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August 2009 Dear fellow Christian Endeavourers around the world! It is more than joy in the Lord to greet you in the most exalted name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Through this brief message, I want to see you face to face and say how wonderful it is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church through the Christian Endeavour movement. From my childhood I was involved in the CE, which built up my spiritual life and finally prepared me to leave government job and join the Bible Society of India full time. Hence I owe much to the CE movement. The present would scenario is very disturbing. Economic melt down and global terrorism are two main causes of concern. Christian Endeavour can play a positive role in encouraging young people to commit their lives to the Lord and Service to the Church. May God richly bless and use you mightily; it is my sincere wish and prayer.
DR.B.K.PRAMANIK, Vice President for Asia, World’s CE, Union

News from the WCEU
World’s Convention 2010 After the unexpected change of the venue for the 2010 convention from the United States to Peru, the preparations for the event are progressing with difficulties. The date has been fixed rd th August 3 to 7 2010. The opening session will be in the rd evening of Tuesday, 3 and the closing session Friday, 6th th evening. Saturday, 7 is departure day. For those interested to see more of Peru tours will be offered Saturday and possibly Sunday. Meanwhile it was finally possible to book the Centro Vacacional Huampani in Chaclacayo. This holiday resort for vacationer is also used by companies and organizations to hold their

meetings. It is run by the Peruvian government. The rooms, mostly in little bungalows, are plain but clean. Most have a TV set. Some rooms have private bath and some have bath that are shared. There are rooms with two beds, with four beds (some of them with two beds in two rooms), with six beds and rooms with bunker beds. Food and accommodation will cost within 100 US Dollar for four days. For people who like to have higher standard hotel accommodation find hotels in Chaclacayo, 5 to 10 minutes from the convention site. Chaclacayo is a part of Greater Lima, about 25 km east from the center in the foothills of the Andes. In this time of the year it is

cloudy in proper Lima and only about 65º F / 17ºC because of the cold current in the ocean which comes from the Antarctic Sea. But in Chaclacayo, close to the mountains, the effect of the clouds leaves. It will be not hot, but sunny in this city.

Moving the WCEU office to Germany turned out to be more time consuming than I expected. As a result I had to postpone or cancel some of my regular tasks. The May 2009 issue of this newsletter was one victim. I apologize to everybody who waited in vain for the WCEU news three months ago. Andreas A. Rudolph
Central office: World’s Christian Endeavor Union

0ne of the bigger blocks with rooms in Huampani

Postfach 420 220 34071 Kassel Germany Phone: ++49 561 4095-0 Fax: ++49 561 4095-112 e-mail: American office:
World’s Christian Endeavor Union

P.O.Box 723 Grove City PA 16127-0723

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News from National Unions Africa
The Gambia and Niger Andreas A. Rudolph was invited in August to both countries to inform youth pastors and youth leaders about the basics and the practical work of Christian Endeavor. Most of the West African CE 'unions' are just a board of interested pastors who were visited some years ago by the late bishop George Larbie from Ghana, who was the WCEU VP for Africa until he died some years ago. There had been no follow up and training for those leaders. Altogether about 40 persons participated. In Gambia the CE leaders will now form local CE societies and in Niger and Mali some pastors and youth explore now possibilities to start CE groups in their churches.

Union, by Mr. Aguiar Codjo Godefroy. Theme 3: The objectives of CE Union Côte d’Ivoire, by Pasteur Guede D. Gustave, Chief of Staff Attaches from CE Côte d’Ivoire The goals of CE Union Côte d’Ivoire are: 1 - Short-term: CE Union Côte d’Ivoire wants to install the movement in all cities of the country to establish a system of permanent evangelism, with the active involvement of the young. 2 - Middle term: CE Union Côte d’Ivoire raises the means to organize a regional convention with the involvement of other West African national CE Unions. 3 - Long-term: CE Union Côte d’Ivoire wants to create the conditions necessary for the organization of a world convention in Ivory Coast. This meeting gave the opportunity to a lot of Christians and churches to discover the movement and to adhere to it massively. The meeting ended with a meal offered by the Chairwoman Konan Clémentine.
Report by Pasteur Guede D. Gustave

for 40 (recently increased) girl children from economically underprivileged Christian families.
from an e-mail by Dr. M. Bhattarai, President CE Nepal

India National Convention of Christian Endeavour in India (CEI) The theme of the meeting in the th 125 year of Christian Endeavour in India was „God’s Word: Hope over Fear and Win over Terror“ 240 delegates from four regions of India attended the 3 days program at the Baldwin Boys’ High School in Bangalore, South India, from th th 15 to 17 May 2009. There were also 40 delegates from South India CE Union participating. This State union had kept themselves separate from CEI in the past. The keynote address of the Inaugural Session was given by Bishop Dr.Taranath S. Sagar, President of the National Council of Churches in India. The speaker of the Public meetings was Rev.Dr.Christopher Gnanakan, Director of Training for OTAN (Outreach to Asia Nationals); the Bible Study was given by Bishop Dhirendra Kumar Sahu, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in India and Dr. A. M. Prabakaran, Director of BSI. They encouraged the Endeavourers to stand firm in their faith despite of difficulties, Christians in India had to stand in the recent months. Travel and other expenses for 50 delegates from Kandhamal district of Orissa, where the persecution was very severe, were paid by a relief organization. Special sessions for this group of people were conducted to counsel them to overcome their trauma and lead a normal life. It was a time of blessing.
by Kristine Lukacova based on reports from India

Gambia, seminar under a tree

Nepal CE is live and kicking in Nepal altogether in almost 29 places (churches, fellowships, prayer groups). Our activities mostly comprise of Bible studies, afterchurch service, occasional Bible quiz, Christian film shows for Christians and non-Christians and music practice. We are also planning some interactive social events for participation of nonChristians too. And indeed CE Germany has been helping us for many years to run a girls hostel which gives care and education

CE Union Côte d'Ivoire CE Union Côte d’Ivoire organized a meeting March 14, 2009 in Abidjan that saw the involvement of 30 churches, represented by pastors, by evangelists, prophets and others. Three themes have been treated: Theme 1: The history of the entry of World's Christian Endeavour Union into Côte d’Ivoire, by Mrs. Konan Clémentine, Chairwoman of CE Union Côte d’Ivoire. Theme 2: The general objectives of World's Christian Endeavour

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Lebanon Badaniatz (Junior CE) Leaders Get Trained Organized by the Kordzatir Marmin (workgroup) of UAECNE, the Lebanese CE Union, the leaders of the Armenian Evangelical Youth groups gathered on 17th and 18th January in Feytroun in order to take part in leadership training. The guest speaker for the event was the Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian who has a vast experience working with teenagers. Knowing that today's focus span of teenagers is much lower; the main target of the training was to equip leaders with creative ideas and attention grabbing methodologies so that the message of the gospel could be reached to the youth. To practice the creative methods conveyed, the group was divided into two teams and each team had to use the techniques learned and come up with creative ways of presenting the gospel. We are thankful for the useful leadership training in order to reach out to a vital member of Christ's body - the youth.
from a report by Mano Chilingirian

God is doing in our churches today. Changes in lives, membership, ministry and interest in Christian Endeavour programs can be seen throughout our churches since the launching of our REVISED RENBEL C.E FORMAT last year. Requests are coming in from other SSEC regions throughout Solomon Islands for us to reintroduce Christian Endeavour with all its key identifying ideas in their churches. In response, we are doing capacity building trainings for our CE leaders to prepare them for the task. We need your prayers as we endeavor to serve Christ and the church in this remote part of the world.
Report by Derek Pongi, Regional Superintendent Rennell Bellona SSEC Region SOLOMON ISLANDS

In this issue:

Dr. Bidyut K. Pramanik WCEU Vice President for Asia, appointed 2007.


Australia Islands



Papua New Guinea Contact between the WCEU and the CE-groups of the Evangelical Church of Manus (ECOM) have been reestablished after several years ‘silence’. They have sent an invitation to the WCEU General Secretary and VP J. Spicer to speak at a conference Jan. 2011. Solomon Islands Greetings Endeavourers ! I thank God for this opportunity in which I can report on the great and marvelous deeds our great

Scotland On 25 April 2009 we held the 108th Scottish CE Convention in Alloa. The theme was "Love forgives" and the speaker was Anne McIntyre (Parliamentary Prayer for Scotland) who for a period of time in 1980's was a secretary in the British CE Office. CE in Scotland is using a small legacy left to us recently, to appoint David Brown as a Promotion Officer to serve for one year. David will spend 8 hours a week in visiting Pastors and church leaders to encourage the formation of new CE Groups. Please pray that this venture will bear fruit.
Christine Heron

Who is ... ?
Here you will find brief information about the officers and trustees of the WCEU. You should know who is behind the names.

Dr. B.K.Pramanik currently serves as the General Secretary of The Bible Society of India. Prior to this he was in the Administrative Service of the Government of Orissa for almost twenty two years. He joined the Bible Society st of India on 1 February 1985 as its CEO. Dr.Pramanik also has served as the Chairman of The Far East Broadcasting Associates (FEBA), and The India Every Home Crusade (IEHC). He was on the Board of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) the National Council of Churches (NCCI), The India for Christ Ministries (IFCM), The Union Biblical Seminary (UBS), and several other Christian organizations. He is the present Vice President of the World Christian Endeavour Union (WCEU) and the Chairman of The World Cassette Outreach of India Ministries (WCOI). He currently serves as the President of Christian Endeavour in India (CE), Chairman of India Christian Media Association (ICMA), Chairman, of Talking Bibles, India (TBI), the Chairman of the Bible Believing Church and Mission (BBCM). Dr. Pramanik holds a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) degree from The International Institute of Church Management, USA and Doctor of
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Letters (D.lit) from the Transworld Christian College, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr.Pramanik is widely traveled and has represented India in a lot of International platforms and conferences. He was invited to attend the Presidential Prayer Breakfast with President Clinton in 1998 and National Prayer Breakfast in the British Parliament in 2009. Dr. Pramanik has been the recipient of several awards, the most recent of which is the “International Award conferred to him by Touch India International Ministries. He received the best service award from the Vice President of India in 1996, in recognition of his work. Dr.Pramanik has authored a book entitled “Trusting Jesus Christ for Strength” and also “My Beloved” in memory of his wife, late Mrs. Aruna Pramanik. He has also written many Christian songs in Oriya, his mother tongue, which are being sung in the Churches of Orissa till date. He has a daughter, Madhusri (married, lives in Orissa) and a son, Tanmay (married, settled in the USA)

where CE-volunteers can find a placement. Interest in having volunteers for various jobs has been communicated by the CE friends in The Gambia, Mali and Niger. CE-Material Especially small and new CE unions ask frequently for material which can help them to conduct programs and CE meetings. WCEU would be happy to receive offers from endeavourers and unions who have something that can be used to help this needy unions and societies.

* Christians in India, Middle East, Central Asia who suffer persecution * the young Endeavourers around the world to keep focus on what the Lord Jesus want them to do * the disturbing situation in countries like Zimbabwe, Sudan .. * unity in Christ’s church and among Endeavourers, humility and readiness to forgive each other * for the conventions and meetings mentioned below * and do not forget to praise God for all his blessings given also through Christian Endeavor.

We are grateful to God for the funds to do the work for the Christian Endeavorers worldwide. His provision does not depend on the stock market. We are not yet close to our goal to cover current expenses with current donations. The move to Germany was one measure to reduce costs. We appeal to all national unions and individuals to support the WCEU financially. Checks may be send to the American office, bank transfers may also be directed to: Deutscher EC Verband, account number 800 171 with the EKK (Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft Kassel, BIC: GENODEF1EK1) with a memo “WCEU”.

Next Board Meetings, Conventions...
Please notify your events to the WCEU if you want them to be listed here.

July 29th to Aug. 2nd: 8th National Fellowship, UNSEC, Mexico July, 29th - Aug. 3rd: Convencion Nacional UNDEC, Arequipa, Peru - postponed to January 2010 August 25th – 27th: Convention of the Japanese CE Union in Higashi-Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture Sept. 11th – 13th , Meeting of the Board of Trustees in Liberty Corner, NJ, USA Sept. 18th – 19th: Irish CE Union Conv. in Belfast; Theme:”Building Foundations”' Sept. 25th to 27th: ECHT 2009, German CE Youth congress, Baunatal near Kassel 2.-4.October biannual convention Orissa State CE Union 2010 3.-7. August 26th: World’s CE Convention in Lima, Peru.

All who are interested in the WCEU International Exchange Program for Volunteers write to:
A volunteer in these programs is usually expected to pay for his travel and health insurance and will get free customary accommodation, food and maybe a pocket money from the hosting institution.

Please pray for …
* CE friends in Senegal, whose churches were closed recently, because “they make too much noise singing” * the matters you just read about

Presently England, Germany, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Romania and USA are countries,


World’s Christian Endeavor Union,
Postfach 420220, 34071 Kassel, Germany ! Tel.: ++49-561-4095-130 Fax: ++49-561-4095-112 American office: P.O.Box 723, Grove City PA 16127-0723, USA
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