e ti e$ in )utch$ so ' coul" not un"erstan"# but boile" "o!n in translation it !as to this effect: that he un"erstoo" this !as a fraterni,ation- eeting$ but that !e !ere !an"ering fro fraterni,ation an" talking

about ethics$ an" that he !oul" like to hear so ething about Theosophical co-operation. 6. "e P.*s ans!er !as asterly$ an" though ' cannot &uite it$ the gist of it !as that there coul" be no Theosophical co-operation !ithout an ethical basis$ that ethics !as the very groun"!ork of all hu an en"eavor an" of all success in !orks of brotherly love$ that if genuine co-operation !as to take place !e ust be honest !ith each other$ !e ust be true to each other$ Septe ber .Bth. an" &uoting a fe! of his e<act !or"s$ %Ethics$ orals$ the sense of 9ustice bet!een an an" an - these are the very groun"!ork of all hu an en"eavor to!ar"s brotherhoo"$ therefore !e ust eet on a basis of un"erstan"ing of each other$ of utual love in the Theosophic sense of this !or"# !e ust eet together in trust$ feeling that the 2rotherTheosophist of the other Society$ or of the other Societies$ is an honest an$ governe" by ethical principles$ no atter !hat his opinions ay be# an" the one in the other Society ust feel the sa e to!ar"s us. 1hen this happens$ then !e shall have the spiritual brotherhoo" that our belove" 5.P.2. foun"e"$ !e shall have it again$ !ith the -asters !atching over it$ protecting it$ for it !ill be not only their chil" but their channel of co unication to ankin".% ' have ha" to leave out any fine points in the +ea"er*s ans!er$ but you can get the spirit of it$ an" of course ' have all y notes. 3e<t arose a an !ith a rather belligerent aspect about hi $ an" instea" of asking his &uestion fro the place !here he !as sitting$ he ca e before the asse bly an" began to talk. 8f course it !as in )utch$ but the inute he opene" his outh$ ' sai" to )r. Siren$ !ho !aiting by e$ %5e isn*t going to ask a &uestion$ he is going to ake a speech?% 7n" so it turne" out. 5e !ent on an" on$ getting ore an" ore forceful$ to use a kin"ly !or". (inally the people see e" to be getting restless$ because the hour !as late an" they ha" any &uestions they !ante" to ask 6. "e P. -r. Jooistra !ante" to call a halt$ but 6. "e P. "i" not !ant the an cut off to pere ptorily$ so he sai" to hi in a kin"ly tone$ %-y 2rother$ !ill you not ask your &uestion in a fe! !or"s$ an" ' !ill ans!er it.% 1ell the an ans!ere" that he "i" not have a &uestion$ he !as speaking to the au"ience. Several people e<clai e" that they ha" co e to hear 6. "e P.$ but this an sai" that he un"erstoo" !e !ere gathere" together for a "ebate$ an" coul" all e<press our in"ivi"ual opinions. There !as an in"ignant protest fro any$ but 6. "e P.$ !ho naturally puts his o!n !atch!or"s of %love an" forgive% into practice$ intervene" an" sai": %There ust be so e isun"erstan"ing. +et us ask the au"ience !hat they prefer$ to listen to our 2rother or to continue !ith the &uestions.% 8f course everybo"y sai" %0ontinue !ith the &uestions$% but as this "i" not see to sink into the consciousness of the speaker$ !ho apparently !as not very sensitive to at ospheres$ 6. "e P. aske" hi if he coul" not finish !hat he ha to say in a fe! !or"s. 1ell$ he spoke for so e inutes ore$ an" although it !as in )utch$ ' un"erstoo" he !as speaking so ething about +ea"ers$ so !hen he e<clai e": %)o you consi"er )r. "e Purucker a Theosophical +ea"er$% ' foun" yself ans!ering !ith the others an e phatic %4es.% 5e see e" so surprise" at this general e<pression of opinion that he forgot to sit "o!n$ an" !ent on talking. 2ut finally -rs. Vene a sai" to hi in a very kin"ly voice$ %1on*t you sit "o!n no!$ !e "o not !ish to hear any ore$% an" he sai" to her: %'s that really trueD% %4es$% she sai". So he actually sat "o!n. The gist of his re arks$ as given to us by the translator$ !as that the !hole trouble !ith the Theosophical -ove ent !as that there ha" been +ea"ers$ that he "i" not believe in +ea"ers$ that they ha" ruine" Theosophy$ etc.$ etc. The 6. "e P. arose an" sai"$ %8ur brother here !ho ha" 9ust spoken "esires to be a +ea"er of Theosophical thought along his o!n lines$ to have his i"eas prevail. This is hu an. 1herever there are en you !ill

al!ays fin" +ea"ers$ natural born +ea"ers or false ones. The false ones fall$ the natural born ones lea". 7ny an !ho e<presses his convictions as strongly as this brother has "one sho!s that he !ill be a +ea"er a ong those en !ho have the sa e feelings that he has.% Then he !ent on to say that it !as true that the Theosophical Society ha" fallen apart because "ifferent in"ivi"uals ha" co e to the fore$ lea"ing "ifferent parties !ith "ifferent i"eas$ but that this "i" not sho! that +ea"ership !as false# that it !as a isfortune !hich ha" fallen upon the T.S. an" that it !as this isfortune !hich he !as trying !ith their help$ if they !oul" give it$ to !ipe out. %4es$% he sai"$ %' "o believe in +ea"ership$ it is inevitable$ but let us follo! the +ea"er !ho has the light$ one !ho in you heart you kno! can give you the true teachings$ !ho by his o!n life an" his o!n e<a ple$ sho!s you the !ay.... 1e cannot avoi" lea"ership$ an" it is goo" that it shoul" be so. -en !ithout +ea"ers are but an ungoverne"$ an" un"iscipline" ob$ an" civili,ation is the !ork of great en$ en !ho are the +ea"ers of their fello!s in thought an" in i"eals.% 7n" then he a""e": %2ut '$ 6. "e P.$ a Theosophical +ea"er$ ' tell you: )o not !orship personalities. (ollo! the truth$ for the truth shall set you free. 8ne of the "iseases afflicting certain parts of the Theosophical -ove ent to"ay is the apotheosi,ing of personalities. ' revere trust in one*s +ea"er$ ' respect a an !ho hi self has a heart great enough an" a in" large enough to see a true +ea"er an" to follo! hi # but !hile ' reverance this loyalty$ !hile ' respect a an*s conviction$ ' tell you also that you shoul" never !orship the person$ you shoul" never apotheosi,e the in"ivi"ual. (ollo! your +ea"er for the truth that he gives$ for the appeal that he akes is your heart. 4es$ ' believe in +ea"ers because ' kno! hu an nature# ' kno! history$ an" if you "on*t follo! a goo" +ea"er you !ill follo! a ba" one. +et us try to correct the spirit of "isunion that rent the Theosophical Society in t!o !hen our great 5.P.2. passe" out$ let us co e together an" re e"y the isfortune that fell upon us# but let us not have argu ents$ truth cannot be gaine" by arguing$ let us have peace?% 1hen 6. "e P. sat "o!n there !as a burst of applause an" such satisfaction in the eyes of so e of our ne!er e bers !ho ha" been afrai" that the previous speaker !oul" ruin the purpose an" at osphere of the eeting$ an" that 6. "e P. !oul" not be able a"e&uately to ans!er hi . Then ca e a &uestion as to !hy it !as necessary to call ourselves Theosophists$ that any !ell-kno!n philosophers also ha" truth to give. 'n substance 6. "e P. sai": %The na e really "oes not atter$ e<cept that !e Theosophists love this na e because it !as the na e first given to our o!n teachings$ an" represents the aggregate$ the !hole$ of the 7ncient !is"o in so far as it has been given out in our ti e. 8f course !e ust have a na e an" it is a unifying point. To call a an a Theosophist tickets hi $ labels hi $ so so e foolish people say. 8f course it "oes$ but if a an says %' have no belief$ ' "on*t !ant to be calle" by any na e or 9oin any society$% he labels hi self as a an of that kin"$ so it co es to the sa e thing. +et us hol" to our belove" na e Theosophy$ let us try to un"erstan" its "eep reaches$ let us live so nobly an" so beautifully that !e beco e goo" e<a ples$ genuine e<a ples$ of the Theosophical life.% 7fter a fe! ore &uestions$ 6. "e P. close" the eeting$ but -r. Jruisheer$ of the 7"yar society$ arose an" aske" per ission to say a fe! !or"s$ an" he spoke really beautifully in appreciation of !hat they ha" receive" fro 6. "e P.$ an" of the possibility he sa! for this (raterni,ation- ove ent to succee". 7n" he "i"n*t inclu"e any of those general re arks !hich unfortunately !e hear fro certain of our 2rother-Theosophists of other Societies to the effect that they are so gla" to fraterni,e$ etc.$ but of course Theosophy can have any interpretations$ so that !e can follo! ours an" they can follo! theirs an" the +iberal 0atholics can follo! theirs$ an" the Jrishna urti-ites can follo! theirs$ an" !e can all be happy in the reali,ation that each one of us is follo!ing the path of truth$ because it takes any colors to ake the !hite light$ etc.$ etc. 7s ' say$ this gentle an "i" not follo! this line of reasoning$ but sho!e" by his re arks that to hi it !as i portant that if he !ere a Theosophist he soul" be sure he !as stu"ying Theosophy

an" not so ething else. 1ell$ this letter is long. 1e are nearing ho e as regar"s space$ but as far as ti e goes$ !e are still nine hours ahea" of you$ because Englan" has "aylight saving ti e$ so !e have not yet been able to regain any of the nine hours of precious sleep !e lost going east!ar"s. 't see s so funny$ "uring this !eek not to have one or t!o eetings of lectures to look for!ar" to each evening$ an" a "o,en or so intervie!s "uring the "ay$ an" packing an" unpacking every t!o or three "ays. 5o!ever$ !e !on*t in" packing !hen it eans the last run "o!n to San )iego. 6reetings fro the ho e!ar"-looking ones. 4ours affectionately$ Elsie V. Savage PS. Speaking of reaching ho e$ these enthusiastic 5ollan"ers are alrea"y aking preparations for the ne<t lecture-tour !hich 6. "e P. !ill take$ but !hen they began speaking of the to 6. "e P.$ he !arne" the not to e<pect hi ne<t year as he !as certain he !oul" not fin" ti e for it# so no! they are opti istically looking for!ar" to the return of -rs. 6eiger$ as she tol" the !hen she !as there last Euly that she ight return ne<t Spring. ---------------Enthusiasm in %olland 3o. 1B 8ctober .$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: .... 8ctober 3r". The 7bove !as as far as ' got yester"ay$ an" to"ay !e leave for Southa pton to boar" the 'ieu$ Amsterdam44 ' !ill plunge right into the interrupte" threa" of y story$ !here$ ' believe$ !e !ere preparing to leave the hotel 2elle Vue$ 2erne$ at @:3C in the orning to get our train for 5ollan" !hich left at A:CC. 1e al ost ha" to set forth on our 9ourney barefoot like the pilgri s of ol"$ because$ !hile !e !ere at the public lecture the night before$ they ha" taken our shoes fro our roo s to clean the $ an" !ere probably planning to return the at so e respectable hour for rising$ perhaps by nine o*clock. si< o*clock ca e$ an" ten inutes past si<$ an" though !e ha" calle" for the t!ice$ they "i"n*t appear. 8ctober Ath 8n the "eck of the 'e$ Amsterdam. 't !as not until the porters !ere alrea"y at our "oors that our shoes finally "i" appear. 8ur train-9ourney upon !hich !e !ere then e barking !as perhaps the ost interesting !e ha" ha". it took us through three countries$ S!it,erlan"$ 6er any$ an" 5ollan"$ an" laste" for fifteen hours$ getting us into The 5ague about ten o*clock in the evening. The train !e took !as the ,aeingoid$ a ne! train recently built$ an" the tracks lai" through the ;hine valley. The river runs$ or rather the part !e sa!$ in a "eep valley$

!ith high ountains on either si"e$ an" 9ust enough space at the base of the ountains on either si"e for the train track to be lai"$ an" here an" there for straggling villages or clu ps of houses. 1e really shoul" have ha" eyes on both si"es of hour hea"s$ for no sooner !ere !e absorbe" in looking at so e point of interest on one si"e than so eone !oul" call out not to iss so ething on the other si"e. 8f particular beauty !ere the ruins of the fa ous ol" 0astles on the ;hine$ situate" here an" there on high points of vantage$ an" no! in their ruine" state fitting in beautifully !ith the a9estic scenery. 1e sa! the fa ous +orelei ;ock 9utting out at a sharp curve in the river$ !here the ai"en is suppose" to have sat$ an" by her singing to have lure" the sea en belo! to their "eath. 1e also sa! the ruins of a castle situate" on an islan" 9ust large enough to hol" it$ right in the i""le of the river$ !here the ol" !icke" 2ishop 5atto$ accor"ing to ancient legen"$ shut hi self up in his castle to protect hi self fro the vengeance of his people$ an" !here finally the rats ate hi up. 1e also sa! the hillsi"es in places covere" !ith vineyar"s fro !hich the fa ous ;hine !ine co es. Then there !ere the stea boats$ large flat-botto e" barges fastene" one to the other by cables. These keep up a constant traffic up an" "o!n the river. The ;hine in this part "oes not run in a straight line$ but !in"s in an" out of the ountains aking the scenery all the ore fascinating. ' shoul" have sai" that -rs. Jirsebo took leave of us about nine o*clock in the orning$ !hen !e change" trains at 2asel$ she taking the train for 2erlin an" !e for 5ollan"$ an"$ as it so happene"$ !e !ere each sche"ule" to reach out "estinations at the sa e inute. 1e !ere very sorry to bi" her goo"-bye$ as !e ha" beco e fir frien"s. 5er kno!le"ge of various languages$ S!e"ish$ (rench$ 6er an$ an" English$ ha" a"e her especially useful. So eti es ho!ever !e all ha" a goo" laugh over the results of i<ing up the eaning of cognate !or"s in t!o languages. (or instance$ one afternoon she ca e to the hotel !ith a package of "elicious 6er an cakes$ an" aske" us if !e !oul" not become the . F'n 6er an$ be%ommen eans to get or to receiveG. She !on"ere" for a o ent !hat cause" our erri ent$ but !hen ' e<plaine" to her that she !as asking us to "o so ething contrary to our Theosophic principles$ because 6. "e P. ha" al!ays tol" us !e !oul" beco e go"s$ an" she !as asking us to beco e cake$ she laughe" as heartily as any of us. 8ur train took us through the fa ous city of 0ologne$ an" !e !ante" very uch to see the 0ologne 0athe"ral$ so !ell-kno!n for its beauty. 2ut on consulting the sche"ule !e foun" !e ha" only seven inutes* stop there$ certainly not uch ti e to "o e<ploring. 2ut !hat !as our "elight on nearing the station to fin" that the 0athe"ral !as situate" 9ust outsi"e the station$ so !e got a splen"i" vie! of it. The tall spires are particularly beautiful$ not built soli"$ but$ as ' ight e<press it$ like "elicate lace-!ork in stone. 'n "ue ti e !e crosse" the )utch bor"er$ an" the 0usto s officials an" -r. Ean 6ou" boar"e" our train si ultaneously. 4ou kno!$ of course$ that -r. Ean 6ou"$ brother of the Presi"ent of our )utch Section$ -r. 7rie 6ou"$ is$ like his brother$ a pro inent railroa" official. 3o!$ !e ha" no ob9ection to having our luggage inspecte"$ in fact ' believe 6. "e P. !as painfully short of cigarettes$ an" though ' ha" been given a bo< of can"y$ !e ha" a"e inroa"s into it in the orning$ as the train !e took fro 2erne ha" no restaurant car on it$ an" !e coul" not get breakfast until after ten C*clock. 2ut -r. 6ou" spoke to the official$ an" he passe" us by !ith a greeting. -r. Ean 6ou" tol" us the goo" ne!s that he ha" arrange" to take his holi"ays "uring 6. "e P.*s visit$ an" coul" acco pany us$ if 6. "e P. so !ishe"$ every!here through 5ollan". 5is offer !as gla"ly accepte"$ because he coul" not only act as interpreter for us$ but being so !ell ac&uainte" !ith the rail!ays$ he coul" arrange our 9ourneys for us. 7n" besi"es$ he is a perfect fountain of Theosophic enthusias an" goo" spirits. 1e passe" through Utrecht on our !ay to The 5ague$ an" !ere et at the station by fourteen or fifteen of the Utrecht e bers. +ittle 7nnie 6ou" ca e running "o!n the station

platfor to eet us$ prou"ly sho!ing her ;a9a-4oga 7ssociation pin. 1e !ere sche"ule" to change trains at 6ou"a$ a to!n near The 5ague$ but -r. 6ou" tol" us to re ain &uietly in our seats until he gave the !or". 7s !e pulle" in to 6ou"a$ he took us through the train to the en" car$ !here !e foun" our baggage ha" prece"e" us$ an" infor e" us that car !as going straight on to The 5ague. 'f he ha" not been !ith us$ !e !oul" have ha" to get off the train$ hire porters to take our baggage$ change to another platfor an" boar" another train. 7n" here it !as all "one in t!o inutes? 't !as ten o*clock !hen !e reache" The 5ague$ an" !e !ere et by -r. an" -rs. Vene a$ !ho took us i e"iately to our hotel$ an" of course !e "i" little else than unpack an" go to be". The ne<t "ay !as fille" !ith appoint ents$ inclu"ing the visit of four ne!spaper en !ho ca e all at the sa e ti e$ an" !ere uch intereste"$ though one of the $ !ho sai" he ha" looke" into Theosophy so e!hat$ tol" 6. "e P. he though he lai" a bit too uch e phasis on 2lavatsky? 'n the afternoon !e ha" a chance to take a "rive through so e of the beautiful suburbs of The hague$ an" in fact$ took the sa e "rive that J.T. took !hen she !as last in 5ollan". There !as a (raterni,ation- eeting that evening$ an" the ne<t afternoon a e bers* eeting for e bers fro all over 5ollan"$ an" the hall in the Pulchri Stu"io !as cro!"e"$ e bers fro ;otter"a $ 7 ster"a $ 2ussu $ Utrecht$ 6eoningen$ as !ell as The 5ague e bers an" those fro s aller to!ns. 7s !e tol" the 5ollan"ers$ they !ere lucky to live in such a co pact little country$ because in the Unite" States$ for instance$ it !oul" be i possible for e bers fro all over the country to gather at Point +o a to atten" a eeting. 'n fact$ any of our )utch co ra"es turne" up at every eeting !e ha" in every )utch city$ so that it !as har" so eti es to keep track of !ho live" !here. Sun"ay orning$ Septe ber .Cth$ !as a busy "ay. People !ere !aiting constantly in the lobby of the hotel to see 6. "e P.$ an" !e ha" to pack our luggage$ get our lunch$ an" leave by the one o*clock train for 5ilversu $ !here the +ea"er !as to speak over the ra"io. 1e !ent by train to 7 ster"a an" "irect to the 7 stel 5otel$ !here !e left in charge of the portier such baggage as !e !oul" not nee" a 2ussa that night. Then !e procee"e" by auto to 5ilversu $ arriving there 9ust five inutes before four o*clock. So !e !ent i e"iately to the broa"casting station$ an" one in charge there "irecte" 6. "e P. i e"iately to the broa"casting roo . -r. an" -rs. Vene a ha" c e !ith us fro The 5ague$ an" !hen !e reache" 5ilversu !e !ere et by 7rie an" Ean 6ou". 8nly -r. Vene a$ !ho !as going to translate !hat the +ea"er sai"$ !as allo!e" in the broa"casting roo $ so !e all sat in another roo $ an" a lou" speaker !as brought in so that !e coul" hear ho! it !as co ing over. -r. 8esterink$ the Presi"ent of our +o"ge in 2ussu $ !as$ ' believe$ ainly responsible for provi"ing this opportunity for the broa"casting$ !hich !e "i" not have to pay for. 't !as offere" by the 0o pany. 't !as really very thrilling !hen !e hear" 6. "e P.*s voice$ because !e kne! our )utch 0o ra"es ha" sent !or" to our +o"ges all over Europe about the broa"casting$ an" !e kne! that !herever possible they ust be listening in. 5alf an hour ha" been allo!e"$ so 6. "e P. spoke for t!enty-t!o inutes an" then -r. Vene a translate" for eight inutes. 2y su ari,ing !hat the +ea"er sai"$ an" speaking as fast as he coul"$ he got it all in in that ti e. -r. Vene a "i" a clever bit of free a"vertising for us$ by beginning his translation in telling his ra"io-au"ience that of course )r. "e Purucker coul" not$ in half an hour$ give a very co prehensive i"ea of !hat Theosophy !as$ but those !ho !ishe" !oul" have a chance of hearing hi at 2ussu that evening$ at 7 ster"a the ne<t evening$ later at The 5ague an" still later at ;otter"a . 1e hear" later in the evening by telephone that the a""ress ha" gone over very !ell an" ha" been clearly hear" in The 5ague$ ;otter"a $ an" 7 ster"a . +ater !e hear" by letter that -rs. Jirsebo in 5a burg ha" hear" it$ but not so clearly o!ing to faulty receiving-instru ent. 7n" !hen !e !ent to

+on"on$ -rs. 2arker sai" they ha" hear" it "istinctly$ an" she sai" it !as one of the ost thrilling e<periences they ha" ha"$ because they !ere not really &uite certain if they ha" the right station$ nor if the ti e !as correct$ o!ing to the "aylight saving ti e$ !hich !as "ifferent in 5ollan" an" in Englan". 2ut they !ere so gla" !hen they hear" the announcer in )utch ention the na e of )r. "e Purucker$ an" kne! they !ere on the right station. )irectly after the broa"casting$ at >:3C$ !e !ent by auto to 2ussu $ an" to the lovely &uiet hotel$ so beautifully situate"$ !hich -r. an" -rs. 8esterink ha" engage" for us$ an" !hich ' "escribe" in an earlier letter. 't !as a splen"i" eeting !e ha" that night$ the lecture !as one of the best$ an" every seat in the hall !as taken. The ne<t orning !e !ent by auto to 7 ster"a $ but instea" of taking the half hour usually consu e" in the trip$ !e took t!o an" one-half hours$ going through !hat so e people call so e of the ost beautiful parts of 5ollan". 1e also stoppe" for a short call at the ho e of - e. "e +ange$ !ho of course ost of you kno!. She has a char ing ho e$ agnificently situate"$ !hich she has calle" the 6ol"en 1est. She !as ra"iantly happy at the +ea"er*s visit$ an" sent her greetings to all her frien"s at +o alan". 1e arrive" at 7 ster"a about noon$ !here !e foun" that -r. Jooistra$ the Presi"ent of our +o"ge there$ ha" everything in rea"iness for our arrival. 'nci"entally$ )r. 7lbert Einstein arrive" at the sa e hotel on the afternoon that !e "i". 7s usual the ti e !as greatly fille" up !ith intervie!s$ a ong the the E"itor of one of the 7 ster"a papers hi self calling personally to see 6. "e P. The public eeting !as hel" the evening of our arrival$ an" at this eeting$ as at al ost all the others in 5ollan"$ the !hole au"ience rose !hen 6. "e P. entere" an" !hen he left. 1ell$ you kno! ho! he hates that kin" of thing$ so he aske" our e bers to kin"ly sprea" the !or" aroun" that he !oul" so uch appreciate it if the people !oul" keep their seats an" not "isturb the selves !hen he entere" or left. 8ne goo" result of 6. "e P.*s lectures !as that he brought peace$ Theosophically speaking$ to several fa ilies$ !here one e ber of the fa ily ha" been an ar"ent an" enthusiastic Theosophist for years$ an" another e ber !oul" have nothing at all to "o !ith such %foolish% an" %fantastic% beliefs. 'n t!o particular cases ' kno! of personally$ these in"ivi"uals applie" for e bership$ saying that in )r. "e Purucker*s Theosophy they "i" not fin" any of the !eir" psychis an" strange beliefs they ha" been le" to believe Theosophy consiste" of. ' have alrea"y "escribe" to you the interesting (raterni,ation- an" 'n&uirers* eeting !e ha" at 7 ster"a $ an" our visit to the 7"yar 3ational 5ea"&uarters there. 1e left early the ne<t "ay for another visit to The 5ague$ for the public lecture to be hel" there that night. 1e !ere !aiting at the station for the train$ an" a very persistent little ne!sboy !as shouting out the na es of his papers. 5e see e" certain !e !oul" buy so ething$ so he kept on calling our (et &aterland, (aagsche Post. To relieve ourselves of his attentions ' sai" in "istinct English: %3o$ thank you !e "on*t speak )utch.% 2ut his face only brightene" up$ an" pulling out t!o thick papers$ he calle" out ore cheerfully than ever$ The 1ondon 3aily Mail, The Chicago (erald4 7t the public lecture at The 5ague$ Th. Vree"e$ a pro inent U.+.T. representative in 5ollan"$ !as present !ith his !ife. 5e sat on the front ro!$ an" cor"ially shook han"s !ith 6. "e P. after the lecture. 5e ha" previously$ it see s$ taken an attitu"e of so e!hat chilly in"ifference to the (raterni,ation- -ove ent$ giving the sa e reasons that U.+.T. e bers have usually given as regar"s their in"ifference to fraternal Theosophical cooperation as !e an" other Theosophists un"erstan" it. 7fter the eeting the people 9ust !oul" not leave the 5all$ an" !e finally ha" to plo! our !ay out. 8ur last stop !as in ;otter"a $ !here !e !ent the ne<t "ay an" hel" a public lecture that night in a cro!"e" hall. Every!here in 5ollan" !e et the sa e vital an" contagious enthusias !hich !e kno! so !ell to be a part of our )utch e bers. The ne<t "ay$ )r. Ja erling calle" on the +ea"er !ith his !ife. 5e ha" co e fro

+ey"en on purpose to see hi . 5e is the scientist !ho !rote a revie! of 6. "e P.*s Theosophy and Modern Science !hen it recently ca e out in )utch translation$ an" he has since 9oine" our ranks. 1e ha" an opportunity !hile at ;otter"a to visit )elft$ the to!n !here the fa ous )elft pottery is a"e. 't is very interesting going along the roa"s in 5ollan"$ to fin" in places that the !ater in the canals actually is on a higher level than the surroun"ing country$ so that instea" of looking "o!n at the !ater fro the roa"si"e$ you look up to it. 1e sa! to!ns an" large cultivate" areas !hich not so any years ago !ere part of the sea$ an" ha" been reclai e" by these enterprising )utch folk. The railroa"s ust have prospere" by our visit to 5ollan"$ because$ as ' sai" before$ so e of the e bers$ an" a goo" any fro all over the country$ atten"e" every eeting. Even on the last "ay of our "eparture$ -rs. Vene a took a flying trip "o!n to ;otter"a to bring us the latest ail fro Point +o a$ so !e !oul" not have to !ait until it !as for!ar"e" to +on"on. 'n our stea ship arrange ents !e !ere again fortunate in having one of our e bers$ -r. Pakker$ !ho is an agent or so ething for the various stea ship lines$ ake arrange ents for our getting on boar"$ an" securing our per it to sail on the Statendam, the largest an" ne!est of the 5ollan"-7 erica liners$ fro ;otter"a to Southa pton$ !ith free passage. 1e ha" to !ait until !e arrive" at the "ocks in the evening to fin" out !hat cabins !e !oul" have$ but to our "elight !e foun" that they ha" given us each a large single outsi"e cabin on the top "eck$ in the best part of the ship. Passengertransportation is lo! at present on all the stea ships$ so they coul" give us their best. The Statendam is very uch larger than the &olendam !hich !e crosse" over on$ or than the 'ieu$ Amsterdam !hich !e are returning on$ an" of course is e&uippe" !ith every convenience one can i agine. 't !as a t!enty-four hour trip !e ha" on it$ because the stea er ha" to stop at 2oulogne-sur--er in (rance$ to pick up passengers. The evening after our e barkation$ !e arrive" outsi"e Southha pton$ 9ust late enough to get our "inner co fortably on the boat. 1e coul" not pull into Southa pton$ but a ten"er ca e out to eet us$ bringing a""itional passengers for the voyage to 7 erica. There !ere only t!o other passengers besi"es ourselves !ho "ise barke" at Southa pton$ so our baggage proble !as a very si ple one. 7s it !as an unusual courtesy offere" us$ giving us passage fro ;otter"a to Southa pton$ so ething not usually available for travelers$ an" as !e ha" to !ait a consi"erable ti e for the arrival of the English ' igration officials$ !e !ere a bit !orrie" that !e ight iss the ten"er. (irst !e !ere tol" that the ten"er !oul" arrive at A:>/ p. . 1hen that ti e ca e$ !e in&uire" again an" !ere tol" in ten inutes. Ten inutes passe"$ an" !e !ere tol" in fifteen ore inutes. (inally the officers ca e on boar"$ !e sho!e" our passports$ !ere given lan"ing tickets$ an" tol" to go "o!n belo! in rea"iness to boar" the ten"er. 1ell$ !e stoo" "o!n in !hat see e" like one of the hol"s of the ship for fully three&uarters of an hour$ ore or less hu""le" against the !all$ !hile a !hole ar y of sailors an" ste!ar"s transferre" baggage an" cargo fro the ten"er to the ship. 1e !ere absolutely horror-stricken to see the !ay the baggage !as han"le"$ heavy !ar"robe trunks "roppe" to the floor an" bange" aroun"$ large suitcases thro!n up on top of a large pile of s aller an" ore fragile pieces$ until !e !on"ere" if by the ti e !e sa! our o!n baggage there !oul" be anything !hole about it or in it. 5o!ever$ there really !as splen"i" syste about the operation$ an" !ith lightning-like rapi"ity$ the ste!ar"s separate" first$ secon"$ an" thir"-class baggage$ that !hich !ent in the stateroo s fro that !hich !ent in the baggage-roo $ an" again$ that !hich !ent in the hol" of the ship# an" finally$ !hen to our great surprise !e ha"n*t been hit by a single piece of flying baggage$ !e !ere tol" !e coul" leave the ship an" go on to the ten"er. 't !as like taking a gli pse into eternity$ !alking gingerly "o!n the gangplank !hich 9oine" the ship to the

ten"er. (irst !e !ere tol" to step up carefully an" not trip$ an" then !e !ere cautione" not to hit our hea"s on the lo! opening$ an" in looking "o!n !e sa! the turbulent !ater beneath us. (ortunately for us$ the 0usto s officials !ere on the ten"er$ so that eant !e !oul" not have to "elay in the "ark "ocks after !e reache" shore. they "i" not bother to open our luggage$ erely asking the lea"er ho! any cigarettes he ha"$ an" e !hether ' ha" any perfu e or spirits4 ' ight have ans!ere"$ %8nly high spirits.% 't took us over an hour to go fro the Statendam to the Southa pton "ock$ so !e "i" not reach lan" until al ost ten thirty. 7n" no! ' !ill leave you !hile !e are getting ashore$ an" continue our a"ventures in the ne<t letter$ !hich also !ill probably be aile" !hen !e lan" in 3e! 4ork. 1e are trying to ake ourselves reali,e that in less than three !eeks !e !ill be (ome. 4ours affectionately$ - E.V.S. -------------M0 )ati(e #and& 3o. 19 8n the "eck of the SS. 'ieu$ Amsterdam 8ctober B$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: To resu e our narrative: 1hen !e steppe" off the ten"er onto the Southa pton "ock$ !ho shoul" !e see stan"ing there$ right at the en" of the gangplank but our hostess -rs. I herself. 1e ha" been invite" to spen" a !eek$ before our ship saile" for the U.S.7.$ at the country ho e of one of our English frien"s$ in the south of Englan"$ an" !e looke" for!ar" !ith anticipation to this visit. She ha" t!o cars$ one for us an" one for the baggage$ an" !e !ere soon spee"ing on our !ay to --- $ a 9ourney of an hour an" a half$ or thereabouts. 7s the car rolle" s oothly on$ !e caught 9ust gli pses here an" there$ in the "arkness$ of the country !e !ere passing through$ but ' !ill not atte pt no! to "escribe the little !e "i" see$ as !e took the sa e trip later by "aylight$ an" then coul" 9u"ge of its beauty ore "istinctly. 't !as about i"night !hen !e arrive" at our "estination$ an" -rs. I sho!e" us the roo s that ha" been prepare" for us$ an" to our "elight there !ere brightly burning !oo" fires in each roo $ besi"es stea heat all through the house. She ha" hear" about the col" su er !e ha" been en9oying FDG$ an" !as "eter ine" that at her ho e it !oul" be a thing of the past. 7n" ' ust say that as regar"s !eather$ Englan" treate" us beautifully "uring our !eek there before sailing$ because !e ha" splen"i" !eather$ !ith rain only t!ice$ an" then it "i"n*t interfere !ith any of our plans. 1e !ere soon asleep in !on"erful be"s$ an" all a!oke refreshe" in the orning. -rs. I ha" arrange" for us to have a late breakfast$ as she re arke" that particularly 6. "e P. looke" frightfully tire" !hen !e "ise barke". 7fter breakfast there !as consi"erable business to be atten"e" to$ as the usual bunch of ail !as !aiting for us$ an" also !e ha" to get into telephonic co unication !ith )r. 2arker in +on"on$ for the follo!ing reason. )uring the su er he ha" been negotiating for ne! 5ea"&uarters for the +on"on +o"ge an" The Theosophical 0lub$ an" aske" 6. "e P. if he coul" not co e up to +on"on for one "ay before he saile" for 7 erica$ so they coul" open their ne! hea"&uarters an" hol" the first eeting there !ith 6. "e P. officiating. 7n" 6. "e P. ha" agree" to this.

8n our arrival at --- there !as a essage that )r. 2arker !oul" like one of us to call up if !e arrive" before ten. 2ut as !e "i" not$ )r. (ussell calle" hi up in the orning. 1e foun" that there !ere still so e "ifficulties about the lease of the pre ises for hol"ing eetings$ etc.$ an" as )r. 2arker e<presse" it$ %English la!yers can be about the slo!est- oving people.% 7s far as that is concerne"$ ' think 7 erican or any other kin" of +a!yers vie !ith the in this respect. So it !as i possible to have the ne! house rea"y by 1e"nes"ay Fit !as no! Sun"ayG$ the "ay on !hich 6. "e P. !as e<pecting to go up. 6. "e P. aske" hi to try to ove heaven an" earth to get the lease fi<e"$ etc.$ but as -rs. 2arker after!ar"s tol" us$ they ight have ove" the heavens$ but they coul" not ove the la!$ at least fast enough. 7ll these negotiations took a goo" "eal of ti e$ an" there !ere fre&uent telephone-calls !ith the 2arkers in +on"on. There !e "i" not have ti e$ "uring our first orning$ to e<plore the beauties of -rs. I*s country estate$ but fro the !in"o!s of the house in every "irection !e coul" see things that !hette" our appetite for investigation. The first e<pe"ition !e !ent on !as to a beautiful$ little-fre&uente" place in the forest. 1e took a picnic lunch !ith us$ an" starte" off in the car at t!elve o*clock. 7n" no! !e got our first real gli pse of the English countrysi"e in autu n$ an" if there is one thing that is ore beautiful than the English countrysi"e in Spring$ it is the sa e countrysi"e in autu n. (irst !e "rove un"er to!ering ol" trees$ centuries ol"$ !hich for e" an arch!ay up the avenue lea"ing to the house. Then !e e erge" into a long lane$ !ith he"ges on either si"e$ an" beyon" the he"ges$ fiel"s re" !ith !in"-poppies$ or yello! an" !hite !ith "aisies. 7n" then -rs. I began to tell us so e of the high lights of local history. The very "rive !e !ere then going "o!n !as the "rive !hich the phanto coach an" coach an "rove up in the "ea" of night. There !ere people in the little village nestling at the foot of the estate !ho ha" hear" the horses galloping up the "rive. 8f course there !as the ol" blacks ith in the village !ho !oul" tell you never to believe such a tale$ but then his !ife !oul" stan" behin" his chair an" !hisper to you never to believe hi ? 't !as all so fascinating$ an" !e !ere ourselves living over those ol" ti es so vivi"ly that !hen !e passe" a pony !ith certain arkings on it$ an" -rs. I tol" us that$ accor"ing to the village folk$ !e shoul" !ish an" not say a !or" again until !e sa! a gray horse$ !e breathe" a sigh of relief that !e ha"n*t kno!n about it in ti e$ because !e "i"n*t see a gray horse at all that "ay$ an" it !oul" have been a "ifficult task to keep silent on that !on"erful "rive. 2y this ti e !e ha" left the estate behin" us an" !ere on the open roa"$ though still !ith those lovely he"ges on each si"e# an" the rose bushes no! no longer "ecorate" !ith the pretty pink !il" roses$ !ere a ass of re"$ covere" !ith the little rose apples or see" po"s an" looking like iniature apple trees. 'n places there !ere asses of !il" cle atis or !hat is calle" in Englan"$ %Travelers* Eoy$% aking the he"ges look as if they ha" been covere" !ith !hite lace curtains. The roa" !oun" in an" out$ so eti es "ipping "o!n into sha"y little lanes !ith great ol" trees eeting above our hea"s$ an" al!ays that ysterious turning 9ust ahea"$ an" so eti es !e !oul" co e out upon the oorlan"$ an" feel the !ar autu n bree,e blo!ing in our faces. 7t other ti es the roa" le" straight ahea"$ never aking a turn$ but un"ulating up an" "o!n as it ra ble" along up the hills an" "o!n the valleys. 7n" then the heather? There !ere all sha"es of purple an" violet. its beauty enhance" by the bracken$ 9ust turning to its autu n coloring$ an" shining in the sun !ith !ar sha"es of bro!n an" gol" an" orange$ an" there !ere stretches upon stretches of this. 1e finally turne" into !hat coul" no longer even be calle" a lane$ but !as 9ust a track$ an" finally ca e in sight of our "estination. 1hile the chauffeur !ent into the house an" lighte" cheery fires in the roo s$ because the place !as at the ti e uninhabite"$ !e !ent "o!n into the forest$ an" seeing the ighty oaks an" el s an" ash trees a"e us hi

feel as though !e !ere greeting ol" frien"s. 7n" the holly$ real English holly$ !ith the berries 9ust beginning to re""en in preparation for 0hrist asti e? The leaves are a "ark green an" each one polishe" brightly$ 9ust as though so eone ha" varnishe" the $ an" !ith the bright re" berries peeping fro beneath the leaves$ they a"e a !on"erful picture. 8n our "rive thither$ -rs. I ha" pointe" our places !hich she sai" !ere real bogs$ of the kin" one rea"s about in so e stories$ an" 6. "e P. sai" it !oul" be interesting to co e across one. So she sai" she !oul" try to fin" one for us. 2ut all una!ares$ as !e !ere !an"ering through the forest$ !e foun" our bog right before our eyes$ or rather un"er our feet. 7n" !e "eci"e" !e coul" en9oy our tra p 9ust as !ell !ithout e<ploring the bogs or arshes. 2y this ti e the house !as in rea"iness for us$ so !e !ent in an" e<plore" the ol" buil"ings$ having to take care$ in places$ not to step out onto the ol" balconies to see the vie!s$ as they !oul" cru ble beneath our feet. Then !e asse ble" in front of t!o roaring fires to have lunch. 1hile the en s oke"$ -rs. I an" ' set forth the feast$ !hich !e ha" brough !ith us in baskets$ an" !e ha" to go foraging aroun" the place for "ishes an" silver$ !hich !e !ashe" un"er the ol" pu p !hich stoo" in the yar". The afternoon ha" a"vance" rapi"ly !ithout our being a!are of it$ sitting in front of the fire an" recalling ol" ti es at +o alan" an" speaking of ol" frien"s !ho -rs. I re e bere" !hen she !as there. So !e finally packe" up the re ains of our lunch$ an" "rove back ho e$ feeling that !e ha" ha" rest an" &uiet enough to last us for the re ain"er of the tour. Tea !as rea"y for us !hen !e arrive"$ an" then !e ha" to turn to our ail an" correspon"ence. 1e ha" "inner at A:3C in the evening$ an" then !ent into the large ol" "ra!ingroo $ high ceilinge"$ !ith huge rafters across$ !hich !as the ol"est part of this interesting house$ having been built "uring the Tu"or perio". 8ther sections of the house ha" been built "uring the ti e of the 6eorges$ an" still others "uring =ueen 7nne*s ti e$ an" each part in the architecture of the perio". 'n this large "ra!ing-roo !as the largest fireplace ' have ever seen$ !ith huge logs abla,e on it# an" !ith the couches "ra!n up in front of it$ the flickerings of the firelight not interfere" !ith by the sub"ue" lighting in the roo $ an" the heavy hangings over the !in"o!s shutting out the night$ !e spent a co,y evening until !e all retire"$ to be !akene" in the orning by the ai" bringing in the tea$ in true English fashion. -on"ay orning$ !hen business !as over$ !e "evote" to e<ploring the !on"erful 8l" 1orl" gar"en an" other sections of the estate. This gar"en absolutely cannot be "escribe". 1ith its stone !alls$ its he"ges of ye! trees or holly$ its little stone paths$ an" its riot of color$ it !as a long ti e before !e coul" tear ourselves a!ay fro !an"ering along the paths an" "iscovering at each instant another interesting ne! flo!er$ or recogni,ing an ol" frien". There !ere "aisies of all colors$ looking like the cineraria !hich gro!s un"er the pal s on the ain avenue at +o alan"$ only larger# e<&uisite roses$ re"$ yello!$ crea $ !hite$ pink# all the ol"-fashione" flo!ers you have ever hear" entione"$ thy e an" rose ary an" allo! an" int$ an" lots of others. Every ti e !e visite" this agical spot$ !e "iscovere" ne! beauties about it. Then !e !ent "o!n through a bit of forest$ an" pai" a special visit to -rs. I*s pets$ the chickens. 2eautifully$ healthy looking bir"s they are$ an" no !on"er$ 9u"ging by the care they ust receive. They see e" to kno! their istress$ an" ca e running fro all "irections to!ar"s her. She tol" us that they are so ta e that so eti es !hen the eggs are being packe"$ a hen !ill co e an" lay an egg right in the basket or in one of the han"s of the packer. Then !e !an"ere" on over fiel"s$ across ea"o!s$ through groves of trees$ !ith blackberries an" ha,el nuts$ etc.$ etc. 1e ha" a great treat after lunch$ for our hostess took us to visit Stonehenge. (irst !e !ent to Salisbury$ !here !e visite" the beautiful cathe"ral. Salisbury is one of the ol" cathe"ral-to!ns of Englan"$ an" long before !e reache" the city$ or$ in fact$ coul" see any

of the buil"ings$ !e sa! the cathe"ral spires to!ering above the lan"scape. Those church-buil"ers of ol" certainly kne! !here to buil" their churches to give the a co an"ing position. 8n our approach to the cathe"ral !e passe" the 2ishop*s palace an" gar"ens$ !hich are enclose" !ithin a high !all$ an" !e !ere sorely te pte" to scale that !all to see !hat !as on the other si"e. Stonehenge is situate" right in the i""le of Salisbury Plain$ !hich e<ten"s for thirty iles across$ an" the splen"i" ting is that you can see these !on"erful ol" re ains fro a great "istance$ as there are no o"ern buil"ings on the plain that shut out the vie!. 1e stoppe" the car !hen !e !ere about a ile a!ay fro it$ an" ha" any speculations as to !hen this ol" te ple ha" been built. 'n spite of all !e have hear" about the arvels of Stonehenge$ an" its !on"erful at osphere$ !e felt that the reality !as i easurably far ahea" of any "escription of it. The stones that are still stan"ing are several ti es a an*s height$ an" one !on"ers !hat keeps the stan"ing erect. Several of the trilithons are still perfect$ that is$ t!o large upright stones$ an" a huge one hori,ontal across the $ for ing a sort of s&uare arch. 8thers are leaning at an angle$ an" still others have fallen co pletely$ There is so ething a9estic about the !hole ruin$ those that have fallen$ so eti es one on top of another$ re in"ing one of the "espair of the go"s. They look veritably like go"s !ho in sheer "isappoint ent an" "espair at the follies of en have given up the fight. 7n" those that are still erect look$ in their gri "ignity$ as if they !ere only bi"ing their ti e until the go"s !oul" co e into their o!n again. So e of the inner circles of s aller stones are al ost co plete$ the outer one through !hich the te ple !as entere" ha" about half the circle of stones stan"ing$ al ost all the rest have fallen$ an" so e have "isappeare" co pletely. 7n" of the very out ost circle$ only three stones re ain. 'n e<a ining the stones$ !e notice" that so e of the fallen ones ha" peculiar hollo!e"-out places near each en". Then !e notice" that so e of the erect stones ha" been so carve" that there !as a "o e-like knob left on top. Then !e "iscovere" that the large cross pieces !ere kept in plae by being hollo!e" out an" fitte" onto these knobs. 0lever !ork en they !ere in those early ages. 1e also notice" that assive as the stones !ere at the entrance to the te ple$ they gra"ually got higher an" higher$ until the one furthest back$ stan"ing alone$ !as the highest of all. 7nother strange thing !as that t!o stones$ si"e by si"e$ !oul" sho! an entirely "ifferent action to the !eather$ one !oul" be as clean cut al ost as if it ha" recently been chisele"$ an" the one by its si"e !oul" be ri""le" !ith holes an" grooves$ !orn a!ay by rain an" other ravages of the !eather. 8f course !e !ere not there at the right season of the year$ !hich is the su er solstice$ Eune .1st$ !hen the rising sun can be seen sen"ing its rays "irectly through the entrance of the te ple. 7n" 6. "e P. tol" us so ething !hich !as even of greater interest to us later on$ as you !ill see. 5e sai" that in earlier ti es !hen this te ple !as in use$ it !as probably conceale" fro sight by earth an" vegetation$ !ith a secret entrance$ an" that the eetings !ere carrie" on in secret. 1e ha" uch to think about !hen !e finally left. These ruins are no! being taken care of by the govern ent$ but in earlier years the far ers use" to break up these stones an" carry the a!ay for their buil"ings. Poor ignorant creatures? The ne<t orning !e set out about ten o*clock$ our ain goal being the )evil*s )en an" the to!n of 7vebury !here there !ere other ruins of a te ple sai" to be uch larger than Stonehenge. The "elightful thing about these trips !as that !e !oul" "iscuss the the night before$ sitting aroun" the fire$ stu"y the aps$ have a general outline of !hat !e !ere going to see an" "o$ an" then !e !oul" leave the "etails to be fille" in by the inspiration of the o ent. 7n" bet!een the points of interest that !e visite"$ there !as al!ays the enchanting countrysi"e$ an" -rs. I al!ays kne! !hich lane to turn "o!n$ or !hich !oo" to enter$ to give us the ost beauty. 1e !ent first through Savernake 1oo"$ an ol"$ ol" forest ainly of el trees$ an"

!hen !e got "eep into it$ !e left the car for a !hile an" en9oye" the agic of the trees. The trees "o not go up fro a single trunk as the fir trees an" pine trees "o$ but they branch out al ost fro the root$ into innu erable large$ so eti es gnarle" an" t!iste"$ trunks$ shooting high in the air. 1alking through te gave us the sensation of !alking into a vast te ple$ an" in the "istance on every si"e$ the branches for e" pointe" arches$ like the gothic architecture. 't !as a !on"erful sight to stan" un"er one of these large trees an" look up!ar"s: The leaves are a light green$ an" the sun shines not only in bet!een the leaves but through the $ aking the look al ost like bits of glo!ing e eral". 7n" then the branches$ gro!ing thinner an" thinner out to!ar"s the e"ges$ an" "ivi"ing into still s aller t!igs$ ake a fairy-like tracery through the green leaves. Un"erfoot it !as like a thick carpet !here the leaves ha" fallen$ un"isturbe"$ for centuries. Then !e procee"e" on our !ay to fin" the )evil*s )en. There is a certain fascination in traveling aroun" the country$ an" not really kno!ing the roa"$ an" consulting the ap fro ti e to ti e$ an" occasionally asking an ol" laborer. 1e ha" to ake any in&uiries as to the location of the )evil*s )en before !e actually foun" it$ an" a church !as partly responsible for our "elay$ because !hile looking at a pretty litt one$ set artistically in the lan"scape$ !e isse" our turning an" ha" to retrace our steps. The )evil*s )en is a curious collection of large stones place over !hat ay be erely a shallo! cavity$ but is ore likely a "eep un"ergroun" cha ber of so e sort. Then !e !ent on to 7vebury !here the re ains of the ol" te ple are uch fe!er than at Stonehenge$ but !here the ol" ra part or fortification or e bank ent$ still about three-fourths e<istent$ in"icate" its i ense si,e. (ro 7vebury !e !ent to Silbury$ !here is the largest an- a"e oun" in Europe. 't is a huge thing$ an" !e cli be" up to the top of it. 7n" the interesting part is that archaeologists think it ust have been built as a covering for so e sort of te ple !hich is un"erneath it. 'n fact$ the peculiar hollo! in the lan" surroun"ing it see s to sho! that the earth ha" been "ug out fro there to ake the oun". This !as 9ust !hat 6. "e P. ha" been telling us !as probably the case at Stonehenge !hen it !as originally built. 8n 1e"nes"ay orning about ten o*clock !e all left by auto for +on"on$ to atten" the t!o eetings !hich !ere to be hel" that night. 1e "i" not stop on the !ay to "o uch e<ploring$ as !e ha" business in +on"on before the evening$ but even taking a "irect route !as interesting$ going through ol" to!ns that ha" har"ly lost their e"ievalis $ an" across beautiful little rivers that !an"ere" right through the villages an" so eti es al ost un"er the houses. There are five rivers fro "ifferent "irections !hich run through one to!n. 8ne interesting things -rs. I pointe" out in places on the roa"$ !as "eep "itches on either si"e of the roa" !hich in !inter !ill fille" !ith !ater$ not fro rivers or brooks$ but the !ater ca e up fro the groun"$ spring-like$ because the rocks un"erneath are of chalkconsistency$ an" "uring the !inter rains the !ater collects an" cannot seep through the chalk$ an" so it springs up instea". 7nother interesting thing pointe" out to us !as the re ains of one of the ol" ;o an roa"s$ built !hen the ;o ans first inva"e" 2ritain$ an" still re aining$ an" the chief characteristic of these roa"s is that they !ere built in a perfectly straight line$ the ;o ans evi"ently scorning to be turne" asi"e by a hill or valley$ so that as far as !e coul" see in each "irection the roa" pursue" its relentless !ay stea"ily on!ar". 1e finally approache" the great city of +on"on$ an" ha" to slacken our spee" consi"erably on account of the heavy traffic s!ar ing in an" out of +on"on. 2ut !e arrive" in goo" ti e$ at one o*clock$ an" our hostess took us to her to!n house for lunch. Then !e calle" at the 7 erican 0onsulate 6eneral so that ' coul" check up on y re-entry per it to the U.S. an" be certain that ' coul" get in an" out of 0ana"a safely$ on the one per it. 7t length !e arrive" at 0heyne 1alk$ the scene of our activities !hen !e !ere in +on"on in Eune$ an" !here -iss Taylor ha" again kin"ly offere" to put us up for the night.

1e !ere et i e"iately by -rs. 2arker$ !ho took us all to see the ne! 5ea"&uarters$ although they !ere not rea"y to hol" the eetings sche"ule" for that night. 't is a splen"i" four-story house$ !ith a base ent$ a beautiful hall for hol"ing eetings$ !hich can be enlarge" by eans of a sli"ing "oor$ an" the location of the house is all that coul" be "esire". The front looks out on a broa" resi"ential avenue line" on each si"e !ith trees$ it is a"9acent to a branch of the 2ritish -useu $ has four goo" bus-lines running near to it$ besi"es an Un"ergroun"$ all of !hich features ake it easier for people to atten" the eetings$ an" in every !ay ' believe the +ea"er !as "elighte" !ith it. 1e ha" great fun e<ploring the house fro cellar to attic$ an" guessing to !hat use the "ifferent roo s !oul" be put. 8f course it has all o"ern conveniences$ telephones on every floor$ an" accor"ing to present plans$ )r. an" -rs. 2arker !ith their fa ily !ill occupy part of it as their ho e. 2esi"es the hall for eetings there !ill be offices$ club roo s for the Theosophical 0lub$ rea"ing roo s$ etc. This is the !ay the ne! 5ea"&uarters a""ress shoul" be !ritten: AC =ueen*s 6ate$ +on"on / 1 A. 't !as not ti e to return to 0heyne 1alk for an early supper$ as our first eeting began at si< o*clock$ an" in +on"on you have to allo! at least half an hour to go any!here on account of the si,e of the city an" the traffic-9a s. The first eeting$ a private one$ !as hel" at the present 5ea"&uarters in 2aker Street. 7fter that eeting an" before the ne<t$ )r. 2arker$ !ho ha" arrive fro his business 9ust in ti e for the eeting$ ha" an opportunity to talk !ith 6. "e P. on atters pertaining to the T.S.$ an" then !e all repaire" to place for the secon" eeting$ !hich !as a sort of (raterni,ation- eeting$ to !hich particularly the e bers of the Phoeni< +o"ge !ere invite". 'n fact$ the eeting !as hel" in the place !here they usually hol" their eetings$ but !as un"er the auspices of our T.S. an" the Theosophical 0lub. 8ur e bers ha" co e fro all parts of Englan" to atten" these t!o eetings$ an" they !ere so happy to have a chance to see the +ea"er again before he finally set sail. The eeting !as an e<cellent one$ an" laste" until after ten$ an" !hen !e returne" to 0heyne 1alk there !as still ore business to talk over$ an" final arrange ents to be a"e bet!een 6. "e p. an" -r. 2arker about the 8undamentals,M !hich !as actually put into the han"s of the printer$ an" the contracts signe"$ ' believe$ on the follo!ing "ay$ an" the prospect of the book co ing out before 0hrist as. ------------M 8undamentals o the Esoteric Philosophy, by 6. "e Purucker. Sen" or"ers for the 7 erican e"ition FNA./CG to Theosophical University Press$ Point +o a. ------------1e ha" been greete"$ on our arrival in +on"on$ !ith the usual pile of ail$ so e of it having been sent to +on"on to reach us there. So that !as partially atten"e" to in the orning before !e left. 1e ha" little packing to "o$ as !e ha" brought the s allest possible a ount of baggage !ith us to +on"on$ an" before ten o*clock -rs. I$ !ho of course ha" staye" at her o!n house for the night$ !as at the "oor !ith her car. 2efore !e left +on"on !e !ante" to check up the ti e for sailing of the 'ieu$ Amsterdam, on our !ay having a fine opportunity to see such places as 2uckingha Palace$ the 5ouse of Parlia ent$ 1est inster 7bbey$ Trafalgar S&uare$ the 7" iralty 7rch$ etc.$ etc. 4ou !ill be intereste" to kno! that so e of our ail !hich ha" been sent to us care of the stea er !as han"e" to us !hen !e got to the office. 7n" no!$ as this letter is alrea"y too long$ ' !ill close it$ an" begin another. 4ours affectionately$ - E.V.S.

-------------Still on Dec$& 3o. .C SS. 'ieu$ Amsterdam, 8ctober 9$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: 1e finally left the busy streets of +on"on behin" us$ an" set out on a "elightful "rive ho e. (irst !e !ent to 7scot$ !here the fa ous 7scot races are hel"$ then$ still planning our trip as !e "rove along$ !e !ent to ;unny e"e$ a"e fa ous in "ays gone by by Jing Eohn. ' think it !as here that the fa ous 0harter !as signe". ;unny e"e is a beautiful spot$ asi"e fro its historic interest. Then !e !ent to see 1in"sor 0astle$ !hich !e ha" seen only fro a "istance on our !ay to 0ar"iff in Eune. 1e ha" an e<cellent vie! of the castle$ being able to "rive right in front of it$ an" as the Jing !as leaving 2uckingha Palace that "ay an" co ing to 1in"sor$ everything !as in activity for his arrival. 't certainly is a agnificent piece of architecture. Then !e "rove through 1in"sor (orest$ an" stoppe" 9ust on the outskirts for lunch$ !hich consiste" only of coffee an" fruit$ as a real lunch a!aite" us !hen !e got ho e. 1e ha" great fun on these trips choosing a spot !hich looke" interesting !here !e coul" stop for lunch. This ti e !e pulle" up at a si"e roa"$ an" foun" a sheltere" nook un"er so e trees$ thickly carpete" !ith heather$ an" it felt very lu<urious to sprea" out an auto rug on top of the tall heather$ an" then lie "o!n on it. 1e !ere soon on our !ay again$ but by the ti e !e reache" ho e it !as so late$ o!ing to our having ha" so any inspirations for si"e trips$ that !e turne" our lunch into a high tea as it is calle" here$ an" then ha" our "inner at the usual ti e$ A:3C. The ne<t "ay our ain i"ea !as to see so e of the beauties of So ersetshire$ so !e starte" out early$ an" first visite" the to!n of Shaftesbury. 5ere !e sa! an ol" 7bbey$ foun"e" in BBB ->. by 7lfre" the 6reat. 1e !ent through so e of the funny crooke" little streets$ !ith their sharp turnings an" uneven cobble stones$ an" !here the si"e !alks !oul" su""enly "!in"le "o!n to nothing at all. 1e sa! the !on"erful vie! fro the to!n$ !hich is situate" on a very high hill$ an" !here one can look "o!n into the broa" valley belo!. So erset is one of the ost beautiful counties of Englan"$ or so it see e" to us. 't consists of beautiful rolling hills sloping "o!n into broa" valleys$ an" one hill erging into another. There !asn*t one bit of uninteresting or co onplace roa" that !e !ent through on this trip# even the to!ns !e ha" to pass through !ere interesting. 't ha" been raining a bit$ an" at lunch-ti e$ "espite the !et groun" an" the threatening clou"s overhea"$ !e chose a beautiful little gla"e$ an" sprea" "o!n a large oilskin rug$ an" a"e ourselves co fortable. 7n" !hat !as our surprise to fin" 9ust !ithin ar *s reach$ blackberry bushes$ !ith the branches la"en !ith the ripe fruit. -rs. I ha" given "irections to her cook not to put up any lunch for us$ but only coffee$ as !e !oul" !ait for our lunch until our return. 2ut so eho!$ 3ancy the cook vie!e" the situation "ifferently$ an" ha" the ost "elicious lunch prepare" for us an" tucke" a!ay in the car. 5er interpretation of her -istress* or"ers sho!e" intuition$ for our "rive prove" so interesting that !e "i" not return ho e until si<. 8ur ne<t goal !as 6lastonbury$ !here !e particularly !ante" to visit the ruins of the ol" to!er situate" on the very su it of a high hill. 8n arriving at 6lastonbury an" seeing the to!er$ or 6lastonbury Tor$ as it is calle"$ nearby$ !e "eci"e" to get out an" cli b the hill$ !hile -rs. I sent her chauffeur to in&uire about the other points of interest in the to!n. 1ell$ !e ha" a long cli b up$ but the sun !as bright$ the !in" e<hilarating$ an" !e fully en9oye" every o ent of it. 1e outstrippe" other cli bers !ho ha" a long start ahea" of us$ an" finally reache" the ol" to!er !hich no! consists only of four high !alls$ open to

the sky. 2ut the vie! fro the top !as agnificent. 1e coul" look "o!n upon at least si< cities belo! us$ an" over other hilltops to valleys beyon" the . There !as a strong !in" blo!ing up there !hich a"e it "ifficult to keep our balance. The "escent !as ore "ifficult than the ascent because of the steep incline$ but !e "i"n*t in". 1hen !e finally reache" the car$ the chauffeur infor e" us that if !e ha" "riven a "o,en or so yar"s ore$ 9ust aroun" the corner$ !e coul" have foun" a short roa" by !hich !e coul" have "riven &uickly up to the top. 2ut !e !ere so gla" !e ha"n*t foun" it in ti e. 3e<t !e !ante" to e<plore 0a elot an" other parts of the 'sle of 7valon$ a"e fa ous by Jing 7rthur an" his knights. 7valon is no longer an islan"$ thought it is still so calle"$ an" fro the high hill it is easy to see that the valley in ancient ti es !as really a large bo"y of !ater. 8f course !e ha" to cli b the hill$ !hich is kno!n as 0a"bury 0astle fro the fact that ever since the "ays of Jing 7rthur a castle occupie" that site. 1e ha" only a narro!$ u""y lane to pass through$ bet!een t!o far houses$ an" !hen !e ca e to the en" of it$ !e foun" a large gate$ fir ly pa"locke" an" tie" !ith rope. 2ut - there !as a nice roun" hole in the gate$ an" by skilful aneuvering !e all got through$ an" finally foun" ourselves stan"ing on the ol" site of Jing 7rthur*s castle. There is no buil"ing of any kin" there no!$ but all aroun" !e sa!$ burie" "eep in the earth$ the ruins of an ol" fortification$ "ating back no one can tell ho! far. The spot !as !isely chosen by the ol" king for his stronghol"$ as it co an"e" a vie! of the countrysi"e for any iles in all "irections$ an" there !asn*t a !eak point to it consi"ere" as a fortress. The So erset people all see kin"ly$ goo"-nature"$ honest folk$ rea"y to give a traveler a cheery greeting an" to point out the roa". The houses$ !ith their thatche" roofs an" irregular gables$ are not a bit out of keeping !ith the nature-gro!th# in fact they see to have 9ust gro!n up there$ as the trees have. 'n places$ along the top of stone !alls$ !e sa! ferns gro!ing out of the rocks$ an" in any spots along the roa"si"es the trunks of the trees !ere covere" !ith vines$ so e of the fla ing in their autu n coloring. 8ne thing that a""e" to the fun of ra bling over the fiel"s$ etc.$ !as co ing upon little stiles built across the fences$ to help us over. 8f course !e al!ays foun" a !ay over$ even if !e "i"n*t co e upon a stile. 'n places the trees !ere losing their leaves &uickly$ an" it !as the prettiest sight$ !hen a gust of !in" !oul" co e$ to see the air fille" !ith bro!n leaves$ fluttering to the groun". 't re in"e" e of the lines fro the song the 0horus at +o alan" use" to sing: %The 2ro!n +eaves of 7utu n$% by 6retchaninoff. The evening aroun" the large fire in the "ra!ing-roo $ our last evening in Englan"$ !as a ti e !e shall never forget. 6. "e P. gave us any gli pses into the history of the early races$ an" into those to follo!$ an" !e talke" of any things not connecte" !ith the every"ay affairs of this !orl". The ne<t orning turne" out to be a !on"erful "ay as regar"s the !eather. 'n fact it !as one of those perfect "ays !hen one feels gla" 9ust to be alive. There ha" been a heavy fog "uring the night$ but by breakfast ti e it !as 9ust lifting$ an" the sun set all the trees an" the grass an" the flo!ers aglitter !ith illions of "e! "rops. Shortly after breakfast !e set out first to e<plore a part of the gar"en !e ha" not yet seen$ an" !hich !e !ere particularly an<ious to see because it !as enclose" !ithin a high !all. 't !as like stepping into one of those English gar"ens "escribe" by (rances 5o"gson 2urnett$ a co bination of ol" fruit trees that ha" seen better "ays$ an" plants that ha" been allo!e" to gro! in their o!n !il" ra bling !ay$ an" then the parts !hich alrea"y sho!e" the touches of the ol" gar"ener !ho !as reclai ing the gar"en fro its neglecte" state. Then !e sat for a long ti e in the su er house overlooking the grass tennis-court$ 9ust "rinking in the beautiful air an" en9oying the sun an" the !ar bree,e an" the !hisperings in the trees$ an" the calls of the bir"s$ an" in the "istance the pleasant tinkle of the sheepbells$ an" still further a!ay$ the occasional cro!ing of the cocks. Then !e took a !alk over the estate in an opposite "irection fro that !e ha" taken on our first !alk. The front of the house$ !ith its flagge" !alks$ the stones of !hich ust have been lai" !hen the ol"est

portion of the house !as first built$ presente" a beautiful vie!$ !ith the ea"o!s sloping into the "istance$ an" beautiful ol" trees$ each one stan"ing alone$ so that its beauty !as not hi""en. 1e foun" ourselves un"er a !alnut tree$ !ith hun"re"s of nuts un"er it !hich ha" been shaken "o!n by the !in"$ an" !e stoppe" to fill our pockets full !ith the fresh nuts$ still !ith their outer husks on. 0li bing through a he"ge !e foun" ourselves near the sheep- ea"o!$ an" the ti i" creatures began sca pering a!ay at our approach$ setting the air vibrant !ith their bells. 1e returne" to the house in ti e for an early lunch an" to finish our packing$ to set out on our last "rive$ en"ing up at Southa pton in ti e to catch our boat. 1e even took a lunch !ith us for supper-ti e$ so !e !oul" not nee" to return to the house an" thus cut short our "rive. 'nstea" of starting out in the "irection of Southa pton$ !e took a "irectly opposite route$ an" the "ay !as so !ar an" "elightful that !e even foun" our coats superfluous$ a ost unusual thing on this tour. 8ur hostess ha" "eci"e" to ake this last trip the ost varie" of all$ so that !e coul" get as uch in as possible "uring the five hours at our "isposal. 1e visite"$ a ong other things$ 1inchester 0athe"ral$ a beautiful structure as are all these ol" cathe"rals. 7s !e steppe" insi"e they !ere 9ust beginning "ivine service$ an" !e hear" the beautiful boys* choir singing$ an" the chi es in the ol" to!er$ re in"ing us of the 0hrist as chi es !e have at +o alan". 2efore seeing the 0athe"ral !e stoppe" about four o*clock to have a cup of coffee !hich !e ha" brought !ith us in ther os bottles$ an" first !e chose the prettiest little gui"e you can i agine$ !ith a lovely ossy bank upon !hich !e seate" ourselves$ an" of course began singing %There sleeps Titania$% etc. 2ut !e foun" it !as a bit cool in the "eep sha"e of the forest$ so !e !an"ere" on until !e ca e to a beautiful sunny spot$ !here the bracken stoo" high as 6. "e P. 1e sprea" our blankets over this$ an" it a"e a !on"erfully soft couch to sit on. 7n" peeping through the bracken !ere ore luscious ripe blackberries. 1e arrive" at Southa pton in plenty of ti e$ in fact an hour before !e coul" get on the ten"er !hich !as to take us to the ship$ so !e checke" up our baggage$ !hich ha" been taken "o!n early in the orning$ an" then a"e ourselves co fortable in the car$ an" ate our lunch. Then !e ha" an une<pecte" pleasure. Eust as !e !ere finishing$ !e hear" so e fa iliar voices call out$ %5ere they are?% an" there !ere -r. an" -rs. 2arker$ !ho ha" 9ust co e "o!n fro +on"on by train to have a last talk !ith the +ea"er an" to see hi off. -rs. I !ante" to stay until the ten"er pulle" out$ but 6. "e P. insiste" that she "i" not "elay as she ha" an hour an" a half*s "rive ahea" of her before she reache" ho e. 't !as !ith real regret that !e ba"e goo"-bye to her. 8ur !eek*s stay !ith her ha" been absolutely perfect in every respect$ a hospitality that !e never can forget$ an" it ha" been of i ense value to 6. "e P. as a rest before continuing his strenuous sche"ule. -r. an" -rs. 2arker ha" passes enabling the to co e upon the ten"er$ so they staye" until the last inute$ !hich gave the barely ti e to rush back for the last train up to +on"on that night. 1e a"e sure that !e ha" all the nu erous "ocu ents necessary to get on boar". 'n these "ays of co plicate" travel-re&uire ents$ a stea ship ticket only enables you to pass the necessary ti e on the ship$ but "oes not enable you to get on boar" or to get off. 4ou ust have a boar"ing ticket an" a lan"ing ticket. 1hen !e crosse" over on the &olendam, !e ha" to have a ticket per itting us to leave the ship$ an" another per itting us to lan"$ an" !e !ere !on"ering !hat !oul" have happene" to us if !e ha" left the ship an" !ere on the gangplank$ an" then foun" !e ha" lost our lan"ing ticket. 8ur ten"er pulle" off about nine o*clock$ an" in half an hour !e !ere on boar" the 'ieu$ Amsterdam$ as the ship !as not anchore" as far a!ay fro Southa pton as the Statendam ha" been. 8f course our first 9ob !as to investigate our cabins !hich to our "elight !e foun" !e !ere each occupying alone$ as the passenger list !as very s all. Then !e !ent to the chief ste!ar" to secure our places in the "ining roo $ an" to the

"eck-ste!ar" to get our "eck-chairs. 7lthough !e !ere the last passengers for the ship to pick up$ those fro ;otter"a an" 2oulogne-sur--er having of course boar"e" the previous "ay$ !e foun" that !e got the ost "esirable chairs on the "eck$ for !hich !e !ere thankful. The first "ay out at sea$ nothing very eventful happene"$ e<cept that the fog !as so thick that the ship coul" ake only slo! progress. The ne<t "ay the !eather !as clear an" co paratively cal $ an" the ship*s log$ poste" on the bulletin boar" at noon$ sho!e" a run of 3B/ iles for the last t!enty-four hours. 2ut then began signs of rough !eather$ !hich increase" to!ar"s night$ until !e !ere having not only a stor $ but a real gale$ an" our spee" for those "ays !as cut "o!n si<ty iles each "ay. The !aves !ere enor ous$ at the least t!enty-five feet fro the top of the !ave to the "eep troughs. The spray !as so heavy that it s!ept over the for!ar" part of the ship$ running off in rivers of !ater$ an" the upper "ecks !ere enclose" !ith canvas curtains to keep the !ater out. Then$ as the stor still increase" in fury$ the sailors ha" to put up a series of iron poles$ strong !ith ropes$ i"!ay "o!n the "eck$ to enable the passengers to !alk along the "ecks !ith safety. ' think very fe! of the passengers got uch sleep those t!o nights$ the roar of the te pest an" the heaving an" s!aying of the boat kept everyone a!ake. 7t ti es the ship !oul" be caught in the trough of a !ave an" settle "o!n into it !ith a shake an" a back!ar" ove ent that !oul" sen" everyone taken una!ares lurching to one si"e or another. 2y this ti e !e !ere seriously beginning to !on"er !hether the arrival of the ship in 3e! 4ork !oul" be "elaye"$ an" !e !ere not long in fin"ing out that it !oul" be a full t!enty-four hours late$ eaning that !e !ill have to cancel all our engage ents in 3e! 4ork an" neighborhoo" an" go "irectly to 2oston so !e can take the train for 0ana"a. To"ay$ the 1.th of 8ctober$ !hen !e !ere e<pecting to be in 3e! 4ork$ !e are still on the high seas$ out of sight of lan". (ortunately$ yester"ay !e stoppe" at 5alifa<$ so !e !ere able to sen" telegra s to 3e! 4ork a"vising -rs. 5ubbar" of our necessitate" change of plans$ thus avoi"ing the heavy e<pense of ra"ioing fro the ship. 'n fact$ it !as this stop at 5alifa< !hich !as partly responsible for our late arrival$ because !e arrive" there about 1. o*clock at night$ an" ha" to stay outsi"e the harbor until the orning !hen !e coul" pull in an" "ock$ let off passengers$ an" unloa" an" loa" cargo. 1e "i" not pull out of 5alifa< until noon yester"ay$ but !e en9oye" our vie! of the harbor$ because it is a very beautiful one. 7lso$ after our nine "ays at sea$ it !as interesting to look over the rails of the boat at people on lan". 8f course !e have been co pletely out of touch !ith the outsi"e !orl"$ especially Theosophically$ since !e boar"e" the ship$ the only ne!s reaching us being 3e! 4ork stock- arket &uotations$ an" such things$ !hich are printe" in the ne!spapers "istribute" to us every evening. 8n Satur"ay evening$ as ' !as sitting in the lounge$ a la"y ca e up to e an" aske" e if ' !ere the secretary of )r. "e Purucker$ the Theosophical +ea"er. ' ans!ere" 4es$ an" the la"y tol" e she an" her husban" !ere Theosophists$ e bers of the 7"yar Society$ he a lecturer$ an" she ha" been a e ber for thirty-five years. They ha" hear" 6. "e P. lecture over the ra"io !hen they !ere at 2ussu . She ainly !ante" to kno! if )r. "e Purucker !oul" consent to give a talk on Theosophy to the passengers$ an" sai" she !oul" be gla" to approach the 0aptain about the atter. The talk "i" not eventuate because 6. "e P. !as 9ust recovering fro a col"$ an" of course resting up before the final "rive in 0ana"a an" "o!n the pacific 0oast$ but !e ha" frien"ly talks !ith both the la"y an" her husban"$ tol" her of the any fraterni,ation- eetings$ !e ha" hel"$ an" of the frien"liness establishe" bet!een the t!o societies$ an" she !as very gla" to eet 6. "e P. personally. 6. "e P. aske" her !hy she ha" not a"e herself kno!n earlier on the voyage$ but she sai" she reali,e" that after his long tour an" his any lectures$ he ust !ant to have a &uiet ti e on boar". 8n four evenings !e have ha" oving pictures$ an" last night they !ere travel-

pictures$ first sho!ing beauty-spots in )evonshire$ Englan". 1e !ere particularly intereste" in these$ because )evon !as the one place 6. "e P. !ante" to see in Englan" !hich !e "i" not have ti e for. Then$ to our surprise$ !e !ere sho!n pictures of a trip fro the 5ook of 5ollan" to 2assel$ on the Theingol" train$ 6er any*s fastest train. 4ou !ill re e ber that ' sai" in an earlier letter that !e thought this !as one of the ost beautiful trips !e ha" taken$ so !e !ere intereste" in recogni,ing the vie!s again. Then !e !ere sho!n pictures of 0ana"a$ particularly of Toronto an" -ontreal. 7s these are the t!o cities !e are going to in the eastern part of 0ana"a$ !e !ere gla" to get a pre-vie! of the . Unless so ething entirely unforeseen happens$ in t!enty-four hours fro no! !e !ill be on the train going to 2oston$ an" t!o !eeks fro to"ay !ill be our first "ay in +o alan". 1e have been changing our !atches each night accor"ing to the notice poste"$ so eti es half an hour ore or less an" so eti es an hour. 2ut no! ' believe !e have 3e! 4ork ti e$ though there ay be another hour to change tonight. This eans$ of course$ that !e are aking up the ten hours* sleep !e lost going east!ar"$ though one night ' playe" a 9oke on yself by acci"entally putting y !atch an hour for!ar" instea" of back!ar"$ so that ' arose in the orning 9ust t!o hours too soon? The ne<t letter !ill in all probability be !ritten fro so e place in 0ana"a. 1e are "oing our final packing to"ay$ in preparation for an early lan"ing to orro!$ !e hope$ an" as soon as !e are free of the 0usto s for alities$ !e !ill ake "irectly for the train to 2oston. 2y the !ay$ ' forgot to ention an i portant thing !hich ca e to y attention !hen !e !ere in 5ollan". 8n re arking about the general prosperity of the country$ an" reali,ing that it !as one of the fe! European countries !hich "i" not enter the !ar$ ' !as re in"e" that 5ollan" for the last forty years or ore ha" been rule" by a !o an. So they "on*t ake such a ba" 9ob of everything they han"le$ after all. 1e often hear our "ear frien"s of the other se< say that !o en are all right in their place$ but to have things really go straight$ a an ust be at the hea" of affairs? 7nother thought: 4ou !ill be !on"ering if !e !ere seasick "uring the stor $ an" to this &uestion ' ans!er a !hole-hearte" 'o. So e of the passengers co ente" on the fact that !e !ere al!ays rea"y for our ile-!alk before breakfast$ no atter ho! uch the ship !as rolling. 7ffectionate greetings fro the ho esick three. - E.V.S. PS. Speaking of reaching ho e re in"s e that$ if ' recollect aright$ on so e "ate in the near future ' a sche"ule" to give an a""ress on Sun"ay in the Te ple. ' !on"er !hat ' shoul" speak on. Shoul" it be: %8n the 7rt of getting into an" out of a )eck-chair 6racefully$% or %Threa"s of 8pti is in a col" ;ail!ay Station$% or %5o! to Prevent Seasickness.% 'nstea" of !orrying over it$ perhaps one of you !ill take the bur"en off y shoul"ers$ an" speak for e. ---------------)orthward into Canada 3o. .1. 0ana"ian Pacific ;ail!ay$ En ;oute Toronto to Vancouver$ 8ctober 1A$ 1931

)ear 0o ra"es at 5o e: 't is about 9:3C a. . The porter has 9ust gone through the car calling %+ast call for breakfast?%$ the train is spee"ing north!est!ar"s$ in al ost a !eek !e hope to be ho e$ an" !hat "o you suppose? This orning 6. "e P. calle" e at @:3C an" sai"$ %'f you !ant to see sno!$ look out of the !in"o!$ &uick?% 1ell$ ' har"ly e<pecte" to have such luck. Even !hen ' looke" out$ ' starte" to look across in the "istance to see it$ perhaps$ on the peaks of ountains$ but no$ it !as right un"er y eyes$ the tracks !ere covere" !ith it? ' !ish you all coul" have seen it. This is evi"ently the first sno! of the season$ an" !e are passing right through the part of the country that the stor traverse". 1e are only hoping that it !ill still be on the groun" !hen !e reach 0hapleau at ten o*clock$ !here !e !ill fortunately stop for fifteen inutes. ' !ish ' coul" "escribe to those of you !ho have never seen sno!$ ho! pretty it looks. 8n the groun" it covers the grass an" ferns an" !ee"s$ aking the ost "elicate tracery. 7n" the fir trees are la"en !ith it. The "eci"uous trees !hich have not yet entirely she" their leaves "o not hol" the sno! on the leaves. 2ut on the trunks an" also on the telephone poles$ the si"es facing the !in" are plastere" !ith it. 0hapleau$ 1C:1/ 1ell$ !e have 9ust co e in fro our$ or at least y$ first e<perience of being out in sno!$ an" to our "elight$ as !e allighte" fro the train$ the sno! flakes began falling again. 't !as thick on the si"es of the tracks$ an" !e took it up in our han"s an" a"e sno!balls out of it. 7s it !as so col"$ instea" of the sno! elting in our !ar s han"s$ it turne" to ice un"er the pressure. 1e ha" to run up an" "o!n the platfor because the air !as so bitingly col"$ but it !as fresh an" very invigorating. 1e shall probably see ore sno! right along "uring the 0ana"ian trip$ but there*s nothing like the first sight of it. 8n our train 9ourney fro -ontreal to Toronto$ ' starte" !riting a letter to you by han"$ but the otion of the train !as so "isturbing$ that on looking at it$ ' have "eci"e" it is too "isgraceful to sen"$ so ' !ill here!ith re-copy it. Eust as ' finishe" y last letter to you on the boat$ the ste!ar"s ca e aroun"$ saying that passengers !ere re&ueste" to have all trunks packe" by nine o*clock$ an" at that ti e they ca e an" place" the outsi"e in the corri"ors. 1hat !oul" have happene" if there ha" been a heavy stor ' "on*t kno!$ because as it !as they !ere pretty unstea"y on their feet$ an" in !alking "o!n the corri"ors one ha" to be careful not to be su""enly e brace" by one of those trunks. 1e a!oke the ne<t orning to fin" the ship at a stan"still$ having anchore" outsi"e the harbor until !e coul" co e in an" "ock. The night before !e ha" been infor e" that breakfast !oul" be serve" early in or"er that passengers ight be rea"y for the i igration officials. 7s soon as breakfast !as over$ an" !e ha" packe" our han"-luggage$ !e !ent on "eck to catch our first gli pse of the 3e! 4ork sky-scrapers$ an" to !atch the arrival of the nu erous s all boats that ca e to eet the stea er. 1e !ere !alking the "eck !hen !e !ere accoste" by a an !ho aske" the +ea"er if he !ere )r. "e Purucker. 5e !as a representative of the 'e$ @or% Times, an" ha" co e out on one of the s all boats to get an intervie! !ith 6. "e P. before !e "ocke". Then a photographer ca e$ !ho insiste" on taking pictures up on the sun "eck. 5e represente" the Jing 0a era 6uil" of 3e! 4ork. 5e took t!o group-pictures$ an" then t!o of 6. "e P. alone. Then !e ha" to hurry "o!n to the "ining-roo to sho! our passports an" get our lan"ing-tickets sta pe". 1e ha" !on"ere" 9ust ho! uch "ifficulty !e !oul" have$ as on so e ships they separate the 7 ericans fro the foreigners$ an" even in so e cases have the 7 ericans lan" first. 7lso !e !ere a bit !orrie" as to !hether y re-entry per it !oul" allo! e to lan" in 3e! 4ork$ go through 0ana"a$ an" allo! e to enter the U.S.7. again$ or !hether there ight be so e for alities to go through !hich !oul" "etain us in 3e! 4ork. 1ell$ it turne" out that either the go"s !ere !ith us or aybe it !as only our 9ustly earne" goo" kar an. 1e entere" the "ining-roo $ !alke" over to the i igration official$ he inspecte" all our

passports i e"iately$ ' e<plaine" y conte plate" going fro the U.S.7. into 0ana"a$ an" back again$ he sta pe" so ething on y passport per itting e$ if ' !ishe"$ to stay si< onths in 0ana"a$ an" then to return again unchallenge" to the U.S.7. The !hole thing took only three inutes for all of us. 7ll these precautions an" checkings-up see trivial as long as everything goes s oothly$ but$ if your papers an" tickets$ etc.$ are not all in perfect or"er$ it gives you no en" of "ifficulty an" "elay an" e<tra e<pense. 1e finally !ere allo!e" to leave the ship an" touch 7 erican soil again at B:>/ a. . 2ut then began the te"ious proce"ure of going through the 0usto s. 1e all procee"e" to 0usto s 5ouse an" each !ent to the place !here the initial letter of his na e hung. Then !e ha" to !ait until the baggage !as taken off the ship an" "istribute" un"er the "ifferent people*s letters. 7s each one of us receive" his total a ount of baggage$ !e ha" to go up to the 0usto s 8fficial*s "esk an" present the coupon !hich previously$ on the ship$ ha" been torn off the botto of the 0usto s )eclaration !hich each passenger ha" to ake out$ stating all articles he ha" brought or ha" given to hi !hile abroa"$ an" their cost$ also stating the cost of any repairs a"e on baggage or belongings !hile abroa". 7t the si"e of the "eck !as a long line of officials !aiting to inspect the baggage. 'f you !ere lucky$ as ' happene" to be$ an" got all you luggage &uickly$ you coul" get your officer an" have the e<a ination over soon. 6ut if your luggage !as a long ti e leaving the ship$ then you ha" to take your place in the long line of passengers !aiting until an official !as free. ' foun" yself sitting triu phantly on y baggage$ !ith the precious 0usto s sta p affi<e" on to each piece$ sho!ing that it ha" been e<a ine" an" pass free of "uty$ !hile other people*s baggage !as still being taken off the ship$ an" still other aroun" e !ere having to unpack their trunks an" suitcases an" un!rap everything un"er the !atchful eye of a critical official. 1e three passe" the or"eal !ithout any "ifficulty$ but by the ti e !e ha" finishe"$ it !as 1C:3C$ an" our parlor car reservations !ere for the nine o*clock train? ' shoul" have sai" that -rs. 5ubbar" !as at the pier to eet us$ an" also -rs. Peyton an" -rs. E ergy ha" co e up fro 1ashington as per their pro ise to us !hen !e !ere there in Eune$ an" !e !ere utually "elighte" to see each other. -r. 'si"or +e!is also ca e later. -rs. 5ubbar" ha" invite" us to be her house-guests an" ha" planne" for a (raterni,ation- eeting for !hich she ha" alrea"y sent out her invitations$ !hen she receive" 6. "e P.*s telegra sent fro 5alifa< notifying her of our necessitate" change of plans. 8f course she !as uch "isappointe"$ but she valiantly rose to the occasion$ cancelle" all her invitations to the eeting$ an" appeare" s iling an" happy on the "eck !ith her car$ rea"y for !hatever use it coul" be put to. The ne<t train for 2oston left fro the 6ran" 0entral Station at 1. o*clock$ so !e put our baggage an" ourselves into -rs. 5ubbar"*s car$ an" on our !ay to the station stoppe" at the ne! +o"ge-roo !hich the 3e! 4ork +o"ge ha" obtaine". -r. +e!is !as 9ustly very prou" of it. 't is a pretty roo $ in a buil"ing splen"i"ly locate"$ near 0entral Park$ an" a fe! blocks fro ;iversi"e )rive$ an" !ith Un"ergroun" an" Elevate" ;ail!ays in the vicinity. 1hen !e arrive" at the station$ !e foun" -r. 0lifton -eek an" -r. Eustin 6ruelin$ !ho ha" co e fro Silver ine to greet the +ea"er. 1e foun" that !e coul" not e<change our tickets$ but ha" to buy ne! ones$ but they tol" us !e coul" get the oney refun"e" by sen"ing it to 0hicago. 2y the !ay$ speaking of oney re in"s e that 6. "e P. certainly ha" an intuition in 6er any$ !hen so eone !as going to the bank to change so e oney into 6er an currency for us$ because 6. "e P. insiste" that !e change all our English oney$ not the 7 erican. This !as 9ust a !eek before the poun" "roppe" in value$ so luckily !e "i" not lose on it. 2ut the "ropping poun" an" the close of the E<change in the European countries brought serious "ifficulties to any. 8ne of our e bers !as on his !ay to Paris$ but ha" to give up the trip$ because he coul"n*t change any of his oney into (rench? 1e pulle" out of 3e! 4ork at 1. o*clock$ an" "i" not arrive in 2oston until after five. 1e "i" not get uch chance to look at the scenery !e !ere going through because all our attention !as absorbe" in rea"ing our ail fro ho e$

!hich ha" accu ulate" to an enor ous pile "uring our ten "ays on boar". 1e sa! gli pses occasionally of the ocean on our right$ but so eho! it "i" not thrill us as uch as the lan" "i". 1hen !e arrive" in 2oston$ !e !ere et by -r. 2ene"ict$ !ho$ by the !ay$ !ith his !ife sen" their greetings to everyone$ in"ivi"ually an" collectively$ at 5ea"&uarters. +ater -r. 0lapp an" -r. Hang!ill ca e$ the latter to take us to our hotel$ an" the for er to take our baggage. ;oo s ha" been engage" for us in the sa e ;iversi"e 7part ent 5otel that !e staye" in last Eune$ an" our arrival there !e sa! evi"ences every!here of -rs. -artha (ranklin*s care an" forethought. She ha" packe" up a "ainty an" "elicious lunch for us to take on the train the ne<t "ay$ an" in the ice bo< in our little kitchenette !e foun" fruits of any kin"s an" "elicious cool "rinks$ for$ arvelous to relate$ the !eather !as !ar an" sunny. The 2ostonians !ere very prou" at having ha" their !eather arrange ents turn out so !ell for us. 1e ha" ha" to cancel our eeting in 2oston as !ell as in ne! 4ork$ an" every inute of our ti e that evening !as taken up in verifying our tickets an" tracing our trunks$ etc. 2oth -r. Hang!ill an" -r. 0lapp !ere on han" all the ti e of our stay$ !ith their cars. 7fter getting supper$ !e !ent out to atten" to our return rail!ay tickets. 1e a"e the circuit of 2oston pretty thoroughly that evening$ because !e arrive" at the 2ack 2ay Station$ ha" to verify our tickets at the 2oston an" -aine Station$ an" ha" to clai our trunks fro 3e! 4ork at the South Station. 1hen !e !ent in &uest of our trunks$ !e !ere tol" only one ha" arrive"$ on a ore thorough inspection !e !ere tol" t!o ha" arrive$ but strange to say$ the thir" !as issing. )r. (ussell !ent "o!n after the ne<t train ca e in to trace it$ but still it ha" not arrive"$ an" it !as not until eleven o*clock that evening that it ca e in. 1hen !e got back to the hotel$ reporters !ere !aiting to intervie! 6. "e P.$ an" by the ti e everything !as over !e !ere certainly rea"y for be". 1e ha" to be at the station pro ptly the ne<t orning to see that our trunks got checke" through to San )iego. 8ur trip to -ontreal !as ore or less uneventful. To!ar"s evening the 0ana"ian 0usto s an" ' igration officials ca e on boar". They a"e us open only one of our nine pieces of baggage$ but they !ere a!fully strict !ith so e$ an" one an ne<t to us ha" to pay ten "ollars "uty on a ca era an" fil s he !as taking to 0ana"a. 1e foun" that in spite of our rail!ay sche"ule having been checke" up by -r. 1al"eck$ !e !ere not "ue to arrive in -ontreal until B:1C$ instea" of A o*clock$ so that it gave us only t!enty inutes to leave the train$ take ourselves an" our baggage to our 5otel$ the +indsor$ fin" our roo s$ !ash$ an" be "o!nstairs rea"y for the (raterni,ationeeting at B:3C. The eeting !as a fine one$ atten"e" by the Presi"ent an" all the active e bers of the 7"yar +o"ge$ besi"es our o!n e bers. 6. "e P. ha" a heart-to-heart talk !ith the $ an" ans!ere" frankly their &uestions about his policy an" his future plans an" his attitu"e to!ar" other societies$ etc. They tol" hi outright that nothing he coul" say coul" hurt the $ they ha" ha" so any "isappoint ents that they preferre" for hi to tell the the truth$ 9ust as he sa! it. They all see e" very earnest$ intelligent people$ rea"y to e<press their o!n opinions$ but kin"ly$ an" none of the trie" to in9ect any "iscor" into the eeting. 8ne thing that trouble" so e of their in"s !as that they see e" to think that (.T.S. of the Point +o a society are not able to hol" their in"ivi"ual opinions$ but have to follo! the +ea"er blin"ly. 2ut 6. "e P. assure" the that a true Theosophical +ea"er ha" no "esire to lea" a flock of sheep. The eeting laste" until al ost eleven o*clock$ an" then$ as !e ha" to leave early the ne<t orning$ an" the +ea"er ha" to lecture the follo!ing night$ !e broke up. The ne<t orning our train left for Toronto at B:>/$ an" !hen !e boar"e" the train$ !e foun" that our change of tickets fro the 1Ath to the 1@th$ ha" not been registere" !ith the local office$ through so e curious slip of the 0o pany so e!here along the line. 5o!ever$ passenger traffic !as light that "ay$ an" no one else ha" engage" our seats$ so !e !ere fortunate. The first part$ particularly$ of

this trip !as beautiful. 1e !ent through forests of aple trees$ so e a "eep re"$ others a burning orange$ still others a "elicate yello!$ an" so e still !earing their su er green. So e again ha" all these colors on one tree. 't !as a agnificent sight$ an" !e ha" to spen" ost of the ti e looking at it. 1e also passe" a neglecte" apple orchar"$ !ith the trees la"en !ith the fruit. The porter tol" us that last year the train use" to stop here an" the passengers coul" help the selves to as uch of the fruit as they !ishe"# but the train !as not aking the stop this year. 1e arrive" in goo" ti e at the Union Station at Toronto$ an" foun" !aiting for us one of the officials fro the Toronto 7"yar +o"ge$ !ho !as rea"y to help us !ith our baggage. 7lso there !ere nine la"ies fro ;ochester an" neighborhoo"$ e bers of our ;ochester +o"ge$ !ho ha" co e up to Silver ine in Eune to hear the +ea"er$ ha" otore" up to 3e! 4ork !hen he !as there$ an" !ho ha" "eclare" their intention of co ing to Toronto. -rs. 6race 7. 2arnes$ a "eal ol" la"y fro Ea esto!n$ 3e! 4ork$ !hose e bership "ates back to 2lavatsky$ !as also there. She ha" been "eter ine" to see the +ea"er an" hear hi spCeak$ as she sai" she ha" seen all the other +ea"ers. She !as ra"iant. -iss -ay e +ee 8g"en ha" her car rea"y to take us to our hotel$ the +estminster$ reco en"e" to us by -r. S ythe$ 6eneral Secretary of the 0ana"ian Section 7"yar T.S.$ an" it prove" e inently satisfactory in every respect. 1e aske" -iss 8g"en if she kne! her !ay aroun" Toronto$ an" she sai" she ha" been stu"ying aps for the last !eek. 1hen !e arrive" at the hotel$ !ho shoul" be there to greet us but -r. S ythe hi self$ !ho ha" co e up fro 5a ilton$ an" the Presi"ent of the 5a ilton +o"ge of the 7"yar T.S. The +ea"er invite" -r. S ythe to co e an" have a little visit as soon as !e ha" ha" a chance to !ash$ an" he !as very gla" to accept. 2efore "inner -r. S ythe ha" an interesting talk !ith the +ea"er$ going over ol" ti es an" ne!$ an" he also tol" us of !hat ha" been planne" in the !ay of eetings$ etc.$ !hile !e !ere in Toronto. 1e "rove over to the Theosophical 5all$ the hea"&uarters of the 7"yar 0ana"ian Section$ !here they have a beautiful large lecture hall$ besi"es offices$ lo"ge-roo $ library$ etc.$ !here the public eeting !as to be hel". -r. S ythe occupie" the chair$ an" !as genuinely sincere in his kin"ly e<pressions regar"ing 6. "e P.$ an" their pleasure at his visit. he sai"$ a ong other things$ that brotherhoo" !as the "esire to serve others$ an" tolerance the "esire to un"erstan" others$ that he !as not going to ask the au"ience to be brotherly to g. "e P. or to tolerate hi because he$ S ythe$ !ante" the to$ that )r. "e Purucker !oul" ake his o!n i pression on the $ an" that he$ S ythe$ !as sure it !oul" be a goo" one. 5e sai" that )r. "e Purucker ha" truth in hi self$ that !e ha" truth in ourselves$ an" that it !as up to us to vibrate sy pathetically !ith !hat )r. "e Purucker ha" to say to us. The speech !ent splen"i"ly$ an" the au"ience !as very sy pathetic$ 9u"ging by the applause that follo!e". Then -r. S ythe aske" if 6. "e P. !oul" please ans!er any &uestions that ight be aske"$ !hich 6. "e P. !as gla" to "o. 7fter the eeting !as over$ -r. S ythe re in"e" the au"ience of the (raterni,ation- eeting on the follo!ing evening$ !hich !oul" take place fro @:CC to B:3C$ an" then he e<plaine" that )r. "e Purucker !oul" have to go i e"iately to the station$ an" he aske" if so e !ho ha" autos !oul" kin"ly volunteer to take the +ea"er an" his party an" their baggage to the station. 5e sai" he kne! it !oul" gratify the all if their e bers coul" ren"er that service to )r. "e Purucker? 7t their hea"&uarters !e !ere also !elco e" by -rs. S ythe$ a very char ing la"y$ !ho tol" e after!ar"s she "i"n*t think 6. "e P.*s speech coul" have been better$ an" aske" e for a transcript of it for their aga,ine$ !hich ' assure" her ' !oul" be gla" to sen". -iss 8g"en offere" to take us for a "rive the follo!ing orning aroun" the city. 7fter these arrange ents ha" been a"e$ one of the e bers of the 0ana"ian Section !ho in the early "ays !as a e ber of our Society$ calle" us up at the hotel$ an" also

offere" his services an" his car to sho! us the city. 8ur first atter of business !as to go to the 0ana"ian Pacific office to see about our sleeping car tickets to Vancouver. 8n arriving at the station the "ay before$ 6. "e P. ha" ha" a hunch to call at the office before !e !ent to the hotel$ to fin" out !hether this change ha" been registere"$ or !hether there ha" been a slip as on the trip to Toronto. 't !as lucky !e !ent there$ because they tol" us no !or" ha" been sent to the of our change of "ate$ although !e !ere able to sho! the that our tickets ha" been so arke". 1ell$ they tol" us they coul" not give us the sections !e !ante"$ as they ha" alrea"y been taken by another party$ but they !oul" "o the best they coul" to see that !e got t!o sections on the train going out at 9:3C the follo!ing night$ though possibly !e !oul" have to change at 1innipeg. 1e e<plaine" that though !e !ere only three !e ha" pai" for the !hole t!o sections$ that !e si ply ust leave Toronto the follo!ing night$ an" that it !oul" be very inconvenient if !e ha" to change$ !ith our any pieces of baggage$ half!ay on the Trip. They sai" they !oul" "o the best they possibly coul" for us$ an" !oul" call us up at the hotel. 1e receive" the call later$ saying they ha" anage" to get us sections ten an" eleven$ an" that !e !oul" not nee" to change cars. This see e" fine$ until !e reali,e" that ten an" eleven !ere not opposite sections$ but "iagonally across the car. 1e tol" the this !oul" not "o$ so they trie" again$ an" in the orning offere" us eight an" ten. These also !ere not opposite$ but si"e by si"e$ so they tol" us the only thing to be "one !oul" be to arrive at the station as early as possible$ an" call for one of the representatives$ !ho !oul" personally try to ake so e shifts after the passengers ha" boar"e" the train. 'n the afternoon$ at four o*clock$ -r. S ythe again ca e an" ha" a visit !ith the +ea"er$ then !e took an early supper$ as !e ha" to be at the eeting by si<. The first half of the eeting !ent s oothly enough$ interesting philosophical an" other &uestions !ere aske" an" ans!ere"$ an" then ca e a break. 7 gentle an arose$ a e ber of the 0ana"ian Section$ an" sai" he un"erstoo" this !as a fraterni,ation- eeting$ an" that !e !ere eeting to "iscuss ho! our t!o societies coul" get together$ but apparently it ha" "rifte" into a ere &uestion-an"-ans!er eeting. ATo be continuedB 1e are approaching 1innipeg$ an" as ' !ant to ail this letter there$ ' !ill continue the story of the gentle an !ho interrupte" the frien"ly at osphere of the eeting$ in y ne<t letter. This letter is really long enough anyho!. 'n haste$ - E.V.S. -------------#essons in Fraterni3ation 3o. .. En route Toronto to Vancouver 8ctober 1B$ 1931 )ear 0o ra"es: To resu e the threa" of y story: !hen the gentle an a"e the ob9ection to the type of &uestions being aske" at the fraterni,ation- eeting$ -r. S ythe ans!ere" that the eeting !as entirely infor al$ an" that ). "e Purucker !oul" be gla" to ans!er any &uestions$ !ithin the ti e-li it$ that ight be aske". The gentle an arose

an" in a very e phatic anner sai" he !oul" like to bring up a &uestion about a certain pa phlet issue" by the Point +o a Society$ an" continue" in a very forceful tone of voice to say that he !oul" like an e<planation of so e of the state ents a"e in that pa phlet before they coul" think of fraterni,ing !ith us$ an" he thre! a printe" pa phlet "o!n on the seat near !here )r. (ussell !as sitting. )r. "e Purucker in&uire" &uietly !hat !as the pa phlet. 't !as Cncidents in the (istory o the Theosophical Movement. Then 6. "e P. sai" he !as sorry that this note of "ishar ony ha" been in9ecte" into the eeting$ but of course he !oul" be gla" to ans!er any &uestions about the pa phlet$ though$ he sai" he "i" not un"erstan" !hy the gentle an !as bring up past history. The an sai" that in the interests of fraterni,ation that pa phlet shoul" be !ith"ra!n. 6. "e P. e<plaine" that it !as no longer circulate". 2ut the an sai" that !as not enough$ it ha" been !ritten in the past$ an" )r. "e Purucker shoul" !ith"ra! the facts relate" therein$ that is$ retract the . 6. "e P. sai" it !as i possible to retract facts$ that if at any ti e anyone coul" sho! hi proof that the Point +o a Society ha" printe" an" circulate" anything that !as not true$ !e !oul" be rea"y an" gla" to print a full retraction# but he e<plaine" !e coul" not retract things that !ere true. 5o!ever$ he sai"$ this is all a atter of past history. +et us look to the future no!. The an !as very uch agitate" no!$ an" sai" he !oul" like to rea" a &uotation fro that pa phlet. 5e rea" so ething to the effect that The Theosophical Society !as for e" to be a brotherhoo" of hu anity For so ething to that effectG$ but that !e ust re e ber that brotherhoo" !as not a!kish senti entality. 7n" then he stoppe". 5e !as evi"ently too e<cite" Fbecause he certainly see e" intelligent enoughG to see that there !as nothing in the &uotation as far as he rea" that coul"n*t be repeate" no! by any Society$ even in the interests of fraterni,ation. 5e sai" !e ha" no right to attack in"ivi"uals$ an" 6. "e P. e<plaine" that in that pa phlet$ in"ivi"uals !ere not attacke"$ but certain teachings an" i"eas !ere e phatically "isapprove" of. 6. "e P. again calle" attention to the unfortunate habit of raking up past "isagree ents$ !hen !e are all no! trying to look to the future an" fin" a modus operandi of co-operation base" upon brotherhoo" an" utual un"erstan"ing. Peace an" har ony an" brotherly love$ 6. "e P. sai"$ are !hat !e nee". +et the "ea" past bury its o!n bones? 1hen the an foun" he coul" ake no hea"!ay in this "irection$ he aske" 6. "e P. for an e<planation of certain state ents he ha" a"e in the 7ugust 8orum, 193C. 6. "e P. evi"ently ans!ere" his ob9ections satisfactorily$ because finally the an sat "o!n. 8ne or t!o Theosophists ca e up after!ar"s an" sai" that they certainly ha" learne" a lesson fro 6. "e P. in !atching hi re ain cool an" kin"ly in the circu stances. These fe! people !ho see to think that a fraterni,ation- eeting shoul" be for the sole purpose of arguing !ho !as right in certain events of past history$ see not to reali,e that if they !ant to fin" out so ething about !hat 6. "e P. really is like$ an" if they !ant to kno! !hat are the teachings of the Society !hich is asking the to fraterni,e$ !hich ' shoul" think they !oul" consi"er ost i portant$ the best !ay they can fin" out is to hear 6. "e P. ans!ers to these various &uestions on the Theosophical "octrines an" on life*s proble s. This re in"s e of an inci"ent !hich occurre" at the fraterni,ation- eeting at ;otter"a on the "ay !e saile" for Englan". 7 gentle an !ho !as very$ very frien"ly$ a e ber of the 7"yar Society$ see e" to have his o!n i"eas as to !hat fraterni,ation eant. 5e tol" 6. "e P. that he !as entirely in sy pathy !ith his efforts$ that he !as very frien"ly !ith our local +o"ge$ but he sai" that one thing 6. "e P. coul" "o to help fraterni,ation !as to republish in our aga,ine$ an" to reco en" to the attention of all our e bers$ an article by 2ertra Jeightley in the Septe ber$ ' believe$ 7"yar Theosophist. 6. "e P. si" this soun"e" very interesting$ an" aske" !hat the article !as about. The gentle an sai" that it gave -r. Jeightley*s personal re iniscences of 5.P.2.*s !riting of The Secret 3octrine$ an" that in vie! of state ents the Point +o a Society ha" a"e at ti es$ casting so e sort of reflection on the 2esant e"ition of the S.3.$ it !oul" be

a great step for!ar" for fraterni,ation if g. "e P. !oul" follo! the suggestion a"e. 6. "e P. sai" he !oul" be very gla" to rea" the article !hen it ca e into his han"s$ that of course he coul" not pro ise anything until he ha" seen the article$ but if it !as so ething he conscientiously coul" en"orse$ he !oul" "o so. 5e state"$ ho!ever$ that there !ere certain changes a"e in the S.3. after 5.P.2.*s "eath$ that shoul" never have been a"e. The gentle an ans!ere" that he un"erstoo" 6. "e P. ha" never seen 5.P.2.$ an" 2ertra Jeightley ha" kno!n her personally. 6. "e P. a" itte" that he ha" never et 5.P.2. in the flesh$ but he sai" he kne! fro his o!n personal kno!le"ge$ because he ha" co pare" the original e"ition !ith the 2esant e"ition$ that changes ha" been a"e in the latter. ' a afrai" so e people feel that the fraterni,ation- ove ent is a legiti ate fiel" for argu ent an" "iscussing pas "isagree ents. This vie! is !rong. 1ith us fraterni,ation eans fraterni,ation$ not argu entation an" &uarrelling# an" above all$ as 6. "e P. says$ true fraterni,ation can only prevail !here en retain their honest convictions$ but gla"ly give to others the sa e right of thought an" speech clai e" for the selves. 2y the !ay$ at the Toronto eeting$ 6. "e P. re in"e" his &uestioner that ore severe criticis s ha" been passe" on certain teachings an" certain in"ivi"uals in the 7"yar Society by 7"yar e bers the selves than ha" ever co e fro any e bers of the Point +o a T.S. +uckily the for er higher tone of the eeting !as restore" before its close$ an" any people cro!"e" up to 6. "e P. to shake han"s an" to e<press their appreciation of his efforts. 1e ha" the help !hich -r. S ythe ha" aske" for$ in taking our baggage an" ourselves to the station$ an" !hen !e arrive" at the train$ !e foun" the officials still aking shiftings in the sections$ so that !e coul" get our t!o opposite$ !hich !e "i" finally secure. 't is interesting to note that "uring our stay in the eastern part of 0ana"a$ !e ha" !ar er !eather than on al ost any part of our trip. 't !as even necessary to "iscar" !inter clothing !e ha" !orn in su er$ an" put on lighter things at the approach of !inter. 8f course !hen the sno! ca e the !eather change". The 0ana"ian Pacific ;ailroa" runs very goo" cars$ they have a bulletin of ne!s$ telegraphe" t!ice "aily$ !hich they "istribute to passengers$ besi"es having a library for the free use of the travelers. 8n the ne!s bulletin !e foun" that it !as a fact that !e ha" passe" through the first sno!-stor of the season. To"ay$ on the contrary$ it is e<tre ely !ar $ al ost like crossing the 7ri,ona "esert. 7t 1innipeg this orning so e passengers left the car an" others ca e on. 1hen !e returne" fro lunch !e hear" a shrill s&ua!king$ repeate" at intervals. 1e looke" all aroun" the car an" coul" see nothing$ an" thought it ight be so ething outsi"e$ but !e "i" not leave it behin" as the train !ent for!ar". (inally !e "iscovere" that a young couple !ho !ere no! occupying the section ne<t to ours$ ha" brought !ith the a parakeet$ an" so e of you kno! !hat shrill noises they ake$ an" they ha" hung hi up in a cage on one of the hat pegs of their section. They !ere no!here in sight$ but in this instance !e kne! !e coul" get ri" of that "isturbance$ so !e calle" the con"uctor$ an" he notifie" the young people that the bir" !oul" have to be put in the baggage-car. 7n" then he re arke" to us$ %5u an nature is an interesting stu"y?% 4ester"ay !e passe" through arvelous scenery$ for about five hours along the shores of the beautiful +ake Superior$ the largest of the great lakes$ !hich is not 9ust one sy etrical bo"y of !ater$ but !in"s in an" out a ong the hills$ so eti es co ing right up to the train track$ an" so eti es hi""en te porarily fro vie! by huge rocks of granite. 't has beautiful little islan"s$ tree-covere" in it. To!ar"s evening$ as t!ilight !as falling$ it !as really ystical in its beauty. The sunset change" fro a ass of fla ing color$ to those beautiful soft sha"es !e get at Point +o a so often$ starting !ith pale yello!$ then blen"ing into saffron$ an" near the hori,on an intense sal on-color. The lake

!as as s ooth as glass$ !ith the trees an" rocks clearly reflecte" in its !aters$ the ountains in the "istance$ on the opposite si"e of an inlet$ stoo" out silhouette" against the sky like the pyra i"s of Egypt$ an" then !hen the light "i e" an" the oon ca e out$ it a"e a clear track of light across the lake. So eti es !e !ere going "ue !est$ into the sunset$ an" so eti es north$ follo!ing the irregular line of the lake shore. 8n the other si"e of the train there !ere innu erable s all lakes !in"ing in an" out a ong the trees an" ountains$ an" on their shores little log cabins built. To orro! !e are pro ise" still ore beautiful scenery$ for the 0ana"ian Pacific route see s to have been chosen not alone for the ease of laying the rails$ but also for giving travelers a gli pse of 0ana"a*s beauty-spots. 7 !eek fro to"ay !e !ill be raveling "ue south$ on the last lap of our 9ourney$ counting the hours until its en". Traveling is "elightful at times$ but the noise an" otion an" gri e an" "ust all have to be reckone" !ith. 7n" besi"es it isn*t al!ays an un i<e" pleasure$ as !hen you are on the train$ "rinking in a particularly beautiful scene$ an" then a long freight train of a hun"re" or ore cars$ intervenes$ obstructing everything# or !hen you are taking a ri"e in a ta<i$ an" your conversation !ith your frien"s is acco panie" by the tick-tick-tick-tick of the eter ercilessly counting out the fare. There are al!ays t!o si"es to everything. Perhaps this !ill be the last letter$ though possibly ' ay be able to !rite one ore to bring the history of this eventful lecture-tour to a consistent en"ing. 1e shall see? 7t any rate$ ' shall close no!$ !ith affectionate greetings fro 6. "e P. an" his party to all of you. 4ours affectionately$ - E.V.S. PS. 1hat "o you think of 6. "e P.*s i"night arrival at +o alan"$ !hen even the E<ecutive 0o ittee is not to sit up for hi ? 1e chuckle" !ith "elight !hen he sent on that !or"? - E.V.S. --------------!he Meetings !owards the End of the !our were Among the most +nteresting of All 3o. .3. En route Seattle to 8aklan"$ 8ctober .3r". )ear (rien"s: 5ere !e are again in the U.S. !ith all 0usto s* inspections$ i igrationrules$ lan"ing-tickets$ "eclarations an" state ents of everything conceivable$ no! things of the past. 1hat a relief? Events have been tu bling over one another at such a rapi" rate of spee" !ithin the last three "ays$ an" !e !ith the $ that it is "ifficult to ake the account of the stea"y an" se&uential. 't see s i possible to reali,e that it !as only Tues"ay orning at ten o*clock that !e lan"e" in Vancouver$ that !e ha" a eeting there that night$ boar"e" the boat for Victoria$ lan"e" there at seven o*clock the ne<t orning$ ha" a eeting there fro one to three-thirty$ another until four o*clock$ took the boat at >:3C for Seattle$ lan"e" at Seattle about nine o*clock the sa e evening$ got to the hotel about nine-thirty$ hel" a eeting i e"iately until after eleven o*clock$ an" to"ay$ after another eeting$ are no! spee"ing south!ar"s$ every ile bringing us nearer ho e. 'f ' !ere not cogni,ant of the high "ignity of our ission$ ' !oul" say that !e !ere to have been like fleas hopping fro place to place over the continents of Europe an"

7 erica$ aking our presence very uch felt For at least the +ea"er hasG$ !herever !e have alighte". The last letter !as !ritten to you !ill !e !ere crossing the 0ana"ian prairies$ an" it !as fortunate ' finishe" it on that "ay$ because the ne<t "ay the scenery !as so gorgeous that it !as i possible to concentrate on anything else. The 0ana"ian Pacific ;ail!ay akes a feature of the fact that the passage through the 0ana"ian ;ockies is "one "uring "aylight$ an" !e are all agree" that it !as al ost the ost agnificent scenery !e encountere" on the tip. 7bout eleven o*clock$ 8ctober 19th$ !e foun" ourselves 9ust leaving the foothills an" entering the high ountain ranges$ assive peaks of all shapes to!ering into the air$ an" the fortunate things !as that the ountains !ere 9ust far enough fro the train on each si"e to be seen "istinctly. -ost of the !ere sno!-cappe"$ a "a,,ling sight !ith the sun shining on the # on several !e sa! glaciers$ !here the huge asses of ice stoo" out "eep blue against the !hite sno!$ an" in so e places the !ater !hich ha" begun running "o!n the ountain si"e ha" turne" to icicles. Speaking of glaciers re in"s e of an e<perience !e ha" at a to!n calle" 6lacier$ right in the heart of the ountains. The porter tol" us !e ha" a five- inute stop$ so !e got out an" began !alking up an" "o!n close to the train. 1e ha" been out only long enough to !alk the length of the train$ an" !ere near the engine$ !hen !e hear" %7ll aboar"?% So !e turne" an" began to run. There !ere about t!elve passengers out !alking$ but our car !as the only one that ha" steps place" on the platfor so !e coul" boar" the train$ an" our car !as the last one before the observation-car. ' can assure you !e "i"n*t let the grass gro! un"er our feet along that platfor . Eust as ' neare" the steps$ the train began slo!ly pulling out. ' turne" aroun" to be sure that 6. "e P. !as right behin" e$ because ' "i"n*t !ant to be on the train an" leave hi behin". 5o!ever$ both he an" -r. (ussell !ere close behin"$ an" the porter calle" out$ %5urry up folks$% an" pulle" e up. 3one of the passengers got left behin"$ but there !as a inute or t!o of tenseness !hile !e !atche" the last ones being helpe" up !hich the train !as gaining spee". 't !as interesting to hear the train-!histle being echoe" an" re-echoe" aroun" the ountains. So eti es you coul" hear it traveling in a circular "irection. 1e !ere cli bing stea"ily up to the 6reat )ivi"e !hich arks the highest ranges$ an" shortly after one o*clock$ !hen !e ha" 9ust returne" fro the "ining car$ the con"uctor aske" if this !as our first trip along this route. 8n hearing that it !as$ he tol" us !e shoul" go out to the observation-car as !e !ere 9ust entering the ost beautiful part of the roa"$ !here the train !in"s in an" out a ong the ountains. -ost of the ti e !e coul" see our engine because there !as har"ly any straight roa". 7s !e !ere entering one tunnel$ !e !ere sho!n the opening$ 9ust belo! us to the right$ !here !e !ere co ing out$ because the opening$ 9ust belo! us to the right$ !here !e !ere co ing out$ because the tunnel "i" not cut a straight path through the rock but curve" right aroun" through the ountain an" ca e out at a spot 9ust belo! !here !e entere". 7s !e got higher into the ountains$ !e coul" see the glaciers at &uite close range. The highest peak !e sa! !as -ount Stephen$ so e 1C$>BC feet high$ practically t!o iles. 1e also passe" over the highest bri"ge in the !orl"$ 3CC feet high$ bri"ging a chas !here a narro! strea ca e "ashing "o!n fro one of the highest ountains on an al ost perpen"icular incline. 8n this tour 6. "e P. has been aske" all sorts of &uestions$ as you can i agine$ an" all kin"s of people have co e asking for help in one for or another# but this !as a ne! re&uest. The con"uctor ca e to 6. "e P. an" tol" hi there !as a la"y in the ne<t car !ho !as rather ill$ an" coul" he co e in an" give her so e e"icine? 6. "e P. sai" he regrette" it$ but he !as not a physician$ an" ' a""e" that he !as only a )octor of +etters? 7s night "re! near$ !e foun" that !e ha" left the best scenery behin" us$ though !hen !e !oke up in the orning an" foun" ourselves nearing Vancouver$ the clou"s playing aroun" the ountain-peaks$ an" the black reflections in the lakes belo!$ as !ell as the "ashing !aterfalls$ a"e scenery that !as al ost as beautiful as !hat !e ha" been through the "ay before.

1e arrive" at Vancouver about nine o*clock in the orning$ an" foun" -r. 1elbon$ Presi"ent of our Vancouver +o"ge$ -rs. 1ilson !ho visite" Point +o a last spring$ an" other Vancouver e bers at the station to eet us. They took us "irectly to the 6eorgia 5otel$ !here !e ha" engage" 9ust a parlor. 1e "i"n*t nee" to engage other roo s$ as !e !ere not staying over night. 3ee"less to say the Vancouver e bers !ere very hospitable. 7t t!o o*clock the +ea"er et our e bers$ an" gave intervie!s to others !ho ha" aske" to see hi . 8ne gentle an fro 7"yar Society aske" for an intervie!$ !hich !as confi"ential$ but this uch ' can say$ that he sai" he ha" receive" a fol"er containing the chapter hea"ings of 8undamentals o the Esoteric Philosophy, an" it !as on the strength of !hat he there rea"$ that he ha" sought his intervie!. 8ne of our e bers$ -r. 1oo" an$ put his car at 6. "e P.*s service$ an" took us for an interesting "rive$ giving us particularly an i"ea of the !on"erful location of Vancouver fro a scenic stan"point. The (raterni,ation- eeting !as at B o*clock$ an" !hen !e ca e to the hall !e foun" it full$ an" so any others ca e in after the eeting starte"$ that they ha" to bring in ore chairs. 7n" !ho "o you suppose !as at the eeting? -r. 1illia 0. 0lark$ !ho ha" !ritten several !itty$ but at the sa e ti e so e!hat caustic articles about 6. "e P. in The Canadian Theosophist$ an" !ho ha" previously sai" he !as not intereste" in eeting any of our e bers. 5e is Presi"ent of the 8rpheus 7"yar +o"ge$ an" ca e up after the eeting to speak to 6. "e P. F0ircu stances no! force e to aban"on the type!riter$ so you !ill have to par"on illegible scra!l.G 5e !as very frien"ly an" cor"ial. 7t least he ha" a chance to see that 6. "e P. taught goo"$ straight Theosophy an" nothing else. This !as the first &uestion aske": %-ay not a stu"ent of Theosophy a"vance as !ell practically by partaking in so e religious service$ "evotions of the sacra ent$ 9oining in co on prayer$ in a church $here the highest orm o Theosophy is taught, such as in the 1iberal Catholic Church, or "o you think Theosophy is all-sufficient for the gaining of "ivine po!ers?% F'talics ine.G %7n" please tell us so ething of the gro!th of the +iberal 0atholic 0hurch.% 6. "e P. sai" in the first place he thought the asker of the &uestion$ in so far as it pertaine" to the +iberal 0atholic 0hurch$ shoul" ask his &uestion of so eone !ho belonge" to that bo"y of in"ivi"uals# as for hi $ he !as a Theosophist$ first$ last$ an" all the ti e$ he trie" to teach the 7ncient 1is"o as brought to us by the -asters$ through 5.P.2. he sai" that if anyone chose to follo! any particular cree"al for ulation of belief$ that !as of course his o!n affair$ an" no genuine Theosophist !oul" attack the religious belief of another$ but at the sa e ti e it !as a Theosophist*s "uty to search for truth$ an" to publish the results of that search# - an" uch ore to the sa e effect$ but al!ays in a kin"ly spirit. 5o!ever$ !hen he finishe"$ si< or seven people got up an" left the roo ? 't !as probably too uch for the . 2ut their seats !ere &uickly fille" by other ne!co ers. Then ca e three &uestions of ore or less the sa e type. F1G ;egar"ing your clai to be a -essenger$ !ill you tell us upon !hat groun"s !e are to un"erstan" thisD F.G 'n !hat !ay "oes you occult successorship "iffer fro the 7postolic SuccessionD F3G 1ill you e<plain to us about you appoint ent as +ea"er of the Theosophical -ove ent$ as so e of us here are very intereste" in this &uestionD The ans!ers to these three$ !hich 6. "e P. "ealt !ith together$ !ere the best ans!ers ' have yet hear" on the sub9ect. 8f course ' have y notes !hich ' hope you !ill fin" later in our 8orum. Then ca e a &uestion !hich ' har"ly thought coul" bring forth an interesting ans!er$ an" yet the ans!er !as splen"i"$ an" 6. "e P. use" the opportunity to give the so e "eep teaching. The &uestion !as %)o you believe in ;eincarnation K???L an" if so$ is it possible to go back into past lives an" be conscious of the D% 6. "e P. e<plaine" in part$ that it !as possible$ because there !as an in"elible recor" a"e of past lives in the character$ but he re in"e" his au"ience of !hat J.5. sai"$ that he FJ.5.G coul" "o so but "i" not like to. 6. "e P. further sai" it !as a sign of an abnor al an" unhealthy appetite for one to yearn to look back into the istakes an" horrors that !e have struggle through.

7nother point 6. "e P. has stresse" very strongly in ans!ering &uestions$ an" !hich he spoke about at Toronto particularly$ is that uch clap-trap an" nonsense has been taught about initiation$ but that real initiation can co e only by the in"ivi"ual trea"ing the path hi self$ bring out !hat is !ithin hi self$ that the Teacher can sho! the !ay$ but cannot confer these things at pleasure on the neophyte. 6. "e P. !as fre&uently interrupte" by applause. The eeting close" that night in ti e to allo! us to get on boar" the 0ana"ian Pacific Stea er$ an" -r. 1elbon acco panie" us to Victoria. 1e ha" rather been "rea"ing the night passage in !hat !e thought !oul" be a little$ pri itive stea er$ but !e foun" that the 0ana"ian Pacific 0o pany*s opinion about their o!n travel syste !as not uch e<aggerate". The boat !as splen"i"$ up-to-"ate in every respect$ the stateroo s as large if not larger than those !e ha" on our trans-7tlantic stea er$ an" the be"s !ere lovely an" !i"e an" springy. The boat ha" so little vibration that it !as practically like sleeping in a hotel. 1e arrive" at Victoria at A o*clock in the orning$ an" !ere et at the pier by -r. Eeanneret$ the Presi"ent of our +o"ge$ by -r. 2erri"ge an" -r. an" -rs. 0atteral. -rs. 0atteral at that ti e !as not a e ber$ although her husban" is$ but she is also no!. 1e !ent i e"iately to the E press 5otel$ a 0.P.;. hotel 9ust t!o inutes* !alk fro the pier$ an" surroun"e" by beautiful la!ns$ gar"ens$ an" trees. 7fter breakfast the first part of the orning !as taken up !ith business$ inclu"ing a trip to the 7 erican ' igration office$ !here !e ha" to procure entry tickets to the U.S. ' hel" y breath a bit !hen ' presente" y passport$ especially as the official aske" e !here an" !hen ' pai" y hea"-ta<$ an" he "i"n*t see convince" by y ans!er$ but erely sai"$ o inously$ %Step into the ne<t roo $ please.% 'n there !as another official$ !ho e<a ine" the passport an" &uestione" e about the "ate an" port of y first entry into the U.S. ' gave hi the facts as far as ' re e bere" the an" sai" the inci"ent !as not very clear in y in" as ' !as three years ol" at that ti e. So he gave e y ticket? 8ne of the &uestions ' ha" to ans!er on the ticket !as ho! long ' inten"e" to stay at y present a""ress$ Point +o a. ' !ante" to put %(orever$% but he sai"$ %3o$ you ight not live there all your life. Eust put Cnde initely.% 7fter the business !as finishe"$ -r. an" -rs. 0atterall took us for a "rive aroun" Victoria. The inhabitants of Victoria are very prou" of the beauties of their city. 7s it !as clou"y$ !e "i" not see it at its best$ but it !as lovely 9ust the sa e. Speaking of the !eather$ !hich is usually a "ry sub9ect to rea" about$ though it has been anything but "ry to us$ Vancouver gave us a beautiful sunny "ay$ uch to the surprise of our e bers there$ !ho say that it rains al ost every "ay in the year. 7t Victoria !e ha" our (raterni,ation an" 'n&uirers* eeting at 1 o*clock$ an" being 1e"nes"ay$ an" also a holi"ay$ Trafalgar )ay$ people !ere ore free fro their business than they or"inarily !oul" have been. The eeting !as as usually very interesting$ in"ee"$ after lasting ore than t!o hours$ it ha" to be cut short in or"er to enable us to fit everything in before leaving at >:3C. 8ne interesting feature of this eeting !as a gentle an$ for erly an 7"yarite but !ho ha" broken a!ay$ !ho kept on trying to argue !ith 6. "e P. an" "isagree" every e phatically !ith 6. "e P.*s state ent that it !as possible for all Theosophists to co e together$ even if they "i" not all hol" e<actly the sa e beliefs$ etc.$ an" so e one else a""e"$ %5o! !oul" you propose to !ork !ith the +.0.0.D% 6. "e P. sai"$ %1ell$ are they TheosophistsD ' a speaking about Theosophists uniting in their fun"a ental beliefs.% To everything 6. "e P. sai" on this sub9ect$ the gentle an above entione" offere" ob9ections$ but at the close of the eeting he arose an" sai" that he !ishe" to offer a vote of thanks to )r. "e Purucker$ that there !ere any point in !hich he "isagree" !ith hi $ but that the eeting ha" been an inspiration$ an" he !as gla" he ha" et so eone !ho gave his au"iences goo"$ pure Theosophy$ that they ha" all been inspire" to "o their best for the Theosophical

-ove ent. 8n goo" thing 6. "e P. sai" in regar" to being blin"ly subservient to a +ea"er !as: %Personally ' "etest that. 'f ' sa! servility of feeling or of in" per eating the T.S.$ ' !oul" break the T.S. to pieces$ an" for a ne! 2rotherhoo". That is a ple"ge an" a pro ise.% 7nother &uestion: %Suppose the -asters !ho are suppose"ly in touch !ith )r. 2esant are at variance !ith those !ho are in touch !ith you. 1ho is rightD% 6. "e P. sai": %4ou kno!$ ' coul" not follo! a -aster of that kin". Truth is truth$ there is but one truth$ the 6reat 2rotherhoo" is not co pose" of in"ivi"uals !ho !ork against one another. The &uestioner says that )r. 2esant is %suppose"ly% in touch !ith -asters. ' "o not 9u"ge. 'f she is$ she !ill prove it in her teachings an" in her life. Test !hat she has taught$ e<a ine !hat she has "one. That is all. The 6reat 8nes !ork !herever the fiel" is rea"y to receive the see". 'f it be 7"yar$ there they !ill !ork$ if it be at Point +o a$ there they !ill !ork.% 'n looking over y notes$ ' fin" that after the last &uestion ha" been announce" on account of shortness of ti e$ five ore !ere aske". 1hen the people !ere finally in"uce" to leave the hall$ there !as hel" a short +o"ge eeting$ an" then !e took our best for Seattle. 7ccor"ing to the su er-sche"ule$ this boat shoul" have arrive at Seattle at A:>/ o*clock$ an" the eeting !as sche"ule" for B o*clock. 1e ha" gotten in telegraphic co unication !ith -rs. 5ager an to ask her to postpone the eeting till the ne<t "ay$ but she telegraphe" back that the response to their invitations ha" been so goo"$ she "i" not feel they coul" postpone the eeting. She offere" to arrange airplane-transportation that !oul" take us fro Victoria to Seattle in fifty inutes. The +ea"er sent back !or" that that !oul" be i possible$ but he !oul" hol" the eeting i e"iately on our arrival. 7fter the boat reache" Seattle$ !e ha" to go through the 0usto s$ so !e "i" not arrive at the hotel until 9:>C$ in a heavy "o!npour of rain. 5o!ever$ a cro!"e" roo ful !as !aiting$ so !e hastene" there$ an" a very successful eeting follo!e". ' shoul" have sai" that several of the Seattle e bers$ besi"es so e fro Portlan" an" Sale $ !ere at the pier to eet us an" help us !ith our baggage$ others !e foun" in our roo s at the hotel$ putting the last finishing touches to our roo s$ !here they ha" brought flo!ers an" fruit$ etc.$ besi"es hanging pictures of 5.P.2. to give a ho e-touch# an" still others !ere in the eeting hall$ hol"ing the fort$ so to say$ until 6. "e P.*s arrival. So e &uestions !ere a using$ such as$ %'s it true$ as ' have been tol"$ that it is "ifficult to get out of the Point +o a hea"&uarters$ after having once live" there$ an" that it is necessary to appeal to the courts to gain one*s free"o D% 6. "e P. e<plaine" that there !as a steep hill to cli b to get in$ an" a toboggan sli"e letting people out. 1e !ere very gla" to rea" our be"s that night. The ne<t "ay the +ea"er et the e bers at the hotel$ an" "iscusse" their +o"ge-activities !ith the $ etc.$ an" gave the helpful suggestions. 8ne thing very characteristic of 6. "e P. !as !hen the sub9ect ca e up about a"vice they ha" receive" fro so eone at Point +o a to be sure to put the +ea"er*s na e in all a"vertise ents$ etc.$ 6. "e P. laughe" an" sai"# %' have to try to s ash the psychology of so e of these "ear people at Point +o a$ !ho !ant to plaster everything !ith 6. "e P.*s na e. 't is a istake to use the +ea"er*s na e so fre&uently. Talk about Theosophy an" the T.S.$ then !hen they ask &uestions$ you can tell the ore.% 1e left Seattle at >:3C on the South!ar" 9ourney. ' a going to the e<travagance of sen"ing this by air ail in the hope that it !ill reach you before !e arrive. 1e are alrea"y reveling in the 0alifornia sunshine. 1e are nearing 8aklan" no!$ so ' !ill close. 7ffectionate greeting fro the three travelers$

- E.V.S. ------------------%ome at last& 3o. .> San (rancisco$ to +os 7ngeles$ 8ctober ./$ 1931 )ear (rien"s: 1e are trying to ake the train go faster$ an" this is no i"le 9est. This orning !e lost t!enty inutes taking on e<press packages at San Eose$ an" no! at t!o o*clock !e are still running t!enty inutes late. 7s it is$ at first !e !ere "ue to arrive in +os 7ngeles at A:>/$ then the train sche"ule !as change" to B:3C$ an" no!$ unless the train akes up for lost ti e so e!here$ it !ill be nine o*clock before !e get to +os 7ngeles. To ba"? 5o!ever$ !e have no ore Pull ans to sleep in$ or rather not to sleep in$ an" no ore packing to "o?? M -------------M 't turne" out that the train instea" of arriving in +os 7ngeles at B:3C "i" not arrive until 1C:3C p. . o!ing to an acci"ent on the track !hen !e !ere 9ust out fro Ventura$ !hen the train ran into a truck !hich so eone tol" us ha" beco e stalle" on the track$ an" though nobo"y !as hurt in the slightest$ as the t!o en in the truck 9u pe" to safety$ it took t!o hours to clear the track of the "ebris fro the truck$ !hich !as s ashe" into a illion pieces$ an" to procure a ne! engine$ as our ha" been hurt so ba"ly that it !as out of co ission$ so they sai". So although !e a"e the auto-trip fro +os 7ngles to Point +o a in three an" a half hours$ it !as not until t!o o*clock in the orning that !e "rove triu phantly through the gate$ an" up the Pal 7venue. --------------This letter !ill probably not arrive until after !e "o$ an" it !ill feel to the !riter so ething like a posthu ous literary !ork. ' a again constraine" to !rite by han". ' fact$ ' have never atte pte" to type!rite in a parlor car or "ay coach# but on the !hole 9ourney ' have ha" very goo" luck about type-!riting un oleste" on the Pull an cars$ until out very last Pull an 9ourney$ !hen ' ha" no sooner starte" y last letter to you$ than the Pull an 0on"uctor ca e an" aske" e if ' ha" uch typing to "o$ as it generally !asn*t allo!e" in the Pull ans. 8f course ' tol" hi ' !oul" stop$ an" although he sai" it !oul" be all right to finish !hat ' !as !riting$ so eho! the flo! of inspiration !as checke"$ so ' resorte" to y pen. So e hours later the Pull an 0on"uctor passe" again an" sa! e laboriously !riting by han"$ an" so he arrange" !ith the Porter to give e one of the e pty "ra!ing-roo s$ e<plaining to us that he "i" not !ant to interfere !ith any !ork that ha" to be "one: but ' believe the real reason !as that he caught a gli pse of the han"!riting ' !as putting forth$ an" pitie" the recipients thereof. ' !ant to tell you an inci"ent !hich sho!s the progress of the (raterni,ation -ove ent. 'n Seattle at the eeting t!o young !o en !ho !ere contacting Theosophy for the first ti e tol" e that they ha" been on their !ay to atten" a 0hristian Science eeting$ in an en"eavor to fin" so ething !hich gave the truth$ an" that as they !ent along they notice" the Theosophical 5all Fan 7"yar +o"geG$ an" entere"$ asking if there !as any eeting there they coul" atten" that evening. The one in atten"ance sai": %3o$ not here$ but at the 8ly pic 5otel )r. "e Purucker is giving a lecture. 4ou ight be intereste" in going%? 8ur chief interest on the trip fro Seattle to 8aklan" !as noting the approach to

0alifornia scenery an" trees$ etc. 1e sa! -ount Shasta$ over 1>$CCC feet high$ sno!covere"$ as it is practically all the ti e. 7bout half an hour before !e reache" 8aklan" !e ha" the surprise of seeing "ear -rs. Ellis boar" the train. 1hen !e arrive" at 8aklan"$ !e !ere et by -rs. Vance -c0ly on"s !ith her car$ an" by -r. 7 neus to help !ith the baggage. To 7 neus !as there$ an" Eohn$ so tall that ' thought at least it ust be 1ill. There !as also -r. Estcourt of the San (rancisco +o"ge. 1e ha" 9ust ti e to get to the hotel an" have "inner$ an" then it !as ti e for the (raterni,ation- eeting. The 8aklan" +o"ge have a beautiful eeting roo in a -asonic buil"ing$ an" the place !as full !hen !e entere". 7n" !hat "o you suppose$ on of the fore ost U.+.T. la"ies in San (rancisco ha" inten"e" co ing to the eeting$ an" !as only prevente" at the last inute by a call out of to!n. 2ut she sent her best !ishes to our 8aklan" e bers for the success of the eeting. 4ou !ill all be gla" to kno! that any of our Point +o a frien"s an" ol" ;a9a-4oga stu"ents !ere there: -iss E"ith 1hite$ looking very !ell$ -iss Vickery$ -iss E"ytha Peirce$ the 7 neus (a ily$ -rs. )arro!$ -rs. Spiniks$ an" any others. ' hesitate even to na e the for fear of leaving out so e. 1e ha" a chance the ne<t "ay$ yester"ay$ to have a lovely "rive !ith -rs. -0ly on"s$ !ho took us all aroun" 8aklan"$ 2erkeley$ Pie" ont an" vicinity. She particularly !ante" us to see the buil"ings an" ca pus of the University of 0alifornia$ !hich !e finally "i"$ but on our !ay there !e sa! auto obiles parke" as far "o!n as a ile fro the Sta"iu $ !here there !as so e football ga e going on. Si<ty-thousan" people atten"e"$ an" the cars !ere parke" in every available corner$ even on people*s la!ns$ an" in the narro! passage !ays bet!een houses. So e people ha" signs in their yar"s a"vertising parking space for N1.CC$ an" in any places they stoo" si< or seven "eep. There !ere police en on al ost every street corner$ an" on so e streets signs put up by the Police )epart ent: %3o cars to be parke" on this street to"ay.% There !ere any streets particularly aroun" the University groun"s$ !hich autos !ere barre" fro entering by stakes place" in the groun" across the street. 'n fact$ !e ha" to get special per ission fro a police an to enter the groun"s 9ust to "rive aroun"$ an" he ha" to pull up one of the stakes to allo! the car to go through. That evening there !as the public lecture$ hel" in the large hall of the -asonic Te ple$ an" seating al ost a thousan" people. The hall !as practically full$ a splen"i" au"ience$ the speech !as one of the best of the tour$ an" 6. "e P. in his voice an" anner an" energy "i"n*t see a bit tire". 8nly his face sho!e" the strain of the last five onths* intensive activity. -r. Estcourt presi"e" over the eeting in a very satisfactory anner. 8ne interesting inci"ent occurre" !hile !e !ere at "inner at the hotel. 7 gentle an ca e up to 6. "e P. an" sai"$ %4ou are fro Point +o a$ aren*t youD% he turne" out to be -r. 6.1. 1----$ !ho hel" the lease of 'sis Theater at one ti e$ kne! J.T. an" spoke of her$ an" ha" et 6. "e P. an" )r. (ussell in San )iego. 5e e<plaine" that he !as at present -anager of the hotel !e !ere in$ an" !ante" to "o everything to ake 6. "e P.*s stay pleasant. That e<plaine" to us !hy !e ha" ha" sent up to our roo s in the orning plates of "elicious fresh fruit$ %!ith the 0o pli ents of the hotel%? Early the ne<t orning$ to"ay$ !e left the hotel at @:3C$ -r. -c0ly on"s taking us !ith -rs. Ellis in her car$ an" -r. an" -rs. (isk taking our baggage in theirs. 1e ha" to cross on the (erry to San (rancisco$ an" take the train there$ !here !e arrive" in goo" ti e to catch our train. 1e have 9ust passe" over the fa ous horeshoe turn$ !here the train turns so sharply that looking out of the !in"o! !e coul" see our t!o engines on our right an" at the sa e ti e the en" of our train on lour left. 1e are no! not t!enty inutes behin" sche"ule but a !hole half hour$ though the 0on"uctor has been pro ising that the train !ill pick up spee" an" arrive on ti e. 't has not yet sho!n evi"ences of "oing so$ in fact it has even been stopping at little stations not so arke" on the ti e-table. 5o!ever$ it has been going fast enough to ake y !riting !hat it is?

7s to the re aining hours of the e orable tour$ ' can only !rite of !hat !e e<pect to "o. 1e e<pect -r. -aurice 2raun$ -r. an" -rs. 8r e an" "ear -rs. Paks to eet us at the Southern Pacific Station$ an" -r. 2raun !ill take us "irect to Point +o a in his car$ !here !e !ill creep in$ unobserve"$ so eti e "uring the s all hours of the night. 1e !ill ake a bee-line for our be"s$ an" then be prepare" in the orning to pick up again the threa"s lai" "o!n on -ay ./th$ though ' ust say the +ea"er has been hol"ing the all the ti e. 't !ill interest you to kno!$ before ' close$ that 6. "e P. has given in all B3 KDL public a""resses$ an" has hel" B/ other eetings: either fraterni,ation or +o"ge eetings or private eetings. 1e have visite" nine "ifferent countries F1> in all$ going to so e countries ore than onceG an" 3A cities$ counting of course only those in !hich !e staye" to "o Theosophical !ork# an" y pile of note-books fille" !ith shorthan" ;eports no! nu bers nineteen? Spee"ing no! ho e!ar"s$ bet!een San (rancisco an" +os 7ngeles$ !ith only a fe! hours bet!een us an" ho e$ an" !ith five long onths of intensive Theosophical activity behin" us$ ' cannot help contrasting the present state of the Theosophical -ove ent$ !ith Theosophists of various Societies !orking together ore or less in frien"ly fashion$ !ith !hat it !as in the 7utu n of 19.9$ !hen 6. "e P. first outline" to his 0abinet his plans for (raterni,ation-!ork a ong Theosophists$ an" then$ in (ebruary$ 193C$ a"e his first public "eclaration thereof# an" in the !or"s of )r. Trevor 2arker$ after the +on"on 5.P.2. 0entennial 0onvention in Eune$ 1931$ no longer can it be sai" that Theosophists "o not practice a ong the selves the 2rotherhoo" !hich they preach$ an" !hich is perhaps the ost i portant single teaching of the Theosophical philosophy. 7s !e have sai" so any ti es "uring the past t!o years: 't*s great to be alive these "ays$ an" better still to be a Theosophist? 4ours affectionately$ - E.V.S. ---------------------

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