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Start transaction SMSY

Go to menu « EnvironmentSolution Manager Opérations Administration SDCCN »

The following window appears

Click on symbol to add a new system

The system list is displayed in a new window

Select the system you want to add and validate your choice by clicking on this symbol .

You should obtain this result. Your system is added to the SDCCN list.
Double click on the “match” to start SDCCN transaction on the satellite system

This window is displayed and asks you if you want to generate a RFC destination linked to
SAP. Reply NO, except on Production systems.

If automatic RFC generation steps have been correctly done, you should obtain a green status.

You have to assign your sap solution manager system as “master”.

Select your system :

Select menu « Assign as Master System »

Validate :

You should obtain this result in field « Last action » :

Validate by clicking on this button you go back to window « SMSY”.

If you receive RFC errors for a satellite system whilst trying to configure SDCCN, please
go to the satellite system.


SE38 : Run report RTCCTOOL
Transaction: SDCCN

To configure your early watch alert, Start transaction DSWP and click on « operations » :

Select Early watch alert window and click on button « Create service”.

A new window is displayed with the system list contained in the solution.
Select your system and click on create .

A new window is displayed, just choose the date of early watch service and confirm.

Go back to the early watch window, you should have this result :

Click on « Sap Early Watch Service”and click on button « Call Service Data Control Center »

Transaction SDCCN is started on the satellite system, and all the tasks to do are described
You should obtain this window (SDCCN transaction)

Select Menu Task -> Create.

And select line « refresh sessions ».

Clik on .

The following window is displayed.

Select option « NOW » and check the RFC destination ».
It should be the SAP Solution Manager RFC destination, the BACK destination.
Validate with .

A task is created, just validate .

You should obtain the following result with the new task “Refresh sessions”.

The new line :

Just refresh the window and wait the end of the task
You should obtain a new result, a new line appears, task “EarlyWatch Alert for Solution

Go back .

You came back to the early watch window

You have to wait a long time by clicking on button

After a long time you should obtain 2 « Bottles » instead of the “sand glass”.

click on « SAP Early Watch alert ».

you can generate an Early Watch Alert report. Click on « start service processing »

Click on button OK, to start the Background Job.

Finally, you have generated your first Early Watch Alert Report.
You have to wait next week to have the others….

To read the report, click on the glasses.

To reset the date / time of the EWA :

Then ….

Click on Setup EWA